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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  March 11, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. the should shakeup. attorney general sessions telling 46 federal prosecutors they're out of a job. reaction on the abrupt move this morning. and the push for answers. >> mr. president, any proof at all on the wiretapping? >> thank you. >> president trump's claims that president obama spied on him in trump tower. a new deadline as new questions swirl about the fired national security adviser michael flynn and his ties to turkey. the art of repeal. president trump selling his obamacare replacement. >> this is the time we're going to get it done. >> now cleared by two major committees, the next hurdle as vice president pence plays an on the road salesman. bitter blast. the late winter storm that pounded the northeast. this de-icing truck smashing into a plane and out west, the
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snow slide stranding students. >> heard it was going to snow but we didn't know it snowed this bad. and the new concerns this morning for a major nor'easter. and dad interrupted trying to conduct a serious live on camera interview. photobombed by his kids and a mortified wife. >> my apologies. >> this morning what he's saying about it. and i feel for that dad. it's hilarious. but i feel for him. good morning. >> it's so funny. >> you're going to notice that rob, who is also a dad, is not at the desk with us this morning. he's out in the cold, unfortunately for him, covering into what could turn into a march blizzard for the northeast in just a few days. we have a map to show you what could come and we'll have all the latest on this in just a few moments. but we are going to start with a flurry of headlines out of the trump administration.
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overnight federal prosecutors around the nation announcing their resignations after being ordered to do so by the justice department. >> yeah, these firings come as the administration is facing a deadline from congress to provide evidence if any exists to back up president trump's claim made via twitter exactly one week ago this morning that the former president wiretapped him during the campaign. also swirling this morning, questions about what president trump did and did not know about his former national security adviser's ties and connections with a foreign country. we have team coverage and our david wright kicks things off for us this morning from washington. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, paula. good morning, dan. a lot of ground to cover as usual this week. it was exactly a week ago today that president trump tweeted a bombshell, accusing his predecessor of spying on him and the proof that that actually happened, nothing so far and the house intelligence committee is now demanding answers. lawmakers have now given the justice department a monday deadline to hand over all
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evidence if it exists that the phones in trump tower were bugged. president trump has not backed down from that claim. >> mr. president, any proof on the wiretapping? >> thank you. thank you, press. >> mr. president, any proof at all on the wiretapping? >> thank you. >> reporter: but when jonathan karl pressed him white house aides shut him down. >> please head out behind you. thank you. please. >> reporter: the white house has yet to offer any proof. overnight at the justice department, a massive round of partisan layoffs, the attorney general asked for the resignations of all 46 remaining u.s. attorneys from the obama administration. but several of the federal prosecutors say the president had earlier told them they could stay. finally today there's a new controversy about a man the president already fired, former national security adviser michael flynn. trump accepted flynn's resignation last month after he lied to the vice president about his conversations with the russian ambassador.
