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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 7, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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carlson boulevard. a richmond police spokesperson says the suspect then jumped into a mercedes and attempted to ram into officers. one of those officers opened fire. the officers are both okay. it is not clear this afternoon whether or not that suspect was hit by those shots. then again somebody reported a suspicious vehicle to berkeley police. this afternoon berkeley police say that vehicle was parked on addison between fifth and sixth streets and here's what happened when they arrived. >> as the initial responding officer was about to arrive on scene, that vehicle sped away from her. we pursued that vehicle. the vehicle ended up on dwight way west of 4th street and the suspect fled. we maintained control at the scene. we notified richmond police department, and richmond police department responded and took over the investigation. >> reporter: richmond police came out here to berkeley. they processed the scene, they processed that vehicle, and
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again this will be their investigation. this evening that suspect has still not been apprehended. live in berkeley, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. in redwood city police arrested a man accused of firing at police and into his neighbors' homes during a six and a half hour standoff. no one was hurt in the incident. two schools across the street had to be put on lockdown. around eight this morning crisis negotiators convinced the 57-year-old suspect to surrender. he went to the hospital for evaluation and will be booked into jail. new at 4:00, san jose police just announced three more arrests in the stabbing death of a beloved little league coach. the suspects, were arrested last week. two other men have already been charged with the death of francisco navarro. police say the 35-year-old was stacked after an altercation last sunday at tres gringos cantina where he worked as a
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bouncer. he also coached little league and coached football at overfelt high school. well, a pregnant woman took matters into her own hands after a man tried to steal her rent money at a convenience store. >> jeanette garlow is eight months pregnant. she chased the man into the parking lot where he jumped into a waiting car and sped off. >> sorry we're having some video problems. when the suspect grabbed for the cash, the clerk was able to hold on to most of it and the suspect oent got away with about $40. well, let's turn our attention to the weather now. it is another beautiful day as we take another live look from our mt. tam camera. well, you can see behind us it's a nice day. >> we've got a few gremlins in the system. >> it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, in all of our bay area neighborhoods, as a matter of fact. here's live doppler 7. we have mostly sunny skies, only a few clouds are hanging around. you can see some of them in this
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view from our sutro tower camera. it's 58 in san francisco right now, upper 50s at oakland, mountain view, 60 at san jose, sdif gilroy and 55 half moon bay. check out these clouds. it's 58 in santa rosa, 60 in napa, upper 50s at novato, fairfield, concord and livermore. statewide it's mild just about everywhere, especially in southern california. 72 in palm springs, into in los angeles and that milder air that's in the southern part of the state will be moving up into the bay area the next couple of days. for this evening here's how things are shaping up. at 6:00 p.m. we'll have mainly sunny skies. by 8:00 p.m. jackets needed maybe. it will start to get clearer and clearer as we approach midnight. clear skies by midnight. inland temperatures, mid-40s at that point and tomorrow will be a sunny and mild day. i'll give you a look at the mild warming trend ahead in just a few minutes. today state emergency workers are in san jose getting a firsthand look at the damage
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inside the homes that flooded. abc 7 news was on welch street as they went door to door. the state is stepping in because the damage to private homes isn't enough to meet fema's requirement for reimbursement. that's why it's so important for the state to get a closer look inside those houses. >> we were in some -- people graciously had us in their homes earlier and it was very clear that the flooding here wiped out everything that they owned. >> so far $6 million has been donated to flood relief efforts. pg&e is waiving gas and electric bills for flood victims and the water department is giving them a grace period to pay their bills. a small plane made an emergency landing at mineta san jose airport just hours ago. sky 7 was overhead after it landed safety. the pilot took off from reed hill view airport but discovered the plane had defective landing gear. one runway was closed for a
