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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  March 19, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, white house scare. secret service scrambling. a man reportedly claiming to have a bomb driving up to a security checkpoint now arrested. this after two other incidents, one just hours earlier. and that alleged white house fence-jumper prowling the grounds. the brand-new concerns this morning. ready to testify. the fbi director, james comey, set to tell capitol hill what he knows about president trump's wiretapping claims. and whether team trump may have colluded with russia to impact the election. the huge implications. for the administration. busted, a march madness stunning upset. the number one overall seed, villanova falling to wisconsin in the second round. plus, the foul that was not called.
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did he cost northwestern the game? the fans feeling the agony of defeat. and this morning, we're remembering chuck berry. the founding father of rock 'n' roll. ♪ maybelline, why can't you be true ♪ ♪ oh maybelline >> he influenced a generation with his signature sound and dozens of classic hits. ♪ go, johnny, go ♪ go ♪ go, johnny, go >> a legend, a pioneer, and an inspiration. and good morning, everybody. sam and adrian are back. we want to thank all of you for joining us as we head into a pivotal week. in the young but action-packed presidency of donald j. trump. >> there are three key events looming this week. tomorrow, the fbi director, james comey will make a dramatic and critical appearance. before the house intelligence committee. in which he will likely be asked to publicly refute president
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trump's unfound claims that he was wiretapped by his predecessor. president obama. >> also, tomorrow, confirmation hearings begin for president trump's supreme court pick, neil gorsuch. and thursday the house is set to vote on the health care bill to repeal and replace obamacare. all this after a series of security breaches at the white house itself. overnight, a man was detained at a checkpoint near the white house driving a car that was deemed suspicious. you can see it right there. >> and just last weekend, a fence-jumper managed to spend 17 minutes on the white house grounds before being apprehended. gloria riviera kicks things off this morning from washington. good morning, gloria. >> reporter: good morning, dan. overnight another security incident here at the white house. a man driving a car reportedly declaring he had a bomb and pulled up to the southeastern gate. you can see it just behind me. that black vehicle is the car attempting to get into the white house. that is a checkpoint, stopped by
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the secret service and arrested. that car has been cleared. no bomb was found. no hazardous material. this was the third high-profile white house scare coming in a little over a week. this just hours after an intruder jumped a white house barrier before being detained on saturday. this one, while president trump is away in mar-a-lago. just last week, while the president and his family were inside the white house, secret service says suspect jonathan tran was able to roam the property for 16 minutes clearing two fences. walking up to the mansion, even hiding behind a pillar before secret service was able to corral and arrest him. these latest incidents put the secret service under increased scrutiny. congressional investigators demand to know how repeated lapses could happen. lawmakers seeking answers. dan. >> the secret service under scrutiny yet again. gloria, thank you. as we said, the security issues at the white house come as its primary occupant, president trump, is headed into a high-stakes week. >> tomorrow, james comey, the fbi director, will publicly
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answer questions about the president's wiretapping claims. and russia's alleged meddling in the presidential election. this morning, president trump remains in west palm beach. that's where we find david wright. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula. just to remind everyone, this is the same guy that was behind that on-again, off-again investigation of hillary clinton's private e-mail server. fbi director james comey played a huge role in the november election. he's back again. the setting, this time, the house intelligence committee. it promises to be a block buster. the two big topics, russia, and wiretapping. >> -- is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. >> reporter: as the nation's most powerful law enforcement officer, fbi director james comey is in a position to know whether there's any credible evidence to support either story. one, advanced by trump's critics that representatives of trump's campaign may have colluded with russia to influence the election.
