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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 1, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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needs. people might not have flood insurance for example, they may need food or to replace a vehicle in ordinary tore ger to. that $5 million donation will help a lot. the white jacket and bright pants mike hue hong stand out in a crowd but what made people crowds around him is the gift he brought, $5 million. he knew someone was checking donations so mr. hong decideed to make a donation of his own. >> when i came to this country, i had nothing. now i have little bit money, i just want to help my people -- to help the people. >> reporter: mr. hong became a billionaire by starting a biotech company. his generosity will help non-profit groups focus on restoring lives, each group will focus on one task. >> one is long-term case management, leading that committee which helps people navigate through the bureaucracies, the benefits, all the challenges, where do i go for help? that's our role.
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>> red cross volunteers put in a collective 18,000 hours over the past ten days but emergency response is now over. >> there is potential financial systems to provide as well as referable to many other resources. >> direct financial aid might be difficult for some to accept due to native culture. this woman isn't sure if her parents will take money. >> we receive or not. >> reporter: if money is turned down, catholic charity can provide services. one thing is certain, hue hong wants to help and will hold the mayor accountable it goes into direct assistance for flood victims. >> they have no place to live, so we have to get them someplace for them to live. >> reporter: david louie, abc 7 news. >> flood control cost california $50 billion. that's according to the state's natural resources secretary today. during a committee hearing in washington today, harris discussed the flood risk with the state secretary of natural resources. harris is trying to secure
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federal funding to upgrade ageing infrastructure. they say only through federal aid has the state weathered what could have been disastrous flooding. >> sacramento is second to new orleans in danger from catastrophic flood event and it is that effort that is protected sacramento and other areas. >> harris says nearly half of california's 1400 dams are designated as quote high hazard potential by state officials. and it's all clear on live doppler 7 now we we'll get more rain by the weekend. download the news app now to access radar and enable push alerts on your phone or tablet. sky 7 is over breaking news in alameda county. you're looking at a mudslide on you c crow canyon road. it shut down the road, which is in san ramon. public works crews tell us the road will be close for the
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several hours, so they can remove all of this muck. just a reminder, even when it's not raining, you can see the effects of our incredibly wet winter. two thrill seekers arrested after they reportedly jumped out of the one of the tallest buildings in san francisco early this morning. police say they found them with parachutes in the block next to the hilton san francisco union square. the tall hotel there. kate larson is live to explain the trouble these two daredevils could be in, kate? >> reporter: we just learned more about the two base jumpers and who they are. let's go ahead and take a look at the mug shots on the left 26-year-old joshua glovack of san francisco and on the right 25-year-old brenden wine stooei when they jumped off the hilton and landed in front of a squad car. our cameras were there as police took two men into custody. the pair allegedly jumped off the top of the 46-story hilton
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hotel in the tender loin. >> there are some officers on patrol in that area when they on zeserve -- observed several peoe descending from the sky with parachutes. >> reporter: the officers took the parachutes and base jumping gear into evidence. base jumping is not illegal so the men 25 and 26 years old were charged with trespassing and conspiracy. the jumpers was not guests at the hilton and don't know how they gained access to the hotel's roof. base jumping and other extreme sports are very popular with videos often appearing online. this video shows parachuters jumping off the world trade center three years ago and remember this from 2010? a man used giant suction cups to climb the tower here in san francisco. >> it's something for people with high rises to be aware of and hotels where people in the
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public can have easy access. >> reporter: amy hollyfield spoke to a suspect when he was released from jail today who said he was not jumping for attention. police are looking for video of the jump. reporting in san francisco, kate larson, abc 7 news. a man had a very rough landing in the central valley today. the man left sonoma this morning but lost control of his plane as he approached the mercy hot springs airstrip in fresno county. as you can see, the plane flipped over and landed upside down. the pilot is a 78-year-old man that suffered minor injuries to his shoulder and face and refused medical attention. he's fine. abc 7 conif i recall brks b identities of those involved in monday's crash. those killed include the registered owner of the plane and his wife dana. their adult daughter stacy pierce survived and is in
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critical condition and the other survivor is sylvia and her daughter died in the crash. the cessna crashed into homes in riverside monday afternoon. two are red tagged. this is our first look inside what's left of one of those homes. the homeowner did get out safely. no one on the ground was injured. neighbors have been bringing supplies and donations to help them recover. investigators have still not released an official cause of the crash. two men arrested in the stabbing death of a popular little league coach were arraigned today in a san jose courtroom. look at the mug shots. prosecutors are saying very little about this case and that may be for good reason. a brks krrbc 7 news reporter vi at the courthouse with more, vic? >> reporter: ama, the arraignment for these two men was very, very quick. there is still a lot of mystery and unanswered questions, for instance, we don't know what roles these two men played in
