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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 10, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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what's the latest where you are? >> reporter: around 5:00 when we talked to you last, we could see the building where there is all happening. but since then, the police have decided that because that person is now in an evacuated building and could potentially have the run of that building, and it is a tall building that can see a whole lot of the street, this he figure it's probably just safe to move us around the corner so that we would not be in this potential, this person with a guns potential line of sight. now, there are two blocks along valencia evacuated including people who are at strawns and other businesses. we were able to talk this afternoon with one, actually a couple women who were inside one of the restaurants and they were evacuated. >> so we're being evacuated from the building. i've been in kind of tense situations before. so i was the scariest part for me was having to run into the street without cover.
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thought i had better run really fast. and i wanted to keep track of my friend make sure we both got outside. i didn't -- i wasn't sure what to expect. >> a decision was made at some point that it would be safer to move these people out of the area in the event that the subject emerged with a firearm. generally there will be police officers too to cover the people while they're moving from their residence or their business. >> reporter: at this point, the police have told us that all the businesses that are in the potential line of sight have been evacuated. as are all the residentses and anyone who is inside the single occupancy hotel where this had potential, this person with a gun is being holed up. so right now, there are two blocks of valencia street that are pretty much blocked off. there is not any pedestrian track or vehicle traffic going through there. so if you are going to be in this area, be aware that it's going to be difficult to get
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around whether you're walking or driving. and this is a situation that's going to continue until they can safely resolve this situation. reporting live in the mission district of san francisco, mr. abc7 news. >> not clear how long that will be, sergio. danny o'brien captured pictures of police vehicles including the bomb squad at 17th and valencia streets along one edge of the police rim ter. when news happens where you are and the #abc7 now to your photos when you post them online so we can see your perspectiving. > abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow with more coverage. >> what are you learned in the last couple hours. >> reporter: dan and kristin, this is an example of san francisco police creating time and space as they work to de-escalate the situation. they've moved the perimeter here back a couple of times. you heard my colleague say he was also moved. we heard that the news choppers were being asked to keep even greater distance so as not to the interfere with the
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negotiations going on with this individual inside the crown hotel. we have both video from sky 7 and some ground shots to show you from earlier this afternoon. this was at 16th and valencia when we first arrived here on the scene, police officers immediately told us to hug the wall especially if we saw other officers doing that. hugging the wall, hugging businesses along va lens yaes street because they really weren't sure what they were dealing with. there were even reports at one point this individual might have had some type of incendiary device. we later learned from a source this all started with when a manager went door to door at this telling occupants they were going to be spraying pesticides. when that happened, allegedly, an individual pulled a gun than brought us to the situation that we're at right now. of course, there were other occupants inside the sro. they had to be evacuated. they were told to gather their things and leave in a single file line. we spoke with one individual
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what that was like. >> i just heard bang, bang, bang, a police officer saying evacuate the building. there's an emergency. and got to do it now, get dressed. he went knocking on every door and he was real adamant. no time to waste. came out of my room. they got those shields that will block bullets. and they had assault rifles, shotguns. heck of a lot of police in there. >> you can see there's a large armored vehicle there on valencia just across 16th street. the street absolutely clear at this point. this is a really popular area. it was a beautiful sunny friday afternoon. we saw dozens upon dozens of people out here. they've all been cleared. lots of them have found somewhere else to go as they figure out what to do this evening because those businesses are evacuated. they're no longer open for business right now. of course, people that live in this area have to go somewhere else for the time being. you get the sense out here that
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san francisco police also stay on the scene and maintain the scene on lockdown for as long as they need this evening. live in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> thank you so much. here's another live look from sky 7 looking down at the empty valencia street and the building in question. it all started around 2:00 p.. when san francisco police got reports of a person barricaded inside that crown hotel building in the mission district with a gun. police shut down va lens yaes street between 16th and 18th telling people to shelter in place or avoid the area completely. we'll continue to monitor the situation throughout the news cast and send outupdaes through the abc7 news ap free to download for apple and android devices. in the last 30 minutes, new details released by santa clara police about a shooting last night that left a 24-year-old man dead. janine day la vega joins us live to explain why officers deadly force was necessary here,
