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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 14, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> here it is on a map. we will show you the crash and surge appear to be centered near the university village apartment complex just west of the university campus and short time ago, students received this voice mail talking about the situation. >> in hayward police investigating a shooting suspect is on the loose in the area of commerce b boulevard university shelter in place. close all doors and stay inside until you have received an another all clear message. students on campus use harder road to exit. >> all right, back out live to sky 7 where you can see, we've seen s.w.a.t. vehicles called into this area. police appear to be searching the area building by building. we are staying on top of the breaking news and we will bring you updates as they become available. we will send push alerts through @abc 7 news app. stay here with us as we continue
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to follow the story. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm'm'm'm'm'm'm'm'm'm'm >> they need to do something because they keep terrorizing the city. >> this is from dirt bike gangs. police are making progress on bikers who beat up a driver during highway 101 during the rush hour commute last week. that's just the most recent example after problem that has gone on for more than a year. >> ac 7 news reporter vic lee is live to explain why it has taken so long to crack down. vic? >> kristin, these are difficult investigations. these dirt bikers normally wear masks, cover their faces, no license plates. police have to rely on videotape of course and witness information. in the case of this brutal attack, chp is the lead
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investigative agency. sfpd is assisting them and we are learning tonight that investigators believe some suspect are from the bay view district and that they belong to one of the gangs there. >> there are a number of officers throughout stations. we've had contact with bikers so they know who some of them are. >> a brutal attack captured on cell phone video. 10 to 15 men on dirt bikes and k four-wheelers zigzagging through traffic. bikers surrounded a list driver's car. broke list windows. when he got out, pummelled him to the ground. he is now in the hospital bed with broken nose and fractured leg. police spokesperson said dirt bikers have been causing problems the last year and a half.
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this video shows them doing stunt in the lower height. >> i think they are a bunch of scum bags. >> this business owner witnessed them dirting doughnuts, leaving the skid marks on recently replaced rainbow cross walks. they did it brazenly in full view of police. >> everyone was watching them doing this, including two officers of sfpd sitting in a car that watched them. >> lasiter asked the officers why they didn't go afer them. their reply -- >> basically, they could not chase them. it was against the law. >> policy for pursuits limits us to violent crime by felonies in particular. and traffic and violationes don't fall within the parameters of that pursuit policy. >> sergeant andrew adds, if this happened on city streets, officers could chase them, since it was a violent crime. vic lee, abc 77 news. >> new tonight, death of a
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sonoma county woman missing for more than two years has been ruled a homicide. today investigators con pirm the death of annie bailey, in just the last hour. investigators were at her home in pen grove, the last place she was see. her husband reported her missing in 2014. she disappeared but her cars, key and purse remain behind. last month her body found at point reyes national sea shore. investigators said evidence showed she was murdered. they have not said how. >> new at 6:00, surveillance images released by isn't a cruz police by a bank robbery earlier this month. plies say the suspect walked into the bank, threatened employees with a gun and then took off with cash. he and an accomplice got away in a epgrand cherokee made between 1993 and 1998. the vehicle is tan, maybe champagne in color, but the roof
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rack and rear-tinted windows. >> oakland city leaders want to send a loud message to business partners when it comes to president trump's border wall with mexico. proposed boycott of my company that works on that wall cleared a major hurdle today. laura anthony is on the story. >> as oaklanders, we will put our values and dollars where our mouth is. >> reporter: oakland city leaders putting their $1.3 million budget where their mouths are when it comes to contracting with companies who want to help build president trump's border wall. the finance committee passed a resolution saying oakland will boycott any company that helps design or construct the 2,000 border wall with mexico. >> he want to send the message new that even if you're interested in applying, this sends a wrong message to our community. so if you're on the list and thinking about applying we want you to know that you will not do business with the city of oakland. >> oakland shimmick is one the companies that expressed
