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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 19, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. i am carolyn tyler. thank you for joining us on this sunday, march 19th. let's start with a quick look at the weather, with our meteorologist, lisa argen. >> hi, everyone. here's a live look at doppler 7, and most of this is not reaching the ground but as we go further north towards glover dale, maybe a little sprinkle activity, and otherwise the atmosphere continues to moisten in the upper levels and we are looking at low clouds as well. a slight twist in the atmosphere off the coast and that's a system that could provide showers for us today. 55 in hayward as well as napa and vallejo, and in novato. low clouds and fog in the next
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several hours will feature more clouds and then filtered sun for the eastbound and south bay. in the next several hours, clouds dominate and then a mix of sunshine and overall temperatures will be cooler. we are still looking at a wet week ahead but most of the activity comes at the end of the workweek, and i will time it out for you when we return in a few minutes. carolyn? >> thank you. a dozen rooms in a san jose health care facility are closed this morning after an explosion rattled the building leaving two people injured. detectives are look into whether a lit cigarette ignited a oxygen tank at the center. lonny rivera has the story. >> suddenly we heard, i think it was glass shattering, and the fire alarm where the arm started to beep. >> reporter: fire, police and paramedics responded to a call about an explosion and fire at
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the facility. jasmine wong was inside entertaining the patients. >> we were told everybody needed to get out so we helped to evacuate patients. >> reporter: somebody believes there was somebody spoking a cigarette near a oxygen tank. >> it was contents only. >> delores harris rushed over to check her mom. >> i jumped in my car and probably broke a few laws to get here to see about her. >> reporter: fire crews say employees had to evacuate 125 patients and hairiorris was concerned about her mom. >> 100 years old, i am sure she was concerned about it.
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>> reporter: patients are being treated in another part of the building. in san jose, lonny rijose, lonno news. abc7 news was at east ridge little league fields, and that's in san jose, where family and friends paid respect to navarro. he was fatally stabbed while working security at a bar last month and people at last night's memorial cared about him. >> this is huge, a genuine guy and really affected many people. >> somebody who put his heart out for the kids and he loved it. he breathed baseball, and eat baseball and sleep baseball. >> his funeral will be this morning at 9:00 at the fair grounds.
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and then no official cause yet or any charges for the ghost ship fire. 36 people died in the december fire. the alameda county district attorney's office is still waiting for a report from the city of oakland and that report could be available to the d.a.'s office as early as today. abc7 news reporter, sergi sergir quintana has the details. >> i'm surprised we are tod here today. >> now there seems to be friction between district attorney, nancy o'malley's office, and parker's office n. e-mails obtained one of o'malley's deputies sent a e-mail to parker's deputy asking for a review.
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a copy of the un should be here, too. >> they want to know what happened, what it happened, what did you see? >> criminal defense attorney reviews this for us, and he says fire investigators have an obligation to turn over all evidence to the prosecutor's office. if charges are ever filed it could affect the case. >> this game playing by the city of oakland will be used by the defense attorneys for their truly culpable people to say to the jury there's a conspiracy to shift blame to my client. >> in a written statement, city of attorney chief of staff says they are fully cooperating, and there's no dispute and the city is not withholding information from the district attorney's office, but he says the report
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has not been turned over to the d.a. has requested. and abc news was in richmond as officers arrested a man after a chase on interstate 80 yesterday, and it started in martinez. the chp followed the driver until his car crashed at 4th and barrett in richmond. the officers took one man into custody and have not said if anybody else was arrested or how the chase started. john lennon once said if you tried to give rock 'n' roll another name, you might call it chuck berry. the music legend died yesterday, and we look back on how berry's seven decades of strurstrumming guitar. >> the little country boy could play.
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>> with his roots in blues, he had a flamboyant showmanship that channelled country and r & b, and had americans singing a new tune. ♪ ♪ >> chuck berry's parade of hits now part of the american experience in the soundtrack to the springtime of life for millions of baby boomers. the long road took him from the missouri of his birth to the white house where he performed to president jimmy carter, and to honors of the hall of fame and the grammys and kennedy center, and he can count the battles and bruce springsteen and we can count on him for musical memories to fill a lifetime. go, johnny, go.
