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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 24, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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fixed animation starting at 7:00 p.m. most of the activity will be south of the golden gate bridge and east of the golden gate bridge as we get into the mid-evening hours and later tonight it will just all fall apart. as we get to the overnight hours, it looks like clearing going into the weekend. i'll have the weekend outlook and seven-day forecast coming up a little bit later. >> thank you, spencer. well, the north bay was the first to get drenched today from the spring storm. >> abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is live in san rafael with the story. cornell? >> reporter: larry and ama, the rain has stopped here for now. yeah, it may be march, but for a lot of folks, today's storm felt like january, especially if you were driving. the storm caused some big headaches here on 101. by now we should be used to it, more rain. another storm pounding downtown san rafael. umbrellas to the rescue. >> we're grateful for the rain but i think we've had enough. looking forward to some sun. >> reporter: a very wet morning commute on highway 101. wipers on high.
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but there were accidents on 101. a pickup truck driver facing northbound in southbound lanes near san pedro road after a spinout on rain-slick pavement. just an hour earlier we witnessed this pickup truck crashing near the very same spot. >> are you okay? >> yeah, i'm fine. i'm fine. >> what happened? >> i just lost traction, that's all. i couldn't correct it quick enough and i hit the guardrail. >> the chp responding to help. the driver wasn't hurt. the street crew was out working in stormy conditions in mill valley doing emergency work for pg&e. >> we're clearing the lines for pg&e and making sure none of the limbs fall on the power lines. it's prevention work due to the high winds. >> yeah, it's wild. >> reporter: we found contractor david parsons putting out sandbags at the shop where he's doing work at san anselmo. >> the way this winter has been i wouldn't be surprised if it comes up again. >> reporter: downtown san anselmo has had several close
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calls. the creek is moving fast today but well below flood stage. yes, winter is officially over, but spring hasn't got the memo yet. >> i just keep a smile on my face, the umbrella over my head, a cup of coffee and i'm good to go. >> reporter: cornell bernard, abc 7 news. and you can track today's and any storm with the abc 7 news app. it's free to download. you can watch live doppler 724/7 and enable push alerts to get updates sent right to your phone. the clock is ticking in the effort to keep the raiders from moving to las vegas. nfl owners are expected to vote on the relocation plan monday afternoon in phoenix. today in what is likely a last-ditch effort, the oakland mayor released key documents, a new plan including a letter just sent to the nfl. laura anthony is live in oakland with the story. laura? >> reporter: larry, well, it does seem that time is running out for the city of oakland. city leaders have not previously released some of what we saw
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today, saying they preferred not to negotiate in public, but today that changed. >> this is oakland. we always get underestimated. >> reporter: just 72 hours before nfl owners are set to decide whether the raiders can move to las vegas, oakland mayor libby schaaf insists her city is still in the game. >> do not give up on us until this is over. we are doing everything we can to send a message. we are serious, this deal is done here, this is where the raiders should stay. >> reporter: she also released this letter and other documents related to efforts to persuade the nfl that oakland has a viable and specific stadium plan. las vegas is committing $750 million in public funds, and team owner mark davis has secured another $650 million in a loan from bank of america. but vegas has not settled on a site or reached a lease agreement with the team. in their letter to the nfl,
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schaaf and investment group fortress red by former 49er ronnie lott says oakland's plan has $1.3 billion in financing with less debt and far more certainties. $150 million in shovel-ready land, a 55-acre parcel south of the existing coliseum. a guarantee from fortress to carry any short falls in psl licensing and overruns. a plan on how the raiders and a's can co-exist. >> we're ready to go. davis, if he's committed as he said in the past, of staying in oakland, well, there is a deal to keep you here in the city of oakland. there is no reason for you to leave. >> at the end of the day it comes down to mark davis for not coming to the table an trying to find a responsible solution for all parties. >> reporter: on saturday, the mayor, lott and others will participate in a fan rally at the coliseum to show support for keeping the team in oakland. laura anthony, abc 7 news.
