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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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golden gate park and at ocean beach. thank you for joining us. our other top story former president obama is here in the bay area. the timing of his visit comes at a crushed time. sergio quintana is live at the it ma netta airport with the story. >> reporter: the former president just touched down here at san jose ma netta international airport. he got into a motorcade, driven off to an undisclosed location. this is the first visit to the silicon valley since he left the white house. he did not come out to answer any questions. we just saw his motorcade drive out of the airport. he just flew into san jose after spending the day with warren buffett in omaha. that was also a pretty low-key affair. they shared lunch at a country club and there were no comments to local media. as president, obama often visited the bay area for multiple fund-raising events. this weekend is also one of his
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first public sightings since current president trump lodged still uncorroborated accusations that obama's administration ordered wiretaps of trump tower during the election. devin nunez, a chairman of the house intelligence committee, has given the u.s. justice department until tomorrow to turn over any evidence that might stanch yale the current president's claim. now president trump made the accusations on his twitter page last weekend. a spokesperson for former president barack obama quickly denied those accusations, in fact pointing out that the president does not have the power to order secret wiretaps saying only a federal judge can approve warrants that might have been requested by federal investigators. of course, this is all supposed to come out if there's any evidence to this tomorrow at this hearing in congress. reporting live at san jose international, i'm sergio quintana, abc 7 news.
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the effort from the trump administration to repeal and replace artable care act -- it's gets plenty of pushback. david daniel has the story. >> reporter: it was one of president trump's biggest campaign promises -- repeal and replace obama care. earlier this week, the trump administration launched a new bill with house speaker paul ryan leading the charge. the bill has already cleared its first hurding in the house. >> obama care is collapsing. we would seed a further -- so we feel an obligation to replace this law with one that works. >> reporter: the introduction of the new health care plan has been met with resistance from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. corey booker called the bill bad policy. >> republicans cannot just force this down our throats. it's going to not a lot of folks off, hurt long-term care, hurt good working-class folks.
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>> reporter: another vocal opponent is rand paul of kentucky. the same state where vice president mike pence pitched the plan on saturday. >> i think it's basically obamacare will have litet you one this is that's most visible to everybody is premiums are rising through the roof. that will happen on the ryan plan as well. they do nothing to fix the fundamental problem. >> reporter: the house speaker had this to say to the critics on the conservative side. >> when you're in a party trying ton consist senlz, everybody doesn't get what they want. another series of ball threats across america, and in and around buildings. and one of those searches found nothing dangerous.
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>> other centers around the country also by e-mail. we do believe that this is part of the as i mentioned on tuesday, a larger picture. >> today's threats following with us made against the addison center in los gatos on thursday. that was also an e-mailed threat. sheriff's bomb quaid found no explosives. a man has died four days after he was shot while driving in the east bay. family members identified the victim as demarcus doss of pinol. gunfire also injured a woman who was riding with her. she's recovering. highway patrol investigators believe the victims may have been targeted. chp suspects this man, elliott johnson was involved in the killing. officers arrested johnson along with two 17-year-old boys on thursday. oakland police hope
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witnesses will come forward following two shootings. one was was shot at 6 onth they're and martin luther way. he died at the hospital just before 9:00 last night. you can see where another man was shot several times. it happened on dashwood avenue. the victim died after hog rushed to a trauma center. no arrests have been made in either shooting. napa county is using a new technique in hopes the stopping human trafficking. posters like this one went out to 80 businesses. stay law requires bars, bus places, hospital emergency rooms and farms that use contract labor to post them. the idea is to help them identify the signs of human trafficking and get help for people being exploited. a community donation drive for san jose flood victims is being called a successes. the abc 7 news was aohlunder elementary where people dropped off foot, clothing and more.
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hours later people came up and picked up whatever they needed. it was a drive organized by the help offul. >> alex taylor and mariana alvarez and with the help of ohlunder school and the community. wow, what a success. we're so happy. >> reporter: the city admits it didn't give people enough time to evacuate. another flood warning threat something is being developed. fans represent 32 nfl teams rallying together to keep the raiders here together. leslie brinkley shows us the last-minute effort. >> keep up the fight. >> oh, yeah. >> keep up the fight almost ronnie lott and other luminaries came here to the airport hotel to rally fans from 32 different nfl teams. >> the raider fan base is so well respected by all the other
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franchises, that people would be willing to travel 3,000 miles here to come and stand with us. >> there's been two relocations. san diego and st. louis, but not in any of those instances did you see fan bases mobilizing to come support a fan base like in oakland. >> reporter: they came from miami and new york. >> football is family and family is everything. family should be where the home is. this is oak lend's home. they shouldn't go anywhere. >> i will only come here to see them. >> reporter: the heat is on. >> 16 days to when the owners convene in arizona, and in regards to potentially own on a relox move. >> reporter: the diversion fans plan to pressure the team's owners to vote against them moves to las vegas. if they can get nine dissenters, the raiders wouldn't be able to relocation. >> the people, the black and silver, you won't replicate that anywhere. >> reporter: you could say it's the fourth quarter and the clock is running down. this is a last-ditch pass.
