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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 25, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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we are not contemplating any other option than winning. >> running out of options and time. leaders of an effort to keep the raiders in oakland support for the plan, a final decision could be less than 48 hours away. hello, i'm eric thomas. the clock is ticking for oakland where raiders fans rallied behind the latest and likely last offer to keep the team by the city. lonni rivera was there as they try to get support for a plan they submitted yesterday. she's live in oakland. lonni. >> reporter: yes, the mayor said today that it is a myth that the
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city is not ready to build something right now and right here. those were her words in the latest effort to keep the raiders here in oakland. >> this is home. >> reporter: for so many passionate raiders fans, this is home. the site of the oakland coliseum captures their heart because it holds so much history. and this sign said, las vegas, if you build it, we won't come. >> we are stuck with the team in losing seasons and came here any way and so we really want to make sure that we're rewarded for that. >> reporter: raiders fans joined the oakland mayor and other city leaders to push the latest plan to keep the team in the city of oakland. ronnie lott presented a plan to build a new venue adjacent to the coliseum. >> 55 acres of open land that is ready to be built on right now. >> reporter: fans showed up in silver and black gear with straightforward signs but many say voices are not being heard.
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>> we have gotten as clear as we can get without the raiders at the table. we need the raiders at the table. >> reporter: raiders owner mark davis' plan would move them to las vegas to play in a $1.9 billion dome stadium. >> he is turning his back on us. he should learn the first time, your dad wanted to take it to l.a. and it didn't work out. >> reporter: owners are expected to vote on a possible move as early as monday. but 24 of the 32 nfl owners must sign off on any move. >> if the vote goes well, we're be having a rally and a celebration, but if the vote doesn't go well, we'll put our minds together in fighting the next step of the this process. >> reporter: everyone is committed to do what they can to keep the raiders in oakland, california. and the mayor said she spoke with commissioner roger goodell and expressed the importance of
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the a's being able to play at the coliseum. and goodell said oakland's plan to keep the raiders is not clear and specific or actionable in a reasonable time frame, so not sounding promising coming from the commissioner. but fans, of course, not giving up hope. live in oakland, lonni rivera, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. laura anthony is heading to phoenix for the nfl owners meeting which could determine whether the oakland raiders can move to las vegas. laura has live reports beginning tomorrow on abc 7 news and break any raiders news first on twitter at laura anthony 7. and now the failed effort to repeal and replace obamacare, which ended before a single vote was cast. house speaker paul ryan pulled his repealed bill from the floor yesterday afternoon. republicans couldn't get enough support from their own party with conservatives an the freedom caucus, and believing it keeps too much of obamacare in tact. they will wait for rising costs
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to cripple the affordable care act and force democrats to work with them. one day later members of the bay area congressional deg aggravation hosted town hall meetings today. we were at san francisco's balboa high a short time ago where congress woman nancy pelosi and jackie spear appeared together. the democrat served as speaker of the house when congress passed obamacare. >> this is about an ideological deconstruction of who we are as a nation. effecting our values, effecting our priorities. >> abc 7 also caught up with oakland democrat barbara lee following a forum with her constituents. >> so we're going to continue to fight for health care for everyone and make sure that it is working for everyone and, again, where it needs to be fixed, we'll move forward and work with republicans to try to fix it. but in no way should people really listen to what is coming
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out of the white house. >> democrats also pledged to keep health care affordable when hosting a town hall in san jose. loston credited the affordable care act with shortening the time people wait to see hospitals and some constituents focused fears about undocumented migrants being reported. president trump responded to the health care overhaul defeat. david wright brings us up to date. >> before heading out to his golf club in virginia, president trump was still ruin ating about friday's health care debacle, and saying obamacare will explode and we'll all get together and piece together a great health care plan for the people. do not worry. plenty of voters are worried. >> it kicked 24 million people off of health insurance. >> the whole point is to hear both sides and come together and
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that is -- that is what i'm most frustrated with in the government because i don't think they are doing that. >> today vice president pence was in charleston, west virginia, reassuring small business owners. >> we will end the obamacare nightmare and give the american people the world-class health care that they deserve. >> reporter: some lawmakers say just walking away from the problem would not be responsible either. >> doing nothing is not the answer after this setback. >> reporter: but there is no quick fix agreeable to all sides. >> repeal and replace is a nice buzzwordond a slogan, but it doesn't describe what we need to do moving forward. >> reporter: republicans in congress haven't said what their next move is likely to be. the administration says it is moving on to tax reform. david wright, abc news, washington. >> and there will be full analysis of the health care defeat on this weekend with george stephanopoulos, tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. only on abc 7. today is the deadline for
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airlines to implement a new ban on electronic devices on certain international flights into the u.s. turkish airlines explained how it will work. that airline said laptops will be collected during boarding and stored in a hard case in the plane's cargo hold and then returned to passengers upon arrival. the ban covers ten foreign airports in the middle east and north africa. they issued the ban due to concerns about potential terrorist attacks. developing news now, part of the las vegas strip just reopened after a gunman surrendered after barricading himself in a bus. a stretch of the strip near the cosmopolitan hotel was closed for several hours during the standoff with police. officers say the gunman shot two people on a bus. one of the victims died. in the same area on the strip, armed people with masks got away with a jewelry heist. police say the thieves used a sledge ham tore bust through the windows of a jewelry store and
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smash display cases. guests were put on lockdown. >> i noticed a person in a pig mask and he looks like he was holding something long and black in one hand and then noticed that he was holding what looked like a gun in the other hand. >> the thieves ran to a car but it wouldn't start. they triped to carjack some other people but officers say that didn't work either. one person was detained by police and they continue to search for other suspects. a thief got away with pricey purses in petaluma. this man entered the coach store at the petaluma factory outlet. they say he grabbed five purses worth more than $1,100 around 7:30 last night. another weather change is on the way. abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma is tracking some rain. >> that is right, eric. a live look from san jose right now. sun to start off the weekend but live doppler 7 along with legislativ satellite, the details ahead in
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the forecast. and a scare in a san francisco neighborhood, the incident that prompted police to shut down streets. and all aboard. b.a.r.t. goes where it has never gone before. an artistic touch to the latest station.
