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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 30, 2017 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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now at 11:00, a 65-year-old
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woman walking down the street, shot and killed in triple shooting. family grieving as search for gunman or gunmen continues. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. happened in ocean vu neighborhood. >> katie utehs is in the news room. >> fourth shooting in the neighborhood since november. calling on the city to install cameras on this dangerous and deadly block. gunned down walking for bus stop. >> tried to feel for pulse but said it was faint, knew she was probable oi on the way out. >> she was killed san francisco's soegs oceanview neighborhood. one of three people hit by gun fire. >> it's wednesday.
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unheard of. >> nonprofiter in city youth faces the corner. >> we knew it with as a shooting. >> two men also hit. contractor working for muni and local resident walking home from the school. >> call the police, we don't know happened. >> police released few details about the shooter or shooters. >> this intersection continues to be a concern for us as police and the community. doing all we can to work in partnership with the community. >> witnesses say white vehicle shot out of the wind. police pulled video. >> outside neighborhoods come over here and something needs to be done because our children and these families, we don't deserve this at all. >> two male victims expected to survive. katie utehs, abc7 news. in north beach with a
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76-year-old woman suffered severe injuries in hit and run. happened just after 3:00 this afternoon. drive sped away north on columbus. victim suffered a critical head injury. leaking propane tank sparked a fire. elderly man suffered is critical injuries in the fire. victim not breathing when pulled from the build. contained to one apartment. some of the first calls to 911 reported explosion the propane inside the structure did pressurize the structure to the point where the windows did blow out. >> fire investigators don't yet know what ignited the gas. strong waves swept a boy out to sea playing in the surf with his father.
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swept into mon stri beach in carmel. man wanted to go after his son. people nearby stopped him. he was not strong enough swimmer to reach his child. plan would hike california gas tax 43% for road repairs. >> governor stopping in concorde to pitch the plan to bay area drivers. katy mars katy marslo is life. >> know what when governor brown is in concord asking people to get on board playing 12 more cents a gallon. governor brown proposed largest gas tax increase in california history to improve roads. >> yes it costs money. if the roof in your house is
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leaking, better fix it. gets worse all the time. >> go up 12 cents a gallon. music to the ears of the public works director in santa kruse county. facing $85 million in winter storm damage. >> this type of resources, we could do good work to restore the roads. >> reporter: governor's plan includes $100 annual charge on electric cars. >> we're using the roads so i understand a tax associated with that. at the same time it's not fair because i got the car so i don't have to pay for gas. >> reporter: republican lawmakers against the hike, arguing that californians already pay the most. >> give me words to ensure it will be done on time, enforcement to assure it and accountability to the public. >> reporter: also skeptical the money will be used wisely. >> we pay large portion of it to
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taxes. what are we doing with the money in the coffers today? >> reporter: would be the first in years. abc7 news. one road that can't wait for repairs has collapsed. could be months before it reopens. redwood road from sky 7. damaged section of the road not far from lake chib bo regional park. hillside started giving way in january. public works crews blamed record rain this winter. road is closed both directions. >> impressive. and wonders how much more will fall. probably why shut down entirely. >> hopes to make repairs in two or three months but could take six before the road is reopened.
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richmond police officer ended up with bloody face trying to help a man in the middle of the street. photo from police shows sergeant with a broken nose. helping a man who appeared to be drunk. walked him off the road when police say he suddenly punched officer in the face. two struggled and man was arrested. in three weeks thousands of marijuana enthusiasts crowd into golden gate park for annual 420 celebration. for the first time, this will be a city sanctioned pot party. lilian kim is live with the story. >> reporter: merchants are pooling their money to sponsor 420. cover everything from port-a-pottys to security. meadow is calm now but in a few
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weeks taken over by pot smokers. cram into the eastern section of the park to celebrate marijuana on 420. >> it's been awful to put it mildly to being slightly less than awful. >> reporter: president of the hait aschbury "ism" prochlt measure. playing about it. but sponsoring the event. >> do my part. >> owner is spearheading the effort. >> instead of hating on it, embrace it, coexist. >> reporter: fencing, port-a-pottys, security, vending and balance like any official event would have. total cost of sponsoring also
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includes cleanup. >> all for somebody willing to step up and take that responsible and cost. >> reporter: park department says since can't prevent crowds from coming, allowing merchlts to sponsor the event is best route for the city. abc7 news. expect some wet weather tonight. >> sandhya patel. >> and may carry over into the morning commute. hour by hour look at that plus the windy conditions ahead. and deadly bus crash, death toll is climbing following a horrific accident. late developments in north carolina amid efforts to repeal the controversial bathroom bill. no crying in baseball but
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zblnchts tonight the number of people killed risen to 13 after a head-on crash involving pick-up truck and mini bus containing senior citizens returning from a church retwreet in texas. outside garner state park. authorities say the bus carrying 14 people. returning from baptist camp
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where congregants attended study. pastor says they're coming together to help each other grief. >> church family is doing what church families do, coming together, crying together, praying together. >> two others hurt including the sole occupant of the pick-up truck. ntsb is investigating. american airlines pilot died landing at albuquerque. first officer became incapacitated, trying to find out why. declared emergency. landed safely. paramedics at gate pronounced first officer dead. extended order that blocks president trump's travel ban. another legal blow to the trump administration's attempt to suspend immigration from six