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this week flynn disclosed his company earned hundreds of thousands of dollars lobbying for turkey. >> that's right. yeah, that's right. lock her up. >> reporter: even as flynn sat in on classified briefings with candidate trump. on election day, flynn published an article declaring we need to adjust our foreign policy to recognize turkey as a priority. but the white house says the president was unaware until this week that his trusted aide was moonlighting. >> are you saying the president was not aware that lieutenant general michael flynn was acting as a foreign agent when he appointed him to the national security adviser? >> correct. well, and just remember, you wouldn't know that until he filed -- he didn't file until two days ago so, therefore, nobody would have known that because he hadn't filed as a foreign agent until two days ago. >> reporter: now, flynn's lawyer insists that the trump campaign was fully briefed about his work on behalf of turkey. the white house pushes back
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though saying that the president did not get that message until flynn registered as a foreign agent, that happened this week when he declared $500,000 in lobbying fees. paula. >> all right. david wright, thanks for reporting from washington this morning. the administration is busy making the case for repealing and replacing obamacare. president trump meeting with lawmakers and this weekend the vice president is heading to kentucky. now, trump predicts the health care bill will pass expeditiously despite opposition from members of his own party and gloria riviera is in washington to give us the very latest on this. hi, gloria. >> reporter: good morning, paula. that's right. there are no guarantees the president's new bill will pass quite as quickly as he would like. this is really president trump's first legislative battle. the bill catching heat from doctors, nurses, the aarp and many on both sides of the aisle. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: this morning the white house making its big push to overhaul obamacare. president trump praising
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republican leaders and their version of the american health care act. the bill already clearing two major committees but faces more next week for approval. >> this is the time we're going to get it done. we're working together. we have some great results. we have tremendous spirit. >> this is major entitlement reform. we're going to restore power to the states. we're really committed to fixing this individual insurance market. >> reporter: today, vice president mike pence hitting the road to make the big pitch traveling to kentucky. but the new plan could be a tough sell in this state where many more kentuckians obtained health care with the aca. kentucky senator rand paul and governor matt bevin are not yet sold on the new proposals. >> i think it's dead on arrival. i don't think conservatives will vote for it. we do agree on repeal. we just don't quite agree on replacement. and i just don't think it's going to happen. >> reporter: the bill is set to be on the house floor by the end of the month but with major opposition by some party members and many trump voters. the american medical association
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and the american hospital association are against it. one analysis projects up to 10 million fewer americans would have health insurance. while white house officials and some top republicans are fully committed and convinced it's the best option. >> this is the closest we will ever get to repealing and replacing obamacare. >> reporter: one of the major points of contention is just how quickly the medicaid expansion under obama, that's the state and federal insurance plan for the needy, will be phased out. delays on the overall bill could be problematic. the president has a lot riding on this, dan, paula. >> he does. gloria, thank you. so much news to discuss this morning. let's bring in abc news political analyst kristen soltis-anderson who is also in washington this morning. kristen, good morning. >> good morning. >> president trump is predicting a fast passage of this health care bill. do you think he's on target? >> i think that congress works a lot more slowly than businesses or anything else donald trump has had experience running in the past.
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i think he's going to be surprised to find that despite the fact that he's arguably one of the more popular folks in the republican party, that they're going to be these members especially the folks in the house freedom caucus, that's the group of a handful of the most conservative members, they think that this bill does not repeal obamacare enough. they've given it the label obamacare-lite and worry that there are certain things like the medicaid expansion that obamacare created that would not be rolled back fast enough and so in that way, paul ryan as well as donald trump are trying to split the difference between a congress where democrats don't want to vote for anything that would change obamacare and a handful of conservatives that really want the law gone and think anything done to preserve any piece of it is a bridge too far. >> let's move on to another topic. michael flynn, we just mentioned the former national security adviser had been working on behalf of turkish interests. now, the trump administration said the president wasn't personally aware of this but how is that possible? how is something like this not
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revealed to the commander in chief during the vetting process? >> so, this raises a lot of questions about to what extent when folks are being vetted for these positions are they being interviewed? are they being asked about these sorts of things? how honest are they being? remember, a big piece of why michael flynn was pushed out of his position was because he was not forthright with vice president pence and when vice president pence went out and was sort of defending him, he was defending him using incorrect information. so, this may be something that is specific to this one individual who was already pushed out of the administration. but you've also read at the same time lots of stories of open positions within the government that can't get filled because the vetting process for hiring people, deputy secretaries, undersecretaries, communications directors, they're putting people through a vetting process where they look at everything they've ever tweeted, that they've ever said, and if they've ever been critical of the president, they're getting axed from the position making it much harder for them to fill some of these government roles. >> kristen soltis-anderson,
