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tv   ABC7 News  ABC  March 26, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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good morning. it's sunday, march 26th. i'm cornell bernard in for carolyn tyler. let's start with the weather. it's wed out there. here's more. good morning to you. hi, everyone. we've had a few light showers from the north bay to livermore this morning. a live look here from our radar, live doppler 7 on top of mt. st. helena. the activity in the east bay. highway 4 near discovery bay. concord, alameda, you had a shower. toward 680. it's light. it's not going to last. the main activity will be a cold front that sweeps through later on today. so we'll look at temperatures cooler today with the cloud cover. a one on the storm impact scale. that means light showers, most
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cities less than .2. more like .1 inch. here's a live look from our tower camera. 54 in san francisco. 53 in san jose. gray, exploratorium camera. 49 in santa rosa. in santa cruz, cloudy. the bulk of the day from santa cruz, san jose, and the peninsula will be gray. we'll see a few isolated showers in the north bay. they spread from south to east. temperatures will be much cooler. we'll talk about how much and how long this rain will last for your sunday and then look at a springlike week ahead. >> all right. see you in a bit. breaking news out of ohio this morning. cincinnati police say multiple shooters opened fire inside a nightclub leaving a 27-year-old man dead and injuring 15 others. happened around 10:30 last night our time inside the cameo nightclub. police say several men got into a dispute in the club which led to shots fired. officials say the cameo nightclub is a large establishment that employs its own security team. >> it is my understanding
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they do wand individuals and pat them down. however, we know at this point several firearms were brought inside the bar. >> those injured, one is in critical condition. several others in serious condition. and some have minor injuries and have been released. police are interviewing witnesses. they say there are no indications the shooting is related to terrorism. officers do not have suspects. > minority leader nancy pelosi and jackie spear met with leaders in san francisco, but it wasn't all positive. people were happy after the indefinite postponement to repeal obamacare but are demanding more protection and more options. a abc7 with more. there's no privilege greater than representing the san francisco bay area and the congress of the united states. [ applause ] >> reporter: house democratic
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leader nancy pelosi and congressman jackie spear spent nearly three hours with constituents during a town hall meeting at balboa high school. >> we're very, very pleased to have a victory for the american people yesterday. [ applause ] >> reporter: they're referring to the survival of the affordable care act. speaker of the house paul ryan pulled a reform proposal off the floor before a vote could be taken. in contrast, seven years ago, it was then-speaker of the house pelosi who helped pass the bill. >> she made sure that the affordable care act was in fact passed. do you know what's the difference between she and paul ryan? she can count. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the jokes quickly stopped, and the mood changed once constituents started asking questions. >> there's only one way we can go -- single payer. [ boos ] >> do you want to listen or just speak? >> let her speak, please. >> reporter: while the representatives agreed the health care act can improve,
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there wasn't necessarily agreement on how. that made some constituents nervous. >> i want to make sure that my congress people will fight for obamacare. >> reporter: this woman needs obamacare, she has cancer. >> saves my life. i have of to the treatments. i thank god for the affordable care act. >> reporter: the president meantime says he's already moving on to tax reform. abc7 news. >> that forum hosted in san francisco was one of several by bay area lawmakers. yesterday, abc7 news caught up with east bay democrat barbara lee after a town hall meeting in oakland. >> so we have to unify as a country and move toward to try to defeat this very un-american agenda that donald trump has put forward. we're going to continue to fight for health care for everyone and make sure that it's working for everyone. >> democrat zoloe lofgren poste to keep health care affordable when she hosted a town hall in san jose. she credited the affordable care
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act with shortening the time patients wait to see doctors at public hospitals. there are no republicans representing the bay area in congress. democrats in the bay area were applauding the canceled vote, as you saw. last night it appears republicans were celebrating the possible obamacare repeal a bit too early. >> thank congressman david valadeo for keeping his promise and replacing the affordable care act with the better health care you deserve. >> oops. ads like that aired friday by accident during the ncaa tournament games according to deadspin. the ads ran in parts of virginia, texas, iowa, and here in california. the ads are still posted this morning on the american action network's youtube page. some national nonprofits that serve the bay area are celebrating the american health care act's stalled vote. that includes easter seals bay area. and as abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow shows, families
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whose children receive services from the agency are grateful. >> reporter: 11-year-old twins lyra and sophia receive easter seals' individualized behavioral services as well as trips and day camps. something their father fears they could lose. >> we were worried about the vote because we didn't know what would happen. hearing that it wasn't going to ba -- to pass, and for the foreseeable future we'll continue to get our services. a huge relief for us. >> reporter: the family dropping off children at the pleasant hill teen center so they can have a parents night out. an opportunity for their children to play, create, and make memories. during an "alice in wonderland" themed party. this boy's family is also relieved by the stalled american health care vote. >> for the children it's a great thing. >> the aba behaviors come out, helps him with his homework.