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chuck severson, nbc news, new york. >> and the beach boys' brian nelson called berry a big inspirati inspiration, and the rolling stones, mick jaggar said, his lyrics threw a strange light on the american dream. chuck you were amazing and your music engraved inside us forever. and bruce springsteen said chuck berry was the greatest pure 'n' roll wrigter who ever lived. and a picnic featuring food and yoga and arts of crafts. new this year you can slip the lines. off the grid is offering a pre- order option so you don't have to wait to get your food.
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the picnic is every sunday from 11:00 to 4:00 through october on the main parade ground. what is the weather going to be like for that today? >> a bit cloudier today. we did manage sun yesterday and this morning temperatures are in a narrow range from the roof camera, and everybody pretty much in the mid-50s. we are looking at fog. that's creating problems in the north bay, so do be careful if you are out early. the clouds thicken today, and temperatures cool, and it's the last day of winter so what could that mean? come back and i will have the accuweather 7-day forecast soon. and why a tattoo removal clinic says it has seen a record number of clients since november. and be prepared for a long wait
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president trump is at his private resort mar-a-lago this weekend, and he has not appeared in public but has tweeted that he had a great meeting with german chancellor, angela merkel, and went on to say germany owes vast sums of money to nato, and it must be paid for the defense it provides to germany, and did not address his claims of president obama wiretapping trump tower, claims that are still unproven. mike pence is on the road defending the repeal and replacement of obamacare. the bill is headed to the house floor this week.
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health and human services secretary, tom price, and senator rand paul, will appear on "this week" to talk about what is next for the republican health care plan. you can watch the full interviews on "this week" with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 this morning here on abc7. abc7 news was in berkeley as faith leaders rallied against trump's immigration policies yesterday afternoon, and they called on elected leaders to protect those who are vulnerable to deportation. >> we have been a sanctuary city for decades and our policies is any police or official will not collaborate with i.c.e. >> the mayor says berkeley will continue to provide legal, medical and social services for
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undocumented residents. if you are planning to travel abroad, be prepared for a long wait if you need to get a passport. people sat on the floor of the post office in san francisco's bay view district waiting for their number to be called. one woman said she waited more than 3 1/2 hours and it was her second time there. >> i came last week and we came a little later, like at 9:30, and it was, like, packed. so we left and decided to come earlier today. >> across the country, more people are applying for passports. ten years ago the law changed requiring u.s. citizens to have passports to go to canada and mexico. the state department saw a surge in applications then and now it's said its seeing a spike in renewals. a record number of people are getting tattoos removed because of fears they may be targeted by immigration agents. the people that run the removing
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barriers program say they have seen more people coming to the weekly tattoo removal clinic since last november's election. >> it's a fear, and nobody wants to be a target and with the political climate that has been surfacing, it's getting difficult for them. >> the corporation started the program to help people find jobs, and laser tattoo removal can cost $250 for each square inch. this program costs just $80 per five minutes of laser remove annual. an immigrant from el salvador living in the area for decades celebrated a special birthday. ♪ ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> abc7 news was in san francisco yesterday for maria's 101st birthday. back in el salvador, she made cheese in her home and moved to
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san francisco in the 1970s and lived on baker street every since, and all five of her children live in the u.s. she told us she is happy to be alive and spending time treating others with kindness. hundreds of bay area students will boost their resume's this summer thanks to a special jobs program. yesterday in san francisco about 60 employers took part in the major's job resource fair, and that includes linkedin, and gear adely. >> we have city jobs available for young people, and resume writing and giving them mock interviews and real interviews, so some of the young people actually walk away with jobs today. >> the program has helped more than 32,000 teen aimeagers conno jobs and internships, since it
