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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 12, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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east bay this morning, oakland police are investigating a shooting that left one man dead. it happened last night before 9:00 on 60th street between dover and mlk jr. way. no word on any suspects. the first attempted breach of the white house during the trump administration landed a bay area man in custody with a court hearing tomorrow. agents say 26-year-old jonathan tran from milpitas jumped the fence near the treasury building on friday night and headed to the south entrance you see here. secret service officers say he was carrying a backpack with a letter inside for the president. abc7 news reporter, lonnporterpt story. >> this story shows the white house lawn suddenly
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turning on as he was discovered there just before midnight on friday. >> that's crazy. you don't see that around here, you know. >> he is a san jose graduate that lives in this milpitas neighborhood. >> i saw him a couple days ago and he was just driving in his car. >> it's unclear how he made it to washington, d.c. but he scaled a six-foot-tall fence with a backpack on, and he came yards from the east wing and president trump was inside. when an agent questioned the intruder, he said he was a friend of the president and had an appointment. at a saturday lunch the president thanked the secret service. >> the secret service did a fantastic job and it was a troubled person. >> he had two cans of mace in his backpack and a letter to president trump that mentioned hackers, and he also said he has been called schizophrenic. in thanksgiving day in 2016, a
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person scaled the fence, and then this man carrying a knife made it inside the white house before he was arrested. in the south bay, lonny rivera, abc7 news. vice president pence travelled to kentucky yesterday for support for the white house-backed obamacare overhaul. and pence says there's going to be a battle in washington. >> for us to seize this opportunity to repeal and replace obamacare once and for all, we need every republican in congress and we are counting on kentucky. >> the house is expected to vote on the bill within two weeks in the senate, it would need the support of 51 of the 52 republicans to reach president trump's desk.
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one of leading conservative voices had backlash. >> this past holiday season i sent a book and it's called "climate change for beginners" because for 16 years you doubted -- >> ask your question, young man. >> issa defended many of his stands and defended president trump during the forum in northern san diego county. the congressman knew the event would not be easy. >> they are expected to be contentious. the nature of these are the people that show up have concerns on one side or the other. >> issa ended the first session of his town hall after being questioned by a man who says he plans to challenge the nine-term congressman in the 2018 election. the white house of budget
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director mulvaney goes one-on-one with george stephanopoulos this morning right here at 8:00 on abc 7. and then a man died after colliding with another car head on in campbell. both vehicles came to a stop on an off-ramp near the expressway just before 5:00 p.m. yesterday. investigators believe a chrysler 300 was heading north in the southbound lanes when it slammed into an oncoming car. the chrysler's driver died at the scene and paramedics rushed a woman from the other car to a trauma center. san francisco police shot and wounded a dog that they say charged at an officer. it happened just before noon yesterday at kearney and post streets. the officer was directing traffic when he saw the dog charging at him. the officer fired one shot hitting the dog in the leg.
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he was taken to a vet and is expected to survive. police have detained the man they say was holding the dog's leash. protesters targeted the home of tech industry billionaire, peter thiel. they are speaking out against the work by one of his companies that could track airline passengers and other immigrants. abc7 news reporter, tonya has the details. > reporter: calling attention to a company he co-founded. he paw hrapb tur won a contract. >> it creates a data system that will allow -- that would enable the mass deportation of millions of people. >> reporter: according to the federal government in 2014 he
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was awarded a million-dollar contract to create an i.c.e. system, and the trump administration could mind big data. >> where is everybody in the country who ever asked for a hall allah meal on their flight? >> president trump issued an executive order creating a travel ban aimed at seven primarily muslim countries and these advocates worry these tools could be used on citizens, and not everybody at the protest apieces thiel. >> i think peter thiel has thought a lot about civil liberties in the past given his background as a libertarian. >> he hopes the mogul will build safeguards into the system. we reached out to thiel and have not received a response. for the second time in less
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than a week some at&t customers lost their phone service, and at&t says service is now running normally after a hardware issue prevented some customers' phone calls from connecting. the dallas company is apologizing for the inconvenience, and at&t customers in san francisco complained yesterday and yesterday in oakland customers were affected by what at&t says was a brief hardware issue. on the pennsylvania street, several residents were without service. the water flooded a yard and a street as it saepd out for at least an hour and a half. no word on what caused that pipe to rupture. that might be the only water we see around here for a while. >> seriously. we do have fog from napa and even from san jose this morning, so watch out for that if you are headed out for a little dog walk
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or a walk yourself. 50 in hayward right now, and oakland at around 50 degrees. looking at the temperatures in the low 50s in the city. less fog this morning in san francisco, but we will look for a sea breeze to kick in so one of our cooler locations is at beach, and 60s and 70s, we can't complain and i will let you how long it will stick around. and trapped alone with only her dog. rescuers in san mateo county find a missing woman. how her dog played a pivotal role. and bald is beautiful. the event that created a buzz in oakland.
