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tv   ABC7 News 9  ABC  March 19, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, march 19th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist, lisa argen. >> hi there, carolyn. lots of clouds behind you and from live doppler 7 we can see a few returns in the north bay. we've seen a few areas of drizzle and light shower activity from points west around ft. ross, highway 1 and if we go further to the north, you can see still it is a little bit wet up towards hopland and lakeport. most of the activity is offshore and won't be reaching the ground. we will see a cloudy day today, but look at all the cloud cover offshore. this will be visiting us throughout the day and bring a slightly cooler afternoon.
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right now it's mild in oakland, 58. it's 49 in gilroy. from our sutro camera we have low clouds as well. 58 napa, 54 in livermore and a few peeks of sun in emeryville. with 50s and 60s by noon time, we'll have gray skies and the bulk of the wet weather holds off until the beginning of the workweek until the first day of spring. we'll talk about rainfall amounts over an inch before we end the workweek. that's coming up in my accuweather seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. vallejo police are looking for a man they say shot and injured three people. it happened last night at 10:00 on westwood street. police say they found two victims, a 27-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman. a bullet grazed the man's head, though a woman was shot in the shoulder. then a third victim realized he had been shot in the thigh. all three taken to the hospital. the suspect is described as a man in his 30s about 5'10" wearing a white t-shirt.
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a dozen rooms in a san jose health care facility are closed this morning after an explosion rattled the building, leaving two people injured. detectives are looking into whether a lit cigarette ignited an oxygen tank at the canyon springs post acute center. abc 7 news reporter lonni rivera has the story. >> suddenly we heard i think it was glass shattering and then the fire alarm or the alarm started beeping. >> reporter: san jose fire police and paramedics responded to a call about an explosion and fire at canyon springs post acute care facility. jasmine wong was inside with a singing group entertaining patients. >> it was pretty chaotic. we stood around for a while but then we were told that everyone needs to get out so we helped evacuate the residents. >> reporter: police believe someone was smoking a cigarette with a room with an oxygen tank nearby and it caused an explosion, then a fire. >> the fire appeared to be
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contents only, not taking the whole room. >> reporter: dolores harris rushed over to check on her mom, who is being treated here. >> i jumped in my car and probably broke a few laws to get over here to see about her. >> reporter: more than 170 residents, all different ages, are staying here. fire crews say employees had to evacuate 125 patients. harris was concerned about her mom, who has dementia. >> and i know she's pretty disturbed about it, because 100 years old, i'm sure she's worried about it. >> reporter: as san jose police investigate the cause, 12 rooms in the back of the facility are closed. patients from those rooms are being treated in another part of the building. in san jose, lonni rivera, abc 7 news. a south bay community is honoring one of its own this weekend. funeral services are under way right now at the santa clara county fairgrounds for frank navarro, a beloved little league coach.
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navarro was fatally stabbed while working security at a bar last month. last night abc 7 news was at east ridge little league fields in san jose where family and friends paid their respects at a memorial. >> frank touched everyone's heart. a sincere, genuine guy. really affected many people. >> someone who put his heart out for the kids and he loved it. he breathed baseball, eat baseball, sleep baseball. >> people at last night's memorial remember edna vaed nava loving and carriage ming mentor friend. it's been three months since the ghost ship fire and so far no charges filed. 36 people died in the fire. the district attorney's office is still waiting for a report from the city of oakland. the report could be available to the d.a.'s office as early as
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today. abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana has the details. >> reporter: the ghost ship is in the district represented by city counsel men noel guyo. >> i'm surprised that we're here today but it's probably the not the first time or the last time. >> reporter: he said the city and county have long had a contentious relationship. now there seems to be some friction between district attorney nancy o'malley's office and oakland city attorney barbara parker's office. in e-mails obtained, one of o'malley's deputies sent a letter to one of parker's deputies demanding a draft report under review. if the oakland fire department has submitted a report to your office for review, a copy of the unredacted, unedited report must also be submitted to the prosecuting agency for review. >> the district attorney's office doesn't want a sugar coated, prepackaged version of the facts. the district attorney is the main investigative criminal arm of this county.
