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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 13, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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replica firearm. people were evacuated out of concern for public safety saying there was an armed suspect barricaded inside a hotel. the standoff lasted over seven hours and had a major impact on businesses in that area. >> it sure did. new at 6:00, abc 7 reporter, melanie, she says she doesn't remember a thing. >> reporter: samantha helstrom said she was sorry for scaring anyone with a replica gun. property and time can be recouped. police released her mug shot today but she asked us not to show her face. inside the county jail, samantha helstrom described what happened on valencia street. >> feeling depressed i'll go and
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drink alcohol. i decided to buy a large bottle. >> reporter: she se shez fell asleep watching a movie. >> they were telling me samantha we need you to come out of your room. i told them i didn't do anything. >> reporter: police say helstrom had a handgun recovered from her apartment but she says it wasn't real. >> it's an air soft gun i bought. it's not a real firearm. >> reporter: today the district attorney's office confirmed she's charged with two counts of brandishing a replica firearm. she remembers being shot with rubber bullets on the leg. >> at one point when i came out, i said go ahead and shoot me. i don't care. >> reporter: all the while officers were running down the street evacuating businesses and shielding pedestrians. >> so we're being evacuated from the building. the police officer just told us you should run, you should run. because we got out and we were walking and he was gesturing
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towards us like you should run. >> i think it was an overreaction. that was not a de-escalation. that was an escalation. >> we're not going to leave it at chance for any one or any thing that might cause an incident to get worse. especially when you're thinking of the safety of the public. >> reporter: she told abc 7 news about this part in north beach. >> i accidentally shot my door. it was an accident. >> reporter: the police found possible explosives inside. as for friday night -- >> reporter: if i scared them while i was drinking too much, i'm very sorry for that. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. a hazmat crew is cleaning up a spill. where the silvery liquid was discovered underneath a motorcycle trailer. crews found it in several more
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places along the street. they believe someone may have put the mercury in the trash. breathing in mercury va boar can be dangerous especially for infants, children, and unborn babies. frustrated residents in one east bay community says they haven't had regular mail delivery for weeks and they're wondering why it has taken so long for the postal service to fix this problem. >> reporter: it's become a regular track for people in martinez to pick up their mail. some residents told us they haven't had regular mail delivery for weeks. up to two months. >> not just inconvenient. it's very worry sh. >> as you can see, there's not enough parking to accommodate all of us that come to get our mail. you can wait 45 minutes to an hour just to go to that window to pick up your mail. >> reporter: the problem martinez and other east bay communities, they've had thefts from these cluster boxes. breaking into the boxes or
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having a key to boxes? >> both. >> reporter: jeff fitch is a u.s. postal investigator trying to track down thieves like these. images captured at one martinez apartment complex. and they want the public's help. >> the importance of reporting and it's not just reporting the initial break in. it's also reporting if you see an unusual transaction on your bank statement. >> today good news. 99% to 100% of the mailboxes will be repaired. >> reporter: stick shawna smith is frustrated they weren't notified of the problem weeks ago. >> not only are we not getting mail, but we're sending stuff out putting them in our mailboxes like normal and that's being taken as well. >> reporter: u.s. postal service says other cities including va lay owe, american canyon, and fremont have had similar thefts. abc 7 news. new at 6:00, california's
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environmental protection agency is a step closer to recognizing the most popular weed killer in the world as a carcinogen. we're talking about one used in hundreds of products including roundup. friday a court ruled that california can move forward with plans to label glyphosate as something that causes cancer. the i-team has been looking into the chemical after a lab test of ten california wines concluded they all contained trace amounts of the chemical. it is debatable whether those levels are a health concern. monsanto told abc 7 it poses no health concerns. according to a man whose road rage beating went viral is speaking from his hospital bed tonight. 15 bikers attacked a driver on highway 101 last wednesday.
