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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 21, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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office. before we looked again, the water was just gushing underneath. >> reporter: yeah, the fire chief on the scene said he hood never seen anything like it before. at this point, they think a culvert must have been blocked and water from two nearby creeks just spilled over into this area during the rain. no one was hurt, and the water's now gone, but the mess is still here for this morning to be cleaned up. reporting live in livermore, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. flooding is not the only aftermath folks are dealing with today. >> this morning, a lot of people waking up in the dark. jessica has the story from the live desk. >> good morning. nearly 20,000 people are without power across the bay area right now. pg&e crews will be busy today. the biggest problem is exactly where we saw some of the heaviest rain come down in the south bay. this is the map that pg&e is dealing with. 14,000 outages in the south bay alone and i want to show you an
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even closer look here in between sunnyvale and mountain view is one of the hardest hit spots. at least 5600 people there without power right now in that one small community in between those two cities and i'll be keeping an eye on this map throughout the morning for you. i'll let you know if things get worse. for now, no eta on when things will get back to normal. and this morning, this is a live picture of los gatos, what would be charter oaks drive but look, the creek has overtaken the street there. the storm slammed is south bay and all that rain led to flooding in several areas, the rushing water there. one resident has been watching the tree for weeks now, finally decided his son's bedroom was too much at risk. he tells us as soon as he opened the window to look outside, the tree fell towards them. fortunately, no one was hurt. people living in a mobile home park along coyote creek in san jose are ready to get out of there at any minute. the creek is being overwhelmed by water coming out of anderson reservoir. the trailer park is right next
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to the creek. this video from the san jose fire department shows water flooding a section of the park. firefighters are trying to prevent evacuations by pumping water out of the lot. palmeros road is closed this morning and you are looking at the reason why. pictures tweeted by alameda county show a mudslide blocking the road between palo verde niles canyon road. hundreds of people remain under a mandatory evacuation order this morning because of a levy break. 500 residents who live near menteca along the river have now been evacuated. the concern is more water is headed toward menteca. evacuations began after someone noticed a sinkhole in the levy yesterday afternoon. firefighters and farmers used rocks and sand to reinforce the weak spot in that levy.
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officials are now monitoring that situation closely. mandatory evacuation is going to stay in place until we have daylight and we can get a better sight on where we're at. and we have more water coming in, obviously, so that's of great concern as well. >> that temporary patch is going to be tested this afternoon when the heaviest water flow is expected. the water being released from the reservoir is expected to flood low lying areas and push the river above flood stage. don pedro lake is within a few feet of capacity right now. it is the first time the reservoir's flood gates have been opened in 20 years, only the sect time in its history. officials expect to continue releasing water for several days. a chp officer is recovering this morning after a driver crashed into his patrol car. that driver died at the hospital last night. it happened just after 7:00 on interstate 280 near el monte road.
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the officer was waiting for a tow truck. another driver lost control, hitting the back of that patrol car. the officer is not seriously hurt and the investigation shut down all but one lane of 280 for nearly six traffic is moving on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains thanks to the team work of strangers. you can see that tree blocking the highway at summit road yesterday. people did not wait around. one man with a chain saw cut the enormous trunk into pieces and others started dragging away the debris. it took about an hour and a half to clear both directions. we want to thank our viewers for sharing these images with us. if you take photos or video of the weather or fallen trees, share it with #abc7now and we'll show it on air or you can track the storm with the abc7 news app. we have live doppler 7 on the app. you can enable push alerts to get weather advisories on your phone or tablet.
