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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 21, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning to you on a tuesday, march 21. >> make it end-umbrellas and rain jackets and all of that. hi, spring. >> you just got back from vacation. >> yeah, and it was not raining. >> good point. i'm amazed on twitter how many people are like, make it stop already. i'm like, we were just in a drought a couple months ago but i understand. people are getting tired of driving in it. just about every major east-west bridge, light to moderate rain right now. i feel your pain. i drive through it too. here's a look at the atmosphere in motion. you can see some yellows and oranges right off the coast. so, we're going to see more of what we're seeing right here on our rooch roof camera. slight chance of thunderstorm before this wraps up. but more showers and a better chance of thunderstorm with some hail and some brief downpours this afternoon and evening. it is looking pretty soggy right now on the san mateo bridge as mike just said it
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would. here's a live look outside, westbound 92, lot of folks hitting the brakes there and a high wind advisory for san mateo bridge along with the bay bridge this morning so it is wet and windy here today. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze up to about 25 minutes, 16 across the bay bridge, and southbound 101, san francisco to sfo, you're still in the green at just about ten minutes. couple different issues on southbound 6890, one out of the tri-valley, one a little closer to fremont. i'll show you those coming up next. on to breaking news now. a vallejo family's been forced from their home overnight after it was hit by a big tree. >> let's get right to abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield. >> reporter: the family is okay. a huge oak, though, scared them when it fell on to the home just a few hours ago. a family was asleep inside. they are all fine, though. the house -- the tree did not break through the home, but officials have red tagd it until they can get the tree removed and they can inspect it. the family actually tried to get rid of the tree years ago.
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>> we hired a company to come out and cut the tree down. they came out and they looked and they said, you know, your tree's over 100 years old and it's an oak tree, you need a permit from the city so we started that process. it was a bunch of red tape, and a lot of hoops to jump through and money, so we just decided to leave it alone at the time. and here we are 11 years later and it's finally falling. >> reporter: she says they heard the tree crack. she says it shook the house, it sounded and felt like an earthquake. the family is now trying to figure out where to go. they don't have family or relatives in the area. and they say the hotels that they've been calling won't take them because they have dogs. the red cross is here to help. reporting live in vallejo, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. that is a shame, amy. thank you. developing news. union city police need help identifying the woman that you see right here in this video. she's accused of assault outside a walmart. now here's a closer look at her. she intentionally
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rammed her car into several people on sunday. you see that surveillance camera capturing part of this incident. the video shows the car backing up and it narrowly misses a 3-year-old and her mom. >> oh! oh! >> oh my gosh. oh my goodness. >> oh my gosh, she almost hit them people's kids. >> she intentionally backed up twice to get out of that parking lot so we're calling it an assault with a deadly weapon. >> what the heck happened here? well, police say the woman was upset because she was unable to return batteries at the store. she looks very young, but police are telling us she is in her possibly early 20s, maybe late teens. the parking lot is covered in cameras but right now, police don't have a clear shot of the license plate. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort denying a connection to dnc hacking now. manafort's name came up several times during fbi director james comey's hearing for his odd
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connection to russia, quote. he served as campaign chairman for three months last year and in august, officials in ukraine said manafort's name was included on a list of black accounts made by a former ukrainian president who is a support of russian president vladimir putin. manafort released a statement, which reads in part, i had no role or involvement in the cyber attack on the dnc. the suggestion that i ever worked in concert with anyone to release hacked e-mails or sought to undermine the interests of the u.s. is false. reaction coming in after fbi director james comey says he has no information supporting the president's claims. sean spicer says president trump is not going to apologize to mr. obama for the accusations against him. spicer also says questions remain about surveillance that may or may not have taken place during the campaign. former secretary of defense, leon panetta says this controversy is hurting president trump. >> it really does affect the credibility of the president of the united states to insist that
