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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 27, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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raiders. we are the raiders and we represent the raider nation. >> but it's a nation divided tonight. oakland is losing its football team again. >> a vast majority of nfl owners agreed to move the team to vegas but sombet area fans vow to continue to fight. >> thanks for joining us. devastation tonight after a moves the team. >> we have reaction. >> reporter laura anthony live in phoenix where nfl owners took today's vote. >> reporter: after weeks and months of handling up in the bay area, this vote wasn't even close. to hear roger goodell and team owners tell it, oakland was never in the game. >> we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: marc davis got what he wanted and sooner than
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expected. overwhelming vote to move his raiders from las vegas. >> my father used to say the greatness of the raiders is in its future. the opportunity to build a world class stadium in the entertainment capital of the world is one opportunity to give us the ability to achieve that gre greatness. >> reporter: in the end, nfl commissioner, roger goodell, said oakland didn't have a plan to overcome what las vegas had to offer including 7$750 millio in public money. >> we're particularly disappointed for the fans of the oakland raiders in oakland. >> we appreciate the mayor's attempts to put something on the table. my own personal feeling is the presence of the football team on that site was a complication they couldn't find a way to work-around. >> reporter: diehard oakland fans who traveled to phoenix were angry with davis. >> i feel betrayed. at the same time, he's no longer our problem. vegas, good luck with ineptitude
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and dysfunction. >> reporter: this group of ra raiders fans from phoenix tell us they'll go wherever the team goes. >> raider nation does travel. we take over stadium sometimes. they're a good traveling team. they'll be there. >> reporter: it's a sentiment mark davis is betting on. >> did you register some time ago? >> i did. >> reporter: with that statement, mark davis confirms he's had his eyes on las vegas a long time. >> we know the move cannot happen immediately. it does take time to build a new stadium. do you know if the team will play in oakland until that new stadium is ready? >> reporter: that's certainly what mark davis said. he has the lease for two more years at the oakland
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from one source davis send his letter to renew the lease, that did not sit well with the christm coliseum authority board and they're reviewing that contract as we speak. >> thanks so much. raiders quarterback, derek carr delivered a heartfelt message after the decision. the california native said he would have loved to play his whole career in oakland but understood the business of the nfl. he tweeted in part,ian how we should feel. i feel the pain of our fans in oakland and see the joy of our new fans in las vegas. we will compete and do our best to bring a championship to the entire raider nation. >> oakland mayor, libby, said she feels double crossed and aband abandoned by the league and the team. >> there was an absolutely
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viable shovel-ready financed proposal. why they made the choice they did is a question need to refer to them. >> from the start, the mayor said she would not spend public money on a new oakland stadium built on 55 acres existing to the adjacent coliseum. councilman reed feels so betr betrayed he's looking into ev t evicting them from the coliseum. >> for kek dades raiders have had a love -hate relationship with oakland. in 1960 they got their start playing at san francisco's kezar stadium. and then 1966, the coliseum opened. a scheduling conflict with as forced them to play at california's memorial stadium and it set a bay area attendance record with 74,000 fans. the los angeles era was 1982-84
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after al davis worked coliseum and then working on upgrades leaving them millions in debt. raider fans are considered some of the most dedicated and most outrageous in the league. certainly the most enthusiastic. fan reaction from the team's headquarters, a lot of hurt feelings and broken hearts in alameda. >> reporter: they're feeling betrayed even though they knew this day would come, raider nation was hoping against hope for a successful hail mary pass. that did not happen. >> helmets, jackets, automatll hats, everything. >> reporter: celia is so upset
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she dumped her team gear in the trash, calling raiders owner, mark davis a traitor. saying it feels like a bad breakup with a cheating girlfriend. >> pretty sad, you know. i kind of knew it would happen but i was hoping it wouldn't, you know, i feel betrayed. >> reporter: owner mark davis said when the team moves to vegas, he thinks raider nation will go to the games. chris from oakland sports says no way. >> over 40 years raiders played in oakland. we made the davis family wealthy, to see the dad and now the son kicks oak land in the you know what is devastating. >> i'm wounded, very wounded and upset. we need to do something instead of sit by and talk about what has already happened and do something about what we can make happen. >> reporter: lawrence says since raiders moved to l.a. 35 years
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ago and then came back, it could happen again and he doesn't think this is necessarily a done deal. >> oakland, oakland, oakland ra raiders, that's what we are. >> reporter: carolyn tyler, abc7 news. >> in las vegas, people are reacting to the news they will have an nfl team of their own. one civic leader brokered a deal and hopes they will keep backing the silver and black. >> we hope they will follow them to las vegas. ultimately it came to a business decision for mark and the viability of the brand. >> i feel bad for my brothers and sisters up there. god bless them, i will still support the raiders no matter where they go to, las vegas, to the moon, it doesn't matter. >> reporter: that's loyalty and fans cheered in one sports bar when they heard raiders would be moving to town. >> for many commemorating on the
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facebook page. misery loves company, share your sad witness a raiders' badge and see how other fans are reacting. new details about the massive deadly fire in west oakland this morning. the charred building is at san pablo and athens avenue and two people died in the fire. one of the victimses with a 64-year-old man named edward anderson. melanie woodrow is live in oakland. >> reporter: this is a really fluid situation. we now have several updates for you including that the alameda coroner just confirmed there are now three fatalities in this fire. a couple moments ago the battalion chief said there were two people unaccounted for. it's unclear whether it may be this third body just identified.