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did you spring forward so you can enjoy the spring-like temperatures. 60s and 70s throughout the bay area today. lisa along shortly with the full accuweather forecast. ♪ we are family ♪ get up everybody and sing ♪ >> one of the voices behind the '70s dance hit has died. joni sledge, a member of the four-sister band, sister sledge, passed away on friday. her publicist said sledge was found dead at her home in phoenix, and she was not sick and no funeral arrangements have been announced so far.
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sledge was 60 years old. a palo alto woman and her dog have been found safe after spending nearly two days lost in the woods. 56-year-old bethany hary is at stanford medical center. her husband says abc7 news she's in a neck brace and has bumps and bruises but is doing well. kate larson tells us she spent two nights in the woods with no water or supplies, only her australian shepherd to keep her warm. >> sit her down. >> reporter: after getting lost in the woods for almost 48 hours, search and rescue crews carried haury to safety. >> it has been tough. >> reporter: ed haury describing the first time he saw his wife
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on the stretcher, alive and alert. she took the dog for a walk and never returned. the family lived in palo alto and was renting an air b and b in wood side, and rescue workers looked nonstop for her as she sometimes becomes disoriented and has diabetes. >> i began thinking, we may not see her again. >> when we called out for her, we heard her yell back and then a couple seconds later we heard the dog bark clearly. >> mike mckinney is part of the group that found haurly. >> she was sitting up and shivering, and very dehydrated. >> we just really appreciate all the effort. we are overwhelmed. >> reporter: a happy ending thanks to a heroic team effort.
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oakland raiders fans are invited to a community conference today to show their support to try and keep the silver and black in oakland. organizers of today's stand with oakland event says there will be plenty of speakers ranging from community leaders to former raiders, and they also plan to discuss the hall of famer's plan for a new stadium development at the coliseum site. and the conference starts at 11:30 this morning at the hilton oakland airport hotel. and the jewish holiday based on events described in the biblical book of esther. it reads like a fairytale. today and adults can dress up in costumes and enjoy games and live music and an obstacle course. the event runs from 11:00 to 2:00 this afternoon at the jewish community center in san francisco.
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shave it! shave it! >> shave it. oakland police officers and others had their heads shaved to help children battling cancer. the tenth annual st. tkreubg's campaign. >> i know that these officers go out every day to help people. it is great that you are finding this very creative way to help people. >> hair will grow back, so. >> over the past decade local st. ball tkreubg's efforts raised more than $1.5 million for childhood cancer research. thousands marched, many more watched to celebrate irish heritage during san francisco's st. patrick's day parade. >> yesterday irish dancers
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showed off their best steps along market street, and abc7 spoke to those as close as walnut creek and as far as way as ireland to enjoy the parade. >> i have not been for 20 years and just decided to come back again and just having a wonderful time. >> it's amazing to see people coming over here and celebrating st. patrick's day halfway across the world. >> a large crowd gathered outside city hall to watch the marcher's take their final steps, and michael finney hosted the parade, and this year's theme was passing on traditions. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning to you. starting out with live doppler 7. a little visibility issues along the san mateo coast, and otherwise it's a ridge of high pressure that will keep skies fair and temperatures warmer than they should be.
