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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 5, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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pound the bay area. here's what it looked like earlier this morning in pleasant hill and on the bay bridge. will your sunday be a washout? good morning, everyone. i am carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, march 5th. let's look at the weather with our meteorologist, lisa argen. >> we saw wild-ranging amounts. check it out. snow from the north end to the south end of the bay with moderate rain in between. from mt. hamilton to sonoma county and lake county, we have got some snow. there we go in a closer inspection, and to the north a downpour exiting livermore, and hayward and fremont, union city, you can see the back end of the showers there.
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walnut creek and hercules is steady to moderate rain. st. helena, look at the rain there. so still looking at some downpours to become more scattered throughout the day, but more sun throughout your sunday than we had for your saturday. we will talk in detail and time out the rest of the rain for you in a few minutes. >> thank you, lisa. service on b.a.r.t. is back to north this morning after some scary moments for riders in the east bay. a big electrical fire broke out at the walnut creek b.a.r.t. station after 6:00 last night. take a look at this, a viewer shared this video of flames at the station as she was driving by. the passengers had no idea there was a fire. melanie woodrow has the story.
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>> reporter: relief and a thumbs up. this cell phone video taken as passengers got off of b.a.r.t. train stuck more than an hour. >> we were exiting the wall not creek station. >> reporter: can you see the fire from sky 7 under the tracks. it could have been worse because the train could have been on the platform just above the fire. >> when we got on scene, and there was a few explosions and pops, and it's all burning plastic at that point basically. >> reporter: passengers waited in the dark. >> they thought we were going to have to get out of the back train and walk along the tracks and back on the platform. >> reporter: instead electricians restored the power, the temporary cut enough to extinguish the flames. >> the operator on the train did a great job of keeping everybody
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calm and informed. >> reporter: the information about the fire came from abc7. >> we were not aware of the fire under the tracks until what we saw on the facebook live. >> i was, like, i don't see or smell any smoke. >> reporter: there were concerns those headed to sfo could miss their flights. in walnut creek, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. ten people arrested and a dozen weapons confiscated, and pro and anti-trump groups clashed at civic center park. lisa amin gulezian has the details. >> somebody smashed her in the back of the head. >> she had to be rescued by police and pulled from an angry crowd after somebody swiped her make a america great again hat. >> the woman's boyfriend, who grabbed my wife's hat, smacked her in the back of the head and knocked her down, and then people started kicking her. >> the 57-year-old and her
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friends left with a police escort. >> the bad people, every time we are trying to to be peaceful here, but why is there always just attacking people? >> this was not a space for the meeting of the minds or a peaceful political discussion, physical and verbal bombs were dropped, and people were hurt, badly in some cases, and anger for those for and against trump filled civic park. >> you hate diversity. that's why you voted for trump. that's why you voted for trump! >> too many times people resorted to using mace or pepper spray. this trump protesters rushed to the pepper spray relief station for help. >> one of the people on the trump side, i believe, shot mace at us in our eyes. >> police started making arrest while some complain berkeley
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police took a passive approach to the protest. a spokesperson insists making ten arrests proof of the contrary. charges range from battery to assault with a deadly weapon. in berkeley, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> rally supporting trump were held yesterday in 50 cities across the country. in nashville, what you see in the upper left-hand corner, at least two arrests were made. we also have video from denver, raleigh, north carolina, and austin, texas. counter protesters also showed up at most of those rallies, but there were no major incidents. a group working to end u.s. immigration detention is calling on authorities to stop the deportation of a man from napa. mar march martinez was taken into
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custody because of minor crimes he committed 15 years ago. >> there's anywhere from 150 to 300 people each day, and they are paid -- the facility is paid a per diem rate of probably $115 a day to hold people for immigrations customs enforcement. >> people are asking i.c.e. to close the case against martinez so he can stay in the u.s. with his wife and daughter. still no exsupplanation fro trump about his tweets about obama tapping his phones in trump tower. >> in what may be his most