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>> reporter: the couple leaves hands in hand knowing their girls are safe, they say they'll get dinner. tajai's mother and grandmother are off to do some shopping. a saturday night made easier for a few families. in addition to the other benefits and services they say easter seals provides. >> we appreciate keeping all of our funding. >> reporter: this parents night out in pleasant hill is a pilot program. organizers say the goal is to expand to seven more cities. another reason they say funding is so critical. in pleasant hill, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> at least three people were arrested yesterday during a rally supporting president trump in huntington beach. witnesses say an anti-trump protester pepper sprayed a woman, and trump supporters started punching and kicking him. the man jumped over a fence but was detained by chp officers. two people suffered minor injuries there. san jose police are investigating a suspicious death near toya middle school. officers responded to bard
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street after 10:00 yesterday morning on reports of a visibly injured man not breathing. he died on scene. his identity and details of his injuries have not been released. homicide and crime scene investigators are looking into a motive and circumstances surrounding his death. ♪ thousands of mourners saluted during yesterday's funeral for fallen emergency technician yadira arroyo in new york city. arroyo was murdered in the line of duty while responding to a call in the bronx on march 16th. san francisco fire department chaired this -- shared this picture showing three paramedics at arroyo's funeral. they joined first responders from across the u.s. to remember the mother of five. this morning, people are back on the las vegas strip. it was shut down for several hours during a standoff between police and a gunman. it happened around 11:00 a.m. yesterday after the gunman opened fire on a double-decker bus stopped on las vegas boulevard near the cosmopolitan hotel and casino.
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one person died, another was hurt and is in fair condition. the suspect surrendered to police after several hours. investigators are still looking into a possible motive. take a look at this photo. the which and south lake tahoe tweeted yesterday. there it is. the gas explosion at kirkwood mountain resort. you see the smoke billowing up from the snow bank around 11:00 a.m. yesterday. officers did say that nobody was hurt. we're still waiting for details on exactly what happened. we can't say good-bye to the rain yet. here we are. >> yes. >> back in it. >> that's right. a one on the storm impact scale. we've already seen a few sprinkles around the bay. it is mild. here's a live look outside from our tower camera. temperatures in the 50s. and we're looking at just a little bit of rain before the main event later on this afternoon. most of you will see a dry day. it's not going to amount to too much. i'll tell you how much, and we still could have another chance of rain in the seven-day
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outlook. more next. >> all right. see you in a bit. also, a last-ditch effort to keep the oakland raiders in oakland. a possible vote a day away. what nfl commissioner roger goodell is telling oakland officials. and the lights go out in the city. the yearly earth hour to raise awareness about the effects of climate change.
