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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 16, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PST

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joe pavelski bats it down, then gets the lucky loss off the panther's stick. pavelski with the rebound. we're going to overtime. where the sharks have more trouble in their defense iive z. game over, drive home safely. the sharks have now dropped five of their last six. >> abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> abc 7 news continues now online on twitter, facebook and all your (avo) this holiday... ...get the presidential treatment... ...with a special trade-in offer... ...february sixteenth through the twenty-eighth... and let enterprise car sales... flip your thinking about buying your next vehicle.
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live doppler 7 tracking light rain, street level radar in the north bay, as you'll notice, gurnville, tomorrow morning, 4:30 to 7:00 a.m., tracking the storm, the heaviest of rain, strongest of the winds during your morning commute allow that extra time. >> that is our report, we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> thanks for joining us on jimmy kimmel live. david muir. it's an all new show today. "right this minute." a young buck is freed from a snare, but --
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>> no good turn goes unpunished. >> here's the snare. he's free to go. >> the moment he decides he's not going to go quietly. a lambeau driving millionaire decides to put on a disguise and hold a sign saying -- "i just need someone to talk to". >> see if anyone in the social experiment walks away with the big prize. >> mom is out for dinner but -- >> she has no idea who's delivering the pizza. >> a son's surprise with all the toppings. plus the buzzword for your chance to win a new ipad mini. and playing couples charades as a single. >> alone. >> dying a lone. >> i know this guy. >> the video that's striking a nerve. >> you know what, you've been here less than a year and already you over here talking trash as a single man. >> oh, dear. this is in ohio. these guys went out because this poor deer was caught in a coyote
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trap. >> here's the snare. he's free to go. >> after they carefully get the trap off one of its legs, they're saying he's free to go and he's letting them pet him. no good turn goes unpunished. >> that's called relief. >> oh! >> oh! >> oh, yeah! >> like a disney movie and then like there's going to be birds flying in the background. >> oh. >> exactly. >> animal activist. he's against any attack on any animal. >> leave coyotes alone! >> that was awesome. >> the poor man was kicked in the chest and the top of the head and knocked down. >> poor fella. >> took him out. >> get that on video? >> [ bleep ]. >> good effort on that guy. going the extra mile to help that deer out and that deer just turned out to be a bit of a you know. >> a completely different incident with deer. john g. has his drone and he's got some deer running across the hills.
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let me give chase. >> this is good. . >> nice shot. >> jurassic park. >> that's what i was thinking. >> he is getting great video and lower and lower as he's coming alongside them until -- >> wee. >> drove it right into the grass. >> got a little too low and hit the ground. >> and now you have to go find it. >> right up until then, epic show. >> yeah. kind of a common sight, sadly these days, isn't it. to see a man sitting on the sidewalk holding up a sign, in this case it almost appears he's blending in with the gum stuck to the sidewalk. nobody paying him any attention at all. if you're trying to read his sign, he says "i don't need money. i just need someone to talk to." that guy's name is chris collins and he's currently in l.a. right near where the grammys were taking place. on the same day the grammys were taking place as a matter of fact. chris's sign says a lot about
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him. he doesn't need the money. because he's a millionaire. chris has got tons of money. he runs the youtube channel the exotic revolution. he went out to prove a point to himself he was hoping to find a date to the grammys. see, chris has two tickets to the grammys and he was going out to do this. >> i'm going to basically pretend like i'm homeless and not ask for money but ask for someone to talk to. and i guess my hope here is that people are willing to stop, you know, and talk to a stranger. >> that's the crux of the whole idea. >> exactly. >> somebody just had a moment of compassion for someone sitting on the street that they just stepped over, they could receive a ticket to the grammys. >> here's chris. returning to his hotel room after the grammies. >> those of you who know me know i would have had 100 times more fun watching magic in somebody else's eyes. >> oh. >> no one ever stopped.
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>> probably because no one took the time to read his sign and see what it actually said. if you take a second to give somebody a chance, something wonderful might happen. it may not be tickets to the grammys. >> i work with the homeless. you never know what kind of conversation you're going to have. they just want to say something real quick or you say hello, give them a hug or anything, and that will make somebody's day. >> i feel bad for him. he seems bummed about it. he should have found someone sitting on the street and saying hey, bro, want two to the grammys. >> that would have been amazing. >> he claims to have his rags to riches story. he seems like an interesting guy. we've seen time and time again folks are late to the airport and get angry when they can't get on their flight. see the guy entering that office. he missed his flight and sits down and wants to have a conversation with the manager. pulls out what looks like his wallet or a ticket and they exchange words. >> oh.