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the other tweeted out by the president himself, alleging that president obama bugged the phones at trump tower. >> president trump, have you seen any evidence? >> reporter: last week, comey briefed senators behind closed doors. they were tight-lipped. >> this briefing was all on sensitive matters. highly classified. it's not anything we can answer any questions about. >> reporter: the senate intelligence committee later released a statement, saying there was no indication that trump tower was the subject of surveillance by any element of the united states government before or after election day 2016. that didn't stop trump from joking about it with german chancellor angela merkel at the white house friday. >> at least we have something in common, perhaps. >> reporter: comey's testimony tomorrow has the potential to be equally double-edged. his standing with the white house on the line. also on the hill monday, supreme
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court nominee neil gorsuch. >> he's the man of our country and a man who our country really needs and needs badly to ensure the rule of law and the rule of justice. >> reporter: trump's nominee to replace justice antonin scalia. will begin his confirmation hearings in the senate. a year after then-president obama introduced his nominee to the post, merrick garland. who never got a hearing. a very big news day indeed on capitol hill. as for comey, privately, he's made it clear that he sees no truth whatsoever to the wire-tapping allegations. interesting, president trump has not attacked him publicly. that could change depending on what he says at that hearing. >> david, as you said, a huge news day. let's bring in george stephanopoulos who will be hosting "this week" later this morning. what's at stake with this hearing tomorrow? >> the president's credibility. flat out. he's made this claim two weeks ago. 15 days ago. that he was illegally wire-tapped by president obama.
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that not true. it's false. he's not been told that by his attorney general, the cia director, the director of national intelligence. we know, as david said, that director comey has privately told the justice department he has no evidence of that. the big question tomorrow is, what will comey say publicly? how directly will he taken to president in open session? if he does, the next question is how is the president going to respond? will he finally back down? apologize for his statement? will he take off on comey? will he even go so far as to fire comey? we just don't know at this point what the president will do. in the face of all the evidence over the last 15 days, he has not backed down. >> so much intrigue. we also mentioned the supreme court hearings for neil gorsuch begins tomorrow. he's been the beneficiary of vast bipartisan support in the past. do you think democrats will be aggressive? do you expect him to still get the nomination? >> i think they'll ask a lot of aggressive questions. in the end, how many democrats will vote for him? or will they be united in opposition?
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in the end, i don't think it will be a matter. even if democrats are united in opposition, the republicans have made it very, very clear that they will change the rules and allow him to be passed by a majority of 51 senators and there are enough republicans to do that if the democrats maintain the opposition. as you watch the hearings go forward, democrats will be raising questions. what we're going to watch for is whether some of those democrats say, you know what? he's about as good as we're going to do. he's qualified for the job, we'll vote for him. >> the other big event this week that we mentioned is thursday's vote on repealing and replacing obamacare. this is in the house. it still has to go to the senate. what's the state of play on this legislation? >> it's still in flux. house leaders say they want to vote on it this week. they're having trouble getting votes so far. president trump has brought in several reluctant conservatives. he's changed some yeses to nos so far but it doesn't appear yet that the majority is there. we'll see if they can get it. they probably won't schedule a vote until they have a majority.
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that then leads to the next set of questions. the changes that are going to be required to get the bill through the house to get conservatives on board are likely to cause the bill more trouble in the senate, where many senators, more than a dozen, have raised questions. three are opposed. many senators saying is house bill, even if it passes this week, it's dead on arrival. >> george stephanopoulos, great to have you here. i want to remind everyone. george has a big show this morning. he'll go one on one with health and human services head tom price. and rand paul. about the republican health care plan. he'll talk to two key committee members. all coming up on "this week" on abc. overseas to france, where paris' orly airport has reopened. and flights have resumed. we're learning more about the suspect's radicalization, what may have motivated him to tackle a soldier, which led to a chaotic scene. >> lama hasan is in paris. with what authorities are saying about the suspect.