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the murder and as you mentioned, that's because both the prosecutor and police have been extremely tight lipped. it's pretty obvious this investigation is not over. >> they are scum balls. >> i needed to see the people that took frankie away from us. >> reporter: in the courtroom, family and friends of frank navarro as robert ruiz and aaron were arraigned. he was a coach and president of a little league chapter in the south bay. he was along time security manager at the nightclub in downtown san jose. navarro was killed early sunday during an altercation shortly after he caught someone using another person's id. nightclub owner david powell. >> like the cowards they are, attacked frank and my team from the side and in that scuffle, frank was stabbed and killed. >> reporter: ruiz and vallejo
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were arrested and in a car that matched the one on the club's security video leaving the scene. abc 7 news learned anothe camera recorded the scuffle and killer running away carrying a knife. navarro's family and friends are still in disbelief over the senseless murder. >> there is no reason to have francisco lose his life over a false id. >> reporter: ruiz and vallejo are being held without bail. they did not enter pleas. the prosecutor declined to comment saying the case remains sealed. a source tells abc 7 news that's because police are still looking for another suspect, possibly the one who stabbed navarro. vic lee, abc 7 news. a safer oakland, that's what the city's police chief says is the number one goal. abc 7 laura anthony sat down with ann kirkpatrick to ask her about the future of the department. despite gains made, her new ciy could be safer and should be the
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safest city in america. chief kirkpatrick acknowledged the force's history of controversy from the recent sex scandal to recent profiling and said it's important to take ownership of the good and the bad. >> we own it. we are going to address the fact that mistakes occurred. we're going to acknowledge it. we're going to talk about how we correct it for the future, and we're going to meet people face-to-face. >> the new chief says her approach is to talk with and listen to all of the stake holders in the city. yahoo ceo marissa mayer is giving the annual bonus to the company's employees. she's doing it in light of the two massive data breaches that happened under her watch. the biggest happened in 2014 but was only recently revealed. yahoo investigation found that myer and other managers reacted too slowly to the crisis. yahoo's top lawyer resigned as a result of the investigation.
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the breaches lowered the value of yahoo by $350 million. verizon recently agreed to buy the company for about $4.5 billion. the company behind the app snapchat said the ipo price today at $17 per share, higher than expectations. snap plans to start trading tomorrow on the new york stock exchange. the los angeles company's main feature is snapchat, a messages app where the text and images disappear after a short time. snap also built special camera glasses called spectacles that can take pictures. [ cheers ] a major moment for the dow. it closed above 21,000 for the first time today. analysts credit the 300-point jump in part to president trump's promise to invest $1 trillion into the country's infrastructu infrastructure. the nasdaq and s&p set records by gaining more than a percent
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each. the wife of the pulse nightclub shooter could be in jail by the end of the week. if released, she'll stay in the bay area. find out why her release is so rare, plus. >> to teach people that using the r word is unacceptable. >> it's not four letters but some say the r word is just as bad and they are running a campaign to get rid of it. i'm spencer christian. get ready for rising temperatures and falling rain drops. i'll have the forecast coming up. what you see on screen right now is a flag moving in the breeze. tonight learn the meaning behind the rainbow from a man who created the first flag
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one of the hottest issues on social media is ending the use of r word. they rallied to explain why it's not okay to use it. abc 7 news reporter lee an melendez explains. >> reporter: this song and dance number on the steps of city hall was performed to prove that students in special education can achieve a high quality of life. today they joined a campaign to change the way people use the r word. in case you're wondering what the r word is, it's not reading, writing and a rmath. i'm not going to say it but just to clarify, the new term is now intellectual disabilities. over the years, the r word has turned into sang. ask anyone on the street. >> someone is stupid and don't understan what they are doing. >> my name is is benjamin and i pledge to teach people using the r word is unacceptable. >> reporter: he attends a public
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school for students in special education ages 18 to 21. >> it hurts people's feelings. it really puts people down. >> being an advocate is something our students are able to climb by the time they leave our program and take the skills into their futures, which is awesome. >> reporter: tommy says there is much work to be done. >> i pledge to rally and make my friends and my in the community. >> reporter: he and others have vowed to repeal and replace it with another more acceptable word. respect. in san francisco, leeayanne melend melendez, abc 7 news. well, california voters may decide on bond measures for upkeep and expansion of state parks in california. park supporters are trying to convince state lawmakers to vote in favor of bills aimed at preserving california parks on possible bond measure is $1.5 billion in funding.