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short time while the plane came down. planes this small don't usually land at san jose international but this was an emergency. the two people onboard were not hurt. a south bay woman will undergo skin grafts for the severe burns she suffered during a deadly plane crash a week ago today. stacy pierce remains in the hospital in the crash that killed her mother and stepfather. the small plane crashed shortly after takeoff in riverside in bad weather. it was bound for san jose. >> all day i told my wife, please take a commercial flight home. she said, no, we'll be fine. i'm terrified that she won't make it, but i'm putting all my faith in god. i think she's going to -- i believe she's going to pull through. >> pierce suffered severe burns on her back and doctors had to amputate her legs. her husband says she doesn't remember the crash and he hasn't told her that her mother and stepfather were killed. the cause of the crash is under
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investigation. well, first there was the women's march in january, of course. now with the slogan be bold for change, thousands across the country are expected to take the day off work to highlight international women's day. >> it's a day meant for people to protest some of president trump's statement toward women. >> lyanne melendez is live from downtown san francisco with what is expected exactly. >> reporter: yeah, well, the first thing tomorrow is a rally at san francisco's city hall at 11:00 in the morning. now, this is gaining some momentum. you know schools in at least one city in virginia and another in north carolina are not having classes because the staff there requested a leave. rather than celebrating international women's day, organizers are calling it a day without a woman, and across the country many are vowing to take the day off. >> we want to show the importance of women in everyday life and all the issues that
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we're facing under the current administration was important to show on international women's day. >> reporter: the day has always been one where women celebrate social, political and economic gains, while at the same time focusing on areas that still need attention. but following the success of the women's march in january, organizers thought it would be appropriate to have a women's strike on this day. >> i'll participate in it. >> so you're not going to work tomorrow? >> well, i work from home so i guess i could tell them i'm not working that day. does that count? >> not going to work is not an option. i'll a salesperson so i have to be there for my customers. >> reporter: the woman's building in san francisco's mission district serves as a hub for marginalized women who come looking for services. the director said they can't afford to close. >> we have a food pantry for families. >> reporter: people are asked to wear the color red and boycott
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businesses unless they're owned by a woman or minority. none of the districts in the bay area have plans to shut down but there are substitute teachers and staff on stand by should they need them. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. the santa clara county leaders joined together today to pledge their support for tomorrow's day without a woman. a large group gathered outside the county building all to wear red to show solidarity with this effort. they also told us how certain county departments plan to mark the occasion. >> we are doing a get-together tomorrow at the sheriff's office for women employeeise and we'll have some of our command staff serving breakfast to the women and we're really happy about that. >> they are encouraging women to take the day off with or without pay but if people do choose to work, they're being asked to wear red. the commandant of the marine
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corps saying the website promoting marine sexual violence -- a video statement was issued on marines united which featured salacious photos of female service members. he said it's time for marines to do some serious soul searching. >> we are all in 24/7. and if that commitment to excellence interferes with your "me" time or if you can or unwilling to commit to contributing 100% to our corps' war-fighting ability by being a good teammate and improving cohesion and trust, then i have to ask you, do you really want to be a marine? >> general neller says he's committed to the investigation process and is urging marines to report any other behavior like this. the new debate is sweeping the nation over an old art form. plus, facebook is fighting back after accusations it's not doing enough to prevent child pornography. do you have tax questions? because 7 on your side
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definitely has tax answers. our tax hotline opens now. 415-954-7621. and later, the plan to make new mothers more comfortable in the workplace. what could soon be required in san francisco. and taking a live look at our san jose traffic, this is 101 southbound, backed up as usual. northbound looking good and 880 is flowing tomorrow's the day besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure.