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>> laura is heading to phoenix for the nfl owners meeting which could determine whether the raiders move to vegas or stay here or perhaps a delayed vote. they need nine no votes to prevent a move. laura's live votes will begin sunday on abc 7 news. she'll also break any raiders news on twitter at lauraanthony7. there are more revelations about the ghost ship fire that killed 36 people last december. our media partner said the building's owners knew about dangerous electrical problems more than two years before the fire did nothing to fix them. e-mails obtained show the owners were made aware the power supply to the building had been upgraded without the necessary city permits. responding to a request for a total and immediate electrical upgrade in february of 2015, the son of the building owner responded that, quote, the lack of electrical infrastructure was made very clear before your lease began. investigators in contra costa county say there could be
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more victims of a man accused of molesting at least three teenage girls. 36-year-old gary burbank of discovery bay is being held on $14 million bail at the martinez detention facility. he was arrested yesterday after investigators say one of the victims identified him. those victims are between 14 and 16 years old. burbank is facing multiple counts of child molestation, rape and sexual assault. tonight president trump and the republicans are dealing with the fallout of their decision to pull legislation to repeal and replace obamacare. speaker ryan said they couldn't get the votes needed and obamacare will remain the law of the land for the foreseeable future. president trump blamed the democrats and said he will wait for the law to explode, but is willing to work with them. >> really good with no democrat support. if the democrats when it explodes, which it will soon, if they got together with us and get a real health care bill, i'd be totally open to it. >> they never reached out to us,
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they never talked to us, they never said how can we work together to make it better. the failure is, of course, completely among the republicans. senate majority leader chuck schumer acknowledges there are problems with obamacare, but the law should be fixed, not replaced. he said the democrats are more than willing to work with republicans if repeal is taken off of the table. the biggest beneficiary of the affordable care act is california. had it been repealed, the state would have lost billions in federal funds that have helped low income families. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez is in the newsroom with local reaction. >> well, so many people in the bay area who would have been affected by the repeal are elated tonight. now, had the law been gutted, as republicans wanted, it would have changed the way health care functions in the state. gabriella serano is one of those americans whose health insurance is subsidized because of the affordable care act. >> i'm very happy that we got it
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and hopefully continue throughout the whole years, you know. >> thousands of people would lose their health insurance. >> the affordable care act allowed medi-cal to expand. this way more people were able to qualify. had the law been repealed, clinics that serve low income families could have also lost funding. dena lann is with the san francisco clinic consortium. they represent nonprofit community health centers. >> we don't know what the state of california would do if the feds cut off fending but we know they don't have $6 billion sitting around. >> it makes him look ineffective. >> some republicans see it as a major setback for president trump and believe more could have been done to get it right. >> i usually defend the party, but they have had so much time while obama was still president, so they should have had a bill
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everybody could get behind ready to go. >> so what now? >> well, back to the drawing board. >> but the president said today he will not reintroduce the legislation in the upcoming weeks. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. a four-month spree is over. the arrest of a serial burglar in san francisco. that's next. plus the pup problem on the coast. what's getting too close in the air and on the ground. uc scientists may have made the next breakthrough in the battle against cancer. de detect the disease. and a must-win in san jose. we're live as the u.s. men's soccer team has a fight on its hands. abc 7 news will be right back.
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america's hopes of winning hipg tonight. team usa will play honduras and it follows a special honor for a san jose native who brought a world cup title home to america. abc 7 news reporter janine della vega is joining us live now with more. janine? >> reporter: larry, soccer fans have been arriving for the last hour. they are very excited, getting pumped up here, tailgating in the parking lot. a lot of them are starting to enter the stadium. they are here to watch the u.s. men's team take on honduras. right now there is a special ceremony under way and it's honoring our own brandi chastain, an olympic soccer champion. she's being inducted into the national soccer hall of fame. chastain is best known for her penalty shootout kick against china in the 1999 fifa women's
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world cup and the way she celebrated afterwards with her team. she's about to officially be inducted any moment now. we did catch up with her earlier today to talk about how her passion lives on through coaching. >> what i recognize now through coaching is that the empowerment you give to these young people to be able to stand on their own two feet, have a voice, make decisions, make mistakes, get up, fight on, put their arm around their teammate, do so many great things. >> reporter: chastain will be cheering on the u.s. men's soccer team playing honduras. if the u.s. loses, they are in jeopardy of qualifying for the world cup. the stadium is expected to be packed. soccer fans from all over the u.s. flew into san jose to watch this match. we spotted many of them at hotels in downtown san jose. they are selling a lot of soccer gear. now many of them, as i mentioned, are here at the
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stadium. this game gets under way at 7:30 tonight. now, coming up in the next hour, you're going to hear from some of the fans who are here tonight and you'll also hear some reaction from brandi chastain since, as i mentioned, she's going to receive that honor any minute now. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, avega, avega, that's not all. a new professional soccer team will hilt the pitch for the first time in san francisco this weekend. the san francisco deltas debut tomorrow night. the match set for 7:00 p.m. this team is part of the north american soccer league, a notch below, a level below the major league soccer division in the mls. the deltas will play a total of 16 home matches and single game tickets start at only $17. so affordable. all home matches will also be streamed live on twitter. san francisco police say they have made an arrest in a series of recent burglaries. investigators say they took
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44-year-old herman canada into custody last week. officers recognized him from an earlier crime bulletin. canada was later booked on 17 counts of burglary. the alleged incidents include two burglaries on pine street, two on brannen one each on montgomery, howard, rogers and fourth streets. in the east bay berkeley police want help identifying a suspected prowler. police say this man was caught on video early this morning trying to open car doors, hiding from passing cars and then going into a backyard on spruce street. police say he walks with a very distinctive limp. it's seal breeding season in monterey county tonight and officials there want you to stay away. they say people on the beach are making a pacific grove mother seals kind of skittish and that means they may abandon their pups too soon. there's a new problem now, buzzing in the sky from drones. many times the marine mammal center says it can't attempt to rescue one stranded pup.