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proponents say it's been 15 years since california invested significant resources in our state parks. well, california's water picture keeps getting brighter. you'll be glad to know. today state water officials conducted the latest snow pac survey and crikristen z is here >> they conducted the third snow pac test of season and results are very positive. >> comparing what remeasured today, the 43.4 last month we only had 28 inches of water content at this location. so a really big increase. >> the manuel snow survey was done in eloquent der rad doe co. the average is 24 inches. overall, the water contend in northern california is 161%. in central california orsen t cl
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sierra 204% and california statewide, 186%. this means when the snow melts over the summer, reservoirs like santa clara county's anderson reservoir will stay nice and full. i want to show you how much the water situation changed on the left, california in 2015 very little snow in the middle 2016, really not much better with the white stuff and on the right, 2017 look at all that white stuff, the snow that we have now. so we'll have to see if these storms keep up, the final survey is on april 1st. dan and ama. >> thanks, kristen. we have clear skies and they will last until the next weather event. we had a beautiful sunset today but before we get to that, let me show you some of today's high temperatures. it was spring-like in some spots. santa cruz 76 and 62 san
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francisco and mid 60s. 65 santa rosa and concord and 64 san jose and will it get milder tomorrow. here is a live view from the camera looking at a bright western sky. the sunset but it's glowing effect remains behind. 56 in san francisco right now and 57 oakland and mid 50s in mountain view, san jose, 60 gilroy. check out this view of blue skies over the golden gate. it is 58 degrees right now in santa rosa. low to mid 50s, napa, fairfield 58. 62 concord and 54 at livermore and this is the view from the rooftop camera at abc 7 looking over the bay and these are the forecast features. chilly overnight once again. sunny and mild tomorrow and friday. rain returns over the weekend. now tonight, look for low temperatures once again dropping into the low to mid 30s. actually this is mainly mid to upper 30s no low 30s. near the bay and the coast, we'll see highs in the -- highs,
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lows in the low 40s. we'll get to highs in a second. here is a look at the three-day forecast. you can see how high the temperatures will rise in the next couple days. upper 60s in the inland areas and even as clouds return on friday, it will be pretty mild. it gets a little cooler on saturday as clouds increase and we expect showers to move in late saturday and the storm coming in for the weekend ranks one on the storm impact scale. a storm of light intensity producing light rain, both days saturday and sunday. not a washout and it will be breezy to gusty with the storm. let's get into the forecast animation starting at 7:00 saturday morning we'll see a little waves of light rain starting in the north bay and swinging southward and eastward by saturday evening it will be pretty wet and most parts of the bay area and get a break into saturday, sunday morning another wave of rain coming in and that will start to break up sunday evening. we project rainfall totals will range generally from just over half an inch to about two-thirds of an inch across the bay area,
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rather even distribution of rainfall and even in lake tahoe, the next four days we'll see mild and dry conditions thursday and friday. light snow showers and rain on saturday. a little colder with heavier snow and wind on sunday and snowfall totals will probably reach anywhere from about 10 inches to a foot and a half generally across the greater tahoe region. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. mild and lovely and almost spring-like the next two days but showery and damp through the weekend. both days the storm will rank one on the storm impact scale. dry again monday, tuesday and wednesday with temperatures rising back into the mid to upper 60s by the middle of next week. brief, light rainfall event. >> nothing to fuss about. >> no. >> no fussing. >> no, not here. what is old is new again. or is it? a closer look at this reopened grocery store to see if you can spot the original elements. and the abc mini series event when we rise continues tonight through friday night