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san francisco's supervisors held a hearing today on the police department's use of force policy. officers say two nonlethal tools still haven't been approved. >> the hearing comes just two weeks after this incident was
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caught on video showing a civilian coming to the rescue of an officer being attacked. vic lee has a closer look at exactly what this issue is all about. >> reporter: the supervisors heard new police chief william scott's report on the progress of departmentwide reforms, those made by the u.s. justice department, a blue ribbon committee and the civil grand jury. >> i want to know how the police department is going to prioritize almost 400 recommendations, over 200 that come from the department of justice. >> reporter: the priorities so far, new use of force guidelines and crisis intervention. >> they're very strict guidelines and we want to get everybody trained on the current use of force policies implemented by the end of summer. >> reporter: the department also wants officers to go through crisis intervention classes by summer's end. it's a balancing act, the scheduling of officers going to classes and those working the streets. sfpd currently has a force of
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some 2200 uniformed officers. many are enrolled in classes. >> so i'd say probably close to about a quarter of our personnel are in training. >> reporter: but not for what the police union believes are the two most important less lethal tools. they banned carotid restraints and tasers have not been approved. this cell phone video shows an officer wrestling with a home l less man who was exposing himself. the man overpowered the officer who needed the assistance of civilians. >> he said it would have been to his advantage if he had the carotid restraint or tasers available. >> reporter: he supports tasers, a strong ally for the police union. the countdown to the tax deadline, hate to say it, is on and that means it's time once again for our 7 on your side tax hotline. >> it's a great resource. michael finney is live with tax experts answering your
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questions. >> you guys have questions, we have answers. we're here every year. the 7 on your side tax hotline is open right now, 415-954-7621 or go onto facebook or twitter. we have people taking your questions. we'll show you where they're at in just a couple of moments. but any questions you have, right now we'll talk to jeff johnson. he's an enrolled agent. with the golden gate society of enrolled agents. so many people are temp workers they may be working out, right? >> if they get a 1099 like the sharing economy of airbnb, uber, lyft, people will claim that whole amount of income without taking any of the deductions and they pay way too much in taxes. yet, on the other hand if they get too aggressive, they need a good amount of documentation because they can really end up in trouble two or three years from now when it comes time for an audit. >> so what are they missing out on that they should make sure they take properly?
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>> well, the uber drivers and lyft drivers need to keep track of their mileage and any expenses for their car because they'll have a major write-off but it takes good records and log for your mileage. for the airbnb, similar kind of things. keep good track of their records. they'll do fine. >> jeff, thank you very much for your time. he's here with us here every year. golden gate society of enrolled agents. we're going to be here until 8:00 tonight, so get your records together and then get on the phone or you can go online. we can take questions in english, chinese and spanish. if you have someone who doesn't speak one of those languages, we'll round up someone and help them out too. reporting live from the 7 on your side offices, i'm michael finney. >> thank you, michael, very much. well, voters in sonoma county are deciding the fate of a marijuana tax today. measure a would impose a 10% tax on businesses that grow or sell medicinal or recreational pot.
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supporters say it could generate up to $15.5 million a year. the money would go to roads, fire protection and housing. one of san francisco's most popular walkways issi getting a makeover. the mile and a half long path will close in stages starting mid-month. the hard gravel will be replaced with a shale composite surface to improve drainage. the $5 million project will be finished this summer. abc 7 news was in san francisco's south beach neighborhood as officials rededicated the city's oldest park. it was closed nearly a year and a half for a $4 million renovation. a new play structure was put in and an artistic walkway. the park is a top lunch spot for tech workers. the benches have built-in tables for laptops or box lunches so they can keep working while they take a break. south park has been open since
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the civil war. well, a new debate is sweeping the nation over an old art form, cursive. >> the style of writing in which letters are joined together is picking up steam in this computer age, interestingly enough. >> kristen sze is here with the story taking social media by storm. >> well, dan and ama, cursive, what do you think, important or not? new york city with its one million students decided to teach it. so in california, public schools teach the looping, flowing style of writing in fourth grade, one of 14 states that require cursive. parents disagree on its importance. >> i think you should. i think you should always know how to write properly. >> french writing, yes. whether it's in block letters or cursive letters i don't think is absolutely necessary. >> abc 7's facebook post got such a huge response, more than
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7,000 likes and 600 comments. so andrea schaefer says cursive is so much faster to write, it's great for taking notes. but deion day glover says it's nice but useless. keyboard familiarity should be a requirement. so you can see lots of different opinions on this particular point. now, even teachers are divided. i'm going to show you what they're saying. some say it would be a shame if a student couldn't read the declaration of independence written in cursive, but other colleagues say as long as students can communicate, it doesn't matter what form it takes. typing or tapping is just fine. so what do you think? just go my facebook page and join the conversation. it might feature your comment on abc 7 news at 6:00. on to the weather, which is looking mighty nice. >> yeah, spencer is here with the latest. >> looking nice and cursive out there. >> we've got a nice warming trend coming our way.
