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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 23, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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50. that is our temperature. 55 to 57, high clouds and sunshine at noon. a little bit warmer this afternoon, 56 to 60 with increasing high clouds and 55 to 57 at 7:00. now, after the 7:00 hour, our next storm arrives. we'll take a look at that coming up next. how about the morning commute now that it's dry. it's been pretty quiet this morning, much better than yesterday. expecting a busy today with the rain tomorrow. here's a look at the bay bridge commute as we head into san francisco. it sounds like we have a new problem eastbound on the carquinas bridge. most of our bridges looking good, westbound 92, san mateo bridge, 13 and 9 minutes across the doouumbarton bridge. we have new details on a proposal to arm campus police at city college of san francisco. >> the police chief is now pushing for dozens of guns, tasers and body cams for his officers. abc7 news reporter matt keller
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live for us at city college. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha. city college of san francisco is the only community college here in the bay area with sworn police officers who do not carry guns. but that could change. so what exactly is on the table here at city college of san francisco? well, according to the san francisco examiner, chief andre barnes wants to purchase for his officers, two dozen guns, 40 tasers and 40 body cameras. this issue popped up after an incident in 2015. at that time, police received a call regarding a man with a gun at the library. no shots were fired and the gunman got away but campus police had to wait another three to five minutes for san francisco police to arrive with their guns. here's what one campus officer told abc7 news about a month after that incident. >> we're supposed to contact sfpd and basically wait for them to arrive and take care of the
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situation. >> reporter: so an independent consultant was hired after that incident and "the examiner" reports it recommended arming the officers. an advisory council to the chancellor voted in favor of that proposal. a spokesperson for the interim chancellor told "the examiner" she hasn't taken a stance on the issue just yet. the advisory council is kmmted to hold another hearing on this issue in may. reporting live in san francisco, matt keller, abc7 news. here is a live look at central london right now where extra police officers both armed and unarmed are out in force following yesterday's deadly terror attack. metro police say at least eight people have been arrested and at least six overnight raids around the uk. scotland yard says three people were killed, including a police officer during the attack. the suspect was also shot and killed by officers. 29 others were hospitalized when the attacker plowed a car through the crowds before attempting to storm the house of parliament. prime minister teresa may has just announced that the suspect was british born and is known to
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intel services in the uk. they believe he acted alone but was inspired by international terrorism. today, parliament is back in session as life in the city starts to return to normal. >> business as normal the london. a bit of disruption around westminster as people will understand and more police officers on the streets, reassuring the public so people will get back to work in a normal way. >> a moment of silence was held this morning in the house of commons and flags are flying at half staff at the palace of westminster. also all around the city. as a sign of solidarity, look at this. the eiffel tower going dark at midnight here in order to honor the victims of the attack. u.s. homeland security officials are in close contact with their counterparts in the uk. america's alert level has not been elevated. the airport says there are no plans to change travel procedures. authorities patrolling high-profile bay area landmarks say they will be more vigilant
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in response. last night, the belmont police department sent support to london's metropolitan police service, tweeting, our thoughts and prayers go out to metro police uk and to the victims of today's london terror attack. a vote is expected house. party leaders are trying to gather enough support for a bill that is facing severe opposition right now. the last count by abc7 news shows 28 republicans saying they will oppose the bill as it stands. if all democrats vote no, just 22 gop naysayers will kill that legislation. some republicans are concerned about the bill's cuts in medicaid and a provision that would defund planned parenthood. seven years ago today, president obama signed the affordable care act into law. california's alienability t for health care for our poorest residents would be cripple by the republican health plan. that's according to a study released by the department of health care services and the department of finance. it shows how much money our state will lose. currently, there are 14 million
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californians on medical, which is what medicaid is called here. our state would lose almost $6 billion in 2020. also beginning in 2020, our state would lose $400 million annually for its support of services program. that keeps the disabled and seniors in their homes rather than in institutions. california senator kamala harris is going to speak this morning in opposition to the american health care act. harris will deliver her speech on the floor of the senate. she's going to talk about californians who have benefitted from the affordable care act and the devastating impact she says the republican plan wauf ould h on our state. that breaking news coming into our live desk, israeli police have just arrested a 19-year-old jewish israeli citizen suspected of making bomb threats against jewish community centers right here in the united states. very unclear at this point if it's at all connected to some of the threats that were seen at community centers around the u.s. or here in the bay area. this video here that i have for
