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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 10, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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this is the crown hotel where police are trying to get that person out of their hotel room and disarm them. >> we want to show you the area on a map. it's here at valencia and 16th street. the area under lockdown, no one is allowed in, no one is allowed out. >> it's been going on like this for quite some time. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. this all started when the manager of the hotel went door to door to tell the tenants they were going to spray for pesticides and a person got upset and pulled out a gun. >> we want to get right to melanie woodrow with the very latest live from the scene. melanie. >> reporter: dan and kristen, this may be an example of those de-escalation tactics that we've heard about recently. san francisco creating time and space. you can see the streets here are largely empty. san francisco police officers have moved the perimeter several times in the last couple of hours absolutely clearing the area on valencia and 16's streets. we have some video from sky 7 to show you what it looked like a
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couple of hours ago. when we arrived here on the scene, we were told by police officers to move to the side of the street, to hug the wall, especially if we saw other officers hugging the wall. as you mentioned, this is all going down at the crown hotel, a single room occupancy hotel on valencia just past 16th street where as you also mentioned a source has told abc 7 news this may have began when a manager went door to door telling residents or tenants inside this sro that they would be spraying for pesticides and an individual pulled a gun. we had heard reports at one point that that individual possibly had some type of incendiary device. of course there were other people inside the sro. they had to be evacuated. residents told us they were asked to leave the sro in a single file line. we spoke with one woman who described what it was like. >> we were just sitting in the room and we heard the pounding on the door. we didn't know what it was. then we opened the door and the officer said, you know, you guys need to go, we're evacuating the
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building. and we -- i didn't even trip until after he said that, i heard the helicopters outside and thought uh-oh, something is really going on. >> reporter: and police have set up a command post at 17th and valencia. there's a spokesperson there that's updating abc 7 news right now. of course this is a busy area here in the mission. there are people that live here, work here. we can see just a handful of people that are still standing out here tonight likely wanting to get home and enjoy the rest of their evening. live in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> all right, thanks very much. sergio quintana is also out there. he picks up our team coverage now. >> you have a police sergeant with you right now, is that right? >> yeah, melanie had just mentioned that he's here to give us some information. this is sergeant with the police department. he's giving a little bit of a briefing. i'll ask him a couple of questions. >> you were trying to create time and space so you could apprehending this person safety
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and peacefully. >> the priority is to bring this to a peaceful resolution and we're not in a hurry. the subject is in an apartment, contained and time is on our side. we will continue to make contact and negotiate and hopefully the person will come out peacefully. >> what's the biggest challenge, especially in this neighborhood with this situation? >> right now the neighborhood is pretty well sealed off. as we know, it's a very densely populated area, a business area. particularly on a friday night. we have valencia between 16th and 17th shut down and evacuated. 16th street between mission and guerrero is also shut down. so it will be an impact to american anlts. there will be an impact to residents but the priority is to bring by a peaceful resolution. >> some people have come by and asked if they should go to work. what should people know and how should they handle the situation if they're trying to get into the neighborhood. >> it's difficult to predict how long this will take. we're going to take our time, try to contact this person and
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negotiate a peaceful surrender. so i can't tell you how long. if i was coming to work for a 5:00 or 6:00 shift, i would anticipate if you're in the inclusion area, you won't be coming to work. >> you may have mentioned you know who this person is because she's a resident. >> this is a known suspect, the occupant of the apartment. the apartment is on the third floor of the building. and that's really all i can tell you. >> right over your shoulder is an armored vehicle. there's a bomb squad here. tell me about why it's necessary to have some of these assets out here. >> standard protocol. when the special operations group is summoned to the scene, these are the assets we bring and that is aehicle in the event something happens and we need to extract a victim, an officer, that they have protection to extract that person. >> we'll ask you more in a little while but thank you a bunch. they're still trying to make sure they have a full grasp on the situation. obviously as he mentioned, this
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is a very busy neighborhood and they are still trying to make contact with that resident so this is something that they plan on being here for a while as long as they can make contact with that person and safely resolve this whole situation. i'm sergio quintana, abc 7 news. >> nice works, sergio, thank you. one more look live from sky 7 over the crown hotel and the area that is under lockdown, as police try to continue their negotiations and try to get the barricaded -- we want to say woman now because sergio did use she and the police officer did not dispute that to surrender peacefully and end this situation. for now, our coverage continues on the abc 7 news app. if you download it and enable push alerts, you'll get updates on your phone or tablet. let's move on for the moment. a large search is under way for a missing bay area woman who disappeared while hiking with her dog. you can see how hard it is to look, lots of trees, lots of ground to cover, rugged terrain.