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janine? >> reporter: police say the man was uncooperative when they were negotiating with him. they said they had visited his home several times before and we just spoke with a captain and here's what he said prompted them to shoot. >> he lunged or advanced towards officer stewart at which point officer stewart used his service weapon. >> reporter: it was an intense situation that unfolded tuesday night. >> be advised he just stabbed himself in the chest in scanners is picked up what was up folding outside an apartment complex near scott boulevard and monroe street. officers were told a man was acting erratically. neighbors surrounded the area and had guns drawn. >> reach in his pockets. >> i know a lot of policemen were chasing somebody and they were jumping over wall. >> reporter: police were told the man had cut himself in the chest and was armed. the man ignored officer's commands. they first deployed a taser but
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it didn't have an effect. the officer feared for his life and fired his gun. >> shots fired. >> reporter: the coroner's office has not identified the man who died but neighbors say his name was jesus and he was in his mid 20s. friends say he attended college and worked at walgreens. >> he was a good guy because he always like talked to you friendly, nice, and he always was smiling. >> reporter: police found a bloody knife near the scene. the officer was wearing a camera which should help investigators. he's on routine administrative leave. neighbors say the mother of the man who was killed is heart broken. >> she was asked i asked four times to help my son because he was depressed. i didn't ask them to kill him. >> reporter: family and friends want answers. the department says it's being meticulous in its investigation. there hasn't been a deadly officer involved shooting in the city since 2015. in san tap clara, abc7 news. now breaking news from san francisco. in the last 30 minutes, the
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city's health department released an urgent warning about a toxic tea. this is what it looks like. health department says this herbal tea contains acconight, a deadly poison. it was purchased by two people from an herschelist at the sun wing wo trading company on grant avenue in china town. both a man and woman became severely ill and had to be hospitalized with life-threatening heart problems. the health department is now asking anyone who has this tea to throw it out immediately. new at 6:00, a man who attacked and stabbed french train hero spencer stone plead the guilty to attempted murder today. you may remember stone is one of three men who stopped a terrorist attack on a french train in 2015. just weeks later, stone was involved in a street brawl outside a sacramento bar. the man who stabbed him, james tran, agreed to a nine-year sentence. prosecutors say tran instigated the fight and did not know who stone was. a south bay man accused of stalking as many as 20 underage
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girls appeared in court for the first time today. 35-year-old rajih sanni was arrested his family's home. kate lawson was at his first court appearance nrs afternoon where the judge increased his bail substantially. >> rajeev sanhi is accused of stalking four underage girls. he lives in this cupertino house which investigators searched on wednesday. today his defense attorney and his father paul had nothing to say after a judge increased sanhi's bill from $200,000 to $1 million. >> i am pleased that the judge raised bail. he recognized the that he poses a risk to the society. >> reporter: district attorney rebecca weiss says the case against him is disturbing. police found photo collages of young girls and gifts they believe were insteaded for would be victims inside his house. based on that evidence,
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investigators believe there could be at least 19 alleged victims. >> you have a defendant who has targeted young women and young girls. and has annoyed and harassed them repeatedly over the course of the last few years. >> reporter: the initial stalking report came from a 14-year-old girl who says he followed her home more than a dozen times and repeatedly offered her money and presents. santa clara county sheriffs say he has applied for jobs and volunteer positions at churches and schools. and that he hands out this business card to girls promoting his book and website which is all about inner beauty, relationships, and jesus. today sheriff's investigators say since his breast, more churches and possible victims have come forward. reporting in palo alto, kate larson, abc7 news. a woman went for a walk with her dog yesterday and hasn't been seen since. dozens of people are searching for the her. find out what makes this case so urgent. >> the supreme court is trying
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to do justice for the development of law. >> tonight hear the advice supreme court justice sonia sotomayor is sharing with bay area students. they felt like i could not breathe. just. >> she's a young healthy mother and those are the factors that made her likely to suffer a heart attack from a rare condition that doctors are now getting better at diagnosing. >> spencer christian. our weekend is looking sunnier and milder. all the details coming up in my accuweather forecast. >> this week michael finney will anchor live coverage of the san francisco st. patrick's day parade. our coverage begins tomorrow at noon and on abc news ap and at abc7
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now we continue to keep an eye on a breaking news story tense situation in san francisco's mission district. now entering its fourth hour. look at this. we have live views here for you. you can see police and the bomb squad even and hostage negotiators. big presence in the mission district between 16th and 18th. police are negotiating with an armed suspect. barricaded inside the crown hotel. nd has forced a shutdown of two blocks as you can see blocked off by tape there. get updates on the breaking situation by downloading abc news ap and enabling push alerts. somewhere inside this forest of trees, searchers are hoping to find a woman who went liking and never came back. she and her dog left their b & b for a walk along skyline boulevard. 56-year-old bethany haury has dementia and needs insulin.
