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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 10, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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it's march 10th. i'm for great viral videos "right thi angels on snowmobiles come to the aid of stranded drivers. >> they brought blankets, they brought food, they brought fuel. >> why coming prepared never prepared them for this. >> no! no! no! no! no! >> oh, my gosh! a little boy wouldn't stop crying but -- >> mom couldn't figure out what was wrong, grandma couldn't either. >> what doctors discovered that left them baffled. >> oh, my good mornish, how did there? climbers scatter after construction workers spot them -- >> playing on what they are trying to build. >> see who wins one high stakes game of cat and mouse. we have christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best of the web, including a designer dog.
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why this micro pit bull has one big price tag. >> that's a condo. >> i'm sorry. that's so crazy. well, it may be warming up for some of us, other parts of the country and canada can expect more of this in their future. >> that looks nasty. >> according to the poster of this video, this part of the transpacific in canada was closed for various reasons. you can barely see what is happening, but a couple snowmobilers happen along to assist drivers that become trapped on the side of the road. they brought blankets, they brought food and they brought fuel. >> and that's cool. they are just regular people. they are not police officers or firefighters. >> i don't know about that. maybe this is how they should be doing that. you hear of people getting stranded all the time and snowmobiles are the perfect vehicle to do it. which is very canadian if you think about it.
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>> don't tell me something happens to them because this is "right this minute." >> as the guys jump back onto the snowmobiles, everything seems to be going according to plan. >> no! no! no! no! no! no. >> oh, my gosh! >> when out of absolutely nowhere, that semi truck enters shop and just plows into the pair of them. they don't even see it coming. >> are they okay? >> one was thrown off the side and ended up in the ditch relatively unharmed, but bob scott took a pretty direct hit from that truck and ended up with a broken arm and a broken leg. however, his injuries were not fatal and he's now recovering in the hospital. but you can kind of see how it happens. not a few seconds later, the truck has done some shots. we have completely lost side of it. >> i thought you said the road was closed? >> well, that's the thing. apparently the road was shut down, but this semi truck not only appeared to be on this section of the road, but
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traveling far too fast. the little child you see here was crying nonstop. mom couldn't figure out what was wrong. grandma couldn't either. it was like finding a needle in a hay stack when they took the child to the doctor and figured out, they ran an x-ray, there was a needle in the child's belly. >> oh, my gosh, how did it get there? >> according to reports, the grandma was sewing so she had laid a needle on the table. he grabbed the needle and put it in his own belly. it was probably a combination of it getting stuck in his clothes and then on the table which the needle ended up going through his belly and through his stomach cavity. >> did they have to do intensive surgery to get that out? >> oh, absolutely. >> it could perforate the stomach and intestines.
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>> it must have gone deep for them to do that. >> yes, this was a very serious case. they did have to intervene surgical surgic. fortunately, the were able to take it out and the child will be just fine, but mom and grandma were blown away at how quickly something that seemed so silly and simple created such a big problem for their child. and there's a second video where you see the baby at the hospital post-op. and don't worry, he's going to be just fine. >> the kid was just trying to sew up his belly button. we talk about it often, the adventure thrill-seekers. >> there are consequences. >> of course it is all fun and games until it's not. sudsenly, they've got company. >> somebody is not happy to have them there. >> that's one of the construction workers k. y. can you imagine? they are playing out on what they are trying to build. >> these guys can climb and jump
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over anything. >> nay are having a good time trying to escape. they are still getting a video out of it. >> this running back was forwards. they are like confused rats right now. >> they are in a maze because, again, they didn't expect to get caught. here you see this dude on a ledge, he jumped down to another ledge, they jumped down onto another floor. >> there's no way they are going to get caught. >> there are too many of them going in nine different directions. their footsteps must sound like thunder throughout the building. >> honestly, these guys are probably just enjoying it. they are being chased around by security, get away, it's the story. >> cat and mouse. >> and quite the adrenaline rush. here you see them jump down to another floor. >> that looks set up. >> that was very fortuitously placed, that jumping pad. >> i wonder if it's a set-up to get a good video out of it. was that guy really a security guard or just another one of them? >> one of them said they got arrested. >> however, we didn't hear that from the police. this continues to be them adding
