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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  February 22, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> at least it ended well. >> world news tonight is next. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. tonight, the town hall fury. members of congress return home to anger across this country. frustrations boiling over. [ chanting ] >> come calling out president trump. others fed up with congress. tonight, the white house calling some of them professional protesters. president trump tweeting about the so-called angry crowds. also breaking news tonight involving two young girls found dead in the woods. authorities now releasing sound of the suspect. investigators believe one of the victims secretly recorded him before she was killed. the off-duty officer who opens fire after a confrontation with a group of teens. the video now revealed. at this hour, police moving in at the controversial dakota pipeline. fires set, protesters under arrest. and lucky seven.
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the stunning discovery in space. tonight, seven earth-sized planets all orbiting a nearby star, and what else they have now revealed. good evening, and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night, and we begin tonight with americans across this country determined to have their voices heard, and their target, members of congress home for break. what they are getting instead is an earful. some voters angry with president trump. others demanding more from congress. this town meeting in iowa, with senator joni ernst is one of many. voters are demanding to know what is the replacement for obamacare if it goes. others investigating who is investigating russia's meddling, and voters putting these missing signs on milk cartons to call them out. tonight t white house is calling some of these voters professional protesters. president trump with a different description. abc's matt gutman leading us off. >> reporter: across the nation, scenes like this.
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long lines of people filing into town hall meetings venting their frustration at the republican congress and the republican president. >> you work for us! you work for us! >> reporter: in iowa, senator charles grassley confronted with questions about president trump. >> i am so unsettled. it feels like we've got a juvenile running our country. >> here here. [ applause ] >> reporter: iowa's other senator joni ernst jeered at her town meeting. >> do your jobs! >> reporter: leaving after just 45 minutes, protesters following her to her car. >> shame on you! shame on you! >> reporter: the common theme, concerns about republican efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. >> let me explain to you what the problem is. the problem is obamacare has just collapsed. >> no way! boo! >> no, it hasn't! boo!
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>> reporter: the senate's top republican confronted in kentucky. >> the veterans are sick. the veterans are broken down. they're not getting what they need. if you can answer any of that i'll sit down and shut up like elizabeth warren. >> i hope you feel better now. >> i do! >> what do we want? >> town hall! >> when do we want it? >> now! reporter: dozens of republicans have avoided holding public events in their districts at all during the congressional recess, critics plastering their faces on milk cartons. for a second day in a row, hillary clinton taking aim. this time at the lawmakers avoiding their constituents, clinton tweeting, "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the congress." here in california, jeers erupted at a health care town hall organized by labor unions after congressman darrell issa turned down an invitation to speak. >> where's darrell!
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>> reporter: so constituents decided to show up outside his office. he came out and took their questions. >> are you willing to do that and cross party lines when necessary? >> okay. the answer to that question, from my standpoint is i cross party lines all the time. >> reporter: today we drove the meet the congressman. and ask him about the divisions in those town meetings, and whether president trump can do anything about it. one of the things that you said is that the president has to do a better job unifying. is that something you're willing to say to him personally or publicly? >> i am. the reality is that the president has won an election. now he has to win the post-election period. nobody can be more of a unifier than the president if he puts his mind to it. >> but he hasn't yet you're saying. >> he has not yet done that. >> reporter: but at the white house today, president trump tweeting, "the so-called angry crowds in home districts of some republicans are actually in numerous cases planned out by liberal activists. sad!"
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>> the president referred to so-called angry crowds in this town hall. is he suggesting this is manufactured anger and this is not real anger and real concern? >> thanks. i think there's a hybrid there. i think some people are clearly upset, but there is a bit of professional protester manufactured base in there. just because they are loud, doesn't necessarily mean that there are many. >> matt gutman with us live tonight in california, and matt, eight years ago after president obama was elected, a lot of angry town halls then, too, about the idea of obamacare, giving rise to the tea party, and their voices were heard in the elections that followed. >> reporter: that's right. david, the anger then not manufactured. delivering to the departments democrats one of the biggest losses for them since the 1930s, so the republicans have to be wondering, "a," how much staying power this anger now has, and "b," who effect it will have on the midterm elections. >> matt gutman, thank you.