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we have updates on the search. >> and bethnee. >> reporter: search crews called out her name. bethnee went missing yesterday when she went hiking with her dog, an australian shepherd by the name of camaro. >> she was reported yesterday afternoon. her husband reported her missing. >> reporter: she is a 56-year-old woman, 5'5", 140 pounds wearing yoga pants and a pink shirt. she was last seen on skyline boulevard in woodside. she and her husband and son were staying in a breakfast. they are from mountain view. there was concern for her health. >> she has early on set of dementia. we're worried where it is she might be located at this point or if she knows where she is. >> how about diabetes be? >> it's type 2. it's not type one. she needs insulin but she can go three days without injections. >> reporter: search cruz from four sheriff's department have
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responded, san mateo, santa an clara, contra costa and marin county pds more than 70 trained volunteers are helping as well as search and rescue dogs. horses are being used because the terrain here is steep and has a lot of switchbacks. one can see how challenging it is for teams to locate anything but they are optimistic. >> we're in really good shape right now. the weather itself is not terrible. it's been quite mild. because of recent storms, we have a lot of water that's around. >> reporter: the cal fire helicopter was also helping in the search which will continue through the night. so far there is nothing to suggest foul play. in woodside, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. a new warning at oroville dam, that emergency spillway may be needed again next week if the lake overflows from melting snowpack and sform runoff. this is new video shared by the state department of water resources. as you can see, they're still repairing damage from last month when the emergency spillway was
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at risk of collapse. the main spillway was also badly erode bid all of the rushing water. a $3 billioned. bond measure is making its way through the state legislature tonight after the near disaster at oroville. governor brown and the senate president agreed that $500 million should be spent on flood protection this year. but they are at odds over how to pay for it going forward. the governor wants to use general funds while the senate leader favors a bond measure. spring is just around the corner and if you're an allergy sufferer, early predictions are it's not going to be a good year. record rainfall rescued us from drought conditions ins the bay area. experts say it's producing a do you knowside. a monster allergy season. >> we are pretty much just start offing to see all the plants go into bloom and getting a lot of patients from that. >> the feeling of being uncomfortable, lack of concentration, lack of focus. stuffiness, drippy nose. >> some patients are adopting a holistic approach to symptoms.
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for others over the counter allergy medications offer relief. if your allergies persist, consult a medical professional for help. >> after all this rain, stuff is it growing like crazy. allergies could be pretty bad this year. the question is what's going to happen over the weekend. >> everything is blooming now because it's so warm. >> i know it's tough for allergy sufferers. the weather has been lovely and it's going to be lovelier going into the weekends. here's a look at live doppler 7. mainly clear skies right now. the sun has officially set but the western sky is still aglow. how about some of today's high temperatures. clover dale a high of 77 today. numerous mid-70s in our inland areas and even right around the bay. 73 degrees was the high in redwood city today. 70 here in san francisco. now let's check out the sky. this is our roof top camera looking at a trace of the moon up in the clear sky there. it's currently of 3 here at san
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francisco. mid 60s at oakland, mountain view, san jose, 69 at gilroy and 59 at half moon bay. there's the wesh sky still aglow after the sun has set. 6 degrees right now in both santa rosa anna pa. 71 at concord and 65 at livermore. here's the view from looking out over san francisco. forecast futures are these. spring-like conditions through the weekend. this mild pattern will continue for the next seven days. we'll see an increase clouds midweek next week and slight chance of rain next wednesday. overnight, no chance of rain. maybe a patch or two of fog. low temperatures drop into the upper 40s to low 50s. it will be relatively mild overnight and milder tomorrow in the daytime with afternoon highs ranging from mid 60s at the coast to low 70s in some bayshore locations. mid-70s inching into upper 70s in the mildest inland locations tomorrow. and as we look at the pattern that has developed that has
6:20 pm