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search crews are looking on skyline near kings mountain road and that's where this woman was last seen. lyanne melendez is live from the command center with more on this. >> reporter: well, the search, dan, began last night and they are focusing on a two and a half mile area which is not very big, but very difficult because of the terrain. now, i have to say there is a small army of volunteers here and that's a good sign because when you have that many people, it probably means they are optimistic for several reasons. the weather here mild and there is plenty of water. >> bethnee. >> reporter: search crews called out the missing hiker's name. bethnee haury went missing yesterday when she went hiking with her dog. >> she was seen about 4:10 p.m. yesterday afternoon and her husband reported her missing at 7:45 when she had not returned to their residence. >> she is a 56-year-old woman,
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5'5" tall, 140 pounds, wearing yoga pants and a pink shirt. she was last seen on skyline boulevard in woodside. she and her husband and son were staying in a nearby bed and breakfast. they are from mountain view. there is concern for her health. >> she has early onset dementia and we're worried about where it is that she might be and if she knows where she is. >> how about diabetes? >> she may have early on set of diabetes. she can go three days without injections. >> reporter: search crews have responded, san mateo, santa clara, contra costa and marin counties. more than 70 trained volunteers are helping as well as 13 search and rescue dogs. horses are being used because the terrain is steep and has a lot of switch backs. from sky 7 one can see how challenging it is for teams to locate anything. a cal fire helicopter was also helping in the search, which will continue through the night.
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so far there is nothing to suggest foul play. in wood side, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. a student is facing felony charges for threatening fellow students. deputies arrested the boy just after 7:00 this morning. they say he claimed to have had a gun wanting to shoot several classmates with it. deputies say the youngster had apparently been bullied. yesterday's shooting on interstate 80 is part of a growing pattern. laura anthon is live along that freeway near pinole with new details just released today about the suspects and the victims, laura. >> reporter: kristen, this is about how fast or slow, as it were, traffic was moving yesterday afternoon when the shooting started. investigators do believe the victims were targeted and have made three arrests, but they say it's still part of an alarming trending in the bay area. >> i would hesitate to try to speculate as to why someone would endanger all these in that lives on the freeway.
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>> reporter: within hours of thursday's brazen shooting on interstate 80 in richmond, chp investigators say they have three young men in custody. 24-year-old elliott john henry johnson and two 17-year-olds. >> these are heinous events. these events are so dangerous to the motoring public, the vast majority of which are innocent bystanders. >> reporter: it happened as traffic crawled along east 80 near san pablo avenue. a car pulled up to a honda oughtacy and leaving two people in grave condition. witnesses provided information that led police to the suspect's silver car in richmond's iron triangle. >> the reason this case was solved so quickly was due to several outstanding witnesses, including an off-duty police officer, coming forward and providing us with information. >> reporter: a special chp task force is working on 80 incidents
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involving gunfire in just the past 15 months. that includes last month's murder of a young man on highway 4. >> our residents are not able to travel safely on our freeways. >> reporter: they want caltrans to set up license plate readers. >> we have gang members that have chosen to take their rivalry off the city streets and go onto the freeway. still ahead, what may look like an ordinary restaurant is in fact ground zero in a growing political movement. that's next. plus -- and that's only a fraction of how long the applause lasted for supreme court justice sonia sotomayor. what she wants everyone to know tonight. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. spring is in the air. i'll let you know if this is going to continue for your weekend and beyond straight ahead. and we're still keeping an eye on our breaking news. a person barricaded with a gun
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police are calling a man a hero after he rushed to save a woman from her burning home in san rafael this morning. meantime 17 other people are out of their homes tonight. wayne freedman has the latest. >> reporter: this is the san rafael apartment that tonight is both the scene of a tragedy and also a heroic act. >> the living room was all flames. like about chin height. there was -- after that there was smoke everywhere. >> reporter: we met him in the emergency room at marin general hospital. he is the neighbor who heard the alarm, rushed in and saw a 49-year-old woman lying unconscious on the floor. first he tried to pick her up. >> but she was so hot that it burned me to touch her, you
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know. >> was she on fire? >> she was not on fire, but the burns were pretty bad. like she was like -- like you could see the skin peeling off. >> reporter: the san rafael fire department says the blaze began at about 9:15 this morning in a lower apartment with smoke floating up into the units above. emill escaped from a window and firemen pulled out his baby and wife. >> i was sleeping. i just heard the alarm. >> reporter: the fact that other apartments did not burn is a miracle. officially fire investigators have yet to name a cause. unofficially, neighbors have their own theories about the woman in that burned apartment. >> she does like to burn incense, so something must have caught fire, but she was passed out. she wasn't able to catch the fire. >> reporter: we have one certainty, demetrius can sleep knowing he did his best to save a life. he is not comfortable, however, with being called a hero.