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something that is totally untrue is somehow true in his own mind. >> more than a dozen top lawmakers and intelligence officials have now said there's no evidence to support the president's tweet alleging illegal wiretapping. happening today, a new effort to stop companies who want to help build president trump's border wall from doing business with san francisco. supervisor hillary ronen is set to introduce the first city law in the country to ban border wall contractors from bidding on any public projects in san francisco. a noon press conference is being held outside ty lynn international, the lead design engineering firm on the bay bridge east span project. the company added itself to the department of homeland security's list of vendors interested in bidding on the design and construction of the border wall. and we have some new details from the wild side show on the bay bridge on sunday night and we're hearing from a witness. dozens of people on atvs and
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bird bikes popped wheelies. this woman tells abc7 news she's never seen anything like it. >> they kept coming and at first i didn't think anything of it because just a bunch of kids, i guess. and then when they started doing the wheelies and no helmets and going on the shoulders, they were causing danger. i mean, somebody can get hurt. >> officers followed the group by air instead of starting a pursuit and oakland police posted a photo showing where they stopped a small group at 103rd and royal end street in oakland. one of the people detained tried to take off by didn't get very. darisha moran is accused of evading police. several others could also face charges. and this just into our live desk. apple making a bold move with its next iphone. look at this. apple has just issued a press reelyce moments ago with the special edition red version of the iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus. i'll scroll through the photos for you. the cupertino-based company says
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this phone is ten years in the making. they've had a partnership with red and the global fund to fight aids. that fund also fights tuberculosis and malaria and you can order this new phone starting this friday. apple says it's a new way for customers to donate to red but no word how much of the sales will actually be donated to that nonprofit. back to you. that's all i want. >> it looks really cool and a great cause. if you see this in your inbox, do not chick it. the scam targeting bank of america customers. if you visited lake tahoe and thought it was hard to find parking, you're right. what officials plan to do. taking a live look outside right now with abc7 news now. look at sfo, you can see the tarmac is wet this morning. tarmac is wet this morning. we're going to keep weather
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get used to this for the next couple of hours, a moist, southwesterly flow bringing us showers, even moderate showers from time to time through the morning commute. look how mild it is, though. 56 to 59 on the peninsula. even a 62 in oakland, concord, 60, napa 61, it is mild this morning. about 64 to 67 bay and inland this afternoon. some sunshine's going to break out. 62 at the coast. we'll have another round of
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showers and possible thunderstorms tonight, 48 to about 54 degrees. and around the state, everybody but san diego and palm springs getting wet. i want to move over to our traffic maps now. you can see live doppler 7. we've got a lot of wet pavement today and a few issues as well. the first one, southbound 680 before sunol boulevard sounds like we have a disabled vehicle sitting in the right lane so that is starting to stack up towards 580 and past that, two-car crash off on the shoulder, one of those has quite a bit of damage just before washington boulevard just a slight delay as you approach that one in the fremont area. and one new problem on southbound 880 before a street. three to four vehicles involved in a crash there. some pretty heavy rain in that area too. that's the orange and yellow on our radar. if you thought parking in lake tahoe was bad, officials say it's actually a bigger problem than you even think. some areas of tahoe have more than 6,000 visitors per parking spot. the tahoe regional planning agency is going to review a plan to expand parking spaces through
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the year 2035. that plan includes public transportation around the lake and ferry service to link the north and south shores. the agency's going to meet tomorrow to discuss this issue. we do have good news for your bank account. the cost of groceries is going down. >> and separate story, they're >> and separate story, they're creepy, they're crawly hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® zyrtec® starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec®. muddle no more®.