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we appreciate your analysis on a saturday morning. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> from a flurry of news and politics we now move to severe weather and turns out punxsutawney phil, he may have been correct with his prediction that six more weeks of winter were in store. we have storms on both coasts, another is on its way. rob is in new york central park with more, so apparently, rob, we have to give punxsutawney phil a little credit here. >> i guess so. he got february wrong for sure but now we're back in it. what a surreal scene it is in central park. the sun is coming up. i hear the birds chirping but there's snow on the grass and there's daffodils popping up through that snow. i mean some very january-like cold is barreling down across much of the eastern half of the country. take a look. we've got a windchill in new york city of 8 degrees but it's minus 7 in boston. that's what it feels like. it feels like 2 degrees in pittsburgh and minus 2 in green bay. this in the wake of one of three snowmakers for the eastern half of the country. this morning, cold air pouring
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in after a march snowstorm in the northeast. overnight in boston, alaska airlines flight 769 smashing into a de-icing truck at logan international airport. the bucket portion of the de-icer clipping one of the plane's wings. firefighters rescuing the trapped worker. >> then they stopped the plane and they eventually came over the speaker and said they had an incident with the ice truck. >> reporter: passengers rushed off the plane given vouchers for the canceled flight. the roads, an icy mess. a tow truck rolling this fire truck back over after it crashed off interstate 89 in connecticut. luckily no serious injuries. out west, nonstop rain and snow causing mudslides and snow slides like this one. it shut down this highway in washington stranding 42 high school students who were on a three-day trip to a mountain observatory. the students safe but still need some supplies. >> there were some of the kids that needed medication and only packed a certain amount. so i guess they're helicoptering
7:12 am
in. >> reporter: part of that system now moving across the country to fuel a potential nor'easter. millions along the i-95 corridor right in its sights. right now more than half of the country, mostly the eastern half, under some sort of winter watch, warning or advisory. take a look at this map. it is impressive, and we got two to deal with. the first one is going to come through today. it's a southern quick mover and we're looking for snow in memphis, nashville, north georgia and north carolina significant snowfall in the mountains there but generally speaking 1 to 2 inches of snow in some southern states. that is significant then on monday, tuesday, wednesday this coastal storm could be a classic nor'easter if not a full on blizzard depending on the track which we're not too certain of at the moment, but we could easily see double-digit amounts of snow in the middle of march. more on this today, of course, throughout the hour and tomorrow. we'll see you in a bit. >> i'm supposed to be nonbiased but i'm rooting for that storm to go out to sea. rob, thank you very much. a wild story out of paris, meanwhile, this morning where
7:13 am
police are on the hunt for thieves who snatched hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of diamonds and jewels from two americans. abc's jennifer eccleston is on the story. >> reporter: a spectacular heist in paris' exclusive place vendome. $400,000 in jewelry including diamonds snatched from an american couple in this parking lot thursday night. french police tell abc news the thieves on scooters luring in the victims by telling them that their tire is flat. when the trusting tourists check, that's when the robbers use the distraction to swipe several bags from the car. the thieves were unarmed and now on the run. the high stakes caper following several high-profile parisian stickups. kim kardashian was held hostage and robbed of $10 million worth of jewels inside an exclusive hotel during fashion week in october. the gang armed and dressed as police terrorized the reality tv
7:14 am
icon gagging and tying her up before escaping on bikes. a month later an indian movie star said she was gassed during a botched robbery. >> anything they wear that's flashy, slash, expensive still can be a target to even lower end thieves. any time you have an item that's worth a lot of money, and you can't just pick it up and carry it around and stick it in your car because you are then vulnerable to being robbed. >> reporter: paris is still a top tourist destination and despite security concerns, french officials have insisted the city remain safe for all visitors. dan and paula. >> let's hope so. jennifer, thank you very much. let's send things over to ron claiborne for a look at the other headlines. not lettuce as in the salad but let us send things to you. >> good morning. we'll begin with breaking news out of syria where there are reports of twin bomb blasts ripping through the center of the syrian capital damascus. the iraqi foreign ministry is
7:15 am
saying 40 iraqis were killed and 120 others injured in that attack in syria. the group was visiting a holy shrine when those bombs went off. and in south korea three people are dead and dozens more injured in clashes between police and supporters of south korea's ousted president. nearly 20,000 officers are being deployed as officials brace for more violence on the streets of seoul since the country's first female leader was removed from office in a corruption scandal. back in the u.s. the commandant of the u.s. marine corps calling for a task force to examine the origins of the military's illicit photo sharing scandal and calling on victims to step forward. hundreds of explicit photos of females from every military branch were posted on an image sharing website called anon-ib. and in washington, d.c., muhammad ali jr. says for a second time he was detained and questioned at a u.s. airport. the tsa says that agents at reagan national airport were called to verify his identity when he checked in for his flight on friday.