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it started already. here's a look at live doppler 7. we have mainly sunny skies. you can see that behind us. the clouds are becoming thinner and thinner and it's just been such a pleasant day. here's a view from our rooftop camera looking out over the bay under mostly blue skies. these are our forecast features. it will be mostly clear and cool, but not cold overnight. spring-like warmth will be with us tomorrow through friday and a brief cooldown with temperatures bouncing back early next week. notice the 24-hour temperature change. it is 7 degrees warmer in hayward than it was at this time yesterday. 6 degrees warmer at napa, 5 degrees warmer at santa rosa and san jose here at this time yesterday. the warming will continue as we look ahead to friday. temperatures will be springing forward throughout the week. santa rosa had a high of 57, will have a high on friday of 73. that is 16 degrees warmer than today's high. by friday concord will be 13 degrees warmer and so on right on down the line.
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all of the bay area will enjoy this warmup. i hope you enjoy it, i plan to. overnight look for clear skies and low temperatures generally in the mid-40s for most locations. we'll see a few low 40s in some of our inland valleys. and here's a look at the storm track right now. a little bit of a forecast animation to take you through the overnight hours. the storm track is flowing well to our north, producing rainfall up around eureka and other parts of northwestern california. it's going to stay in that position through tomorrow which means we'll have another dry day, another sunny day, and you can see that there's a high pressure area centered to our southeast. the clockwise circulation is bringing nice mild air up from the south. that pattern will be in place for the next several days, thus adding to our warmup that we'll experience right on through friday. so tomorrow's highs will be up around 70 degrees at napa, concord, livermore, san jose, palo alto, 71 at santa rosa. we'll see upper 60s around the bay and low to mid-60s around
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the coast. thursday afternoon highs in the mid-70s in our inland areas. pretty much the same picture on friday before we get that brief cooldown over the weekend. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll have mainly sunny and dry conditions all the way through the seven-day period. we'll have a few more clouds over the weekend which will account for feeling a little cooler in some locations. we spring forward saturday night into sunday as daylight saving time begins. >> thanks, spencer. well, getting touristy with the host of abc's "the chew." >> this is one of our favorite places, not in san francisco but on the whole planet. >> quentin kelly shows off some of his favorite hot spots. and a blind dog lost for a week is back home with her family. the incredible rescue that made this possible later this hour. and this weekend michael finney will anchor our live coverage of the san francisco st. patrick's day parade, a
4:23 pm
wonderful event in the city. our coverage begins saturday at noon on air and the abc 7 news app and abc7n
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a new report says singer george michael died from natural causes. according to a coroner's report, he suffered from a heart condition called dilated cardiom cardiomyopathy. he was also open with his history of drug abuse. george michael was found dead on christmas day last year at his home in britain. an effort is under way to buy a rare photograph of harriet tubman. the harriet tubman national historic site in central new york has launched a crowd funding campaign to buy this photograph that was taken in new york in the late 1860s and believed to have been owned by a friend of tubman's, a private citizen recently discovered it. the campaign hopes to raise
4:26 pm
$30,000 to buy the photo at auction. one of the hosts of abc's "the chew" spent the day in the bay area. abc caught up with clinton kelly at the buena vista this afternoon. he says he visits whenever he's in the city. today he got to try his hand at making their signature irish coffee. >> i always wanted to make an irish coffee because i watched hundreds of them made. but it's actually a little tricky, there's some finesse. >> he also visited swan oyster depot. you can watch "the chew" every weekday at noon here on abc 7. the health care battle is really heating up now on capitol hill. >> so maybe rather than getting that new iphone that they just love and they want to go spend hundreds of dollars, maybe they should invest in their own health care. >> the attacks republicans are lobbing at democrats as well as each other. plus the big surprise for tourists visiting the white house today.
