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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 24, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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7. the decision was made when it became clear the bill would not have the 216 votes needed to pass in the house. president trump campaigned heavily on a promise to repeal and replace the affordable care act. aka obamacare. >> and i never said, i guess i'm here 64 days, i never said repeal and replace obamacare, you've all heard my speeches, i never said repeal it and replace it within 64 days. i have a long time. >> democrats were quick to declare a moment of triumph. >> today is a great day for our country. it's a victory, what happened on the floor is a victory for the american people. >> the biggest beneficiary of the affordable care act is the state of california. >> had it been repealed the state would have lost billions in federal funds that have helped low-income families. abc 7 news reporter melendez has local reaction.
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>> reporter: she is one of the millions happy to hear the affordable care act was not repealed. i'm so excited. again, a lot of people were literally biting their nails. >> reporter: the affordable care act allowed medi-cal, the government assistance program, to expand. this way more people were able to qualify. had the law been repealed, clinics that serve low-income families could have also lost funding. dina lan is with the san francisco community clinic continue sho continue sort uprepresenting nonprofit community health centers. >> this expansion was tremendously important for california. right now about one-third of all californians are covered on medicaid. >> reporter: like many for her, health care would not have been an option he had not be for the affordable care act. >> they have other responsibilities and bills they have to handle. and to attempt to. >> reporter: some republicans see it as a major setback for president trump and believe more could have been done to get it right. >> i think they should do, the
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president and the speaker grab some people from all the various caucuses of the parties, both par parties, lock them in a room, not let them out until they come up with something. >> reporter: the president said today he will not reintroduce the legislation in the upcoming weeks. it's been a tumultuous month. house republicans unveiled the american health care act on march 6th. a week later the congressional budget office released a report estimating 14 million people would not have insurance under the new bill. that number would continue to rise. so the bill was tweaked and the campaign began to gather support. a vote was scheduled initially for yesterday, then postponed in the hopes of gathering more votes. just after noon today we learned the bill had been pulled. hillary clinton posted nearly a dozen tweets in just the past few hours on the topic of health care. in her longest post, "the fight isn't over yet. we will have to push back on
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future bad ideas and embrace good ones to make health care more affordable." clinton will be in the bay area next week. she's a featured speaker at the professional business women of california conference in san francisco on tuesday. abc 7 is a media sponsor of the event. if you're there you'll likely run into a lot of us. cheryl, kristin, natasha and i should all be there. now on to the storm watch. abc 7 news was in san francisco as rain fell on people in the mission district. most of the bay area got soaked at one point or another today. we'll check in live with abc 7 news anchor eric thomas in the east bay. we'll get to him, but first abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian showing us where it is still raining. >> it's only a very limited area right now where rain is still falling. we have cloudy skies across the entire bay area. the light rain is confined to a few areas in the south bay, santa cruz mountains, the mt. hamilton area. there's not a lot of rainfall at
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the moment but more is likely in the evening hours. this storm outranks 1 on our storm impact scale, light rainfall with diminishing wind. road rez main wet. don't drive at high speeds. here's the forecast animation starting at 8:00 p.m. notice by 10:00 or so, there won't be much left of this except over the santa cruz mountains and a few spots of scattered light rain in the east bay. by 11:00 it will be winding down. notice we get clearing after midnight. that means tomorrow, the weekend gets off to at least a partly sunny start. it may not remain that way through the entire weekend. i'll have the forecast coming up shortly. in oakland the biggest water problem isn't from today's raindrops. instead, a raw sewage spill earlier this week contaminated a popular creek in a diamond district park. eric thomas is live at the park with the latest information. >> reporter: in fact, city officials are hoping today's rain will help flush the