7:16 am
later he was patted down after his jewelry set off the metal detector. ali was in washington, d.c. ironically to meet with lawmakers about an incident at a florida airport last month in which he was questioned about his muslim faith. and in california, driverless cars with no steering wheel, no brakes and no gas pedals, no brake pedal, that is, could be hitting the roads by the end of the year. the state's department of motor vehicles is proposing new rules that would allow the technology to move forward and start being tested on the road. right now federal standards require every vehicle to have a steering wheel. finally a snowboarder in breckenridge, colorado, got quite the surprise when she turned around to see her friend or if her friend was behind her as she was going downhill. check this out. that's not her friend or -- it's a moose following her. you hear her screaming there. says she was afraid to stop so kept going until the moose as you see there darted right past her. >> i didn't know that a moose could run that fast. >> yeah, they can move pretty
7:17 am
good. >> they are fast and they can get angry. >> when they're coming at you, get out of the way. >> you don't want to be there, right. you don't want to be in their way. >> news you can use on a saturday morning from a bespectacled ron claiborne. looking good. >> thank you. >> maybe that should be forewarning for rob marciano who loves to ski. look out for the moose next time you're on the trails, rob. let's send it back to you. >> hi, guys. yeah, for all the odd things we've seen in central park this morning, you know, i wouldn't be surprised to see a moose. this is odd too. i want to show you. the pacific northwest, this is a rain forest that gets 150 inches of rain a year but got snow. that's how crazy the witness has been out there in seattle. we've got another pus of rain, a couple pulses of rain coming into seattle and portland and we could -- this will be warmer so could bring a little bit in the way of flooding. meanwhile, the southwest is going to heat up and we could see our first 90-degree temperature and don't forget to spring ahead tonight and lose an good start morning to you, i'm
7:18 am
slight chance of rain perhaps in our far north bay by wednesday. highs today from 64 half moon bay. we have fog right now. mostly sunny afternoon with 72 in al oh al to with the parades today. low 60s by 11:00. more with a windchill of 8 i'm regretting leaving my winter hat in the office. i'll be coming into the studio for the next half hour. we'll see you guys then. >> no. stay out there. stay out there. >> no. >> we want reports from the field, rob. >> come back in here, rob. great job out there. thank you. now to the unwitting stars of a video, a hilarious video gone viral. >> i can't get enough. two kids as you can see crashing their dad's live television interview as their mother swoops in and tries to corral them. diane is here with more.
7:19 am
i cannot stop laughing looking at that. >> it's one of those videos you want to watch over and over again but we are now learning a little bit more about what happened after the camera stopped rolling and the pretty adorable theory on why these kids were so determined to get in that room. kids will be kids and for this political science professor, it couldn't have come at a worse time. as he was in the middle of a live interview with the bbc. >> i think one of your children has just walked in. >> reporter: robert kelly tries to carry on with the very serious interview but his toddler is going nowhere and then here comes the baby. >> the -- pardon me. >> finally mom to the rescue. my apologies. >> reporter: or not quite. she tries desperately to get the kids out as quickly and quietly as possible but the kids aren't going without a fight. all the while mom does her best to stay off camera. mission not accomplished. this youtube video has gotten more than 4 million views in just one day.