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started five years ago. abc7 is proud to be a major sponsor of the business california conference on march 28th in san francisco. the keynote speaker is former secretary of state and presidential candidate, hillary clinton. congresswoman jackie speier founded pbwc 20 years ago. and the congresswoman is a guest on the show this morning where she shows what challenges women face. she said we have a long way to go to end discrimination against women and girls. >> we think things are good until we drill down and find out they are not that good, and that there still is serious discrimination, and whether it's discrimination entitle
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rain in t rape in the military, and it's pretty prevasive. >> for more information, log on to our website,, and by the way, the pbwc conference is sold out. good morning to you. check it out. live doppler 7 looks like we have a lot of activity. this is not reaching the ground except well far to the north around clear lake, and looking at just a little bit of drizzle here also in clover dale, but clout the day, you could see showers in the north bay. we have several systems offshore. we widen the perspective and see all the cloud cover here. late in the day yesterday we did manage sun, and in the south way and east bay, you will see partly cloudy skies and
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otherwise the clouds will thicken and the numbers will cool. and in blackhawk, danville and pleasanton, 54. look at all the mid-50s, and everybody in a narrow range, and we have a good deal of fog out there as well. if you are headed out, be careful. the layers of clouds will allow for reduced visibility, so cloudy and cooler today for most of you, and spotty light showers, mainly in the north bay, and the coastal hills and then we will see an unsettled weather pattern for the first week of spring which arrives tomorrow. there will be breaks and we are looking at light spring showers to begin with and things will ramp up as you go through your tuesday, and then friday really looks to be the biggest rain maker. you can see mostly cloudy skies, and mid-60s in vallejo, and 63 in san francisco, and the cooldown yesterday but we did manage some numbers around 70, and around redwood city and san
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jose today, pretty similar conditions, although as we go through the next hour or so in the next several hours, the clouds don't stop streaming in. 8:00 tonight, mainly along the coast, we could see a few areas of sprinkles. tomorrow or monday, this is when the first system gets going, because by the afternoon, 2:00, we have areas of rain from santa rosa and san francisco, and this continues through the afternoon, and by monday night we are looking at just some scattered showers. monday through wednesday we are looking at the rainfall potential, anywhere from one to two inches in the north bay valley, and that will be the most. and then a quarter of an inch around the south bay and inland. then we will see a break for most of thursday, and friday is when we are looking at the next system to bring in pretty heavy downpours. it will last throughout the day, and we will look for an additional inch out of this. and here's a look at thursday
5:21 am
into friday, and notice the darker shading of green here, and this will take us through the early part of next weekend into saturday. so if you have plans this week, know that the end of the week is going to be the most dicey as we bring in a 2 on our storm impact scale. and the a a a a a a forecast, could see a storm on tuesday, and wednesday and thursday looks to be the days when we will see a break. we will see the most rain activity, and you will notice the temperatures cool off. so as spring arrives we are bringing back the rain. >> yeah, not just a little bit. >> yeah, here and there. >> thank you, lisa. just ahead hundreds of kids in san francisco battling it out this weekend with their robots. the unique competition that could send local students to a world competition, a world
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if you have an amazon echo, turn on flash briefings from abc7 news that way you will get headlines. alexa, what is the news? >> a man rescued at san francisco's pier 23. >> another way abc7 news is right at your fingertips. students from all over the world competed in a robot competition yesterday, and the hig school in san francisco hosted the repbgionals for the first robotic competition. they had to build costume bots to compete. ignatius went to the world final last year, and the final competition wraps up today. and attention dog lovers, national puppy day is days away, and we are doing what we can to