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happening today, a fairfield high school is going to hold an informational meeting for parents and the community after a possible exposure to tuberculosis. they sent a letter to parents last week to let them know someone tested positive for that infectious bacteria. officials have not said who that person is, not even whether it's a student or a member of the faculty. tonight's meeting starts at 6:00 at the high school gym. a man who killed a police officer in southern california is suspected of killing his own cousin just hours before. officer boyar was responding to a crash yesterday when the man pulled a gun and opened fire. boyar died and another officer was also wounded. other officers responding to the scene shot the man when he pointed his gun at them. hundreds gathered for an impromptu vigil to honor the police veteran last night. boyar was close to retirement. both the wounded officer and the suspect are expected to survive. happening today, breitbart columnist milo yiannopoulos is
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holding a news conference to address controversial videos of him that appear to condone pedophilia. they surfaced on social media over the weekend. the conservative republican conference cpac dropped yiannopoulos as a keynote speaker yesterday and publishing giant simon and schuster canceled his upcoming book deal. yiannopoulos says he meant the comment as a joke. earlier this month, a planned speech got canceled after a small group of protesters started a riot. at that time, yiannopoulos said he would return to cal in the future. president trump has tapped a new member of the military to be his national security adviser. the move comes as he prepares to roll out new executive orders on immigration. abc's kenneth moton has the latest. >> reporter: army sergeant will get to work as president trump's next national security adviser. he is known as one of the army aes leading thinkers. >> what a privilege it is to be able to continue serving our
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nation. >> reporter: trump's hire comes after the firing of michael flynn, who lied about sanctions talk with the russian ambassador. the administration now forging ahead with new executive orders on immigration, expected this week. a senior white house official says in the new draft, people from seven predominantly muslim countries targeted in the first order would still be banned. this time, syrian refugees won't be automatically rejected. green card holders and dwool citizens of the u.s. in those seven countries exempt. the president's policies and first month in office sparked holiday protests. not my president's day demonstrations were held in dozens of cities. >> i don't listen to anything he says. i just -- we're a disgrace now around the world. >> reporter: the demonstrations against trump were mostly peaceful. in oregon, protesters clashed with police who made several arrests. i want to give you an update on the flood warning.
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it was supposed to expire thursday. it's been pushed back to friday as the waters still rising in that area so you can see from milpitas, the area shaded the green, san jose, allen rock, evergreen down to coyote, flooding is going to be an issue for the next of days. the rain is very light to almost nonexistent over this area right now. if you're traveling, today, the morning commute, some standing water because we have some downpours and it's still a little breezy in spots. the evening's going to be much dryer with a much lighter breeze. much easier to get around. still very mild if you're stepping out, dress for temperatures on the peninsula from 53 in daly city and pacifica to belmont at about 58 degrees and you can see where we're at 58 in oakland, palo alto, fremont, san jose, 56, san ramon, livermore, 53, santa rosa at 51 and 54 in napa. temperatures today about 58 to 61 degrees, notice the lack of green and even less green tonight but that means temperatures much cooler.
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the furnace will kick back on, 30s and 40s. little bit of fog to deal with tomorrow morning also. not this morning but still rain out there, alexis. slick pavement so hydroplaning conditions or slideoff collisions as well. so take it easy today. we also have tough road conditions. so we've got another large pothole reported, westbound 580 before altamont pass drivers around north flynn, this is causing a delay. we'll check that drive time coming up shortly. it already is delayed out of tracy and ace rail is not going to be an option today. service canceled. we got this alert from ace. they're saying this is due to weather-related issues so no a.m. or p.m. service. you will have to drive or of course find another way to make it into work or school today. live look outside at the san mateo bridge. still doing okay but we do have a high wind advisory for san mateo, dumbarton, bay bridge, richmond-san rafael bridge and the benicia bridge this morning so it is gusty.