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they want to know what happened, when it happened, what did you see? >> reporter: criminal defense attorney daniel horowitz reviewed this for us and he says fire investigators have an obligation to turn over all evidence to the prosecutor's office. if charges are ever filed, it could affect the case. >> this game playing by the city of oakland will be used by the defense attorneys for the truly culpable people to say to the people there is a conspiracy to shift blame to my client. >> reporter: in a written statement to abc 7 news, city attorney chief of staff alex katz says they are fully cooperating. they are not withholding any information from the district attorney's office. but he says the report still has not been turned over to the d.a. as requested. sergio quintana, abc 7 news. abc 7 news was in richmond as officers arrested a man after a chase on interstate 80 yesterday. it started in martinez. the chp followed the driver until his car crashed at 44th
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and barrett in richmond. officers took him into custody. they have not said if anyone else was arrested or how the chase started. the music world and music fans are mourning the death of a legend. john lennon once said if you tried to give rock 'n' roll another name, you might call it chuck berry. berry died yesterday, but his legacy remains intact. abc news reporter chris connelly looks back on how berry's seven decades strumming the guitar changed popular music. >> reporter: from "johnny b. goode" and "roll over beethoven" to "sweet little 16" -- ♪ chuck berry was rock 'n' roll, it's founding father and warrior hero. the creator of its irresistible musical language, filled with
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poetic, uniquely american images. ♪ he was the primary influence and the musical cornerstone for the beatles and the rolling stones. the slicked-back do and duck walk made him an in concert main stay through the 1950s, an african-american triumphing across a racist landscape. ♪ born in st. louis in 1926, chuck berry had trained as a hair dresser before 1955 when his first song conquered radio about a car named mabeline. ♪ dozens of hits followed, each one a showcase for his guitar riffs. ♪ a jukebox beat and those remarkable lyrics. ♪
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notching his only number one single in 1972 with an audience sing-along of "my ding-a-ling." but berry would continue to perform. inducted in the first-ever class to the rock 'n' roll hall of fame, lauded at the kennedy center honors in 2000. the hall of fame remembering the legend writing rock 'n' roll as we know it would not exist without him. ♪ >> rest in peace, chuck berry. other music legends are reacting this morning. the beach boys brian wilson called berry a big inspiration and said he'll be missed by everyone who loves rock 'n' roll. the rolling stones mick jagger said his lyrics shone above others and threw a strange light on the american dream. chuck, you were amazing and your
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music is engraved inside us forever. bruce springsteen saying chuck berry was rock's greatest practitioner, guitarist and the greatest pure rock 'n' roll writer who ever lived. might be some music happening today if you grab your blanket and enjoy the official end of winter at off the grid's presidio picnic in san francisco. the weekly picnic features food and drinks, lawn games, yoga, arts and crafts and iconic views of the san francisco bay. what's new this year, you can skip the long lines. off the grid is now offering a preorder option so you don't have to wait to get your food. presidio picnic is every sunday from 11:00 to 4:00 through october on the main parade ground. and it's not going to be like last sunday at all. >> no, we were just drying out, aren't we? this is going to be an interesting week. we not only have spring showers, we have a winter-like storm for
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the end of the week. right now there's fog, san francisco and oakland, five to six-mile visibility as well as the san carlos airport. mid and upper 50s, so it's mild. the last day we could see a few 70s and then it's colder and it is the last gasp of winter perhaps. i'll explain coming up next with my accuweather seven-day forecast. 7. thank you, lisa. also ahead why a local tattoo removal clinic says it's seeing a record number of clients since november. and if you're planning on traveling abroad any time
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developing news out of louisiana this morning. a sheriff's deputy was shot and killed in the line of duty while conducting an investigation. that shooting happened last night in east baton rouge around 9:00 our time. police say the deputy was responding to a domestic situation when he was shot. the suspect was also shot and his being treated at a hospital. his condition is not known at this time. president trump is at his private resort in mar-a-lago this weekend. he has not appeared in public, but he has tweeted. the president said he had a great meeting with german chancellor angela merkel on friday, but went on to say, nevertheless, the germany owes vast sums of money to nato and the united states must be paid for the powerful and very expensive defense it provides to
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germany. he did not address his claims that former president obama wiretapped trump tower, claims that are still unproven. in an effort to get the focus back on policy, vice president mike pence is back on the road defending the plan to repeal and replace obamacare. >> stop any more states from expanding medicaid and adding a burden to future generations. >> the bill is headed to the house floor this week. if you're planning on traveling abroad, be prepared for a long wait if you need to get a passport. people sat on the floor of the post office in san francisco's bayview district waiting for their number to be called. one woman says she waited more than three and a half hours and it was her second time there. >> came last week and we came a little bit later, like at 9:30, and it was like packed. and so we left and decided to come earlier today.