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help puppies find a forever home. we want to see photos of your favorite pooch. post a picture or video on social with the #puppieson7. i have my nephew's puppies up there, and we might use them on air or online, and starting at 4:30 a.m. we will live stream our puppy cam all morning and tell you how you can take one home. still to come on abc7 mornings, another security scare at the white house. why authorities searched a car that was declared suspicious. and the san francisco community not feeling the love for all of this construction, and how it could
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welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half hour with a look at the weather with meteorologist, lisa argen. >> we are looking at green, and from cloverdale out towards highway 1, c ranch, looking at few 0.01 there, and we have low clouds and visibility reduced in napa and petaluma. as we go through the next several hours we will see the clouds continue to dissipate, the low clouds anyway, so the areas of fog for the morning hours, the afternoon, mostly cloudy skies and temperatures will be cooler with upper 50s to mid-60s by noontime. a few numbers, the out liers in the south bay and east bay with a couple peeks of sun, and the rain could arrive tomorrow into
5:31 am
tuesday and the day we will see the heaviest lane with gusty winds all coming up in a few minutes. >> lisa, thank you. we have developing news out of louisiana this morning. a sheriff's deputy was shot and killed in the line of duty while conducting and investigating. the shooting happened last night in east baton rouge around 9:00 our time. the deputy was responding to a domestic situation when he was shot. the suspect was also shot and is being treated at a hospital. his condition is unknown at this time. this morning the only airport near paris is open again following an attack on a female soldier there. a man held a pistol to the soldier's head using her as a human shield, and he was previously flagged for possible radicalism, and abc news has the
5:32 am
story from paris. >> reporter: sirens outside the airport in paris where investigators say soldiers shot and killed a man after he tried to grab one of their assault rifles. >> it was really a quick response. >> reporter: law enforcement shut down and evacuated part of the airport following the incident and thousands of passengers left outside for hours wondering what happened and many other travelers stuck on planes. witnesses describe a scene of panic and gunshots. the man identified here was taken down inside the terminal but outside the security barrier. he told soldiers he wanted die for allah. he was released from prison about four months ago, and police are now at his home, and
5:33 am
officials say he was involved in a carjacking earlier in the day, and shot at a police officer at a traffic stop. >> since the early attacks in 2015 you have thousands of special forces officers deployed at the airport in france who are highly trained and prepared for instances like this and we see how that training pays off. >> and at the christmas market in berlin, and the airport attack in brussels, and for now france remains under a state of emergency. abc news, paris. second of state rex tillerson met with chinese president, xi jinping, and tillerson said he is looking forward to the first meeting between trump and xi jinping. the two leaders plan to meet in
5:34 am
florida next month, and those reports have not yet been confirmed. this morning the secret service is investigating yet another attempted security breach at the white house. a driver was taken into custody after he drove up to a checkpoint telling the security guard he had a bomb. the vehicle was declared suspicious and searched. at one point a robot was used to examine it. later the bomb squad technician in full gear carefully shifted from materials taken from the car, and no bomb or other hazard was found. earlier yesterday another man was detained after popping over a bike rack barrier along the north fence of the white house. sources tell abc news he wanted to deliver a letter to somebody in the trump administration. nine days ago a milpitas man scaled the fence and was on the white house grounds for 16 minutes, and abc news learned
5:35 am
tran first went to the area in the white house on march 10th, and tried to get through the gates, and he was able to get to the door and jiggle the handle before agents arrested him. happening today, hundreds of families in the east bay will get to shop for new clothes, shoes, toys and groceries all free of charge and it's part of the annual white pony express mobile boutique. the organization's mission is to help end hunger and poverty throughout the county, and businesses donate new and gently used items every year, and today it starts at noon in richmond. and then merchants trying to fight city hall over what they believe is a broken promise. just as the famous neighborhood is preparing to celebrate a milestone.