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you saw this video. that driver is sharing his story as the chp continues to search for the people wo put him in the hospital. carolyn tyler is live from sf general tonight with details. carolyn? >> reporter: the victim alex quintana spoke with reporters this afternoon. they continue to follow tips but have made no arrests yet. quintana tells us he believes if it weren't for witnesses videotaping that, the attack could have been fatal. alex quintana is in pain, but grateful to be alive. he thought he might die on the side of the freeway after he was brutally attacked last week. the road rage incident has captured national attention. >> they were all hitting and kicking from everywhere. >> reporter: the 35-year-old was driver for lyft on southbound highway 101 near the cesar chavez exit. witnesses captured some of the crime including 15 young men on
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dirt bikes and motorcycles. quintana pulled off the freeway and they surrounded him. broke his car's windows. when he got out, they broke his nose. one shattered his leg. >> he looked at me right in the eyes and ran over my leg. all i could do is just lay there and cry and think about my kid. >> reporter: supporting his kid, his baby elijah, is the reason he was driving from modesto to the bay area every day. to work for uber and lyft. now the new father is out of a job and from his hospital bed is trying to help law enforcement track down the bikers. he says the chp calls the 12:00 boys. >> it's important. not just to get what happened to me but so something doesn't happen to somebody else. >> reporter: he's had surgery which was broken in three
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places. will need another operation and then will come months of rehab. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. did you feel it? a small earthquake rattled livermore today. the 2.8 magnitude quake happened after 12:30 this afternoon. this map outlines the area to have felt a little shaking at the time. though it was a light quake, we saw a flurry of posts about it on social media the the minutes following. in less than two weeks, a new professional sports team will make its debut in san francisco. it's been an uphill battle for the new team which faced some community opposition. the team will play its matching at kezar stadium. leanne melendez joins us from the stadium. >> reporter: of course we're talking about soccer. the san francisco deltas. this is their new home. kezar with a new field. just add the fans. it's perhaps the most diverse
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professional sports team in san francisco. the deltas have 22 signed players from around the world. they're quick to point out they're not only here to win games. >> it's more than that. you know, we want to grow something with the fan base, with the community, and try to really impact the people around us and the clubs around us in the city. >> reporter: the team is a member of the north american soccer league, a level below the major league soccer division. while the deltas have many people behind them, not everyone in the community welcomed them with open arms. last march some expressed their concerns about traffic and having the team at kezar stadium where beer and wine will be served. >> 6,000 cars does not work. >> reporter: but the team was allowed to play at kezar following a plan to spend $1 million to improve the stadium. the city liked that the team will play only 18 home games a season. the rest of the time, the stadium will be used by the san francisco recreation and park
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department. no tax dollars were spent. the deltas are now focused on winning over the community. >> i think the benefit of having a professional soccer team in the city is to give people an affordable place to go to watch quality soccer. >> reporter: one-third of the stadium will be priced under $20. 200 tickets will be given out each night to community and non-profit groups. sully mohamed grew up in richmond where soccer was not the sport of choice for many kids. >> me and my dad had the conversation to be different and play a sport that's different than basketball, football, and baseball. >> reporter: the team says it wants to be the inspiration for the next generation of players. abc 7 news. it's a beautiful day out there for soccer or anything else. here's a live look outside at a stunning a evening in santa cruz. great weather to be on the beach. here's a live look from our camera on top of mt. tam.
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we have the numbers to prove how beautiful it was out there. >> it certainly was, indeed. here's a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies still across the bay area. not only did we have warmth, we had record warmth in one spot. 77 degrees is a new record at sfo. breaking the old record of 76 set in 2014. and look at the number of places that hit 80 degrees. santa rosa, napa, gillroy. however, fog will return to the coastline overnight. check out the animation here. that might chill things down a little bit in some spots tomorrow. i'll show you the the complete accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> okay. thanks very much, spencer. it wasn't that long ago we were sitting through day after day of rain. it took a toll on the big suhr community. next, the law enforcement office that says the vallejo officer in this video acted exactly right.
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and at 6:30, the south bay intersection one neighbor says is an accident waiting to happen.