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running out of options and time. the city of oakland pleading
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with owner mark davis to come back to the negotiating table to help keep the raiders in oakland. a final decision on relocation to vegas could come as early as tomorrow, and it's not looking good for oakland. here's eric thomas. >> reporter: our media partners at the "east bay times" are reporting that nfl commissioner roger goodell sent an ominous letter to oakland officials. he says the city's plan for building a raiders a -- would about the raiders a new stadium is not "clear and specific, actionable in a reasonable time frame, and free of major contingencies." the city of oakland disagrees. >> we have gotten as clear as we can get without the raiders at the table. we need the raiders at the table. >> reporter: raiders fans joined mayor libby schaaf and others to push for the latest plan to keep the team from bolting to las vegas. former nfl star ronny lott presented the recent proposal to the commissioner. >> i do not have room in my mind or my heart for any other result right now. >> reporter: the latest plan calls for using 55 acres of open
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land for a new 55,000-seat stadium on the current coliseum lot with a price tag of $1.3 billion. fans showed up to support the newest proposal, but many say their voices aren't being heard. >> stuck with the team in losing seasons, and we came here anyway. and so we really want to make sure that we're rewarded for that. >> reporter: raiders' owner, mark davis, favors a plan to move the team to vegas where they would eventually play in a $1.9 billion domed stadium. >> turning his back on us. you know, he should learn the first time -- you went to l.a., and it didn't work out. >> reporter: owners are expected to vote on a possible raiders move as early as monday. right now it appears that owner mark davis has the 24 votes necessary to move the team. >> if the vote goes well, we're going to be having a rally and a celebration. if the vote doesn't go well, we're going to be putting our minds together to figure out what our next step in fighting this process is going to be. >> reporter: eric thomas, abc7
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news. >> unless mark davis changes his mind and comes back to the negotiating table, which he has given no indication that he will do, there is little oakland can do to prevent the move. it's possible the league could postpone the vote, but only if davis asks them to. abc 7 reporter laura anthony is in phoenix for this week's nfl owners meeting which could determine whether the oakland raiders can move to vegas. laura's live reports begin tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. she'll also break any raiders news first on twitte twitter @lauraanthony7. today, the golden state warriors will host stop fraud night to remind fans about buying tickets from third-party sites. the team is flying a family out from atlanta after they couldn't go to a hawks/warriors game this month because they bought tickets that were no good. the club recommends going to which verifies tickets before they're sold or resold. tonight's tip-off is at 5:00 p.m. at oracle arena. uber has grounded its
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self-driving cars for now pending an investigation into this crash involving one of the company's volvo suvs operating on its own. it happened friday in tempe, arizona. police say the self-driving vehicle was obeying the law. it was the driver of the other car that didn't yield and turned left into the suv's path causing it to roll over. two operators inside the suv were injured but not seriously. officers cited the other driver with a moving violation. bart passengers took their first ride on the system's newest extension. yesterday's opening extends service about five miles from the fremont station to the warm springs station near fremont's border with milpitas. abc7 news was at the warm springs-south fremont station, representing a first step for the station to reach silicon valley. >> we're building a ten-mile extension. vta is building a ten-mile extension into san jose. that's expected to open later
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this year. >> the station also has an artistic touch. it features the installation of sky cycles which weave images from differing times of the day and year into large expanses of art glass. many landmarks around the world went dark for an hour last night. all of a sudden the you towers around the golden gate bridge seemed to disappear around 8:30. the wildlife fund led the earth hour effort. organizers hope it increases awareness about climate change. not to be outdone, the bay bridge went dark, as well. so did other iconic structures including new york city's empire state building and seattle's space needle. more than 9,000 runners participating in this morning's rock and roll half-marathon. the race began at golden gate park at 6:15 this morning. the route took runners across the golden gate bridge. this is video from this morning. it finishes at civic center around noon. two lanes of traffic are still closed on the bridge.