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more mystic to their video in hopes it gets out there more. >> while it seems like a game or funny, it's not funny to law enforcement or fun or funny to the construction workers or the people paying for all of it. dating back to the time of ancient greek, humans have had a special relationship with the dolphins. but this one got sketchy in australia. you see a pod of dolphins along the coast and the surf on the surfboard, watch what happens. >> oh! did he get him? >> oh, he got him all right. listen to this. >> i hit him. >> it starts to give way. >> sam says he was uninjured but it hit him on the head, shoulder and back. after that happened, he said, the dolphins seemed to communicate with each other like, watch out for that guy up there. >> that's crazy. >> it is crazy. but kind of cool for him that he wasn't hurt and got real up
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close and personal. these dolphins right here, they don't need a surfboard to surf, these are dolphins spotted in new zealand. they are about the smallest of the dolphins and are very rare. but as you can see in this video, they love to body surf. check them out. >> it's cool to see that it is their playground, too. >> it really is perfect. i wish i knew how to surf so i could get out there and enjoy it with them. but maybe it is better. my best friend anita got a view of dolphins. she's currently in new zealand with her husband, ken. and she was excited when this happened. >> oh, my god. this is amazing. >> oh, yes, it's amazing. anita and her husband didn't take me on a trip, that's not amazing, but they are having a great time wiking, which is wine and hiking together. but they stopped to do this. >> oh, my god. it's time to do digging but
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delays. now from abc7, live breaking news. >> i'm in the newsroom with breaking news out of san francisco. sky 7 is flying over the scene valencia street and 16th in the mission district. police say there's a man walking on the streets in valencia with a gun and that forced police to lock down that area, talking between 16th and 18, a very busy
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area with lots of restaurants and shops and people. police are saying the man is barricaded in that building. sky 7 is focused in on that. the 500 block of valencia and 16th and valencia. tweeting that is a single room occupancy hotel in which a man is barricaded. we gathered information from sfpd that says the barricaded man had a gun walking up and down valencia and why they have a lockdown for the whole area right now as we speak. people have to stay inside, lock their doors. they're not allowing any cars or pedestrians to get on that street or area right now. if you're not there and thinking of heading there, please do not avoid san francisco valencia street and the mission between 16th street and 18th. a woman locked inside the thai
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restaurant on valencia street sent us some pictures. we'll that up for you in a little bit. you see rebecca pierce's picture of the scene of police vehicles, we're talking officers as well as hostage crisis negotiations teams right now, trying to insure nobody gets hurt as this drama is being played out right now as they reported seeing a man with a gun walking up and down valencia and now holed up in a building melanie woodrow tweeted was a single room occupies hotel -- occupancy hotel. these are pictures inside the thai restaurant. we are looking at a live look at valencia and 16th. you can see no traffic passing through or cars on what normally is a very busy street. you see parked vehicles and police vehicles.
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you don't see people walking around for that area is highly unusual due to this breaking news situation because of a man with a gun that's forced sfpd to lock down valencia street and 18th street. we want to share additional information to you. this first came in within the past half hour. police are telling us that they saw a barricaded suspect with a gun, so shelter in place has been ordered for the mission distribute the valencia street section between 16th and 18. you can see police put up a perimeter tape that expanded in the last 15 minutes. we also see police officers and people. there is somebody right there. we will zero in on somebody on the roof of the building there, if you can get a close look at that. they obviously don't want people to be walking about because they understand the man on that
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street does have a gun. people did see it. this is also being treated as if it's a possible explosive incident although we have not heard anything go off at this point in the last 20, 30 minutes. beat officers are currently being brought in from other parts of the city, we're told, to try to control the crowd and keep people out and keep people safe. if you're in that area, do not go out there into the street right now as police try to resolve this situation. they are considering it a very dangerous situation. they are telling people to shelter in place. that applies to the people -- many many people in the many many businesses that would normally be operating on busy valencia street between 16th and 18th right now in san francisco. s fpd did tweet a couple different times.
