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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 28, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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hours ago in a letter saying the flood warnings were there, apparently ignored. >> the water district says it wants answers, accusing the city of failing to act on warnings that the coyote creek would flood. david, the city's response? >> reporter: the city of san jose has questions as well, which it posed to the water district several weeks ago. the two sides exchanged duelling letters pointing the finger today. we're waiting to see whether or not two entrenched a very airs can work together to prevent another disaster. we'll see the two sides face a off again in public. san jose blaming flawed data and the water district blaming the city for not heeding a potential for flooding. >> something more could have been done and we're not saying what the trigger was.
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what was the city waiting for to decide whether or not to call for mandatory evacuations? >> the mayor had not received the water district's letter when he spoke to me and other reporters at 12:45 today. city spokesman said our understanding of the situation at the time was based on the district's information and it's hydrological model and that the peak flows in the creek would not be as high as originally anticipated that and the creek channel was adequate for those kind of flows. the reservoirspilled when last month's storm exceeded it's capacity. so far neither side is showing any willingness to concede. >> we need to collaborate and figure out anything that went
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wrong so we can reduce this ever happening in the same way again. >> reporter: in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. $35 million, that's the historic price of freedom for a h hillsboro woman accused of killing her children's father. abc7 news reporter vic lee broke this story tonight at 5:00, that is a lot of money. >> reporter: dan, i did check with the district attorney steve waxstaff and he told me that $35 million is the highest bail, perhaps the highest bail, if not the highest bail that he remembers in san mateo county. the defendant just happens to have the money, the resources to post it. and she could be out by the end
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of next week. tiffany li, her boyfriend, kaveh and li's ex-boyfriend and father of her two children. the county counsel is reviewing the properties that li has submitted, they have to verify that there's enough equity in them to most bond in property instead of cash. >> they have to submit property and equity in the property or properties equaling double the amount of the bail set by the judge. >> reporter: li's bail is $35 million. >> one would have to have equity in properties amounting to $70 million, double the 35. >> green was shot to death, his body discovered last may in a sonoma county field, this after an acty moan nice break up. li's parents are rich and powerful in china, that her mother invests in real estate, they lived in this mansion in
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affluent hillsboro. the same source says putting up $70 million for a property bond would be no problem. prosecutors request for no bail was turned down by the judge. wagstaff is now asking the judge to require a tougher electronic monitoring device, saying the sheriff's current system which operates on random checks is inadequate. >> we're asking the court to demand 24/7 observation to verify that if she leaves that home, we will know. >> reporter: li's attorneys are reportedly trying to find a private company to revise that system. a double murdflames began t morning at san pablo and athens avenue. and lonnie spoke with a victim
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who's struggling to deal with her new reality. >> reporter: even though there were many complaints about this place in the past being livable, it's a huge setback for many residents who lived here who were homeless and this is all they could afford. you see firefighters are removing debris right now and the building is a total loss. and awe and crying because our home was burned down, the only home we v. >> gail keeps reliving the moments before and after this devastating fire on san pablo avenue in oakland. tuesday morning another victim was uncovered. >> duke anderson, yes, i did know. i know two of them. and possibly three. i did know them, we haven't had a chance to mourn yet. >> reporter: right now her focus is getting water, food and
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clothing and this shelter is now a roof over her head. it's where many of the displaced residents are staying, many were families on a fixed income and part of the building was leased to a nonprofit transitional housing program. >> to lose 100 units of housing for our most vulnerable is a tremendous tragedy to our efforts. >> reporter: later a makeshift rope of sheets hangs from the window, last-minute survival effor efforts. right now survivors like gail try to move forward. >> i'm doing the best i can. my main interest right now is the people, i cry on the side. >> reporter: but she's thankful that she made it out of the burning building. >> oakland city council will be discussing a new housing project proposed by the owner of that
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building. 31 of those units are set as affordable housing. that meeting is happening tonight. abc7 news was in san francisco where firefighters rescued two people from a burning apartment building on taraval street near 47th avenue. firefighters say they rescued a 95-year-old woman from a third story window. a second adult was also rescued. both were taken to the hospital for observation but are expected to be okay. one day after the raiders announced that they're relocating to the bright lights of las vegas, raider nation is still stunned. how the mayor, the fans are and the coach are all reacting today. >> reporter: raiders head coach jack del rio talked about today about the team leaving oakland. >> it's home for me, it's where i grew up, so mixed emotions. >> reporter: not so mixed for the -- receiving this notice from team officials.
