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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 23, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> with floodwaters from coyote creek receding, people are getting the chance to go home and assess the damage. the red areas show where mandatory evacuations are in effect for. >> officials haven't said when people could be back in their homes many residents live in still flooded rock springs area. >> david louie has been covering the flooding since day one. >> you know, you've been hearing lots of complaints. first residents were complaining they didn't get noticed about the evacuations and they ended up getting flooded out. a city councilmember is saying the vietnamese residents are not being told what's going on. it's a stressful time as thousands of flood victims are facing uncertainty. this sanitary pump station is one of the irk us holding back
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rock springs residents from returning home. it flooded. crews are working to repair it. now that water is slowly receding here, building inspectors will have to go in and check out each structure. >> the reoccupation will be phased based on our ability to clear, and also, we're going to find some structures are going to be inhabitable. and others will be. vietnamese residents were not getting details of the cleanup and when they can go home. >> i think there's some lack of distribution of information we have. >> information flyers are now passed out in vietnamese, spanish and english. with the uncertainty of which buildings will be deemed safe, tommy vu doesn't know the process of how long it will take. >> where are you going to live? >> what are you going to do? >> i'm not sure. i have to go around and see my neighbors and cousins.
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>> the councilmember is asking landlords to suspend rent for three months. the flurry of activity to help residents included mayor sam licardo, who went door to door to offer assistance. >> everybody's garbage is filled in our yard, how are we supposed to get it out, we need a dumpster. >> we're going to get dumpsters out right away. >> the two high school shelters where the displaced have been sleeping at night will be closing on sunday. school break is over, and the students will be returning to campus on monday. sarn jose has yet to announce where the new shelters will be opening up. david louie, abc 7 news. >> thank you, david. the people whose homes flooded have a lot of cleanup and repairs ahead of them. michael finney talks live with the better business bureau about how to avoid scams. >> the san jose sharks announced
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they'll donate $20,000 and half of their ralph proceeds from the next three home games to flood victims. the soccer team is matching up to $10,000 in donations, and the san francisco 49ers have given $20,000 to the san jose flood victim's relief flood. the red cross needs money and volunteers, we've created one page on our website with information for all of these resources, you'll find it at abc 7 as the flood clean up continues, there's an effort to make sure city leaders are better able to predict and prepare for this kind of flood in the future. the creek has never been this high since they began measuring it in 1991. all the water caught emergency managers offguard. one factor that worsened the flooding was all the debris taking up room in the creek. >> every couple years, you get
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the flows, and you wash stuff away. five years of drought, it's built up over time. now it's a real problem. >> the flooding did clear away some of that debris. today senator camel la harris saw the damage from the air. her office shared these photos with us, showing the senator in a helicopter. they briefed her on how the emergency spill way became eroded. leading to a large scale evacuation and fears of massive flooding earlier this month. oroville reservoir is down to 80% of its capacity. california's biggest reservoir is at 93% capacity. folsom lake just outside sacramento is only 57% full. california is now entirely out of the worst two categories of drought, more than 60% of the state isn't in any level of
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drought. these maps show just how quickly these drought conditions have changed from last week and last year. abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian joins us with when we're going to see more rain. >> it's going to be a little bit of rain, but ago paid by cold air. here's live doppler 7, clear skies right now, notice how temperatures will drop overnight into the 30s by 10:00 tonight. by early in the morning, we'll see low 30s. tomorrow gets off to a chilly start, forecast animation showing we'll have mainly sunny skies into a cool afternoon, as we get into tomorrow night and saturday morning, the showers will arrive, along with the cold air, these are our headlines for the weekend weather. cold showers, snow levels down to 2500 feet. possibility of hail and snow in the hills. >> thanks very much. santa cruz police say a gang investigation turned into a secret raid. the police chief slammed the department of homeland security
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police say when they shared information with the department of homeland security, the feds did not say this is coming. >> this has violated the trust of our kmoont and we cannot tell you how disappointed we are we will not collaborate with law enforcement agencies that we ourselves cannot trust. >> homeland security officials have not responded to the city of santa cruz's claims. a similar raid also took place in daly city. santa clara county is an illegal showdown following the president's executive order on funding for sanctuary cities and counties. abc 7 news reporter katie udis has a legal expert and his take on the case. >> in our opinion extortion is extortion and coercion is coercion, and that's exactly