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today's storm is level 1. that means light rain. track today's storm any time on the abc7 news app. download it now. and here's what that 1 on our storm impact scale looks like on the golden gate bridge this morning as people are coming into the city. we're going check in with alexis and mike in just a couple minutes. well, rare sight in the sierra, take a look. this is a rotary plow being used to clear the railroad tracks at donner summit. union pacific brought out the machine last month. officials say they only bring out the rotary about once every ten years when the snow gets really bad. this year, crews have been dealing with so much powder, they've had a hard time keeping the route clear. take a look at this woman in these photos. she looks like a nice lady of a certain age, right? well, the san mateo county sheriff's office says don't be fooled, that she is known for stealing wallets from women who
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resemble her while they're shopping and then quickly uses the cards that she steals to buy thousands of dollars in merchandise and to withdraw cash. authorities say she is committing similar crimes in multiple states and now she has been spotted in the bay area, so watch out for her. officials are saying exactly where she's been seen, but they're just warning you to be on the lookout. there are some health news this morning that spider venom could help prevent brain damage caused by a stroke. researchers in australia found a certain time of protein found in the venom can protect the brain from oxygen deprivation. it works up to eight hours after a stroke is detected. 6 million people die from strokes every year and 5 million others left permanently disabled. researchers hope this treatment could one day drastically improve recovery rates. if noyou've noticed you're getting a lot more bang for the buck at the grocery store, it's because razor sharp competition is driving those prices down and it's creating bargains for shoppers across the country.
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>> the reason this is happening now, robin, is that there's more competition from those companies like the amazons and the walmarts of the world that have gotten into the grocery game and you're seeing these deals all over the place. we found eggs at costco, a year ago, 18 eggs at costco would have run you $3.61. now, that same container of eggs is $1.79. >> i must be at the wrong grocery store. >> i'm not noticing this at all. >> neither am i. these lower prices may be good for our prokts but they are killing the grocery chains and now those chains are having to become more aggressive in trying to get you to buy more so they can make some money. >> have you noticed this at all? >> no, in fact, our prices went up at our local grocery store. bucking the national trend as usual. >> it often seems like we are the exception to the rule. >> you guys? neither, huh? yeah. okay, that's three for three. how about you guys at home? well, you answer us on maybe social media, i'm going to take
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a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where some light to moderate rain is coming down just a little bit sideways. i think alexis you said the wind advisories were just canceled so that's good news there. didn't mean to steal your thunder if yourp going to say that. here's a look at walnut creek. nearly 2/3 inch of rain. showers, lightsening and hail is all possible today and tomorrow. a brief break arrives thursday and then our strongest storm friday into saturday and a lingering storm sunday into monday. strongest storm moving through san lorenzo. you can see in hayward there, right along hayward boulevard, some puddles developing. this is going to go right up through castro valley, probably up crow canyon and into san ramon, dublin, possibly across the dublin braid, maybe -- dub line grade, excuse me, so watch out for puddling on 680 and 580. storm today is a 1 today and tomorrow. even though there's a chance of thunder, not going to have any flooding or wind damage.
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here are 7:00, there's a possibility of some showers and thunderstorms developing. notice by noon, we get a little bit of a break. we'll need is sunglasses at times this afternoon and you can see during the evening hours the best chance of showers will be in the north bay. there could be rogue showers elsewhere and then another wave moves in with some of our heavier rain falling. by 5:00, still inland east bay and then the south bay, and then notice by 9:00, it slides to the south and you can see things quickly starting to taper tomorrow afternoon. winter weather advisory up in the sierra until 6:00 tomorrow evening. take the chains. you'll need them. my kwiefaccuweather 7 day forec after a break thursday, we've got a 2 moderate on the storm impact scale friday, and then a light saturday, sunday, and monday. no worries, mike, i'm sure i steal plenty of your content as well. but no longer have the high wind advisories for the bay bridge or san mateo bridge. no wind advisories for the golden gate bridge but it's definitely soggy. you can see road spray kicking up. definitely want to increase that
6:20 am
following distance. also looking for voeg here on the r richmond-san rafael bridge. i have not sad had any major incidents. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, still just in the yellow, 39 minutes, southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard, a couple issues along to stretch but in the green at 20 minutes and northbound 85 between 101 and cupertino still in the green at just 18 minutes. saving to pay your property tax bill can be pretty daunting. next, why michael finney is worning against a popular account for that. if you've been tried to get a seat at the french laundry, it might be easier this morning. live look at walnut creek this morning as we try to get you through traffic and also the weather we're experiencing today. today.
