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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 12, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, everyone. i am carolyn tyler. thank you for joining us on this sunday, march 12th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist, lisa argen. >> good morning to you. we are clear and there are areas of fog especially up in the north bay around santa rosa, and once again it's a big dome of high pressure sending in a few high clouds from time to time and that bridge is allowing for mild numbers. 46 in blackhawk as well as san ramon. with the 7:24 sunrise, we will see temperatures in the 40s and 50s and more 60s and 70s today with sunny skies this afternoon, and that sun setting at
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we will talk about how long the above-normal weather will last. developing news out of the east bay this morning. oakland police investigating a police shooting that left one man dead. it happened last night before 9:00. police say the man was taken to the hospital where he died. no word yet on any suspect. a milpitas man accused of scaling a white house fence is scheduled to return to court tomorrow. agents say the 26-year-old jonathan tran jumped the fence near the prtreasury building bui saturday night, and secret service officers say he was carrying a backpack with a letter inside for the president. abc7 news reporter lonny rivera has the story. >> an accused intruder from the south bay is in federal custody,
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and this video shows lights from the south lawn suddenly turning on, and jonathan tran was discovered there just before midnight on friday. >> that's crazy. because usually you doa doan d d around here, you know. >> i saw him a couple days ago and he was just driving in his car. >> it's not clear how tran made it to washington, d.c., but he scaled a six-foot-tall fence with a backpack on. trump was inside. when an agent questions the intruder, he said he was a friend with the president and had an appointment. at a saturday lunch, the president thanked the secret service. >> the secret service did a fantastic job. >> tran had two cans of mace in his back tapackbackpack, and hes
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been called schizophrenic. in 2015, an intruder scaled the fence, and tran made his first court appearance and he is charged with entering restricted grounds while carrying a dangerous weapon. abc 7 news. mike pence traveled to appeal for support of the obamacare overhaul. he wants to reassure consirtives that raise objections to the plan. pence says there's going to be a battle in washington. >> for us to seize this opportunity for us to repeal and replace obamacare once and for all, we need every republican,
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and we are counting on kentucky. >> in the senate it will need the support of 51 of the 52 republicans to reach president trump's desk. and then backlash during a town hall event this weekend in southern california. a crowd, mostly democrats, peppered republican darrell issa with several issues. >> i sent you this look, it's called "climate change for beginners." >> ask your question, young man. >> the congressman knew the event was not going to be easy. >> there are expected to be contentious, the nature of these are the people show up, and they are the ones that have concerns on one side or the other. >> issa ended the first session of his town hall after being questioned by a man that plans
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to challenge the nine-term congressman in the 2018 election. mick mulvaney goes one-on-one with george stephanopoulos today. you can watch the full interview on "this week" at 8:00 here on abc7. a man died after his car collided head on with another car in campbell. chp looked for evidence along the boulevard, and both cars came to a stop just before 5:00 p.m. yesterday. investigators believe a chrysler 300 was heading north in the southbound lanes when it slammed into the oncoming car. the chrysler's driver died at the scene, and paramedics rushed the woman from the other car to a trauma center. and then a dog was shot after it charged at an officer
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just before noon yesterday. the officer was directing traffic when he saw the dog charging at him. the officer fired one shot hitting the dog in the leg and the dog was taken to a vet and is expected to survive. police have detained the man they say was holding the k-9's leash. protesters targeted the home of tech industry billionaire, peter thael. they are speaking out against the work of one of his companies that could track airline passengers and other immigrants. >> i am a human. >> i am a human. >> reporter: the small group of protesters outside his home was calling attention to a company he co-founded, and he supported president donald trump for president. former superintendent said he won a contract to do work for the immigration and customs
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industry. >> he create add data system that would enable the mass deportation of millions of people. >> according to the federal government in 2014 he was awarded a $41.6 million contract to create a i.c.e. management system, and the administration could use the system to mind data as they travel, and al tkpw algorithms on. >> these advocates worry these tools could also be used on citizens, but not everybody at the protest opposed this. >> it may be controversial, but i think peter thael has thought a lot about this.