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contaminants out of sauso creek. they won't know until tests come back next week. in the meantime, the word is stay away from this water. public works crews were back at oakland's sauso creek putting up new waterproof warning signed after we alerted them wet weather had torn down the old ones. stay out of the creek because of sewage contamination. >> my kid was swimming in it last week. so hopefully he was in there before it was contaminated. >> reporter: the source of that sewage on monday was an overflowing manhole in a neighborhood about a half mile up from the creek. >> after a couple of different days of testing they determined it was quite a bit of sewage that had leached in. >> reporter: that's when the city decided to make the creek off limits. the park's nearby swimming pool is not affected. >> during nice days like yesterday, everybody wants to go play in the creek. we have signs up, hopefully they read them. >> sauso as year-round creek in
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the city of oakland -- >> reporter: stan runs, a volunteer group that tries to protect and promote city parks. he gives city officials good marks for the way they've handled this. >> i was glad to hear it was an isolated incident that they got under control as quickly as they could. >> reporter: it wasn't the only headache for public works crews. they still have to worry about falling trees and branches like this one in the diamond district and when things dry up, it's back to filling in potholes. they fixed more than 7,000 since january. they expect to fill thousands more. in the sierra tonight, chains are required on parts of i-80 and highways 50 and 89. winds are gusting up to 85 miles per hour on the ridges tonight. higher elevations could see up to 2 feet of snow from the storm. but once the snow clears early tomorrow morning, it could be a great way to hit the slopes. next thursday we'll find out just how much snow is in the e.r.a. in the fourth snow survey of the season. as of the last survey, the water
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content was 160% of the historical average. it typically peaks in april. track any storm with the abc 7 news app, live doppler 7, enable push alerts to get weather advisories your phone or tablet. it is a last-ditch effort to try to keep the raiders in oakland days before nfl owners are set to vote on the team's request to move to las vegas. more on key documents and a new proposal today by oakland mayor libby schaaf. >> reporter: the main document released today is a letter that oakland sent to the nfl just yesterday with more specifics than we've seen to date. the big question, though, is it enough to derail that deal in las vegas? >> do not give up on us until this is over. >> reporter: it may seem like fourth and long for oakland in its efforts to keep the raiders but the mayor says, not so fast. >> this deal is done here, this is where the raiders should
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stay. we will be reaching out and trying to plead our case to the last moment. >> reporter: schaaf released this letter and other documents related to efforts to persuade the nfl that oakland has a viable and specific stadium plan. las vegas is committing $750 million in public funds and team owner mark davis has secured another $650 million in a loan from bank of america. but vegas has not settled on a site or reached a lease agreement with the team. in their letter to the nfl, schaaf and investment group fortress, read by ronnie lott, argues oakland's plan has $1.3 billion in financing, with less debt and far more certainties. $150 million in shovel-ready land already a 55-acre parcel south of the existing coliseum. a guarantee from fortress to carry any short halls in psl licensing or cost overruns. a plan for how the raiders and a's could coexist.
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a blplea for the nfl to push das back to the bargaining table. >> if the nfl wants to do anything, they can tell the raiders to stay in the sixth-largest media market in the country instead of allowing them to move to the 40th media market. >> oakland can't negotiate with themselves. i blame mark davis for not being at the table. >> reporter: on saturday, the mayor, lott, and others will participate in a fan rally at the coliseum to show support for keeping the team in oakland. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> lawyer will be heading to phoenix for the nfl owners meeting which could well determine whether the raiders move to vegas. live reports begin sunday on abc 7 news. she'll also have any breaking news on the topic. first on twitter @lauraanthony7. soccer takes center stage tonight in san jose. . honoring a hometown player
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making it into the national hall of fame. they feel they have their hands tied. >> find out which san francisco neighborhoods are seeing more crime, and it's probably not the ones you think. better late than never? that's what some are saying about the fremont bart station which opens t
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>> czehecking on our commute, let's look at the golden bay, bay bridge, san mateo bridge from left to right. traffic is moving, well, it's better on the golden gate. it's so-so on the bay bridge. not terrible on the san mateo. >> there's no comparison.