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interest in working on the wall. they have done work with b.a.r.t. in the bay area. they declined comment to abc 7 news. james flanagan says of oakland's ro posed boycott -- >> my first reaction is why are taxpayers dollars spent to hold committee meetings to boycott local companies that employ local workers. that's on the radical side. our taxpayers dollars are being used against us. >> the full city council could vote on the boycott as soon as next week. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> could be a pivotal day in president trump's efforts to revise travel restrictions on immigrants. date before it is supposed to go into effect the executive order will be scrutinized in federal courtrooms across the country mp more than a half dozen states, including california, are trying to derail the order that would affect travellers from six
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muslim majority nations. >> sexual assault suspect turned himself in after seeing reports of the crime on the news. this is the mug shot for george m mubarak. he is accused of sexually assaulting a woman at cal palo alto train station about two weeks ago. police say he is responsible for two separate sexual attacks. new at 6:00 wab bill changing classification of sex crimes advanced through assembly committee hearing today. currently not all cases of rape in california are classified as violent felonies. the bill's author says these types of heinous crimes against young and old deserve more severe penalties. >> can you imagine someone going in and taking add van tanning of your frail mother who is probably in the last days of her life, then told that the accident was committed against her was nonviolent. it defies logic to me. i think most people would you ask would say yes we believe in redemption. we believe if rehabilitation.
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with but we also believe in justice. >> undercurrent law criminals convicted of nonviolent rape are eligible for early release programs. the new legislation aims to close that loophole and will make all rape convictions count towards the three strikes law. the bill now advances for vote on the assembly floor. a rare thing happened in napa county today. and skpumgs expulsion hearing for a high school student, not being held behind closed doors, but in public opinion it surround a hazing incident first reported by abc 7 i-team. wayne has more from napa with the latest. wayne? >> reporter: we are talking about kids who were 14 and 15 years old when this allegedly pt went down. the family want the hearing in public because they don't want anything hidden. they say the school district conducted a faulty investigation and is railroading good kids. officially hearing that will decide whether or not to skpul a
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high school football player for one years. but for most people in the year it is really the napa valley school district under scrutiny. >> i'm here really because i'm concerned and i think should be a fair process. >> would never be allowed in the real legal world, never. >> that is mandy lee representing johnny torrez, one of the eight jv football players facing expulsion app alleged hazing incident last october. according to a declaration by one player he is charged with holding another player down wild a third poked that player through uniform pants in the butt. torrez calls it horse play. >> in all of your years playing football, have you ever poked a kid on the butt? >> no, i have not. >> have you ever attempted to poke through on the butt through their expression pants. >> that may be okbnoxious and annoying but it is not sexual.
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>> they say they have no choice, a student telling an administrator who is required by state law to report it to police who has to investigation. johnny torrez, honor student, has been out of school for ten weeks and worries about his future. >> i need to be in school. i don't want to retake tenth grade and possibly throw my college education down the drain. >> this hearing is likely to continue tomorrow. the school board his expulsion thursday night. >> a sea lion ends up in vacaville more than 25 miles from the bay. ? next, an update on how he got there and the help he is now receiving to get back home. >> i'm spencer christian. today is another day of toasty temperatures. a cool down is o on wait. i'll have an accuweather forecast coming up. >> they have been nearly completely able to stop a
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disease activity. >> a life changer for ms patient and just needs fda approval to become reality. >> to say that pi isn't a round number may be a circular argument but there is no argument that today is pi day at the exploratorium. >> and a live look at the campus of cal state, east bay and hayward where
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back now to breaking news in hay war, cal state east bay on lock down after a shooting near campus. we've just learned from hayward police that two people have been arrested in connection with this incident but that two others are still on the run.
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that would explain high security right now, right there. we are also learning fremont police are involved in this investigation as well. it's not clear if anyone was hurt during the incident but it's still an active investigation. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we will give you information as it comes into our newsroom and on the abc 7 news app. >> let's move on and share this picture with you. this guy is drawing a crowd because he is so far from home. there he is. with a closer view can you see a sea lion in that water. that's obviously not the bay. it's close to rio vista. a long way from his normal home, of course. abc 7 news vera with more. lonnie? >> reporter: yes. they have used water and now a horn to try to get him out but he's not budging.