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silicon valley may be the key to walmart's future. according to "fortune," the retailer plans to open a facility here in the bay area to develop tech that will modernize its stores for the next five to ten years. innovators there will work with other start-ups and venture
6:24 am
capitalists to develop robotics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence technology for the store. bank of america customers, be on the lookout for this suspicious e-mail. it looks like this and claims that the bank upgraded its servers and that you'll be locked out of your account. the e-mail asks you to click a link in the e-mail to update your personal information. bank of america warns its users to beware of the scam and always check the e-mail address of the sendser. the bank also says it will never ask you to reply to an e-mail with personal information or threaten to close your account. it's full-time to ask finney. linda from daly city has a question about property taxes. >> she spoke to us at our ask finney event in daly city. >> how do i pay my property tax monthly instead of two times a year? >> hi, linda. the county isn't going to do that for you so you're on your own but if you're determined, you might want to set up an
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impound account. the impound accounts collect your insurance and taxes in monthly installments and then pays out to the county or the insurance companies when the bills are actually due. some mortgage companies require them. the lenders demand them so that they know for certain the insurance and taxes are being paid. these accounts can cost you money and grief so i personally would not set one up unless my lender was demanding it but if you want to, go ahead. linda, good luck and thanks for your question. >> if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your smartphone or tablet, share it with us on social using #askfinney or just do to our website. you might see your question answered right here on abc mornings. snagging a reservation at an exclusive wine country restaurant just got a little bit easier. >> i want to go so badly to the french laundry. it's taking reservations through june 30 so you have a three-month window now. the famous restaurant is opening up opportunities. prepaid reservations start at
6:26 am
$310 a person and that if you're wondering does not include the wine. >> i mean, french laundry, i'll just take someone doing my laundry. >> oh, you make me laugh. would you be willing to pay even more? san francisco is asking residentsed to todd that today. emergency ban, people coming into america from several companies no longer allowed to have electronic devices bigger than their cell phone in the can. the new intelligence coming in overnight. and waking up to wet weather this morning and more is on the way. by tomorrow afternoon, when this storm finally tapers, another 1/4 to 1/2 inch is possible and we may even squeeze in some lightning, thunder, and hail. all right. 6:26 in the morning. as you get your day into gear, keep on top of weather and traffic through the commercial break with abc7 news now. break with abc7 news now. live look
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and good morning on this tuesday, march 21. it is a rainy tuesday. that's making jessica very sad. >> yeah. i've had enough rain for the year. >> i think that a lot of people would agree with you. mike? >> i'm getting a lot more anti-rain than pro-rain on twitter. >> it's nice when you're indoors and you don't have to do
6:30 am
anything. >> and the heaviest of it fell overnight until now, unfortunately. so there's another batch. let's take a look at san ramon, danville, right off 680, heading out towards black hawk, puddles developing from that moderate shower. and moderate rain coming ashore on the peninsula coast and heading across the peninsula and into the east bay so that means we're going to be stuck in some wet weather for about another hour or so. little over 1/2 inch at sfo where the reporting average arrival delays of about 53 minutes so steady rain through at least 9:00. little bit of a break. in fact, may need the sunglasses if you're heading out for lunk. showers and thunderstorm are going to develop this afternoon and into the evening hours. temperatures today top out in the low to upper 60s. hard to see much and hard to believe we're going to need the sunglasses at some point here today. this is a look at traffic approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. we had a report of a vehicle fire somewhere in the middle in the fast track lanes, been moving this camera all around. we have not spotted it yet but i have seen a couple emergency
6:31 am