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. berkeley police have suspendied the search for a man who tried to run down an officer in richmond early this morning. the officer fired at the suspect but it's unclear if the suspect was injured. police spotted the abandoned car near aquatic park this afternoon. the driver was seen running
4:30 pm
away. reporter david louie tweeted property owners aren't waiting around for flood relief to begin their repairs. however, there is some aid being handed out. so far more than $500,000 has been issued by the city. laura anthony reported that residents are blocked from their homes by a mudslide. coming up at 5:00, laura tells us what's taking so long. the debate over health care is heating up in washington. republicans revealed their new plans to repeal and replace obamacare but democrats and even some republicans have voiced concerns. janae is in washington with more. >> reporter: it has already been a busy week on capitol hill. a new executive order on immigration, claims of presidential wiretapping and now these new plans for health care. but the growing divide within party lines continues to show. it's the great divide in
4:31 pm
washington. on one side republicans backing the newly unveiled plan to overhaul obamacare. >> i'm proud to support the replacement plan released by the house of representatives and encouraged by members of both parties. >> reporter: and on the other, democrats -- >> this is a dumpster fire of a bill that was written on the back of a napkin. >> reporter: and even some republicans. >> we are united on repeal, but we are divided on replacement. >> trump care is finally available to the public, and democrats, a growing number of conservatives and millions of americans don't like what they see. >> reporter: the gop plan ends penalties for uninsured americans, but also ends the expansion of medicaid. >> will it cover more americans with affordable health care than today is probably the key question. >> reporter: meanwhile the president's wiretapping claim is still a talker on capitol hill. top republican, john mccain, calling out trump's unsubstantiated claim that
4:32 pm
president obama wiretapped trump tower. >> he should come forward with the information that led him to that conclusion. it's a very serious charge against the previous president of the united states. and so there needs to be some corroboration. >> reporter: fbi director james comey has privately asked the justice department to come out and say trump's wiretapping allegations are simply false, but the white house is standing by the claims, now asking the house and senate intelligence committees to investigate. live in washington, janai norman, abc 7 news. a top republican had harsh words for low income americans who want affordable health care. >> americans have choices, and they have got to make a choice. and so maybe rather than getting that new iphone that they just love and they want to spend hundreds of dollars on that, maybe they should invest in their own health care. they have got to make those own decisions themtsz. >> critics have been quick to challenge the assertion by jason
4:33 pm
chaffetz that low income americans don't have the right priorities. gavin newsom sees a serious flaw with the congressman's logic. he tweeted an iphone costs $399, one year of health care costs $10,000. chaffetz said he didn't make his comment as smoothly as he could have. the white house is open again today to tourists and the first wave of visitors got quite a surprise. president trump greeted the group as they made their way through the east wing. the president gave 10-year-old jack cornish of alabama a hug as journalists looked on. the white house has been closed for tours since inauguration day. u.s. intelligence analysts say the latest release of documents by wiki leaking is real bad upon the cia. it includes more than 8,000 documents that are said to have been taken from the cia's center for cyber intelligence. they reportedly cover a range of topics, including a discussion about how to compromise smart
4:34 pm
tvs and turn them into improvised surveillance devices. >> this is in some ways wikileaks most daring release yet because they come from the heart of america's top intelligence agency. >> top engineers at apple, google and microsoft are poring over the documents to see if their companies have any vulnerability from the leaks. there is a new wave of threats against the jewish community. today there were bomb threats against the anti-defamation league and several jewish centers across the country. this adds to the more than 100 threats already under investigation. >> reporter: once again, this is the scene at jewish community centers across the country. students in florida forced to evacuate after another bomb threat was called in. and in chicago, police searched cars and blocked streets because of the same type threat. >> just being a school, it's been very worrisome. and now there's an added -- an
4:35 pm
added threat. >> reporter: the anti-defamation league says this is a new round of bomb threats plaguing the jewish community. in new york city where they received threats, the mayor calling it unacceptable. >> unprecedented. we have not seen anything like this in many years. >> reporter: federal officials have been investigating more than 130 threats across the country since january. there's also been a rash of vandalism at jewish cemeteries. the white house condemning the latest threats. >> we denounce these latest anti-semitic and hateful threats in the strongest terms. >> reporter: friday juan thompson was arrested in connection to threats allegedly made against at least eight jewish organizations, but even then, adl officials warning the threats could continue. the anti-defamation league says agent semitic crimes have nearly tripled from the same time last year. a crash between a bus and a train in mississippi today killed four people. the bus bottomed out on railroad
4:36 pm
tracks in biloxi. it got stuck but the train couldn't stop. it hit the bus and dragged it 300 feet. witnesses and first responders helped get people off the bus pulling them through the windows. 35 people went to the hospital. the train was carrying freight and only had a few people onboard. work on the dakota access pipeline will go on. today a federal judge rejected a native american tribe's request to temporarily stop the construction of that controversial pipeline. the sioux tribe claims it violates its religious freedom due to its placement under a lake it uses for sacred ceremonies, but the judge dismissed that argument citing supreme court press denting tce sets a higher bar for succeeding. wildfires are tearing across the southwest as dozens of tornados hit the heart of the midwest. could more be on the way? i'm spencer christian. weather is much calmer here.