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>> most people in the situation i feel like would have done the same thing. >> reporter: in san rafael, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. in oakland, police are looking for anyone who saw an early morning crash involving a police cruiser. sky 7 shows you broadway near ridgway avenue where the officer slammed into a lamp post about 5:25 this morning. the officer went to the hospital, is going to be okay. another driver was also involved in the crash. that other driver was not hurt. police say the officer was headed to a priority call when he crashed. in the south bay, vta light rail service is back to normal after a train hit a man on the tracks. sky 7 was over the southwest expressway in san jose just after it happened around 10:45 this morning. the man went to the hospital. police say he ignored the warning bells, lights and crossing arm and just walked across the tracks. no one else was hurt. first berkeley, now stanford. supreme court justice sonia sotomayor is offering students
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insight about life and her job with the highest court in the land. lonnie rivera is there. >> reporter: they gave her a standing ovation even before justice sonia sotomayor spoke one word on the stanford memorial auditorium stage. she was appointed to the supreme court in 2009 by president obama, but today the first latina justice connected with students as a former law student herself. >> i figured out first how to be a generally informed citizen. >> reporter: she told the audience curious people go further, and that curiosity helped to shape her as a person long before she became a supreme court justice. sotomayor wasted no time taking questions from curious students. >> what were your greatest fears and hopes upon joining the supreme court? >> would i be good enough. >> she walked through the crowd, shook hands, stopped for photos and just talked about how to make it in the world.
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>> but how do you deal with the fact that your incredible success has given you a perspective that's completely different from that of many people with whom you'd like to empathize. >> living in two worlds. i'm a member of a lot of different worlds, but i don't feel at home completely, completely at home in any of them. this is the hardest judging job there is. because every single case we get is hard. >> reporter: she says being a supreme court justice is still a work in progress. nothing prepares you for it. but having varied life experiences helps. in palo alto, loni rivera, abc 7 news. house minority leader nancy pelosi from san francisco says she had planned to retire if hillary clinton had won the white house rather than donald trump. >> none of us thought hillary wouldn't win. we knew she would win.
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this was, oh, my gosh, it was really shocking. but anyway, that motivated me to stay. >> pelosi says she remains focused on fighting republican efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. another san francisco restaurant has declared itself a sanctuary restaurant. don ramon's mexican restaurant posted this sign at the entrance. the restaurant hopes it can calm fears from its staff which has expressed concern about rumored immigration raids. the designation does not have any legal standing, but the owner says it has taught her how to protect her employees' legal rights. >> they have to have a warrant. they can't just come in and say, hey, now i know that all your employees are illegal. wait a minute, how do you know ? >> the golden gate restaurant association is encouraging more restaurants to declare themselves sanctuaries. the group is hosting a workshop at dan ramon's on march 20th.
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a beautiful ending to the workweek. take a look at the highs today. we got up to 77 in cloverdale, 72 in san rafael. you notice a lot of low to mid-70s. san francisco, 70 degrees this afternoon. a nice, mild one and a beautiful view from our santa cruz camera where some people are out and about enjoying the sun. plenty of sun for your saturday, just as nice on sunday. low 60s to mid-70s both days and it's a little warmer on monday. we're going to be pushing 80 degrees for our warmest spots. live doppler 7 showing you the batch of high clouds starting to shift on out of here. we had quite a bit of them earlier today but now blue skies from our abc 7 news exploratorium camera and a great day to go sailing. we're even seeing the moon out there, it's just so pretty outside right now. here's a look at your temperatures. 62 in san francisco. if you're stepping out, you don't need to worry about a jacket, at least not yet. oakland 67, and you're watching some high clouds there. a look at the temperatures, all
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in the low 70s from santa rosa to novato, concord, livermore 68 degrees. one other live picture, look up tonight from our east bay hills camera. the sunset will be especially beautiful with those wispy clouds there. don't forget to send us your pictures, #abc7now. our mild pattern continuous the next several days. there's a slight chance of rain for wednesday. here's a look at what you can expect this evening. the sun goes down at 6:13. there will be plenty of sun. at 8:00 it's a pleasant evening, still mild. by 10:00 p.m. you will need a jacket or sweater. 50s and patchy fog by midnight with temperatures in the 50s. by morning they'll fall. a little cooler than this morning. mid-40s to low 50s. watch out if you have early plans. there will be some patches of fog around. if your kids have games saturday morning, you don't need to worry about it being wet but the fog is something you'll have to watch out for. between 5:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. the fog will sit right around