brought us this mild weather for the last several days, we've seen a center of high pressure centered to our east-southeast. clock wise circulation continues to bring mild to warm air up into the bay area even with high clouds the last day or two, still very mild conditions. those clouds will disappear over the weekend and give us sunny and mild conditions. let's move along. give you a little view of the beach in the background even though this is just a beach forecast. three-day forecast shows mild weather almost warm actually going through the next three days. so the beach might be a good place to go if you want to make the most of the mild weather. weekend warmup will produce temperatures well bob the average levels for this time of year. average high in oakland this time of year of 64. 70 by sunday. 67 here in san francisco by sunday and 2 in san jose. so the entire bay area is going to enjoy this warmup. here's the seven-day forecast. let's not forget to spring forward with our clocks over the weekend as we move into daylight
6:21 pm
saving time. then on monday, tuesday of next week, the mild weather remains with highs near 80 inland at the beginning of next week. then the extra clouds on wednesday. a little bit of a cooldown. maybe a sprinkle or two. mainly in the north bay. and then later in the week, it gets sunnier and milder all over again. >> you asked about the parade weather. it looks wonderful. >> great for the parade tomorrow. it does. tonight, "hamilton" takes the stage for the first time in the bay area. we'll need more than luck getting tickets. they are available. some for just $10 each. we'll let you know how to enter for tickets to the hottest show in town. that's next. >> tomorrow night watch the warriors and spurs only and abc7. the two teams are battling for the top seed in the w
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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happening tonight, "hamilton" makes its debut in san francisco. the musical takes the stage at the orpheum theater tonight. tickets cost big bucks too on stubhub. but some lucky people stwroent break the bank to see the show. producers have 44 $10 tickets to each performance. right? available through an online lottery. we caught up with one lucky winner. >> i'm taking my girlfriend. and you know, we're both excited. see told all her friends today
6:25 pm
and everybody is super jealous. it's such an awesome performance. >> and we just found that those lucky ticks are in the first two rows center stage. these aren't the back of the house. you have to sign up two days before each performance. "hamilton" runs through august 5th 37 to sign up for the next lottery go to or our news ap. >> what's being called the country's first big foot bonanza gets under way in san francisco. it goes all weekend at the balboa theater. the party includes researchers and documentaries about the mysterious creature. if that's your thing, here's your chance. >> we'll continue here in just a moment with a couple of changes. christian is leaving early tonight to take part of in al important event. >> i'm going to emcee the community youth center of san francisco's annual gala. very excited. they do so many great services for kids. ama is sick today. i wanted to help out a little bit. i can't wait to go to the event. i'll send you pictures and videos. >> stay here with us.
6:26 pm
i'll be back with the rest of the news tonight. coming up, hear the message supreme court justice sonia sotomayor shared with stanford students today. you've heard of sanctuary cities? what about a sanctuary restaurant a new concept and who they're trying to protect. the lock down of several blocks in san francisco's mission district. sky 7 is hovering high overhead so the noise of the helicopter doesn't interfere with police negotiations. we can get up close but we're staying well out of the way. we'll be back with a live update. stay
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now from abc7, live breaking news. >> and we're staying on top of that breaking news in the heart of the mission district in san francisco. happening now, police are negotiating with a person they say is inside a hotel room with a gun. that building has been evacuated and the two blocks around it are under lockdown on what is normally a very busy friday night in that part of town, of course. this is happening at the crown hotel around 16th and valencia streets. lots of people are on scene including armored vehicles and the bomb squad. >> it's a standard response, if
6:30 pm
you will, when we have an incident like this. hostage negotiation team responds. special operations bureau responds. that includes tactical teams, specialist team, eod unit. this has been going on since about 2:00 this afternoon. it's coming close to 4 1/2 hours now. police say they are giving the suspect time and space to de-escalate the situation. stay with abc7 news. we'll bring you important updates including when the area opens back up again on our abc7 news ap. enable push alerts to get the breaking news right away. we are learning new details about the shooting that shutsdown eastbound interstate 80 yesterday. traffic was backed up for miles and miles. as you can see this lasted for hours. the shooting happened just before 4:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m. near the san pablo avenue exit in richmond. two people were hurt and three suspects are now under arrest. abc7 news reporter laura anthony has new perspective on the case. >> i would hesitate to try to