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more than 100 silicon valley business leaders sent a letter to the white house urging president trump's administration to reverse a decision on funding the future of cal train. this follows a decision by the trump administration to delay hundreds of millions of dollars to replace cal train's existing diesel trains with electric trains. cal train believes electric trains would speed up the commute and make room for more passengers. while cal train is having difficulty getting over half a billion dollars from washington there's concern the planned bart extension to downtown san jose might run into a similar hurdle. it needs in anily three times as much money. despite that bart continues to inch closer to san jose with the opening of a station in fremont tomorrow. >> reporter: there's little doubt a new bart station in south fremont is going to be popular. an estimated 6,000 to 7,000 passengers are expected to use it weekdays. >> it's much faster living in the community close by to warm springs. it will be a lot faster getting to a bart station and traveling
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to where i need to go. >> reporter: the shiny new station also brings bart closer and closer to san jose. next up will be the opening of the new barerryessa s s s s jose. there's concern this could be the end of the line that a much wished for extension into san jose and santa clara might be in doubt. the wild card is whether efforts to cut the budget in washington will impact the $1.5 billion in federal funds needed to do the six-mile project. the project is still in the environment at review stage. >> we are hopeful that we have met all of the stringent criteria and wear hopeful that the federal government will continue with its process that we have been long engaged with. >> reporter: the san jose extension is expensive since it involves a five-mile tunnel through the downtown area to s.a.p. center. just over half the project cost is coming from local and state sources, including two voter-approved measures. former congressman mike honda
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thinks that could sway washington to say yes. >> look it, we're self-help. the money came out of our pockets first before we put our hands out to get money from you guys, don't you think that's a pretty good deal? just over an hour from now team usa will face honduras in a match at valle stadium. live at the stadium where chastain was just inducted into the national soccer hall of fame. >> reporter: in the last hour, the noise level has definitely got up out here in front of avaya stadium. the rain's coming down, that has not deterred fans at all. you can see they are entering the stadium, they're getting riled up to cheer on their teams. the u.s. men's team is taking on honduras. and this is a critical game. if the u.s. loses, the team is in jeopardy of not qualifying
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for the world cup. avaya stadium is expected to be packed. soccer fans from all over the u.s. flew into san jose to watch this match. we spotted many of them at holts in downtown san jose who sell soccer gear. many have been tailgating the past couple of hours here. we spoke to a couple of fans from out of town. >> you have to support the country. one day the united states is going to win the world cup. it may not be in 2018 in russia. but at some point we will compete with the rest of the world. so as far as coming to san jose, it's about u.s., honduras, it's going to be packed in the stadium tonight. and they must win. >> it's fun. they're really good. it's fun to watch them play. >> are they going to win? >> yes. >> reporter: and one of the fans cheering on the u.s. men's team will be our own bay area legend brandi chastain.
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in the last hour, a special ceremony was held to honor the olympic soccer champion and world cup winner who is from san jose. she was inducted into the national soccer hall of fame. chastain is best known for her penalty shoot-out kick against china in the 1999 fifa women's world cup and the way she celebrated afterwards with her team. here's what she had to say about being recognized today and the love for the game. >> it was love at first kick. and it's -- i feel like it's serendipity, here in san jose, that we're about to watch the earthquakes play, and watch the national team, because this is my home. i've been going to earthquakes games since the mid '70s. the first team i played on was the quakettes. >> reporter: back out here live, the game gets under way at 7:30
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tonight. two of the san jose earthquakes players are on the u.s. men's teams. so it's great for them to be playing at this very important match here on their home field. reporting live from san jose, janine leyay de la vega, abc 7 . the storm is weaker but still wet spots. you can see cloudy skies across the bay area and little areas of green representing moisture, most of it hitting the ground. but it's widely scattered and light in the south bay from the santa cruz mountains, over into the mt. hamilton area. what you have in our area right now across the embarcadero, from our rooftop cam at abc 7, we see cloud over the bay and over the embarcadero but it's not raining right now. 57 in san francisco. as well as across the bay in oakland. mid-50s a the mountain view, san jose, gilroy, half moon bay. this is the view from our east bay camera in emeryville. looking at raindrops on the
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lens. it's a sprinkling over there. but we don't have any report of any significant rainfall at the moment over in oakland. right now 58 at santa rosa. napa 57. novato mid-50s. a live view of the golden gate shows cloudy skies. the pavement doesn't look very wet right now. rain is widely scattered at the moment, ending late tonight. mostly sunny and dry tomorrow with showers returning late sunday and continuing into early monday. check out the rainfall totals the last 24 hours, wet up in the north bay. 1.3 inches in santa rosa. san rafael over 1 inch. .5 inches in san francisco. .75 inches in oakland. moffat field received barely over .1 inches of rain. we're ranking it 1 on the storm impact scale for this evening. light rain with diminishing wind. roadways remain wet, if you're out and about tonight. this is the forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening.