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we want to share those with you. the latest we have, they're trying to communicate with that suspect, man walking on the street with a gun now barrica barricaded. you're looking at the building in question there. in the meantime, police and the hostage negotiations team tried to establish contact and bring a peaceful resolution to this conflict right now and telling people, all pedestrians and cars to avoid the area, talking about 16th, 17th, 18th. that is sfpd tweeting the latest situation. we want to let you know businesses have been told to lock their doors. you can imagine a frightening situation for people who might be inside. we're not certain what type of weapon, device, gun, we heard that generic word being used but reports of an incendiary device.
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we saw officers going door-to-door to the businesses and homes on that street, valencia, to tell people to stay safe and stay inside. right now, this is one of the tweets we've been talking about from san francisco police. you can see officers there with the binoculars, taking a close look at the building in question. the crisis hostage negotiations team creating time and space, time and distance, that is, in an attempt to apprehend the suspect with a peaceful outcome. creating time and distance, suggesting not just barging into that building where the man is believed to be holed up but perhaps just giving him the time and the distance to meantime talk to him to try to get him to surrender voluntarily. right now, let's show you video, pictures sent by rebecca pierce
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at a restaurant on valencia. she captured pictures of officers talking and looking tense and going to the different business storefronts checking on people as they figure out what's going on with the armed suspect who has barricaded himself in on 16th and valencia. a shelter in place has been ordered and sky 7 giving us an aerial view. that intersection is totally locked down, no cars passing through, and you see officers walking around. no pedestrians. this is an area with lots of residences as well as businesses. they do believe an armed suspect is inside the building. he has barricaded himself inside and obviously police have an interest in making sure that people stay out of any possible line of fire.
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so we're looking at the scene right there. some people should get out of the street if they're civilian, what police are saying right now. several officers are there. we are seeing more and more patrol cars in the last 10 minutes. we understand beat officers are being brought in from other parts of the city to assist with any type of crowd control. looks like they're doing a pretty good job of that. right now, an officer from sfpd is joining us by phone. we appreciate your time. this is just unfolding, if you the latest what's happening there and whether people need to stay inside right now. >> that's correct. right now, the incident is still developing and we have units on
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scene, sfpd resources such as hostage negotiations and crisis teams cryitrying to create the outcome and apprehend the suspect. we have a barricaded suspect with a firemen. shortly before 2:00 p.m. this afternoon we received a call about a person with a firemen. that person with a firearm has now bear ca-- barricaded themselves on the 500 block of valencia. a perimeter has been set up and we have request eed businesses d shelters to stay in place. we're asking for people to stay away from the area due to the traffic congestion. >> officer, this is really important. i'll ask you this question. we did see chopper shots of officers appearing to be on a
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roof. do you want us to not show that from a tactical perspective? >> that's correct. >> sky 7 chopper avoid showing officers on the roof. we want to get that squared aquickly. also, want to ask you, people called in and saw the report of the firearm. is there any report this man fired the weapon? >> not csure. can't confirm the sex of the suspect and we don't have any reports of the firing of the firearm. we don't have reports of anyone injured at this point or anyone barricaded with that suspect. we have our hostage negotiations team there to handle the situation. that's not because we have information regarding a hostage. >> have you made contact with the suspect yet? >> i can't confirm that information at this point. >> is that in fact a single room
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occupancy hotel? >> i can't confirm the location of where the suspect is barricaded at this point. >> okay. but is it one building you're zeroing in on? >> it is one building we're z o zeroing in on, however, due to the fact that we have our officers in multiple locations and on rooftops, which we're hoping that we don't display on your live feeds, that it doesn't compromise the tactical operation that's under foot right now. >> absolutely. that is vital. we do also see ground shots of officers running around on valencia. are they going around trying to insure people are staying inside, getting out of the street? >> we are doing a number of things for areas that we feel is best to have residents shelter in place. we're doing that. and in areas we feel it should