7:20 am
grandma thinks she knows what might have caused the trouble telling abc news we skype two or three times a week and she heard him talking and may have thought it was us. but this isn't the first time kids have strayed from their parents' plans. remember this little boy appearing in front of the queen. not so thrilled about the flowers he was supposed to give her. the queen handled his tantrum with a graceful smile. and who could forget this child face down on a rug in the red room right in front of president obama. and while the professor seemed very serious during that bbc interview, grandma says he did get a good laugh out of it afterward and he said he learned a valuable lesson, don't forget to lock the door. >> i've had that problem because i'll be on business calls in the bedroom and my 2-year-old will come up to me and start talking and i'll have to explain to people i'm on the phone with what is going on. >> i have locked the door but you can hear my kids going, mom, let me in. >> a few months ago we showed the mom hiding in the closet and the little girl is looking underneath.
7:21 am
they will find a way in one way or the other but such a cute moment. what parent can't relate to that. >> of course. so good. >> for better or worse. thank you very much. >> coming up on "gma," the retired officer who claimed he shot and killed a man inside a movie theater in self-defense. now a decision affecting whether he's going to stand trial. also, what's happened to richard simmons. the los angeles police investigate after concerns about the fitness guru and why he stepped back from public life. what the police are saying. we're right back on "good morning america." "good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. the bright side of car buying. hey there, starting your search for the ri am!used car? you got it. just say show me millions of used cars for sale at the all new but, i don' want one that's had a bunch of owners just say, show me cars with only one owner pretty cool it's perfect. that's the power of carfax®
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good morning. a man is in custody after leading police and chp through three south bay cities. it started around 2:30 this morning. it ended in santa clara. the man slammed into a stopped car and tried to get away, but police were able to stop him. an officer was hurt while trying to take the man into custody.
7:28 am
he is expected to recover. meteorologist lisa argen has an amazing forecast for you. >> hey there, cornell. good morning to you. right here, boy, is it foggy and gray. the golden gate bridge. be careful, fog down the peninsula, up through the north bay valleys. low 50s right now. it will be another sunny and mild day. this side of the city, look at all the sunshine. mid-40s in santa rose a. a return to 60 as at the beach. the look ahoed, just as nice tomorrow. thanks, lisa. the news continues now with "good morning americ
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life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
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and welcome back to "gma." happening right now on this saturday morning demanding proof. the house intelligence committee investigating the president's wiretapping claims giving the justice department a deadline to hand over any proof of alleged wiretapping of donald trump and his associates if it exists. meanwhile, president trump facing new questions about his former national security adviser michael flynn and his ties to turkey. also right now, bond denied to the wife of the pulse nightclub shooter omar mateen is waking up behind bars. a federal court judge in orlando revoking the bond issued by a california judge that would have allowed noor salman to be released. now, she's being charged for her role in that deadly massacre. stepping out, the obamas out on the town with u2's front man bono in new york city. the former president, first lady and music icon dining in a private room at park avenue's
7:31 am
swanky upland restaurant reportedly ordering pasta, a fried chicken sandwich and the sausage and kale pizza. who do you think got the sausage and kale pizza? >> that sounds like a fancy meal, sausage and kale pizza. >> it was pretty obvious they were there, the secret service was swarming. >> i've been to that restaurant. it was pretty good. not that swanky. they let me in. >> did you get a sausage and kale pizza? >> i can't remember what i had but it might have involved kale. coming up, there's been so much talk -- you might have heard this -- about the fitness guru, richard simmons. a popular podcast has been asking questions about why he disappeared from public life three years ago. what the lapd is saying about all of it this morning. but we're going to start here with a retired police officer who will now stand trial for the fatal shooting of a man inside of a movie theater. >> that's after a judge denied his stand your ground defense. abc's steve osunsami has reaction to the ruling. >> reporter: the decision from this florida court means this retired police officer is a step closer this morning to standing