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we'll see the rain continuing to sweep southward and eastward, becoming lighter and less widespread. as we get into the late-night hours, it should be just about all over for the entire bay area. that means we'll start the day tomorrow with at least partly clear skies. overnight lows generally in the upper 40s. tomorrow we'll see highs ranging from upper 50s at the coast to low and mid 60s near the bay and inland. let's look ahead to sunday. it's going to be a relatively weak storm, ranking 1 on the storm impact scale. it will produce light rain or showers. breezy at times. sunday morning at 7:00, as we get into the late morning to midday hours, might see a sprinkle or two. not much in the way of rain until later in the day. afternoon we'll see more widespread and more of the steady rain pushing into the bay area. it won't last long, it will start to taper off monday morning. accuweather seven-day forecast, we have only one storm on the seven-day forecast panel now.
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that's on sunday. it ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. notice that from tuesday through friday of next week we'll see sunny skies and mild conditions in the afternoon with temperatures in the mid 70s around the bay and inland. >> it's going to be nice next week, thank you. next the land mark battle over a
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last night we led our news with a story of a controversial redwood on san francisco's lombard street and the hearing this morning that could decide its fate. >> that decision has been made. wayne freedman has the split reaction between the tree lovers and tree warriors. >> reporter: at san francisco city hall people make lifelong decisions and commitments five days a week. the one that passed in room 400 did not make everyone happy and infers a longer than average relationship. >> i just got through telling you, it lives to be 1,000 to 2,000 years of age. >> reporter: that was mrs. marie jay yesterday. she's the lombard street resident who planted a redwood sapling in 1962 that has grown to 100 feet tall, creating fears among her neighbors. >> this tree looms over us. it has branchs that weigh hundreds of pounds. and we feel that they could someday fall on our children, or worse, the whole tree. >> reporter: those concerns became an issue in september when mrs. jay, a san francisco
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urban forestry council, granted the tree landmark status which essentially would make it untouchable for future generations. the neighbors say yes, they knew about the tree when they moved in, that their intentions now have nothing to do with improving their views in future years. >> i don't have a view affected by this tree at all. >> reporter: today finally a unanimous vote in favor of landmark status. opponents say this is not muir woods, this will never be muir woods. >> if, you know, a multi-million dollar house gets taken out, or god forbid someone gets hurt and you've got city politicians with their name protecting this thing, i wouldn't want to be in that situation. >> reporter: final approval would come from san francisco's board of supervisors. mrs. jay was thrilled and are to-giving of her critical neighbors. >> they were newcomers, they probably are from out of state, and they don't know the redwood forests. >> reporter: only the one branch
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representative. on lombard street in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. explosive e-mails shedding more light on oakland's ghost ship fire that killed 36 last december. find out what is building owners knew but chose to ignore. understand the police have limited resources as far as what they can do. >> protecting san francisco. in neighborhood youds might not think need the as much as others.
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happening now at 6:30, live doppler 7 shows us today's rain finally moving out of the bay area. here's a live look from the richmond san rafael bridge where the roads are still wet but conditions are looking a lot better than just a few hours ago. driving along 101 in san rafael was a challenge today with wipers going full speed. at least two spin-outs happened
6:30 pm
this afternoon in the same spot near san pedro road. >> you okay? >> yeah, i'm fine. >> what happened? >> i just lost traction, that's all. i couldn't correct it quick enough and i hit the guardrail. >> easy to do. farther north in sonoma county near sebastopol, logicals say this isn't the first time green valley road has flooded. first there's good news. violent crime is down in most of san francisco so far this year. >> however, our partners at hood line uncovered data showing a slight increase in violent crime in parts of the city, including some popular hot spots. here's abc 7 news reporter kate larsen. >> hit me in the back of my head. >> reporter: rob cox has been living in the castro for 25 years and says he's noticed increasingly violent crimes taking place in his neighborhood. he says he was jumped last year and robbed this past christmas. >> there's been an uptick in confrontations. >> reporter: using crime data from the city of san francisco, our partners at hood line