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the east bay shoreline. around the coastline at 8:00 a.m. and then the fog just burns off. for the afternoon it will be lovely enough to hit the beach in the middle of winter. yes, you heard right. mild sunshine, light breeze, 73 in santa cruz, 63 at ocean beach. highs for your saturday will look like this. in the south bay, mild conditions. 74 san jose, 72 sunnyvale. on the peninsula, mid-60s to the low 70s. 64 in half moon bay. if you like bright conditions, lots of sun, san francisco is the place to be. 66 degrees. north bay, mid-70s around santa rosa, calistoga. east bay, 75 in livermore.e. st. patrick's day parade, you'll see green and blue for the festival. 11:00 a.m. 61 degrees. at 2:00 p.m. bright and mild and 51 at 5:00 p.m. michael finney will be anchoring the live coverage tomorrow so make sure you get out there, enjoy and say hello to michael. accuweather seven-day forecast,
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temperatures low 60s to mid-70s both days. don't forget we spring forward sunday morning. 2:00 a.m. becomes 3:00 a.m. you lose an hour of sleep but gain an hour of daylight. i'm not looking forward to losing that hour of sleep. warm conditions monday and tuesday with near 80 inland. cooling down wednesday, chance of rain in the north bay but it's just a slight chance as we head into thursday, friday, temperatures bounce right back. dan and kristen. looking perfect for you know what. michael finney anchoring our live coverage of the san francisco st. patrick's day parade. our coverage begins tomorrow at noon on air and on the abc 7 news app and at after you enjoy the parade, tomorrow night you can watch the warriors and spurs only on abc 7. the two are battling for the top seed in the western conference. the game tips off at 5:30 p.m. >> all right. we have a date. a long-awaited b.a.r.t. expansion will open to the public this month. that story next. then at 5:30 on world news
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with david muir. coming up tonight, the major storm and now the nor'easter next. multiple accidents already. travelers stuck at airports and we're tracking that powerful nor'easter now. the nude photo scandal getting worse tonight and the attack on an american highway. the driver surrounded, coming up. >> thank you, we'll see you then. new at 6:00, find out why young and healthy women, especially
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los angeles police are on the lookout for eye makeup thieves. they got away with more than $4.5 million worth of product. officers say the thieves cut a hole in the roof of the company's warehouse and stole 100,000 packets of the modern renaissance eye shadow palettes. it's the most popular product. one of the bay area's best known breweries has suddenly shut down. speak easy ales and lagers has
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closed the tap room. they tried more than a year to secure the capital it got going. two years ago the brewery borrowed $7.5 million to expand. leftover inventory has been shipped to distributors. spi holdings and dennis wong plan to reopen the rink. it comes after the planning commission rejected their bid to tear down the rink and replace it with stores. wong admitted he had misjudged the civic devotion to the ice rink. now an update for a new opening day for b.a.r.t.'s warm springs extension in fremont. sky 7 was over the 5.4 mile extension that connects the existing fremont station to the south fremont station. opening day, march 25th. the transit agency provided this video of the warm springs extension. it offers more than 2,000 parking spaces, 42 electric car charging stations and intermowedal connections to ac transit and vta buses. stay with us, new life for a
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butterfly. how one is going from san bruno to san francisco without using wings. but first, we're getting lots of pictures from above. we got this picture of the golden gate bridge with some fog, just a gorgeous shot. >> jennifer sent us this image. it's like they're sitting on the edge of the world. >> and this photographer shows us lake merritt in all its glory. >> share your pictures with us on social media using
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coming up tonight at 6:00, we'll ting live team coverage of a lockdown in the mission district because of a woman with a gun. and find out how much harder it got for a man accused of stalking teenage girls to get out of jail. and michael finney will explain why you shouldn't try to do it yourself braces. >> that's all coming up in a half hour at 6:00.
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finally here, it was moving day in san francisco's presidio. >> not for humans but for these little guys, caterpillars. they picked 1500 of them from plants in san bruno this morning. >> they placed them one by one on bushes. next month they'll change into beautiful butterflies. >> it was native to the area but was pushed out by drought and habitat laws. native restoration will allow it to thrive once again. >> this is the sixth native wildlife species reintroduced to the presidio since 1994. >> placing them one by one is a labor of love. world news tonight is coming up next. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. for all of us here, we appreciate your time. we'll see you again at 6:00. >> in the meantime we leave you with sky 7 over our breaking news situation on valencia street in san francisco where a woman continues to be barricaded inside an sro hotel. >> yes, police have surrounded
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the area, closed off some of the surrounding parts of the building a tonight, the one-two punch. a major nor'easter that's brewing next. the first round already sending drivers off the roads. travelers stuck at airports today. temperatures plunging overnight. and the next powerful storm, coming next. also tonight, where's the proof? jon karl, pressing the president. and michael flynn, what we've now learned about him. breaking news from the justice department. more than 40 u.s. attorneys told to hand in their resignations. but is this standard procedure? and the new photo scandal gets worse. images of women in the military in multiple places. and the new plea from the top marine. you'll hear it. and our undercover investigation. and when parents send their gay teens away. controversial gay conversion


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