6:31 pm
speculate as to why someone would endanger all these innocent lives on the freeway. >> reporter: win hours of the shooting, chp investigators say they have three young men in custody. two 17-year-olds. >> they're heinous events. these events are so dangerous to the motoring public, the vast majority of which are innocent bystanders. >> reporter: it happened as traffic crawled along eastbound 80. a car pulled up to a blue honda odyssey and opened fire. leaving a 24-year-old woman injured and the driver a 24-year-old man. grave condition. a good samaritan in a volvo came to the victims' aid while other witnesses provided information that led to the silver car in the iron trying and. >> the reason this case was solved so quickly was due to several outstanding witnesses including a off duty police officer coming forward and providing us with information.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: this shooting along 80 is just the most recent on bay area highways. a special task force is investigating about 80 incidents of go up fire in just the past 15 months. >> our residents are not able to travel safely on our freeways. >> hercules councilman dough dan romero wants license plate readers along sections of freeway into gang members have chosen to take their rivalry off the city streets and go onto the freeway. laura anthony, abc7 news. a 49-year-old woman is fighting 0 for her life tonight after fire ripped through her apartment. it broke out the complex on bayview street at d street about 9:15 in the morning. rising smoke damaged nine other units and displaced 17 people. the woman was severely burned but is alive because of this 23-year-old mill valley man who rushed into her burning apartment and pulled her out. >> she was so hot that it burned me to touch her. you know? she was not on fire but the
6:33 pm
burns were pretty bad like she was like you could see the skin peeling off. >> just terrifying. the man was checked out of the hospital and is okay. firefighters are calling him a hero and he certainly was. investigators are still trying to identify what caused the fire. supreme court justice sonia sotomayor is in the bay area tonight. she visited uc berkeley yesterday and stanford today. abc7 news reporter lonnie rivera shares the justice's message. >> reporter: she received a standing ovation even before justice season na sotomayor spoke one word on this stanford stage. she was appointed to the supreme court in 2009 by president obama but today, the first latina justice connected with students as a former student herself. >> i figured out first how to be a generally informed citizen. >> she told the audience curious
6:34 pm
people go further. that curiosity helped to shape her as a person long before she became a supreme court justice. >> what were your greatest fears and hopes upon joining the supreme court? >> would i be good enough. you know? i tell people if you have a new experience and you're not a little scared, you're conceited. >> but how do you deal with the fact that your incredible success has given you a perspective that's completely different from that of many people with whom you'd like to empathize? >> living in two worlds. i'm a member of a lot of different worlds. but i don't feel at home completely completely at home in any of them. >> she said that coming from a multicultural background, you never then full little are able to be a part of any group 100%. but that what she does, she tries to keep in touch and to visit places. >> reporter: born in bronx, new york, a princeton and yale graduate.
6:35 pm
suffice it to say this justice is now a val you'd stanford community with a slirt to prove it. in palo alto, lonnie rivera. >> confirmation hearings for president trump's nominee to the supreme court neil gorsuch will start in ten days. yesterday the american bar association unanimously gave gorsuch its highest rating declaring him "well qualified to serve on our country's highest court." the court has had a vacancy ever since the death of antonin scalia last year. a restaurant group is taking a stand against immigration raids. golden gate restaurant association is encouraging its members to post these sanctuary restaurant sips. don ramon's in the south market area did it today. the designation doesn't have any legal standing but it aims to calm fears among workers and teacher them about their legal rights. there's no rain in the sight this weekend. you're looking live at the view from our santa cruz camera. should be lovely down there.
6:36 pm
spencer will be back with the updated forecast in ten minutes. and next -- >> do it yourself braces? it is actually happening.