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>> reporter: good morning to you, dan and paula. we're inside a terminal where the attack took place. and as you can see, it's open for business. this as we're learning chilling new details about ziyed ben belgacem. he was on a police watch list. he spent time in prison for numerous criminal offenses which is where police believe he was radicalized. this morning, new details this morning about the man who attacked orly airport saturday morning. according to official, 39-year-old french-born ziyed ben belgacem was known as a radicalized muslim, yelling i'm here to die for allah before assaulting a female soldier, violently trying to grab her weapon and use her as a shield. when she broke free from his grasp, two other officers opened fire. killing him. his lifeless body seen here. the airport immediately going on lockdown. the chaotic scene forcing more than 3,000 people to evacuate. >> all of a sudden, we heard
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people running and screaming. it was really scary. i have never been that scared in my life. >> reporter: orly airport reopening late saturday night. >> the attack we just witnessed at the paris airport is similar to other attacks we have seen in parts of europe but also we have seen recently in the united states. counterterrorism and law enforcement officials are very concerned about the increased tempo in attacks, particularly focusing on the unsecured areas of an airport. >> reporter: while the paris prosecutor has opened an investigation into motive, his father spoke to a french radio station this morning, claiming his son was not a terrorist, but was a drug addict. dan, paula? >> thank you, lama. over to ron claiborne. always a good morning. >> good morning to you, paula, and dan, adrian and sam, back for more. i admire you. that's tough. good morning, everyone. we're going to begin in north korea. the country's leader watched a test of what was billed as a
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new, more powerful rocket engine on sunday. kim jong-un calling this quote a new birth of the nation's rocket industry. the test comes just hours before u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson wrapped up his three-country, three-day asian trip. tillerson saying the u.s. will change its strategy with north korea. saying even a preemptive military strike is on the table. breaking news overnight from baton rouge, louisiana. a sheriff's deputy was fatally shot while conducting an investigation at a mall with another officer. the suspect of the investigation was shot. the suspect was also shot. he is being treated in an area hospital. police are not releasing the name of the slain officer. and in tennessee, the search for 15-year-old elizabeth thomas and her schoolteacher, suspected of kidnapping her, has been extended nationwide. saturday night, friends and family holding a vigil. praying for the girl's safe return. the teen, and 50-year-old thad cummings last seen on monday in separate locations. and in north dakota, a big legal blow to those trying to
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stop oil from being transported through the dakota access pipeline. on saturday a court order was denied. requested by the tribes to stop the oil being sent to the pipeline which passes through the traditional land. the pipeline could now begin operating as soon as tomorrow. and in rockville, maryland, firefighters searching the rubble of a house that exploded on friday say they have found a body, the body, inside. security cameras showing the blast leveling the house. damaging ten neighboring homes. that explosion felt miles way. police not yet identifying the victim found in that rubble. and take a look at what seems like an impossible shot in saturday night's colorado avalanche-detroit red wings hockey game in detroit. they passed the puck. it went right through the protective glass, that opening for the tv camera. it hit a fan in the stands. >> oh, no way. >> he was bruised. we believe he was fine. didn't spill his drink.
7:14 am
>> that's the most impressive thing there. >> priorities, priorities. finally, a group of russians gave the sport of curling a new spin. take a look. four teams of ten taking part in an auto curling tournament. auto curling. pushing a russian made car. toward the target. crashing other vehicles. the trick was to take the engines and other heavy parts out to make them lighter. if you want to try it at home, they're easier to maneuver. >> looks like toy cars. >> i love that the cars are orpas. a different incarnation. >> which i never heard of. >> exactly. >> they have to be cheap. >> apparently, they're desperately in need of hobbies in russia. speaking of athletics, the special olympics starting in spectacular fashion in austria with help from our own robin roberts, who is hosting the opening ceremony. >> robin told us about a special
7:15 am
athlete on the show yesterday. adrian is here to tell us about that athlete back in the spot light. >> we love this story. these girls are living the dream. an inspirational scene in austria. thousands of athletes come together. opening ceremonies kicking off the event saturday. competitors from 105 countries waving their nation's flags as the flame of hope was ignited. among those vying for olympic gold -- ohio native sherida taylor. a figure skater who is one-half of what people are calling the venus and serena williams of figure skating. as we showed you yesterday, our own robin roberts got to talk to her and her sister shea. she found out that sherida has her own hometown hero. >> lebron, i hope you're watching this. i've been a huge, major fan since we won the championship. >> we won the championship. i love that. >> we won the championship. and i can't wait to meet you. >> you know what? lebron got the message, tweeting
7:16 am
love seeing cleveland represented. good luck. #strive for greatness. so glad lebron sent message to her. think about it. she's living the dream. representing her family. her hero contacts her. life could not get any better for this girl. >> such a great story. thank you, adrian. our special coverage of the special olympics world winter game continues today 2:00 right here on abc. >> 2:00 eastern time. >> 2:00 eastern. that's right. thank you, ron. always on it. >> my mom's in l.a. >> he's going to convert it to guam time for us. time for the weather. we have a huge ringer in this weekend. sam champion in for rob. >> oh, come on. >> i can't believe we were able to get you to do this. >> it's so nice. >> can't believe you came back. again. >> no, i actually had so much fun yesterday. let's do it again. hey, no one likes stale snow. guess what we did for d.c. this morning? just put a light fresh coat on. very, very light. we'll show you some images this morning.