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>> across the country, more people are applying for passports. ten years ago the law changed requiring american citizens to have passports to go to canada and mexico. the state department saw a surge in applications then. now it says it's seeing a spike in renewals. a record number of people are getting their tattoos removed because of fears they might be targeted by immigration agents. the people who run the removing barriers program in san pablo say since last november's election they have seen more people coming to their weekly tattoo removal clinic. >> it's the fear. nobody wants tor a target, especially with the political climate that's been surfacing, it's been getting difficult for them. >> the san pablo economic development corporation started the program to help people find jobs. laser tattoo removal can cost around $250 for each square
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inch. this program costs just $80 per five minutes of laser removal. abc 7 is proud to be a major sponsor of the upcoming professional businesswomen of california conference. it's on march 28th in san francisco. the keynote speaker is former secretary of state and presidential candidate, hillary clinton. congresswoman jackie spear founded pbwc 29 years ago. congresswoman spear is one of our guests on this weekend's program "beyond the headlines with cheryl jennings" where she talks about the challenges women face in the workplace and in college. spear says we have a long way to go to end discrimination against women and girls. >> we think the things are good until we actually drill down and find out they're not that good. and that there still is serious discrimination. and whether it's discrimination
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and title ix in terms of the way cases are handled, sexual assault on college campuses or rape in the military, it is still pretty pervasive. >> our special edition of "beyond the headlines with cheryl jennings" airs today at 4:30 here on abc 7. for more information, log on to our website, by the way, the pbwc conference is sold out. good sunday morning, everyone. live doppler 7 is tracking a few light sprinkles up in sonoma county. it's been damp along the coast, but overall you're waking up to a lot of cloud cover. here's where we have a few returns. hillsburg, and santa rosa have reported a few light showers but right now along the coast, perhaps bodega bay and down through point reyes, it's the bulk of the activity that will hold off for tomorrow and tuesday. it's all the cloud cover you're noticing today.
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as a result, you'll have less sunshine and temperatures coming down a bit. check it out, isn't this pretty. all of the low clouds from mt. tam. you can see them just blocking the hills there. 58 in the city, 59 in oakland. it's 56 in mountain view. san jose 55. we have fog from the peninsula to the east bay. it was pretty dense this morning in parts of the north bay. 50 in gilroy, 54 half moon bay where you have reduced visibility. from sutro, we like to see the city here in between the cloud deck. 56 santa rosa, 58 by the knelta, 57 in concord. livermore 54. a few peeks of sunshine is about all we can muster and we'll have a mostly cloudy sky. spotty light showers not out of the question, mainly in the north bay. what a week we'll have. we'll feature some thunderstorms on tuesday, some light rain tomorrow and then some heavy rain by the end of the week. but today upper 60s for concord, 70 in fremont. notice the milder locations, the south half of the bay with a
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little more sun. it's going to be cooler up towards santa rosa where we've had a few showers. let's review march where we've had five rainy days of march. and then, boy, it really seemed like spring was here, drying out nicely. and now we're going to see more green on that for the balance of march bringing rainfall totals to near average by the end of the week or above. as we look at the rest of the day today, it's dry. this is 7:00 on monday morning where we have spotty showers. it's the afternoon where the rain picks up. even along the central coast. then we're looking at more scattered showers monday night. check out tuesday. this is the colder section of the system where we could see some thunderstorms. so anywhere from a quarter of an inch to three-quarters of an inch through wednesday, east bay, south bay. about a half inch to an inch in the mountains and up in the north bay 1 to 2 inches. our storm impact scale has much of the workweek as a 1, a light system, but by friday here comes
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the heavy rain, the gusty winds. we're talking upwards of an inch of rain for some of you. and looking at this system, it's going to last all day friday. it looks like into early saturday. this is a week away, remember. it looks like we're going to dry out. so it's a moderate system and tracking the rainfall, check it out. we talked about the first three days. we're upwards of 0.75 of an inch in oakland and livermore. by the end of the week we could see 2.5 inches in santa rosa and over an inch in san carlos. today featuring the only really dry day. tomorrow spring begins. 1 on our storm impact scale through thursday, but thursday looks to be the quietest day, late thursday into friday, queueing up for that strong system on friday. >> parts of winter seemed like spring and now we're going into spring and it's feeling like winter. >> i'm following you. >> thanks, lisa. just ahead, hundreds of kids
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in san francisco battling it out this weekend with their robots. the unique competition that could send local students to a world championship.