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well, california is working hard to keep the air clean. one way is through stricter emission tests. the decision this week that could set that effort back. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. a beautiful weekend rounding out on mild temperatures this afternoon, even warmer air set to arrive in the coming days. the numbers ahead in the accuweather forecast. and why the guyou'll swear it came from aew frfancy brunch place. its 100% real. just like my favorite sport - pro wrestling. um... yeah, about pro wrestling... its fake. what? lies!! its... all ...lies!! why didnt you tell me?!!!!
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a live look at heavy traffic tonight on the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see a lot of people are out there, enjoying the beautiful sunday afternoon and the later sunset tonight. with so much traffic all time, california as you know has tougher pollution standards than most of the nation. that could change after this week. the trump administration is expected to start rolling back pollution limits on cars and trucks nationwide, which could including revoking california's authority to set its own standards. it's in responsibility to some car makers put in play by the obama administration would be too costly. california could exercise a special waiver to try to continue setting its own limits, but that would set up a major fight between the state and federal epa. it looks like we won't be hearing senate candidate arnold schwarzenegger anytime soon.
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he posted that he's deeply flattered by the people approaching, but he hopes to bring sanity by redistricting reform. he feels the best way to help repair it is by campaigning from the outside. daylight saving time means it's being to be an even bigger struggle to wake up tomorrow morning. but setting the clock forward, what happens to your quality of life and work? and the sunshine tonight is just a preview of things to come. beautiful out there. drew tuma is up next with a warm and sunny acuweathers forecast. i'm rick kwan, cal berth and st. mary's is going to the dance.
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a man in san jose is now a million dollars richer. lan phan purchased a winning multiplier scratch-it tickets from this lee's sandwiches on king road. the store also gets a bonus for selling the winning ticket. if you feel off today, it could be because you lost an
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hour of sleep. daylight saving time began today, and with want to do away with the time change in california. a bill was introduce last month to keep it on standard time all year round. >> some people say it's useless. >> if people use it the way maybe it was intended to be used, fine. i don't know that it affects me personally. >> the u.s. first used daylight saving time during world war i to conserve fuel and produce electric power. arizona and hawaii are the only states that don't observe the time change. in accuweather, coming off a spectacular weekend, miles of temperatures, tons of sunshine and new work and school week brings more warmth to the forecast. you know it's baby blue sky, not a cloud to be seen. so out we go, a look at the live look from our east bay hills camera, showing you just a gorgeous evening we have on tap.
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lots of sunshine, and really comfortable conditions. to san jose, we are soaked in sun as well. temperatures in the 70s, even into santa cruz, yeah, a few folks enjoying the ocean water. notice not many of them dipping their toes in quite yet. still rather chilly, that ocean water temperature. a lot of 70s inland from concord to antioch and livermore. 70 in san jose, 60 in francis, and a mild 71 right now in napa. the 24-hour change most spots a few degrees warmer, and that's really the theme, even and every afternoon, monday and tuesday. a couple degrees warmer each afternoon, as the warm air mass sits right over us. daylight saving began earlier this morning. that means the sunset later today at 7:14. may 1st, in the beginning of summer, june 20th, just 100 days away that sun is setting at 8:34 in the evening, so the call
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overnight tonight, a beautiful night sky. plenty of stars, perfect to see that moon come up. it will ride, 48 the overnight low, 49 san jose, about 48 concord, 42 in napa. highs on your monday, like this weekend, you'll love tomorrow. mild sunshine, a bit warmer in san jose tomorrow, 77 at high, 76 cupertino, gilroy up to about 75. along the peninsula, redwood city the same. right along the coast, a bill cooler on the ocean water. still comfortable for this time of year. san francisco tomorrow, with 65 that number, and sunset district. the north bay equally as beautiful. like clover dale 80 tomorrow, about 77 in sonoma and to the east bay, oakland, up to 72 degrees. that's mild for this teem of year. 75 fremont, or