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>> he spit at him. >> yes. that's spit. >> the conversation continues. he's lucky the conversation continued. he spit at him. >> he does have a level of composure i can only dream of. >> the man lunges at the manager and punches him and punches him again. at this point the manager is standing up taking the punches. customer service didn't have to involve you defending yourself. >> a rookie mistake as well. be super nice to the people and they will help you out. >> at this point the man starts to let loose and grabs the manager by his jacket and the manager is defending himself but still trying to get away from the guy and that's when the guy walks out. >> did he get him his flight? >> no. that's not what he was upset about. he wanted the manager to refund his money and when the manager refused, he let loose. unfortunately the manager was injured in all of this. the disgruntled dude, well, he got arrested but they let him go. airline employees are saying there needs to be stricter rules in place to protect them. if this is something that continues people will get away
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with it. >> 'cause servicustomer service airport are like the front line because people are always going to be irritated. this dude is irritated too. >> the one without the cat is a dentist who has an office in the commercial space and had it. he starts to grab on this gate and he pulls it and pulls it and pulls it until he gets it all the way down and takes out all of his frustration on the gate and starts to swing it around. apparently they blocked him from coming into the office. commercial buildings and resident living there. he has his space he normally parks in and they don't want him in there anymore. he feels he has as much right to park there, and he is not happy. watch us on abc 7 in los angeles is the latest winner in the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. >> you can win, all you need is wednesday's buzzword and need to
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be at least 21 years of age and legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> the "rtm" buzzword coming up in a bit. >> stand by for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. well, if you just so happen to be in ecuador and have lived long enough, you might want to try this out. >> oh. oh. >> wee. >> oh. >> that looks fun. is it like a wrecking ball? >> yeah. kind of like a wrecking ball but it also then rolls along one access which is sort of the one you're sitting on. doesn't look fun anymore when you look at their faces. because you have to think you're getting the force of the pendulum swing but also going to get the force of being thrown forwards and backwards like in a washing machine. >> how is everybody not -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> i don't know. i almost did watching the video. >> we've seen amusement park rides that are more aggressive than this. it's kind of neat. it's like a zip line/giant rope
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swing/carnival ride. >> but it's not a carnival ride at a theme park or a carnival. it's just sort of on the side of a mountain in ecuador. i don't know the official name for it, but in the space it's referred to as the ecuadorian deck force. >> a great way for the locals to make change and pick up cell phones. >> there's somebody right below that thing going, thank you. >> yep. >> looks like fun but just not for me. >> they're taking their baby home for the first time. >> tells her how much he loves them and opens the door ands there es a surprise inside. >> see what it is. >> that's sweet. no. and gordon ramsey challenges an amateur cook. >> it's ashamed i have 15 minutes to teach him how to teach him to make the amazing without showing him anything. >> see if the rookie is able to keep up. >> come on dude. le cough, take delsym, the #1 12-hour cough medicine.
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closed captioning provided by -- gives you the strongest nonprescription itch medicine, plus seven healing moisturizers. now i'm itch-free. [ male announcer ] cortizone 10. feel the heal. these two videos show you how you surprise mom in very different ways. we start with trevor right here. he's coming home from the hospital with his new son kai.
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he and his long-time girlfriend dani have welcomed the new baby into their lives and this home coming is special taking the baby home for the first time together. >> i just want to tell you i love you guys more than anything in the world, right. >> we love you. >> it's the best week of our life. >> he tells her how much he loves them and then he opens the door and there's a surprise inside. >> hey. >> oh. okay. behind him is a sign that says, dani, will you marry me? >> she said yes. >> oh. that's sweet. >> now she's like wait a minute. i have to hand al new baby and plan a wedding. >> maybe this is her post-push present. >> got it. >> a traditional mom surprise. ben says it's been a long time since he's seen mom. so mom is out to dinner and he says he drove 16 hours to pull off this surprise. she has no idea who's delivering the pizza. >> is that our pizza?
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>> whoa. snow just love love that. the mom grab and tears and jumps up and down. >> so excited to get pizza. that's awesome. >> not on a diet. calling off cheese. yes, pizza, thank you. >> she's excited to see her baby. >> exactly. she is excited to see her baby. ♪ still need help figuring out why safety gear is so important? check this out. these guys are hill climbing a snowmobile. the guy at the bottom luke, seems like he's not in control of that snowmobile but instead of just taking a second to catch his breath, get control of the vehicle again, he goes all the way across this slope here but then watch this. back around to the right. >> oh! >> straight into a tree. kicks back. hits him right on the head. >> is he all right? >> he was all right but here's
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the thing. he already had a collarbone plate on his neck from a previous injury where his bone was broken. he says the snowmobile hit the exact plate so he was cool because he already had protection there. >> knock it off. >> and he's wearing a helmet and gear so -- >> i was going to say, safety equipment as long as you have metal bones you're fine. >> from previous injuries. beware. you're about to see the cutest thing ever. >> we may have reached peak cute with a baby bunny. >> see why the cuteness overload doesn't end there. >> the internet is over today. >> we have to go home now. >> plus time to test your luck. don't miss the buzzword for your shot to win ap ipad mini.