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>> creek with falling waters is pretty typical in vacaville. but look closely. something doesn't really fit in this picture. >> a sea lion, so never a dull moment. >> today he tried to clum up and fell back in. that's when we called animal control. >> reporter: the large male sea lion weighs several hundred pound and isn't even fully ground. swimming more than 50 miles from the bay possibly through the delta then ending up here in vacaville's ulatis creek. >> it is possible he is chasing fish, yeah. we don't know for sure. it is very possible he just wandered up just following some fresh water. >> reporter: after swimming for fish in the fresh water creek, the sea lion came out of water but his eyes were closed. >> it is possible he was just sleepy. it is possible he has some underlying disease that is affected his brain and maybe caused him to come up this way. >> reporter: jason graham pulled out the camera hoping for great shots. >> things that are interesting. i don't like the norms.
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>> it is important he is a wild animal. and they certainly pack tauf bite. >> reporter: people here say it is interesting to see an animal come into california farm country. everyone around here would like to see this big guy get safely back to his natural habitat. in vacaville, lonniery vera, abc 7 news. >> ma rin county officials estimate winter storms caused nearly $10 million in damage. that does not include damage to personal property. i like the home here behind me. and with state and federal assistance to cover the bill, inspectors verify the damage in person. marrin county will cover the costs up front and seek reimbursement but that could take years. >> in the haight-ashbury district, trying to face city hall, just as they are preparing to celebrate a milestone. carolyn tyler has the
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controversy. >> this intersection is known all over the world, because of a defining moment of the 196 of summer of love that attracted estimated 100,000 young people to san francisco. this year is the 50th anniversary and the landmark neighborhood is gearing up to celebrate. but businesses worry this wl . >> we just want this over. >> isa tell us he is losing customers. merchants insist city officials promised a moratorium during the anniversary. >> that they wouldn't do any road work during the summer of love. >> we don't believe we ever said this work wasn't going to be done. >> rachel barreden with public works says the promise delays for a different project and that this one involving water and sewer lines must foresee. >> he said we will have it done by may 20th. we are hopeful we will get it done before then but we have to
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keep going with the construction. >> i do have a lot of people complaining. customers mostly tourists coming in and saying it is impossible it find parking. >> gretta stocked her km commemorative t-shirts. this tourists believes nothing will keep crowds away. >> people still come to the neighborhood. something you've got to see. >> not everyone wants it wear flowers in their hair in a construction zone. >> it is getting pretty noisy. >> sunshine powers owns two stores on haight and has petitions to hold off work. >> the haight is not about road construction. it is about peace, love, kindness, rainbows and magic. >> one of the best chefs in the bay area and the world is going on national tv and you can watch him here on abc 7. chef thomas keller from world famous french laundry restaurant
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will appear on jimmy kimmel tonight. he tweeted pictures for preparation for his aappearance which is with the american team that just won the international cooking competition. one of the most prestigious in the world. you can catch keller on kimmel tonight after abc news at 11:00. >> now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> and the heat goes on. heating with relatively speaking. quite warm the last couple days. and still sunny on this warm evening. here is live doppler 7. although we do expect fog to return to the coastline tonight. in fact making it's proech already. let me give you a look at what's going on here. we've got high temperatures -- or had low temperatures, 82 in liver poor. san jose, 80 at napa and santa rosa. here in san francisco a high of 76 degrees. even now pretty mild.
