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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 3, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking right now, deadly explosion at subway stations in russia. killed at least ten people. injured dozens more. smoke fills the air. passengers fleeing the scene and we're live with the latest. breaking overnight, jared kushner in iraq. details of the secretive trip emerging this morning as president trump puts the art of the deal to the global test preparing for that critical first meeting with china's president and trying to strike a new tone here at home hitting the golf course to make a deal on health care. new video of that missing teen and teacher in disguise at a walmart just days after disappearing, and police looking into this brand-new image overnight that may show the 15-year-old and the teacher accused of kidnapping her at a mcdonald's in nebraska. ♪
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and south carolina has won the national championship. >> and south carolina, the new queens of college basketball winning their first national title in school history. now all eyes are on the men as gonzaga plays for its first national championship and north carolina tries to rebound from last year's heartbreaker. who will cut down the nets tonight? ♪ i close my eyes and good morning, america. we are comingheest right now with the breaking news. breaking news out of russia this morning. looks like explosions at a metro station in st. petersburg russia. ten people killed and many, many dozens more injured and the russian president vladimir putin was in st. petersburg and we'll go to alex marquardt in london with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. moments ago the general
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prosecutor's office call this a terrorist act. the latest, ten dead with around 50 wounded. it was one blast between two stations while president vladimir putin who has been informed of the bombing is having meetings outside the city today. >> smoke filling the station moments after the blast. chaos and confusion. a subway car ripped open by the force of what russian broadcaster rt is calling a suspected improvised explosive device. all of the metro stations shut down. the second biggest network in the country. commuters and passengers evacuated. emergency responders arrived on the scene where at least ten people have been reported killed and dozens wounded meaning the death toll may grow. there has been no claim of responsibility but fears immediately turn to islamic extremist terrorism which has been seen in russia before. >> russia is fighting in syria
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alongside the assad regime while thousands of russians, most from the southern caucuses region have fought on the other side with isis in both syria and iraq. no claim of responsibility. reports that security is stepped up at metro stations there as well. george. >> alex, thanks. let's bring in pierre thomas in washington. we just heard no claim of responsibility yet. what have u.s. officials been able to learn? >> reporter: u.s. government officials are monitoring the situation trying to get additional information. but they're relegated to media and open source reports, matters complicated by the situation where fbi is accusing russians of hacking. but they will continue to try to get additional information and respond accordingly. >> not a lot of close cooperation. thanks. we stay on this all morning long. a deadly explosion at st. petersburg. ten dead, 50 injured this morning. we'll stay on it all day long. over to amy.
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>> and now we want to get to the severe weather slachling the south. good morning gio. >> the tornado touched down right here. it just destroyed this mobile home. a mother and child inside. take a look. you can see her tricycle right here and her baby stroller. both of them were killed. these storms moving across the south caused so much pain. overnight, twisters like this one sweeping across the south. >> it is an extremely dangerous weather event. >> reporter: one tornado tearing through breaux bridge killing a mother and her 3-year-old daughter. >> you never know. with these freak storms, you never know. >> holy crap. >> reporter: in lena, louisiana, this twister made travel impossible. about 80 miles north in alexandria, strong winds ripping apart this gas station.
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the storms also bringing pounding hail. and lightning strikes from texas to mississippi. one strike even sparking this oil tanker to catch on fire in shreveport, louisiana. water rescues became the only way out for many in vicksburg, mississippi. and the threat isn't over just yet. now this line of storms starts moving over to the east, and it's so important to have a plan because take a look at this. it just happens in the blink of an eye, george. >> it sure does. rob marciano and our senior meteorologist, the latest on that track. hey, rob. >> gio mentioned that line moving east through eastern louisiana. flooding is the other issue. 5 to 10 inches across lafayette but the threat now goes to thunderstorms and tornadoes. these two watch boxes in effect. if it's not a tornado the severe weather watch box could have 60 to 70-mile-an-hour winds as this bows out rolling across alabama. later on today, it kind of noses into georgia. that includes atlanta, getting into south carolina, strong wind, large hail and maybe a
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tornado or two and, yes, across the northeast this thing expand, a flood watch in effect for new jersey, and it's cold enough across northern new england for snow yet again. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. amy? now to the latest on the trump administration. the president's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner heading to iraq as president trump prepares for his first meeting with china's president this week. our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega has all of those details. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. a very busy week here. president trump meeting with three global leaders this week starting today. egypt's president is here, but the biggest diplomatic test for this white house comes later this week at mar-a-lago when president trump comes face-to-face with china's xi jinping. this morning, white house senior adviser, jared kushner, headed to iraq, invited on the mission by the joint chiefs of staff, joseph dunford. the white house releasing few details but the president's son-in-law's packed west wing portfolio includes middle east policy.