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there are also street closures around the race route. good sunday morning. maybe you slept through a few raindrops. here's live doppler 7. this is not reaching the ground, but it is moistening the atmosphere. we had a little area of rain that moved through earlier, but the front is still to the north. as we go in closer, you'll notice we have the green here. what we had do see is the upper layers of the atmosphere are getting moist. we widen out the view, a lot of cloud cover. this has to swing to the south and east. it will do that by the afternoon. right now, pretty cloudy in emeryville with temperatures mainly in the low to mid 50s. 50 in half moon bay, san francisco. 53 in gilroy. and drops on the lens, a few light showers around central marin county. 49 santa rosa. 54 in napa. 52 novato. we've got low 50s to mid 50s for
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concord and livermore. finally right here, lake tahoe, a winter weather advisory for the west slopes. right now, mid 30s. rain/snow mix. about four to six inches in the higher elevations. you see it looks kind of warm out there. but a little more snow for the highest peaks. cloudy with a few sprinkles. the showers will head from north to south by this afternoon, say 2:00, 3:00, into the evening hours. cool but bright and brisk tomorrow. looking at sunny and milder weather tuesday and wednesday. let's skip ahead to the sunny, cool day monday behind the weak front. we'll have brisk, gusty northwest winds in the upper 50s in san francisco. low to mid 60s. a sunny day to start the workweek. onitudes r tuesday, check it out -- on tuesday, check it out. 70s return to the inland east bay. 68 in oakland. just a little bit warmer on the coast. by wednesday, yes, a nice day out there with springlike temperatures. in fact, well above average. today, a one on the storm impact scale. a weak system that will sort of limp through the bay area later
9:21 am
on today. bringing cities less than .1 to .2 and a breezy and cool afternoon. here we are, 9:00, notice what happens by about 2:00, 3:00, this is sinking south through marin, sonoma, 4:00, a little rainy in the north bay. it crosses the bay about dinnertime. by 7:00 san francisco, showers, 8:00, 9:00, the peninsula. scattered showers the further south and east you go from liverpool to san jose. into 8:00 monday, you see not a lot of cloud cover. we'll see sunshine, and amounts through your early tomorrow will be just about .1 in san francisco. .06 in san carlos and mountainview. i talked about the snow, over ten inches in the highest peaks. chain control and travel delays likely. upper 50s to low 60s, a cool day today. and the accu-weather seven-day forecast featuring just one -- one on the storm impact scale. we will be looking at the increasing sun and temperatures through midweek. by thursday, temperatures really
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plummet. not really quite sure if we're going to see sprinkles out of that. look at the rebound friday and saturday. upper 70s to near 80. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> yeah. >> waiting for spring to show up, and heres at t-- and here i. thank you very much. a beef with a police officer who tried to corral
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you could be held responsible if you damage a rental car. however, a san francisco woman says she was charged for damage she didn't cause. michael finney helped her out. >> reporter: trina barnett's friend was in town for the weekend so she rented a car to show him around. >> we say the bay bridge. >> the -- we saw the bay bridge. >> the weather was really nice. >> reporter: she returned the radar and budget charged -- the car, and budget charged her the whiched $94. but it didn't end there. >> what? >> reporter: she later found budget charged her more than $250 in extra fees. >> he said they detected smoking in the car. i was like, are you serious? >> reporter: budget claims she had been smoking in the car, and she had to pay for a cleaning patrita doesn't smoke, and neither does her friend. >> no, there was mow smoking. how are you -- no smoking. how are you going to assume? >> we know we didn't smoke in there. i'm like, that's not right. >> reporter: patrita pointed out budget had inspected the car when she returned it, and no one
9:26 am
said anything about the smell of smoke. >> they gave her the receipt, said everything's okay, and we were on our way. >> reporter: she demanded a refund, but a manager refused saying in an e-mail two other employees identified the smell that was present when you returned the vehicle. >> that's when i contacted channel 7 on your side. >> reporter: we contacted budget, and patrita got a call from the corporate office. >> i was like, wow, that was quick. he said that charge of $250 was meant for someone else. >> reporter: budget tells us, "we always strive to provide our customers with an enjoyable rental experience. as part of that policy, we prohibit smoking in our rental vehicles. we have reviewed the matter and have worked directly with ms. barnett to reach a resolution." >> that's a good thing. >> reporter: when you rent a car, note any damages before you take it out. and take a copy of the rental company's inspection report when you bring it back. they should note any damage at that time. not later. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. the kind of police chase you
9:27 am
may expect in texas. fortunately for us, the officer's dash cam caught it all on video friday. watch as the officer uses his patrol car to round up this runaway cow and successfully get him into a fenced off area. clearly, the cow not about to be contained. once the officer closed the gate, yeah, the cow quickly turned and charged him, taking off once again. the officer was not hurt. the cow we are told is still on the run. watch out. still to come on abc 7's mornings, video of masked burglary suspects running through the bellagio. the latest on the jewelry heist. and a harrowing joyride. a 99-year-old woman carjacked by a 24-year-old woman who police say had just been released from jail.
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good morning. we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather.