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you is the threat that was made in los gatos earlier this month. it forced people to evacuate the area. three other threats happened on the same day here in the bay area last month. those were in san francisco, palo alto, and san rafael. the fbi is investigating every single case. again, unclear if this morning's arrest is related to these local threats at all. as soon as we get any more information, i'll pass it along. a cal student and the man he was walking with were attacked by as many as ten people over the weekend off campus. the attack happened around midnight saturday on channing circle where channing way and piedmont avenue meet off the south side of campus. the victims say they were confronted by as many as ten attackers. one of the victims was treated for minor injuries. the uc berkeley police department did not publicly report this incident until yesterday. san francisco sheriff's department wants body cams for deputies, but they don't want them for those on patrol. well, california took action
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all right, we'll start with the east bay where it's 42 in castro valley, orinda 43 and alameda at 49. we've got oakland at 47 and fremont at 49. we're 50 right now in san carlos, mountain view, 41 in pleasanton, san francisco 49. here's a look at 101 and 880. it's dry in the south bay and going to be dry all day for your commuter planner. on the water, a little breezy, not too bad. and if you're going to be out and about running errands, cool this morning to mild this afternoon. 60 to 64 degrees and tonight, look at all that wet weather rolling in, a little milder this morning, upper 40s to mid 50s. hour-by-hour look at that storm coming up next. we've got a couple pretty minor issues this morning. i'll take you to the carquinez
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bridge. disabled truck around the mid span and a couple folks are out of the vehicle directing traffic around that. i don't believe it's blocking. i think it's off on the left shoulder but it's a pretty tight squeeze by it. we could see delays due to that eventually. hayward southbound 880 at whipple, have not gotten much information about this collision but it looks like we're at least blocking one lane. you can see that heavier traffic north of 92 and we're filling in. no blocks problems there but a lot of brake lights starting to fill in. happening today, the san francisco sheriff's department is going to ask a board of supervisors subcommittee for money to equip deputies who guard jails with body cams. the request for $135,000 will fund a six-month pilot program involving 30 deputies at jail number 4 at the hall of justice. that jail was a site of at least two alleged instances where deputies forced inmates to fight each other. three deputies face criminal charges in connection with those
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at 6:14 now, oakland unified school district officials say they're facing a $10 million budget deficit after a plan to limit spending backfired. our media partner the "east bay times" reports the district's plan in january to limit discretionary spending actually resulted in 249% more spending, this compared to the previous year. to balance the budget, the district now plans to limit purchases from the general fund. officials are also considering making cuts to special ed, early education, and nutrition documents. police have identified the man behind a bizarre kidnapping in lafayette. a 26-year-old manuel bustos of pittsburg is facing charges for kidnapping, robbery, and burglary as well as elder abuse and autotheft. police say he broke into an elderly man's house to rob him yesterday but then he forced the victim at gunpoint to drive to the chase bank on mt. diablo boulevard. bustos wanted the man to
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withdraw money from his account but the victim instead called police. officers caught him in the parking lot of the bank. a new study shows that the compound used to replace bpa in plastic bottles is actually just as bad. california banned the use of bpa in baby bottles after scientists found that it could potentially disrupt human hormones. the bpa was later linked to endocrine diseases. the industry began making b bpa-free water bottles. a study found the different compound can also link into our drinking water and may cause fertility issues for humans. the owner of a clothing boutique in san francisco is accused of selling clothes made with endangered animal skins. the owner of the vintage store decades of fashion was in court yesterday. cecily hanson faces charges after game wardens raided her store in february of last year. they say they seized 150 items made from endangered animals,
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including jaguar, turtle, ocelot. hanson says the items are vintage, already bought and worn and she presumed they were legal. >> i was totally unaware of that and so this is not intentional, believe me. not intentional. >> hanson's arraignment was postponed so she could get an attorney. there is a new warning about the damaged oroville dam right now. a team of experts says there is a very significant risk if the main spillway is not operational again by the next rainy season. the warning is in a federal report obtained by the associated press. it says repair crews at the lake oroville dam have only a few months to make sure the spillway is in good enough shape for the next rainy season. that, by the way, starts in november. however, the report does not specify what the risk actually is. starting tomorrow, uber eats is going to begin delivering alcohol. here's the buzz kill about this. the service is launching in australia. sorry. drivers will pick up booze from participating restaurants and bring it right to your door. there are stipulations.