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determined violent crime is flat or down in more than 60% of san francisco neighborhoods for the first two months of 2017 compared to 2017. red and orange areas on the map are seeing the biggest increase in violent crime in the city. several of those neighborhoods are just east of golden gate park. >> the castro has gone from an average of 16 violent incidents per month in 2016 to 22 violent incidents per month on average the first two months of this year. the panhandle also up from four incidents per month last year to 11 incidents this year. debose triangle, 11 incidents on last average year, up to 15 this year. haight-ashbury and lower haight, nine to 12 violent incidents this year. alamo square, from three incidents to five this year. >> a couple of robberies and aggravated assaults. >> reporter: the lieutenant helps oversee san francisco's park district. he agrees that violent criming
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trending slightly higher in their neighborhoods. >> what do you think is happening? >> a lot more homeless on the street. a lot more people with altered mental status, whether it's from psychiatric issues or drugs the street. >> reporter: january 23rd, on fell street near masonic in the panhandle, someone shot a 24-year-old man on his grandmother's porch. on february 11th at alfred lake near haight and stanyon, two suspects now under arrest viciously attacked a teenage boy with his own skateboard. both victims survived. an inspector tells us not one of the suspects in either case is homeless and that the skateboard attack was over drugs. >> haigt and stanyon has been a nexus for people who want to come experience some part of san francisco they believe still exists. it attracts a certain element. >> reporter: walter thompson is
6:33 pm
the community editor for hood line and has lived in the haight about ten years. he's noticed more homeless but says drug and haight ashbury culture play a bigger role in violent cream. >> police have limited resources as far as what they can do to putting officers in place to avoid something. when putting officers in place, the problem usually moves a few blocks away. there's a certain element of whack a mole that i've perceived as a resident and journalist. the problem seems intractable. >> as far as the officers are concerned, they feel like they have their hands tied because they can only do so much. the residents -- i feel for them. >> reporter: the lieutenant does say nonviolent property crimes in the park contradict are down this year. he credits an initiative to take officers out of their squad cars and put more of them on foot patrols in the neighborhoods. reporting in san francisco, kate larson, abc 7 news. berkeley police want your help identifying the suspected
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prowler caught on video early this morning trying to open car doors, then hiding when cars passed by. they described him as black, between 40 to 50 years old, between 5'8" and 5'10", police say he walks with a distinctive limp. if you've seen him, contact berkeley police. neighbors and classmates grappled with emotions as they learn people they that you were among the four victims of a quadruple homicide in sacramento. 50-year-old salvador vasquez oliva was arrested on suspicion of killing four people. investigators scoured the crime scene for more clues today. the victims included tw children. the suspect is believed to be the father of one of those children. people who knew the family struggled to make sense of this tragedy. >> and i was just like, you know, be prepared. because since your school is so close to whiere it happened. >> the coroner hasn't released the victims' names.
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a nearby school sent parents later explaining their kids may have been classmates of the two youngest victims. we learned a san francisco kidnapping suspect is expected to be in court monday. 26-year-old lee eigel faces six counts including kidnapping, attempted rape and lewd acts. police say he pushed a 13-year-old girl into his car. good samaritans heard the girl scream and pulled her from the car. mayor lee issued a statement saying that exemplifies the city at its finest. san francisco is a city that flourishes because our residents care for each other and stand by one another at all times, no matter the circumstances. more revelations tonight about that ghost ship fire that killed 36 people last december. our media partner "the east bay times" says the building's owners knew about dangerous electrical problems more than two years before the fire and did nothing to fix them. e-mails show the eveners ignored a request for a total and immediate electrical upgrade
6:36 pm
back in february of 2015. a center that will look at the good and bad of technology opened in san francisco today. abc 7 news was in the presidio for launch of the center for the fourth industrial revolution. it will be run by the world economic forum known for holding summits with world leaders in switzerland. the center will gather experts to explore the impact of technology in our lives and being in san francisco was deto getting that done. >> this is the heart of innovation in the world. we have the experts here, we can bring them in really forecasting where this technology is going. >> about 75 people will work at the center. its initial focus will be the impact of medicine, artificial intelligence, self-driving cars and drones. computers belonging to a local nonprofit stolen by thieves. the bay area stepping up to help and so can you. his heart and his lungs had failed. and he would have died very
6:37 pm
quickly. >> but he's alive thanks to doctors at stanford hospital who