6:20 pm
this is a view from the tower looking north ward. clear skies over the golden gate. currently in the low to mid 70s at san francisco, oakland, mountain view, half moon bay must have fog because it is down to 57 degrees. this is a view of the western sky an hour behind sunset. 77 right now santa rosa. mid 70s at napa and novato. one more live view from our abc exploratorium camera at pier 15. looking out over the calm bay waters. we see fog pushing along the coastline tonight and locally over the bay and inland. little bit cooler tomorrow afternoon. today still mild and wet pattern will develop by sunday. overnight, look for fog at the coast. locally out into the inland areas. low temperatures will be mainly in upper 40s to low 50s. on we go to tomorrow starting our forecast at noon. we will see a few clouds around. pleasantly mild day but cooler than today and by tomorrow
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evening still rain developing in the northern most part of our viewing area. we expect it to be light and we don't expect it to expand much beyond northern sonoma county. so it will fizzle by late tomorrow night. this is not likely to be a significant rain event. tomorrow afternoon, will be mostly sunny over inland areas. under and around the bay and highs ranging from upper 50s and we will see some coastal airways reaching into the mid 60s. on we fwo go to warming up agai. low to mid 70s in inland areas. inland by friday, upper 60s to low 70s around the bay and upper 60s along the coastline. chances of rain along the next few days are near 0 through friday. we will see rain chances increase to 60% by sunday, up to 70% monday and tuesday. each of the days we expect rain, rain activity to rank 1 on storm impact scale. rain totals by tuesday night, reaching over an inch in many
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bay area locations. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. friday, st. patrick's day is a beautiful day. sunny and warmer. but clouds over the weekend. get ready for wet weather again on sunday, monday and tuesday. >> walmart is hiring in the bay area and jobs go way beyond being a greeter or checker. details next. >> and breaking news in hayward at cal state east bay. we just learned a lock down on csu east bay campus is lifted. lock down reports a shooting near campus. investigation continues. we're keeping you updated here on abc 7 news and
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the nation's largest retailer is boosting hiring right here in the bay area, so it can compete with amazon. walmart plans to hire hundreds of workers for its tech operations in san bruno and sunny veil. that's according to our media partner, the bay area news group. walmart's goal is to offer two-day shipping for on-line orders, direct challenge to amazon prime. prime service cost $99 per year for membership. walmart's service will be free. >> march madness making things crazy on the campus today. headed for the ncaa tournament, they add send-off from fans and faculty as they boarded their bus this afternoon.
6:26 pm
coach randy bennett knows winning the woest is not going to be easy but would love one more chance at number one seed gonzaga. gonzaga handed st. mary's three of their four losses this year. >> we won some games. that would be awesome if that happened. i think they would feel the same way. >> the gals wigales with a poli escort. they play thursday in salt lake city. >> it's pi day today. and recognized around the world. and it got its start in san francisco. >> see what the celebration looks like today. 30 years later in the place where it all began. >> this will be a difining moment for our whole country. >> after nearly year, the reality of breksity is a lot closer than you think. >> investigators are struggling to answer the big question. >> plus an update on the breaking news, shooting near the
6:27 pm
cal state east bay hayward campus. trs
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hour with update on breaking news. >> we know two people have been taken into custody and police are actively searching for at least two others. we believe this is the scene of the shooting. where these two vehicles down there apparently collided on carlos b. boulevard right next to the campus. >> everything on csu's paest eay campus had to shelter on campus. peter was working in the bookstore when shots were fired. hi, peter. are you there? >> caller: yes. >> tell us what you heard and saw, please. >> caller: basically started getting notifications. some through text and some through phone calls, the school called to tell us there is a campus emergency and it make our way indoors and make sure we stay in there until it's safe. they ended up pulling everyone. >> so university village
6:31 pm
complex, is that a student dorm complex? can you explain in. >> caller: it is primarily students. it is close by campus. just down the street. from my understanding the altercati altercation took place. they were afraid they were making their way toward campus so they made sure everyone was as safe as possible. >> peter, last august of last year, hayward police did an active shooter drill after a law was passed in california in 2014 requiring this kind of training between firefighters and police officers. is your sense of the response how you were notified, did it seem orderly and pretty prompt and clear as to what to do? >> it did. it took place real fast. we had one of our coworkers that lived by close by the area. a few minutes after that we started getting phone calls and texts from the campus about what to do.