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the man accused of jumping a white house fence friday night with two cans of mace appeared in federal court today. jonathan tran will be allowed to remain free while awaiting trial. he is ordered to stay 100 miles close to his hometown. tran faces up to ten years in prison on charges of entering a restricted grounds while carrying a dangerous weapon. disturbing video has surfaced of a vallejo police
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officer subduing a suspect. we want to warn you some actions could be upsetting for viewers to watch even though we're going to show you only a few seconds of what was recorded. we talked with an expert and found what you're about to see is all within the rules. >> reporter: in the video, a vallejo police officer straddles a man on the median then punches him in the face several times. it's caused concern among lots of residents here. >> this is somebody we're supposed to trust that's doing these kind of things and beating people up. you know what i mean? had it been the other way around, he would be shot right now. >> reporter: in a written statement, vallejo police chief andrew bidou says we are aware of the attention this incident has gained and i've ordered a complete investigation. police were called to the station because dejuan hall was frightening the employees. hall was trying to buy a
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greyhound bus ticket to sacramento. when his card was declined, he got angry. the man started pointing his fingers at his employees as if he had a gun and started shouting, i'm god, i'm god. in the video, the man is shouting the same thing at police. >> i am god! i am god! >> reporter: we showed it to police training expert don cameron. he said the closed fists and even reaching for his gun because of the surrounding crowd are part of police training. >> it's a visual persuader. you know? hey, get away from me because i'm doing something else here. >> reporter: the police department has not told us if the officer will remain on duty while the investigation of this incident continues. abc 7 news. tonight a deadly police shooting in southern california the under investigation. officers in the city of orange say 33-year-old michael anthony was shot after a traffic stop. police say anthony locked himself inside his -- when
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officers used a fire hose to soak the inside of the car. >> at some point he actually poured some gasoline onto a rag. they knew at that point they had to put a point in motion. it was creative. it was well done. and unfortunate it worked for getting him out of the car. >> police say anthony got out of the van with a knife, a non-lethal weapon didn't stop him so an officer opened fire. he later died at the hop. airlines are canceled dozens of flights before a snowstorm hits the u.s. at sfo cancellation notices appeared on the status boards. airlines are grounding flights to new york, boston, and washington, d.c. that will allow flights to resume operations quicker once the storm passes. an unexpected problem today in the demolition of a condemned bridge on the central california coach. the pfeiffer canyon bridge
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demolition had to be stalled. to collapse it into the canyon below, but the bridge on highway 1 proved stronger than the ball. cal trans closed the bridge a month ago cutting off the big sur community and forcing people in businesses to rely on helicopters for supplies. this after engineers noticed buckling and sliding and fear the bridge may collapse. the replacement bridge will be different. >> the new bridge will have no columns. it will have just two abutments. it will be a single span. >> for now a 63 mile stretch of highway 1 is shut down indefinitely from palo colorado to ragged point. meaning iconic businesses like the post ranch inn and vantana inn remain closed. caltranssays it will take -- to reposition the crane so its 6,000 pound wrecking ball can pack a bigger punch.
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work resumes tomorrow. what a beautiful day we had today. we still have enough daylight to enjoy some mild weather outside. here's a look at live doppler 7. it's bright and sunny all across the bay area right now. we're on daylight saving time now. we had quite a mild day today, a warm day in some spots. still quite mild. looking northward over the golden gate. it's 72 degrees right now in san francisco and oakland. and san jose, still in the 80s at gillroy. 81 degrees at gillroy right now. 64 at half-moon bay. check out this view from emoryville looking out towards alcatraz and the gate. upper 70s and only 72 at livermore. here's the view from mt. tam looking down to the bay. we'll see coastal fog returning overnight. it'll be partly conclude by mid-week, little bit cooler. then a chance of slight showers.