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it encourages season ticket holders to pay a dpoz skit at the las vegas stadium. >> chris dobbyns leads a local organization that tried to persuade the raiders to stay put. but with the franchise swlated to move on to vegas no later than 2020, coach del rio thinks the dedicated fan base will travel, too. >> i'm sure there are going to be some who can't or won't get over it. and that's understandable. but there's a large contingency, a large group that are true raiders fans. >> reporter: president larry reid was consulting lawyers to see if they could immediately kick the raiders to the curb and out of the coliseum. they later told us, they will play in oik land in the 2017 season, don't know if there's anything to do to stop them. the oakland mayor says that the
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city did all it could. >> they chose vegas over a viable oakland office. it's just like, face it, they don't love us anymore. >> reporter: lawyers for the city are reviewing the relocation process and we're hearing even fan clubs are checking out legal options to try to force their beloved team to stay. carolyn tyler, abc7 news. now get all the new raiders developments with the nbc 7news app, make sure to enable the push alerts for instant notifications on your mobile device. residents say they're fed up with not only their broken mailboxes, but also their broken promises. they say the post office has kept them waiting for a fix for months. >> reporter: for manny martinez, if you want your mail, you battba battle packed parking lots.
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like these people in line at the alhambra post office. >> we have wait eed 45 minutes get our mail. >> reporter: blanks like this one are broken all over martinez, these boxes have been broken for weeks, even months. >> there's been nothing in there since, like, end of january, february. it's pretty sad. we're still waiting. the lines are actually getting longer. >> reporter: lori borden first brought the mailbox issue to our attention two weeks ago, when the postmaster said this about mailbox repairs. >> good news today, 95% to 100% of the mailboxes will be repaired. >> reporter: why are you still getting complaints from the residents? >> we're updating security.
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we could be doing a better job of getting the word out. communicating. and there are things that with are working on. >> reporter: wh . a lot more to come, when it comes to making public appearances, hillary clinton is on the come back trail. and there's no place i would rather be than here with you other than the white house. >> we're going to take you to the bay area event where she shared an emotional speech to thousands. we'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. also chipotle says it's pulled off the menu in the u.s. yo
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former secretary of state hillary clinton gave her first big speech since the 2016 election. liam ee anne is live from the conference. >> reporter: people in that audience really wanted to hear what hillary clinton had to say. there was no mention of president trump, but she criticized washington, she criticized the workplace, while offering new advice for clinton. hillary clinton was a late addition to this conference,
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agreeing to be a speaker just two weeks ago. she was comfortable today being candid. this is where the former presidential hopeful feels most comfortable among those who envision a country who in her words is stronger together. >> despite our struggles and our set backs, we have never been in a better position to take on this vital work. >> reporter: she shared her manta that came to her during those long walks in the woods. >> enlist, perspers >> reporter: many said they came to find support in a climate of hostility. >> i think women are realizing that they have to claim their voice and feel their power to participate in the overall process, whether it's corporate or political. >> reporter: this year's theme was inclusion now. >> i believe that we need to recognize that there's more that unites us than divides us.