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next traffic- update coming up. almost a dozen people passed right through security at jfk airplane. how did they make it on to their flights even after setting off the alarm? hundreds line up in the rain to get a look at a ground breaking television event. we're going to take you inside san francisco's castro theater. we're heading to break right now but you can keep tabs on that weather we've been talking that weather we've been talking about and our traf
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we are checking on conditions for drivers across three of the bay area's main bridges. you can see them on the screen right now. mostly concerned about the winds this morning which are going to be pretty ferocious throughout the morning drive. no part of the bay area is being spard from the wet weather we've received this week. abc news was in danville where this jeep had to navigate a flood flooded street. the san ramon creek overfloed. anybodi anybo -- neighbors aren't taking any chances. i'm tracking new developments at the live desk, including this new, incredible video. four american tourists killed in a small plane crash in australia, and we have just learned two of the victims were from texas. no word yet on whether the two other americans were from texas or perhaps a different state,
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but i want to show you again this new video of the crash. you can see it all caught on camera. the plane actually burst into flames after the impact. there you see it going into that shopping mall that it crashed into and then later you see that huge plume of smoke and fire. you can see it from the highway, so many drivers going by that. an australian pilot was also killed. those four americans were in australia on a golfing vacation. no one inside the mall was hurt. investigators are looking into a security breach at new york's jfk airport. nearly a dozen people walked right through an unstaffed metal detector and some of them were headed right here. 11 people passed through. three set off the detector but got no additional screening. it took the tsa two hours to tell police about this. security images show some of those passengers boarding a flight to sfo. the tsa says it will discipline and retrain employees. those passengers who went through without any type of
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screening ended up getting screening when they landed. the question remains, why police weren't told sooner. happening today, san francisco transit leaders will consider making the city's tech shuttle program permanent. it's been operating as a pilot program since 2013. the buses carry about 10,000 people a day to and from tech companies on the peninsula in silicon valley. the buses would be allowed to continue using certain muni bus stops and white cur be spaces to pick up and drop off passengers. next week, abc debuts a four-part miniseries event called "when we raise." it chronicled the lgbt right movement. here's abc7 news reporter wayne freedman. >> reporter: a cold night outside the castro theater with nothing but warmth inside. >> i want young people today to know that they're not powerless. >> reporter: if you know cleave jones, then you know those words on the marquee, the title of a book he wrote that debuts next week on abc as a four-part
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miniseries that may, in turn, rattle cages among americans who have never come to grips with the lgbt movement. they are in for a prize. >> i think middle america is definitely ready for this. >> reporter: val rob, part of a packed house watching an eight-hour marathon of the miniseries. >> this is, i think, one of the first times a major public network is pushing our stories out there the way it ought to be pushed out there. >> reporter: os car award winne wrote the script that uses emotional stories to weave a complex narrative of this modern civil rights movement. cleve jones plays a central figure. >> my hair might be gray but i have more energy this this ravaged body than any of your skinly little limbs combined. >> if you grow up thinking you're going to have things a certain way and suddenly that's taken from you, i think that can produce a kind of anger that can be constructive.
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>> reporter: it does make compelling television. the writer compares it to "roots" in terms of spoeshl impact and for some viewers, a promise of liberation. >> it's brave. it's bold, and it's life saving because there's a lot of young people out there who might feel very alone that two weeks from now won't. >> reporter: in san francisco, abc7 news wayne freedman. i hope you watch it. i was really moved by it. the abc minute series "when we rise" premiers monday at 9:00 p.m. right here on abc7. let's get over to mike nicco for many rainy weather. >> i'm tracking some ponding developing in moraga right there on sanders ranch road. also in san leandro, heading right across 580, 880 and also for lake shibo road so watch out for more standing water in that area. broaden out the picture and you see this area of low pressure is going to roll through, just enough energy to bring us a continued chance of showers
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today but notice the atmospheric river is down to our south and it's not as moisture laden as it was yesterday so we've backed off the storm impact scale just a 1 today and mainly for showers this morning and for winds this morning. those will relax and so will our schans schans of showers this afternoon. here we are at 5:00 in the morning. that push still roaming through the heart of the bay and the south bay. still yellows and oranges at 9:00. same thing around santa rosa and heading up towards clear lake and as we head towards noon, it becomes more scattered. very isolated. same thing during the overnight hours, not expecting downpours like we've had. and then tomorrow, just isolated showers possible. additional rainfall could be to 1/4 to 1/3 inch especially south of the bay bridge where those heavier isolated showers are going to roll through. wednesday, thursday, and now friday dry. but look what happens to the
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weekend. saturday, sunday, monday, now each with a light storm. kind of feeling like deja vu here. major problem for altamont pass drivers. ace rail not an option today and we've got some major pothole problems once again. westbound 580 past north flynn road, about six vehicles with flat tires off the on the shoulder but kail is coming to repair toes potholes. the two right lanes are closed and we all know this is not normally a quick fix, up to 47 minutes already. westbound 580, tracy to dublin. southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard, 16 minutes and northbound 85 between 101 and cupertino, you're in the fwreen at just 17 minutes. a quick look outside at the bbtd. it is soggy. of course we are expecting those metering lights on about 5:30 today. yesterday it was nice. we were holiday light and they never turned those on. next traffic update coming up. if only it could stay that way. they soared with her into space, now nasa astronaut and north bay
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native is about to inspire students at her high school once again. you know alex trebeck, the game show host. abc7 news reporter mike shumann is headed to arizona. his reports start tomorrow here on abc7. in today's "tech bytes," the pope issues a warning about the dangers of texting. >> the tech friendly pontiff says texting during meals is the start of war. >> the pope says people must communicate, not text through meals so everybody, hands off your phones. >> and you can get your hands on snapchat's super trendy eye wear. >> for months, the only way to get the sunglasses was to track down a roaming vending machine but now you can buy them online. price tag, $130. they're cute. >> take a look at this. it's the world's first than
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hover bike. >> this is a scorpion 3. it has four blades like a drone that lifted off the ground. the russian manufacturer says the goal is for it to be used as an extreme sports instrument. >> all right. we're getting one. >> you can have that. >> you can have that. >> those ♪ when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1.