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controversial tweet yet, president trump pointing a finger at his predecessor, terrible, just found obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory, nothing found. the president adding, how low has obama gone to tapp my phones. mr. trump cited no proof, and it's not clear whether he based his allegations on intelligence briefings or a news report. a story from breitbrt alleges eavesdropping on trump's campaign. a spokesperson for obama said the claims are false, but we do know the fbi is investigating whether there was any plausibap collusion between trump and russian officials. and key wiretaps are part of the
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investigation, although he has not seen any evidence. >> there are transcripts that provide very helpful and critical insights into whether or not russian intelligence and senior political leaders including vladimir putin were cooperating, were kcolluding wih the trump campaign. >> legal experts tell abc news the president does have the power to declassify anything he wants. elizabeth hur, abc7 news. and then discussing the wiretapping accusations, sarah huckabee sanders, and former obama white house press secretary, josh earnest, will speak exclusively on the show. you can watch the interviews on "this week" with george
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stephanopoulos this morning here on abc7. water officials in the south bay are keeping a close eye on anderson reservoir and coyote creek. expected rain could raise levels above capacity forcing water over the spillway. and tens of millions of dollars done in damage, and water district officials are not expecting any problems but say the crews are on standby just in case any issues arise. crews on the central coast continue to work around the clock trying to repair landslides that have cut off hundreds of people around big sur. homes have been isolated because of damage to the pfeiffer canyon bridge, and landslides on highway 1. the supplies are expected to
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last at least a couple weeks. >> this is a dire situation, and i really worry that people don't understand how severe this really is. >> part of the highway is expected to open in about a week. caltans plans to demolish and rebuild the pfeiffer canyon bridge. new video shows the orville dam after its spillway collapsed. you can see the damage caused by erosion. water officials have temporarily shut down a power plant at the damp will allow for improvements to increase water releases. the power plant stopped working after debris formed at the bottom of the plan the's spillway and the shutdown is expected to last until tomorrow. it was not my imagination. lots of rain in san francisco last night. >> that's right. over an inch of rain, and more coming down. we are looking at the back edge of it. winds picking up and snow coming
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down. here's a look at the south beach camera. still dark out there, and we are looking at 40s right now, and with more heavy downpours throughout the morning hours, we are adding to the rainfall totals, but we do have a spring-like outlook in our accuweather 7-day forecast. i will explain next. thank you, lisa. also next, parents behaving worse than the kids. caught on camera, an out-out brawl at a southern california chuck e. cheese. also a fowl problem. what the city of you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grains as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. ♪ in every honey nut "o". every lucky charms spoonful.
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take a look at this video posted on facebook showing mayhem at a chuck e. cheese in southern california. adults at this victorville location were pushing and shoving each other, and this apparently started when one woman pumped into another in the video game other. one women went to the hospital. sheriff deputies did not arrest anybody, because neither woman wanted to press charges. the united states soccer team adopt add policy to make its players stand during the national anthem, and the new rule announced yesterday says that anybody representing the national team must stand respectfully during any federation event. former 49ers kaepernick started
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a wave across sports by kneeling during t during anthem, and he announced a few days ago he will stand during the anthem. this is in the city of lincoln, about 30 miles northeast of sacramento. officials say the city is growing faster than the district can build schools and there are only 110 open kindergarten spots available next year. registration starts at 7:00 tomorrow morning. in walnut creek, a man says the canada geese that roam the park is dangerous, and he says he was stalked and attacked by the birds while at that park las last week. >> reporter: in walnut creek's farm hill park, there are geese
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you will never read about in any fairy-tale according to this man. he walked with a pronounced limp. >> you are saying you were attacked by three geese. all at once? >> yes. >> coordinated? >> yes. >> nobody knows when the first canada goose landed here, and now there are many. >> have there been any formal complaints? >> no, no formal complaints filed. >> and they enjoy the endanger species status, and what might provoke one? >> they are getting ready to breed. >> and he is clearly not their type, and he won't go near one now. >> can you give me a description of the geese? >> yeah, they look like any geese you would see, you know, about yea height, long neck and