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be evacuated, we're having those officers advise those people as well. >> can you talk a little bit about what types of businesses and what kind of residences are in that two block area? >> sure. this is a very dense area in the mission district where there are offices and restaurants and markets as well residencies from apartment buildings to -- like you mentioned, single residents occupancy, a highly dense areas. this is affecting a number of people, a lot of people that go through this area with b.a.r.t. close by. and it being on a friday afternoon, people are going to
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want to start their weekends on such a beautiful day. unfortunately, this is impacting the whole area due to the incident. >> can you talk a little bit about the police presence? obviously, you have beat officers in that area, but anybody else coming in to assist? >> sure. i can't really speak to any resources from outside the mission district. it's possible we have requested additional resources. our hostage negotiations team has been called to the scene as well as specialized units to help lock down the perimeter. the mission is a business police district as well. so those calls for service also have to be handle. aside from handling this very important incident. >> just one last question for you. i know you have a lot more work
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to do. in terms of your tactic with the suspect right now, are you taking more of a wait and see approach or do you anticipate officers will be making a move towards that building soon? >> right now, we don't have any reason to go in and rush into the situation, we are constantly assessing the situation, and trying to create a peaceful outcome and putting this person into custody. we're trying to do everything we can to create time and distance and get the best outcome so that no one gets hurt, which includes officer, the suspect as well as the public in the area. >> okay. officer robert recca with the san francisco police department. thank you for your time. we're happy to hear nobody has been injured to this point and hope it stays that way. what you need the public to do is shelter in place, take cover,
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stay inside and if they're not there, do not go to the area, is that correct? >> that's correct. if you see officers and they're giving out in instructions to evacuate, please listen to them and be ready to leave quickly. this is a developing information and things can change very quickly. we have a lot of officers in the area to make sure the public is safe and that the incident is controlled and we create the best outcome from this. >> officer, one more question. you haven't gotten any new information on this suspect since we began talking? >> that's correct. i have not received any of that. >> thank you very much. let's go to abc reporter melanie woodrow out there gathering information. as soon as she is able to set up a live picture for us and talk with us live at the scene, we will do so. in the meantime, we want to take
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a look at the situation, just to recap, if you're just joining us, we're on the air with breaking news out of san francisco. we put up a map so you understand where this is happening. it is on valencia street, a busy section between 16th and 18th, closed right now, this neighborhood on lockdown since about 2:00, because of a report of an armed man who has now barricaded himself inside the bui building. we say man with caution because the officer did say they're not confirming the gender, however, that this is report we have gotten that people saw man who was armed, who barricaded himself in a building there at 16th and valencia as a result, san francisco police and the hostage negotiations team are out there.
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they are trying to give that suspect some time and distance to not put additional pressure on the situation and hopefully there will be a good outcome and ending to this with nobody getting hurt. we do want to let you know there have been no injuries and no report of an actual gun or weapon of some type being fired. due to that being the fear, people in those businesses, in those apartments are being asked to stay inside. we're taking a look at some ground video for you that we shot in the area on valencia. you can see officers, we talked about why they're out there. they're trying to insure people are safe inside so they stay out of any potential line of fire. officers who have come in from other districts, precincts as well. we're doing our best to not show
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any strategic rooftop locations officers may have taken up as they keep an eye on the suspect who reportedly has a firemen and was according to witness reports walking up and down valencia street waving it around until they eventually barricaded themselves. you did hear from san francisco police telling us they don't have any word there is a hostage inside with this suspect, so they hope that is the case. we will stay on the story for you. our reporter, melanie woodrow will stay on the case and our news comes up in a half hour. you can download our abc7 news app and we will have breaking developments and on "abc news".com. in the meantime, we will send
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you back or to world news with david muir start start start sta tonight, the one-two punch.a major nor'easter that's brewing next. temperatures bringing -- plunging overnight. also tonight, where's the proof? jon karl, pressing the president. and michael flynn, what we've learned about him. breaking news from the justice apartment. and the new photo scandal gets worse. images of women in the military in multiple places. and the new plea from the top marine. and when p


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