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we need to reconnect with our common humanity, we're in this together. >> in san francisco, leann melendez. >> just a really inspiring event. fun to be there today. well, we have tax experts available right now to answer your tax questions. >> abc7's michael finney is online now. >> if you have a tax question, remember time is running out. so give us a call right now at 415-954-7621. where you can go online to social media and #askfinney. we'll be here until 8:00 tonight answering your tax questions. joining me right now is laura ross, she's been with me at the tax hot line for 10 years. so what's going on tonight? what kind of questions are you
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getting? >> we're getting some extension questions, you have until august 18 to file an extension. you don't realize on the penalties, if you file the extension and you don't quite have enough money to pay your taxes, you file an extension, you get a little bit of interest and a little bit of penalties, but if you don't file that extension, it's 10% higher. >> let's say i file my taxes, and i owe $800. >> there will be a libltz of fine and a little bit of penalty, but it will be ten times as high over that eight-month extension. enter so the difference would be paying a couple of extra bucks versus $10,000? >> depending on how much you
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owe, but yeah, it's significant, always file the extension, it's easy to fill out. it has two boxes on it. and if you can't pay, mail it in any way. >> you had me convinced. >> laura ross, california society of cpas, her and her crews and a whole bunch of other tax professionals are here on the abc7 tax hot line. we also have a whole group working on social media, #askfinney. i'm michael finnie on your 7 for your side offices. >> thank you, michael, and to all of your guests, thank you. okay, the sun is still shining brightly on this monday evening. it's still a bit breezy as well, but it's been a very, very pleasant day, and that pleasantness continues in the evening hours. looking back at san francisco, and along the bay bridge, it's currently 63 degrees, across the
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bay, 70 in mountain view, 72 in gill roy, and 59 from half moon bay. looking toward marin county, looking toward the west/northwest. it's 76 in napa, 70 at and fairfield. it will be mild to warm again tomorrow, breezy and a bit cooler on thursday with a chance of some morning sprinkles and a chance of rain continues on friday into the weekend. we have some rough surf this weekend, in fact a beach hazard statement is in effect for the possibility of rich currents, sneaker waves and large breakers. and looking at wind gusts, today we had some gusts ranging from 25 to over 35 miles an hour. as we get into the early morning hours, we'll see the wind diminishing a little bit. and in the early morning hours, we'll see the wind so calm it
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may not even be measurablmeasur. overnight look for clear skies with low temperatures. pretty much on the mild side, mainly in the low 50s right around the bay, about 50 on the coast and the upper 40s in the inland valleys, and tomorrow, under sunny skies, we'll see temperatures rising into the 70s. about 78 will be the high of santa rosa, and napa tomorrow, a high of 77, out of the inland east bay, 76 in concord, liver mor and antioch, and at the coast we'll see mid 60s and breezy. let's head to wednesday night, tomorrow night at about 9:00, we'll see a storm move through the northern part of the state that will produce some rainfall there, and some of the clouds will work their way down to the bay area and possibly some sprinkles as well. as we get into thursday morning, about 5:00 or so, as the morning commute is getting under way. we'll see partly cloudy skies, and maybe a few patches of light showers or sprinkles, but they'll pass through quickly, and about 8:00 a.m. we'll see
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skies clearing again, giving way to mainly sunny skies. here is the accu-weather 7-day forecast, highs in our inland areas getting into the upper 70s, cooler breezier on saturday, chance of clouds and more sprinkles and then go into the weekend, we can expect high temperatures inland both days near 80 degrees. almost summer like. well, there is a new effort under way that could help with california's teacher shortage. >> it's all about giving
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unber's ceo is apologizing after it released its first ever diversity report. the report shows the san francisco company is like many other tech companies, nearly 70% male and white. and 15% are women who make up its technical services. a big conference with a company-investment provides tesla with a cash cushion as it prepares to launch it's model 3.