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you had to go near baltimore to get about a half inch of collection there. this system winds up and pulls away. the one thing i want to tell you. a little bit of west virginia. a little bit of delaware. you've got to be careful on the roads this morning. it winds up and drops a little wind and snow on the cape. toward nantucket. let get to the big story. the big shift in heat. and where it goes. we had another day of record-high temperatures yesterday. we'll have another day today in the west. and then that heat will slowly start to shift a little bit to the east. in the next half hour, we're going to tell you who gets spring-like heat and who doesn't. good sunday morning. i'm meteorologist lisa argen. looking at mt. tam, you can see just a little bit of sunlight, looking at cloudy and cooler conditions today. spotty, light showers, mainly in the north bay, but it turns to unsettled for tomorrow and tuesday and especially friday. 70 in fremont and san jose. we're looking at the rain monday through wednesday, anywhere from
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an inch to 2 inches in the north bay, lighter amounts midweek and heavier rain friday. >> spring officially starts tomorrow. we'll give you the time so you can get your spring dance prepared. >> oh, do you have a spring dance, dan? >> i try not to. i would pull a hammy if i do that. we've been kind of rocking out in the newsroom. paying homage. tributes pouring in this morning for a bona fide rock 'n' roll legend, chuck berry. one of the architects of rock 'n' roll. >> you were playing "ding-a-ling." >> and "maybelline." and "johnny b. goode." >> yes, all the hits. when the news broke overnight, that berry had died, fellow greats tweeted. bruce springsteen, chuck berry was rock's greatest practitioner. >> lenny kravitz writing hail, hail, chuck berry. none of us would have been here without you. rock on, brother. proving just how far his influence reached, country star keith urban tweeting, thank you
7:19 am
for the poetry, the passion, and the potency. >> abc's chris connelly is here with much more on the man and his signature sound. good morning, sir. >> reporter: good morning dan, good morning, paula. springsteen, one of the many musicians who played in the backing band of chuck berry. a monumental figure in popular music history. writer and performer of dozens of rock's most essential and enduring songs. each one an american classic. from "johnny b. goode" and "roll over beethoven." ♪ roll over beethoven >> reporter: to "sweet little 16." ♪ all the cats want to dance with ♪ ♪ sweet little 16 >> reporter: chuck berry was rock 'n' roll. its founding father. and warrior hero. the creator of the musical language. filled with poetic, american images. ♪ i'm so glad i'm living in the usa ♪ >> reporter: he was the primary influence and the musical cornerstone for the beatles and the rolling stones.
7:20 am
♪ roll over beethoven >> reporter: his slicked back 'do and duck walk made him a mainstay from the 1950s. an african-american triumphing across a racist landscape. ♪ go, johnny go >> reporter: born in st. louis if 1926, chuck berry had trained as hairdresser. before 1955, when his first song conquered radio. about a car named "maybelline." ♪ maybelline, why can't you be true ♪ ♪ oh, maybelline, why can't you be true ♪ >> reporter: dozens of hits followed, each one a showcase for his guitar riffs. ♪ >> reporter: jukebox beat. and those remarkable lyrics. ♪ up in the morning and out to school the teacher is teaching the golden rule ♪ >> reporter: notching his only number one song, with an audience sing a long with the double entendre song, "my ding-a-ling." ♪ oh my
7:21 am
>> reporter: he continued to perform and inducted to the rock 'n roll hall of fame in 2000. remembering the legend writing rock 'n roll would not exist without him. ♪ >> reporter: actually, that rock 'n' roll hall of fame building in cleveland would be an ikea. it would be a bob's big boy without chuck berry. the originator. and never better hereafter. >> he always had to be paid in cash. >> you had to pay him in cash. you had to provide the backing band. which is why people like bruce springsteen played for him at some point. and you had to pay him in cash. that's how he liked it. >> he got started late in life. >> as opposed to people like justin bieber. he was in his late 20s when "maybelline" hit. and then he was on a roll and never stopped. >> thanks for coming in.