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>> right now we've got some pretty delicate situations among the harbor seals. >> if the mothers flush off the beach, then the pups are left without their moms. we have to be really careful about not disturbing the whole breed for just one pup. >> if you happen to find a pup on the beach, back off to a safe distance, 150 feet or so, and call the marine mammal center. the center will monitor the pup for 24 hours and then determine what should be done next. dozens of san jose flood victims who have been staying at a shelter for weeks will have to leave next month. the city says the seven trees community center shelter is set to close april 10th. a city spokesperson says it's being done to get people off cots and into better living situations. some people will be put up in hotels and the mayor has also contacted local landlords about reserving affordable housing for victims. there are about 60 homes that remain unin habitable. oakland's children's ferry land got a bit of a makeover thanks to 175 volunteers who
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didn't mind working in the rain. as you can see, they were shovel ready. these volunteers are part of tourism cares and all are visitors with links to the tourism industry. >> probably 30% of our volunteers have never been to oakland before. we're just here to help out, to raise exposure, to give back and oakland is such a special place for locals and for visitors. >> those volunteers also built cabinets while others worked on a downtown mural and at lake merritt gardens. 3.6 million visitors added $1.5 billion to the oakland economy in 2015. expect some traffic headaches in san francisco this weekend. the rock 'n' roll half marathon is on sunday and the course takes runners all over the city. here's a look at the race route. it starts in golden gate park bright and early and then crosses over the golden gate bridge to finish up at civic center around noon time. road closures surround the route.
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we still have some light rain in the bay area as you can see, skies are cloudy everywhere but rain is falling mainly in the south bay. it's light rain but heavier rain could redevelop before the evening is over. here's a live view from our rooftop camera. it's 56 in san francisco. we have mid to upper 50s at oakland, mountain view, san jose, gilroy and half moon bay. this is a live view from emeryville looking at dark low clouds over the bay. it's 58 in santa rosa, 59 in napa an novato. concord 58 and livermore 55. one more live view at the golden gate where the pavement looks damp and it's cloudy there. these are our forecast features. we'll see rain tapering off late tonight. we'll have mostly sunny and dry conditions tomorrow but showers will return late sunday and perhaps continue into early monday morning. how about rainfall totals the last 24 hours. almost half an inch an half
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bay. 0.06 in and the vautioch. 1.3 at santa rosa. there's still a chance of more rain this evening so for what's left of this storm, it ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. it will produce light rain during the evening hours with diminishing wind. the strongest gusts have ended. roads will remain wet into the late night hours. we'll start our forecast animation at 6:00. notice that the rain will start to continue to sweep southward and eastward with little pockets of light rain by 10:00 tonight. steadier, heavier rain will be over by then. later tonight after midnight we'll see it ending and skies will start to clear first in the north bay and we'll have some clearing to start the day tomorrow. overnight low temperatures will be generally in the upper 40s. may see a couple of locations with lows in the low 50s. then tomorrow look for mostly sunny skies. high temperatures will range from upper 50s at the coast to low and mid-60s around the bay. mid-60s inland as well. it will feel a little bit like spring but here comes another storm, a light one on sunday.