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we have breaking news on the air tonight. a dramatic final showdown over the pipeline in north dakota. pictures coming in just moments ago. police moving in right there to make their arrests. abc's phillip mena is on the scene in north dakota. >> reporter: tonight, police moving in, forcibly arresting the remaining pipeline protesters in north dakota. facing a 2:00 p.m. deadline to evacuate or face arrest, some protesters began ceremonially setting fire to parts of their camp, preferring to burn it rather than have it seized and destroyed. >> that's all done with the intent of getting this area cleaned up. this area here potentially could be facing a flood soon. >> reporter: this day was inevitable. after president trump signed executive actions last month moving the pipeline plan forward. undoing a previous order from president obama, blocking it. the protesters began gathering here last april, opposing the construction of the 1,200-mile dakota access pipeline that would run from north dakota to illinois. they say the pipeline would
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disturb sacred native-american sites, and pollute rivers and wear supplies. the pipeline company says it will be safer and cheaper than trucks or trains. the clashes between protesters and police have turned violent in the past. at its peak, the movement drew thousands. today, we saw many of the few hundred left, packing up and moving out. >> i don't know what to do. i'm a mother. i'm not trying to get hurt, and i'm not trying to get arrested. and i'm not a criminal. >> reporter: david, once all the protesters are removed from the campsite, the massive cleanup effort will then get under way. the company building the pipeline says it could be operational in as little as two weeks. david? >> phillip mena on the scene for us. thank you. we do move onto an unexpected moment today after the disturbing image from st. louis. so many headstones knocked over as a jewish cemetery, and the fbi investigating threats across this country.
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today, vice president pence speaking out against hate. many had been demanding the white house do more. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: vice president mike pence today making a surprise visit to that vandalized jewish cemetery near st. louis bullhorn in hand. >> there's no place in america for hatred, or acts of prejudice or violence or anti-semitism. >> reporter: that cemetery desecrated. more than 150 tombstones overturned. the vice president praying with workers in hebrew and pitching in with the cleanup. his visit comes a day after the president finally denounced the recent spate of anti-semitic threats and attacks. the fbi now investigating 68 threats against jewish community centers around the country. >> the anti-semitic threats targeting our jewish community and community centers are horrible, and are painful, and a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done to root
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out hate and prejudice and evil. >> reporter: tonight, the response to those scenes of desecrated jewish graves overwhelming. muslim-american groups launched an online fundraiser to pay for the cemetery cleanup. the $20,000 goal surpassed in just three hours. they've now raised more than $90,000. the vice president today calling it inspiring. >> i want to thank you for that inspiration. for showing the world what america's really all about. [ chanting ] >> reporter: but tonight, protests outside the white house over what transgender rights activists are call a setback. president trump no longer requiring public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms of their choice. the white house saying the issue should be up to states to decide. cecilia vega, abc news,
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washington. >> cecilia vega at the white house for us again tonight. there are other news we're following tonight and developments after the killing of two teenagers while hiking in indiana. police have now released sound of the suspect. they say one of the girls secretly recorded him before they were killed. abc's alex perez in indiana tonight with the audio. >> reporter: tonight new chilling evidence indiana investigators believe could help them solve the murders of abby williams and libby german. >> down the hill. down the hill. >> reporter: that voice, police say, is the killer, demanding the girls move down a hill. authorities playing the short clip on a loop. listen again. >> down the hill. down the hill. down the hill. down the hill. >> we think that there's enough there that somebody would recognize that voice and we want that person to call us. >> reporter: the girls vanishing during a hike last week. their bodies discovered the next day, near this nature trail in delphi. investigators today revealing that voice along with the image of their suspect were captured on libby's phone. it's unclear if the voice came from that suspect or another man. the 14-year-old pressing record before she was killed.