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much of california finally enjoying some pretty nice weather. the question is when are we going to get back to normal, and temperatures have been well above normal. a little fog here south of the city, and as we go through the next couple of hours it begins to pull back. by the overnight hours, wants to get a little closer. high pressure is building in, and going to keep the fog at bay for the most part, and this morning just a little bit in the north bay, about half a mile visibility in napa, and over a mile in santa rosa. here is where the temperatures are cool, and notice in san jose for a change we have fog here. looking at numbers around the bay then this morning, comfortable, and the window open and heat off, and 46 degrees in pleasanton. it's 49 in walnut creek and 50 in concord. 53 in pacifica with 43 in santa rosa and napa. not going to take long for numbers to come up near 60 degrees. by about 9:00 this morning.
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more sunshine trying to find the changes from yesterday to today, and not many. looks like numbers coming up a few more degrees, and we will look at that trend continue into monday. tuesday, even though it will be mild, we will add in cloud cover. with cooler conditions by the end of the week, looks like rain is just going to flirt with the far north bay communities, and even that may not materialize. and check out the first column here. this is where our temperatures will be today. in the mid-60s to low 70s, and then right here is where we should be for this time of year, and so that's representing about eight degrees above average in oakland, and nine degrees above average in livermore, and another eight degrees above average for you in san jose. this will come up even more so tomorrow as the ridge builds. as we look at san jose, we have the mid-70s for tomorrow and tuesday, and here comes that cooler air mass. not as cool as we should be for march. really we should be in the mid-60s, and then the
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temperatures rebound nicely by friday. so we will enjoy it for the time being today. in and around the south bay, look for low 70s. and then santa cruz back in the low 70s for you. the sea breeze keeping pacifica at about 60 degrees, and mid-60s in san francisco. in the north bay looking at low 70s for novato, and 72 in sonoma. vallejo, 73 degrees. in the east bay, more 70s for you to enjoy from san leandro to castro city. and 75 in pleasanten. overnight tonight, clear conditions, and temperatures dropping off from the mid to low 40s and the accuweather 7-day forecast, more sunshine and more 70s. we're looking at temperatures coming up just a few degrees, and increasing clouds on wednesday, and you can download our abc news app, and you will
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get a nice view of today and we'll keep you up-to-date with changes as they come into us. >> you see what is happening in other parts of the country. yeah, we are blessed. >> yeah, it's our turn. they had 70s back east. >> yeah, are right. >> thank you, lisa. just ahead a. special honor for a high school student that cheated death. we will show you the emotional moment before last
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. coming up on "gma," from gold to a brutal nor'easter, threatening freezing temperatures and snow across the northeast. rob has more on the storm and when it will be. and then a showdown between the federal prosecutor and the president trump bharara refusing to step down, and then tweeting he got fired. and finally, it's selection sunday, meaning march madness is among us, and we will break down who could be the cinderella pick this year, and that's coming up on "gma." we'll see you soon. a local high school soccer player took center stage last night weeks after his mom saved his life. abc7 news was at san jose's
6:24 am
asraeua stadium when he kicked the first goal before last night's game. he went into cardiac arrest after a soccer ball hit him in the chest, and that was during a game in watsonville three weeks ago. his mother's maternal and professional instincts quickly kicked in. >> i am a family physician, but i don't usually do this on a daily basis, right? basically what i did was cpr, and anybody can learn how to do cpr. >> wow, she did the cpr and firefighters eventually restored the 16-year-old's heartbeat using a defibrillator. and "american crime" premieres tonight at 10:00 with a new season, and there comes a
6:25 am
new story line, and even though the cast is the same you may not recognize the actors, because the actors will be playing new characters. and we get a sneak peek with the stars of the show, feliciy huffman and king. >> we have race and sexuality, and what are we digging into in season three. >> forced labor and modern-day slavery, and the issue of does the american dream cost other people their well-being and livelihood and sometimes their lives? >> as you are watching, you are learning things and it's not like a lesson. it's not being presented to you like a lesson, or like a book. it's truly like watching a great movie. >> well, you can check out the season premiere tonight,
6:26 am
"american crime" on abc7 at 10:00. still to come on abc7 mornings, a house goes up in flames and firefighters say a hoverboard is to blame. the frantic calls from first responders. and then the bike path