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>> we reached out to him and have not received a response. for the second time in less than a week some at&t customers lost phone service. at&t says services are running normally after a hardware issue prevented some customer phone calls from connecting. the dallas-based company apologized for the inconvenience, and at&t customers in san francisco reported, yes, they had issues yesterday. yesterday customers in oakland were affected by what at&t says was a brief hardware issue. and then a street back open after water gushed down sharon affidavit and alameda. no word just yet on what caused that pipe to rupture. we have been enjoying some
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lovely weather this weekend. >> uh-huh. ready for a nap in the sun, and we are up early with you, and as we look at our tower camera, visibility great, and 52 in alameda, and 55 down around santa tau ressa. patchy fog in the north bay. is the spring-like pattern going to last? we will have your answer in the 7-day forecast. trapped alone with only her dog. rescuers in san mateo county find a missing woman. how her dog played a pivotal role. and bald is beautiful. the event that
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did you remember to spring forward? i did, but my clock did not. i am here, though, so are you, and thank you for joining us for abc7 mornings. this is a live look from our exploratorium camera showing you the beautiful city by the bay. nice weather on tap and lisa along shortly with the full accuweather forecast. ♪ ♪ we are f ♪ get up everybody and sing ♪ >> one of the voices behind this '70s dance hit has died, and joni sledge from the band sister sledge passed away on friday. her publicist said sledge was found dead in her home in phoenix, and her publicist says sledge was not sick and no funeral arrangements have been
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announced yet, and shreupbledge0 years old. and then a woman and her dog were found after lost in the woods for days. she is now at stanford medical center, and her husband tells abc news she's in a neck brace and has bumps and bruises but is doing well, and she spent two nights in the woods with no water or supplies, only her australian shepherd to help her warm. >> set her down! >> reporter: after lost in the woods for almost 48 hours, search and rescue crews carried her to safety. >> she was down a ravine about 200 feet deep. >> it has been tough. we have not slept. >> ed describing the moment he saw his wife on the stretcher alive and alert. >> she was smiling and happy to see us, and the dog came running
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up on us. >> on thursday she took the family dog on a walk along skyline boulevard, and she never returned. more than 200 rescue workers from four different counties looked almost nonstop from her, who sometimes becomes disoriented and has diabetes. >> you know, we figured, we may not see her again. >> when we called out for her, we heard her yell back and a couple seconds later we heard the dog bark very clearly. >> part of the search and rescue group that found them. >> she was sitting up up up up p and very dehydrated. >> we really appreciate all the efforts. we are overwhelmed. >> a happy ending thanks to a heroic team effort. kate larson, abc7 news.
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and then showing support to keep the silver and black in oakland. organizers of today's stand with oakland event say there will be plenty of speakers ranging from community leaders to former raiders, and they also plan to discuss hall of famer for a new stadium development at the coliseum site. today's conference starts at 11:30 this morning at the hilton oakland airport hotel. happening today, the annual jewish holiday pooram, and it's based on events -- or described, rather, in the biblical book of esther. today kids and adults can dress up in costumes with games and an obstacle course, and it runs from 12:00 to 2:00 this afternoon at the jewish community center in san francisco.
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shave it! >> oakland police officers and others had their heads shaved to help children battling cancer. ucsf children's hospital provided this video of yesterday's 10th annual campaign. the oakland mayor and police chief, anne kirkpatrick offered moral support. >> i know these officers go out every day to help people and it's great you are finding a very creative way to help people. >> the hair will grow back, so. >> over the past decade, they have raised over a m m m m half dollars for the and yesterday irish dancers
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showed off their best steps along market street. abc7 stocked to people who came as close as walnut creek and as far away as ireland to enjoy the parade. >> used to come all the time as a young girl, and have not been for 20 years and decided to come back again and just having a wonderful time. >> it's just amazing to see people celebrating st. patrick's day. >> a large crowd gathered outside city hall to watch the marchers take their final steps. and michael finney hosted the annual parade, and this year's theme was passing on traditions. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> what a warm day it was yesterday in the sun, and today we have another one just like it. here's live doppler 7. we are not picking up in the way of cloud cover yet, we have low
5:18 am
clouds in the north bay and visibility along the coast not bad at three miles, and it's a mile and quarter in santa rosa. high pressure with a few high clouds slipping down over the ridge, and once again we will see that, but more sunshine than clouds today, and it's going to be another warm day. we have not even reached our peak warmth throughout the upcoming workweek. it's 46 in danville, and san ramon, and closer to the bay, temperatures are in the low 50s from pacifica, oakland, san francisco, and low 40s in santa rosa. a live look outside, and it's clear, more sunshine with 60s and 70s today, and anywhere from 3 to 15 degrees above average, and on tuesday we will be up to 20 degrees above average in some locations, and cooler with clouds arriving midweek. doesn't look like we would see much in the way of rain, and if we do it would be a north bay
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event. it will be 71 today in fremont. and maybe a debris or two warmer in the north bay. the sea breeze keeping it comfortable, and temperatures at our beaches in the low 60s. you will get into an afternoon sea breeze, but still quite mild from 61, ocean beach, and 70s in san santa cruz. and livermore, 11 degrees above average and temperatures will climb another few degrees tuesday and wednesday, and dropping down to 68. look at the rebound, thursday and friday, still feeling a little more like may than i would say march. overnight lows tonight drop into the 40s. and 49 in san francisco. we will see a little bit of patchy fog. it does burn back by the mid morning hours, and we will be left again with a lot of sunshine. we will look at your accuweather 7-day forecast.