7:32 am
trial for murder. >> what did you do with that pistol? >> i shot him. >> reporter: 74-year-old curtis reeves does not dispute that he shot and killed 43-year-old chad oulson during an argument at this florida movie theater in 2014. in the bottom right-hand corner of this surveillance video you see the shooting. >> why did you shoot him? >> at that point it was my life or his. >> reporter: reeves' argument is that he fired in self-defense, that he was standing his ground, that oulson was younger and taller. >> he was getting ready to punch me and i perceived that at some point and that's when the pistol came out. >> reporter: but the judge hearing his case didn't buy it saying in her decision that his conduct demonstrated he was not afraid of the alleged victim. the defendant, she says, initiated contact on at least three occasions and was not concerned about leaving his wife there alone when he went to talk to the manager. in video from the theater you see reeves leave his wife to go out and talk with that manager. complaining that oulson was using his cell phone. oulson's wife who was sitting
7:33 am
next to him says he was using the phone to reach their baby-sitter and it was during the movie previews. she was shot in the hand by the bullet that killed her husband. >> he was steps above us. the other guy, he was towering over us. how is that a threat? >> reporter: attorneys for reeves say they have no further comment this morning but are definitely appealing this decision. the oulsons say they were expecting this and at trial she will testify. >> i think they're going to do everything and anything they can in order to delay that criminal trial, not only because of his age but because they want memories to fade more. they want to be able to create more gaps and holes. >> reporter: for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> our thanks to steve for that report. sorry for interrupting you. >> no, no, no, you go. you take it away. >> i refuse to speak. >> no -- i do too. rob marciano doesn't refuse to speak. rob, you actually made it back into the studio. great to see you. >> nice to be here. my fingers are starting to thaw out just a bit. talk about more snow and more march snow. this is the second of three systems.
7:34 am
this one is a fast mover, it will miss chicago again but the next one will not miss you. i know you've had a snow drought. memphis, potential snow on graceland and charlotte, north carolina, the cities wet snow but in the mountains across the appalachians 6 inches or more with this particular system. meanwhile, if you want warmer thoughts, go to the desert southwest, cactus league, 90 degrees or near it in phoenix, 93 degrees in yuma. offshore winds and 93 degrees expected in palm springs. that will start to feel more like spring. springtime rains across texas and san antonio. today it'll get into houston. this is the southern part of the jet stream that will phase with the northern part that will potentially make that big old mess across east coast monday, tu good saturday morning from our east bay hills camera. you can see some of the fog out there mixing in with the sunshine. the fog is in the north bay, all
7:35 am
the way down through half moon bay.da this weather report is brought to you by prudential and on a programming note nba saturday prime time continues tonight. tune in to see the golden state warriors, they seem to be on tv a lot, face off against the san antonio spurs at 8:30 eastern time on abc. those are two not so bad teams which is why we have them on tonight in prime time. >> is dan talking yet? because he said he wasn't talking anymore. >> i felt badly for interrupting you. >> no, i always feel badly for interrupting you. >> this is like a politeness competition. >> it is. you win. >> guess who is going to lose. usually he does. coming up on "gma" police paying a call on the fitness celebrity richard simmons after a popular new podcast raised concerns about his well-being. what they say they found out. and a "breaking bad" fixture comes to life complete with curly fries. diane macedo has the story in "pop news." >> yum.