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welcome back, everyone. did you remember to set your clock ahead? it is 6:30, and we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist, lisa argen. >> good morning to you. hi, everyone. 40s and 50s with fog to contend with this morning from napa to san jose. it's 50 in oakland as well as in hayward, and 40 in fremont. santa rosa, five miles on the coast, and with this visibility it's going to be a nice day. sun up at 7:24 thisss temperatures will climb through the 60s at noontime, and then looking at low 60s coast side to the upper 70s inland. we are going to see this dry, warm weather last for a few more days. i will tell you for how much longer coming up in my 7-day
6:30 am
accuweather forecast. lovely here, and brutal elsewhere. more than half of the country is under winter weather alerts this morning. washington state it will take at least until tomorrow for a group of high school students to return home. they are trappstranded behind a avalanche blocking a road. icy conditions triggered a crash in alantown, pennsylvania. 25 cars slamming into one another. >> i followed the first car, and then i stopped and then a car hit me from behind and it was like i spun. i went this way and then a car hit me from the side. >> in boston an airline worker needed to be rescued after a de-icing truck collided with an alaska airlines jet. and travelers may face delays for tomorrow and tuesday. more water began flowing over the orville dam yesterday afternoon. nearly a month after fears of
6:31 am
flooding triggered a massive evacuation order. yesterday's increase in water leaving lake orville follows around-the-clock work from crews to clear debris from the dam's main spillway. you remember damage for the spillway forced officials to rely on the emergency spillway, and evacuation orders went out to more than 150,000 people when the emergency spillway nearly failed. no major flooding occurred. happening today, donations are still being accepted into the south bay following that devastating flooding nearly three weeks ago. thousands of people were forced to leave their homes with very little notice. coyote creek flooded last month, and it caused an estimated $73 million in damage. today you can drop off donation from 7:00
6:32 am
elementary street on east williams street in san jose. and then a new debate over the potential dangers over hoverboards. one is being blamed for sparking a house fire that killed a 3-year-old girl. eva pilgrim has the story. >> we are getting rapid calls and reports of kids trapped on the third floor. >> reporter: this devastating fire in p.a., killing one child and two others in critical condition, and officials say a hoverboard ignited the flames. >> it's all because of a hoverboard. >> this video shows the moment firefighters arrived, giant flames consuming this row home, and a father clearly panicked, his three children still inside. >> we need a ladder on the second floor. there are people on the roof. >> one girl jumped from a second-floor porch to safety, and two others pulled out by firefighters. this, just the latest hoverboard hazard making headlines, and this home on a security camera
6:33 am
shows the moment the batteries exploded, and huge flames ripping through the home north of chicago. >> all i could think to myself is it's a good likelihood we will lose both children today. >> and other frightening scenes, this one burning near a baby shoulder at this washington state mall. >> for no reason, it just explod exploded. >> sadly another death is being reported related to the hoverboard fire in pennsylvania. fire lieutenant was killed in a crash while responding to the house fire. if you are a frequent flyer or planning to travel anytime soon, you will notice changes in airport security. if you are chosen for a pat-down, it will probably be a lot more invasive and time consuming than you are used to. >> going through security may be a pwebigger hassle than it was
6:34 am
before if you are selected for the latest version of a pat-down. this man thought it was inappropriate. >> pull your pants up and check your legs and groin and et cetera. >> the agents had a discretion to use one of five methods for patting down parts of your body and now there's a single standardized procedure, and she works at the airport but got quite agoi ing over. >> most travelers will be processed using screening machines but for those that opt out of the technology or are pulled aside by tsa, the touching could feel invasive. christina tells us her pat-down was not out-of-bounds but if it had been she would have left. >> i wouldn't get on the plane. if somebody violated my personal space to a point where it made me uncomfortable. >> the policy comes two years
6:35 am
after a damage report found major security lapses at airports nationwide. in a statement the transportation security administration said the tsa continues to adjust and refine our systems and procedures to meet the evolving threat and to achieve the highest levels of transportation security. >> it was more pat-downing than i expected, but, you know, i guess, to make sure everybody is safe. >> the tsa screens some 2 million travelers every day. still ahead on abc7 mornings, tomorrow's commute today. a behind-the-scenes look at a self driving bus, and it could be here sooner than you think. here's a live look from the sutro camera. is there any rain? february was rainy. march so far dry and high, in the 60s and 7