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it will rank 1 on the storm impact scale. a weaker storm than we had today. it will be breezy at times. here's the animation for that storm. my midday sunday we'll see a few widely scattered sprinkles moving through the bay area but it won't be until noon or after noon that we see steadier rain and more widespread rain pushing through the bay area. that will wind down early monday morning. so here's how the accuweather seven-day forecast is looking. dry and mild tomorrow, relatively mild. light rain sunday evening into early monday morning. we'll have partial clearing monday afternoon and then tuesday through friday look for sunny days with high temperatures in the mid-70s in our inland areas all the way through the end of the week. that's a spring-like forecast. >> thank you, spencer. all right. ice spraying balloons. coming up, more on that
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crushing defeat for president trump, pulling the republican health care bill minutes before the vote. also severe storms heading east. for the first time harrison ford's exchange with the control tower after missing that passenger jet, next. new at 6:00, meet the teenager who's alive thanks to doctors at stanford hospital who were willing to try something they had never done before.
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uc scientists have discovered a few tool in the battle against cancer. it's a test called cancer locator. it looks for dna released from tumors. it doesn't just find cancer, it can also tell doctors where the cancer is located. that's because tumors have a footprint depending on where they are in the body. computers running the test can zero in on it. the test is still in the testing phase. new research suggests many cancers are simply unavoidable. that's because when a cell divides, it undergoes naturally occurring mutations, but
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sometimes these mistakes occur in a cancer driver gene. the authors of the paper, which was published in "science" this week say that was just bad luck. they say some cancers are still due to environment or heredity and 40% are preventible. scientists with harvard university are launching a multimillion dollar solar tech fix study for global warming. it's a $20 million project that aims to geo engineer atmospheric cooling kind of like what happens when a volcano erupts by sending aerosol injections into the earth's stratosphere. they're hoping to create a solar shield and that would cut the amount of solar radiation that hits the earth. they say shielding the entire planet would cost about $10 billion a year. the port of oakland has approved a $9 million deal for solar power. the port will buy electricity from a solar farm in los angeles county and resell the energy to
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tenants at the airport. the port operates its own electrical utility. it's friday and that usually means michael finney is here with finney's friday free stuff. michael is up in chico to get a special honor from his alma mater. chico state is handing out its annual distinguished alumni rewards. michael is one of eight honorees tonight. he graduated from the information and communication studies program, so congratulations to michael. >> but does that mean the people in chico are getting our free stuff? >> that would be bad. that can't happen. does anybody remember laughing sow? it comes back to life. first we want to thank an abc 7 viewer for this picture. definitely spring in the south bay. share your pictures with us on social media using
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about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible.
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coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, we're digging into the data that proves some san francisco neighborhoods aren't as safe as you think, and they're not the usual culprits. and we are live in oakland where the problem with a creek isn't overflowing water, it's contamination from overflowing sewage. plus the battle by a 96-year-old woman to protect a 100-foot redwood tree. finally tonight, a san francisco tradition becoming more interactive. >> abc 7 news was at macy's
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union square for the start of the annual flower show. there's a carnival theme this year. there are pin ball machines, fortune tellers and vintage items from playland at the beach. >> and of course flowers, tons of flowers. 175 varieties. >> you get to walk through and kind of feel like you're going through the love boat of a carnival. then as you proceed on, in jewelry we have a carousel of horses that they designed using mirrors and reflection. >> the carousel was created by the exploratorium. >> that's cool. >> design students made cotton candy and popcorn dresses for the show. the flower show originated 71 years ago. it's on display until april 9th. well, thank you for joining us. "world news tonight" is next. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. for spencer christian, all of us here at abc 7 news, thanks for the time. we'll s breaking news tonight.
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a crushing defeat for president trump. facing a devastating loss, the president and speaker paul ryan pulling the republican health care bill minutes before the vote. moments ago, the president responding. blaming the democrats, saying obamacare will explode. even though trump faced a mutiny in his own party. >> we learned a lot about loyalty. >> president trump also announcing his next move. we have team coverage. severe storms on the march. possible tornadoes. heavy rain and hail moving in this weekend. 14 million americans in the path. missing signs? new information revealed about the london terror suspect. isis calling him their soldier. authorities making more arrests. did police miss the warning signs? street inferno. cars in flames.


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