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students from all over the world are competing in a gear-spinning, metal-banging robot competition. st. ignatius high school in san francisco is hosting the
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regionals for the first robotics competition. student teams were given the rules back in january and had to build custom bots to compete. the contest includes collecting items to shoot at targets and drop into bins. st. ignatius went to the world final last year. the competition will wrap up today. still to come here on abc mornings, yet another security scare at the white house. why authorities searched a car that was considered suspicious. and the san francisco community not feeling the love for all this construction. how it could affect an important 50th anniversary this summer.
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weekelcome back, everyone.
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we're starting with a look at the weather. here's lisa argen. >> lots of cloud tops out there and a little precip for you up in the far north bay. we've had some rain around santa rosa. we go in tighter, gernzville, it is breaking up. we could see a few light showers mainly in the north bay. look at all the gray from our east bay camera. it's 59 in oakland, 50 in gilroy. boy, a beautiful picture. looks black and white from the sunshine above bouncing off of those low clouds from mt. tam. 57 in novato and we will have a cloudier day from santa cruz. temperatures in the 60s and it will be dry here, but overall we are waiting for a very active week. active for march standards. considering spring arrives tomorrow, 60s to near 70 today. today the warmest and driest day out of the next seven.
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i'll explain in just a few minutes. thank you, lisa. here is a live look at the white house where this morning the secret service is investigating another attempted security breach at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. a driver was taken into custody after he drove up to a checkpoint and told the security guard he had a bomb. his car was declared suspicious and searched. at one point a robot was used. later a bomb squad technician in full gear carefully sifted through materials taken from the car. no bomb or other hazard was found. earlier yesterday another man was detained after hopping over a bike rack barrier along the north fence of the white house. sources tell abc news he wanted to deliver a letter to someone in the trump administration. and nine days ago, a milpitas man scaled the fence and was on the white house grounds for 16 minutes. abc news has learned jonathan
9:31 am
tran first went to the area of the white house as early as 6:00 p.m. on march 10th and made several attempts to enter the complex through visitor gates. he was able to get to a door at the south portico and jiggle the handle before agents arrested him. well, the security issues at the white house come as its primary occupant, president trump, is heading into a high-stakes week. among the most hotly anticipated events tomorrow, james comey, the fbi director, will publicly answer questions about the president's wiretapping claims and russia's alleged meddling in the presidential election. here's abc news reporter david wright. >> the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. >> reporter: as the nation's most powerful law enforcement officer, fbi director james comey is in a position to know whether there's any credible evidence to support either
9:32 am
story. one, advanced by trump's critics that representatives of trump's campaign may have colluded with russia to influence the election. the other, tweeted out by the president himself, alleging that president obama bugged the phones at trump tower. >> director comey, have you seen any evidence that president obama wiretapped trump tower? >> reporter: last week comey briefed several top senators behind closed doors. they were tight-lipped. >> this briefing was all on sensitive matters and highly classified and it's really not anything that we can answer any questions about. >> reporter: the senate intelligence committee later released a statement saying there is no indication that trump tower was the subject of surveillance by any element of the united states government either before or after election day 2016. that didn't stop trump from joking about it with german chancellor angela merkel at the white house friday. >> at least we have something in common perhaps. >> reporter: comey's testimony
9:33 am
tomorrow has the potential to be equally double-edged. his standing with the white house on the line. also on the hill monday, supreme court nominee kneneil gorsuch. >> he is a man of our country and a man who our country really needs and needs badly to ensure the rule of law and the rule of justice. >> reporter: trump's pick to replace justice antonin scalia will begin his confirmation hearings in the senate a year after then president obama introduced his nominee for the post, merrick garland, who never got a hearing. david wright, abc news, west palm beach. merchants in san francisco's hait-ash bury district are trying to fight city hall over what they believe is a broken promise, just as the neighborhood is preparing to celebrate a milestone. this intersection is known all over the world because of a defining moment of the 1960s. the summer of love that attracted an estimated 100,000
9:34 am