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firefighters are me tick c looking through for any bodies. flames and billowing smoke. more than 80 people live here and most were asleep when the fire began. >> people are dying here. >> reporter: some say they didn't hear fire alarms inside their apartments. >> our neighbor, he banged on that door so hard and loud and that's what woke me up. >> reporter: many said they were trapped. >> my brain was click, which way do i go? >> reporter: firefighters say they rescued 15 people, some hanging from windows, others on fire escapes. >> it really was a challenge to get to all these people. >> reporter: four people including two children had smoke inhalation, residents swaddled in blankets later went to a nearby church. the red cross is providing
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assistance. as firefighters investigate the cause, there are questions tonight about living conditions. >> if any building needed to be rehabbed, that one did. >> reporter: attorney james cook is representing tenants in the bui building. >> there are wires exposed and a lot of people with mental health issues. they're hurting in some of their apartme apartments. >> reporter: it is unclear what role those conditions played in the fire. "abc news." >> this is drawing comparisons to the ghost ship fire that killed 36 people. uncovering a history of complaints about this building and an exclusive look inside before it burned, at 6:00. a warning from the justice department today. attorney general jeff sessions said the so-called sanctuary cities that ignore federal law will lose federal funding
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including oakland and san francisco. live at san francisco city hall with reaction. >> reporter: the attorney general was talking specifically about losing grants awarded by the justice department, but for sure his appearance today was meant to turn up the heat on those cities. sanctuary cities like san francisco. while the u.s. attorney general urged cities to comply with immigration detainers, jeff sessions took the opportunity to mention kate, who was shot in tvs by an undocumented immigrant who had been deported several times. >> putting dangerous criminals back on the streets. we all remember the tragic case of kate. >> reporter: his warnings comes two months after president trump signed and executive order demanding cities and states comply with federal immigration
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policy or risk losing federal fu funding. san francisco sued the trump administration. city attorney dennis herrera said immigration enforcement is the federal government's job. richard boswell is a professor of law at u.c. hastings. >> there is no legal requirement a school official turn over somebody to immigration, or that other officers turn people over to immigration. >> reporter: most republicans agree with the attorney general. >> why do people, like our governor, jerry brown, believe they can pick and choose the federal law this is an obey? >> reporter: still, the board of supervisors has vowed to continue defying any mandate to defy the immigration laws. >> we have to find the money. there's no backing down in the face of this hate. absolutely none. >> reporter: any withholding of federal dollars must be approved by the u.s. congress.
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abc7 news. >> attorney general session's remarks struck a nerve. accusing the federal government of trying to strong arm the local state. >> our law enforcement as well as state police officers need the necessary dollars to carry out important activities, human traff trafficking, drug cartels. withholding those dollars to get us politically to do what president trump wants us to do is nothing short of blackmail. >> state senator isn't sure of the options available to circumvent california law but will continue to try to make california a sanctuary state. a bit of a bumpy ride during the first day of b.a.r.t.'s newest station. a live report ahead. >> we have students that -- >> uc berkley stunts take a
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field trip to the state capitol. the message they had for lawmakers. and carpools. and a shocking sight
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b.a.r.t. had its problems this morning when a downed power line delayed transbay trains that caused a huge delay. the first day for the system's new warm springs station in fremont had commuters smiling no t theless. dave is talking to riders. >> reporter: there is a lot to like about the new station, it's clean and 40 charging stations. >> it will be very convenient to go to the city especially since i got a new job in the city and
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it will help me go there for work. it's one of the last stops. >> reporter: a few people getting acquainted with the warm springs south fremont. what do you think about warm springs? >>ian. i have never been here before. >> reporter: the owner of this steakhouse has already seen a spike in business because it is the only nearby restaurant and added five employees. >> reporter: now a substitute teacher is now impressed. >> i just came from south hayward, first time coming down, had a great time coming down and a chance to go to lake elizabeth. i didn't know how the tracks would get to here and i was very interested to get there. >> reporter: passengers like being at the end of the line station to be assured to get a train seat. that will change as two more stations are added in santa
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clara county. >> i've been waiting for this to open for quite some time. it's a great and will make my day faster and easier. >> reporter: abc7 news. a large crowd of university of california students rallied against a recent hike in costs. for the first time in six years tuition and fees are going up, this time by 2$234. most students are ill equipped to handle the cost of education. >> if they're not eating and don't have housing,ian how we're supposed to do this. students are struggling to barely meet their basic needs. >> democrats have proposed a 6 $1.6 billion spending plan they say will make a college education in california debt-free. if you commute on sombet area roads like the east shore freeway, you have to put three