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full buddy, and kind of grayish, brownish, whitish, you know. >> call it a cautionary tale of man and nature face-to-face in a suburban park, and clearly mating changes things. >> they are a threat to children and parents should be concerned. >> in walnut creek, wayne freeman, abc7 news. hundreds of people came together last night to help firefighters put out cancer. abc7 news was in san francisco for the sold out art auction and gala for the firefighters cancer prevention foundation. three people were honored for their contribution to end cancer in the firefighter commuter. award-winning actor came out to support his brother, a san francisco firefighter, helping to lead the effort. >> in recent years we discover more and more risks related to chemicals and very specific
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things like that that cause cancer and terrible illnesses. >> the foundation started in 2006, and abc7 was a sponsor of last night's event. the golden gate ferry is finally expanding service for the first time in 40 years. starting tomorrow commuters can take the ferry to and from tiburon. ridership has been growing over the last couple of years, and the service helps reduce traffic congestion on the golden gate bridge, and one-way tickets for adults cost $11.50, and if you have a clipper card the cost is $7. the first ferry leaves tomorrow morning at 5:30. maybe a little rough on the ferry tomorrow and today. here's live doppler 7. from north to south we have snow from sonoma county where there's a winter storm warning in the
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higher elevations, and heavy downpours in between. we have good rain, about quarter of an inch coming down, around berkeley. check it out around i-80, and walnut creek, and this is quickly moving to the east. we have good rain here continuing around american canyon, vallejo, and san francisco, light rain, daly city down through the peninsula. the rain is getting lighter mixing with snow. cold air in place, and enough moisture that we are getting those snowy peaks. from san francisco to south city along the peninsula we have light rain, and so very click roadways out there. this will continue on and off throughout the day, and we will look at mt. hamilton. the snow throughout the
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afternoon, speaking of snow, heavy snow, mid-20s, truckee, and that's why we have the winter storm warning right on through tomorrow. the system doesn't want to let go yet. we will see breaks for sure, and then we also have a cold and unstable sector of the system and that's why we are looking at the heavy downpours here, and snow up to two feet. more than that around south lake and kirkwood through early tomorrow morning. san francisco was the big winner here with over an inch of rain with about half an inch from conco concord. right now in the 40s, but the winds are picking up. northwesterly winds now are blowing hard, up to 31 miles per hour, and this is going to continue as we go through the afternoon hours. it's also going to help shut off some of the rain, but because we are in the cold sector we are going to get sunshine, and we are still going to look for scattered downpours right through monday.
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here's a look at 9:00, and you notice a line of showers, and you see the yellow and the pink, so still unstable. through the afternoon, sunny breaks and downpours and then overnight tonight, once again, you probably heard the rain early this morning, and this is what you are going to hear tomorrow morning as well, so still looking at maybe one-third of an inch, half an inch with some of the locally heavy downpours in your neighborhood, or less than that. you can see just about around the coast. look at the temperatures. we are still cool tomorrow with more morning to midday showers, and then as we warm up, we will try and bring in more sunshine on tuesday. looking at wednesday and thursday, those are the peak days with sunny and spring-like conditions. download our app, and pretty pictures today, and tracking the rain in your neighborhood. wouldn't you know it, carolyn, it's likely we will see more
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rain, significant rain, into next weekends. >> oh, my goodness. >> all right, well that 70 on thursday looks good, though. >> yeah , we have a couple days. just ahead, rocking out with a good cause with abc7 news anchor, dan
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from new york to tell us what is coming up at 7:00 on "good
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morning america." >> president trump accusing his predecessor of wiretapping trump tower before the election, and if true how big could this political scandal be? and then trump reportedly lashing out at senior staffers. what happened inside that caused the president's outrage? expect changes in airport security as tsa intensifying the pat down procedures. what the agency says is behind the new physical screening procedure and how it affects you. hope to see you soon. >> thank you, paula. florida basketball coach may have made the defensive play of the year, or is that inappropriate. you be the judge. the child was about to score in the wrong basket when the coach came out of nowhere and threw it into the front seats. a mother posted this video on
6:26 am
social media with a half dozen laughing emojis. you see him here giving you the day's news, and dan ashley also has rock 'n' roll skills. yes, when he is not lead anchor here, dan is the lead singer for the group push. abc7 news was in walnut creek for dan's annual rock the castle fund-raiser. every year he puts on this night of charity of music to help raise money for kids in need. cheap trick was last night's headliner. abc7 was a proud sponsor, and we are happy to say that tickets this year sold out. still to come here on abc7 mornings, a new group of people finding refuge at places many already consider safe haeufens.
