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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 1, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> and i'm dan ashley. thanks for joining us. now, take a good look here. these are the two men arraigned today in a san jose courtroom to hear the formal charges against them. prosecutors are saying very little about this tragic case but that may be for good reason. vic lee is at the santa clara county courthouse live tonight with details. vic? >> reporter: well, the arraignment for the two men in this san jose courthouse was very quick. they are being represented by the public defender's office. we don't know exactly what their roles were in this murder, and that's because, as you mentioned, the prosecutor, and for that matter the public defender's office, are not saying anything about this case. and for that matter, the court itself is preventing any leaks. robert ruiz and aaron vallejo appeared in court charged with the murder of frank navarro this weekend. >> they're scum balls, little scum balls. >> reporter: in the courtroom, family and friends of the victim. >> i just needed to see the
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people who took our frankie away from us. >> reporter: navarro was a beloved mentor to many youngsters as the coach and president of a little league chapter in the south bay. he was a long-time security manager at the tres gringos nightclub in downtown san jose. navarro was killed early sunday during an altercation shortly after he caught someone using another person's i.d. nightclub owner, david powell. >> like the cowards they are, attacked frank and my team from the side. and in that scuffle, frank was stabbed and killed. >> reporter: ruiz and vallejo were arrested shortly after the attack. they were in a car that matched the one on the club security video, leaving the scene. abc 7 news has learned another camera recorded the scuffle and the killer running away carrying a knife. navarro's family and friends are still in disbelief over the senseless murder. >> there's no reason to have francisco lose his life over a false i.d. >> reporter: ruiz and vallejo
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are being held without bail. they did not enter pleas today. the prosecutor declined to comment, saying the case remains sealed. a source tells abc 7 news that's because police are still looking for another suspect, possibly the one who stabbed navarro. vic lee, abc 7 news. police in san leandro have arrested both suspects in a rolling gun battle that seriously injured an innocent couple. yesterday police found marcus jones, who has been on the run for three and a half months. they say he and elalon harris began shooting at each other from their cars in oakland last november and took the battle into san leandro. inside jones' apartment detectives found an ak-47 assault rifle, at least $250,000 in cash and three semiautomatic pistols with three times the number of rounds for a standard police pistol. police say harris was shot and driving at high speeds when he slammed head-on into a toyota
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prius, sending a couple in their 70s to the hospital with serious injuries. the man remains bed ridden today. the wife of the orlando gunman who killed 49 people could get out of jail boy friday. the federal judge in oakland granted bond to noor salman. this means she would live with family members in the bay area while she awaits her trial in florida. alyssa harrington was in court and has the story. >> reporter: a federal judge in oakland granted bond for 31-year-old noor salman, the wife of pulse nightclub shooter omar mateen. but she's staying behind bars for now. the government has 48 hours to appeal. salman has been charged with aiding and abetting the teen in the deadly shooting. prosecutors say she helped scope out potential locations for the attack. the judge finds the evidence highly debatable. salman's statements were made toward the end of a 16-hour interrogation without an attorney. she also suffers from ptsd. if released, salman will be at
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house arrest at her uncle's home in rodeo, pending trial in florida. only allowed to leave for court, meet with attorneys and for her son's medical needs. she will be monitored with an electronic gps device. >> we believe it's a just, equitable decision that permits her to reunite with her children. >> reporter: salman's attorneys note in cases like this bond is hard to get. >> this is extraordinarily rare and a real statement on the weakness of the prosecution's case. >> reporter: family members put up property as equity to secure the $500,000 bond. salman's uncle agreed to be her main supervisor. >> she's -- she's an innocent person. >> reporter: if she violates any of her bond conditions, he could lose his house. >> from day one i always feel she's an innocent person and i know eventually when everything shows, she didn't do anything wrong. >> reporter: the next court hearing is set for march 9th. alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. in a statement, the police chief in orlando says this.