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separate crashes on interstate 680, the first just after 3:00 near stone ridge drive. a man died after losing control of his car and hitting the center divide and thrown from the vehicle. a driver on the other side of the freeway stopped to help but someone hit that driver. a good samaritan was not hurt. another accident an hour later in pleasant hill. the chp said a man from antioch died after he was hit by three vehicles. the drivers of the second two stopped and talked with investigators, chp said the victim is a man in his 20s. three northbound lanes were closed for nearly three hours while officers investigated. a woman surrendered to san francisco police after barricading herself in an apartment in the tenderloin. the woman was suspected of firing a shot in an apartment building. she ran into her apartment and refused to come out after officers confronted her before 9:00 this morning. officers took her into custody around 11:00 this morning.
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b.a.r.t. passengers are taking the first rides on the system's latest extension. today's opening extends b.a.r.t. service five miles from the fremont station to the warm springs station near fremont border with milpitas. we were at the station earlier today. the station represents the first step for b.a.r.t. towards silicon valley. >> we're building a ten-mile extension, bta, down into the section of san jose that is expected to open later this year. >> the station also has an artistic touch. it features the installation sky cycles which we'ves images from different times of day and year into large expanses of art glass. san francisco sports fans have a new reason to cheer. coming up at 5:00, the new team taking the field tonight and why some people are not fans. well we are starting off this weekend with a lot of sunshine, but mother nature going to bring us showers to finish it off tomorrow. the timing ahead in the accuweather forecast.
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now here is tom with a look at what is ahead on world news at 5:30. >> eric, good evening. coming up, president trump feeling the after shocks of the gop health care collapse and a nosedive blasting a quiet neighborhood and the fiery explosion and the chilly new surveillance video showing the possible assassination of one
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a new soccer team hits the pitch, the indy 11 at the stadium in golden gate park at 7:00 p.m. the team is part of a north american soccer team that is a level below the major league. they will play 16 home matches. not everybody is a fan. supporters say it is good for area businesses. some residents are concerned about the increased traffic and noise. also tonight, several landmarks in san francisco and around the world will turn off the lights in the fight against climate change. the tower lights will go dark
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and the transamerica pyramid and the war field. organizers want to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change and urges people and cities and businesses to turn off their lights for one hour. the lights will be out from 8:33 to 9:30 tonight. and with accuweather, in wake of the showers yesterday, the sun returned today. a dry day to start off the weekend and showers do return for your sunday. i know, we're kind of sick of the wet weather pattern. but live doppler 7 showing you it is a quiet picture out there. you are dry tonight. so all of your evening plans on your saturday are good to go. but those showers, look at what they have done. a live look from our east bay hills camera. green as far as the eye can see. just a beautiful sight after this wet winter. and we'll squeak out a few more showers tomorrow in the inland east bay locations. out there right now, the sunshine, we're spotting nicely
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with the temperatures. we're about five to 15 degrees warmer right now than we were this time yesterday. with those storms rolling through. 62 in oakland. 58 in downtown san francisco. san jose, mostly sunny you're at 63. 65 in concord. and santa rosa checking in at a temperature of about 62 degrees. so overnight tonight, here is the call. we'll have a blend of stars and clouds out there. it will be dry overnight tonight. temperatures kind of a mixed bag. 50 in oakland. 57 san jose. dropping to about 42 in santa rosa. 45 in napa and san francisco dropping to 49 degrees. we'll start off our sunday dry but showers will work through the day. so the storm impact scale comes back on sunday. it is a one. it is a very light system working through. we'll have light showers throughout the day. most cities minimal rainfall. less than a quarter of an inch likely. a breezy and cool afternoon to round out the weekend. so hour by hour we go, watch the clock, the corner of your screen, 8:00 to tomorrow morning and the majority dry.