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download your abc7 news app and see if we have any more cloudiness materializing into rain midweek, and then looking at the 70s around the bay, and 60s at the coast. we have the sea breeze, and as we go through monday and tuesday, nothing but sun soaked right through the period, and increasing clouds and then we'll bounce back on thursday and friday, looking very comfortable and, you know, we are going to look at hopefully a little more rain because march usually gets anywhere from 2 to 5 inches, and we are about one inch of rain. we went from a surplus to a bit of a summer preview. >> uh-huh. a beautiful and amazing look this week. >> i will work on it, though. >> thanks, lisa. just ahead, a special honor for a high school student that cheated death. we'll show you the emotional moment before last night's san jose earthquakes game.
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you wanted to give someone a gift from their favorite store and you don't know what, so you give a gift card, right? that didn't work out for a redwoodsman, so michael finney helped him out. >> it seemed like a good way for him to give his wife a new ipad, and it was so she could pick out the one she wanted, but there was one little problem. mike purchased apple gift cards. >> $500 worth of itunes. >> judy never download add tune
5:24 am
in her life, and now she was stuck with $500 worth of them. >> why would i want to spend $500 on movies and music. she went to the apple store and picked out an ipad and presented the gift card. >> she comes back and says we can't use it. and judy called apple saying she needed to switch these cards for apple score cars. >> he said no problem. >> then hours later an e-mail from apple, your cards are not eligible for exchange. i couldn't believe it. >> mike purchased the cards off a wrack at safe way, and seemed right since the apple logo is on the front. >> i gave her an apple card and i didn't know what an itune meant. >> a friend said call channel 7 on your side. >> we called apple and the company agreed to exchange the
5:25 am
cards after all, saying if a customer reaches out to let us know they mistakenly purchased the wrong card we work with them. now judy is singing a different tune. >> i would have given up if it was not seven on your side. >> the gift cards are confusing, and apple says they will swap them if anybody buys them buy mistake, and itunes cards are only for tunes and not hardware at the apple store. and then taking center stage last night weeks after his mother saved his life. abc7 news was at san jose's avia stadium when he kicked the ceremonial first goal before last night's earthquake game.
5:26 am
he went into cardiac arrest after a soccer ball hit him in the that was three weeks ago, and his mother's maternal and professional instincts sprang into action. >> i was the family physician, but i don't usually do this on a daily basis, right? basically what i did was cpr, and anybody can learn how to do cpr. >> firefighters eventually restored the 16-year-old's heartbeat by using a dehreub relater, and jose plans on continuing to play soccer. and then "american crime" premiers tonight, and even though much of the cast is the same you may not recognize the faces. the actors will all be playing new characters. how does that work? alexa smith from abc7 mornings
5:27 am
gives us a sneak peek the stars of the show. >> you guys have tackled a lot in the first two seasons, race, income, and sexuality. what are you going to be dig into in season three? >> we are dig into forced labor, modern day slavery and the overall issue of does the american dream inherently cost other people their well-being, livelihood and sometimes their lives? >> as you are watching, you are learning things, but it's not like a lesson. it's not being presented to you like a lesson, or like a book. it's truly like watch aggregate movie. ? >> you can check out the season premiere tonight "american crime" at 10:00. and here to come, a house goes up in flames. firefighters say a hover board
5:28 am
is to blame, and the frantic calls from first responders. the new bike path benefit for walkers and cyclers on the bay bridge, thanks t oh no. oh no.