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i am disappointed that noor salman will be released, but i have full faith that she will ultimately be brought to justice. representatives from the santa clara valley water district are asking for federal money to prevent flooding along coyote creek in san jose. 20 years ago, a federal study showed the cost of federal flood control measures in the area would outweigh the benefits. after last month's devastating floods there, though, the water district is reaching out again for federal help. the army corps now hopes to work together with the water district to prevent future floods. >> do we think this is going to happen again? without a doubt. but in the future, let's find a solution and let's fix it. >> the early damage estimate from last month's flooding now tops $73 million and is expected to climb. the flood victims still need more help and this recovery will be expensive. you can donate $10 to the red cross by texts "red cross" to 90999. the charge will show up automatically on your phone will.
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san jose is looking for volunteers to help with the flood recovery effort. they would like people to register at jose. we have the information on our website, oakland's new police chief says she won't shy away from controversy while working to make her city's police force a model for the rest of the country. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony sat down with anne kirkpatrick today and is live from police headquarters. >> reporter: coming from chicago, anne kirkpatrick certainly knows a thing or two about violent crime. while oakland has made great progress in recent years, it still has a higher crime rate than chicago, something the new chief says is her top priority. >> oakland should be the safest city in america. >> reporter: new oakland police chief, anne kirkpatrick says despite gains made in recent years, her new city could still be safer. >> oakland is not as safe as it can be. >> reporter: kirkpatrick issin hairing a force mired in a sex
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scandal and still under federal oversight. those are problems, but she also sees plenty of upside in her new job. >> i love oakland. i think it's an incredibly beautiful city. when we show our pattern of being legitimate and that we care and that we can be trusted, then i think those relationships can be rebuilt. >> reporter: oakland is also a city that's a center of protests. of particular concern a relatively small group known for its destructive tendencies long after a peaceful event has ended. >> people that wish to protest, we're going to honor your rights and make sure you are given the opportunity to have your voice heard. but the balance is that you may not violate the rights of another person. >> reporter: kirkpatrick told us whatever the issue, she will always be talking with and listening to the stakeholders in her city, and she will acknowledge when mistakes are
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made. >> we own it. we are going to address the fact that where mistakes occurred, we're going to acknowledge it. we're going to talk about how we correct it for the future. >> reporter: kirkpatrick said she didn't take the oakland job because it's easy of t. rather, she took it because it would be a tremendous challenge. >> you're in it for the long haul? >> i'm in it. i'm in it. >> reporter: in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. an east bay jury today convicted a retired highward police sergeant on nine felony charges of grand theft. they found michael beal guilty of cheating a former confidential informant out of up to $500,000. the informant worked as a prostitute and was labeled by the prosecution as being mentally ill. beal faces up to eight years in state prison. well, it's not much to go on but palo alto police are hoping this grainy photograph will help them identify an indecent exposure suspect. the picture was taken by a woman in her 20s who said the man walked by her and then exposed
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himself. the alleged incident happened monday morning near the corner of park avenue and el camino real in palo alto. if you recognize the man maybe from the clothing, you're urged to call police. a redwood city homeowner is picking up the pieces after this scary fire earlier today. firefighters tweeted out this picture. you can see the flames shooting out of the roof of the house. the fire started in the garage, quickly spread to the attic. it was brought under control within 15 minutes. the homeowner got out safely with the family dog. and in san mateo, firefighters took care of a house fire on south el dorado street. they posted this video of the smoke pouring from the house. they had to get into the home's garage with a chain saw as you can hear. one person in the house was hurt and taken to the hospital to be treated. how's this for rough landings? this plane landed upside down near the mercy hot springs air strip in fresno county. the plane took off from sonoma just this morning. investigators say the pilot lost control on the landing and ended up flipping the craft. the pilot is a 78-year-old man.