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the trip comes as president trump's art of the deal goes global this week and he'll need every negotiating trick in the books when he comes face-to-face with china's xi jinping. their meeting later this week at mar-a-lago comes after candidate trump made china his recurring punching bag. >> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country and that's what they're doing. it's the greatest theft in the history of the world. >> reporter: but this morning, a new tone. president trump telling "the financial times," i have great respect for him. i have great respect for china. i would not at all be surprised if we did something that would be very dramatic and good for both countries. but the president is also talking tough about leaning on korea's military saying, if china is not going to solve north korea, we will. asked if he thinks he can do it without china's help he gave a one-word answer, totally. u.n. ambassador nikki haley
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agreeing with her boss on that front. >> at some point we need to see definitive actions by china condemning north korea and not just calling them out for it. >> reporter: but not echoing his take about an investigation into another international adversary. >> i think russia was involved in the election. no question about it. we don't want any country involved in our elections ever and so once that information comes out, i expect that will be handled accordingly. >> reporter: now, also in that financial times interview the president was asked whether he is proud of the abrasive language that he's used. he said he is and that a softer tone hasn't worked for any of his predecessors. he was also asked if he regrets any of his tweets, george. he said, quote, i don't regret anything. >> the president not big on regret. thanks very much. let's bring in martha raddatz. chief white house correspondent jon karl. let me begin with you, martha. the big news in that "financial times" interview the president reinforcing what rex tillerson said, putting the idea of unilateral action against north korea on the table.
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>> reporter: none of us knows what that means when he says totally. the u.s. could do it on its own but as you know, george, they have not ruled anything out in the trump administration including military action and the most talk about that is a possible preemptive strike. that has also not been ruled out. what that would mean is that we would try to take out any missile they are trying to launch in a testing stage or anything else. >> north korea clearly on the top of the agenda when china's president is here thursday and the president's son-in-law, jared kushner has been a key intermediary with china now on his way to iraq. >> yeah, george, it's more obvious than ever how deeply jared kushner is involved in every aspect of the trump white house including foreign policy. this visit came as we said at the invitation of the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff but clearly kushner wanted to see the situation on the ground himself and he will see that with chairman dunford. whether it's a tactical operation center or the battlefield itself, we don't
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know, but this comes while the iraqis are making the final push into mosul with new and lower level authority to carry out air strikes there. right now, the pentagon investigating air strikes that may have caused hundreds of civilian casualties there. >> martha, thanks. back here of the home, neil gorsuch up for supreme court right now. big showdown in the senate this week. you see him there, senate judiciary committee will vote today and, jon karl, it certainly appears that the president doesn't have enough votes right now to break a democratic filibuster. >> reporter: but, george, the republicans are saying come hell or high water they will get gorsuch confirmed even if it means changing the rules in the senate so they can confirm him with a simple majority vote. right now there are three democrats who are on record saying that they will support gorsuch. that's not enough to get to 60 but if the republicans can change the rules, it's enough to get him confirmed. >> jon, the president had tough tweets about those freedom caucus conservatives in the
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house last week who weren't behind him on health care but yesterday out on the golf course trying to mend fences with one of his opponents, senator rand paul. >> reporter: yeah, keep in mind, rand paul, there was no more consistent or harsh critic of the president's bill, the health care bill than rand paul. he was out there immediately hammering it. was consistently critical of it throughout the process. and he emerged from this round of golf saying he's optimistic that there can be republican agreement on health care. it's hard to see, george, exactly how that happens, but getting rand paul on board if he could get him on board with something would certainly be a big first step. >> that certainly would. jon karl, martha raddatz, thanks very much. now to the search for survivors after a devastating mudslide killed and injured hundreds of people in colombia. abc's tom llamas has just landed there and joins us now from the airport with the very latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: amy, good morning. there is a massive search and rescue operation right now in the southern part of this country. the images out of the town of mocoa are absolutely