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what that kind of behavior is. >> santa clara county is fighting president trump's executive order, threatening to withhold fighting for sanctuary cities. you cannot use federal funding as a weapon to withhold funds on unrelated programs in order to coerce changes in local policies. >> the county's motion filed today asks a federal judge to stop the order. a move university of san francisco law professor calls proactive and -- >> i think the lawsuit was in large part politically motivated. >> this isn't a liberal or conservative issue. this isn't even mainly about immigration. this lawsuit is about preserving local control for every town, city and county in the united states. >> valley medical center is an example of the billions of dollars at stake. >> if we were to lose all our federal funding, it would create a massive and untenable public
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health crisis in the county. >> when you withhold money like this, it's got to be related funding. the funding you withhold has to be related to immigration enforcement. >> he expects him to rework the order instead of going to bat for it. >> you want to be -- >> katie udis, abc 7 news. nancy pelosi attacked president trump after he described his deportation plan as a military operation. pelosi's comments came after a meeting with advocates in san francisco leann melendez is live with more. >> pelosi went after president trump after he described the deportations as a military operation. >> nancy pelosi sat down with people who represent and work with undocumented immigrants in the bay area, to discuss their
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concerns. the congresswoman encouraged them to reach out to friends living in districts to demand an end to president trump's deportation plans. >> members of congress listened to their own constituents. i'm saying to them, we can -- lincoln went on to say with public sentiment, we can accomplish almost anything. >> most republicans continue to support the president's actions especially around sanctuary cities. >> even here in california and even in san francisco. we see a lot of people questioning sanctuary policy cities. >> two recent polls support that. the institute of governmental studies found that when asked if local authorities should be able to ignore federal request to hold an undocumented immigrant. more than 73% said no opinion while nearly 27% said yes. and a golden state poll sponsored by stanford found that
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41% of californians supported president trump's plan to end sanctuary cities. 36 were opposed and 22% undecided. despite that, ed lee says, san francisco as a sanctuary city works. and reminded people to not be afraid. >> we encourage everybody to not be fearful that a player's acting on behalf of ice to grab them if they want to complain about something in their neighborhood or report a crime. going to school. going to a health clinic. >> outside that meeting, pelosi described the president's tactics as an example of fear mongering. in san francisco, leann melendez, abc 7 news. east bay family mourns the loss of a father and son. the tragic similarities between their deaths. >> how do you begin to rebuild after the flood? i'm michael finney, coming up, i have a conversation with an expert on what to do if you're a victim of a disaster.
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and new at 6:00 tonight, meet the team of researchers tracking these big
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terrible accident in a parking lot near the santa rita jail has cost a sheriff's deputy his life. foley was wearing dark clothing at the time. he served for 29 years with the concord police department. and joined the sheriff's office in 2007. he's survived by an adult son.
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kelly died ten days ago, his son a former high school football star was killed 12 years ago. >> alyssa harrington spoke with the family about how they're coping with the loss. >> johnny dempsey says his cousin was punched from behind. >> it wasn't a fight he was attacked. >> that fatal blow has the family reliving 2004 just days before he was leave for college. >> landry was a pillar in the community. he was out there doing the work.
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this is the one thing that kept him going, kept him alive. trying to keep his son alive. >> 48-year-old lanndron was hurt in a fight. and died a few days later. >> during that fight, kelly got knocked to the ground, police say that witnesses withheld that information. they told paramedics he simply fell. that's one of landron's oldest friends. he's not sure why he hit him. the family's focus now is getting justice and also keeping landron and terence's memories alive. by finding a way to continue the tku foundation. >> san jose flood victims begin returning home, they face a daunting cleanup.
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>> michael finney is here with some help. >> i'm here with someone who has a great deal of expertise. he can tell us about how to find a good contractor, how to avoid getting examed. it seems like the only time we see each other is when there was a calamity. there's a lot of people with a lot of work to do. >> the big thing,you want to make sure to contact your insurance company, that's a big thing. make sure you take pictures, video of everything you have. you want to keep your receipts as well. anything you may have accrued while you were out of your home. that could be a covered policy as well. you want to be a covered contractor. you want to find a trustworthy contractor. >> there's a lot of bad actors that come into -- how do you know if they're good or bad. >> the big thing is, you want to
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make sure you do your research. you want to make sure you check their qualifications, licensing, they should be licensed with a cslb. if they come to your home, make sure they have a photo i.d. attached to it also. you also want to do your research online. check search engines as well. see if there's any kind of scams associated with that business as well. this is what you see when you open the page up we zoomed in and found four reports of fraud. none are related to the flood, if you see a scam.
