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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month. cheerleading is now considered a sport in california but could hurt successful cheer programs in one east bay district. tonight teammates and parents are rallying to save the programment i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. it's a step forward and possibly a leap back. kat katie uteehs has the story. >> reporter: cheerleading is a sport. >> recognized as athletes that
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we are. >> reporter: threatened in the district. >> girls are athletes. to be taken away, dwafted. >> grapple with the cost of the sport, proposed eliminating regular cheer and doing dance cheer. >> don't cut something that's been successful in the district for years. >> reporter: traditional sideline is more inclusive. more students can participate. stunt teams are smaller. >> stunt teams really small. allow up to 30 girls but usually 20. less girls able to be on the team. >> reporter: more colleges recognize traditional cheers for scholarship. competition in florida. coach says stunt cheer isn't as established. >> it's not on the same level.
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>> reporter: goes before the school board. didn't return requests for comment. abc7 news. >> smoke inhalation caused death of all 36 victims in the ghost ship fire in oakland. burns or other injuries did not play a role in their deaths. victims unable to get out of the burning warehouse. party and several illegal residences inside. still not announced what caused the fire or possible charges. two on leave after arrested for separate incidents. deputy lionel grobe ba hit an inmate in the face. sergeant robert liddle secretly reported supervisors last year in attempt to get leverage on them. sheriff is working on reforms because of numerous allegations
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of jail misconduct, including beating death of inmate. >> reuters reports that considering separating children from people entering the country illegally. instilling fear in the community. there is help. >> immigrant families have somewhere to call for answers now and place to go for legal help in the event i.c.e. agents show up in their neighborhood. unexpected visit by i.c.e. agents to community center in mission district caused fear and pain panic in january. calls come through a new hotline about similar situations. >> received 450 calls since february 10th. really the community being afraid. >> set up the hotline for
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residents to report i.c.e. actions and inform undocumented immigrants about their legal rights. >> we don't recommend you say anything if you're arrested, just say your name and ask for attorney. >> the mexican consolate launched a legal assistance center. joined 50 mexican consulates to calm fears and offer legal advice to mexican nationals. >> want them to know their rights and have information from reliable sources. >> workers are visiting communities and many attorneys working pro bono. staying ahead of the trump administration promise to strengthen enforcement. abc7 news. violent robbery attempt in san francisco caught on surveillance video. man with gun and hammer knocked over a woman who works in
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jewelry store on grant avenue. happened last month. police shared the video tonight. he didn't take anything. this is what he looks like without his mask on. no one was hurt fortunately. special needs child was left on nevada school bus for four hours. >> boarded at 3:30 monday. driver parked what he thought was empty bus. after he received phone call from zpaefrp found the child sleeping underneath the seat. police will not pursue charges. recent rains caused scary situation. gas leak forced people to leave homes. katie marzullo is live. repair work took all day. >> reporter: pg&e cruise wrapped upburn 3:30. only evidence is fresh asphalt
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on the street. ten hours after the initial gas leak reported. woman who called 911 described the intense first moments when it happened. well after dark when pg&e crews finished repairing the gas leak. diane was home when it happened. around 11:00 a.m., landscaper frantically ringing the doorbell. >> he saw the earth come up like it was blowing. kind of like a volcano would erupt. >> reporter: called 911. >> saw the vapors and strong gas smell. >> reporter: evacuated some homes and had others shelter in place. pg&e says the cause of the leak was rain. >> soil still saturated in some locations, facilities are
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compromised and can result in gas leak. >> reporter: four inch steel pipeline came apart. 20 customers without gas most of the day or night. diane not inconvenienced by that but worried about long-term safety. >> there's concern with what happened and we live in area where the earth moves. >> reporter: had a similar leak about a year ago. san jose, abc7 news. it's dry in san jose right now but going to change this weekend. sandhya patel with more. live doppler 7. >> get ready for winter again. show you live doppler 7 right now. clouds in there and getting thicker. tracking cold snow and snow showers up to the north that will slip to the bay area. one storm impact. cold showers, gusty winds.
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snow levels 2,000 to 3,000 feet. storm alert. snow-capped mountains locally. couple of inches. gusty cold wind, thunder with showers and hail. hour by hour look coming up. city of san jose just anoused hiring of new director of emergency services. ray roerden has years of experience. tells abc7 news his hiring after last week's flooding is coincidental. had been a national search under way. dave sykes served for the city during the flooding crisis. much of the fight for gay rights took place here in the bay area, including one man who kept fighting despite being on the verge of death several times. >> and bit koin may be more
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tonight you saw the grou groundbreaking mini series "when we rise" based partly on the life of cleef jones. sat down with the real cleave jones to talk about love, loss and lgbt movement. >> who's first? >> he's as passionate in life as in the mini series when we rise tlt. >> it's important story not because it's my story but story
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of time and place that matter and struggles that matter even today. >> caught up with him after watched mini series for the first time. >> emotions as you saw this. based on your life and other people that you know. >> it was quite wrenching emotionally to watch. >> jones has a story to tell. he worked for harvey milk when he was assassinated, beaten and stabbed multiple times, survived hiv and lost countless friends to aids. >> many of us lost just about everyone. my closest friends died. then i made new friends. then they died. i made new friends and they died. >> jones handed story to academy award winning screenwriter four years ago. >> think we're on the brink of unparalleled disaster. >> jones is the creator of the ate aids memorial quilt.