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welcome back, everyone. did you remember to spring forward? it is 5:30 and we are starting this half hour with a look at the weather with our meat math, lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn. we do have temperatures in the 40s at cooler locations, and just patching fog, and temperatures in the 50s closer to the water. here's a look at the satellite picture where we have clouds going up and over a dominant ridge of high pressure which means fair skies and mild temperatures today. 51 in mountain view, and hayward, low 40s up in the north
5:31 am
bay. the sunrise 7:24 this morning. so it gets up a little later this afternoon. more sunshine temperatures coming up maybe a few degrees today. high clouds and the sun sets at 7:14, so we will look at the extra hour of daylight and i will have more in a few minutes. more than half of the country is under winter weather alerts this morning. in washington state it will take until at least tomorrow for a group of high school students to return home. they are stranded behind an avalanche blocking a road. icy conditions triggered a train reaction crash in alantown, pennsylvania. at least 25 cars slammed into one another. >> i saw the first car stop and i stopped, and it's like a car hit me from behind, and then it was like a spun, and i went this way and a car hit me from the side.
5:32 am
in boston an airline worker needed to be rescued after a de-icing truck collided with an alaska airlines jet. a blizzard watch stretches from pennsylvania to new england for tomorrow and tuesday. more water began flowing over the orville dam yesterday afternoon, nearly a month after fears of flooding triggered a massive evacuation order. you remember about that. well, yesterday's increase in water leaving lake orville follows around the clock work by crews to clear debris from the dam's main spillway, and to thatspillway, evacuation orders went out to more than 150,000 people when the emergency spillway nearly failed. no major flooding occurred. happening today, donations are still being accepted in the
5:33 am
south bay after the devastating flooding three weeks ago. thousands of people were forced to leave their homes with little notice when coyote creek flooded last month, and today you can drop off donations from 7:00 until noon at the elementary school on east williams street in san jose. a fire in pennsylvania was started -- has started, rather, a new debate over the potential dangers of hoverboards. one is being blamed for sparking a house fire that killed a 3-year-old girl. and abc news reporter, eva pilgrim has the story. >> we have trapped on the third floor. >> the devastating fire in harrisburg, pa, killing one child and injuring two others
5:34 am
and a hover board ignited the flames. a father clearly panicked. his three children still inside. >> we need a ladder to the second floor. there are people on the roof. >> one girl jumped from a second-floor porch to safety, and two others pulled out by firefighters. this is the latest hazard. huge flames ripping through the home north of chicago. >> all i could think to myself, there's a good likelihood we will lose our children today. >>. >> for no apparent reason, it just exploded. >> and now hoverboards made by ten different companies under recall. >> sadly another death is being reported related to the
5:35 am
board death because a firefighter was killed in a crash when responding to the fire. you will notice changes in airport security, and if you are chosen for a pat down it could be more invasive and time consuming than you are used to. going through security could be a hassle than before if you are selected for the latest version of a pat down. >> at the front, check your groin and et cetera. >> under the previous policy tsa agents had the discretion to use one of five methods of patting down parts of your body and now there's a single stannardized procedure that is more rigorous, and jacqueline works at the airport and still got qui agoing ovag going over. >> for those who opt out of the
5:36 am
technology or are pulled aside from tsa, the touching could feel invasive. christina laceam says it was not out-of-bounds, and if it had been she would have left. >> i would not have gotten on the plane. >> and it's two years after a damaging report found major security lapses at airports nationwide, and the security administration said the tsa continues to adjust and refine our systems and procedures to meet the evolving threat and to achieve the highest levels of transportation security. >> there was more pat downing than i expected, but, you know, i guess to make sure everybody is safe. >> the tsa screens 2 million travelers nationwide every day. still ahead on abc7 mornings, tomorrow's commute today.