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>> right now, the door to door sales or people that come up, storm chasers will come up and be -- fake another company and try to make you pay up front for something that they will eventually not be able to do. if that comes to your attention or you know about it, or friend or family, report it to your scam tracker, you're letting other people know about that. it's generated by where the victim is located. you can tell if there's four or five people in a certain zip code, you know that scam is happening. and warn other people. >> jaredwise, thank you for joining us. i'm going to be in san jose tomorrow to help flood survivors with the questions that come up after something like this, very personal questions for their homes, how to file claims, find a contractor, how do you move on? i'm going to be at the james lick high school in san jose, from noon to 7:00 tomorrow, i'm going to have a team of consumer
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experts there, we want you to come out, ask your questions, bring your paperwork, if you can't make it there, you can also ask questions yourself or on behalf of a friend. on social media. use the #ask finney. >> that's great. >> thank you, michael. >> we've got the cold air now, and showers on the way as well. what might happen. here's a look at live doppler 7. it's dry, and we expect it to get even chillier. this is a live view from our emeriville camera. it's still a little aglow in the post sunset minutes here. these are some current temperature readings, 49 degrees in san francisco. mountain view is 50 degrees. this is a view at the golden gate bridge.
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it's 50 in nap park 51 in concord. looking out over san francisco and these are the forecast features, we'll have a cold and frosty friday morning. it's not going to warm up much, chilly. it's sunny and milder this week, we have quite a chill settling in overnight. low temperatures will drop into the upper 20s overnight. in santa rosa. we'll see a low of 30 in fairfield. near the freezing mark in many other inland valley locations, upper 30s to mid-40s around the bay and the coast. a weekend preview here, a three-day forecast tomorrow. we'll have a sunny and cool afternoon, clouds come in for the weekend, along with a storm that's going to bring us chilly showers, maybe even snow in the higher elevations in the bay area. let's take a closer look at that storm, for both weekend days, ranks one on the storm impact scale. it will produce light showers, rainfall totals won't be more than a tenth of an inch to a
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third of an inch. there could be snow on the higher bay area hills. here's the forecast animation starting at 8:00 saturday morning, we'll see the first pockets of rainfall pushing on shore, and then by 9:00 sunday morning, most of the bay area will be wet. that will be light rain and showers and we'll see it break up by sunday evening. the cold air will be in place for the entire weekend. it's going to feel very winter like. most locations will be under a tenth of an inch for the two-day period, there could be higher totals in some isolated areas. here's a look at the accuweather 7-day forecast. we'll have a cold morning. it's going to be quite chilly overflight. if you're out and about early, you may want to bundle up and stay warm. pretty much the same thing, you'll be advised to -- you'll be wise to stay warm through this cold period. you'll be wise. we'll have our showers over the weekend. maybe some snow. showers will linger into monday
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morning, after that. clearing, sunny, and milder next week. >> advise you to be wise. >> that's good advice. >> thanks, spencer. >> still ahead, from jail to jewel. just ahead, a former military detention center is
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lockheed is moving 650
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positions from its sunnyvale facility as part of reshaping a national security program. positions will be moved from here to florida. maybe colorado and lockheed promises most employees will be offered the opportunity to keep their current positions. the jobs are all connected with the navy's fleet ballistic missile program. the former google self-driving car project is suing a self-driving truck start-up and uber for patent infringement of its lydar technology. these pictures are a part of the promotional video. a former employee downloaded more than 14,000 confidential lydar design photos before he was hired. abc 7 news was near the main post for the dedication of the new visitor's center, it's an impressive place. the doors opened to a top graphical map of the presid yo.
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there's lots to see and touch. including a huge table that's really a digital encyclopedia. the building used to be the jail for the old army base. there will be a public celebration for the new visitor's center on saturday. hundreds of workers are stuck in the middle of a battle between their bosses. >> tonight we talk to the san francisco shipyard employees who are just worried about getting their next paycheck. california enters unchartered territory. the battle brewing over protecting state efforts. tag along with the researchers who are trackin
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a trans gender rights rally, this coming after the trump administration reversed the guideline for bathrooms students use at schools.