7:22 am
so much great inspiration. great man. >> thanks, chris. coming up, the fate of a pharmacy executive charged with 25 counts of murder. it's in the hands of a jury. the alleged scheme that prosecutors say included a phony list of celebrity names. >> wild story. plus, march madness living up to its name. finally. top seed villanova, the defending champions, booted in the second round. where's frank? it's league night! 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. bowl without me. frank.' i'm going to get nachos. snack bar's closed. gah! ah, ah ah. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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good morning. i'm carolyn tyler. funeral services will be held at 9:00 this morning for a beloved little league president and coach. last night, a memorial was held for frank navarro at east ridge little league fields in san jose. hundreds of family and friends remembered him as a caring
7:28 am
mentor and friend. navarro was fatally stabbed while working security at a bar last month. let's get a check of the accuweather forecast. here's lisa. >> good morning to you. our last day of winter featuring a lot of cloud cover, even drizzle along the coast. live doppler 7 from santa rosa to jenner, point inverness, a little wet weather, but overall we're in the 50s. it's mild and we'll see a few peeks of sun this afternoon. so, basically a dry day, but look at the week ahead. monday, tuesday, wednesday, you're wet. the heaviest rain on friday. >> thank you, lisa. thank you for joi
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and we want to welcome you back to "gma" on a sunday morning. happening right now, new security breach. overnight, a man was detained at a checkpoint near the white house, driving a car that was deemed suspicious. this, after two other incidents, one just hours earlier. last week, an alleged fence-jumper managed to spend almost 17 minutes on the white house grounds before he was apprehended. also happening right now. going home. people who lived in the apartment complexes that went up in flames in a massive blaze in raleigh, north carolina, will get a chance to go back this morning, just to retrieve their belongings. officials say it could be up to a year before anybody is allowed to live there again. and team usa gearing up for the semifinals in the world baseball classic after knocking out the defending champs, the dominican republic. check out the amazing catch by adam jones saturday night.
7:31 am
>> oh, nice reach! >> he even had members of the other team tipping their hats. >> whoa. >> wow. >> they're going to play japan on tuesday at dodger stadium. team usa has never placed better than fourth in the world classic >> did you know? >> no. >> did you know, adrian? >> i had no idea. >> you knew. >> i think we're all consumed with march madness. we'll talk march madness in a little bit. first, the jury is deciding the fate of a drug executive charged in a deadly meningitis outbreak that killed dozens of people. >> hundreds more made seriously ill, even paralyzed. brian ross has more now on the case against barry cadden. >> the mold. the bacteria? >> reporter: the prosecution says barry cadden almost single handedly caused a public health crisis. called to testify before congress -- >> on advice of council -- >> reporter: he pleaded the fifth. when investigators went to his factory, the new england compounding center.
7:32 am
they say they found it was place of filth. rusted equipment. insects, turning out batches of tainted medicine that led to an epidemic of infections, including meningitis, including patricia. still in pain five years later. >> i cry. i get angry. my physical life is much different. i don't have the energy that i used to. i feel extra pain. i have head pain. >> reporter: prosecutors say a total of 753 people across the country were stricken after taking the tainted medicine. 64 of them died. for the last three months, federal prosecutors in boston have been presenting their evidence against cadden. including videos of cadden telling his employees not to worry about state health inspectors. >> how can they come in and inspect me? they don't even know what they're looking at. they have no clue. >> reporter: as part of his alleged scheme to cut corners, prosecutors say cadden created phony lists of patients, including donald trump, calvin
7:33 am
klein, and jennifer lopez, in order to be considered a pharmacy with clients instead of a drug manufacturer, what is held to a higher standard. something cadden was asked about by one of his employees. >> that's something for another time. yeah. let's not -- we can talk about that. that's actually one of the more difficult things we do. let's just talk about the products now. >> okay, that's fine. >> while we're being recorded. >> mr. cadden, what would you like to say? >> reporter: a lawyer says something went wrong. but no reasonable person could find him guilty of murder. that jury will resume their deliberations next week. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> we want to thank brian ross for his reporting. two things putting a smile on my face. one of them, sam champion. the other, spring is tomorrow. >> exactly. are you ready for your spring danc at 6:28 a.m., and that's eastern for ron. the tingle starts at your toes. works up through your bodies. you can't help but dance.