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here's meteorologist lisa argent. >> hi, everyone. we have green on live doppler 7, but this is not likely reaching the ground. and we will see a cold front, a weak one, sweep through the bay area later today. live doppler 7 pointing out the more concentrated rain that is up to the north and west. and the clouds to go with it. it's going to be a cloudy, cool, gray day as it is here in santa cruz. temperatures are in the mid 50s in san francisco. 53 san jose and mountainview. look at all the gray here from the golden gate bridge. low 50s in liverpool. you had a light -- livermore. you had a light shower earlier. from sfo, the peninsula, temperatures cool. 50s through noontime. the front pushes through the north bay by 4:00 p.m. heading south and east. i'll track it for you. talk about totals and 70s arrive midweek. more in the midweek forecast. vice president mike pence hit the road telling small business owners in coal country that president trump will go back to the drawing board on health care, vowing that
9:31 am
obamacare won't be around for long. abc news reporter david wright has details. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: in ohio, california, and even the jersey shore, fist fights and mayhem at pro-trump rallies as protesters clashed with supporters. in huntington beach, california, protesters alleged lly pepper sprayed one of the organizers. witnesses say flag-waving trump supporters tackled him and proceeded to beat him up. the mayhem caught on camera and shared on social media. the california highway patrol ended up making several arrests. [ cheers ] at philadelphia's independence mall, police cut short another trump rally citing safety reasons. the two sides squared off and sounded off at each other. police caught in the middle. all of this as the white house is trying to reassure
9:32 am
supporters. vice president mike pence was out in coal country. >> we will end the obamacare nightmare and give the american people the world-class health care that they deserve. [ applause ] >> reporter: the president seconded that on twitter, predicting, "obamacare will explode, and we will all get together and piece together a great health care plan for the people. do not worry!" former obama administration officials say that partly depends on him. >> when he says this thing is going to explode, is part of that in his power? >> that's a little bit like inheriting an overseas war and deciding you're going to let the soldiers get killed because it wasn't your idea to enter the war. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, washington. governor jerry brown is standing strong against president trump and his proposed border wall between the u.s. and mexico. the governor appeared on "meet
9:33 am
the press" this morning to discuss the issue. he met with republicans in washington to collaborate on infrastructure. governor brown says california is going to fight hard to stop the wall from being built. >> the wall to me is ominous. it reminds me too much of the berlin wall. when i see that 30-foot wall, i -- i worry somehow, are they trying to keep me in or keep them out? i think americans ought to be very careful when we make radical changes like a 30-foot wall keeping some in and some out. >> the governor also says he hopes conservatives will tell the president that undocumented immigrants are still human beings and should be treated that way. surveillance video captured the murder of an opponent of russian president vladimir putin in ukraine. now ukrainian officials believe the kremlin was behind the killing of the exiled russian lawmaker in kiev. the bodyguard of dennis veronikov killed the hooded assassin moments later.
9:34 am
veronikov defected in october. the former putin ally said in recent interviews he felt his life was in danger. now to a scary 24 hours in las vegas. armed robbers in masks pulled off a daring jewelry heist at the famous bellagio hotel. then a deadly shooting in the heart of the vegas strip. abc's marcy gonzalez has that. >> reporter: for hours the famed las vegas strip shut down. >> watch out for crossfire. guy with a rifle. >> reporter: thousands kept at a distance. >> people just dropped everything everywhere because they were in such a hurry to get out. >> reporter: a s.w.a.t. team surrounded this public bus outside of the cosmopolitan hotel trying to capture the suspect they say got on board saturday afternoon and randomly opened fire on passengers. >> started shooting indiscriminately. >> reporter: one victim killed, another shot in the abdomen but expected to survive. the other passengers managing to escape as the accused gunman barricaded himself on board. police using an explosive and launching robotic camera into
9:35 am
the second deck of the bus trying to get a better look at the accused killer before he finally surrendered. >> he's got mental issues. we found that very evident. we know there's no terrorism nexus. >> reporter: this just hours after another scare on the strip. the bellagio hotel put on lockdown after a heist at this high-end jewelry store. new video shows three suspected thieves wearing animal masks making their getaway after using sledgehammers to smash their way into the rolex store. >> possible active shooter in a zebra mask -- >> reporter: police not commenting on how much was stolen. marci gonzalez, abc news. now to developing news out of san jose. a man died in a hit-and-run crash. it happened just before midnight at monterey highway and stauffer boulevard. officers arrived to find the victim with serious injuries. he was taken to the hospital where he died. the search is now on for the driver, but no information about the car has been released. a 99-year-old woman fought back after she was carjacked by