crews move through the area on top of that. westbound 580 to eastbound 80 connecter, we have a vehicle facing the wrong way. we also have a new problem on the peninsula, southbound 280, we've got an suv on its roof just before you get to edgewood road. it sounds like everyone is out of that vehicle okay and no backup yet so next traffic updating coming. this is on highway 17. a tree fell on to the roadway around 2:30. caltrans crews responded quickly to clear the road. and remember, you can always track the storms with our abc7 news app. this should be very valuable throughout the week. you can see live doppler 7 as you see now on your screen. you can also enable push alerts so we will send you weather advisories right to your phone. on to developing news now, electronic devices are now banned on some u.s.-bound flights from the middle east. the ban applies to nonstop flights. >> much of the world talking about this ban this morning. abc7 news reporter matt keller
6:32 am
live at sfo with what this is going to mean for all of us. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha. homeland security started notifying the airlines at midnight about these new security procedures. and they have 96 hours to roll it out. so, what does that mean for you? it means basically, if you have a cell phone, you'll be able to bring that on to the plane but any electronic that is bigger than this will have to be checked in. now this impacts nine airlines coming from the middle east and africa. basically, you can't bring on your dvd players, your computer laptops, things like that, even game consoles. so, what does it mean for passengers? well, it's going to be a big inconvenience. >> not having my computer or not having things to write on, not having a large book to read, i would really have to rethink traveling to those >> the nine airlines are royal
6:33 am
jordanian, royal air, qatar airways, emirates, this affects about 50 flights into the u.s. each day. reporting live at sfo, matt keller, abc7 news. fbi director james comey has set the record straight, disputing president trump's claims that he was wiretapped by president obama. he also confirmed the fbi is in the middle of an ongoing investigation that's now in its central italy month, that investigation looking into any links between the trump campaign and the russian government and if there was any interference in last year's election. comey also publicly refuted the president's tweet of wiretapping. >> director comey, was the president's statement that obama had his wires tapped in trump tower a true statement. >> the department has no information that supports those tweets. >> and comey says the russians are likely not done, that they will be meddling again in the elections in 2020 and even
6:34 am
possibly as early as next year. the president's pick to be the next u.s. supreme court justice is in the hot seat this morning. on the second day of his confirmation hearings, judge neil gorsuch promised in his opening statement yesterday to be independent and fair if confirmed. california senator dianne feinstein, the top democrat on the committee says gorsuch faces tough questions on abortion, voting rights, and gun control. the hearings conclude by the end of the week. a confirmation vote could be called in the next two weeks. happening right now, president trump has just arrived on capitol hill. this is video from literally seconds ago. he is there to rally support for the gop health care bill two days before the house plans to vote on it. and just last night, house republicans unveiled a list of revisions in the hopes of generating more support from moderate republicans. the president and his team had been working furiously to get this pushed through before it goes to a vote. reggie, natasha, back to you.
6:35 am
we can -- we hope you can take a look at your screen and help find this man. authorities need your help. he was last seen yesterday morning driving away from his ohm in san jose and he may be confused as to where he is. he was in a silver kia optima with the license plate 6tjp870. he was wearing a maroon-colored along sleeve and glasses. authorities say he suffers from a medical condition and may become disoriented so call san jose police if you have any information about him. san francisco police are investigating whether rain played a role in this crash between a squad car and another car. it happened at 5th and brannan streets before 6:00 last night. two police officers and two other people had minor injuries. the other car had a lyft lo the front wibd bndow. san jose police say the naked man shot by officers last week. holding a caulking gun. police say 53-year-old was seen threatening kids.
6:36 am
officers say they opened fire after he pointed what looked like a weapon at them. san jose's police chief said he was shot again after revving h engine. he remains in critical condition. police have identified the man who killed himself and his daughter outside a capitola mall. 36-year-old carlos garcia shot his 7-year-old daughter and himself on sunday afternoon. his wife called 911 to rrt that he was making suicidal threats. both the father and the daughter died at the scene. that little girl was supposed to be turning 8 next week. money is pouring in to help pay for the funeral. just look at her. you can see that they have reached their goal and just 16 hours, but you can still help. if you'd like to donate, duo have a link set up on our webb, heartbreaking. the southern fire district has a warning to anyone heading out into bay area waters. they say you need to travel in pairs. it happens after a kayaker was separated from his group.