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the mayor has joined the san francisco unified school district condemning what they call a misguided act from the president's administration. nearly 4,000 people still aren't allowed to go back home. the red areas on this map show where mandatory evacuations are in effect for 1100 homes. the green areas are zones that have been lifted. officials haven't said when they can be back in their homes. >> it could be weeks, maybe months, until some of those residents are back in their houses. officials acknowledged in this housing market, finding places for everyone to stay in the short term may be difficult. >> availability of housing has always been a challenge. this compounds the challene for our entire community. we're committed to working with our residents who have been displaced by this flood. and help them find solutions and
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plug them into resources that might be available. >> the city is opening a local assistance center on lucretia avenue. they are affected residents that can speak with residents. people who need overnight shelter will be moved tomorrow since the high schools that have been used are reopening on monday. a big relief for anyone who needs to drive on highway 37. it's back open after being closed for weeks because of flooding. the section under water ran between atherton avenue and highway 101 many amy shows you what's changed to allow that road to reopen. >> an ideal commute this morning for those who travel from vallejo. >> i'm ten minutes earlier on my job, that's kind of cool for me. >> floods have caused the
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partial or full shutdown since january. caltrans was contracted to repair the situation a week ago. for tony bennett's kids, that meant a much longer round trip, they drive him to work from fairfield to santa rosa. >> somewhere between 20 minutes to a half hour. you have to go all the way around. sometimes you have to go to petaluma and come back in. >> the shutdown had an interesting effect on rossi's deli. >> the people come in here instead of sitting in traffic. can i use the bathroom for waiting in the traffic. the troubled new stretch has new pavement and a new drainage system with larger pipes, in the hopes of keeping this happening again. some question if this hassle could have been prevented. >> they should have fixed this a
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long time ago. >> a 100 year flood they could not have seen coming or prevented. they have striping work to do and other finishing touches, you may see a lane closure here and there, they promise it won't be during the commute. a contingent of california senate democrats is preparing to combat new regulations that may come from the trump administration. the people of california have worked long and hard to clean their water and air. they plan to submit a group of measures to protect our states environmental laws. california is in unchartered territory with this challenge with no legal precedent to follow. >> we do believe that we need to move policies to trump, if you will. policies that may come out of washington, d.c.. that are against the values and the people and the natural beauty of the state of california. >> president trump has said he
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wants to rearrange domestic energy and environmental priorities. >> calvin's life will shine forever. >> happening now in san mateo, a candlelight vigil, six months since a murder which has still not been solved. calvin rile graduated there in 2015, he was shot to death while playing pokemon go in early august. investigators never identified a suspect or determined a motive for how calvin died. a homeless man who claims he tried to warn oakland police about a man killed in a stand-off with officers, has hired a prominent civil rights attorney. he was sleeping in his car, three days before police shot and killed jesse near 98th avenue. today, redick appeared at a news conference with his lawyer. he says his car was shot several
6:35 pm
times, admitted he did it, and then called him a racial slur. >> they didn't make no contact with him, and they brought me back in contact with the person who attempted murder on my life. they brought me back to my car, he's lookin out the window at me. oakland police say they're conducting an internal affairs investigation into redick's incident and another previous incident reported by ajayan. 250 workers are caught in the middle. a dispute over the condition of the dry dock at pier 70 has the new owners threatening to shut down. laura anthony has the story. >> now they're going to close the yard. >> barry thomas is among 250 employees at the shipyard who don't know how much longer they'll have jobs.
6:36 pm
>> it's going to leave a lot of people homeless. >> the dry dock employees were notified they would be terminated as of february 26th, a date that's now been extended to march 10th. >> now they're saying two more weeks. >> i mean, all we can do is play the game with them, that's the way it's been since day one. >> at issue, an a dispute between the shipyard's new owners and the former owners. the new owner claims bae left the facilities in need of $25 million in dredging and maintenance. a situation that violates the shipyard's lease with the port of san francisco. a port spokesperson said the port is working in ernest with all parties to keep the shipyard operational. at the end of the day, it's the duty of the operators to comply with the terms of the port's lease. which includes keeping the facility well maintained and functioning. >> it has the ability to be in
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disastrous impacts like losing jobs. we hope that doesn't happen. >> i hope they can resolve this. >> reached by abc 7 news, neither pulya or bae officials would comment. laura anthony, abc 7 news. today we captured a rare site, the sun. it's one of a few days without a storm. >> spencer will have the weekend forecast in less than 10 minutes. >> the story behind this gunshot that landed teenagers
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we'rebut maybe we've had it wrong all along. maybe our most extraordinary moments happen when we feel small. princess cruises, come back new.