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majority muslim countries. next step for the government is appeal to the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco. republican lawmakers in north carolina reached last minute deal to repeal controversial bathroom law. set to lose out on hosting any ncaa championships because of the law which makes it illegal for transgenders to use bathroom that matches their gender. set to lose billions in the next decade because of that law. in at&t, no baseball yet anyway. >> but inclined to eat through the stadium, biggest day of the year. >> one of the biggest restaurants in the world. baseball first but not today. >> about getting our name out
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there. >> never underestimate the san francisco giants with marketing. bay area tradition, preseason food fest and price disclaimer. >> $9.50 multiply by 6 and get a whole pizza. >> or bankrupt. >> not here. >> not cheapest place to eat at game but food offerings >> can trace back to the garlic fries experiment. >> not a risk but took a chance. >> leading seller every day. add popcorn shrimp, ice cream and organic chicken from local company. >> entire 2017 fiscal budget in marketing. >> talk about a risk. >> it's a branding play. >> 3.3 million customers guaranteed through spring, summer and fall, big league
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profit? tie to big league team. after today they have overeaten media with traces of indigestion. at&t park, abc7 news. >> good stuff. >> open still? >> late night snack. >> nice day for it. >> absolutely. good weather ahead but tomorrow a bump in the road. knock the temperatures down and cool it off and see the winds increase. live doppler 7 showing you what is going on. clouds in the increase and in the sierra, snow, coming up on almost april and snow showers at highest elevations. looking at scattered showers and thunderstorms, isolated at best for tomorrow in tahoe, a system producing showers up north of us. slowly slip southward, may see a
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few drops. beach hazard is still up. until 3:00 thursday. risks of waves. breezy outside. east bay hills camera see a shot of what is appearing to be fog. yes. visibility is low in half moon bay because of fog. morning commute, sprinkles or light showers early in the morning. coolier and windier in the afternoon and warming up on the weekend. wind advisory for gusty winds in the hills. san francisco and coastline. what you need to watch out for is wind gustings, 45 to 50 miles an hour. may take down trees and isolated power outages to keep in mind. hour by hour. close to 40 by evening. continues tomorrow night before
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the winds die down to increase friday afternoon and evening. it's that time of year when the wind really kicks up and blows tree pollen around. rough if you suffer from allergies tomorrow, just a word of caution. hour by hour, what to expect. 3:00 a.m., damp roadways, isolated showers. 5:00 to 6:00 a.m., then it's gone. not assigned on storm impact scale because weak system. damp roadways but not much accumulation. zero to .02 of inch at best. watch out for slippery roadways and fog. afternoon is cool, windy. cooler than today. low to upper 60s. download the abc7 news app, will
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help you plan your day. and planning to the bay bridge series at at&t park tomorrow night, it's breezy. mid to upper 50s, pack an extra layer and enjoy the game. accuweather forecast, morning drops giving away. warmer day. continue warming saturday, mid-60s to upper 70s but cools down. temperatures within a few degrees. with us at 9:00, there's slight chance of shower middle of next week. it's not happening anybody. models just dried it out. >> thanks sandhya. questions and answers for a good cause. >> trivia night
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free deserving bay area charities won big in fun evening in san francisco tonight. some of the biggest minds took part in the trivia. group of our abc7 colleagues joined in the action.
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raises money for breast cancer emergency fund, aids emergency fund and mental health associates of san francisco. trivia night began 12 years ago to help local charities. >> i like to make at least $100,000 a year. in the last ten years, raised over $1 million. >> added to that amount. over $140,000 for charity. group of lucas filmilmilmilmilmm pulled away tonight. looks like blast for charity. >> why weren't we invited? >> can't come up with the answers. >> we've got brains here. or at least the beauty. >> i'm more the beast. warriors playing as well as all season without kevin durant. doesn't seem
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after grounding rockets in
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houston, warriors picked up spurs in san antonio with the win. 3 1/2 game lead with only seven games left. not the start they were looking for tonight. took a while to show up. 15-0, then 23-3 when lamarcus aldrid aldridge bounces it in. andre igwoe daul la. trailed by three at half. 8-0 run to start the klay, a three. steph drops in game high 21 points. dunking second in the year. warriors finish with 14 threes. three if klay. and david west, 110-98.
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3 1/2 game over the spurs. >> hate to start off that way. can't panic. got to understand the things we're doing well and focus on that. hopefully turn around. >> played pretty good defense in the first quarter. they just made everything in the first quarter. stuck with the program. tried not to t moved on offense and forced them into misses eventually. >> could get better. kevin durant testing out injured knee in noncontact drills in practice. hoping to start with physical contact shortly and re-evaluated in a week. practice not like the game. don't want to reinjure the knee. could have two regular season games to get back into shape before the playoffs. >> thunder and magic. thought had this wrapped up.
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westbrook went off. four straight triple-double. 38th of the season. four more to pass for most of the season. 42. westbrook, ridiculous three. ties it up. sends to overtime. ot, westbrook drives, lays in. thunder win it 114-106. abc7 sports report by river rock casino. giants and a's at at&t park. first of series. hard to believe that baseball is upon us as hockey and basketball wind down. here we go. >> and all that great food. >> i saw that with wayne, good gig. garlic fries. craving them right now. >> abc7 news does continue


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