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one, you have to order food along with the booze. two, you're limited to six cans or bottles of beer or one of wine per address. three, if the driver thinks you are drunk, he or she will not give you the booze and will return it to the restaurant. again, not happening on this continent. >> no, not yet anyway. let's check in with alexis smith for a look at your commute. yeah, we've enjoyed a pretty calm commute so far today. heavy spots as always, the bay bridge toll plaza, so those metering lights on for almost an hour now. that happened around 5:26 this morning. chp did issue a high wind advisory for the bay bridge today. honestly, i didn't think it was too breezy when i drove across it myself this morning, but yeah, we could have some stronger gusts, so both hands on the wheel, especially in a high-profile vehicle. and an update on mass transit. the only issue we've had so far today was about a ten-minute b.a.r.t. delay between lafayette and pleasant hill. they've solved that problem and we are back on time this
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morning. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco and yeah, enjoy the dry pavement while it lasts. won't be this way tomorrow morning for a lot of us. yesterdays's storm motoring towards the four corners region. we're in between a weak area of high pressure that's eventually going to get run over by high clouds as we head through the afternoon. right now, absolutely gorgeous. you can see hardly a there. however, there are a few that will get illuminated from underneath from the sunrise, makes a beautiful picture, #abc7now. we'd love to see it. rain and breezy tonight there tomorrow and our last storm in my accuweather forecast, sunday and monday. we rank our storms. storm impact scale, you know that. this one's going to be moderate for this evening through tomorrow as we'll get 3 inches in our mountains, 1/3 inch in the south bay and gusts 30 miles per hour in the valleys up to about 55 in our higher
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elevations. so you can see by 7:00 tonight, scattered light rain developing scattered light rain developing in the moderate rain by 4:00. down into the south bay and the heart of the bay at 4:00 but out of the north bay and then you can see during the evening hours, it all starts to taper. all right. this same storm is going to hit tahoe. here's a look. it's quiet on heavenly right now. but all that snow is still waiting for you and friday, saturday, some snow showers. sunday and monday, some healthy snow is coming. it will mix in with a little bit of rain at the lowest elevations. all right. so, we've got a dry day saturday, a little bit warmer, some light rain and cooler for sunday. morning showers on monday and i know it's a tough way to start the week but look at that spring warmth for tuesday and wednesday. let's talk about winter that won't let go. >> it is the toyota tahoe report and things are calm right now.