7:34 am
it's the start of spring. it's clothing optional if you're at home by yourself. >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm just saying. maybe it's just me. i don't know. here's what happens in the west. a big pattern change. jet stream is riding high right now. it's been dry for california. the jet stream drops to the south. that allows the storms off the pacific to come in. this is not the incredibly horrible rainfall totals we saw weeks ago. this is heavy rain for a good part of the week. that means more flooding. this is where we have the high fire danger. we have here relative humidity. 6%. so it's a real issue. good sunday morning. i'm lisa argen. this is the view from our east bay hills camera. lots of low-level clouds allowing for a mild start. mid-50s later on today. mostly cloudy, 60s to near 70. >> all that weather was brought to you by kohl's. finally, spring. >> officially. >> officially, yes. >> clothing-optional dancing. >> that's the one thing dan picked up on.
7:35 am
in your house. in your house. >> just stuck on that. i can't believe it. thank you, sam. can't believe we have sam champion here. >> or sam harris. coming up on "gma" -- thanks for bringing that up. let's talk about march madness. if the illegal move that wasn't called. would it make a difference? tony reali is here after the break. and beyonce in "pop news" with adrian. we're right back. when we come back. (vo) they say glory awaits at the finish. but what about the start? the strength it takes to begin, and sometimes begin again... you just gave birth to another human. (distant cheering and clapping) talk about a comeback. (distant cheering and clapping continues) get your start with under armour, now at kohl's.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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♪ how you like me now ♪ how you like me now oh, we like you now. we were waiting for march madness to live up to its name. there are exactly zero perfect espn brackets remaining after villanova, the top overall seed was surprisingly ousted. tony reali has more. >> reporter: the upsets taking charge. now every single bracket in the espn challenge busted. thanks to number eight seed wisconsin. taking down number one seed villanova. 65-62. [ buzzer sounds ] >> the thing is, with all those algorithms, they can't calculate heart, will to win, toughness, desire. >> reporter: fellow number one seed gonzaga fighting tooth and
7:40 am
nail to get a controversial win over northwestern. take a look at this block by gonzaga. >> collins with a hand on it! >> reporter: zach collins putting his hand through the hoop, blocking the shot. that should be goal tending. but no whistle. and chris collins, assessed a technical foul for being on the court. gonzaga using the free points on the free-throw line to shore up the 79-73 win. >> i couldn't be prouder of the guys in my locker room. >> reporter: this young northwestern fan showing the agony of defeat. he and northwestern fans have so much to be happy about. they're first tournament in 78 years. >> oh, it was a tough loss for northwestern. tony, joining us from d.c. tony, video of the sad face from the northwestern fan. not the only one. here's my son, j.j. couldn't hold it together after villanova lost. >> oh, come on. >> he's counting, he doesn't understand yet that perfection is not the goal here. >> how are you going to do that
7:41 am
to your little man on national television, paula? i mean -- red marks on a bracket. j.j., listen to me. red marks on a bracket are a sign and a badge of honor. this is what my bracket looks like right now. kind of looks like maui. from "moana." that's what i'm working with right now. so don't worry about that. j.j., have mom and dad make you chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. i think that's -- >> the only thing he's getting from his dad, his dad told him to man up. we're going to see how that's going over. >> look at me, 30 years later, i'm still crying over my red bracket. >> you can give one another a hug. wisconsin knocking off the defending champs. this is not a cinderella team. >> no, no. they played for the national championship two years ago. this was an error in the seeding here by the selection committee. they could have been a four seed. they were an eight seed. villanova, an unlucky break. we're looking for a cinderella. some thought she spent the night in and blew off the ball. number 11, xavier with a win yesterday. number 11 rhode island with a chance this afternoon.