6:32 pm
>> just to be clear, except for university village, which remains on lock down, where you were at, the bookstore and all other parts of the university as far as you know you got the message it is all open and business as usual. classes resume as schedule, everything normal? >> caller: mm-hm. everything went back. just seemed like a regular day. >> peter, thanks for coming on. he was in the bookstore when shots were fired. thanks a lot, peter. >> of course right now still looking live with sky 7 at the police scene and that university village area we're talking about, we are looking at the active investigation still, although for now, for the rest of campus to not be in shelter place situation, that's good news for them. we will stay on this breaking news and bring you updates as it becomes available here on abc 7 news and on abc 7 news app. >> make sure to enable push alerts to get the latest information. last week a drive by shooting
6:33 pm
shut down shut down an interstate in richmond for hours. >> it happened near the san pablo exit. traffic was backed up for hours. >> police arrested three men who they say are connected to the shooting. leanne menendez was in court as they faced the judge for the first time. >> trying >> reporter: coming to court trying to find answers to the killing of his brother. a female passenger was shot in the end. >> my guess is it was a mistake in identity. because there was no reason. >> reporter: elliott johnson is one of the three men arrested shortly after the shooting. other two are minors. both 17 years old. the district attorney wants it try both of them as adults. one of the minors is said to be the shooter. the victim's stepfather was also in court today, the pastor of
6:34 pm
greater love ministries. >> those young men are victims. they don't know what they doing. because if they did, they are killing one another. >> reporter: prosecutors still don't have a motive for the shooting. while police say it may have been gang related his family told us dos was in college studying to be a probation officer. he had also rededicated his life to god just three months ago. >> enough is enough. we're tired of this. as a community. >> everyone is trying to remain strong but it's going to take time. we'll never get over it, but we have to find a way it get through it. >>. >> reporter: in richmond, leanne menendez, abc 7 news. >> trump responded to msnbc news rachel maddow and ahounsmennoun reobtained president trump's 2005 tax return. the president paid $38 million in taxes in 2005 on income of
6:35 pm
$150 million. the white house also said in part quote you know you are desperate for ratings when you are willing to violate the law to push a story about pages of tax returns from over a decade ago. it's totally illegal to steal and publish tax returns. president trump promised during the presidential campaign to release his returns after routine audit was completed but no time line has been given for when that will happen. >> the uk will start the process of leaving the european union by the epd of this month. voters approved brexit last june. today britain's prime minister updated the house of commons on the process. it will take two years to complete the exit from the eu. >> this will be a defining moment from our whole country as we forth a new relationship with europe and new role for ourselves in the world. >> scots voted strongly to remain in the eu.
6:36 pm
their leaders are organizing a vote on whether scotland should leave the uk. in 2014 they rejected a vote of i independence from britain. there is another holiday happening right now. at the exploratorium they kicked off the celebration of pi day. >> 84993067 -- >> >> reporter: equipped with only a chair and bottle of water he has been reciting numbers for an hour. the digits of a very special number. >> relationship between any circular object circumference and its diameter. >> also known as pie. >> banana, cream, all right. >> no, not that kind of pie, this one. >> why do you love pi so much that you wanted it em blazened on your body? >> i think pi is the greatest number because it makes the world go round. >> there are all sorts of ways to calculate pi. >> it is random but over time we expect that number will be pi.
6:37 pm
>> and infinite ways to express it. >> we are putting beads corresponding with digits of pi on a really large string. this is it so far. >> but only pun perfect day to celebrate pi, march 14, pi day. >> they are quite fond of circles here at the exploratorium so it may be no surprise that pi day was invented here exactly ago. >> are you ready? okay. >> each year at 1:59 p.m. it starts. >> the point of the whole parade. >> each person holds one digit at the end of a stick 1.34 feet long written on a pie plate of course. some collect them year after year. >> i keep them safe. >> this year there is new tradition. why high-five when you can high pi. >> three and a little bit more. just like pi. high pi. >> wait, did someone say -- >> i'm going to get pie. >> you mean, there's actually pie? albert einstein would approve.