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traveling conditions are pretty decent right now. yesterday we had a lot of chain requirements. right now we don't have any so if you're heading out early, drive time should not be too bad and those base totals down a little bit too with the warmer temperatures. 111 to 127 inch base for squaw alpine, healthy for northstar and heavenly as well. 50 down to just one lane both directions and that is due to the storm damage. diamond peak, boreal, mt. rose, no chains for i-80, more snow is on the way. so safe travels. everything on the way there right now at this very early hour should take you just about four minutes. let's check in with jessica castro upstairs for national puppy day and last time we saw you, one of those puppies was munching on your finger. what's going on now? well, unfortunately, they are tuckered out. it's been such a big morning for them. will you look at this little one? she's falling asleep here in my arms and cathy's going to show
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you donatello and toffee. they are tuckered out too. how cute are they when they're asleep and i do want to show you quickly online, we have badges up for all of these puppies. donatello, toffee, all the puppies that we have to adopt, and we want to encourage everyone to go online, check out our website if you are interested in bringing a puppy home, adding them to your family. they are such great animals to have at home. i know i adopted a puppy of my own. look at this little one, though. she is nice and quiet. she's taking a nap. she does not have a name quite yet so i'm petitioning for aurora because she's a sleeping beauty and she's super, cute. they are adorable. so reggie and natasha, what do you think about that name? >> i think aurora castro has a nice ring to it. >> i don't know. >> i'll help. sometimes. >> so cute. protection from hackers, the state is making big plans to keep your personal information secure. also a boy and his uncle did
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something 95% of us couldn't. they built a self-supporting they built a self-supporting bridge with no
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new consumer protections could be coming to help secure
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your internet connected gadgets and toys from hackers. a state bill would require manufacturers to better secure products sold in california and require buyers' consent before checking personal information. privacy groups say even toys like the my friend kayla doll, which uses bluetooth, can pose a greater privacy threat people realize. kayla is looking at you. a story that might make you feel inadequate. >> it involves two geniuses a young boy from ireland and an italian from the 15th century. the boy in the video is constructing a da vinci bridge. the bridge is made out of sticks, nothing else. it is completely self-supporting, and self-supporting enough for him to climb it. >> i don't understand. coming back with new details about a proposal to increase taxes for services like manicures and haircuts. also a tuition increase for cal students is officially
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approved. the issue is far from over. it is 6:26. here's something i do understand. puppies! it and it looks like -- >> we're getting the cold shoulder. >> that puppy wants to block our camera here. but it looks like they kind of woke up since jessica was up there last so they took their nap, they're back in action. we want you to share your dog pics using #puppieson7. pics using #puppieson7. we're hoping to get
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what time is it? 6:30 and this is thursday, march 23. good morning to you. >> do you know what's going to make your day so much better, it is national puppy day and right upstairs, we have a room full of puppies who all need forever homes and we're going to bring them to you in just a moment. >> it's puppy time. and it will be through 7:00 this evening as we're going o rotate our perfect pets partners and their puppies throughout the day. make sure you check it out. let's take a look at what's going on outside. hopefully this will relax you. absolutely no wet weather on live doppler 7. a little bit of fog developing around santa rosa, something i will keep an eye on as well as alexis through the morning hours. gorgeous shot from south beach looking east across the western span of the bay bridge. cooler the morning, dress appropriately, 39 to 50, 55 to 57, high clouds and sunshine, a little cooler at lynunch, 56 to
6:31 am
60, mostly cloudy at 7:00, 55 to 57. once we get to 8:00, the rain is on. more on that next. i want to take you back to the carquinez bridge. i told you about that disabled truck that was on the eastbound side on the mid span hanging over into the lane a little bit there. mostly off to the shoulder. this is now a collision, unfortunately. sounds like somebody hit that truck. we do have at least one lane blocked and that is eastbound 80 around the mid span. things are improoufg in the hayward area. we did have a crash southbound 880 around whipple. we are getting reports of a pothole in the area so be on the lookout for that as well. next traffic update coming up at 6:40. and this half hour, we continue tracking developing news at the live desk out of london. the scene of that deadly terror attack. abc news reporting the islamic state group has claimed responsibility for an attack by a man who plowed an suv into pedestrians on a crowded london bridge, then stabbed a police
6:32 am