5:36 am
>> this intersection is known all over the world because of a defining moment of the 1960s, the summer of love that attracted an estimated 100,000 young people to san francisco. this year is the 50th anniversa anniversary, and the landmark neighborhood is gearing up to celebrate, and businesses worry this will be a buzz kill. >> we just want this over. >> eissa tells us he is losing customers, and merchants insist city officials promised a moratorium anniversa anniversary. >> they would not do any roadwork. >> we never said this work was not going to be done. >> the promise delay is for a different project, and this one involving water and suer lines must proceed. >> we are hopeful we will get it
5:37 am
done before then, but we have to keep going with the construction. >> i have people complaining, and most tourists saying it's impossible to find parking. >> and there are hopes excavation on the street won't crush this business, and this tourist believes nothing will keep crowds away. not everyone wants to wear flowers in their hair in a construction zone. >> it's getting pretty noisy, jha. >> and sunshine powers are trying to hold off the work with a petition drive. >> it's not about road construction, it's about peace and love and kindness and rainbows and magic. >> the merchants say the summer activities of love include this month, including a parade and a visit by european reporters. still ahead, going bou bou u
5:38 am
earth's surface, how google is giving us a glimpse inside a volca volcano. and you see all the fog on this last day of winter. welcome spring, and welcome more rain. lisa will be along shortly with a full accuweather forecast.
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forget the bay bridge series, and san francisco has a rivalry that has been going strong for 124 years. yesterday st. ignatius college prepare and sacred heart cathedral paid in front of fans at usf, and si took home the memorial trophy because of wins in football and basketball. know a little something about that. >> yeah, fun times. good morning, everyone. we are looking at a lot of cloud cover out there, and low clouds. be careful, visibility reduced, but temperatures are mild. 56 in oakland and 52 in fremont. we have been teasing the rain, and that's our job here, and it is coming and we will see perhaps a couple inches in some
5:42 am
spots before the end of the workweek, and i'll time it out for you coming up. i know a little something about this, steph curry and the warriors getting their mojo back. and we have i lost my sight when i was 14 years old. so i really navigate the world by touch. when dove asked me to try out this body wash... i was excited that it was foam. it was so light and soft... not sticky. discover the feeling of new dove shower foam. wecage-free and we care about amazing taste. because at best foods, we're on the side of food.
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5:45 am
worried about steph curry's slump, it came to a temporary end last night. and i am a little concerned steph will pull a hammy doing this warmup. and the layup, and it was back come the dubs. and then the layup, another break, and green just missed a triple double. final seconds of the first quarter, steph toys with matthew, the former st. mary's star and drains the three. a little step-back action, and dubs down two after one. and then klay hits the three, and thompson had 21, and can matt barnes play quarterback. dubs on a 23-6 run, and then shot of the game. steph is going to pull up just
5:46 am
past the logo, and dubs up 19 at the break. third quarter, more steph. finished with 28. 9 of 13, and 6 of 8 from deep, and that's going to earn a postgame interview spl spl spl dre phaupb. and then the seven seeded st. mary's could not hold off arizona. they could not maintain intensity late in the game. and they were hoping to pull off the upset, and finished with 19. second half, arizona turned up the pressure, and alan, the steal and the slam, and ties it at 44. the wildcats did just enough to win. the seven footer came in with a triple and led with 16. end of the line for the seniors
5:47 am
is over, losing 69-60. >> we never quit and right down to the end, i mean, i thought we were going to win still. >> we played well, and we didn't play quite well enough to win, and a big part of my game is shooting the ball from three, and we didn't shoot it well enough. >> sharks hosting the ducks and battle of the top two teams in the pacific, and six points separate the two and they all count this time of year. and the ducks came ready to play. 40 seconds into the game, 3, and couture goes shop top shelf. and then silfverberg is on the break away, and beating jones high glove side.
5:48 am
mar sharks 3-3 on the recent home stand. and i am mike shumann, have a great day. good morning, everyone. here's live doppler 7 looking at a little light rain in the far north bay but the best of you just cloud cover. here's a look at live doppler 7 from clover gayle to geyser veil. we widen the perspective and we have several storm systems pushing through the golden state in the week ahead. the strongest one will come in thursday night into friday bringing rainfall totals finally for march to near average. we are sitting below average because it's been relatively dry, so we are due for more spring showers and that happens the first couple of days, and they will get heavier and then end up with perhaps a big system on friday. 52 in blackhawk and dublin. and 54 in concord.