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the rain should hold off for the rock 'n' roll half marathon
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in san francisco on sunday. course takes runners all over the city and will cause some traffic days. take a look at the race route, starts at golden state park at 6:15 a.m., crosses the bridge, finishing at civic center around noon. road closures will surround the route. video game retailer game stop announced it's closing 150 stores. that news leads tonight's "bay area business watch." game stop has not yet announce which had of its 7,500 stores worldwide will close. it has about 20 location in the bay area. the announcement comes after a nearly 14% drop in global sales last quarter. a new case of sexism involving uber making headlines. a woman posted to twitter an exchange she had on linkedin with one of uber's hiring managers. the manager says, "sexism is systemic in tech and other industries." san francisco-based uber already faces allegations of sexual harassment by a former engineer and has pledged to reform its culture. the dow lost 60 closing just
6:41 pm
under 20,600. the nasdaq up by 11. the s&p lost 2. we have new details on a story that we first brought you last night on abc 7 news at 11:00. really shows the generosity of the bay area. earlier this month, 38 laptop computers were stolen by a storage pod. turns out they belonged to the san leann dough nonprofit network for teaching entrepreneurship. the program gives underserved students business skills and opportunities. viewers who saw the story have stepped up, donating 38 laptops, also offering mentorship opportunities and helping to find potential office space locations. we have a link on our website at if you want to help. the view from our emeryville camera, spencer putting the finishing touches
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teenager getting used to his new heart. tonight after a transplant at stanford hospital the amazing part isn't that he received a now heart but how he survived long enough to get it. cheryl jennings has the story. >> reporter: abraham august says he was always on the move growing up in a family of nine children. that suddenly changed last year. >> i was just sitting down, out
6:45 pm
of nowhere my heart started beating fast. it felt like i couldn't breathe. >> this is acute -- >> reporter: abraham ended up on life support and heading to stanford. heart specialist dr. joseph wu says abraham was in grave dang by the time he arrived. >> his heart and lungs had failed. and he would have died very quickly. >> reporter: their challenge was to keep abraham alive long enough to receive a heart transplant. but that wait time would push the stanford team into uncharted territory. >> this red is an oxygenator. >> reporter: the temporary solution, a machine known as an echmo that takes over the function of the heart and lungs. the doctor showed us how it's typically connected through the chest or an artery in the leg, leaving the patient unable to move around. with abraham's deteriorating condition they knew that could be trouble. >> because patients, they don't do well if they're just laying in bed. >> reporter: instead, dr. ha
6:46 pm
used his own cutting-edge technique and connected the echmo directly to abraham's heart by running the tube through his rib. the result was so successful it allowed abraham to get out of bed and much more. >> and we took him outside and that was the first for us, bringing a patient on echmo outside. >> reporter: the exercise turned out to be critical. instead of two months abraham would wait nearly four months, being kept alive by the echmo. >> which is a record for us, for sure. as far as i know, one of the longest time in the country of being on this type of support. >> reporter: instead of deteriorating, doctors say abraham actually grew stronger. >> so that when a heart finally became available, he was very strong. he was in the best shape he could be in. >> reporter: abraham received his new heart in december, just in time for his 18th birthday. he's now looking forward to heading home with his mom and pouring his whole heart into his dreams. >> looking forward to college
6:47 pm
after high school. studying architecture. >> reporter: cheryl jennings, abc says. >> doctors say at one point before the transplant abraham was able to shoot baskets in his room with a jerry-rigged hoop they set up. we want to thank our perfect pet partners and amazing viewers who made yesterday's puppy day adoption event such a success. we're happy to report that beauty, one of the puppies from the humane society, has been adopted. all three of the older puppies were adopted and all the agencies tell us they expect all the featured puppies have new homes by the end of the weekend. for more information on how to adopt a pet, go to or download our abc 7 news app. congratulations to michael finney, not here tonight because he's getting a big award and honor from his alma mater chico state. >> michael is one of the eight
6:48 pm