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let's look ahead now at overnight lows which will be in the upper 40s to low 50s in most locations. we'll see fog beginning to move closer to the coastline. maybe a patch or two of it will move out locally over the bay tonight. but skies will be mainly clear. here's a little fogcast for you starting at midnight. fog will approach the coastline tomorrow. it'll be partly sunny to mostly sunny tomorrow. at mid-day. but by later in the day and into the evening hours we'll see the fog filling in. it will remain sunny over the bay tomorrow. so let's take a look at projected high temperatures in the south bay. we'll see mid to upper 70s. 77 at san jose. 76 at santa clara. mid-70s on the peninsula down to mountain view. upper 60s to 70 on the coast even with the approaching fog. downtown san francisco will have a high of 71 tomorrow. up in the north bay, look for mainly upper 70s from santa rosa to sonoma to napa. east bay, 72 at oakland. up to 75 at fremont and the
6:21 pm
inland east bay will see upper 70s, close to 80 degrees. let's skip ahead to wednesday at noon as the clouds start to move in ahead of our next chance for rainfall. that'll be wednesday evening. looks like the north bay will get some light rain, very light rain. it will tend to fall apart as we approach the later nighttime hours. thursday morning doesn't look like it's enough to hamper the morning commute. rainfall totals we project will be about 0.01 inch by wednesday across north bay locations and no measurable locations for the remainder of the bay area. here's the seven-day forecast as we get past the slight chance of some light rain late wednesday into thursday. we'll get partial clearing thursday. sunny skies on friday for st. patrick's day. our next chance for actual rainfall will be sunday night into monday. >> all right. good. >> everyone's got the luck of the irish this week. coming up next, a mobile
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health center that could help more than half of californians. and who will he choose? tonight it's the season finale of "the bachelor." 8:00 on abc 7 followed by "after the rose" at 10:00. then the bachelor will be on jimmy kimmel live. bu
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shed its name, it's also getting a new boss. a filing with the s.e.c. says thomas mchenry will lead the company named altaba now. he is the former head of iac. marissa mayer offered him $200 million plus bonuses. he will leave the company in june with a $24 million severance package. a new way to fight diabetes is hitting the streets in vallejo. this mobile diabetes center features work centers and a kitchen. it will provide screenings for diabetes like the ones many people receive today and demonstrations on how to prepare food that's both healthy and delicious. 55% of californians are diabetic or prediabetic.
6:26 pm
the topic in health care is the changes republicans want to make to obamacare. you're going to hear the top concerns next. plus -- >> whatever they have to do, but they need to get it done. >> she's tired of watching car crashes like this one outside her front door. find out just how many have happened and what the south bay woman wants to see done about it. a natural disaster destroys plans for
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it's an accident that seems to come out of nowhere but people who live by this intersection say it's an accident waiting to happen. home surveillance cameras capture that crash yesterday and the owners shared the video only with abc 7 news. >> they say it's just one of many crashes at the intersection of kennedy drive in evans road in milpitas. right now a two-way stop controls traffic.
6:30 pm
neighbors want a four-way stop. >> wayne freedman went there to get a good look for himself. >> reporter: for joy reyes, home sweet home this past 40 years has come with an undesired twist. >> i never know when it's going to happen. >> reporter: it being the reason she mounted this video camera on they are garage pointing at evans road and kennedy drive where yesterday it happened again. is this in your opinion a safe intersection? >> no. absolutely not. >> reporter: because? >> well, because somebody's going to get hurt. maybe killed. these cars as you can see they fly like maniacs down this street. >> reporter: the passengers in the white van walked away after a motorcyclist helped pull them out. the driver that hit them went to the hospital. it's not the first time joy has seen an accident here. why else would she plant a row of ten ton boulders in front of her house? all she wants are a couple of stop signs. by joy's estimate, there have been 15 accidents in the last 8
6:31 pm
years. that's more than 2 per year and that doesn't even count the car that went through her house 20 years ago. >> well, we had the people that work at the planning commission out here last year for this accident. and he said, well, they really didn't give me an answer. and it was like, you know, maybe they don't have the money. i don't know what the problem -- all they have to do is study. that's what they told me. >> reporter: we did show the video to milpitas police chief. he is aware of the problems here. >> it's not the first accident we've had at that intersection, no. >> reporter: beyond that the city remains noncommittal. we sent this video to the traffic engineer. joy says there are plenty more where this came from. >> i don't know if it's money or they have to do a study or whatever they have to do. but they need to get it done before somebody gets killed. >> reporter: in milpitas, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> if there's a story you'd like to look into, contact us
6:32 pm
uc berkeley is poised to have its first-ever female chancellor. president janet napolitano napon nominated carol christ. she worked at cal from 1970 to 2002 rising from english professor to dean to vice chancellor. the uc board of regents will vote on her nomination on tuesday. cal's outgoing chancellor nicolas dirks offered resignation amid controversy over campus sex assaults and budget decisions. he stayed in the position until the replacement was in place. listen to this one. a fresno business owner tonight is defending controversial remarks he posted on facebook targeting hispanics. roll one for mi sushi bar owner wrote his servers are ready to build a wall around the restaurant because many hzs
6:33 pm
never tip. the post has drawn criticism from many. perera has called to build an economic wall around wade's business. >> my servers rely on their tips. and so i was defending my staff more than impugning hispanics. i didn't say all. i hate generalizations. i hate that stuff. >> wayte apologized for his comments and said he'll be more aware of what he posts online. democrats are calling for republicans to pull their health care bill from consideration after new estimates reveal how many people would lose their coverage. republicans introduced the bill last week to ultimately replace obamacare. today the non-partisan congressional budget office said this. 14 million american who is have health insurance right now would lose it by next year.