young people to san francisco. this year is the 50th anniversary and the landmark neighborhood is gearing up to celebrate. but businesses worry this will be a buzzkill. >> we just want this over. >> he tells us he's losing customers. merchants insist city officials promised a moratorium during the anniversary. >> that they wouldn't do any road work during the summer of love. >> we don't believe that we ever said this work was not going to be done. >> rachel gordon said the promised delay is for a different project and that this one, involving water and sewer lines, must proceed. >> we said we'll have it done by may 20th. we're hopeful that we're going to get it done before then, but we have to keep going with the construction. >> i do have a lot of people complaining, customers mostly tourists coming in and saying it's impossible to find parking. >> greta has stocked her shop with commemorative anniversary
9:35 am
t-shirts and hopes excavation on the street won't crush her business. this tourist believes nothing will keep crowds away. >> people will still come to the neighborhood. it's something you've got to see. >> reporter: but not everyone wants to wear flowers in their hair in a construction zone. >> it's getting pretty noisy. >> reporter: sunshine powers owns two stores and has started a petition drive to try to hold out the work. >> the haight is not about road construction, it's about peace, love, kindness, rainbows and magic. >> well, thousands of tourists are expected for the summer of love and merchants are reaching out to their district supervisor, london breed, was summer of love activities kick off later this month. well, we are excited to introduce a new way to watch abc 7 news stories and videos whenever you want. kristen sze shows us how it works. >> abc 7 news is now available
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on amazon fire. >> breaking news. >> a streaming media player that hooks directly sbinto your television set. you can use amazon fire to connect instantly with abc 7 news any time of the day or night. >> look at that, flames shooting from an apartment building. >> check out our top stories. >> this is an active rescue operation. >> use your remote to move from video to video and find what interests you. >> completely stunning at the oscars. >> i get goosebumps just thinking about the potential of programs like this. >> the goats just keep streaming down that small hillside. >> click on most recent to get abc 7 news videos as soon as they're posted. >> there is no place for this water to go. >> finally it came into view and my heart just about leaped out of my chest. >> the weather tap takes you to a quick seven-day forecast or get a more detailed up-to-the-minute forecast from our abc 7 weather team. >> start out bright on your monday. >> and if you're looking for a pick-me-up click on the feel
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good section. >> oh, my gosh. >> videos to make you smile. suitable for all members of the household. >> so cute, right? if you have an amazon echo, be sure you turn on flash briefings from abc 7 news. that way you'll get your headlines and breaking news. alexa, what's the news? >> good samaritans rescue man from water at san francisco's pier 23. >> another way that abc 7 news is right at your fingertips. kristen sze, abc 7 news. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, going below the earth's surface. how google is giving us a glimpse inside a volcano. and here is a live look from our tam cam. cloudy today, spring begins tomorrow with some rain. how much? well, lisa has the answers coming up in our accuweather forecast.
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attention dog lovers. national puppy day is just four days away. abc 7 is doing what we can to help local puppies find forever homes. we are launching a big adoption event, and to get in the spirit, we want to see photos of your favorite pooch. post a picture or video on social with the #puppieson7. we may use them on errair or online. join us on thursday starting at 4:30 a.m. we will be live streaming our puppy cam all morning and tell you how you can take one home. you've got a puppy. o cf1 o >> don't start, i have one. you need one.
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>> i've got puppy nephews. >> that's true, you do. >> that's enough. >> all right, good morning, everyone. we're looking at a lot of cloud cover out there. here's the peninsula. 58 degrees sfo, and temperatures today in northern san mateo county mid and upper 60s for you. it will remain dry today, but there are rainy days in your future. in fact spring showers to start out, maybe some thunderstorms, and then some downpours all in a week. i'll tell you about it coming up next. all righty. also ahead, steph curry and the warriors get their mojo back. mike schhumann has the highligh of the
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in sports, the warriors are on the road again. tomorrow they'll be in okc facing the thunder. kevin durant will travel with the team on the road trip as he continues to rehabilitate his injured left knee. yesterday k.d. took another small step. he was taking jump shots during the team's morning shoot-around. that's good news. and last night the warriors won their third straight game, good news, blowing out the bucks. here's shu with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. well, the spurs lost to memphis last night so the warriors gained some ground in the west with a win at home over jason kidd's bucks. all of you worried about steph curry's slump, it came to at least a temporary end last night. i'm a little concerned steph
9:45 am
will pull a hami some day doing this workup. the bucks came out running. they steal a curry pass, the layup and one. it was 23-9. but back on the dubs, speeding past everyone for the layup. another break, andre to draymond for the dunk. green just missed a triple h triple-double. steph toys with matthew dellavedova and drains the three. dubs down two after one. second quarter, dubs take the lead when klay hits the three. thompson had 21. can matt barnes play quarterback? watch this post pattern to draymond. dubs on a 23-6 run. and then shot of the game. steph will pull up just past the loeg oh dubs up 19 at the break.