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dan, believe it or not, he only suffered minor injuries to his shoulder and face and actually refused medical attention. >> thank goodness, tough guy. glad he's okay. well, call it the four rs. reading, writing, rithmetic and what teachers want to eliminate. >> a school takes a step closer to getting rid of their indian mascot. you're seeing the sun right now but we have rain coming this weekend. i'll have the hour-by-hour forecast coming up. beach babies. wildlife officials know they're cute but they don't want you to be drawn in by tlar big brown eyes. the tweet that changed oscar history. it's now
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breaking news. sky 7 is over the scene in south san francisco. look at those flames shooting from an apartment building on
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fire. this is on olive avenue at california afternoon. the fire started just before 5:00 this evening and you can see it is still going good with the black smoke billowing out. fire crews are on the scene. you can see them from the sky 7 shot. we will keep an eye on this and bring you updates on the abc 7 news app but for now avoid that area on olive avenue not too far from grand avenue if you can. students and educators rally today at san francisco city hall trying to end the use of the "r" word. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez explains. >> is the camera rolling? >> hi. >> reporter: 19-year-old alex acosta loves to share his dreams with anyone who will listen. >> i want people to know that i want to be a movie actor some day when i grow up to become one true adult. >> reporter: in the meantime, he attends access sfusd, a public school for snunts special education, ages 18 to 21.
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here they learn life skills to become independent. >> our students want to be seen as people first, not being defined by their disabilities. >> my name is benjamin and i want to teach people that using the "r" word is unacceptable. >> reporter: today at san francisco city hall these students pledged to change the way people tend to use the "r" word. >> when i hear it it's people talking about now people are acting done. >> reporter: rachel norton came to the rally armed with alternative "r" words. >> row joyejoicing, resplen den >> reporter: the highlight of the event was this song and dance number on the steps of city hall to prove that anyone with intellectual disabilities can achieve a high quality of life. if you go on social media, you'll find #endtheword. the most popular "r" word in their vocabulary is --
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>> respect! >> reporter: respect. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> nice. >> very nice. emotions are running high at napa high school over its mascot. napa high is known as the indians and has a logo with a native american wearing a bandana with a feather. this morning a committee of students, alumni, faculty and school board members recommended changing it. the school board will make the final decision in april. the committee recommends changing the napa indians to the napa pride with a lion paw logo. a historic dry dock in san francisco on the verge of closing will stay open. at least for now. new owners of the ship yard at san francisco's pier 70 reached a 90-day operating agreement. at stake is 240 jobs and a vital ship repair yard. puglia engineering bought the operation of the docks and threatened to close it after it discovered millions of dollars
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of needed repairs. they are now in a legal fight with the ship yard's previous owner. well, the president of the film academy says the two accountants responsible for the wrong best picture announcement at the oscars will never work in oscar show again. the accountants gave warren beatty and fay dunaway the wrong envelope backstage. the award went to "la la land" and then two minutes later was corrected and given to "moonlight." the academy president did blame tweeting backstage for causing it. >> they were distracted it seems like. a word of warning for drivers this evening that has to do with people trying to swindle you out of a buck. >> michael finney is here now with more on that. >> boy, they come up with stuff, don't they? it's amazing. i've spotted a new scam that's sure to come our way soon. the red light ticket scam. e-mails are going out back east telling drivers they have been