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today anaheim authorities released a 13-year-old boy. the boy's arrest on tuesday prompted this violent demonstration last night. at least 24 people were arrested after they broke windows and vandalized homes. the demonstration was sparked by this video, showing the offduty officer confronting and firing a shot at a group of teenagers he claims repeatedly cut across his property.
6:41 pm
>> i'm only 13. >> hey. >> no one was hit by the shot. >> the officer claims he fired when he heard one of the teens say, i'm going to shoot you, the boy claims he said i'm going to sue you. the officer is now on paid leave while the lapd investigates. a campsite of dakota access pipeline protesters has been cleared out. about 3 dozen people were arrested for refusing to leave. yesterday was the deadline for people to move out. last august, thousands of protesters moved into the camp as a way of defying the oil pipeline construction. they contend the pipeline will contaminate the walter on a native american reservation. remember this video of a mountain lion appearing
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well, they come from our hope and a longing to bring something new into the world. it's fitting, then, that classrooms of children are born every day in northern california -- the cradle of ideas, changing the very world around us. every bright spark deserves a hand to help it become something more. and that's why we are here. for our newest neighbors and the people they become. sutter health.
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mountain lions like to keep a low profile, the paparazzi are on to them. >> in this case, the paparazzi are using special high-tech cameras. there are two key goals here, research and turning you and other bay area residents into
6:45 pm
lion lovers. >> this could be a critical moment for the future of mountain lions in the bay area. this year old female is one of three lions recently fitted with gps collars to track their movements by satellite. and researchers plan to put collars on many more. >> we want to be able to investigate the areas that they've been moving in for our understanding of what they're doing in the habitat. >> lions are often sharing that habitat with people. in video went viral. researchers say scenes like this are a lot more common than you might think. >> these cats for generations have been moving amongst people, in their gardens, their properties all around. and pretty much stapg under the radar. >> quinton martin runs the mountain lion project. >> we've seen some mountain lion activity on your property.
6:46 pm
>> the teams motion activated cameras are getting spectacular photos of local lions and video showing how lions behave around traps. it can take weeks to get a lion to step inside. >> she doesn't go in this time. >> transmitters on the cage alert researchers when there's activity. >> in just a short time, the animal is tranquilized, fitted with a collar, then released. >> safety concerns for the cat are paramount. >> the lion's gps collar sends out locations every two hours. >> using an area of about 50 square miles. >> when there's a cluster of dots in the same area, the team goes out to investigate with an array of high-tech equipment to track the lion's collar. >> it's a lot stronger. >> the signal change means she's moving. >> somewhere around this
6:47 pm
vineyard is a young female lion who just separated from her mother. >> she's up therep p. >> they track her to the other side of a fence. >> she's really close by. >> seconds later, there's an important find. the lion has taken down a big buck and smashed it under some leaves. the site is a treasure trove of information the team will share with neighbors. >> a critical piece of the project is getting the community involved in lion conservation. when quinton tracked a lion to suzie. he took them out to see the feeding site. >> initially i was a little scared. >> when they got to the site the lion was there. >> very camouflaged in all the undergrowth. finally it came into view and my heart leaped out of my chest, i was so excited. >> researchers hope that kind of moment and closeup images of these reluctant celebrities will encourage the preservation of the habitat bay area animals need to survive. >> tracking and trapping mountain lions is a dangerous
6:48 pm
activity that requires a lot of permits. you should never approach an area where you think there is a lion. just stay away. to learn more about living safely with mountain lions. go to abc 7 we are finally getting a break from the rain. abc 7 news viewers are enjoying the sky out there. >> this shot of a row of pastel houses. let's get back to spencer for another update on our forecast. >> we may soon be asking for a break from the chill. mainly clear skies right now, they'll remain clear overnight, temperatures are going to drop really low into the upper 20s by early morning in the north bay valleys of santa rosa and napa. it's going to be very cold. for both days, saturday and sunday the storm ranks one on the storm impact scale snow
6:49 pm