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it's beautiful. was it a hard place to get to? (laughs) it wasn't too bad. with the chase mobile app, jimmy chin can master depositing his hard earned checks in a snap. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. happening today, bay area christians marking the first day of lint. catholics had ashes and the sign of the cross put on their foreheads. the ritual is meant to show repent and makes a period of
6:24 pm
fasting or sacrifice leading up to easter sunday, which b will on april 16th this year. and stores are gone in name but they are back in spirit. abc 7 news was in berkeley where safe way opened a new community market. last year decided to keep the vibe at the old stores including an old sign above the deli. these community markets have gourmet meats, salad bar, hot food section and specialty items not found in registers. >> we have in store skilled chefs who prepare meals to grab and go and offer full service cateri catering. >> 350 employees at the stores are keeping their jobs with safe way. >> very good. i'm hungry all of a sudden. 14% of alameda county voted for donald trump in the election. >> that county will see events for supporters and opponents,
6:25 pm
plus. >> modern art can be sculptures, paintings and video games. i'm jonathan bloom with a special preview. >> i had to learn how to sew to be able to express my shelf. >> he created the first rainbow flag for the lgbt community. tonight, find out the meaning
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in most of the so-called terrorism cases around the united states, we've seen this in perhaps 1 or 2% of those cases. this is extraordinarily rare. >> it's rare but not unheard of and a bay area woman may become one of the few to show this is possible. today a judge ruled that the wife of the pulse nightclub shooter can be granted bond. >> nor salman is not out of jail yet but it could happen by the end of the week. she's accused of helping her husband plan the attack that killed 49 people in orlando. >> today orlando's police chief was disappointed by the judge's
6:29 pm
decision to release her. he said i have full faith she will ultimately be brought to justice. >> alyssa harrington explains what is next in the case. >> reporter: nor salman the wife of omar mateen could be released before her trial begins. a federal judge granted the 31-year-old bond. this means she would live with family in the east baytown of rodeo while she awaits her trial in florida. >> she wants to see her son. >> reporter: solomon's attorney note in so-called terrorists cases like this bond is extremely tough to get. >> so this is extraordinary rare and a real statement on the weakness of the prosecution's case. >> reporter: solomon is staying behind bars now. the government has 48 hours to appeal. she's been charged with aiding and abedding mateen in the deadly shooting. prosecutors say she helped scope out locations for the attack. the judge is not convinced solomon poses a danger to the public. solomon's statements were made
6:30 pm
toward the end of a 16-hour interrogation with the attorney and suffers from ptsd. conditions for release are strict. she's on house arrest only allowed to leave for court hearings, to meet with attorneys and for her son's medical needs. family members put up property for equity to secure the $500,000 bond. her uncle agreed to be the main supervisor. if solomon violates any bond conditions, he could lose his house. >> from day one, i always feel she's innocent person. and i know eventually when everything shows, she didn't do anything wrong. >> reporter: the next court hearing is set for march 9th. alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. >> within a week a second california silty could call for president trump's impeachment. on tuesday the city will consider a resolution that supports an impeachment investigation by congress. the group supporting the idea accuses the president of conflicts of interest, co corruption and constitutional violations. richland became the first city
6:31 pm