9:46 am
third quarter, more steph. he finished with 28. 9 of 13, 6 of 8 from deep. that's going to earn a postgame interview splash from draymond. there it is. and the warriors go on to win it 117-92. let's switch over to the ncaa men's tournament where seventh-seeded st. mary's couldn't hold off arizona. gaels came out on fire but couldn't maintain their intensity. they were hoping to pull off the upset. landow played a perfect five for five. he finished with 19. second half arizona turned up the pressure. kadeem allen the steal and the slam ties it at 44. the wildcats did just enough to win. seven-footer markenan had 16. the gaels' season is over losing 69-60. >> we never quit. you know, right till down at the
9:47 am
end, i thought we were going to win still. till the last 30 seconds or whatever. >> we played well. we didn't play quite well enough to win. a big part of our game is shooting the ball from three and we didn't shoot it well enough. >> shocks hosting the ducks. only six points separate the two and they all count this time of year. shocks ending their six-gamesixa home stand. the face-off, they score and it's 1-0 ducks. sharks respond. the power play and they go top shechl. 1-1 after one. the shot blocked by silver berg. on the breakaway he'll meet martin jones high glove side. ducks go on to win, 2-1 your final. cal and stanford women both winners in the ncaa tournament and that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann, have a great
9:48 am
day. good sunday morning. we do have rain in the forecast. not today, though. you are looking at green from live doppler 7. we've had a few sprinkles up toward santa rosa and the coast but overall a lot of this is not reaching the ground. but we're keeping a chance of showers mainly in the north bay. healdsburg down through santa rosa, bodega bay. we are just beginning to dry out, feeling like spring. today will be another above average day. it will be mild but also be the warmest one of the next seven. san francisco 58, 59 in oakland. we've had fog. 56 mountain view. with all the cloud cover last night, we stayed pretty mild overnight, so starting out in the 50s. sutro tower at 977 feet there, so the fog below. we have many layers of clouds this morning that will stay with us throughout much of the day. 58 by the delta.
9:49 am
livermore it's 54. from sutro tower, it's kind of a slate gray sky out there but we will have a cloudier day today. for most it will be mild, but spotty light showers perhaps along the coastal hills and the north bay for the most part and an unsettled week. spring arrives tomorrow, 3:29 in the morning. we'll have more showers towards the afternoon. today you'll enjoy mid and upper 60s to near 70 degrees for some of you, near fremont and san jose. low 60s in santa cruz. it's cool down there, lots of cloud cover. much of march has been dry. we've had five rainy days. 15 inches of rain in san jose. over 52 for the season. 52 inches in santa rosa. as we go into the second last week of march, we'll be adding three or four more days of green there because we have a 1 on our storm impact scale for tomorrow. here is today. we've got the cloud cover. then by 7:00 tomorrow we have spotty, light showers. the afternoon, we've got morsteady rain from sonoma to
9:50 am
marin, alameda, contra costa county perhaps and down through highway 1. it becomes scattered monday night, but on its heels is a stronger impulse. by tuesday morning looking at a colder air mass and some thunderstorms. so from monday to wednesda wednesday, 0.25 to 0.75. 1 to 2 inches sonoma county, parts of northern marin county. the next system is a strong one, the strongest one on friday. moderate to heavy rain, a half inch to inch and a half. slippery roads out there. we're going to see some downpours and this will last all throughout the day. so it's a moderate system. gusty winds accompanying this, and you'll notice that the green is darking here, so that allows for the heavier rain. then we'll see things clear out by next weekend. so we've got it all in one week. the accuweather seven-day forecast, spring showers tomorrow and we'll see some heavier downpours, perhaps thunderstorms on tuesday. 1 on our storm impact scale. monday, tuesday and wednesday.