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facebook has launched a feature that makes it a lot more like snapchat. you can now share your story that feeds to a chain that disappears after 48 hours. a new bill could ease teacher shortages here in california. san diego democrat shirley weber wants to relax the standards for tenure. the bill would give teachers three to five years to earn tenure as opposed to the 3 to 5-year standard. weber says that pushes teachers out of the industry and her bill could improve teacher quality and performance. >> what do you need to strengthen in that school? maybe it's classroom management, maybe they need to know their craft a little bit better, whatever it may be, the idea is if they're given a chance through the fifth year, there's much more support. chipotle is getting real, saying it has removed all
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artificial ingredients from its menu, the mexican chain says it finally removed the artificial ingredients in it's tortillas. chipotle now claims to be the only national chain restaurant to remove all artificial ingredients and preservatives. drinks, by the way, are not included in that claim. a new twist in all those claims of russia's involvement in u.s. politics. >> up next, the california lawmaker now at the center of the scandal. why his colleagues say he needs to step down from the white house intelligence committee. >> i believe this is one issue on which we can all agree. >> that's something you don't hear often on capitol hill, the bipartisan efforts sparked by stories of abuse from olympic athletes. also ahead, animal abuse or just innocent fun? the effort under way on the peninsula to ban the annual tradition known as the pig scramble. >> i'm michael finney, the 7 on
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your side tax hot line is open for business. give us a call,
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house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes says he will not step down despite charges that he's too close to investigate russian ties to the trump administration. nunes met with -- the president or members of his transition team may have been incidentally caught up in surveillance of foreign operatives by american spy agencies. he refuses to reveal the p he spoke with. >> i don't have to tell you where i go. >> nunes' colleagues on the committee want him to step down. >> i don't trust him. i mean, i think he's a very nice man, i think he is frankly over
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his head, i think he used very poor judgment and i think he has tainted the committee. >> nunes told president trump about his information before telling his committee members. today president trump fulfilled a campaign promise to change the nation's approach to climate change and to change american energy jobs, the president signed an executive order to review the obama administration's clean power plan. president trump says current regulations are job killers. california environmental activist tom stier disagrees, saying that clean energy is essential. >> cleaner better fuel or we can go along with an older technology which the trump administration is trying to favor at the expense of jobs and health. >> environmental groups are likely to challenge the trump administration in court. overseas the brexit countdown is on in britain.
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an abc news reporter sent -- last year a narrow majority of british voters approved the split. britain's prime minister signed the letter that will formally inform the eu of britain's decision. what happens next is quite uncertain. u.s. gymnasts shared their stories of being physically and emotionally abused by a former r official. a bill was introduced that reshape abuse reporting. >> reporter: their experience as olympic and national gymnasts marred by what they say happened behind closed doors. >> they were in control of taking my dream away in a second. >> reporter: dozens of female athletes dating back to 1996 claim they were abused by dr. larry nasser, he was the
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olympics doctors, now he's facing 24 criminal charges of sexual abuse. >> you abused me in california and all over the world. >> jamie dancer, and national rhythmic champion jessica howard all sharing stories of abuse within the senate judiciary committee. >> he expertly abused me under the guise of treatment. >> reporter: the committee is considering bills that will require anyone suspecting abuse must report it. >> there will be kwtability that we have lacked all of these years. >> reporter: the bill would also prevent perpetrators from moving on to a different gym. the committee questioned how dr. nasser had complete care of athletes for years. >> if signed into law, it will
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become a federal crime not to report abuse. senator dianne feinstein proposed the bill, she says young athletes shouldn't have to fear victimization. >> they carry the american flag with them into major athletic competition. and to have this be the base of that athletic competition, so cheapens it and denies it. >> usa gymnastics said it didn't appear at the hearing because of pending litigation but endorsing the bill. it released a statement, usa some are calling it fun for kids, but others are calling it animal abuse.