6:38 pm
this is actually his birthday. >> to eat pi and the diameter you can consume. >> happy pi day. >> all we can think blue berry, apple or pumpkin. >> the east coast was slammed with a storm all it is felt here on the west coast. >> why it is good to live here in california. >> why we are looking live from a camera on top of the abc 7 news studio. >> this is why it is
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a massive nor'easter barreling down on the east coast seems to be going easy on the major cities. but it is still causing a mess. the storm dumped ice , rain and snow on millions of people. winds gusting up to 50 to 60 miles an hour in some places. more than 6,000 flights nationwide cancelled. nearly 2,000 others delayed. abc 7 news at san francisco international this morning. by noon more than 100 flights here cancelled because of the east coast storm. it gave some stranded travellers appreciation for the weather that we enjoy here in california. >> it's phenomenal. i hear it's been a really great
6:42 pm
weekend. so i was very fortunate to enjoy your beautiful weather. >> glad she did. we checked in with our local airports just an hour ago at sfo. 132 total flights cancelled. at san jose 8 cancellations. so far no storm impact at oakland. >> hillary clinton's latest efforts to inspire women will happen here in the bay area at this upcoming event that abc 7 is proud to sponsor. we are talking about clinton will be a keynote speaker at the o conference in san francisco on march 28. other keynote speakers are libby shave and empire actress tarajip. henson from hid figures. all tickets are sold out. there is a wait list. i will be there along with my 87 colleagues. ama daets and cheryl jennings will host the conference. >> a debilitating disease can leave patients paralyzed.
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the future that could help a disease that leaves patient prisoners in their own bodies. >> patients are hoping this could change their lives. >> on a good day, watching sarah climb the stairs, you might not know she suffers from multiple sclerosis. but after the birth of her daughter two and half years ago symptoms kicked in. >> it affected my ability to walk. that was probably the biggest issue. as a mother of a new born child all i wanted to do was get up and run around after her. >> now waiting for the potential approval after new drug that could change the course of her disease and possibly her life. >> that is the inflammation -- >> dr. steven houser hoped oversee testing of the drug developed by bay-area based genen spktech. dr. houser says it disrupts symptoms of ms called relapsing. >> it has been able to nearly
6:47 pm
completely stop disease activity. >> and he says it was even able to reduce symptoms from the much more damaging form of the disease called progressive. which can ultimately rob patient of is ability to move on their own. >> so for people with relapsing ms, this is spectacular news. and for people with progressive ms, the door is finally open. >> multiple sclerosis works by hijacking the patient's immune system. they focused in on a specific immune cell never targeted before by ms. >> we found the bad guy and decided to go after it. >> the doctor says going after the b cells is a game-changer. >> the first b secell therapy f ms. >> for sarah this is a life free of symptoms. >> the thought of never having a show of the disease again is a lot of freedom and a lot of peace of mind.
6:48 pm
>> here is the latest, decision from the fda is expected within weeks. if approved patient would get the genentech drug with an iv with just two treatments each year. >> sounds promising. >> very promising. >> let's update this gorgeous forecast. >> spencer, what is going on? >> a cool down coming our way but nothing severe. clear skies right now after a very warm day. very warm two days in a row. tonight's lows will drop down to low 50s. mild overnight as well. but fog returns to the coast tonight and that fog will be around tomorrow as well. at least along the coastline. bringing coastal temperatures down to low to mid 60s p. we won't see any 80s on the map like we did today. still pretty mild. here is the seven-day forecast. it will start warm willing up toward the end of the week in time for more clouds, cool done and light rain. >> thank, spencer. >> a lot going on in sports. talking about warriors. >> yes. and steph in particular, larry. >> what's going on with steph?