5:37 am
behind the scenes look at a self driving bus. it could be here sooner than you think. >> here's a live look from our east bay hills camera. a glorious day in store. a lovely week ahead. is there any rain at all in the forecast? well, lisa will be here shortly with the full accuweather forecast. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. that anything that matches your taste can match your budget. that green living doesn't have to cost much green. we believe that you should always have room for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. daylight-savings time is upon us, and thank you for waking up so early to join us for the abc7
5:40 am
mornings on sunday. this is a live look from our emeriville camera. beautiful, beautiful weekend weather. what's coming up for the rest of the week leading into st. patrick's day? i already got my green on, and lisa will be along shortly with the full accuweather forecast. the chp issued its annual warning about daylight-saving time, and americans in almost every state sprung forward this morning turning the clocks ahead by an hour, and the chp is warning about the risks of drowsy driving, and that goes up, and thanks to daylight-savings time, cal tran has extended hours for the pike
5:41 am
path on the eastern span, and today the hours will be from 6:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night on weekends and holidays, and the path is not open on weekdays because crews are working on the ongoing edition of the old eastern span. lisa, this is not our favorite day of the year. it's brutal losing that hour. >> yeah, a little rough for sure. >> we do it all for you. >> that's true. good morning, everyone. we are also bringing you a beautiful day once again today. in fact the weather has been so so quiet. really what we are tracking is temperatures and fog. the resip is all but been eliminated for much of our extended outlook. we're going to see if we can bring more of that into the forecast, but in the meantime temperatures are flirting with 80 in some neighborhoods. we will talk about it next. >> enjoy. also next, the warriors wrap up the most difficult part of
5:42 am
the regular season schedule,hede resting all of their all stars. larry beil has the highlights and postgame reaction comin
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it's crispy sweetened flakes, plus crunchy granola clusters, plus a touch of honey. it's like adding up "awesome", plus "awe-yeah". it's the sum of the best of the best in a cereal. honey bunches of oats. in sports the warriors are finally back home for a week. last night golden state wrapped up a difficult stretch. they played eight games in eight cities in just 13 days. the warriors play 11 of their final 16 games here at home starting on tuesday night against the 76ers. last night the warriors b team got blown out in san antonio. here is abc sports director, larry beil, with the highlights and lowlights in sports. >> at the end of a gruelling stretch of road games, coach kerr thought he would rest his
5:45 am
players, no steph, no klay, no andre. one little boy gave up his birthday party to see steve curry. sorry, junior. mills scores and it's 19-11 san antone lead. and the spurs were without a few, and david lee, a chin up on the rim there and spurs up 12. and then clark led the dubs at the half. and then mills had 21 all in the half. spurs hit a franchise high, 11 threes in the half. up by 20. and then a lone bright spot for golden state, clark, a career high, 36, and fans not thrilled with the decision to rest, and steve kerr did apologize to those fans, and warriors lose their third straight, 107-85, and mike shumann in san antonio.
5:46 am
>> warriors found out what it's like to play without steph and klay tonight, and they are only up a game and a half in san antonio but a lot of basketball to be played. >> we managed our goal which was to get through the game unscathed, and we wanted to win and couldn't make the shots and we regroup. >> every team has to go through the road trips. is there anything you can do or just fighting through it. >> you have to just fight through it, and we did. we got through this game, and we will get back home and get rest and get ready to play. >> our warriors fans have been treated special over the years, and to see three games in a row, and i think the world is going to panic, including our fans, and our guys are resting up and it will be business as usual. >> abc7 sports. >> the sharks won 5 of the last 6 head into yesterday's matten yea against nashville.