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snow and gusty winds. you can see the white and pink from the north end of the bay to around mt. hamilton, and that's where we go and check it out. yes. we are looking at cold air. look at arepb duh. this is moving through walnut creek, and concord and clayton. this is the snow from mt. st. helena. highway 29, and look at the hills of the north bay, and not only do we have breaks on the peninsula, but look at these hills around law honda. be careful out there. slick roadways and scattered downpours with minor urban flooding out there, and look at the winds. it's raw with temperatures in the 40s. we will continue to see this pattern today with the rainfall winding down, but really not until tomorrow. more scattered breaks and some sun. we will talk about the chance of a thunderstorm and the 7-day outlook in a few minutes.
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now to the immigration crackdown. the department of homeland security families crossing the border. >> the department of homeland security is discouraging families from illegally crossing the border by separating mothers from children when caught, this as i.c.e. draws controversy. the cries of a 13-year-old girl recording her undocumented father vanish at the hands of government agents. that's that the re-move annual of gonzales between two i.c.e. officers that pulled him over as he pulled his daughters to school in los angeles critics of the president's immigration stance say it's a signal that families in the u.s. without legal documents are now at risk.
6:32 am
>> it's terrible to feel and see your family being broken apart. >> gonzales came here 20 years ago illegally, working and raising his family. but i.c.e. says he was picked up because of a 10-year-old dui and other convictions, and gonzales says he knows nothing about those. >> we are getting the bad ones out. these are bad dudes. >> but more than alleged criminal immigrants are being pushed out. this dreamer was late with her papers and is asking a judge to hear her case. >> reporter: this is just a proposal, but immigration attorneys are saying this is harsh and un-american. abc news, los angeles there are thousands of undocumented immigrants here in the bay area, and now local churches are joining a nationwide movement to provide
6:33 am
sanctuary for those who fear they may be turned over to the feds. >> this is something that is deeply connected to our faith commitments. >> the reverend daniels says his church, montclair presbyterian will now help undocumented immigrants threatened with deportation. >> that could be hiding them someplace physically, or providing them legal assistance or financial assistance. >> since president trump's election and worries about immigration raids some sanctuaries are literally becoming sanctuaries. the lutheran chapel in berkeley create add small apartment. in los angeles, a church is building a safe house, and part of an underground network. under an obama administration policy, federal agents did not enter houses of worship without approval, but fear of what may
6:34 am
come under president trump has some congregations turning to the interfaith movement inteagi integrity. >> it's important they become one moment to help each other. >> reverend daniel is not worried about legal imphrau kaeugs. >> we need to help people, and we need to help people even if it means breaking unjust laws. >> the national sanctuary movement says there are some 800 churches involved nationwide. president trump could sign a new executive order on travel as early as tomorrow. his original order bans citizens of seven mostly-muslim countries from entering the u.s. and temporarily suspended the entry of all refugees. a federal appeals court in san francisco put that appeal on hold. the new travel ban will not
6:35 am
affect green card holders and people who already have visas. sources say iraq will be removed from that list of seven countries. big, big changes coming when you go through security at the airports starting this week. those pat downs are expected to be more rigorous. transportation authorities are warning travelers to be prepared for more invasive touching from tsa officers. here's abc news reporter, gloria riv riv reu riviera. >> up until now tsa officers made risk based assessments for each passenger, choosing one of five patdowns, and now one will be used universally.