9:36 am
a woman who had just been released from jail. it happened wednesday night outside the rancho cucamonga jail. 99-year-old virginia batista was in her car waiting for her daughter when a woman jumped in the driver's seat. that woman was 24-year-old monique kadina who had just been released after being cited for being under the influence of a controlled substance. the woman threatened to hit batista and steal her hearsputt. >> i said -- her purse. >> i said i'm going to hit you. >> she let batista out at a gas station after a scary 90-minute joyride. she was not hurt. police found cadina a few hours later and rearrested her. dozens of bay area high school girls into the hands-on experience in orthopedic surgery. the event was put on by kaiser permanente and the perry initiative. it aims to get young women
9:37 am
interested in traditionally male-dominated fields. 40 girls spent the day operating with the help of orthopedic surgeons and team doctors for the sharks and warriors. >> they're doing a variety of things including learning how to fix fractures. so something that would be done in an operating room. so they get a lot of hands-on experience with drills and bones and fractures. >> the perry initiative was started in 2009 by two women in san francisco. since then more than 4,500 female high school and medical students have participated in the group's outreach program. still ahead on abc7 mornings, helping the homeless in an unusual way. the barber doing it one cut at a time. meet one of our abc7 stars. here's a live look, gorgeous shot of downtown san francisco. yeah, there's a little rain but not for long. lisa argent will have your forecast coming up.
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today, celebrating a unique fleester easter. easter is three weeks away, but you can enjoy the activity including a golden easter egg hunt, mimosas, arts and crafts, food trucks. if you find a golden egg, you can win a $20 gift certificate to use at any vendor. the event costs $3 and starts at 10:00 this morning. i think some of those eggs might get soggy today, right? >> yeah. a little bit. we have a weak weather system on the way, and we've ranked it a one on the storm impact scale. 42 degrees, misty, drippy, and foggy out there. mid 50s in hayward. talking just under .1 inch in
9:41 am
some neighborhoods. then back to spring for just a little while. there are still -- there's a cool and breezy day in the seven-day outlook. i'll have the weather forecast next. >> wow. stormy up there now. also next, cinderella story ends in san jose. while top seed kansas ducked out by oregon to advance to the final four for the first time in 78 years. we have the highlights and post-game reaction of both games coming up in sports.
9:42 am
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good morning. spring skiing, anybody? check out this shot from mt. lake tahoe, heavenly resort. tahoe could see a little bit of snow. and yeah, we're seeing rain here in the bay area, as well. lisa argent will have the forecast in a bit. in sports this evening, the warriors will try to extend their six live game winning streak before heading back to texas. golden state faces the memphis grizzlies at oracle arena. tip-off at 5:00 p.m. today two more schools will punch their tickets to the final four in phoenix. yesterday march madness wrapped up in san jose with the regional final. here's mike schuman with this morning's sports. >> reporter: good morning. the s.a.p. center was rocking yesterday with gonzaga and xavier fans as neither team has ever been to the final four. one cinderella team would advance. former bulldog john stockton in the house. nigel williams. 24 points, four threes giving
9:45 am
the zags a late xavier leads. bulldogs led by ten. williams with redemption. throws down the alley-oop and drives, lays it in. 19 points, eight boards. c gonzaga wins to be the first conference team since 1957. and the coach -- do a handstand. >> as far as the west thing, it's cyclical. we've been good enough during that time to get there. we didn't get it done. these guys did. >> this really is a family. i wanted to do it more for them than for myself. i definitely thought a lot about it. again, i'm so happy for everyone who believes in gonzaga basketball. i'm happy for everyone. oregon took on one-seed kansas. peyton pritchard great spin move feeds jordan bell for the moon stur dunk. bell, 11 points, 13 blocks. in the second, dylan brooks, the
9:46 am
three. he had 17. where did he get the blue tongue? brooks not done. step back three. oregon knocks down the third, number-one seed 74-60. ducks first final four since the tournament began in 1939 when they won it all. a 78-year drought. >> 1939 was a long time ago. i think everybody would be excited about the opportunity to go to phoenix and play for a national title. sharks have just seven games remaining until the playoffs. right now they're in trouble. once atop the pacific division, san jose's now in danger of falling to the wild card after losing their sixth straight last night in nashville. sharks ending their four-game roadtrip. last night they gave up the first goal in their seventh straight game. briefly left alone in the front. 1-0preds. then yosi undresses brent burns, hits the crossbar. mcleod there to clean it up.