5:49 am
51 on the coast. winds are light and they will speufp around to the west later on today. you can see the fog here from our roof camera, so cooler and cloudy today for most and a few hours of sun, and then coastal drizzle. you can mainly see that in the north bay, and also along the coast there from half moon bay, pacifica and phaupb tara, and looking at unsettled weather for the first day of spring which arrives tomorrow. highs today look spring like in the low to mid-60s from san francisco to san mateo, and 70 in san jose. let's roll you through the next couple of days. you can see how things are going to change. today look at all on the cloud cover. 9:00 tonight, not a lot of activity, but as we go through your monday, here at 9:00, showers and then by the afternoon, vallejo, the santa
5:50 am
cruz mountains, you are getting wet and it continues and then breaks up by night. 7:00 on tuesday, showers and cold air so an unstable day on tuesday. really monday through wednesday morning we're looking at scattered showers, heavier downpours, anywhere from a quarter of an inch to three quarters of an inch in the south bay, and bonus amounts up in the north bay valleys, anywhere from one to two inches. that's the first half of your week, and then we will bring back a storm impact scale of two. by friday it's a two. this is going to bring heavier showers, so check it out and you will notice we are starting out late thursday into friday morning, and the heavier rain stays green representing the rain all day long into friday night and into early next weekend. we added up the totals for you in the first half of the week and here we go again. i want to show you what it looks like through friday.
5:51 am
three quarters of an inch through wednesday, and check it out, and this is what the forecast model wants to bring in addition right in through friday. that's an additional inch to what we are going to get monday through wednesday. the accuweather 7-day forecast, one on the storm impact scale, and wednesday and thursday look light and then the big event should be friday with the gusty winds lingering into saturda. it's something significant by the end of the week. >> yeah, i think people were getting used to nice, warm weather. >> feeling like spring. mountain view based google collected imagery all overt world for the project from the glaciers of greenland to the hills of africa, and now it has gone and got images from an active volcano. >> google this. what is it like to go inside of
5:52 am
a volcano, and it's located in the south pacific more than 1,000 miles off the coast of australia, and the tiny nation is home to black sand beaches and nine active sraul caneios. google partnered with two pwo to go inside of one and get a view of the volcano like you have never seen before, and they traveled to the home of two volcanos, and unpredictable and dangerous, the chief of the local village called the volcano devils, but their natural beauty is undeniable. >> it's such incredible landscape. it's like a hot feeling that you see the lava itself, an incredible feeling. >> strapping on a high-tech backpack, they repeld down 400
5:53 am
meters to collect 360-degree street view imagery, and got an up close look at the giant lake of lava, a fiery cauldron of boiling rock twice the size of a football field. >> we are standing meters away of one of the most active lava lakes in the world, and it's like staring into the sun, and all the heartbeat of the planet, really. >> now people all overt world can visit the volcano, too, using google's website. >> that was jonathan mann reporting. coming up, a chance to feel like a princess, how some bay area high school girls will get to choose a free dress for the prom.
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happening today thousands of high schoolers will get to feel like a princess thanks to a free dress giveaway. the princess project will hold one of its annual giveaways in silicon valley. prom dresses can be expensive so the organization gives teens a chance to pick a dress and accessories for free. the event starts at 8:00 this morning at the clark wood shopping center in mountain view. the project will host another giveaway next weekend. coming up next on abc7 mornings at 6:00, what may have caused an explosion at a south bay health care center that injured two people. a look at live doppler 7, a
5:57 am
little rain in the north bay. a big change coming to the forecast. lisa argen will tell us tell uss week of storms headed our way. ♪ ♪
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i am carolyn tyler. thank you for joining us on this sunday, march 19th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist, lisa argen. >> hi, there, carolyn. good morning, everyone. we are starting off with a lot of layers clouds. can you see the green from live doppler 7 and this is bringing us a little rain up towards cloverda cloverdale, and the rest of us not reaching the ground. there's live doppler 7 on top of mt. st. helena. a weak system is to our north but can't rule out the possibility of a few scattered light showers


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