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cars to use the carpool lane. now commuters in los angeles might have to do the same. you can use the lane with just two people and solo drivers can pay a toll to use selected hov lanes. now, drivers say changes must be made and the hov lanes are too crowded. 92 they are bad. the carpool lane has to travel 45 miles an hour. if it goes under it's considered degrad degraded. >> some l.a. drivers say it will be hard to find a third person to ride with them. transportation planners must study traffic planners before changing the number of people needed to drive in the carpool lane. they want to keep it at at least 45 miles an hour. your accuweather forecast withdrew. >> good monday afternoon, enjoying a sunny and dry start to the live doppler in the sky right now. coming up all clear. a live look from sfo right now,
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camera shaking a bit and tree limbs moving side-to-side and dealing with a breeze. it will be with us the next two kay days. wind tomorrow and wednesday will kick in warmer temperatures. possible sprinkles thursday and warm sunshine returns to warm out the week. a lot of spring-like, 65 in oakland, 63 in san jose. 65 in san ramon and san francisco checking in at 58 degrees. the only thing really keeping this from a perfect 10 day is that breeze out there. it's been pretty active throughout the entire day, gu gusting to 23, can c-- san carls and gusting to 28, san jose breezing at 24 miles an hour. the next 24 hours we have that wind through the early evening and by mid night early tuesday
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it calms down and picks right back up in the afternoon to evening, the wind gusting over 20 miles an hour. we'll do it again tuesday afternoon. overnight tonight, plenty of stars out there. nice looking sky, a lot of 40s. 49 in san francisco for the overnight low, 47 in hose, 76 concord one of our chilly spots at 41 degrees. tomorrow morning nothing but sunshine as the breeze kicks in and microclimate. 74 your number tomorrow. 72 in sunny eventual and cooper tino. 71 for redwood city. 41y mountain view. 64 the number for pacifica. downtown san francisco almost near 70, high of 69, 69 for rallidy city. -- for daly city. 74, sonoma and 64 in sausalito and east bay, oakland, beautiful. 72, very
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73, print wood, 74, san rafael. we will show you the future map wednesday, temperatures rise, a lot of 70s perhaps, could hit the mid 60s. the temperatures drop thursday by 5-10 degrees with a chance of sprinkle early thursday morning. plenty of sunshine tuesday and wednesday, there could be a sprinkle, doesn't even warrant a number, how weak it is but sunshine dominates. >> don't want to give it a .3? >> not yet. local scientists doing dirty work. a look at new research to discover how fast the universe is growing. >> then world news with david
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mueh muir. >> sirens and twisters and two plane crashes and one family returning from spring break, a mystery visit to the white house, new reporting on abc7 news. >> thank you very much. at 6:00, find out how to make your
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migrating along the coast right now, we are looking at them. more than 66 grey whales were spotted, the largest number in this year's migration. they move from their breeding ground off mexico to summer f d feeding ground off alaska and it continues through may. a headache for astronomers,
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scientists made a 3d video of a dust map of the milky way galaxy. helps them find more dust-free lines of sight peering into space. only two-thirds of the galaxy is mapped for dust right now and scientists hope this helps complete the remaining one-third. tomorrow to be an inspiring day for "abc news." we're proud to be a sponsor for the professional california women's conference. hillary clinton will be the closing keynote speaker. it empowers women through inspiring speaks and seminars a and networking opportunities. many of our colleagues will be there. i will serve as your host and you can get more information on our website, cannot wait.
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>> great event to see you guys in action. drivers spotted something different. >> r. wand to thank our viewer for this picture of a rainbow. >> use the #abc7now to
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abc7 news at 6:00, details on an attack at the santa clara jail, weapons discovered by deputies. thei te i-team complaints after a fire left people dead. and ne othe oakland raiderss leaving.
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>> if you were at walnut creek today you got to drive along some horsepower. >> on the freeway, what the heck! >> no, no, no, no! >> almost a dog and pony show, right? >> right. >> a horse and a mule broke through a fence of a ranch nearby and galloped onto the southbound lanes. >> it took about and hour and they managed to coral them in horse trailers without getting hurt. >> quite a sight for drivers and traffic tame to a stand still and many took out their phones to record the horse and mule. and our tax hotline returns tomorrow. >> we will be answering questions about your federal taxes open from 4:00 until 8:00. >> you don't have to wait but use the hashtag to ask your
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questions. >> world news coming up now. >> we appreciate your tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the severe weather alerts up in several states right now. major storms, damaging winds, the tornado sirens. and images of twisters. bracing for a potentially dangerous night ahead. we're also watching a category 4 storm, packing 155-mile-per-hour winds. also breaking tonight, the mystery meeting at the white house. the republican congressman leading the investigation into russia's meddling. now, new questions tonight about his secret meeting on the white house grounds. the school plot revealed tonight. the plan to shoot it up and bomb the school. the honor student and her alleged arsenal right here. the two plane crashes. one into a home, the other breaking apart in mid-flight. authorities say the family was coming home from spring break. and the cons


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