9:47 am
2-1 nashville an one. sharks offense again a no-show. nothing going the sharks' way. the second period, taking the puck to the mouth. he will need dental work. you can see a tooth fly out of his mouth. he would not return to the game. the sharks lose the sixth straight, 7-2. they lost 13-3 in the last two games. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mark schuman. have a great day. good sunday morning. i'm lisa argent. looking at live doppler 7, you're looking at light rain that's swept through the bay area. most of this not hitting the ground. it's virga, moistening the upper levels of the atmosphere. this will sweep through the bay area later today. dropping very scant amounts. it's keeping it cool, breezy, gray outside. in fact, winds out of the south today. tomorrow, they switch around to the northwest. it will be sunny, but it will be chilly behind this system. so it's milder this morning. 54. 56 in oakland.
9:48 am
53 in san jose. half moon bay, 54. looking at the golden gate bridge, we had a few sprinkles earlier. and you see all the heavy cloud cover here. so with it, a cooler day today. 54 in concord now and napa. we'll stay in the 50s in some neighborhoods. 60s elsewhere. the seven-day outlook is promising temperatures above average. here is lake tahoe where it's in the mid 30s. a rain/snow mix at about lake level. you have to go up above about 6,000 feet, and we'll pick up a couple of inches. cloudy with sprinkles and perhaps a few showers by the mid-afternoon in the north bay. then they sink south. cool and bright and brisk tomorrow. the warmer days come tuesday and wednesday. let's check out san jose, for example, for the week ahead. highs today will be just in the low 60s with the cloud cover. average high, 67. you see the numbers don't recover tomorrow. it's tuesday and wednesday, another system wants to bring a
9:49 am
few hundredths into the area in terms of rainfall thursday. not totally sold yet, but it will be a cool and breezy day friday and saturday, warming up. a one on the storm impact scale today with light showers. most cities less than .1 inch of rain. so as we go through the morning hours, it's cloudy, but by 1:00, 2:00 in the north bay, you've got rain for marin to sonoma. here it is, 4:00, slicing through the north bay and into the east bay by 5:00, 6:00. peninsula, around san mateo, half moon bay, getting wet. 580 slick. then by 9:00, scattered showers into the south bay. not as much for you in livermore. tomorrow, sunshine. rainfall smoonamounts very ligh. .1 if you're lucky on the coast. and a couple hundredths around mountain view. maybe a half foot above 5,000 foot. ten inches over the highest peaks. it certainly will be slick there. highs today ranging from the
9:50 am
upper 50s, cool and breeze at the coast. about 62 our warmerest location in san jose. the seven-day forecast, a leftover shower tomorrow for a breezy day. then turning waermg tuesday, wednesday, turning cooler thursday. look at the rebound on friday and saturday, could be the warmest day of the next seven. >> the forecast that i love. more snow in the sierra. >> i know. they don't need anymore. >> they'll be skiing until june, july. thank you very much. the san francisco barber you're about to meet has no trouble filling her chair. ask one of her clients. our own abc 7's reggie aki. it can be tough to get an appointment although some of her most valuable customers don't need to get on the schedule -- they don't even pay. reggie introduces us to this abc7 star. >> reporter: jo ce carmichael comes to raquel for the same reason i do -- >> she's good. >> reporter: most of raquel's clients find her at san francisco's fellow barber. if it's a tuesday and it's
9:51 am
relatively calm weatherwise, she works in the shadow of the main library near city hall. clippers in hand. >> a lot of people out here. i think it's -- you know, their only chance to get hay haircut. >> reporter: she calls her free services for the homeless tender cuts after the tenderloin neighborhood where many of her tuesday clients live. >> i have an interview for an sro today. >> really? >> i might get out of the shelter. >> oh, my goodness. that is the best news i've heard all day. >> reporter: the line of people waiting for cuts wasn't always so long. people at first were a little wary. >> they didn't understand why someone would want to come out and help them. or talk to them or be nice to them. >> reporter: a year later, she and volunteers she's rangled to join her have served dallas cowboys 1,0-- have served 1,000 people. she's earned people's trust, not just because of how she makes people look -- >> show much better! >> reporter: but because of how she makes them feel.