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high in richmond, 78 in pittsburg. enjoy 76. still that pollen level causing issuesings that tree pollen is at high level. mold coming in at low levels. future tracker temp shows you tuesday, the warmth will peak, still a delightful day on tuesday, lots of sunshine, as you go into wednesday, you'll notice it feels much cooler, temperatures dropping in 10 to 15 degrees. the forecast is going to show you tomorrow beautiful, warm and sunny, a few coastal clouds, but a nice sky. wednesday much more cloud cover, much cooler, but it's short-lived. by thursday and fridays, temperatures rebound and early indicate for next weekend, sunny skies and temperatures on the mild sky. >> perfect. thank you, drew. rick is here. we're talking about march madness. >> one year after getting snubbed by the ncaa tournament st. mary's is going back to the
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big dance. this was the scene today. as the seventh seed, the gaels will play virginia commonwealth thursday in salt lake city. if it wins, it will likely take on arizona on saturday. three of the losses to gonzaga. cal did not make the tournament, but will be the number one seed in the n.i.t. it went 21-12, losing to oregon in the pac-12 conference semifinals. four pac-12 teams did make the tournament. arizona is the number two seed in the west. the wildcats play north dakota on thursday. both oregon and ucla are headed to sacramento as number three seeds. the ducks face iono why the bruins get kent state. the winner will take on smu
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on wednesday. defending national champ villanova is the overall number one seed. kansas is a top seed in the midwest, despite losing to duke, north carolina is number one in the south, while out west, gonzaga is a top seed for just a second time in school history. the zags went 32-1 this season. the road-weary warriors will get to play their next games at home. it's been a brutal two-week stretch for golden state. last night steve kerr gave three of his starters and andre iguodala the day off. the spurs took advantage, winning by 22. the warriors have now lost three straight in its lead over san antonio for the top seed in the west, fell to just a half game. >> we're trying to get through the stretch. we got through it, and we got our guys some rest. now we can come home, recharge. three home games this week, and sleeping in our own beds, i'm
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pretty confident we're going to get back on the horse. >> just trying to be aggressive. do anything to help our team win. we've got guys, we're shorthanded, but for the tom four players, it's good for the young guys, and compete and by aggressive. cactus league action, good to see manager bob melvin back in the dugout. he had missed the last two games because of the death of his mother. santiago casilla made his spring debut. in the fifth he strikes out the first batter he faced, but later that inning, he gives up a two-run triple to kyle schwarber. he eye lowed two hits, two runs in just 2/3 of an inning. four runs in the sixth. the a's going to beat the cubs 9-8. oakland has won seven in a row. the giants had their way with the diamondbacks.
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tom i son, jaret parker and conner gillespie both scored to give san francisco a 2-1 lead. with the five-run eighth. kyle blanks with a two-run homer. san francisco had 13 hits. not just the engines were hot at the end of the cobalt in vegas. martin true exjr. won the race, but the action was far from over. ends up in a dogfile with the pit crew. busch suffered a small cut. logano came away without a scratch. ncaa will announce the brackets for the women's tournament tomorrow. we'll find out where stanford will wind up. a fun time of the year. >> it's going to be tough with the uconn women. they've won like 106 straight. so we'll see. thank you, rick. next on abc 7 news at 6:00, king kong takes
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we're following that search for a breaking woman who is nine months pregnant. there's only one king at the box office this weekend. it goes by the name of kong "skull island" raked it in in the first week nen in theaters. that's a strong opening for the thriller starting samuel l. jansen, home hidel stone. and the horror comedy "get out" came in third, and "the shack -- you can't meet a big monster. >> i saw it on friday. i thought it was pretty good. i went in with low expectations, though, but it is surprising. >> those are good actors in that movie, too. breathe larsen just won an oscar. >> king kong is the star. that's it for us, see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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>> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, we're celebrating national nutrition month with helpful snacks. what is your top tip for folks who want to eat healthier this month? >> great question. takeaway message is keep it simple. if you look at all of the ingredient lists of the products that you see here, very simple, clean ingredient list. you want ingredients you can see and pronounce, and products like this that encourage you to cook more at home with your family, that's really key. >> then an old favorite is back. >> i've got two kids. i've got a boy. i've got a girl. and there we were. we were sitting on main street, waiting for the floats to come down, and as they did come down, i had that realization that i remember coming with my grandmother, and now here i am with my kids. it's definitely an incredible nostalgic feeling. >> plus, the perfect place to hold your next event. >> they have a great ability for


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