6:36 am
it is requiring sufficient pressure to insert detection. >> if you are an average traveler like most of us we know we are not guilty of carrying anything, but they don't know that. >> a damaging report found major security lapses across the country, and weapons and other hazardous materials made it past screening in 95% of tests conducted. >> not sure how it's going to work, but the tsa claims the new policy will not increase your time getting through security. a florida man faces attempted murder charges and a possible life sentence for allegedly trying to kill his former boss. >> this man wanted to settle a dispute the old-fashioned way, i guess. >> police say the man was angry at his former boss for firing
6:37 am
him, and he demanded to be paid for two days he worked before letting go, and video shows the man chasing him through the parking lot and he tried to run his former boss over with his pickup truck, and amazingly he survived. >> he's fine. he didn't even call the police. when it was all said and done, the bad guy fled and the victim drove himself to the hospital and limped back to his car and went home, and he is in pain and is recovering and he is fine, and he is lucky because he could have got it three times that day. >> the suspect admitted stabbing the former boss and intentionally trying to run him over and he is being held without bail. >> still ahead here on abc7 mornings, empty storefronts and decreasing foot traffic. a look at the changing face of one san francisco street. here is a live look from our
6:38 am
golden gate bridge camera. you see some showers there, light, cold temperatures as well. rain and snow mix along some bay area mountain tops. lisa's got all the facts and figures coming up in just a few. the abc7 storm impact staca. track today's storm anytime on the abc
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costa county, a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the path to transit. the city of hercules is opening a transportation center at john phaour parkway, and bay front boulevard. the ceremony starts at 11:30 this morning. lisa, march is looking a lot like february. >> it is. you know, i-80 right now closed in both directions from coal fax to truckee due to zero visibility. a live look out from the camera. the winds are dusty, and we have a lot of interesting weather around the bay, from snow to downpours. i will track it for you next. also, next the warriors, get
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set for their matinee today. coping with life without
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the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. welcome back, everyone. 6:44 on this first sunday in march. thank you for joining us for abc7 mornings. this is a live look from our tam cam where there is a rain-snow
6:45 am
mix, and winds are west to northwest gusting at 33 miles per hour. got that information from lisa who calls this weather raw. she will be along shortly with a full accuweather forecast. in sports, the warriors back in action only on abc7 today. golden state faces the knicks at madison square garden. tip-off at 12:30. in baseball, madison bumgarner will start against the royals this afternoon at scottsdale stadium. yesterday a really scary moment for one of the giant's coaches. here's abc7 sports director, larry beil w. all t, in this mo sports. >> first base coach ended up being rushed to the hospital for surgery after being hit in the face by a baseball in surprise,
6:46 am
arizona. alguac alguacil, we have video of him from earlier in the screen. this is his first year as base coach with te giants but has been in the organization for more than a decade. the warriors are in new york trying to figure out life without kd. the dubs lost their first game without kevin durant in chicago, and tip-off today is at 12:30 here on abc7. at practice the warriors were busy getting matt barnes up to speed, and they ran probably a b bunch of sets pre-durant, and it's hard to win. >> without kevin, steph and klay know they will get even more shots, so the biggest thing is we have to get great shots. i think we have been settling
6:47 am
for a lot of shots on this trip, and we need to move the ball better and develop a good offensive rhythm. >> the nfl combine continued with davis webb take the field. he has been impress ef. 49ers bosses are looking for a qb. davis webb, an accurate passer with a strong arm. he worked incredibly hard in the weight room to transform his body, and don't be surprised if he's the third quarterback taken in the draft behind watson and true sreus 63. they were blown away by a fellow pac 12 wide receiver, and that is washington's john ross who set a combine record in the 40-yard dash. 4.22 seconds. that is flying. chris johnson won a 4.24 in 2008. and adidas is not going to give ross his own island because he
6:48 am
was wearing nike. >> i can't swim and i don't have a boat, and i had to run in the nikes, and i am grateful to be in this situation, and last season i was on the couch with a torn acl. >> women semis, the ducks upset washington, and under a minute left in the second quarter, and brittany mcphee with a three, and nice passing leads to a smith basket. and then into the third quarter, robers roberson from the deep. and mccall with an easy basket. stanford wins 71-56, and will face oregon state for the pac 12 championship. st. mary's a. winner over portland in the west coast conference tournament and on to the semifinals. that's a wrap on morning sports. don't forget, the warriors here
6:49 am
at noon on abc7. check it out, live doppler 7. look at all the white, not from the elevations here, and mt. hamilton, and last check, mt. diablo was at 29 degrees, and still heavy downpours exiting the east bay right now from clayton to antioch, and you notice it's beginning to break apart west, and then dicey conditions around american canyon. check it out, the higher hills of sonoma, and mt. st. helena. we have a winter weather storm warning until 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, and as we go further south from fairfax around lucas valley road, we have not seen this in a while. send your pictures in, because i imagine a really nice sight out there, and already looking at a little sleet around mount tam.