6:34 pm
that number would go to 24 million americans by 2026. >> this is a remarkable figure. it speaks to the cruelty of the bill that the speaker calls an act of mercy. >> the white house says it strenuously disagrees with the budget office report. california governor jerry brown did not mince words. he agreed with the report tweeting congressional budget office report makes it clear that this harebrained scheme to repeal obamacare is really a dumb idea and will cause millions to suffer. a town hall meeting was held in the north bay today for people looking for answers about the future of their health care coverage. in fact, there was so much interest the meeting hosted by congressman jared huffman had to be moved to the largest auditorium. cornell bernard was among the thousands of people present. >> keep the aca! >> reporter: many who showed up say they're afraid. nina winters says she can't afford to lose her health care.
6:35 pm
>> hoping and praying that i don't get seriously ill or cancer or anything that's really going to affect me. >> reporter: 2,000 people filled the marin veterans auditorium for a town hall meeting about the future of their health care. jared huffman vowing to stop the repeal of obamacare. >> right now my job is to fight. and that's what we're going to do. >> don't repeal the affordable care act, improve it. >> reporter: this 9-year-old told the crowd the affordable care act helped his family pay for chemotherapy treatments. >> thanks to my doctors and nurses my family and friends, my church, and my community and the affordable care act now i'm gone with the cancer. >> reporter: many worry the house republican plan to replace aca would flood hospital emergency rooms with patients. donna fife says the affordable care act has got to go. >> the affordable care act is definitely in a death spiral.
6:36 pm
and it's very deft to think the country can continue to go on like this. >> reporter: projections on republican plan were released today by the nonpartisan congressional budget office. millions could lose their health care. sean spicer said the numbers were way off. similar to obamacare projections. >> on the number of people that they predicted back then would be covered now, they were off by more than half. >> there's some deep, deep problems and flaws in this republican plan. >> reporter: congressman huffman says he'll keep fighting to keep health care intact for those who need it. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. former president obama spent the day in san jose, but no one is saying why. security was tight as mr. obama held what we believe were meetings with tech executives. we're led to believe he might be trying to get contributions for his presidential library or a foundation. >> he's definitely going to start working into the role that we've seen other former presidents do with setting up their different foundations
6:37 pm
maybe that could be a reason why he's here to try to get money. >> about 2:45 p.m., the motorcade emerged from the hotel's basement garage with mr. obama in the second vehicle. though his face barely, barely visible through the heavily tinted glass. stay with us. the old police motto is to protect and serve. >> pittsburgh police took it a step beyond what duty requires with a little help. and looking live at the beautiful view from our emoryville camera tonight. we'll have the forecast to make
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
starting today, part-time workers in san jose will have the opportunity to work more hours. it's a story we've been covering for almost a year. last april, abc 7 news was in san jose when a coalition of labor, religious, and community leaders turned in petitions at city hall. the petition turned into a bill on the november ballot which voters approved. it makes employers boost hours for current qualified part-time employees instead of hiring additional staff. oakland's pandora music outline launched details on its
6:41 pm