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. the chp issued its annual warning about daylight saving time. americans in almost every state sprung forwar earlier this morning, turning the clocks ahead by an hour. the chp is warning the public about the risks of drowsy driving which goes up with the loss of an hour's sleep. preliminary research shows 33 people died, and more than 3,800 were hurt in accidents last year
6:39 am
caused by fatigue or sleepy drivers on california roadways. thanks to daylight saving time, caltrans has extended hours on the eastern span of the bay bridge for the bike path. starting today the hours will be from 6:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night on weekends and holidays. looks like a lovely ride. that path is not open on weekdays because workers are still working on the old demolition of the old eastern span. >> i must be drowsy because i was talking about how much was so beautiful, and our producer said this time last wek we had hail. >> i am with you. how many hours of sleep? don't even answer that. we are starting with a clear sky, and there's fog in napa and in san jose. temperatures are in the 40s. not too cool. but we will be in the 60s by about 9:00. we are on our way to another
6:40 am
very warm afternoon, and we'll talk about how long it's going to last. it looks like much of next week we will be on the mild side. spring is not here yet. next the warriors wrap up the most difficult part of their regular season schedule. resting every single one of their all-stars. could the dub' subs knock off the spurs? no, not even close. we have the highlights and postgame reaction co
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in sports the warriors are finally back home for a week. last night golden state wrapped up a really difficult stretch playing eight games in eight cities in just 13 days. the warriors now play 11 of their final 16 games here at home starting on tuesday night against the 76ers. last night the warriors' b team got blown out in san antonio, although there were some standout players. here's larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody.ever. steve kerr wanted to rest his players, no steph, no klay, no andre, and the results predictable. one little boy gave up his birthday party to see steph
6:44 am
curry. mills scores and it's a san antone lead. and the spurs without aldridge, and lee, chin up on the rim and clarke led the dubs in the first half with 13 points. seconds to go in the half, mills had 21 all in the half. spurs hit a franchise high, 11 threes in the half and were up by 20. and lee with authority right there in the corner. lone bright spot for golden state, clarke, a high of 36. fans not thrilled with the decision for steve kerr to rest curry. warriors lose their third straight, and mike shumann in san antonio. >> the warriors found out what it's like to play without steph and klay tonight and they are a
6:45 am
game and a half up on san antonio. >> we accomplished our goal to get through the game unscathed and we wanted to win but we didn't have enough in the tank. we could not make shots, and we regroup and get back out there. >> every time has to go through the road trips. anything can you do or just have to fight through it. >> we just have to fight through it, and we did, and we got through the game and we will get back home and get ready to play. >> the fans have been treated special over the years and to see three games in a row, the world will panic, including our fans, and soon it will be business as usual. >> mike shumann, abc7 sports. the sharks won five of the last six. san jose tied for the most points in the entire league since january and hoping to keep the momentum going with only 16 games left until the playoffs. >> if the sharks win the stanley
6:46 am
cup i may have to buy one of those suits for the parade. martin drills it, and johansson may have skimmed off a chin pad, and martin gets the credit for the point. josi, and beating martin jones. and wilson gets his stick on demelos's, and that creates the turnover and james neal has the game winner. that's the wrap on sports. enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody. now your forecast with lisa argen. >> 7:24 is our sunrise, and later it is setting at 7:14. here's a look at live doppler 7. clouds around the area because of a dome of high pressure is pushing the storm track to the
6:47 am
north. it's mainly along the san mateo coast and pushing a bit into tht s valley. by 8:00 or 9:00, it evaporates and looking at sunshine with the ridge of high pressure bringing temperatures once again well above average. san jose and half moon bay good visibility. in napa you can see some of the low clouds in the distance. 49 in san francisco, and we dropped a few degrees. 50 in oakland, and in the upper 40s in mountain view. and 50 gilroy, and 51 in san jose. a beautiful picture here from on top of our roof. 42 in santa rosa, and 43 in napa. chilly there. mid-40s in novato. and 50 in concord. from mount tam, our forecast highlights, 60s and 70s with warmer conditions tomorrow. tuesday it will still stay well above average, 5 to 15 and maybe
6:48 am