officer to death on the grounds of britain's parliament. in the meantime, new raids overnight across the uk leading to at least eight arrests. authorities are trying to get to the bottom of one of the worst terror attacks in the uk in more than a decade. in all, three victims were killed in yesterday's attack, including a police officer, 29 injured. authorities say the suspect was british born. they believe he acted alone and was killed by police and also parliament back open this morning. we are not afraid is the slogan being heard all across london this morning. i also want to add one more thing, just within the last few seconds. i'm getting a note on my computer saying that westminster bridge has reopened less than 24 hours after that attack. back to you. we are hearing from the queen this morning. the royal family tweeting on her behalf, saying, my thauoughts, prayers and deepest sefrp are with all those who have been affected by yesterday's awful violence. she also expressed thanks and
6:33 am
admiration for the police and to all the people who worked self-lessly to help and protect others. bay area passengers returning from london were relieved to get back home while others headed to the uk were a bit concerned. abc7 news was at sfo last night. passengers we spoke with were already on their way to heathrow when the attack happened. >> it could happen to anybody. if it had happened two days earlier, i was at westminster abbey two days before that. so it obviously could have happened to anybody at that point. >> it worries me, it's always in the back of my mind because nowadays people are just outs there like that, but i mean, you just have to have trust and rely on having a good time. >> the fbi's head of counterterrorism operations for the bay area told the i-team's dan noyes yesterday's incident in london has not increased the alert level here. they say, though, they are always vigilant for these types of attacks. and we have been sending out push alerts about the terror attack in london. you can be the first to know when breaking news happens by
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downloading our abc7 news app and enable push alerts. the family of a woman killed by toxic tea is suing the shop where she bought it. 56-year-old yu ping xie got sick last month after drinking a toxic tea leaf blend. her family says it's finaling a wrongful death lawsuit against sunwing wo trading company in san francisco's chinatown. city officials are trying to trace the source of the tea leaves that contained the plant-based toxin aconite. the tea also made another person sick, although he is recovering. this morning, a 73-year-old woman is recovering after being beaten unconscious on a b.a.r.t. train. it happened while the woman was riding the train between the coliseum station and the san leandro station. police say a man kicked her repeatedly and at random at about 4:30 yesterday morning. she was treated at a local hospital and is expected to be okay. officers arrested 23-year-old william winchester at the coliseum station. a criminal history search shows another similar case, battery of a transportation employee, back in december. >> regardless of whether it's a
6:35 am
b.a.r.t. station or just a woman walking down the street, that's just undignified behavior, i mean, uncivilized. >> b.a.r.t. confirms a attack at the coliseum station yesterday afternoon. b.a.r.t. pd is still investigating that incident. developing news now, police are investigating an attempted kidnapping in san francisco's west portal neighborhood. police say a man in his 20s tried to take a girl. she was walking on forest side avenue near taraval street around 5:00 p.m. yesterday. sky7 was over the scene. police say the man got out of his car, grabd the girl and tried to pull her into the car. she was screaming. people nearby ran to help her. police are now looking for that man. 6:35 now and happening today, pg&e will begin airing ads apologizing for the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion and fire. you will see the 60-second ads here on abc7 and other
6:36 am
television channels. the company explains its offenses and how it plans to change. these ads are part of the sentence pg&e received in january for six felony charges related to the deadly explosion in san bruno. the company was also fined $3 million, put on probation for five years, required to complete 10,000 hours of community service, and is under independent safety monitoring. a one-day strike for at&t workers was just that. it's all over now. 17,000 at&t technicians in california and nevada walked out yesterday morning with many on the picket lines. you can see we caught up with a group outside a company call center on bush street in san francisco. union members have been working without a contract for nearly a year. last night, at&t and the union reached a settlement on job duties for their technicians. it agreed to return to the bargaining table. cal state students are vowing to take their battle against a tuition hike to sacramento. a vocal group of students protested outside the board of
6:37 am
trustees meeting in long beach yesterday. inside, the board voted to hike tuition by $270 a year starting in the fall. the increase will generate about $77 million a year in revenue. school leaders say they need it because of a looming gap in state funding. students plan to ask the legislature and governor brown to allocate more money to the cal state system. repairs on seismically unsafe anderson dam in morgan hill will be delayed now three years. residents are not happy. about 200 people gathered at the morgan hill community center yesterday to get an update on the plan to retrofit the dam. santa clara valley water district officials told the crowd new studies show more problems with the dam than originally thought, which will push back the start to retrofit it to 2020. one woman got an e-mail from the city of morgan hill about the safety of anderson dam. >> in the event of a major earthquake that i would have about 40 minutes to run for it, basically. and the water would be about