4:37 pm
check out this view of the sky about an hour and a half before sunset. we have beautiful weather coming our way and i'll have the forecast coming up. my 7 on your side tax hotline is open for business. if you have a tax question, calm us right now, 415-954-7621. >> thanks, michael, great work there. now take a look live at the golden gate bridge. moving smoothly in both directions on a gorgeous tuesday afte
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the cleanup continues after another tornado outbreak in the heartland. overnight the midwest had a reported 29 twisters, which injured several people and destroyed hundreds of homes. here's abc news reportr kenneth moton with the latest. >> reporter: a 1-2 punch in less than a week for the midwest. the cleanup under way after nearly 30 tornados struck the heartland from kansas to illinois. 70-mile-per-hour winds ripped the roofer rig right off this building. small planes tossed like toys. the worst of the damage just outside of kansas city. communities like oak grove, missouri, hit hard by the severe weather. >> seen a transformer blow and that's when we seen the rotation of the tornado. >> reporter: hundreds of homes suffer some type of damage. dozens across the region destroyed. >> unbelievable, i would say. i's -- this is really terrifying, it's very scary. the whole side of the house is
4:41 pm
gone. unbelievable. >> reporter: the powerful system triggered tornados in some parts. >> this wind, man alive. >> reporter: while strong winds spread wildfires in others. in logan county, colorado, several homes were burned to the ground. >> about five guys showed up at my house right behind me and we just ransacked it and grabbed everything we could. >> reporter: in oklahoma, several towns in woodward county were evacuated. the dry windy conditions pushed the fire north into kansas where tens of thousands of acres have burned. in the texas panhandle near amarillo, people and animals rushed to escape as crews continue to fight this fast-moving fire. in that same area, the fire and smoke were just too muc for three texas ranch haennds. they were killed while trying to move cattle away from the flames. kenneth moton, abc news, new york. i'm happy to report we've got nice, calm, pleasant weather here in the bay area. here's live doppler 7. skies will remain sunny
4:42 pm
throughout the days, the next seven-day forecast period is what i'm trying to say, because we have near zero chances of rain the next seven days so we can expect mild and spring-like weather coming our way even in advance of the official arrival of spring. overnight look for mainly clear skies with low temperatures cool but not cold. we'll see lows in the low to mid-40s. mid to upper 40s near the bay and coast. tomorrow sunny skies with highs in the low 70s in the mildest inland locations. upper 60s to about 70 right around the bay. low to mid-60s on the coast. as we look ahead, here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. mainly sunny skies throughout the seven-day period. a few clouds may enter the picture over the weekend. it will remain mild with highs in the low to mid-70s inland, low 70s around the bay and low to mid-60s on the coast. don't forget to spring forward to daylight saving time over the weekend, saturday night, sunday
4:43 pm
morning or whenever you're awake to do that. >> thanks, spencer. facebook under fire. the report that claims the menlo park company isn't doing enough when it comes to child pornography. >> the 7 on your side tax hotline is open for business. give us a call, 415-954-7621. and the amazing rescue of a blind dog lost in the cold woods of the santa cruz mountains for a week. her will to
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facebook is under fire over sexually explicit material involving children. >> the bbc says its investigation shows facebook doesn't properly moderate images, even after its told of a problem. >> jessica castro with abc 7 mornings has the details. >> reporter: this all happened after the bbc used facebook's report tool. that's when you report something on facebook, and i want to show page a benign post here. if you're going to report it, click on that right-hand arrow. it prompts you. if you say you don't think it should be on facebook, it gives you the option to pick pornograp pornography. the bbc was doing an
4:47 pm
investigative piece into facebook's moderation system and found more than 100 pornographic posts about children. only 18 of the 100 images they reported were removed. facebook's automated reply came back to the bbc and said the other 82 did not breach community standards. the bbc says they used an exec for an interview who then requested that bbc provide examples of the illegal content in question. the bbc says facebook then cancelled the interview and reported the bbc to police for sending that requested post via e-mail because it's considered a crime. facebook responded, said we take this matter extremely seriously. we continue to improve our reporting and take-down measures. facebook has been recognized as one of the best platforms on the internet for child safety. we went out and reached out to facebook. no comment so far. meanwhile uk's national crime