to approve a similar resolution. on saturday an event called march for trump is scheduled. organizers say it will start at 2:00 p.m. part of a national movement with events taking place in states across the country. after several delays, the president is expected to sign a new executive order on the travel in the united states -- on travel in the next few days. the new travel ban will reportedly have one less country on the list. the associated press reports that iraq will no longer be on the list of countries, which will face a temporary ban on travel to the united states. six other countries, iran, libya, somalia, sudan, syria and yemen will remain on that list. and the fear of deportation is taking a toll on the health of some immigrants showing up at a san jose health center. >> since the elections, the level in the population increased. some of the reasons are because the uncertainty what is going to
6:32 pm
happen for the immigration situation. they don't know if the family is going to be deported. they don't know if they going to keep their job, et cetera. >> doctors at the foothill community center seen a notable increase in patients suffering from anxiety attacks and high blood pressure among other issues. >> tonight you can watch the second of four episodes of the abc series "when we rise" as the gay community was fieghting. >> the approach to young artist and semitryst. >> reporter: the rainbow flag started out as a symbol of pride for the gay community. the journey to create the flag started in 1972 when a young gilbert baker took up sewing after settling in san francisco. >> i had to look like david
6:33 pm
bowie and mcelderjagger. >> he asked baker to create something that would take the place of the dreadful pink triangle used decades ago by the nazis to identify homosexuals. he knew it had to be a flag. >> you put a rainbow flag on your windshield, you're saying something. >> reporter: paid $1,000 for his work in 1978, baker began his labor of love. >> the organic hand died big mess, cotton, oh my god, you don't even want to know. stitched. >> reporter: each color of the rainbow flag stands for something. >> pink is for sex and red for life and orange for healing, yellow for sun, green for nature, turquoise for magic, blue for serenity and purple for the spirit. i like to think of the elements as in every person, everyone shares to. >> reporter: in 1994 new york city was remembering the 25th anniversary of the stone wall riot. baker created a mile-long
6:34 pm
rainbow flag carried by 5,000 people. the question now was what to do with the flag? >> when it was over, here i have a mile-long flag and at the last minute i chunked it up with scissors and handed it off to people. you're from london, take this to london or cuba or hong kong and that's how it really spread internationally. >> reporter: in 1997 one of his greatest achievements was getting the city of san francisco to permanently fly it in the predominantly gay castro district. another memorable moment was meeting then president obama. today as an artist, his creations always have a social message, like these redesigned holocaust-type uniforms. who is going to wear this? >> nobody and no one should wear them. that's the whole point of it. this is passion. this is art. >> reporter: baker continues to work on the flag and message of diversity. >> when we get the green light, we're going to do it. ready, one, two, three, four.
6:35 pm
it says size and resist. >> reporter: maker has never called his creation his flag. he's quick to remind me that it's our flag. >> that moment when you see it in the sky, hope. >> reporter: in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> when we rise continues tonight through friday night right here on abc 7 and area at 9:00 p.m. video games as art, next the newest masterpiece unveiled that has gamers and modern art fans lining up and also ahead. >> the constant buzzing noise is driving a man crazy. it's coming from his fridge and no one can has crazy low prices. do you know how we do it?
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tens of thousands are attending the gang's developers conference this week in san francisco. >> across the street some games are being shown off in a different context. jonathan bloom has a look at what you'll see tomorrow in the san francisco museum of modern art. >> reporter: whether you're revving the engine around hair pin turns or fighting the invading robots, the games displayed are starting to look more and more like reality.