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>> reporter: what are we looking at here is it all american fun on the fourth of july or an unwitting example of cruelty to animals. >> they're running for their lives. >> it's history and tradition. >> reporter: part of a rodeo put on every july fourth by woodside's private men only security patrol. and patrol captain is not happy about it. >> pig scrambles have been legal in california. >> it has to stop. >> they're not trying to hurt the pigs, they're playing with the piggings and i think in turn the pigs are playing with the kids. this is probably the best day the pig ever see in their entire lives. >> dell stafford says it's all about messaging. >> they're teaching kids that's
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all right to bully beings that are weaker and smaller than you. >> reporter: all this seething just below the surface in woodside where tonight the town counsel will consider putting the piglet before the horse. to bay area fixture for 80 years. >> i really feel like it's such an honor to bring that structure down. >> the crew bringing down the old bay bridge trusses say it's a necessary job. what's being done with the millions of pounds of steel.
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a major milestone today in the effort to take apart the old bay bridge. just a few hours ago, contractors carefully removed the last truss of the old eastern span and carried it away on a barge. jonathan bloom explains what it took and what comes next. >> reporter: in the choppy bay waters, a feet of engineering
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acrobatics. >> you've got a team on each boat and you're lifting a set of barbells. >> reporter: this last remaining truss of the bay bridge. it's technology the people who built the bridge 80 years ago could have imagined. >> they put this together with steam driven equipment. there are only like five parts on the old east spans, there are plates, angles, rivets and tables and it's like a giant lego set. >> one he has enjoyed taking apart. of course the removal of the last truss is not the end of the demolition, what's left of the old bridge will go out with a bang, or at least a series of muffled thuds. it takes 25,000 pounds dynamite to remove a support shield. garry and chris have seen the first few implosions, they have
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been coming out to watch since the demolition began. >> reporter: a year ago the old span looked like this, now they're loving the view from the new bike path, and he'll miss getting a look of this hulking piece of hit. >> it will be hard to tell people what the old bridge looks like. stuff like that goes out of memory real quick. >> amazing work. well, you still have time to call your 7 on your side tax hot line. >> michael finney is standing by with tax experts ready to take your call. >> we're getting a lot of people contacting us on social media, if you want to go through social media, it's #askfinney. we're going to be here until 8:00 tonight, we have a ton of tax professionals with us, including this guy. how long have you been doing this? you're about ten years with us? >> not quite that long, but it
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feels like it, doesn't it? i always like coming to these, it's great. >> this is jeff johnson, you're saying a lot of the pain the self-employed are feeling today paying their taxes because they didn't properly plan? >> because the self-employed have to pay both parts of your y social security and medicare. you make a corporation, you take the s election or for people who hold property, they should be in an llc, but those service type professionals, my business because i save a lot on that self-employment tax? >> how does that save you? >> if you were making $120,000, you could pay yourself $60,000 in wages and $60,000 in company profits. if you're an llc or a sole
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propriet proprietor, you would pay $10,000 more every year than every you were an s corp. >> so someone needs to talk to an enrolled agent or a cpa, someone like yourself? >> that's very important, because that one little decision can make thousands and thousands of dollars of difference. >> as i said, we're going to be here until 8:00, and we're taking your calls, not just in english but in spanish and in chinese, and if you have another language, we will make sure and get somebody back to you. any language at all, if you have friends or family members that could use our help. reporting live from the 7 on your side offices, i'm michael finney. >> and michael, before you go, we want to embarass you a little bit. >> congratulations from your alma mater, chico state, as
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michael became the eighth recipient of the distinguished nominee award. >> michael graduate frd from th school's investigation and communications program, we won't say what year, but congratulations, michael, well deserved. >> i know that meant a lot to you, michael. >> thank you, guys, i truly feel honored. >> my best buddy, i just wanted to be there with you michael. some supercapes for