9:52 am
>> i feel like a brand-new person when i leave your chair. now i see it in these people. >> yes. it's overwhelming, isn't it? >> reporter: yeah. >> for me i usually have my eyewear on because i'm usually tearing up under my glasses. they're telling me these stories, interacting with me, and they've lived like ten lives that i could have never had the strength to live. >> reporter: raquel fahardo can't solve the homeless problem. >> check this out here. >> reporter: she can solve a problem for these homeless people. one beautiful haircut at a time. her next dream -- to replicate tender cuts in cities across the country. raquel, for spreading your love and your service and respect across the streets of san francisco, we honor you as one of our abc7 stars. >> thanks, reggie, and thanks, raquel. to nominate someone to be an abc7 star, find the information at coming up, time to sparkle. the big 25th anniversary
9:53 am
celebration starting today at disneyland, paris.
9:54 am
9:55 am
here are the winning numbers from the $40 million powerball drawing -- 18-31-32-45-48, powerball 16. nobody picked all six numbers. wednesday's jackpot grows to $50 million. the winning numbers from last night's $23 million superlotto-plus drawing -- 10-13-17-18-20, the mega number,
9:56 am
11. nobody picked all six in that draw either. wednesday's jackpot increases to $24 million. happening today, time to sparkle. disneyland paris celebrating its 25th anniversary. starting today, the park will feature several new attractions for the next year. there will be a new illumination show and other entertainment experiences including two new special "star wars" rides, star tours, and "star wars" hyperspace mountain, rebel mission. restaurants are also offering up special dishes and desserts. disney, of course, the parent company of abc7. may have marathoners out there. are they getting wet right now? >> not right now, but we can track it and show you where it's going to get wet and when as we go through animation. by 4:00, the north bay from sonoma to marin, maybe a few light sprinkles elsewhere. but it's not until 7:00 where the front marches across the bay through 9:00. it just becomes scattered
9:57 am
showers later on tonight. east bay and south bay, livermore and san jose, you're not going to see as much. 59 in richmond. the seven-day forecast, a one on the storm impact scale. less than .1 inch of rain and sunshine. cool and breezy tomorrow. the warmest days will be the end of the week where we could see an 80 and in between -- >> wow. >> yeah. looking like spring. we're also going to have a cooler, breezy day thursday where temperatures will drop another ten degrees. download the app, and you'll be able to keep up to date with what to expect. >> never fear, sunshine is on the way. all right. thank you very much. thank you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm cornell bernard in for carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. tune in to the nba showcase on sunday. coverage begins at noon with nba countdown. at 12:30, oklahoma city thunder face the houston rockets at the toyota center. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. news continues now on line, on twitter, facebook, and instagram.
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♪ >> hi. i'm henry tenenbaum. welcome to "bay area buys." we're at russell's fine furniture in santa clara. and, of course, as you know, it's a beautiful showroom with some fabulous furniture. but, today, it's a little bit messy. josh, what is going on today? >> well, we're working on some stuff over here. >> yeah? what? >> unboxing it and everything. go talk to richard. he'll explain it all. >> okay. okay. so, russell's fine furniture in santa clara -- obviously, great stuff. but the disarray here is pretty serious. what's going on? >> yes, it is. >> so, what's happening? >> mother nature. >> ah! mother -- what? >> [ chuckles ] it all happened from mother nature. but let me show you the good part of it. >> okay. >> come take a look at this. >> yes? >> here is an italian leather


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