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>> she's a hero because she had the presence of mind. she didn't feel comfortable about something, and she turned on her video camera. >> reporter: earlier, libby snapchatting this picture of her friend, abby, on a railroad bridge near the trail. authorities now hoping libby's valiant effort to record her alleged killer -- >> down the hill. down the hill. >> reporter: will lead to a tip and an arrest. >> you see, even with technology, we need human intelligence. in other words, we need you. >> reporter: and david, there are now flowers, a makeshift memorial here at the bridge. investigators say they are analyzing more video and evidence from libby's phone. david? >> alex perez tonight. thank you, alex. to california this evening where there's an investigation tonight after authorities say an off-duty police officer fired his weapon during a confrontation with a group of teens. and the video here and what led to that moment. it's part of the investigation, and here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: the tape begins with a neighborhood argument in progress. that man in the plaid shirt, an off-duty lapd officer in a
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confrontation with that teenage boy. their arms locked, a crowd gathering. anaheim, california, right after school tuesday as an off-duty officer begins to pull the boy, and you can hear these words. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: and then this. >> i'm 13! >> reporter: they come to a stop at the hedge. there is now a second boy involved, and then in an instant, a third boy charging from the left, knocking the officer over. he grabs for one of the boys trying to pull him through the hedge. at that moment, you see the officer reach with his left hand into his pants, pulling out a gun. seconds later, this. a shot heard. everyone scatters. two minutes later, police arrive on the scene and begin to question the man and the teen. tonight, anaheim police telling abc news no one was injured and there had been ongoing issues with the kids walking across the officer's property. two of the teens were arrested. david, tonight, lapd telling us that officer has been reassigned to nonfield duties during this investigation, and until the
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chief gets a chance to review the case. david? >> kayna, thank you. next to the flood emergency, in the west and the storm system moving straight into the middle of the country. tonight the number of rescues growing. several areas of san jose underwater. 14,000 people under mandatory evacuation. more than 400 rescued by boat now. roads weakened and washed away. this car half off the road in santa cruz county. tonight, as i mentioned, that storm system moving east, and that same system will cause more problems. possible tornadoes, and rob marciano with us tonight with the track. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. that california storm is holding itself together in the mountains, and will only strengthen as it marches across the country. look at the advisories up. we have blizzard watches and warnings now, and even a red flag warning, extremely critical fire danger across parts of the plains, and it will have wind. and we have the record-breaking heat ahead of it. those air masses will collide and wind this storm up, and it will start snowing tomorrow
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morning, in sioux falls and sioux city, maybe 6 to 12 inches, and ahead of, that we'll see damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. there's often a price to be paid when you get this sort of winter warmth that we have had the past few days, david. >> rob marciano with us again tonight. thanks as always, rob. investigators at this hour are poring over that video tonight of harrison ford landing his plane on a taxiway over a small jet that was about to take off. investigators looking closely at the video to figure out how exactly this happened. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: just how close did harrison ford's plane get to that jetliner? watch carefully as the shadow from ford's single engine plane passes right over the front of the 737. as the actor mistakenly lands on a taxiway. the video from three airport cameras showing how quickly the aircraft got so close. the american airlines jet is taxiing, waiting to cross the runway for takeoff. ford, an experienced pilot,
5:45 pm
acknowledges he's to land on runway 20 left. but he's actually lined up for the parallel taxiway to the left which brings him right over the jetliner at what appears to be just more than 100 feet before touching down on the taxiway, a serious mistake. >> it wasn't a last minute decision to move over and land onto the taxiway. we know he asked the tower, and said, "why is that american 737 underneath me?" >> reporter: the faa investigators plan to interview ford in the near future. punishments could range from no action to the loss of his license, david. >> david kerley with us. thanks, david. there is much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. your money tonight. the air fare wars heating up, and what you will have to give up. you will save $40 for it. another deadly plane crash. this one into the swamp. emergency crews struggling to reach the scene. there is news tonight about the victims. also tonight, the developments involving a former team doctor for usa gymnastics. the new allegations, and michigan's attorney general calling him a monster. and the stunning discovery in space. seven earth-sized planets,
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and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. next tonight here, to your money, and how to save your family money on your next flight, but you have to be willing to give up something, and perhaps, sit separately from your family. abc's chief business correspondent, rebecca jarvis tonight, tracking your money. >> reporter: tonight, the battle for budget airfares. american and united airlines joining delta in rolling out new "basic economy" pricing as much as $40 cheaper. >> airlines are offering this reduced economy to try to target that last little bit of the market. that penny-pinching market that really wants to try to take a trip. >> reporter: the lower fares available at about a dozen cities, but before you book, know there are restrictions. you are limited to one carryon, no seat choice, and you are last to board.