6:49 pm
what's wrong with steph in is stef curry in a slump in most say yes. he refuses to acknowledge that the word e
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6:51 pm
all right. another live look from sky 7
6:52 pm
over hayward. breaking news happening near cal state east bay. >> abc 7 news reporter lori anthony joins us live on the phone near the campus. laura, we know two have been arrested. what else can you tellness. >> kristen, i'm here at campus drive and hayward boulevard just north of the campus proper and we're looking at the right now the police have set up roadblocks. i believe we see an alameda sheriff's helicopters circling the area. it appears, from my experience, they are looking for other suspects. they are diverting traffic away from this area. our understanding is this is an incident that may have started with a car accident or involved a car which we've been able to show you a pickup truck and dark colored sedan. we understand there were shot fired but it is not clear who fired the shot. whether that is police or suspects or what the actual circumstance was. at this point, we haven't heard
6:53 pm
of anyone being injured. the campus itself was locked down for a time but this after 6:00 p.m., it was listed. campus's business is under way as usual. we've been told by campus official at cal state east bay that classes will be held tonight as usual. all of the activity for folks familiar with the area, north of the campus. north of hayward boulevard and like i said, where campus drive and hayward boulevard where you can see they set up a roadblock and appear to be searching area north of where we are located. >> thank you for keeping us posted. >> now, let's go, as you look live, sky 7 will button this up. stay on top as they become available on abc 7 news app. make sure to enable push alerts to get the latest information. >> good evening. warriors have lost three
6:54 pm
straight regular season games since the first time since 2014. they dropped five of their last seven. currently died with san antonio atop the west. mike shumann on a word we have not heard in these parts for a while, slump. >> steph curry turns 29 today and was asked if he feels any older after this last nightmare road trip. >> so much older than yesterday. >> warriors are home for 11 of their final 16 games. that should help this team slump. >> just because you're at home doesn't mean you can just show up and win. or show up and, you know, correct the things we need to correct going into the playoffs. but the at ms. fear we'll have at home, routine we talked about, it'll help us get if the right frame of mind. >> steph in a bit of a slump shooting the ball. 18 of 76 from beyond the arc.
6:55 pm
but it he doesn't seem to be worried about it. >> obviously i would like to shoot better and make more shots. i'm sure that could happen. but i woke up this morning not thinking about what happening in four or five of the last games. just a new day. an opportunity to have a good one. >> 76ers are in the bottom half of the league in defense. might that kick start shooting? >> numbers don't mean anything for teams that play against us. we've seen when we get the best shot every single night. you can't really look at trends and such when teams play us. this how it's supposed to be. i expect to have a team swarming all around the floor. >> mike shumann, abc 7 sports. >> kevin durant got hurt exactly two weeks ago today. sign of hope, this morning, seen after practice without his knee brace on. expectation is that durant will be examined in a few weeks and
6:56 pm
hopefully back for playoffs. hard to know how they will play on the field but a's are making popular moves off the field. they are lowering prices on beer, 20-ounce beers priced at $8 and $10. you go, dave! a's and rockies. seth roberts throwing out the first pitch in mesa. a's scored all of their three runs in the fifth. josh with the loop sick toll right and scores matt olsen. and a base hit with. giants win 6-5. >> how about that beer, though, right? >> that makes everything go down wetter. >> thanks, larry. >> join us tonight at 9:00. cable channel 313. coming up, tushing san francisco's crookedest street into a toll road. >> and searching the home of a woman missing for two years. her body has been found.
6:57 pm
we're talking it that woman's husband as authorities remain at his home tonight. >> all that's later tonight. but that this edition of ac 7 news. >> for the entire abc 7 news team, have a good night. >> see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. it's okay to cry, right? no more! we don't want anymore! [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a software developer from ottawa, ontario, canada... an independent contractor from fort worth, texas... and our returning champion -- a college admissions officer from pasadena, california... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. hello, everyone, and welcome aboard. jessica ended last week on a high note, a winning note -- started this week the same way. lolita and grant, you've gotta be at your very best
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