graduates getting this year's distinguished alumni award at a special dinner tonight. way to go, michael. >> way to go, spencer. it looks like less rain is falling and the weekend is salvageable. >> absolutely. about at least a partly dry weekend. live doppler 7, we have light scattered showers right now, mainly down in the south bay, over into the higher terrain toward mt. hamilton. take a look at what's going on in the sierra where it's snowing. we have a winter storm warning in effect until 5:00 a.m. for the western slopes. another foot of snow possible above 4,500 feet. lake tahoe, a winter weather advisory until 4:00 a.m., eight inches may fall. in both places winds will be gu gusty. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies with highs low to mid 60s near the bay, inland upper 50s. sunday starts off mainly dry but we'll have light rain or showers developing in the afternoon and evening. those showers may linger into monday. then tuesday through friday, sunny skies, high 10 tours back
6:49 pm
in the mid 70s around the bay and inland. sports, cal picks a new basketball coach, the selection kind of a surprise. speaking of cal, scouts are telling davis webb the
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real surprise from cal today. wyking jones has been named the new head basketball coach. jones was one of martin's assistant coaches. the assumption was cal was going to try to get a bigger-name coach with a proven track record of success, randy bennett at st. mary's nor eric mutt sell man of nevada wanted the job. jones was part of rick pitino's staff at louisville. current cal players do like wyking jones. a five-year deal to oversee what looks like a significant rebuilding job in berkeley. speaking of cal, quarterback davis webb has impressed nfl scouts this offseason with multiple teams telling him they think he's a first-round pick. today he and his cal teammates held their pro day at memorial stadium. they did it in a monsoon and the players embraced it by not wearing shirts. they've got toughness in berkeley. despite the weather webb did
6:53 pm
throw to his receivers, including his favorite target during the season, chad hansen. part of a bear raid offense under sunny dikes, throwing deep, throwing often. he'll have to adjust his style in the nfl but so far scouts are impressed. >> it's to my benefit. i get on the board at the combine and the senior bowl. private workouts and show off my football iq. though been very impressed. i'm going to keep doing what i'm doing. just excited for the draft, that's the next step after private workouts. a fun day to just be back at cal. i've had numerous double-digit teams tell me i'm a first-round guy. we'll see what happens on draft night. former cal running back cal mohammad caught the eye of scouts. he ran an unofficial 4.34 40-yard dash, that would have been the fastest time by a running back at the combine, doing it in a downpour. the combine indoors.
6:54 pm
mohammad small, 5'9", 175. scouts are interested in one thing. >> they say speed. i knew that was big. that's something i always had. i knew i needed to refine the little things to it. and everything will be all right. but a lot of things go into it. you've got to be strong, you've got to be powerful. we've been working all compon t components that all translate to the 40. nba news, check out kevin durant continuing to improve. he's trying to come back from a sprained mcl and a bone bruise. today at practice doing drills, getting up and down the court, putting some stress on that knee. warriors cautiously optimistic. k.d. will be re-evaluated next week, the goal to have him back a few games before the playoffs. the giants rebuilt their bullpen in the offseason. but they just lost a key setup man. lefty will smith needs tommy john's surgery. he's going to miss the 2017 season. submit was expected to pitch the eighth inning, setting up the new close ecloser. giants playing the rockies.
6:55 pm
jeff samardzija on the hill and in the batter's box. he scores on the play, samardzija needs oxygen. brandon belt taking out the belt. third home run of the spring. three-run blast, giants win 6-5. how about the a's playing white sox. oakland had 12 runs through four innings yesterday against the brewers. seven runs in two innings today. ryan healy, two-run shot, 7-0. kendall graven, opening night starter, seven inningings, allowed one run on five hits. the a's are winners 5-2. ice, sharks/stars, aaron dell getting the start tonight. dallas winning the face-off but dell denies tyler seguin with the right pad save. the stars end up getting several past dell. adam cracknell, a good name for a hockey player, cracknell scores a goal. the stars have opened up a 4-0 lead in the second period.
6:56 pm
that's sports. >> all right, thanks. be sure to join us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13. california versus the president. the new battle shaping up over the car you'll drive one day. more than a month after devastating flooding in san jose, dozens are still unable to return home. the makeshift shelter now set to close and how the city is responding. coming up on abc 7 at 8:00, "last man standing," "dr. ken," "shark tank," "20/20," followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. jimmy kimmel live, tonight matthew perry and michael pena. >> that's going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. looking for breaking news on twitter @abc7newsbayarea. >> for the entire abc 7 news team, thank you for joining us and have a great evening.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a writer from westlake village, california... a software developer from new york, new york... and our returning champion, a teacher educator from woburn, massachusetts... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. we're wasting no time today. jon and robert, the newcomers. welcome aboard. champ, good to see you again. let's go to work. here are the categories...
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