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richard simmons, he suddenly and mysteriously stepped out of the public eye three years ago. >> and there's been renewed concern about whether or not that was his choice. and the lapd knocked on his door to check it out. abc's marci gonzalez joins us with what they found out. hi, marci. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. the detective who did that welfare check tells us he had a face-to-face conversation with simmons and despite all of the rumors and speculation, the 68-year-old is just fine. >> oh, my god. >> i will just have to perch my stuffing right here. >> reporter: from relishing the limelight -- ♪ when i'm stuck with a day that's gray and lonely ♪ >> reporter: -- to mysteriously vanishing from public view. >> i haven't talked to anybody who thinks richard simmons is fine. >> reporter: but this morning the lapd is putting to rest conspiracies about fitness icon richard simmons' well-being. >> come on, you can do this. >> reporter: the concern raised because the "sweatin' to the oldies" creator hasn't been seen
7:41 am
in public in more than three years. no showing at classes at his slimmons studio in beverly hills before it closed last year and reportedly cutting off communication with fans and friends. >> i would send him e-mails and he would write back in hours and all of that just went away. >> reporter: his silence sparking the creation of the nation's number one podcast called missing richard simmons. >> this brings us to richard disappearance theory number two, the dog theory. >> reporter: exploring questions and conspiracies including one that he is being held hostage by his longtime housekeeper. >> she started screaming like a witch, no, no, no, get out, get out. i don't want him here. richard looked at me and said you got to go. really? is she controlling your life now and he said, yes. >> where are you? >> reporter: but this morning the lapd denying that saying he is in no way being held against his will. detective kevin becker telling abc news during a welfare check
7:42 am
the workout guru was funny, engaging and still in pretty good shape noting simmons is just taking some time for himself. and that is what his representative has maintained saying simmons is willingly enjoying his life outside of the spotlight. dan and paula. >> marci, thank you. i've been listening to it. it's really fascinating. he's a multifaceted man for sure. >> the number one podcast right now. >> it is the number one podcast in the country. marci, thanks again. here's what's coming up on "gma," a jump on daylight saving time. a doctor weighs in on how to make it a whole lot easier. he probably doesn't have to get up at 3:45 in the morning. >> can we just skip work tomorrow? celine dion's new "beauty and the beast" song ahead in "pop news." in "pop news." ir deaths. the valiant taste of death, but once!! uh, excuse me, waiter. i ordered the soup...
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tonight we spring ahead to daylight saving time but setting ahead our clocks forward an hour means we lose an extra hour of sleep so for help with making this transition we are joined by dr. juan rivera. he is the chief medical correspondent for univision network. dr. rivera, it's great to have you in studio. thanks for flying in from miami. >> absolutely. it is a pleasure to be here. >> we're only talking about one hour of sleep. really how much can that disrupt our schedules? >> people think it's just one hour but studies have shown that it's one hour per day in some instances so what happens when we lose one hour a day, we sleep less than seven hours a night. our stress hormones take over and when our stress hormones take over, our blood pressure goes up. one of the things we can see an increase in cardiovascular risk and studies show that heart attacks on monday, the risk can increase 10% to 20%. the other thing that is important is we see on monday an
7:47 am
increase of about 8% in car accidents so people have to be careful behind the wheel and then overall people are more moody, they're in a bad mood, poor concentration. >> you're making it sound so great. >> listen, it's a bad week to ask your boss for a vacation or salary increase. don't do it. >> a good week, though, to call off. daylight saving time can affect your waistline. how so? >> absolutely, for people that are on a diet obviously millions of people, what happens is those stress hormones that i was telling you about, they take over. stress hormones like cortisol and norepinephrine, they increase and guess what happens, another hormone, the hunger hormone, growling takes over and we can consume an extra 300 to 400 calories a day, so that's enough to hijack your diet. >> real quick, a couple of takeaways. best ways to actually cope for the loss of sleep. >> i'm going to give you guys a different type of advice. a grandma advice, an abuela
7:48 am
advice. this is where wisdom meets science. so i want you to do two things, okay, the first thing you'll do is every night you're going to take passion fruit tea. that increases the neurotransmitter that makes us go to sleep and then hibiscus tea decreases our blood pressure and decreases the risk of a heart attack. >> dr. juan rivera, thank you very much for coming in. all dan harris took away is he can call in sick tomorrow. we'll be right back with "pop news," everybody. that's why carr 40,000 cars to choose from nationwide. with prices clearly marked, the same online as they are in the stores. that should give you some car-buying confidence. the type of confidence you need to wear white after labor day. the type of confidence to suddenly switch to an english accent for no reason whatsoever. yep... . at carmax, it's all about confidence. nothing but net. nailed it! or should i say, nailed it gov'nor. oh, it's going good.going? yeah, it's going great. this is my jam. yeah?