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today's storm is level 1. that means light rain so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm any time on
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the abc7 news app. download it now. we're back at 4:53. happening today, a nasa astrona astronaut and napa native is going to return to her hoolt to talk to students about her time on board the international space station. rubins graduated from vintage high school in 1996. during a space walk last year, she set up a docking adapter that space x is going to use. she talked with students by satellite during her time in space. she became the first approximate person to sequence dna in space. she's going to speak at two different student assemblies today at the high school. they must be very proud of her. >> that's very cool. all the wow of the os cars takes a whole lot of work it have. >> the set upas taken over huge parts of the tinseltown. streets around the adobe theater are closed. buses are being rerouted there and many people in the area, they're pretty used to it by
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now. >> i haven't seen i want shut down before, but so far, getting around hasn't been too much of a problem. >> it's not ready yet. it's not set up yet but it definitely looks like it's going to be pretty big though. >> i mean, doesn't this happen every year? >> maybe it's bigger this year. >> okay. one nominee is already making history, the movie la la land ties for the most nominations. >> lots of people like it. >> it wasn't her favorite movie of the year. the sir matt mcgloin is at 5:30. jimmy kimmel is hosting the oscars for the first time. >> i have not watched the movie yet. >> you need to see it. >> she wants you to hate watch it. could there be a rainy day where i could stay at home and watch it? probably not because i have to be here if it's rainy but here's a look at what's going on. fremont coming out of the sunol grade getting wet right there, redwood city, ponding developing
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also. here's a look at storm concerns. moderate concern for creek flooding, low concern for power outages, river flooding. already exceeded their yearly rainfall totals and we've still got several months to go. if you're heading sot sierra, heavy blowing know until 10:00 this evening. not a good start to the day here. if you're trying to get out of the seent, potholes in the two right lanes westbound 580 around north flynn road, check out this backup, some of it is our typical delay out of tracy and some of it is due to two lanes being down so we're up to ten miles of stop and go traffic already and that spills over on to 205 as well. berkeley, westbound 80 at gilman street, we had a multi-car crash, they cleared that off to the shoulder so that residual delay that you're seeing there should be gone in the next few minutes. we'll take a look at drive times coming up. jeopardy host alex trebek has revealed he has another
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talent. >> they mad they ain't famous, they mad they still nameless but we still hood famous, yeah, we still hood famous. >> who is kanye west. >> yes, and i hope i don't get an e-mail from him. >> trebek didn't exactly drop the mike, but he did rap all the answers last night in the "let's rap kids" category. first of all, just the title of that category. all right. there just might be a mix tape in his future if there were still mix tapes. you can watch "jeopardy" here every weekday. was that shady? was that a little shady? was that a little shady? next gunsing. you are going to see from in a perspective you have never seen before. an incredibly tribute is just about finished for go
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now at 5:00 a.m., the heart of the storm has passed and now it's time to deal with the aftermath. >> that looks like a mess. flooding across the bay area, including at one of our airports. >> we also saw the high winds bringing down trees like this one that fell on top of two homes in the east bay. here's the good news. the rain is dying down. so, all of those days of just -- i mean, this has really been so hard on so many people, mike. it's been troublesome. >> and it's touching more and more people every time we go through this like we saw with


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