5:47 am
hoping to keep the momentum going, only 16 games left until the playoffs. first period, thornton wins the face-off, and martin drills it from the point, and johansson may have skimmed the front, and either way martin will get the credit for the show, and sharks lead 1-0. and josi shot from a point, and ryan johansson, and 1-1 after one. and second period, wilson gets his stick on demelo's, and that creates a turnover. the sharks will host the stars tonight. that's a wrap on sports, and enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody. i am larry beil. and now your forecast with lisa argen. >> it won't be hard to enjoy, a lot of sunshine and quiet weather on the way and it looks
5:48 am
like it will stay that way for a while. usually we get into a midwinter dry well, yeah, so we are with about two weeks of no rain, and i would say that's where we are at, and it looks like perhaps the extended outlook into the first day of spring, maybe we will get more rain in here. right now it's about a big high dome of pressure over the golden state and that is allowing for patchy fog from time to time and temperatures well above average. throughout the morning hours, you can see some of the fog around half moon bay, and the san mateo coast, and as we go through the afternoon, this dissipates and we are looking at a beautiful day. seven to eight-mile visibility now, and half moon bay to santa rosa, and temperatures from the mid-40s from danville to upper 50s around antioch, low 50s from oakland to san francisco, and it's 43 in santa rosa. the cool spot there. and then look at the clear conditions here. san francisco, more sunshine,
5:49 am
60s and 70s today. coolest number yesterday was 64, half moon bay. big sur made it up to 80 degrees. some backyard could show 80s. by wednesday we are looking at numbers dropping off about ten degrees. let's check out tomorrow where numbers will be in the upper 60s in salsa hraet yo. check out cloverdale. you could see about 80 there, and mid-70s in livermore. we take it into tuesday, and a little change, and numbers may drop off a bit with a strong jerer sea breeze here. 72 degrees today in morgan hill as well as santa clara, and average highs should be in the
5:50 am
mid-60s. on the peninsula, 70. redwood city, and loss all toes with 60 in pacifica. and look at the low to mid-70s arrive from petaluma, santa rosa and sonoma, and east bay looking at 70 today, and over in oakland and berkeley, just about that with 71 in fremont. head inland and this is where we have mid and upper 70s. tonight, a little less in the way of fog as the high pressure ridge builds in, and that's why temperatures could be cooler in the 7-day forecast. yeah, should we not get used to this? looks like it will stick around for the next seven days. and you download our abc7 news app, and we could bring in 1 for the storm impact scale, and the most likely day would be wednesday. >> of this week? >> yeah. maybe sonoma and napa could see a few showers, but, yeah, we
5:51 am
would be pushing it. >> yeah. >> i mean, i miss the storm impact scale. >> thanks, lisa. one day it could be the missing link between suburban neighborhoods and b.a.r.t. stations. for now you can see it circling a parking lot in san ramon with nobody behind the wheel. abc7 news reporter, jonathan bloom, took the first ride aboard a self-driving bus that could be carrying passengers by year's end. >> 12 people can fit inside the little red bus, surprisingly spacious because of what it's missing. >> no brake pedal, and in theory in the future in operator. >> these could be the future of the transportation. >> we are exciting them to be launching them in the united states. >> the french company easy mile has them running in 14 countries. >> the technology is in place and the regulation is the challenge. >> the law had to be passed to
5:52 am
give permission to do the one test here at the business park. >> norumber one is to get the b on the road so we can take the fear away from the public. >> in this test, they are going slower, about 12 miles per hour or a little faster than a san francisco cable car. >> you have to walk before you can run? >> exactly right. we are crawling right now. >> tiny windshield wipers clean with the cameras are only. >> there's no front and back. >> it's a like a horizontal elevator, and lasers look out for obstacles. >> we can be 100% sure -- >> that's why they are being so careful testing in the empty lot. >> we hope to be able to put the bus on the road and have the general public use it. >> 30,000 people work along bishop ranch where the silent
5:53 am
electric buses could have their own lanes, but in time they will be able to drive anywhere. >> there's no rails. no infrastructure needed. >> next stop, your neighborhood. in san ramon, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. time to hit the streets. another sign that spring is near. >> announcer: taking on issues. tracking down answers. telling your stories. >> we need to help people even if it means breaking unjust laws. >> abc7 is right where we always have been. in your neighborhood. the team you trust. >> live in san jose, abc7
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built for business. check out the winning numbers from last night's $104 million powerball draw.
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1, 26, 41, 50, 57, and the powerball number 11. nobody got all six. wednesday night's jackpot grows to $123 million. happening today, san francisco's mission district kicks off the first of eight sunday streets events throughout the city. sunday streets is a car-free event with free activactivities if you go you are encouraged to walk or bike down valencia street. and srvalencia and 26th street will be closed off and it runs from 11:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon. and coming up at 6:00, a south bay man gets arrested after jumping over the white house fence. we hear from people who know him. and also an emotional moment before last night's san jose earthquake's game, the special honor for a high school student that cheated death.
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