6:39 pm
but across the street, there is a different version of reality. >> it's called everything. it's been a project, large art project or game i've been working on for the last three years. >> reporter: david o'reilly is an artist so only fitting his game is being shown at the san francisco museum of modern art. everything isn't about winning or losing but how we look at the world. >> from my point of view, all art is doing is us describing the world. >> reporter: from a tree, flock of chickens or a galaxy. >> anything you see in the game is a thing that you can be and you're also not limited by being one thing. you can be multiple things. >> reporter: everything will be one of six games on display in the popup arcade open for one day and the timing is no accident. >> it's a wonderful opportunity to bring those game makers into the space while they are in town. >> reporter: a chance to show the museum's regular viewers an emerging form of expression. >> it's art that speaks to a digital generation. >> reporter: all six use the tools of mixed and virtual
6:40 pm
reality. >> you have blockbuster films like the avengers and mission impossible and experimental films and art films, the same thing is true with games. >> reporter: when the artists can play with the very concept of what makes a game, everything behaves as an art instillation, playing itself until a person picks up the controls and no game over. >> you can't die within the game. the only way of dying in everything is to die in real life. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. pretty cool. we've enjoyed a stretch of days without rain as you can see in this live view from the bay hills camera but some rain is on the way and spencer is tracking it. when it will arrive and his updated forecast in five minutes. ♪ ♪ >> that child's voice turned him into a legend. michael jackson, the pop star passed away almost eight years ago and tonight, we're hearing details about his life and legacy from the man who was
6:41 pm
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you know the old joke, if your refrigerator is running, you better go chase it.
6:44 pm
>> when his fridge was running, it drove him crazy. >> michael finney tells us why. i love that old line. >> that's good. if only it were that easy. the fridge worked perfectly. ice was frozen, today was fresh but there was just one little problem our consumer could not escape. steve land could hear it from his living room. >> it's a very high-pitched noise. >> he could hear it from the balcony. >> at high speed it's annoying. >> reporter: sometimes it sounded like this. other times more like that. >> and then it would -- >> reporter: it happened dale and all night. heeee, hee. >> reporter: with in escape because the sound was coming from his refrigerator. >> i said i've had it. i can't do it anymore. >> reporter: steve says the noise started soon after he bought the fridge two years ago. general electric tried plenty of times to fix it. >> they replaced three different
6:45 pm
fans and brought in isolation noise kids. >> reporter: when nothing worked, ge brought him a brand-new fridge but that one started making a racket, too. >> a thump, thump, thump, thump and what is is that noise coming from? >> reporter: one day he recorded it just for proof. and technicians kept trying to stifle his fridge. >> i'd say there's been over 15 plus technicians. >> reporter: each time they came, he would have to empty the fridge, each time they tried, the repairs didn't work. now the buzz was driving him nuts. >> i said, i'd like to get my money back and i was told they have a do not refund policy. i said that's it, i've had it. i'm going to call michael finney. >> reporter: he did and we went out to hear the fridge for ourselves. sure enough, an irritating buzz. so we contacted general electric and the company agreed to refund steve's money after all saying
6:46 pm
ge has excellent product quality and service, however, when there is an issue, we stand behind our products. now steve is ready for a new sound, silence. >> i'll be glad when it's over. >> reporter: okay. steve wants to emphasize that ge's customer service was great. the company provided all the repairs for free, even sent him a completely different model that didn't fit and the refund. big thanks from 7 on your side, as well. so i want to hear from you, 7 on your side is open monday through friday. 415-954-8151 and you can reach me on facebook. >> good work, as always. >> thank you, michael. >> let's talk about the sparkling forecast today with changes coming. >> spencer is here with that. >> we got a couple more days before the changes arrive. if you like spring-like warmth, catch it tomorrow or friday. clear skies now and let's move along to what the clear skies will bring tonight. overnight chilly conditions,
6:47 pm
once again in the inland valleys where lows will drop into the mid 30s but then tomorrow high temperatures rising into the upper 60s in some spots inland and near the bay and that's ahead of, of course, the next rainmaker, which a storm ranking one, storm of light intensity that will produce light rain at times on saturday and sunday. not a washout, just damp conditions. it will be breezy to gusty along with this storm, as well. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. lovely spring-like weather and dry tomorrow and friday. damp to showery on saturday and sunday both days again the storm ranks one on the impact scale and dry weather starting beginning of next week and will turn milder again by the middle of next week. >> thank you. boy, we sure do wish the sports department could pass along better news to us tonight. >> well, there is a bright side. >> you don't need to make it sound terrible. >> pretty bad. >> it could be worse. >> right. >> at least he's coming back. >> glass half full guy -- >> that's larry.
6:48 pm
[ laughter ] >> that is -- i mean, you come to me for sunshine. it's bad. i say it's bad. but it could have been worse. so that's good. it's not worse.