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gold bond really works. breaking free from dandruff great... max strength selsun blue® targets the source- wiping out flakes and itch. selsun blue®. freedom from dandruff. as nick calderon is aware, i like to dabble in the kitchen. i love to cook, it's relaxing almost. i can absolutely guarantee there's nothing relaxing in this cooking experience because -- >> oh, no. no way. i would not cook with him at all. >> gordon ramsay. right about now, our editor's hand is hovering over the beep button because we know this guy he does it so well. this is back-to-back shifts on the bon appetite channel. he will talk shane through making some beautiful crab cakes. he has 15 minutes to do it. but the entire time he doesn't get to see what is being described. >> oh. >> the reaction has to be
2:00 am
priceless. >> it's money. >> on the board. >> okay. >> just like that. >> got it. >> get your hands underneath, your two thumbs in place. >> gordon has to pretend he's on the radio right now. you have got to keep up with gordon ramsay's speed. basically you see he pulled all the bits of the crab. after a little bit of messing around and banging it down, gordon asks. >> you've got [ inaudible ] ready? >> yes, i do. >> thank goodness for that. >> my crab is ready, gordon. >> your crab cakes don't have shell in them. >> this is where certain things, you know, with the whole british/america thing get lost in translation. >> the secret of these peppers is to make sure it's small dicing. >> what do you consider small, gordon? >> i would say half a centimeter. >> i don't know metrics. >> you don't know metrics. >> shane, come on we are in the 21st century. >> what's a centimeter. >> pretty much goes from bad to worse. >> wham what am i doing? >> put the egg in the bowl.
2:01 am
whole egg. >> come on dude. >> doesn't go so well. turn it. >> turn it over. >> turn it over. >> one great trick is plating. all about presentation. if you make it look nice in people's brain it tastes nice. >> run your food through it so it looks like a beautiful smear on the plate. >> this guy just blob blob blob. >> the amazing thing is we're almost 8 minutes into it and gordon ramsay has not sworn once. now it's time for the reveal. >> two, three. holy [ bleep ]. >> there it is. there's gordon. >> actually seasoned nicely. but the presentation is shocking. >> hilarious video. i'm looking forward to seeing more of this because i think it would be one of those fun challenges. i would love to do this. ♪ prince the little lamb had a long day. >> little prince stuck in bed.
2:02 am
>> are you kidding? he's getting tucked into bed right now. >> prince lives at an animal sanctuary, three weeks old, separated from his mother and they're taking care of him. >> had a big day. >> obviously, the lamb has had a bad day. >> it was meh. >> it's sweet. i'm a little jealous. >> who tucks you in like this any time recently. >> stay out of my business. >> hey girl, hey. >> my little boy. yeah. >> if you're jealous of the lamb get ready to really envy these little bunnies. >> come on. >> come on. >> i don't know noknow that the anything cuter than this. >> we may have reached peak cute with the baby bunny. >> the baby bunny is resting and cuddling on a baby tummy.
2:03 am
>> that's cuter. from cute to super cute. >> oh. >> look at it snuggle and come on. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzzword and 21 years of able and legal resident of the u.s. or canada head over to and click on the win ipad button. >> enter the buzzword on facebook twitter or both and enter on each every day. >> wednesday's buzzword is software. >> get to and click on the win ipad button and enter wednesday's buzzword software, that's software bl. >> we will give away later this week an amazon echo as well. stay tuned, everybody. it's a game of charades. >> amazing. >> you see that couple instantly
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get the result. but see what happens when the single guy is up. >> looks like hopeless. >> single. >> that's wrong. >>
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♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. there's only one way to travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other,
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aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. that is excellent. >> believe it or not in a couple weeks my wife and i are approaching our ten-year anniversary. honestly you start getting inside each other's head and almost psychic and a couple like that is about the most infuriating couple to have around? oh, we know. >> when playing charades. >> oh. >> from the guys at [ inaudible ] playing charades. >> dr. zhivago. >> how is playing the guitar anything. >> that was a joke from our first date. >> that's true. that is a whole different language when you can just look at your partner. >> we should not be able to do that -- we should be able to do that now. we've been together long enough. >> it gets to our bloopers folder.
2:07 am
>> withering heights. >> amazing. >> all that [ inaudible ] kissing. of course. >> now it's my turn. >> time for the mate. just one word. >> single. >> no. that's just one word. >> that was going to be my guess. >> bachelor. >> nick. you would have fit right in at this party. >> lonely. >> how did you do that? >> you know what, you've been here less than a year and already you over here talkin' trash as a single man. >> hey hey hey y'all forget i've only been married for a year. >> i know this guy. i was this guy. >> you become the laid owe on the couch. >> lonely. >> you have. >> it's a fish. >> it's not. it's [ inaudible ]. >> no. >> oh, that is so shade. >> it's supposed to be one word not two. get that one word right. >> sad. disappointed. >> desperate.


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