6:50 am
in san francisco, lighter showers, and around the peninsula here, you see the pink here, and light rain in san jose, and the santa cruz mountains, scattered showers, and we are looking at the cold conditio conditions. enough moisture in place to bring the rain-snow mix. and this continues right on through the tomorrow. it should lighten up tonight, but looking at the snow piling up here over two feet around kirkwood, and i said before that 80 is closed from truckee to colfax for gusty conditions. nappy over .82, and still we will add to the totals with quarter of an inch in san jose. i wanted to show you mount tam.
6:51 am
look how slick it looks. gusty winds and a little snow there you can see. 46 in san francisco. it's 47 in gilroy. numbers have been dropping over the past hour. 30-minute delays at sfo. here you can see the wet tarmac looking at low to mid-40s. the winds are ticking up at the airport, and up to 30 miles per hour in napa. it's going to be a gusty afternoon. a 1 on the storm impact scale, and a few embedded downpours and we will add sunshine and breezy conditions, and minor bonding on the roadways. watch out for that. as we go through 10:00, notice we have showers, and breaks in the over casts. 3:00, some downpours, and through the overnight hours, more breaks but by 11:00 we are still looking at rain pushing through the bay tomorrow and into the early afternoon. anywhere from 0.1 upwards of
6:52 am
one-third. you will see hopefully some pretty pictures around here if you download our app. >> take a photo or video sharing it with us using #abc7now. the face of fillmore street in san francisco's cow hollow is changing for the worst. there has been a growing trend of several empty storefronts and increasing rent. abc7 news reporter, melanie woodrow, explains. >> reporter: the company here closing put a dent in sales left and right. >> that was my sunday. >> and ashley owns by roommate's closet. >> we are down 18%.
6:53 am
>> she says decreasing foot traffic and increasing rents along fillmore street are taking down small businesses. >> when i walk down the street there's nothing going on any more. >> it makes me sad because the store i wanted to go to was not there. >> children's boutique bubble used to be here on fillmore, and now it's on union street where rent is slightly less. >> it's tough. it's definitely tough. >> eleanor carpenter knows. >> if i had to do this today i doubt if i would do it. >> she's president of the union street association. carpenter owned just jewels 30 years. how? >> because i own the building. i don't have to pay any rent if i don't want to. >> an unlikely option for anybody starting out today. >> it's the same story everywhere. >> carpenter says she would like to see bay area landlords give small businesses a break. >> do i really need 10,000 or can i get away with 8,000.
6:54 am
>> there are openings, including where bubble used to be, and there's talk of a grocery store being opened here, and a double edg edged sword. >> it will be foot traffic, and the rent will skyrocket. i will probably have to close. runners prepare for a marathon in the you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you.
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of runners will take on wine company in the 39th annual napa valley marathon. this year's race is head phone free. organizers say that allows runner to develop camaraderie with one another and take in all the sights and sounds the race has to offer. anybody who does have head phones on during the race will be disqualified. proceeds go to charities throughout napa county, and the race starts very shortly, just a few minutes. 7:00 this morning at the silverado trail in calistoga. what will the weather be like in napa? >> it is cold. temperatures in the 30s, some snow. notice that we have the pink and the white there, not only in mt. hamilton, but higher elevations snow level below 2,000 feet, and the north bay and into marin county and in mill valley, and more rain in san francisco, and it's a 1. we will see more embedded
6:58 am
downpours but will be scattered with sunny breaks. still showers tomorrow, and dry on tuesday. >> all right. that's going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on abc7 mornings. i am carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. the news continues online, on twit you are, and on facebook and instagram. abc7 news continues at 9:00 this morning. "good morning america" is coming up next, and have
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. and new this morning. where's the proof? the firestorm erupting over donald trump's explosive allegations, claiming president obama ordered the fbi to illegally tap his phones at trump tower. >> if it is true, it would be the biggest political scandal since watergate. >> the twitter rage that started it. and what the obama camp is saying this morning. white house turmoil. president trump reportedly going ballistic in the oval office. what set him off? cameras capturing an animated steve bannon, one of his top aides. why trump took off for florida. leaving him and chief of staff reince priebus behind. agony in mosul. residents fleeing isis' last stronghold in iraq. some, barefoot in their haste.


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