new on-demand service today. that news leads the business watch tonight. for $9.99 a month, premium subscribers can play any music in pandora's library, create play lists, and download music to listen to offline. it rivals spotify and apple music. pandora premium becomes available this week. the dow troped a bit closing at 20,881. the nasdaq up by 14. almost 200 radioshack stores are closing. the company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last week for the second time in two years. impacted stores are offering deep discounts now on remaining merchandise. up to 90% off. so they are giving some good deals. we posted the list of stores online at a pittsburgh woman's home got a major facelift after her community stepped up to help. the pittsburgh police department's code enforcement
6:42 pm
division said this 74-year-old's life-long home had become unlivable and she had no working appliances. so one officer went to the local home depot to buy her a small refrigerator and a microwave. two of the store's managers decided to donate those items along with new carpet for the woman and immediately deliver the items to her home. pittsburgh police then posted these pictures to their facebook page. >> what a nice gesture. a company canceled a bay area woman's vacation then denied her a
6:43 pm
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a planned international reunion of two good friends just wasn't meant to be. >> that 7 on your side's michael finney is here with their story. >> this is unfortunate. all the way around. it started with the worst fire in tennessee history. this concord woman's experience only added to the misfortune. sherri looks back at the good times she had over the decade with her longtime friend teresa from canada. tere teresa's a big fan of elvis presley. they had plans to make more memories at graceland. complimentary of sherri. >> the number one objective is to be with my friend. she's the fan.
6:46 pm
i'm not really the fan. >> reporter: this devastating fire last year in tennessee put an end to the planned reunion. sherri was in the philippines at the time the fire broke out and had no idea how bad it really was. she got the bad news in january. >> they canceled my trip without letting me know and they said, oh, we sent you an e-mail. i did not receive any e-mail. >> reporter: she traded time she had accumulated from two time shares she owns for two weeks in tennessee. she also paid the exchange company interval nearly $500 in fees. they told her she would lose all the fees and two weeks because she hadn't purchased travel insurance. >> nobody can even explain to me what the policy's about. what gives you the right to keep my money. >> reporter: sherri contacted 7 on your side and we contacted interval. >> lo and behold they called me and apologize. and i got my money back. >> reporter: interval told us it
6:47 pm
recommends people take insurance. in this case, however, exchange guests whose vacation plans were affected by the fires received a courtesy certificate to allow them to secure an alternate exchange at a later date. we are pleased that this member's issue was rovled to her satisfaction. sherri's excited to plan her next trip with teresa and thankful to 7 on your side. >> i want to say please continue doing what you're doing. because it really helps. >> interval also gave sherri an extra week in a time share for her trouble. i thank them for that. now planning for a new trip with teresa. i want to hear from you if you have a consumer problem. the hotline is open weekdays 10:00 to 2:00. you can also reach me through my facebook page and on >> great. >> what a great story. thanks, michael. well, thousands marched and
6:48 pm
many more watched to celebrate irish heritage during san francisco's st. patrick's day parade on saturday. which micah was proud to host once again. hope you tuned in. we posted the highlights with pictures and videos on our website the holiday is officially observed this friday. by the way, michael did the irish dance on there. >> that's something to see. i do have friends, though, who posted pictures of their kids in the parade. the weather was perfect and it continues to be that way. >> that's right. spencer's back to update the forecast. >> speaking of the luck of the irish, we have it. speaking of perfect weather, here we go. live doppler 7 showing sunny skies right now. meanwhile on the other side of the country, things not so sunny. blizzard warning in effect. from new york up to boston beyond. a powerful storm moving through the country. we estimate snowfall totals, snow accumulations up to 2 feet.