7:42 am
>> i have to say, your singing talents about as good as your artistry talents. >> that was maui. ♪ you're welcome >> we love having you, tony. good luck with your brackets. coming up, wowing your wedding guests. this year's trends from dresses to desserts. wedding guests. this year's trends from dresses to desserts. they also know you need to get your annual check-up. now prepare for your check-up with one touch using the mycigna app, where you can find a doctor in your plan's network to save money, manage your health and more. need to be thorough. but first things first --e call trugreen,. america's #1 professional lawn care company.
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♪ it is, as you can tell from the dulcet tones of the string instruments, wedding planning season. and mapping out what's supposed to be the best day of your life can be a serious test. of a relationship. >> the devil's often in the
7:46 am
details. but this morning, we're giving you ways to save money and impress your guests. eva pilgrim helping you with your big day. >> reporter: it's the moment many grown women have being dreaming about since they were little girls. priority one, finding the perfect dress. >> i'm a snow beast. >> reporter: in 2017, off-the-shoulder, sleeves, and high necks making their moves from the runway down the aisle. this year, the plight of the bridesmaid. >> 27 dresses. you've got to be kidding me. >> reporter: just got a little easier. now, you can actually rent the dress instead of owning it. our wedding wire expert says, it's about time. >> the guys have been renting tuxedos for years. and thanks, now, to vow to be chic, you can rent dresses. >> reporter: and as for these designs on pinterest, these glam-looking rocks on tables and your cake. this one made of rock candy. so your guests can still eat it.
7:47 am
you can bring a little kim and kanye to your wedding with a flower wall. using it from the ceremony to the reception. >> pops of color in real flowers. you may be able to save some money there. >> reporter: first, cupcakes. then candy bars and doughnuts. this year's sweet treat, cooler than ever. >> it's a huge moment for ice cream right now. >> reporter: in 2017, say good-bye to having to show up for that post-wedding brunch. instead, say hello to breakfast in a box. a perfect beginning to the first day of the rest of your lives. >> you may now kiss the bride. ♪ >> reporter: and going with the big ice cream trend, we have delicious ice cream doughnuts. from holy cream here in new york city. >> these are the craziest thing i have ever seen. >> the reason we have them, we want to make sure people understand, we do not shun desserts of old that were trendy last year. we bring them back. we just include them. with the new desserts. >> eva, we do. thank you. >> i can't hear you. i'm eating.
7:48 am
>> eva, try one. they're so good. >> i actually can't eat the doughnut. i'm allergic to it. it's not my fault. >> okay. that's all right. don't have these at your wedding. >> this is amazing. what a darn good idea. >> thank you so much, eva. we'll be right back with "pop news." we'll still be eating by then. news." we'll still be eating by then. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take. (jim) victoza® lowers blood sugar in three ways. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. non-insulin victoza® comes in a pen and is taken once a day. (announcer vo) victoza® is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes
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visit your local dealer. [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. there we go. >> sorry, guys. i'm cleaning up the desk because i refused to relinquish my doughnut, which paula is trying to hide. >> i'm trying to hide it. >> i thought we were going to keep the doughnuts on the table. >> what's happening, "pop news". >> you're craving doughnuts and ice cream. when you're pregnant, you get cravings. wonder what beyonce is eating lately? new video getting millions of views on instagram. it's not about her music. the pregnant superstar showing off her baby bump.
7:53 am
in glamorous fashion in this homemade video. her fashion with her daughter, blue ivy. the different filters. >> oh, snapchat. >> they kind of look a little scary. they we're some of these beautiful outfits to the alvin ailey show. giving us a glimpse of her lighter side. i think beyonce is more comfortable with pregnancy. my mom says having children is like popping out pumpkin seeds. it's that simple. >> what? >> how many did she have? >> seven. my mom. >> i virtually think no woman in america agrees with that statement. >> i don't. >> like popping out pumpkin seeds. >> but we're going to call you our little pumpkin seed from now on. >> pumpkin number one. fans of zayn malik taking hints of a new song. the former one direction star taking to instagram to share himself hitting some high notes while strumming on a guitar. ♪ >> reporter: he's coming off his big hit with taylor swift.