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messenger wanting straight teeth so badly, urn willing to try to make your own braces. it's happening and the results are not always pretty as you can imagine. 7 on your side's michael finney has the story. >> reporter: it's hard to believe but go on the internet and you'll find instructions for do it yourself braces. in this video supplied by the american association of orthodontists you can see the issue. young people going online sharing their diy braces techniques and successes. dr. dwayne mccann nish is president of the american association of orthodontists. >> you ca lose teeth. you can actually try to do something that causes your teeth to lose the bone around them. there can be things in the bone in moving the teeth that are not seen to the eye. >> an 7 on your side spot checked orthodontists offices around the bay area and found none had treated diy patients but a recent study found 13% of the offices nationwide reported
6:40 pm
seeing patients that first tried to do it themselves. >> people are really doing this. we wish it wasn't true. we know that there are over 28,000 youtube videos out there talking about different ways that you might be able too save a few dollars and move your own teeth. >> reporter: david campbell says his childhood attempt at diy teeth straight nichk has cost him and his parents around $40,000 to repair and he still lost two teeth. >> i would put a rubber band on it would go up into my gums without me knowing it. so over the course of several months, i had many rubber bands lodged into my around the bone in my teeth and basically extracted my two front teeth. >> still a lot of young people try to do it themselves because going to a professional seems too expensive. but dr. mccann nish says first ask before deciding the cost is out of reach. >> i know in my own practice, i've never refused to treat a
6:41 pm
patient because of the money. we never will. we'll work out a payment plan if not that, then there are other services available out there to help those that might not be able to afford the smile themself. >> reporter: there are a lot of options out there. talk with your dentist and make an appointment with an orthodontist. michael finney, 7 on your side? this weekend michael will anchor our live coverage of the san francisco st. patrick's day parade. coverage begins tomorrow at noon on air and on the abc7 news ap and please tune in. stay here. young healthy mothers are at increased risk of certain type of heart disease which doctors have trouble recognize package. next both a patie
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>> doctors at stanford are warning about a dangerous heart condition strike otherwise healthy women and since many are younger and have no previous symptoms, the trouble can often go undiagnosed. abc's 7 cheryl jennings las a look at this hidden threat. >> naria moore loves her two children with all her heart but just weeks after her second delivery, her heart itself was in crisis into i felt like i
6:45 pm
just could not breathe, just something like just the heaviest thing ever just crushing down on my chest. >> reporter: but she said she had been strugglinging with breastfeeding and other strains of childbirth. at first her chest pains were not diagnosed as a heart attack until another episode sent her to the emergency room. >> that's when they saw it, okay, there's something else going on not having to do with the milk. it has to do with your heart. this is when he she came back the second time. >> reporter: she suffered from scad, sfon o spontaneous artery coreny dissection. a wall in the coronary artery tears allowing blood to see behind it. eventually the artery narrows. >> the most come way this presents is as a heart attack. it's a heart attack in that there's limited blood flow to the heart muscle. >> it is considered relatively rare but a lot of cases may be flying under the radar. that's in part because many of the women are otherwise healthy
6:46 pm
without the red flags of heart disease. dr. tremal says without youb warning signs it is critical for women to recognize potential symptoms of heart attack. >> crushing chest pain radiating to the left arm. everyone's experience is different. the pain can be anything from a pressure to a tightness to a burning. it can go into either arm. >> reporter: slightly more than one in seven victims are recent mothers. but dr. tremal says the exact causes are still not completely understood and it can strike women in their 30s, 40s and 50s. maria had a placed in her artery to increase blood flow her heart and says she is grateful to have the energy to spend with her kids. >> i like when i'm feeling good and able to go like on a little hike. and being able to keep up with them. >> reporter: cheryl jennings, abc7 news. >> doctors say scad can re-okur
6:47 pm
and currently there are no effective drug treatments for that condition so it's worrisome. more than 50,000 people die every year from drug overdoses according to cdc. about half of those deaths are from opiate abuse. that's the leading cause of deaths by accident in the united states. abc 67's cheryl jennings talks with parents and experts on the next beyond the headlines. you can see that sunday at 4:30 in the morning in the afternoon. i'm sorry. it's going to be just a gorgeous weekend. speps ser back 0 update the forecast. >> dan, i'm running out of ways to describe how lovely this weekend will be. live doppler 7 and look at right now conditions. clear skies and mild conditions. as we look ahead to tomorrow, think about going to the beach. i think you'll encounter pretty nice area at bay area beaches. light breeze. high temperatures mainly in the mid 60s up to 73 at santa cruz. the overall high temperatures tomorrow, mid 60s and above at the coast.