6:49 pm
up to a foot in new york city. 20 inches likely in hartford, back here on our side of the country, things are going to be lovely and sunny and mild tomorrow. high temperatures around the bay area will be generally in the upper 70s to near 80 inland. little bit of fog at the coast tomorrow. it'll be a little cooler there than it was today. we may get light showers overnight wednesday into thursday. this is not a significant storm at all. it will be mainly sunny and mild for actual st. patrick's day. then monday it looks like a light storm coming in bringing a bit of rainfall. >> very mild stuff. all right. thanks, spencer. we've got some basketball to talk about tonight. >> ooh. >> warriors back in town. so am i. andre iguodala had some explaining to do on comments he made last week. cost him 10 grand. stanford women back in the big dance. no surprise there. where are they headed? we'll have your
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
well, yesterday in college hoops the men's brackets were announced. today it was the women. uconn the number one overall seed with baylor, notre dame, and south carolina joining the top seeds. we knew stanford was going to
6:53 pm
get in by winning the pac-12 tournament. it will be their 30th straight tournament making it to the big dance. [ cheers and applause ] stanford will be the two seed in manhattan, kansas, where they'll phase new mexico state in the lexington region. notre dame is the top in this region. the cardinal were 28-5 this year, have one of the most experienced coaches in all of women's hoops. only the second woman to win 1,000 games. and she makes a huge difference in their approach to the big dance. i know tara well enough. she likes that her team has been under the radar all season. 6-0 in neutral sites. look for the cardinal to make a deep run this year. cal bears meanwhile snuck in as the ninth seed in okc. they'll face eighth seed lsu. bears 19-13 this year. caught fire to start the year at 13-0. hit a wall in the season and losing in the second round of the pac-12 tournament to oregon state who lost in the finals to
6:54 pm
stanford. this may be one of the toughest regions. no worries, the hard part is done just getting into the big dance. warriors finally returned home for a three-game stretch after their most demanding road trip of the season. they lost three straight and five of their last seven hoping to end that slide against the 76ers. today iguodala addressed comments when he found out they were going to sit out against the spurs in san antonio. andre told reporters, quote, i'll do what masta says. referring to steve kerr who had no issues with the comment when he heard about them. claiming it was andre being andre. today iguodala was fined $10,000 by the league and tried to explain about them after practice. >> we all have our own opinions. we all have our own feelings. and i feel like we are entitled to them. when you try to pick and choose the time to do it. who you choose to share it with.
6:55 pm
somebody may not understand where you're coming from. put my team in that situation and staff in that situation. i have a great relationship with steve kerr. and he knows that. raiders dipped into the free agent market today signing offensive lineman marshall newhouse to a deal. he spent the last two years with the giants. and spent time in green bay and cincinnati. he's a veteran with 86 games under his belt starting 56 of those over 7 seasons. played at college ball at tcu. he'll compete for right tackle. former dallas cowboy demarcus ware has announced his retirement. he visited the rams over the weekend. he had back surgery at season's end. he was the top pick in the 2005 draft. and he's eighth all time in the nfl will 138.5.
6:56 pm
won a super bowl ring with the broncos two years ago. he decided it was time to step away. i think you'll see more and more players stepping away from the nfl now with concerns about the health. especially with the lawsuit settlements with the concussions in the league. guys will think about playing that long. >> whether it's worth the risk. >> can i still be objective journalist if i say go cal lady bears? >> i was waiting for that. join ugh tonight on cable channel 13. activists vandalize a trump golf course in southern california and they took video of the whole thing. that's at 9:00. and dirt bikers using a bay area apartment complex as their playground on abc 7 news at 11:00. the complaints from neighbors and what they're doing tonight to stop this from happening again. here's tonight's primetime lineup. at 8:00 season finale of "the
6:57 pm
bachelor" and then "after the final rose" at 10:00. then news at 11:00. >> and jimmy kimmel will have the bachelor at 11:35. >> we appreciate your time as always. >> from our entire abc 7 news team, have a good night. >> see you again at 9:00 and 11: 11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a controls engineer from new orleans, louisiana... an english instructor and administrator from new york, new york... and our returning champion, a college admission officer from pasadena, california... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. hi, folks. and welcome aboard. jessica had a very good day on friday on our program. today she defends for the first time. we're delighted to welcome bonnie and michael,
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and i'll wish all three of you good luck and put you to work right now in the jeopardy! round as you get to deal with these categories... really hot places. what kind of questions? the... each correct response will begin with that letter. jessica, off you go. let's start with hot places for $200. in 1967, the town of wadi halfa in this country had a reported high temperature of 127 degrees. michael. -what is sudan. -good. hot places for $400. bonnie. -what is arizona? -yes. hot places, $600, please. in this northernmost part of the indian ocean,


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