6:37 am
the fire district came to the rescue and shared this video. officials say you need have a cell phone with you at all times. the city of oakland is expected to approve a controversial 24-story building right next to the macarthur b.a.r.t. station. the city council passed a first reading of the proposal for the mixed use building earlier this month. some residents aren't so happy about this because they say that that project nearby them will be nearly three times taller than over structures and it could obstruct views and make traffic even worse. the city council meets at 5:30 tonight. also today, san francisco supervisors are set to decide whether to move ahead with the plan to ask voters to approve a local personal income tax. supporters say the money would pay for transportation and health services if the trump administration cuts federal funding to sanctuary cities. the idea, though, faces a few hurdles. california tax code actually bans local income taxes, so the legislature would have to pass a measure amending that law. governor brown would have to
6:38 am
sign off on the measure. only then would the state be able to put the ballot for san francisco voters to decide. san jose preparing for president trump to make good on threats to hold back money from local governments. the new budget plan in five-year forecast from san jose city manager assumes no money coming from the federal government starting in the 2018/2019 budget and in the four years after that. the projection is intended to guide is city council as it considers their spreading priorities. week of wet weather is expected to slow week to reopen hellyer county park in san jose. most of it has still been closed since last month's flooding. do not enter signs are still up in several places. there are a few areas like the dog park that are open. no word on when the park will fully reopen. we still have some lingering showers in the south bay and all the way through the santa cruz mountains is where we've had nearly 2 1/2 inches of rain. so far, haven't heard of any damage. 53 in los gatos to 60 in san
6:39 am
jose to 62 in mountain view, more 60s around alameda and 56 in san pablo, san francisco, san carlos 58, and here's a look at today's temperatures. 62 in half moon bay. 64 to 67 but notice the sun does come out. it will be joined with the clouds but it's definitely going to be brighter this afternoon. one of our heavier rainfalls overnight in san rafael, nearly an inch and a half as we look south on 101 there. so wet morning roads if you're going to be commuting on the road. on the water, it's going to be wet this morning, little breezy this afternoon and out and about, the steadier rain is falling rights now. tonight, we'll have another chance of thunderstorms. temperatures cooler. in fact, i'll give you an hour-by-hour look at that coming up next. we are still looking for that vehicle or fire, i should say, that's been reported within the bay bridge toll plaza backup here. so it's somewhere in the middle lanes. i have seen a couple emergency crews head through the area but we haven't actually spotted the
6:40 am
problem so hopefully that means it's tapped out and that is no longer a blocking issue but it is wet and it is slow as you can see. also, i have an update to that problem on the 580 eastbound 80 connecter. we actually have it on the eastbound side initially. it was reported as westbound and maybe i need to move that icon just a little bit there. so it is eastbound 580 0 just past the maze there, running a traffic break right now but that is a spinout crash, a vehicle facing the wrong way. definitely filling in. southbound 680, highway 4 to walnut creek, about 16 minutes, westbound 24, walnut creek to highway 13, another 13 minutes and westbound 580, tracy to dublin, for that stretch, not too bad, in the yellow at 39 minutes. president trump takes aim at former 49er colin kaepernick, how he's taking credit for kap's unemployment. plus a tree comes crashing down, the damage left. we are going to take a break but you don't have to take a break from watching what happens break from watching what happens with our weather and
6:41 am
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today's storm is level 1. that means light rain, so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm any time on the abc7 news app. download it now. . a live look outside right now at sfo. yep, you can see that wet tarmac
6:44 am
outside. we are in for a pretty well week of wet weather. >> and i think mike at last check was saying that's about 15-minute delays which for sfo is not too bad. we have developing news. a vallejo family narrowly escaping from their home this morning after a huge tree came crashing down on it. >> amy hollyfield live on that scene. how's the family do you think, amy? >> reporter: this home on capitol street has been red tagged. you can see the giant oak tree. it didn't crash through it. the family is hoping maybe the house will be okay. they have to get the tree removed and then they'll have to get the house inspected. it fell around 2:15 this morning while they were asleep inside. when it fell, it shook the house. they say it sounded and felt like an earthquake. started -- my husband and my son were like, calm down, it's okay. no one's hurt. but for me, every other scenario plays in my head.