4:48 pm
agency has not commented on the investigation. jessica castro, abc 7 news. lowe's is going to the next level to help customers with their diy projects. the home improvement giant is testing a virtual reality center inside a store in massachusetts. customers wear a virtual reality head set and use a hand controller to simulate projects. lowe's hopes to offer more tutorials in all of its stores soon. customers using their vr system have better recall on how to complete a project better than those watching how to videos on youtube. the 7 on your side tax hotline is under way to help you get ready. >> let's check back in with michael finney. >> the bad news is you've got to get going on your taxes. the good news is we can offer you some real help. the 7 on your side hotline is going to be open up until 8:00 tonight so you can give us a call, english, spanish or chinese. you can also go online,
4:49 pm
#askfinney and we'll answer your questions. the telephone number, 415-954-7621. now let's talk to irs special agent arlette lee. you're seeing a big scam targeting employers. >> yes. >> what's that? >> it's a w-2 phishing scheme. an e-mail gets sent purportedly from the president of the company. >> so they're asking underlings. >> yes. they're asking for w-2 information and other employee information. the issue with that is the person in the payroll department response, sends information back to that e-mail address but the e-mail address was spoofed so it doesn't belong to the person who works at that company and it goes out to somewhere else and unfortunately what we're seeing at the irs is any of those returns, the information goes out within 24 to 48 hours, tax returns are filed. fraudulent tax returns are filed
4:50 pm
with the employee's information. >> and the first one that goes in, although you're doing a great job now, but the first one that goes in has the biggest potential going out before you know about it. so what should people do to avoid this? >> well, what you meant to do is for employers definitely talk to your payroll departments and let them know, hey, there is this scam and be aware. don't respond to e-mails that you're getting that are asking for employees' information. if you do receive an e-mail like that send it to the irs. >> she and all the people here are going to be taking your questions up till 8:00 tonight. so give us a call or go online. reporting live, i'm michael finney. well, you could call it a canine miracle really in the santa cruz mountains. >> a blind dog was found alive after disappearing into the cold, wet woods for seven nights.
4:51 pm
>> katie marzullo has the incredible story of survival from boulder creek. >> it was horrible. we were so heartbroken and just feeling so bad that she was out there. >> reporter: she is sage, a 12-year-old yellow lab who lost both her eyes to health problems. on february 24th, the blind dog wandered away from her boulder creek home. >> we had so many people helping with the search. we had signs up, we had it posted everywhere. >> reporter: it seemed sage had disappeared. the coles even brought in a handler with a tracking dog to no avail. after seven nights they had all but given up hope. their neighbor, dan estrada, a firefighter, had helped in the search but that's not why he was in the woods saturday. he was taking an out of town friend on a hike. >> and while we're hanging out talking, next thing i know i look over and saw sage on the ground with her head in the stream. he thought she was dead but then she lifted her head. >> i put my arms around her, hugged her, threw her over my shoulders and carried her up the mountain. >> i was hugging everybody, his
4:52 pm
friend, him, my son, sage. it was just amazing. >> reporter: some would say it was a miracle. >> it's been very harsh conditions and that dog had a strong will to live. i think everybody has a lesson to be learned from that. don't give up. >> reporter: in honor of sage's survival, dan and his friend made seven custom leather leashes, one for each night she was missing. they'll be raffled off for a fund-raiser. also the coles wanted to give dan the $1,000 reward they had been offering for sage but he refused and suggested they give it to charity an they are in fact donating the money. in boulder creek, katie marzullo, abc 7 news. officials at seaworld are preparing for the last birth of an orca at one of its parks. the orlando-based company says it will be born in the next four to six weeks or so. the mother, 25-year-old takara was already pregnant when seaworld announced it was ending its breeding program.