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caught on camera running a red light. there is a link to the red light photo, but do not click. it is really malware. the takeaway, police don't send tickets by e-mail. brick and mortar stores are really stepping it up in an effort to compete with their competitors online. walmart is setting up express lanes for its pharmacy and money transfer customers. new features being added to the store's app will allow online ordering and financial processing. then the final pickup or transaction will occur in specially marked express lanes in the stores. walmart says express lanes will be available at almost all of its 4700 stores by this fall. it's not just walmart that is speeding things up for app users. does a drive-through take too long for you? well, mcdonald's is launching a mobile ordering and curbside pickup service. customers will order and pay through an app and have their meals brought to them curbside. the service should start rolling
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out by the end of this year. yeah, we don't have enough time to drive through anymore. >> way too busy. >> thanks, michael. safeway opened four new stores today that aren't like their regular supermarkets. the stores are called community markets. they're former stores that are keeping the vibe of the old supermarkets. they include gourmet meat, a salad bar, and other specialty items including adult brownies. >> i miss a family owned store even though i know it was not in its last incarnation a family owned store, but i do miss a local family owned store. >> there are two safeway community markets at berkeley, one in los altos and one in san anselmo. safeway is keeping most of the 350 stores employees at the new stores. hi there, everyone. it was a beautiful day. take a look at this picture from our santa cruz camera. there's one person enjoying the sunshine. i do want to show you the highs
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today. santa cruz got up to 67 degrees. so flirting with 70 degrees there. low to mid-60s from san francisco to san jose. really a mild day this afternoon. soak it all up. but with this mild weather, of course, comes high tree pollen, pine and elm are the main culprits so if you suffer from allergies and have been sniffling, sneezing, coughing, you know exactly what is going on. here's a look at live doppler 7 and we do not have rain on our radar right now, but that's going to change as we head into the weekend. beautiful view from our east bay hills camera. a little hazy but we do have sunshine outside. 57 outside, 60 oakland. san jose, gilroy you're at 63 degrees. it's a sea of blue from our mt. tam cam. livermore 58 degrees and this one, you just want to frame it from our abc 7 news exploratorium camera looking towards the ferry building at pier 15. it's a really nice view. chilly again overnight tonight, sunny and mild tomorrow and friday. the rain does return this weekend. so tomorrow morning we're going to start you off with the chill,
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mid to upper 30s inland, 40s right around the bay. definitely still a sign of winter, jacket weather, but for later on in the day you'll want to go short sleeves or shorts. look at these temperatures in the south bay. 67 degrees tomorrow afternoon in san jose. on the peninsula you're looking at low to mid-60s. redwood city 65. 63 in half moon bay. the coast will be clear, downtown san francisco, 63 degrees. in the north bay you'll be close to 70 degrees around ukiah, cloverdale. 66 santa rosa, 65 napa and the east bay. a mild day, lots of sunscreen, 65 in oakland. head inland and we'll get you up into the mid-60s oakland, concord, livermore area as well. on our storm impact scale we have a 1, a light system for both saturday and sunday. we'll get light rain at times. it's not a washout, so no need to change up your plans. breezy to gusty at times, especially as that system arrives. so your hour-by-hour forecast, saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. might see a few sprinkles in the north bay but you have to wait until the afternoon to see light
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showers moving through the bay area. this continues saturday night. sunday we have another batch of light rain coming through as you'll notice around 11:00 a.m. by the afternoon switching over to showers going into the evening hours. it's really a quick shot of some wet weather this weekend. rainfall totals will be generally between a tenth to 0.75 of an inch. could see some isolated spots up to an inch of rain. if you want to head to the mountains, the next couple of days are your best bet. saturday afternoon it's snow and rain, breezy, sunday snow and wind. that will bow a rough day but maybe you can hold off and enjoy the snow they're expecting over the weekend. kirkwood 19 inches, 10 inches at donner. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, it's sunshine and spring-like weather next couple of days. tomorrow is the warmest of the next seven. almost 70 degrees inland. we'll start to trend lower temperaturewise friday. cooler over the weekend, 1 on our storm impact scale, light system. saturday and sunday, like i said, not a washout but breezy to gusty with some showers.