6:38 am
15 feet high. >> that sounds pretty dire. the project is now also doubled in cost to $400 million. the money is going to come from bonds and water rate hikes. happening today, marin finds out officially what a lot of you already knew, that our roads in and out of the county are getting clogged. >> what's interesting, though, about this new information is where the new traffic is coming from. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live from the richmond bridge. >> reporter: natasha, i can show you where the people are coming from. the east bay. look at all these people. climbing on board the richmond-san rafael bridge. well, now officials have the information, the numbers, and they got the information from drivers' cell phones. according to an article in the marin "independent journal," a new study gathered its information from cell phones and gps units. the signals that are communicating with the mobile networks. the transportation authority of marin wanted the information. officials wanted to know
6:39 am
people's travel patterns so they can plan and adjust for travel flow. there were a few surprises, including the uptick of people using the richmond-san rafael bridge. traffic is up on that bridge 13% over the past five years. other surprises? whether people are coming from. look at the numbers. 36% of traffic coming to marin county during the morning commute is from the east bay. that's more than sonoma, which is at 28%. 24% coming from san francisco, that also surpriseed authorities, saying that's more than they expected. now they got the really accommodate that counter-commute. so that's the big question now. what to do with this information. they're going to present it tonight to the transportation board so they can start having these conversations. reporting live in richmond, amy million, abc7 news. happening today, march madness coming to the bay area. late this afternoon, the first of two sweet 16 games are going to be played at s.a.p. center in san jose. gonzaga and west virginia are going to start things off at 4:39. then arizona and xavier will
6:40 am
complete that double header. the winners will square off on saturday in the elite ag. the west regional champion will then advance to the final four in phoenix. all right, that cooler weather we talked about, here it is from 1 degree cooler in san jose where it's pretty cloudy right now to 14 degrees cooler in napa. let's start in the south bay where temperatures are running from 42 in los gatos to 51 in san jose. so you can see san jose's kind of the exception there along with alum rock and mountain view at 50. 50 in alameda, 51, san carlos, half moon bay 52 but 28 in sebastopol, 39 right now in danville. so this is the way it looks from the exploratorium camera. our morning sunrise. walking the dog, good, going to be dry all day, good if you're exercising, cool this morning to mild this afternoon. comfy this afternoon but the ground will be wet. here's a look at clouds, 280 at 17, tree pollen is high, uv index is going to be ahead. 60 at half moon bay, 61 to 64
6:41 am
for the rest of us. tonight, upper 40s to mid 50s. that wall of water is going to slide south. i'll give you an hour-by-hour look at that coming up next. i want to head back to the carquinez bridge. i do have a little more info about that crash on eastbound 80 around the mid span so it started off as a disabled truck. that made it basically off to the shoulder but there wasn't much room. there were a couple folks outside of the vehicle trying to direct traffic around it. unfortunately, that did turn into a crash so now we've got about three vehicles involved total. the two left lanes are blocked and you can see, yes, that is starting to back up. we will keep an eye on that. likely that's going to take a little while to clear. westbound 80 through emeryville, just got reports of a new problem around powell. i have not spotted that on camera yet but it looks like you are stop and go there if you are coming through that emeryville stretch and a quick check of drive times as well. that's not slowed you down a ton. southbound 880 a little slow through hayward but opens up south of there. fremont to san jose, 17 minutes. and northbound 280 between 101
6:42 am
and cupertino, you are in the green at just 14 minutes. we will take another look at that carquinez issue coming up next. an attempt to derail california's high-speed rail project hits a roadblock. the court ruling that rail supporters -- has rail supporters breathe ago sigh of relief. change is in the air for virgin america. what it will be losing now that it's part of alaska airlines. as we go to break, puppies. it looks like we wore them out. these puppies are brother and sister, donatello is the gray one, and then toffee is on the left, that's my little baby that i've fallen in love with. i've fallen in love with. i know that you will