9:51 am
thursday the rain arrives late and that's a more powerful system with the heavy rain, the gusty winds. you can download our abc 7 news app if things change. of course it will probably slow down or speed up and we'll be on top of it. >> it's good to have that app, let you know what's going on. thank you, lisa. well, mountain view-based google has collected imagery from all over the world for its street view project. from the glaciers of greenland to green hills of africa. well, now for the first time google has gone beneath the planet's surface to bring viewers amazing images of an active volcano. reporter jonathan mann has the details. >> reporter: google this. what's it like to go inside a volcano? the web giant recently sent a crew to find out. all the way to an archipelago located in the south pacific more than 1,000 miles off the coast of australia. it is home to lush jungles, black sand beaches and nine
9:52 am
active volcanos. google partnered with veteran explorers jeff macley and chris horsily to go inside of them and get a view like you've never seen before. they traveled to an island home to two volcanos. unpredictable and dangerous, the chief of the local village calls the volcano devils, but their natural beauty is undeniable. >> it's so vast. it's an incredible landscape. it's a real like heartwarming feeling that you get when you see the lava itself. >> reporter: strapping on a high-tech backpack called the trekker, the two rappelled down 400 meters inside the crater to collect 360-degree street view imagery. they got an up-close look at the volcano's giant lake of lava, a fiery cauldron of boiling rock, roughly twice the size of a football field.
9:53 am
>> standing just meters away from one of the most active lava lakes in the world really surges energy through your whole body. it's like staring into the sun or the heartbeat of the planet really. >> reporter: and now people all over the world can visit the volcano too, vicariously and safely from the comfort of their own home using google's website. >> that was jonathan mann reporting. coming up, a chance to feel like a princess. how some bay area high school girls will get to choose a free dress for the prom.
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gus is a handful. we don't know what this thing is, but someday, gus will because this is the thing that gus will build that will change the world. and this is the thing that could change gus' world. gus doesn't know what this thing is, but we know what this thing is. this is the thing we'll help gus get rid of. and without this thing, gus can grow up to build this thing, whatever that thing is, because that's what we do. we do health things, and we do those things for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
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we have the winning numbers from last night's $141 million powerball. 13, 25, 44, 54, 67. the powerball number 5. nobody picked all six numbers. wednesday's night jackpot grows to $155 million. happening today, in fact happening right now, thousands of high schoolers will get to feel like a princess, thanks to a free dress giveaway. the princess project is holding one of its annual giveaways in silicon valley. prom dresses can be expensive, so the organization gives teenagers a chance to pick a dress and accessories for free. the event runs through 8:00 tonight at the clarkwood shopping center in mountain view. the princess project will host another giveaway next weekend. nice. let's get a final check of
9:57 am
your accuweather forecast. here's my prom queen, lisa. >> good morning, everyone. if you thought it was over, you know better because the rain is on the way for this week. but today you're looking at what we call virga, moisture not hitting the ground, but we have had a few sprinkles. with that said and a few showers along the coast, even santa rosa picking up a little, but that should be it throughout the day with heavy cloud cover. then as we check out the accuweather seven-day forecast, get set for spring showers tomorrow. tuesday a possible thunderstorm, wednesday more showers, a bit of a break thursday, and then heavier rain thursday night into friday. maybe a half inch to an inch in your neighborhood friday alone. >> wow. well, that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm carolyn tyler, along with lisa argen. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and instagram. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 tonight. have a great sunday, everyone,
9:58 am
and a great week ahead.
9:59 am
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♪ >> hi. i'm henry tenenbaum. welcome to "bay area buys." we're at russell's fine furniture in santa clara. and, of course, as you know, it's a beautiful showroom with some fabulous furniture. but, today, it's a little bit messy. josh, what is going on today? >> well, we're working on some stuff over here. >> yeah? what? >> unboxing it and everything. go talk to richard. he'll explain it all. >> okay. okay. so, russell's fine furniture in santa clara -- obviously, great stuff. but the disarray here is pretty serious. what's going on? >> yes, it is. >> so, what's happening? >> mother nature. >> ah! mother -- what? >> [ chuckles ] it all happened from mother nature. but let me show you the good part of it. >> okay. >> come take a look at this.


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