6:45 am
>> reporter: the family has been worried about this tree and even tried to get rid of it a few years ago but the permit process meant too many hoops to jump through and was expensive. so they gave up. the family is now trying to figure out where to go. they're looking for a hotel that will take their dogs. the good news is, though, everyone is okay. reporting live in vallejo, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. amy, i'm glad to hear they're all right. one of two people who became critically ill after drinking poisonous tea has died. 56-year-old yu-ping xie got sick last month after consuming a tea leaf blend supplied by the sunwing wo trading company. the products have been removed from the store shelves. a man in his 30s to the hospital but then recovered. the plant-based toxin called aconite, which can cause acute poisoning. the city officials are trying to
6:46 am
trace the source of these tea leaves. the company building the dakota access pipeline says the project remains on track to start moving oil this week. this despite what it calls recent coordinated physical attacks along the line. documented filed in court yesterday do not detail the attacks themselves but say they pose threats to life and environment. two native american tribes have battled the almost $4 billion pipeline in court for months now. they argue that it's a threat to their water supply. when complete, the pipeline will move oil from north dakota to a shipping point in illinois. ivanka trump is getting an office in the west wing even though she doesn't have an official government job. "the washington post" and politico reporting the first daugter will also receive government issued communication devices and security clearance to access classified information. she says she's going to continue to offer her father candid advice and counsel. former 49er colin kaepernick is looking for a new nfl franchise to call home and president donald trump is taking
6:47 am
credit for his struggle to land a new team so far. during a campaign-style rally in kentucky, the president suggested he is the reason kap is still out of a job. >> your san francisco quarterback, i'm sure nobody ever heard of him. there was an article today, it was reported that nfl owners don't want to pick him up because they don't want to get a nasty tweet from donald trump. can you believe that? >> that article president trump cited cams from news website bleacher report. president criticizing kat after he decided to kneel during the national anthem. kaepernick has already said he would not do the same thing next season. google overhauling its ad policy on youtube right now after ads appeared next to homophobic and anti-semitic videos in the uk. >> that problem caused several companies to paul their ads off
6:48 am
the site. golg is going to give advertisers more control over what videos their ads are alongside. the company is also expanding the definition of hate speech to now include groups like refugees and advertisers will be able to filter videos that include offensive language about gender and sexual orientation. amazon users, beware of list prices. according to a report by consumer watch dogg, amazon misleads us about how big of a discount we're actually getting. list prices are the crossed out prices. critics say amazon could be inflating the list price. amazon is responding, saying it gets its list prices from vendors and manufacturers and eliminates them when they feel they're not relevant. bottom line, check other sites for the market price to be sure you're actually getting a deal. target'ing been having some problem as of late and now it looks like it's going to redesign some of its stores, perhaps give itself a boost. these will be redesigned by 2019.