6:48 pm
we'll ceelo 70s around the bay and mid-70s inland. as we look at the accuweather seven-day forecast is this is how it shapes up. sunny and mild through tuesday. inland highs near 80. few clouds on wednesday. it may be a light sprirvegal or isolated shower. and it gets sunnier and warmer as we reach the end of next week. looking great. >> we can enjoy all the sunshine without guilt because we had a great rainy season. >> that's true. we're out of the drought. >> sports director larry beil is here with all the sports. the drought is still on for the warriors in terms of shooting the ball. they're trying to hold off the spurs. and they caught a little bit of a break heading into a tough back-to-back. plus, out with the old, in with the new for the 49ers introducing the
6:49 pm
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now abc7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. the warriors are in minnesota tonight in san antonio tomorrow. spurs star leonard out for tomorrow's game. got hit in the head last night. a break for the warriors. that dubs, spurs game is tomorrow night here on abc7. tipoff at 5:30. tonight, warriors fans dancesing
6:52 pm
the away. had 12 in the first half and mcgee showing up and showing up angry. get it out. but the t-wolves dominated both ends of the first half. carl anthony towns finishing reverse there. 19 in the first half and mohammed with one. dubs down 1. step gets it away from wiggins. warriors down nine at the half. utah may know how to stop towns when he's making this shot. i mean, all you can do is take it out of bounds. after four misses from downtown, steph finally hits a three, vaulting him past his dad with 12,671 points. they need more because after three, warriors trail 88-78. new 49ers it head coach kyle shanahan and john lynch with doing an extreme makeover of the roster introducing 11 new
6:53 pm
players today. none of these guys are stars. the hope is they'll be part of the foundation that turns them from a 2-4 team that is one back on track to winning. > what it takes to win championships. all the of these guys fit in that mold. >> this press conference is about the players. i'd like to quit talking as fast aspable. >> the 49ers were one of the busiest days in the nfl on the first day of free agency bringing in fresh new faces including a new quarterback, brian he hoyer. i realized i had to get my wife on board moving out to california. she said who wouldn't want to live in california. i knew this would be the place for us when i got that answer. >> shanahan coped him in 2014 with the browns where hoyer had one of his most successful seasons. he threw for over 3,000 yards and 12 touchdowns. >> the advantage to having been with someone, you know what type of guy they are. there's always a risk when you see at tape and you don't know exactly what you're getting that you can't see on tape. to know the tape, to know the
6:54 pm
person was why we wanted to get him. >> we had some unfinished business from cleveland. we didn't get even a full year. he talked about knowing the type of guy i am. i know the type of guy is he, too. this is his life. you want to be around a coach like that. >> lynch said each new player was brought in for a specific purpose includie kyle juice cha. the highest paid fullback in the lead. >> he's an ow. if you see ow, that stands for offensive weapon. >> these new players believe the 49ers are on the rise. and they can't wait to get started. >> looking forward to help build something instead of being a part of something that's already winning. i enjoy working hard, working for every play. nowhere better to be than with a coach and team that wants to win in a city that wants to win especially with the fans, too. >> and where they are paying you
6:55 pm
big money. buster posy opening up the world baseball clack in miami. top of the fourth, crawford deep into the hole and gets reynaldo rodriguez. usa down one. two outs. wild pitch on strike three. kinsler scored and we're tied at two. going to extras. the fire, adam jones walkoff single is a win for team usa, 3-2. giants lost earlier today. the a's playing kc without their skipper bob melvin who left the team for personal reasons. details not disclosed. more at 9:00 and 11:00. back to dan. >> larry, thanks very much. good stuff. join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv channel 20 and right here for abc7 news at 11:00. we'll continue to follow the situation in the mission district where police are trying to get a barricaded suspect with a gun to surrender. and the wait for the warm string's part station is almost over. the date finally set for a grand opening and the preparations now
6:56 pm
under way. coming up tonight on abc7, at 8:00, last man standing followeddy "dr. ken." cup of followed by "shark tank." a few thoughts about what really matters. we spring forward tomorrow a time once again to set our clocks ahead. i like the extra hour of sun light especially in the middle of summer. but then again, like many of you i like falling back, as well. kind of cozy to be tucked away evening when it's cold outside. there are a lot of mixed feelings about it. the debate over whether it is still necessary it rekindled this time every year. among the benefits the hope was could con be energy by making more use of natural light and save lives by reducing car accidents. detractors believe those benefits are overstated and traditional dairy farmers claim it messes up the milking schedules. the tourist industry loves more daylight. it means more tourists staying
6:57 pm
late and spending more money. who knows. what really matters for the moment is we remember to spring forward tomorrow before going to bed and enjoy an extra hour of daylight on sunday. i always love hearing from you. let me know what you think. keep daylight saving time or dump it? follow me on twitter @dan ashley abc7. that's our report for ama daetz, all of us, i'm dan ashley. we appreciate y
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