levels will be down to 2500 feet. here's a little forecast animation starting tomorrow night at 11:00. we'll see pockets of light showers of rain developing. maybe some snow in the higher peaks of the north bay. showers for much of the bay area, up north, we'll see a little snow mixing in, that will be the pattern on into sunday. storms ranking one on the storm impact scale saturday, sunday and monday. >> thank you, spencer. on to sports. >> the warriors are in action tonight. back from the all-star break. kevin durant on his career after hoops. and we go to spring training, mike schuman live
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the man who led the american league in stolen bases is back with the a's. last year he was on top, now he's in green and gold. 36 years old, he can still run. he's so old he was born in the early '80s. abc 7's mike schuman who was born slightly before that joins us live in arizona with more on
6:53 pm
oakland's davis in the outfield. >> reporter: young at heart, larry, that's all that matters. davis, not the first oakland a's to come back for a stint here in oakland. it's a great pickup, he's a leadoff hitter, he can steal base bases the memory of a lifetime, he hits a two-run homer, ninth inning, and he said he's a memory he'll never forget. >> that experience was one i'll remember for the rest of my life. even one i can share with my kids who are really young now. >> your second run with the a's, every year as you know, it's a revamped roster, what made you want to come back to oakland? >> you have a lot of talent here. we need the ability for us to use that talent and play together as one team.
6:54 pm
>> he led the american league in cleveland last year. he was inspired by rickey henderson his first time around with the a's. >> he inspired me to steal bases. have you to have the right manager who believes that -- or has the trust that you are going to be -- that you're going to make the right decisions. >> you have a couple davis' in the outfield this year. that's a pretty good 1-2 punch out there. >> off youszly, with chris davis' career last year, with all the home runs he hit. >> that baby's gone. >> all the power he's able to generate is hopefully infectious. >> you look at this clubhouse, on paper, it's a pretty good team, if you guys stay health why i. >> that's the key. that's one thing we are able to do. the majority of the season last year, keep guys on the field.
6:55 pm
>> i think it will be exciting with the davis brothers in the outfield. reporting live in arizona with the a's, abc 7 sports. >> thanks. the warriors return home tonight. nba trade deadline came and went today. kevin durant interesting, he was still following all of the trade chatter preparing for his next job. when his hall of fame career is over, he plans to head straight to an nba team's front office. he dug into the nba trade machine, tried to figure out a few pointers he can use down the road as an executive. >> i want to be a gm, run a team. hopefully own the team, run it. i follow it, see what rumors are getting out there, and you know, what deals are being presented to each team, and how, i try to figure that stuff out. it's fun. >> like k.d., i would like to
6:56 pm
own a team in my next job. bogut is expected to request a buyout, he would be a free agent with the rockets spurs and cavs all possibly interested in signing the ex-warrior for the playoffs. if you're wondering about a return to golden state. league rules prevent him from signing. the dubs could conceivably sign bogut. would they want to? i can imagine steph driving down the lane and bogut. oracle arena would explode basically. join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy-tv 20. coming up, a bart ridership is down, and no one is going to like the possibility solutions at 9:00. the floodwater is gone in san jose, the cleanup is just beginning. the big business that means for
6:57 pm
some local companies. here's tonight's prime time line june. that's going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news on twitter. for spencer christian, all of us here, we appreciate your time.
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♪ this is the "jeopardy!" college championship. here are our three finalists. a junior at stanford university, from austin, texas... a freshman at the united states naval academy, from ellicott city, maryland... and a senior at m.i.t., from decatur, georgia... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. and thank you, ladies and gentlemen. and welcome to the first half of our two-day final in the college championship for this year. i wanted to start off by showing you the hardware that the players are competing for. this championship trophy now contains
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28 names of previous winners and the schools they represented. of those 28, stanford is the only one that has won before of these three schools represented today. will navy make it this time or m.i.t.? we'll start finding out right now. it's a two-day total-point affair. good luck, players. here are the categories for the first round. first off... gosh! followed by... each correct response will begin with "b-a" and end with the letter "e." alex: and, lilly, you have the honor of selecting first. i'll take "ba-e" for $600. it's a massive bombardment of missiles, as seen here, or of criticism. viraj. barrage? -pardon?


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