18 degrees above average, but we will bring in cloud cover. a weak weather system pushes to the north of us bringing more clouds and cooler temperatures. by wednesday, doesn't look likely we are going to see any rain, but there's a slight chance for our north bay community. here's where our temperatures sit today with mid-60s and low 70s, and it's mid march, and eight days away from spring and these numbers are representative of may temperatures. averages are in the low to mid-60s, anywhere from three to nine degrees above where we should be. that trend has been with us for the past several days. low 60s at our beaches and afternoon sea breeze, up with to 29 miles an hour, ocean beach and half moon bay, 61 and 62 degrees. and san jose, mild temperatures. elsewhere in the south bay, look for about 72 today for your afternoon high in morgan hill. santa clara, cupertino, about the same, upper 60s san mateo,
6:49 am
and san francisco, a little change for you with 65. north bay more 70s. low to mid-70s from napa to calistoga today, and into the east bay, oakland, 70 degrees. castro valley, about the same. inland we will see mid-70s from san ramon to pittsburgh. overnight tonight, not too much fog, and we don't have the blanket to insulate us, and mid and upper 70s inland, and 60s at the coast, and changes come midweek with extra cloud cover and downloading our abc news app will keep you up-to-date on all the changes that may occur. eight days away from spring, and could get spring showers. >> all right. thank you, lisa. one day it could be the missing link between suburban neighborhoods and b.a.r.t. stations, but for now you can see it circling a parking lot in san ramon with nobody behind the wheel. abc7 news reporter, jonathan
6:50 am
bloom, took the first ride aboard a self-driving bus that could carry passengers by year's end. >> thank you. >> reporter: 12 people can fit inside the little red bus, and surprisingly spacious because of what its missing. >> no steering wheel or brake pedal and in theory in the future, no operator. >> reporter: these could be the future of urban transportation. >> we are excited to be launching them in the united states. >> easy mile has them running in 14 countries. >> the challenge. number one is to get the bus on the road so we can take the fear away from the public in using the autonomous vehicle. >> reporter: vehicles are capable of going the same speed as a normal bus but in this case they are going slower, 12 miles per hour or a little faster before a cable car.
6:51 am
>> you have to walk before you can run? >> exactly. >> it goes in either direction? >> exactly. there is no front or back. >> reporter: it's like a ho horizontal elevator. lasers look out for obstacles. >> we can be 100% sure -- oh, excuse me, is this your stop? >> reporter: they are testing first in the empty lot. >> we hope later this year to be able to put the bus on the road and have the general public use it. >> reporter: some 30,000 people work at bishop ranch along 30,000 miles of flat roads where the buses could have their own lanes. >> there's no rails and you don't have to put any infrastructure in. that's the beauty of the project. >> reporter: next stop, your neighborhood. jonathan bloom, abc7 news. coming up, it is time to hit the streets. another sign that spring is almost here.
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6:55 am
the city. sunday streets has free activities for the entire family. if you go you are encouraged to walk or bike down valencia street. valencia between derosa and 26th street will be closed off. the event runs from 11:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon. they could not ask for better weather. >> no, in fact in the 60s and tons of sun, and a light breeze. 65 for the city. at about 3:00, 70 in oakland. 71 in fremont. and 72 in morgan hill. fog right now in san jose and napa, and the accuweather 7-day forecast just as nice tomorrow and even a tad warmer, and by tuesday, still above average, and clouds increase and temperatures cool midweek and then we rebound nicely for the the end of the week. yeah, that's our march for you so far. >> we like. thank you, lisa. that's going to do it for us. thank you for joining on abc7
6:56 am
mornings. "good morning america" is up next, and then at 9:00, indy car series racing with the firestone grand prix at st. petersburg, and that's followed by abc's nba sunday showcase. the bulls battle the celtics at td garden at 12:30. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m., and the news continues now online, on twitter, and facebook and instagram. have a fantastic sunday, everyone, and a great week ahead.
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good morning, america. this morning, bracing for a
6:59 am
blizzard. storm watches are up in the northeast. if you thought we were done with scenes like this, think again. the south getting socked with snow. right now. team coverage of this late winter blast. a major and dangerous storm. white house fence jumper. the serious security breach and intruder scaling a perimeter fence. making his way to the south portico doors, near the first family's east wing residence before he was caught. >> the secret service did a fantastic job. it was a troubled person. >> what the agents say they found inside his backpack. not going quietly. the high-profile u.s. attorney in new york, preet bharara, refusing to step down, as do


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