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huge relief, kevin durant is hope but should be back in time for the post-season. he got hurt, kind of a freak accident in washington and a long, tense evening of waiting for durant and the team to get the final results from the doctors after an mri then a ct scan, it was determined durant has a sprained ligament, as well as a bone bruise and the fear is a broken bone might have meant katy was out for the season. instead, he's out indefinitely but will be reevaluated in four weeks. the playoffs begin in six weeks, so if all goes well, durant could, maybe should be back in time for the post-season and the worries championship hopes remain alive. >> don't want this to happen any time in the year and we'll suffer for it. there is no doubt. i mean, you want your team to be
6:52 pm
healthy on all cylinders at all times but especially as you make your stretch run. so i want a timeline just as much as everybody else. but sometimes you just have to be patient, as hard as that is and last night you had to be patient to get the diagnosis and now we have to be patient as to when he comes back and, you know, that's -- can't rush this part and it's one of those things where now time is what heals it. >> we hope. the warriors will add insurance, they will sign former warrior matt barnes with the sacramento kings and released to make room following the demarcus cousins trade to new orleans. barns was part of the we believe warriors squad back in 2007, so popular. he averaged eight points and five rebounds in 54 games this season. as expected, colin kaepernick will opt out of contract for the 49ers tomorrow and now the question is who wants him? seems unlikely anybody will pay him the $14 million salary he
6:53 pm
was scheduled to earn with the 49ers. the niners weren't going to pay that, either. they would have cut colin before paying $14 million. there is a chance he could resign with the niners but would be for a lot less money. new head coach kyle shanahan is at the nfl scouting combine and will definitely take a close look at the quarterbacks heading into this draft. >> there is a lot of pressure on this business in the quarterback position. how will they handle pressure and adversity. no matter how good you are, somebody will tell you how bad you are. that goes into play when you talk about one of the most scrutinized positions in sports. there is no exact science. all 32 teams are in love with this one guy and he's out of the league in two years. doesn't mean all 30 teams don't know what they are doing. it's tough. the more resources you have, the better chance to make the right decision. >> running back adrian peterson, he's expected to draw some interest in free agency. probably not going to be back with the vikings.
6:54 pm
sources say he's interested many playing for the raiders. peterson likes the raiders' offensive line which is great but turns 32 this month and played 30 games last year because of a torn meniscumenisc first winning 1-2-3. this is not 1-2-3. henry ramos. dodgers quickly, giants get two back in their half and jared parker doubled down the line off scott cashmere. aaron hill scores from second base and right now it is 6-5 dodgers. they are in the fifth inning. funny moment from last night's boise state fresno state men's basketball game. look at the ball. it's stuck underneath a shot clock. they tried using a broom to get it down and some dad lifts his son up and the kid goes spiderman to get the ball. seems a little risky. but junior is okay and they got the ball. so -- >> don't get a ladder, use the
6:55 pm
kid. >> you'll be fine. just keep going. [ laughter ] >> thanks, larry. join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20, cable channel 13. coming up then, a snow in paradise? the land of who lives in surfing is having a blizzard. that's at 9: oc00. >> delayed, passengers have to suffer an hours-long delay because a mouse was spotted on the plane. at 8:00 "the goldbergs," at 8:30 "modern family". >> that will do it for this edition. look for breaking news on twitter. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. for spencer christian, larry beil, have a good night. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!"
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let's meet today's contestants -- a family medicine physician from charlotte, north carolina... a tech start-up founder from venice, california... and our returning champion, a research editor from brooklyn, new york... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. well, at the end of our program yesterday in final jeopardy!, the two players who were still alive knew that lent began today. they both came up with the correct response, but rob had more money. and as we all know, having more money means a lot on "jeopardy!" kate and joe, welcome aboard. good luck. here we go.
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let's take a look at the categories now... hmm. followed by... and... rob, off you go. small college for $200. kate. what is iowa? no. rob. what is missouri? you are right. small college, $400. joe. what is gallaudet? yes. let's do health & medicine for $200.


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