7:54 am
"i don't want to live forever." fingers crossed he's ready to release more music. >> i love that song. >> a year isn't that long. >> it's a beautiful song, though. are you a fan? >> um, yeah. >> i thought that was justin timberlake. until you -- >> really? >> yes. >> because of those high notes. >> i never know who sings what. i thought it was -- yeah. >> here's another singer. this is a little different. paula's losing it because she's on a sugar high. >> dan just gave me that look. like, i can't believe you just said that. >> well, here's a look at one of the stars of "beauty and the beast" surprising fans all over the country. josh gad popping into screenings of "beauty and the beast." >> eating people's popcorn. >> how cool is that? >> he plays gaston's sidekick, le fou. posting videos on instagram from his visits to movie theaters in new york, orlando. even disney world. listen to this. >> one, two, three. ♪ no one fights like gaston ♪ in a wrestling match nobody fights like gaston ♪
7:55 am
>> i just watched the original movie from 1991, when we were kids. and, um, it was a great flashback. >> um, we were not kids. both of us on this desk were not kids. we were actually -- >> i was gainfully employed. >> some of us. >> thank you. >> thank you for reminding us that we're old, adrian bankert. "pop news" was over. >> she was talking metaphorically. you have a spirit of children. >> she didn't even bring us these doughnuts. >> i will always defend adrian. always. >> okay, real quick. high fashion can be hard to appreciate or understand. we need help here. look at this. this is from the runways. the brand from brazil. >> wait, they braided their hair together? >> i think this is something sisters would do. >> they glued it together. >> braided and walking down the runway simultaneously. >> no. >> this is something you would experiment with if you're mother -- >> no, you wouldn't. no. and you shouldn't. >> conjoined models.
7:56 am
>> don't, don't do this. this is an accident ready to happen. don't do that. >> it's an accident that already happened. sam champion so great to have you here. we appreciate it. george is coming up soon with "this week." the people have spoken. and we thank you, america, for choosing us as your favorite daytime hosting team with the people's choice award. we are "gma" and we thank you. you. good morning. i'm carolyn tyler. grab your blanket, enjoy the end of winter at the off the grids picnic in san francisco. the weekly picnic features food and drinks, lawn games, yoga, arts and crafts, and iconic views of the san francisco bay. new this year, you can skip the lines.
7:57 am
off the grid is now offering a preorder option, so you don't have to wait to get your food. presidio picnic is every sunday from 11:00 to 4:00 through october on the main parade ground. happening today, thousands of high schoolers will get to feel like a princess, thanks to a free dress giveaway. the princess project will hold one of its annual giveaways in silicon valley. you know prom dresses can be expensive, so the organization gives teens a chance to pick a dress and accessories for free. the event starts in just a few minutes at 8:00 this morning at the clarkwood shopping center in mountain view. the princess project will host another giveaway next weekend. let's get a check of the accuweather forecast. here's lisa. hey, carolyn. good morning to you. hi, everyone. we have lots of cloud cover and even some mist and drizzle along our north coast, around point reyes, dylan beach and santa rosa from time to time, but the
7:58 am
clouds will dominate the forecast today. it will bring cooler weather and spring will usher in some damp days for the week ahead. here's mt. tam. looking at 56 in san francisco, 55 in san jose, and it is gray here. so, the bulk of the day will feature cooler numbers, except by the afternoon we'll see a few peeks of sun in san jose. looking at a rainy day monday, tuesday, wednesday. a one on our storm impact scale. heavy rain on friday. >> thank you, lisa. than
7:59 am
8:00 am
starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. >> wiretap covers a lot of different things. >> president trump defiant. >> i think you're going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront. >> refusing to apologize for his false claim. provoking conflict with america's closest allies. and, just 24 hours away from a showdown with the fbi director. the president's priorities stalling in congress. >> the battle is just beginning. >> this budget is really a slap in the face. >> is trump's agenda faltering? >> fake news, folks. a lot of fake. >> what will be the cost of this self-inflicted blow to white house credibility? tough questions ahead for one of the president's close friends, a key architect of the health care plan.


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