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you are starting out with a gray sky on sunday but the rain is holding off in a lot of locations. by 1:00 in the afternoon, the system starting to get its act together in the north bay and drops around santa rosa and clear lake but the majority of the bay area is dry. even through 4:00, san francisco starting to see the first drops of rain. steadier showers in the north bay, but antioch and livermore and san jose, likely still dry through 4:00 in the afternoon. probably closer to that dinnertime hour. 6:00 in the evening on sunday, livermore, antioch and ataskadero, your first drops are falling. in the heart of the region, by 8:00 we're tracking the tail end of the system working through the north bay and by 11:00 it is really winding down and starting to wrap itself up. so future-tracker rainfall amount, not a lot of rain with the system. very minimal. most spots, the majority of the region less than a quarter of an inch of rain. do expect a few locations in the north bay to see a little bit more than that. so highs on your sunday, where the rain holds off the longest,
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like the south bay, likely close to about 60 degrees tomorrow afternoon. where the rain starts earlier in the north bay and holding in the mid-50s. 56 santa rosa. 58 san francisco. 62 in san jose, and 60 in oakland. and the seven-day forecast, going to show you it is the light showers tomorrow afternoon and then watch what happens. monday, it is clouds to sunshine. tuesday we are turning warmer. wednesday a mid-week beauty around here, but thursday a breeze kicks in and cools temperatures off but we quickly rebound on friday and by saturday, eric, 80s make a return and sunshine is back and it is a warm start to the weekend. so happy to have you back, too. >> thank you. good to be back. those daps are getting longer and more sunshine. and more chances to stand out in the rain if you are a tv reporter. >> and once again, my big ten doesn't let me down. they get bounced into the sweet 16. >> you were gone? >> yeah. >> he was on the road a lot. >> we have the ncaa tournament back on track this afternoon in san jose. xavier and gonzaga battling for
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both schools to the final four and oregon continues the cinderella run advancing to the first elite eight and upsetting maryland. we'll pl
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we tip off with the women's ncaa tournament where stanford will face notre dame for a shot at the final four and don't underestimate any coach. today uconn continues the d domination of the women's game.
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the huskies had a 17-2 run and led by 17 at the half. and collier, huge for the huskies. 14 rebounds. chan tipped in 16 for uconn as they win the 110th straight game, 86-71 the final. and oregon taking on the three seed maryland. this freshman from walnut creek led all at 21 points. hits the three from way out and had seven assists finding lexy bando in the corner. five oregon players with double-digits, oregon advances to the elite eight for the first time in history. >> and st. patricks and taking on lamesa. throwing it down. all four seniors in double figures. despite being fouled, bj stanley had five assists and st. patricks and st. vincent went to the state title, 59-46,
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congratulations to the local heros. pga tour in austin, texas, whittled down to the final four and number one dustin johnson got off to a quick start against norrin. three up and through three and will face the semis. haas beat mickelson and putting him up three on lefty and he will take on rom in the semis. he had the best match defeating his opponent 7-5. here on 13, sticks his approach within a few feet. taking the match to the semis and finals will be played tomorrow. cactus league winding down. the giants and padres, then in the second, a solo home run, stratton 3 innings,in nine hits. fresh from the wbc title game, slapping this one silly. a 4-1 game. top three, stratton still giving. this time a two-run shot to eric
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aybar. he would give up three total and padres lead 7-6 in the 8th inning. and a's here against the dodgers. top of the first, chapman crushing a three run former, a former a, first home run of the spring. 3-0 athletics. and then for those in the fourth, on a grand slam, a's lose 11-6 to the dodgers and the reds, at least their consistent. warriors coming off the victory last night. we'll look at more coming up at 6:00. hope to see you then. eric, welcome back. >> thank you. got a question for you.
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remembering two hoifllywood icons. hundreds pack a memorial for debbie reynolds and carrie fisher and getting high school students interested in orthopedic surgery. a recent view of whales off the coast has scientists scratching their head. they have a mother off of maui appearing to do a head stand. drifting with her tail out of the water, catching the wind like a sail. this is rare for humpbacks and researchers think it is a way to rest, nurse or just try to stay cool. however, if you saw the star trek save the whales movie, you would have seen that move. i did.
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join us for abc 7 news at 5:00. welcome to "world news :00. tonight." breaking news. chaos on the strip. a gunman kills one then squares off against s.w.a.t. teams in las vegas. a section of the strip shut down. this just hours after the bellagio hotel is put on lockdown after armed burglars wearing masks attempt a major jewelry heist. also developing, brawls breaking out at a pro-trump rally in california. this as the white house re-groups after the devastating health care defeat. vice president pence announcing the war on obamacare is not over. details on president trump's next move. night strike. the tornado. dangerous winds and hail hitting in the middle of the night. this church destroyed. deadly crash landing. imagine coming home to this.


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