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we are back at 6:45. new details on a proposal to arm campus police at city college of san francisco. the plan is now back on the table this morning. only this time, the police chief is adding a lot more than guns to his wish list. let's go live now to abc7 news reporter matt keller at city college. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. no decision has been made yet but officers are making it known that they would like to be armed just in case they need it. so, what exactly is on the table here at city college of san francisco? well, let me go through the list here. from the police chief. andre barnes wants to purchase for his officers two dozen guns, 40 tasers and 40 body cameras according to the "san francisco examiner." almost all of california's community colleges arm their police but city college of san
6:46 am
francisco is gun-free, a policy which officers say makes it difficult for them to do their job. an independent consultant was hired after a gunman was seen in the campus library in 2015. now "the examiner" reports that consultant recommended arming the officers. an advisory council to the chancellor voted last week in favor of that proposal. a spokesperson for the interim chancellor, susan lamb, told "the examiner" she hasn't taken a stance on the issue just yet. the advisory council is expected to hold another hearing on this issue in may. reporting live in san francisco, matt keller, abc7 news. thank you, matt. happening today, a state senate committee is going to discuss a bill that would make us pay more for a manicure, a haircut, dry cleaning. the committee will be talking about what's called a service tax. barbershops, nail salons, even some gardeners would be hit with a tax as high as 8 cl.5% on tha service. that would mean let's say a $79 haircut would become an $86 haircut. the legislation could end up
6:47 am
collecting more than $2 billion which would be used for infrastructure and health care. a lot of us kind of assume this might happen. now it's official. the virgin america airlines brand, bye-bye. alaska airlines says it's going to stop using the virgin america name likely sometime in 2019. alaska bought virgin america last year in an effort to really boost their west coast operations. alaska promises it will keep much of the flare that virgin flights are known for, including that free inflight entertainment and their mood lighting. google is announcing a new unique partnership with historically black howard university. students will get the chance to take classes at the googleplex in silicon valley. almost like a study abroad program but it's in the south bay. the mountain view-based company says it's another somehow of commitment toward achieving diversity in tech. juniors and seniors studying computer science at the washington, d.c., university will get a chance to come here
6:48 am
to the west coast for a 12-week summer program starting this year. they will earn college credit and take classes from howard faculty and google engineers. >> it's an opportunity for us to work upstream and by bringing them to campus, they have the opportunity to not only work on their academic rigor in terms of the preparedness for the broader tech ecosystem, but they also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the silicon valley culture. >> data shows there's low enrollment of african-american students in computer science. right now, this program only for howard students, but google says it will expand the program in the next few years. now your morning money report. pepsi and coca-cola removing larger soda bottles as a sugary drink tax goes into effect in philadelphia. the companies are replacing those bottles with smaller versions. pepsi says they're making the switch because sales on larger
6:49 am
bottles are down significantly. coke says they're doing it because it's what people want. oakland, san francisco, and albany all approved a sugar tax in november. there's no word on immediate changes here. starbucks just keeps going and going. the coffee chain announced it's going to hire 240,000 people by 2020. 68,000 of those will be right here in the u.s. starbucks is concentrating on growing its business overseas. it plans to open 12,000 new stores worldwide by 2021. okay. and now for the people that we've been waiting for. i guess we should the little cuties that we've been waiting for. natasha has made her way upstairs and you have the smallest of all the puppies today. >> reggie. i can't even. i am trying to bottle feed right now this little cutie. she is just five days old, and holding her right here, she doesn't even have a name yet. she's searching for this little bottle. there she goes. look at her drink. she's very, very hungry. it is early in the morning right now. now, kelly lowe is doing me the
6:50 am
favor of actually holding the microphone here. she is with the humane society of silicon valley. tell me where are these puppies found? you can take the microphone so we can hear you. >> these puppies were found at the park in san jose. >> they were all found together? >> no, they were one and then there were two that were found the next day. >> and just five days old. >> yeah, they're about five days old. we know that because when they came in, they had their umbilical cords and those usually don't fall off until about three days. >> do we have any information about breeds? what genders they are? >> no, we don't. so we don't know because we never saw the mom or dad so we can just take a guess. they could be anything at this point. so all we know is that they're really cute. >> they are adorable. tiny and wrigley and we are doing this event all morning long. this is all about national puppy day. we are trying to get as many little boy and girl puppies adopted and adult dog as well as possible today. these -- this little one is
6:51 am