4:53 pm
the gestation program for orcas is approximately 18 months. remember the adorable baby hippo born prematurely at the cincinnati zoo? well, look at her now. little fiona is growing so quickly. staff at the zoo installed a ramp so she can get into the pool all by herself. she looks tiny for a hippo but she's actually 73 pounds, up from 29 pounds at birth. >> cute when they're little. kind of ferocious when they're big. a big change for working moms in san francisco. >> to get more productive workforce and also creates retention. >> the new effort to help make breastfeeding moms more comfortable in the workplace. and kristen is here with a look at what's coming up at 5:00. >> thanks, guys. a state of emergency is declared in contra costa county weeks after record rains. people living here want a lot more than that. concert in san bruno, exempt in the musicians had to go through a security check. and hyperloop inches closer
4:54 pm
to reality. the first images of a full-scale test track in nevada. these stories a - everything we stock at grocery outlet has crazy low prices. do you know how we do it? - how? - bargainomics! say, if california has a bumper crop and produces too many oranges. or a winemaker in sonoma suddenly has 1000 bottles too many. we've got name-brand, top-quality groceries priced 40-70% off every day. bargainomics. that's our business model. and our business model is... delicious. ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪
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coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it's the middle followed by american housewife, fresh off the boat and the real o'neals. at 10:00 catch people icons and then the news at 11:00. san francisco may soon lead the way in supporting new moms who return to work and want to continue breastfeeding.
4:57 pm
there are already state and federal laws but this new proposal would go way beyond. carolyn tyler has the details. >> orrick law in san francisco has a lactation room for breastfeeding employees to pump their milk. this company is at the forefront but soon every business in the city may be required to do the same. >>. so many women feel so uncomfortable asking their employers for things that they physically need after having a child and after they return to work. >> reporter: today supervisor katie tang introduced legislation setting minimum standards for accommodations like this one at city hall. the space cannot be a bathroom and must be near the mom's work area. it must be clean, have a seat and table with close access to a sink, electricity and a refrigerator. we found this mom at city hall who was unaware there was a private place. >> that would be very nice, rather than just having to go in the middle of tables and
4:58 pm
breastfeeding. >> reporter: some employers may see complying as a burden, but the ceo of day one baby, a company that sets up lactation stations for businesses like microsoft, tells us her clients understand the benefit. >> to get more productive workforce and also creates retention. >> reporter: the proposal calls for hardship exemption, which may help gain support from small merchants. >> you don't want to have more and more and more regulations but if we don't have the regulations it's not going to happen, and we accept that. >> reporter: if passed, san francisco's measure will be the strongest in the nation. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. the gender pay gap could close in your lifetime. new research shows pay equity could be achieved in developed markets by 2044. that's 36 years earlier than previously estimated. the report shows increasing women's technological and
4:59 pm
digital skills as major factors in bringing wage parity. thank you for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00, i'm ama daetz. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> our emergency services are pretty much shut down. >> and you can see why. local officials are doing what they can, but this contra costa community is virtually cut off. manhunt in berkeley. police use search dogs to try to find the guy that tried running over an officer. state officials surveyed the flood damage hoping to get millions in relief money from the feds. people who live there just want help now. >> a long walk down a long tunnel. we'll explain what happened in san francisco. and call it tax tuesday. 7 on your side's michael finney is here to answer all your tax questions. a battered road and a community cut off. county officials take action today but residents here say they need a lot more than the
5:00 pm
county is willing to give. one viewer e-mailed us saying she's literally trapped in the area. good evening, i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley, thanks for joining us. officials in contra costa county have declared an emergency in the morgan territory area to help them better deal with a mudslide that has crippled that part of the east bay. the slide happened last month after all the rain. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live near clayton with the very latest on this. laura? >> reporter: well, i am standing at the edge of this 300-foot slide. you can see it has ruined the roadway behind me, largely debilitated this community that lives here. some have left their cars on the other side. they're using wagons, bags and their feet to get back and forth. it's a situation that may not get much better any time soon, despite a declaration of emergency. >> he's blind in his right eye. >> reporter: elaine freedman runs a bird sanctuary on morgan territory road, a remote area in


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