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hospital gowns are getting a makeover. check this out. these are called brave gowns, a santa monica woman created these new gowns just for children, they're fun and have colorful designs, they look like rock stars and superheroes. the woman behind this design said she was moved to do something for the kids after her brother passed away at age 10. she adds the gowns add a little bit of fun to kids in the hospital. i want to get a look at our weather. >> a cape under the suit. >> yes, i just change in a phone
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booth. here's a look at live doppler 7. we have sunny skies across the bay right now as our lovely spring weather goes on now. we'll be mainly in the upper 40s and 50s along the bay and along the coast. tomorrow we'll have high temperatures inland up to the 80-degree mark, santa rosa 78, mid 70s around the bay, and mid 60s on the coast. here's the accu-weather 7-day forecast, thursday will be a little bit different. it's going to be partly cloudy, cooler, maybe even some morning sprinkle also fall, but we'll have bright, sunny weather on friday and we'll warm up over the weekend, 80 degrees inland both days. top two scoring teams in the league. rockets today versus tomorrow. and the former
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flyers in houston tonight for the first of back to back games. seven-game win streak on the
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line and a little preview of playoff games in the west. thompson comes out firing. steph finds him for the triple. scary moment near the end of the corner. trevor reese is going to land on mcadoo's head. trevor comes up bleeding, seven stitches, and protocol for him. clay had 20 in the half. but the doves turned it over. the rockets went on to 29-11 to end the half. golden state 60-52. harden had 13. third quarter, but steph andre's left food or ankle and green goes down on the baseline. he headed to the locker room as well, now down two key players 87-83 as we speak. raiders are one of the most
6:53 pm
defiled teams in the bay area, long time fans feel betrayed, players and coaches are not sure where their futures life. jack del rio who returned home to coach his childhood dream team and turn the franchise around with that 12 and 4 record last season. now his team has some challenges to face during the last season here in oakland. jack had some mixed emotions when he found out about the future. >> there was emotion involved. some really, some really sad, because that's where i'm from and some really positive because it's such an exciting opportunity for the franchise. in a couple of years. it certainly begins now for the franchise, but for the football team, we're in oakland and that's where we're going to be and where we're going to be competing, it's home for me, it's where i grew up. so mixed emotions yesterday. >> colin kaepernick still unsigned, but harbaugh is not
6:54 pm
wavering in his support. the head coach of the baltimore ravens believes that colin will get signed in 2018. could he go to cleveland? there's a possibility, last year and brown's head coach hugh jackman isn't ruling it out completely. >> there's other players at this point that we have really had a lot of conversation about, to see if we could put on our team. i'm not saying that it won't come up later on, i mean i think you have to exhaust everything you're doing, but at this point, he hasn't come up. >> final spring training in atlanta against the cubs. the giants have to pay kaine 20 million this year, so it seems like that decision is a mere formality. jake spahn takes it over the
6:55 pm
right field wall. spahn on second with arrest yet that on a wild pitch, rick says off the bricks and spahn will go on to score. giants on the hill, four runs on five hits, including a two-run homer and striking out five, not great, but good. and the giants win a slugfest 10-7, the a's lost to the angels 14-3. the cast of "hamilton" will s s the national anthem. i would love to see that arm. >> at least he's not going to sing. >> that's true. >> i was worried that's where it was going. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on kofi tv channel 20. a smart home for a soldier who lost his legs in afghanistan. and protecting your internet
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browsing history. a bill now passed by the house. we are taking your tax questions. >> let's take one more look at the 7 on your side >> our phone lines will be open for about eight more minutes. if you're getting ready to sit down and prepare your taxes and have some questions, take advantage of this re-source. >> that is going to do it for this edition of thank you for joining us this evening.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a network engineer from mckinney, texas... a professor of english from jacksonville, florida... and our returning champion, an energy engineer from brooklyn, new york... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek. thank you, johnny gilbert. hello, my friends. if today's game is as competitive and as exciting as yesterday's was, then you folks are in for a great treat.
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a big payday for adam, of course. julie and steve, welcome aboard. good luck. here we go. now the categories that get revealed... not potpourri. each correct response ends with a k in the next category. then i want you to... you'll deal with... [ laughter ] -adam. let's go with the russians for $200, please. julie. what is 1939? that's right. russians, $400. adam. what is st. petersburg? yes. russians, $600.


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