going to be up for adoption when? >> these -- they're not going to be up for adoption until closer to ten weeks. they're in foster right now so i'm actually fostering them and so you know, we're always looking for fosters if anybody's interested. >> absolutely. >> and we're looking for fosters either to bottle babies like this or we have adult dogs, large adult dogs that are -- >> that also need homes. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. reggie, look at this. i don't know how i'm ever going to come back from this. i'll just be up here for the rest of the show. >> i don't blame you. stay up there. that baby needs to be fed. mike, this has been the best day ever. >> it has been and it goes all the way to 7:00 this evening so you can stream it live. do it. you'll enjoy it. kelly was telling me she has to feed that baby every two hours so it does take a little bit of work. here's a look from mount tamalpais. you can see some clouds in the distance in the south bay. clouds will increase from north to south. high clouds and then rain will develop in the north bay this evening. moderate rain to gusty winds for all of us tonight through tomorrow. here's a look at that fetch of
6:52 am
moisture. it's a 2 on our storm impact scale. ranked it as moderate because 1/3 inch in the south bay to 1 inch in the north bay. 1 to 2 inches in the mountains and gusts over 30 miles per hour in the valleys to 55 to 60 in the mountains so slight chance of damage. 5:00 to 7:00 tonight, scattered light showers across the north bay. steady or light to moderate rain by 4:00 tomorrow. by the end of the commute, 9:00 tomorrow, that light rain is moving into the south bay while the moderate rain is still up until the north bay but from 9:00 to noon, it moves into the heart of the bay, stays in the heart of the bay but starts pulling out of the north bay and during the evening hours we'll see the precipitation dissipate. spring warmth fuse and wednesday. i want to take you back to the carquinez bridge where we had a disable truck that was blocking just part of the left lane and unfortunately this turned into a crash. so it does sound like we have some injuries involved here and we have the two left lanes blocked. so that backup continues to
6:53 am
grow. and that is counter-commute so hopefully that doesn't turn into a huge backup but it is what significant right now. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights are on and if you're coming from the berkeley emeryville area we have a disabled tractor-trailer a disabled tractor-trailer blocking lane 4
6:54 am
if you're just joining or us heading out the door, here are the seven things you need to know before you go.
6:55 am
number one, isis is claiming responsibility for the deadly terror attack in london but police say they believe the attacker who was british-born, acted alone. eight people were arrested in at least six overnight raids around the uk. four people, including the suspect, were killed in yesterday's attack. number two, on a related note, from the live desk, the royal family just tweeted, saying this from the queen. my thoughts, prayers, and deepest sympathy are all with those who have been affected by yesterday's awful violence. number three, enjoy our dry day today. because the rain is coming in tonight and tomorrow. if you're getting ready to head out or getting the kids ready, the bus stop's going to be much colder this morning. 37 inland to 50 around san francisco. dry afternoon, though. pretty comfortable. 58 to 62. and number four, overall traffic has been fairly quiet today. our biggest issue right now is this crash on the carquinez bridge and it is the eastbound side of the bridge but right around the mid span it was a disabled truck and that turned
6:56 am
into a crash. so as we zoom out, you can see that backup continues to grow. down to 3 miles an hour approaching. number five, california's $64 billion high-speed rail project still on track, at least for now. opponents tried to challenge the funding. a judge says their challenge is premature and promised to reconsider their argument. number six, it's decision day for the repeal of obamacare. a vote is scheduled in the house today to repeal the affordable care act and replace it with the american health care act. enough republicans say they will vote no to put the passage of the bill in jeopardy. number seven, it is national puppy day, our adoption event underway right now. and we keep -- >> tuckered out. >> that's donatello. and we are hoping that you can help find a home for donatello and his sister, and you can find out more information at this is his sister. toffee. she's drooling on me. that's because she loves me. and i love her. >> she's going to be yours, i think. this little guy right here is just ten weeks
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
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♪ good morning, america. terror in london. new raids overnight leading to seven arrests. in that deadly attack at the heart of one of the world's most famous tourist spots. a terrorist racing across a packed bridge hitting pedestrians. one woman caught on camera falling into the water. the assailant then slamming into a gate outside parliament stabbing an unarmed officer right under big ben. before being gunned down by police. >> at least three victims killed. dozens more injured. the dramatic images of heroes racing in to save lives. >> the terrorist chose to strike at the heart of our capital city. >> the investigation right now as major cities in the u.s. step up security. we're live from the scene this morning. down to the wire, the crucial health care vote just


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