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7:53 am
live action remake. let's listen. ♪ you must hold on to ♪ never easy but we try >> the veteran composer alan menken asked her to sing the original ballad which will play over the final credits but fans can expect to hear emma watson sing a little bit of the song in the actual film itself. and "beauty and the beast" hits theaters march 17th. i am both very excited and now i realize i have a new song to learn because i have to sing along in the movie theater. >> are you that person that sings along? >> of course not. do i look like that person? >> remind me not to sit next to you. >> want to go see it together? >> no. i haven't heard the name peabo bryson in a while. >> it's been a while. there you go. julia louis-dreyfus has an important new role. supportive mom to northwestern university basketball player charlie hall. the actress and northwestern alum was spotted in the stands of her son's game against rutgers cheering him on along with the fellow wildcats.
7:54 am
when hall walked on to the court, you see the second quarter broadcasters put the game in split screen revealing a very captivated louis-dreyfus clutching her phone. cheering. she seems more nervous than the players. she had plenty to cheer about. her son successfully grabbed a couple of rebounds and the team won 83-61 moving on to the next round of the big ten tournament. >> is that your way of saying he didn't score? >> he did very well in the game. >> grabbed a couple of rebounds. >> that's the way my mom described all of my games. great rebounding, dan. >> that's why you always played team sports, right? >> i wonder if she did her patented "seinfeld" move, get out. >> as long as she didn't do the dance. i think we'd be okay with it. >> you're going to knock his spectacles off. >> can i say a quick thing about northwestern basketball, they've never made the ncaa tournament. we're pulling for them to make it. >> now we have another reason to root for them. next up love rocks nyc, the sold out benefit raised $1.5 million for the charity god's love, we deliver. bill murray hosted the show and music legends like sam moore,
7:55 am
jackson browne, michael mcdonald and aaron neville teamed up with young artists like gary clark jr. and jackie green all to raise money for this organization that provides meals for people who are too sick to cook for themselves. the show's finale featured all of the stars coming together to sing "a little help from my friends." finally a new foodstand at south by southwest is attracting quite a bit of attention. take a look at this. it is a full scale replica of los pollos hermanos, the infamous chicken chain known for cooking a lot more than chicken on the amc show, "breaking bad." the real-life version is serving food and promoting season three of the prequel season "better call saul." customers presumably will not be able to get any meth there but you can get curly fries. >> presumably. >> and some lucky fans will be able to meet bob odenkirk and giancarlo esposito. i don't want to presume. the line was around the corner. >> really. >> on day one already.
7:56 am
>> family entertainment, tune in to "gma" for meth jokes on saturday morning. thank you very much. we may not see you back here tomorrow morning but appreciate it. great "pop news." great "pop news." see you tomorrow morning. >> curly fries.
7:57 am
more than $14 million this year alone. tonight we spring forward for daylight saving time. some california lawmakers working to get rid of this biannual event. an assemblyman introduced a new bill to give the lawmakers to vote to get rid of daylight saving time altogether. opponents say getting rid of it could interfear with summer and fall harvests. lisa argen has your forecast. >> right now, live doppler 7 checking out the cloud cover and low visibility from half moon bay to petaluma. a quarter mile to a half mile.
7:58 am
sfo, no delays. 51 in the city. 52 in mountain view. you can see the blanket of fog. 47 in santa rosa. 52 in livermore. it is cooler this morning. but a sunny afternoon ahead if you want to head to the beach with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. join us next in the abc morning news. a few more hours until this year's annual st. patrick's day parade in san francisco. we'll tell you what's on tap in a live report. abc 7 news at 8:
7:59 am
this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
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good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. this is "abc 7 mornings." it's saturday, march 11th. i'm cornell bernard. lots of sunshine today. here's meteorologist lisa argen. hey, lisa. >> hey, cornell, good morning to you. looking at the clear conditions, but we're going to go down a little lower where we have the low clouds and fog in half moon bay. a mile in napa. it's improved in concord. but a live look from mount tam. you can feel it filling in here with 57 in oakland. 56 in san jose where the sun is shining. santa cruz, low to mid-70s return here. 47 santa rosa. 55 in concord. 52 in livermore. that foggy golden gate. the sun will even clear at the coast. looking at 4


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