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and restrictions on flight changes and refunds. plus -- >> if you are traveling as family, they don't guarantee you will sit together. >> i think that these basic economy fares are really good for an individual traveler. but for families, i don't think this is ideal. >> reporter: david, these new fares are for flights after march 1st. our experts recommend using apps like google flights and hopper to help you spot the best deals, david. >> thanks, rebecca. when we come back, the major headline about the seven newly discovered earth-sized planets, and what they reveal about the possibility of life. also ahead tonight, the deadly plane crash. emergency crews hiking through mud to reach the victims. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works by enhancing your body's own ability to lower blood sugar. plus januvia, by itself, is not likely to cause weight gain
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the attorney general calling him a monster, and he is being sued by dozens of former parents. he denies the allegations. the deadly plane crash in east haven, connecticut. the plane going down in a swampy area during a training flight. one person was killed, and another critically injured. rescuers making their way through knee-high mud to reach the site. police say the instructor and student pilot declared a mayday moments after takeoff. the giant powerball up for grabs tonight. it's the tenth largest prize in the game's history. the winner taking the lump sum payment will take about $244 million before taxes. not bad. and the magnificent discovery tonight. nasa revealing a discovery. the first known system to feature revealing seven earth-sized planets, all orbiting a nearby star. three are in the habitable zone, and all seven could have liquid water. scientists say this is a huge step in the search for life elsewhere, and the closest is 40 light years from earth. when we come back, images that will change the way you see the world. you will never look at some animals the same way again. fun in art class.
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call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. finally here, if you saw "planet earth" you remember how breathtaking it was. tonight, they are back, and it took three years and 40 countries. here's abc's terry moran. >> reporter: you have never seen "planet earth" like this, soaring on the back of an eagle. leaping through the madagascar forest alongside an indri lemur, strutting a courtship dance with hundreds of flamingos and so much more. bbc's "planet earth ii" takes you right there, up close to the world's wildlife shot over the course of more than three years, in 40 different countries.
5:58 pm
much of the wow factor comes from the newest technology, gyro-stabilization tools that allow camera operators to move with the animals. drones, and miniaturized and remote cameras capturing the rarest scenes, all in eye-popping ultra-hd. and that eagle-eye experience? >> wearing a specially designed helmet camera to film the perspective of a diving eagle. >> reporter: reminding us that the most wound wondrous creatures in the world are humans. terry moran, abc news, london. >> that airs saturday night. we air right here tomorrow night. see you then. good night. some can go home be many
5:59 pm
cannot. we're live where evacuations have gotten smaller but haven't gotten away entirely. >> the doctors are doing everything they can. he still remains in critical condition. >> it was an accident, but it is rocky. t >> how california could make its own version of universal health care if the federal version goes away. >> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. relief is finally in sight, the mud left on top of these flooded cars in san jose is proof that the water is reseeding. although you can still see has a long way to go before everything is back to normal. it's still a mess. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. hours ago the city of san jose decreased the zone where evacuations are mandatory. 36,000 people were told to leave their holes overnight when nearby coyote creek flooded. >> the main focus will be ass s assessing the areas that have
6:00 pm
been evacuated and safely returning people to their homes. >> that welcome news came about two hours ago from san jose emergency operation center. -off saw the announcement live here at abc 7 news at 4:00. >> the evacuation area shrunk to the north. this is east of downtown. coyote creek runs through the middle of the zone. just listen to the force of that water, today ruben captured this video of coyote creek half way between anderson lake where coyote creek starts and the flooded area of san jose. >> we have team coverage tracking the weather and checking on evacuees. >> let's go live to david louie for the latest on the flooded neighborhoods. he's in the rock springs area by center road and nordell avenue. david? >> reporter: dan and ama, you recognize this area where boats had to


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