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next week we'll take those temperatures back up and dry things out. you can always download the abc 7 news app and help you navigate the temperatures, the rain chances, all that good stuff. the stowaway, a british airways flight to san francisco is stopped for hours to find an unwanted passenger. why it took so long, next. then at 5:30 on world news with david muir -- coming up, breaking news right now. the devastating storms. neighborhoods destroyed. pictures coming in at this hour. watches up right now. 25 tornados already. and the manhunt tonight at this hour for the young nurse murdered. they need the public's help, next. and then it would -- >> it's the irritating noise that drove an east bay man crazy. new at 6:00, 7 on your side's michael finney investigates the mysterious sounds from not o
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a spy satellite launched
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from vandenburg air force base in santa barbara county was carried aboard a rocket that lifted off this morning. the satellite is described as a national security pay load for the pentagon. it's all very hush hush. a san francisco-bound flight had a four-hour delay today because a mouse was spotted aboard the plane. passengers were buckled up and waiting to leave when the crew told them planes couldn't take off with the mouse onboard. you've heard of snakes on the plane? this time it's a mouse. one passenger tweeted just had my flight to sfo cancelled because of a mouse onboard the plane. could it not get a visa? get it? british airways apologized and said they were satisfied that only passengers with two legs were on the flight. the flight should be arriving any minute now. >> it probably didn't get security screening either. all right, they are cute but marine biologists are putting out a warning about baby seals on local beaches. abc 7 news was in sausalito
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where veterinarians were caring for several seal pups. birthing season for many seals runs from now through march meaning people will see more babies on beaches times alone. but people often think the pups are abandoned. experts say you should actually just stay away. >> they'll leave the pup to forage and then see there are people on the beach with their pup and won't want to come back. if you see a pup by itself, give that animal some space, at least 50 feet if not 100 feet. >> another reason not to pick up the baby seals, it's actually a crime. last year the marine mammal center saw 40 cases of seals impacted by interference from humans or dogs. >> just look, don't touch or interfere. well, burtterflies are free and now you can see them in a whole new light. and michael jackson, how he was seen from the man behind the camera in all of these pictures. that's tonight at 11:00. plus does anyone else feel
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this year is zipping by? >> yes, today is already march 1st.
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coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, it's the donation that's left san jose leaders stunned. a stranger came to town with a huge check to help victims of last week's flood. also -- the arrest of two base jumpers in san francisco even though what they did isn't technically illegal. and in connection with the when we rise mini series, we learn the meaning behind the rainbow in the flag representing the lgbt community. those stories plus much more coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. dan, kristen. >> thanks a lot. see you then. benicia police did something unusual, unusual traffic control today. >> boy, they really did. that's an officer stopping cars along a four-lane road so a herd of goats can get to the other side. you can see that quite a large group actually. >> the goats just keep streaming
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down that small hillside. benicia police posted the video on its facebook page where the department got lots of kudos for helping the herder. finally tonight we're getting a rare look at the brief but beautiful life of a butterfly. >> yeah, it's a new exhibit taking flight. abc 7 news was at the california academy of sciences in san francisco for a butterfly release today. >> these insects are part of a upcoming exhibit called the butterfly emergence experience at cal academy's rain forest. >> this is the first time that we have made it an upgrade to the exhibit since we opened in 2008. we're really excited to share that with everybody. >> the exhibit features all the life stages of the butterfly. it opens friday. sure to be very popular. >> always are. it's a shame they live for such a broief period of time. world news tonight with david muir is coming up next. i'm kristen see. >> i'm dan ashley. for all of us, we appreciate
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your time and hope to see you in half an hour. >> see you then. tonight, breaking news. the devastating storms hitting right now. 25 tornadoes already across several states tonight. at least five of those tornadoes, ef-3s. winds more than 150 miles per hour. tornado watches as we come on the air tonight as the system moves into the east. also tonight, president trump's new tone. what he said about hate in this country as the fbi investigates new cases since the election. and that emotional moment with the widow of the navy s.e.a.l. lost in that controversial raid. the manhunt right now for the suspect accused of killing this young nurse. authorities tonight releasing this surveillance. they want the public's help. two police chases. the driver and his pickup truck airborne. the other scene on an american highway. the suspect drivin


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