6:49 am
these are sketches of what the reimagined stores will look like. they include two entrances, one so that you can get in and out quickly from the area that is the grocery part of the store. also a wine and beer shop and curved circular center aisles to feature merchandise. the first redesigned store is going to open later this fall outside of houston. we're counting down to our puppy takeover. you heard that right. puppies will take our abc7 on thursday. >> it's our effort to do good but for now, let's show off some of your pups. prince is always ready for a ride. frenchy ready for a strawberry. so cute. or crazy kally. post your pup on social with #puppieson7. it's chloe, not kally. we're going to be live streaming our puppy cam all morning long. >> that is going to be a lot of fun and i know mike looks forward to that too. hopefully i'll be able to get up there during the show and talk to some of our perfect pet
6:50 am
partners who will be bringing in some of toes puppies for you to see and hopefully bring into your home. nearly an inch in san francisco as we look from the sloerm camera at pier 15. pabt 2/3 inch in walnut creek where some rain is on the way as waves of showers will continue today and tomorrow. breezy at times, lightning and hail possible, only thursday is going to be totally dry this week. look at this. this is the last push of moderate showers for the morning as the cold front is now starting to push through our neighborhoods so expect a lot of puddles to develop now until about 9:00. especially around the bay, east bay, and the south bay and to a lesser extent up in the north bay as the cold front's already making its way there your neighborhoods. storm is still a 1. even though we have a chance of thunder, i don't think the showers are going to cause flooding and the breezy knz aren't going to cause damage so here you go, that cold front pushing through and by noon, you're seeing the clouds open, need the sunglasses, absolutely. getting that cooler air masses
6:51 am
will destabilize it with warm sunshine and you can see showers develop by 4:00 mainly through the north bay. it's during the overnight hours once again when some of the heavier rain is going to fall through about 9:00 tomorrow morning and then a decrease as we head into tomorrow afternoon and into thursday. we're going to get at least 1/4 to 3/4 inch of rain out of the next two waves of showers. we've got a 2 for friday, a moderate storm and then a light storm for saturday, sunday, and monday. just doesn't stop except for thursday. that's going to be nice, i guess. that's the day to get outside. today, we're looking at quite a few issues by now, including a rollover crash on southbound 280 on the peninsula. this is just past state route 92 so that is an updated location a little bit further north than it was initially reported. that vehicle is on its roof right now. only vehicle involved in this crash ask it soupds like everybody got out okay. you want to slow down and drive for conditions this morning. northbound 280, we've got
6:52 am
reports of some very large debris scattered across the road. one of those pieces as big as a bed. also hearing a large marble slab. here's a live look outside at the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge. check out the pavement. it is pouring right now. i would definitely leave a few extra minutes early today. take a look at this really clear shot from morgan hill police. they're looking for this guy. he's accused of ransacking and burglarizing a house. they say he broke into the home at diana avenue and walnut grove drive yesterday afternoon as surveillance camera caught that image. back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know pfr you go. live look outside as its rains on our tuesday. we're keeping weather and traffic up through the entire traffic up through the entire
6:53 am
6:54 am
isn't there somewhere you need to be? don't do that yet because mere's the seven things you need to know. >> everybody talking about the electronic quits larger than a cell phone now being banned on some u.s.-bound flights from the middle east and africa. this ban announced this morning and it applies to nonstop flights from countries like egypt, jordan, and turkey. about 50 flights into the u.s. every day. union city police need help identifying this woman accused of ramming into several people with her car in the parking lot of a walmart. you can see the video there. some people did get hurt. police say she was upset that she couldn't return batteries to the store. and number three, if you're heading out right now, check out live doppler 7. you're heading out into the last
6:55 am
wave of moderate showers. so it's going to be tough getting around as some puddles will develop as the ground is getting saturated. and number four, yeah, i can show you what that looks like on our traffic cameras as well, coming down right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic not moving unless you're in those car pool lanes. it is soggy, it is slow, hydroplaning a possibility. you want toin crease that following distance. we've had several spinout crashs this morning. number five, judge neil gorsuch on the hot seat right now. he is in the middle of his confirmation hearings, the second day, and we have a live look at capitol hill right now. he's the president's pick to be the next supreme court justice. a confirmation vote could come in the next two weeks. it's a red apple, a red iphone, the company announce ago new color for its iphone 7 models. red iphones will be available starting on friday for all you early adopters. $749. and i should have really left this story for natasha
6:56 am
because she's the harry potter fan here. you can soon get your hants on butter beer ice cream. >> yes. >> the drink was made popular, of course by the harry potter series. it should be available by summer. >> i could not be more excited. huffal puff for life. >> i have never seen any of the harry potter movies. >> sorry. >> what is going on? >> but i'll eat that ice cream. >> so will i. have a good day. >> bye.
6:57 am
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