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>> as people gathered for the march to horn harvey and george, i had stacks of poster board. carried to the plaza and covered the gravestone with the patchwork of names and thought of the quilt. >> visible memorial of those lost, reminder of those like cleve who survived. >> years so incredibly painful but through the quilt connected to so many good loving people. always be grateful for that. >> just months before a new class of hiv drugs became available. he lost his lover to suicide. >> i can't talk about it. >> jones has been on the verge of death many times himself. advances in hiv treatment kept him healthy and reignited his desire to continue the fight for
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lgbt equality. he was active in the fight for marriage equality and today he works for local union fighting for workplace rights in san francisco. >> i love being in our city, with all its changes remains a beautiful and magic city. and i feel very blessed and fortunate. >> in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc7 news. iconic house product is celebrating women's history month by ditching the iconic man on the logo. brawny put a woman on its packages to honor women in science, tech, engineering and math fields. goes with the #strengthhasnogender. bitcoin is more valuable
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than gold. gone up 7% this week. gold fell today dropping to dollar below that. gold traditionally seen as stable and secure investment. analysts say not to look too much into it. gold is still $7 trillion versus $20 billion for bitcoin. 5:00 to 10:00 in the morning saturday and sunday you can walk halfway across the bridge. allowing crews to replace lights on the roadway. work rescheduled if it rains. nation's oldest and largest public affairs group held biggest fundraiser of the year tonight. commonwealth club annual gala and dinner. distinguished citizen awards handed out to five leaders. i'm proud to be on the board of the club and served tonight as
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emcee of the event. >> looked like a good event. >> really was nice. rain is coming up. >> it is. >> and cold. >> going to go from short sleeves to sweater weather and needing umbrellas. get ready. going to switch back to winter. it's been nice. today had mild weather as well but all good things must come to an end. live doppler 7 showing the clouds. we can always use the rain. storm from the gulf of alaska, see the cold speckly clouds? cold unstable air. coming our way out of the gulf of alaska. anchorage, 14, fairbanks, 16 below. that cold air is coming here. won't be that cold but drop our temperatures. here's live picture from the camera looking to san francisco.
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city by the bay is a little bit bouncy because the wind is picking up. snow over the highest peaks and thunderstorms are possible. one impact storm. one system but because so cold and unstable in nature, keep the waves of showers going and bring us gusty winds with snow level down to 2,000 to 3,000 feet. chance of thunderstorms and if they form, chance of hail on sunday. spotty light showers, scattered in nature. north bay is wet but east and south may go what rain, but it will come. 6:00 p.m. the main event comes through. light to moderate showers across the central portion of the viewing area. seeing heavy rainfall in the south bay and santa cruz
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mountains. whitish blue is snow over the hill tops. see in the lake and mendocino counties and hills, and mt. hamilton. going to continue to 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. cold nature evident on sunday. temperatures drop below average this time of year. back to winter coats, scarves and gloves. lingering showers continuing to monday morning. rainfall not impressive. not skpelkti expecting a lot. tenth to half an inch of rain over the two days. winter storm warning in the sierra. tough getting back from there if it's sunday. three feet expected over the passes with gusty winds and look at snow, eight to 14 inches down to 3,000 feet. dumped on in the mountains. temperatures in the 40s, not as chilly because of the cloud
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cover. and have coat and umbrella. temperatures will be really taking a nose dive sunday average high is 64 for livermore. in the low 50s but accuweather seven day forecast. cold showers, snow, maybe thunder. one, light system. go dry. warmer 70s coming back into the picture thursday and friday as we inch closer to spring. you can download the abc7 news app to track the weather. these are no strangers on a train but very much in love. >> why they ♪ hey, bud. you need some help? no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go.
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today brian had a special question he'd like to ask anna.
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>> that's sweet. in 2017, australian couple met on the train going to work. ten years later to the day they were engaged. groom to be used help of the train operator to be his wing man. >> after ten years, that's the time. sports. anthony. >> warriors had trouble shooting and spurs taking advantage of the draw the. no problem f
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and we do those things for northern california, it's okay to cry, right? no more! we don't want anymore! [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month. the warriors are in the big apple to take on the knicks on
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sunday on abc7, lost two games and spurs nipping at their heels after squeezing one out tonight. anthony davis knocking away, getting it back. davis had 29 points. leonard goes pocket picking. spurs force overtime. in the ot, patty mills gives the spurs a three-point lead. last chance for new orleans looking for tie. spurs are 2 1/2 back from the doves. cavs making it rain. nba record. 25 three pointer. hit five triples. lebron james 38 points. 6 of 10. former hawk had 12 points
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including the record breaker. hold off and beat the hawks 135-130. pac-12. cardinal put it away early. carly samuelson all alone for the triple. up 10-6. scored blackjack before washington state scored first point. 66-36, taking on oregon in the semifinals tomorrow night. colin kaepernick no longer a 49ers, he's opted out of his contract. don't have a quarterback on the roster. christian mccaffrey's name misspelled on this jersey. supposed to be rey. footwork looking good.
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quarterbacks on the field tomorrow. including cal's davis webb. brought to you by riv
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check out live doppler 7, cold storm out of the gulf of alaska bringing cold showers this weekend. snow over the highest peaks. potential for thunder. keep umbrella handy and have a coat to keep you warm. lingering showers on monday. >> why on the weekend? >> yeah. >> that's our report.
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i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for all of us, thanks for joining halfway point of the show. now is my favorite part of the night is here. a chance here to present our final oscar on the 89th anniversary of great "bonnie and clyde." please welcome warren beatty and faye dunaway -- [ laughter ] >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- academy award winner mahershala ali, comedian mike birbiglia, from "the bachelor," corrine, and guillermo on the oscars red carpet. and "mean tweets robert de niro edition." and now, right back at it, here's jimmy kimmel!


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