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devastating. parts of this town wiped off the map completely. here's what happened essentially, three rivers in this valley town overflowed around the same time in the dead of night and a wall of mud, water and debris just came crashing down into the town. right now there are reports of more than 250 dead including some 60 children. and the search and rescue operation is massive. more than 1,500 people involved. the colombian military, police and emergency officials. also, there's actually a wall in the town of all the dead and missing, and the number grows by the hour. there's also a crisis under way because there is no power, no gasoline, and no water so all search efforts have to halt as soon as the sun goes down. the president of colombia has already visited this area twice as the rescue operation is still very much under way. amy. >> our hearts go out to all of those people. >> just a horrible situation. yeah. we'll move on to the latest
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on that sexual assault live streamed on facebook. a 14-year-old chicago boy is due in court to face charges for assaulting a 15-year-old girl and police now say that more arrests are coming. abc's linsey davis with the details. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. police say at least 40 people watched the video and did nothing at all to stop it. an alleged gang rape of a 15-year-old chicago girl. one arrest was made and the police say we can expect several more. this morning, a 14-year-old is behind bars for what police are calling a disturbing sexual assault streamed live on facebook. and officials are on the hunt to make more arrests. investigators say as many as 40 people viewed the video but no one called police. >> it just disgusts me that people would look at those videos and not pick up the phone and dial 911. >> reporter: police say the 15-year-old victim was lured to a home by one of the suspects where she was brutally attacked. >> it's disgusting.
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it's so disgusting. she was so scared. >> reporter: the victim's mom was sent screen shots of the video and immediately took them to police who then worked with facebook and obtained social media search warrants to identify at least two of the possible six suspects. all teen boys and one of their adult relatives. >> the young man responsible, they humiliated themselves, humiliated their families and now they're going to be held accountable for what they did. >> reporter: this isn't the only time facebook live has been used to stream a crime. >> this [ bleep ] is hilarious. >> reporter: in january, a group of teens was arrested after the kidnapping and assault of a challenged man. the 14-year-old currently behind bars in this incident faces charges for felony aggravated criminal sexual assault and manufacturing and dissemination of child pornography. >> this was a torture, not just a sexual assault. it was a torture. >> facebook took the video down after police alerted them to the video and say we work hard to create a safe environment on facebook and will remove videos
7:15 am
that depict sexual assault and are shared to glorify violence. police are looking at whether the people who viewed the video but did nothing to stop it could be held accountable. you would have thought you were talking about 40 people watching it and somebody would have said, boy, this is not right and called the police. >> thank you. >> police near boston searching for a suspect in a carjacking who then got soaked in gasoline. you'll see why. surveillance video showing him jumping into the suv and she sprayed him with gas trying to stop him. he drives away dragging her before making his escape. she was not seriously injured. police later recovered her suv but that suspect is still on the run. we hope they catch him soon. >> wow. >> that was scary but i don't know if you're supposed to handle it that way. >> maybe just instinct kicked in. >> maybe she was having a cigaret cigarette. we're going to turn to history on the basketball court.
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south carolina taking home the championship overnight beating mississippi state. t.j. holmes has all the details from phoenix arizona. good morning. t.j. >> good morning. it call comes down to this for the men's side. it call comes down to the 'zags and the heels. now, they were here just last year. they've never been here before but if they're looking for any inspiration for their first ever championship look no further than the women of south carolina. >> with the rebound. right back up. wow! >> reporter: for the first time in five years women's college basketball has a national championship team that doesn't come from the state of connecticut. >> and south carolina has won the national championship. >> reporter: south carolina defeated mississippi state 67-55 to earn the first title in gamecocks' school history. >> this team has played with so
7:17 am
much heart. huge goal of ours, amazing feeling. >> reporter: it was scrappy mississippi state that pulled off the impossible. >> william on the drive, pull-up, pull-up. score. she got it. she got it. >> reporter: slaying the undefeated mighty uconn huskies and ending their 111-game win streak. after that game mississippi state was greeted in the locker room by one of their biggest fans. >> thank you for elevating women's basketball the way you have. >> thank you. >> reporter: while the south carolina women are celebrating this morning, the south carolina men had to pack their bags early causing them to go on a 16-0 run, but gonzaga held on for the win. after the game a standing ovation for departing south carolina. and the other final four game all eyes were on oregon forward jordan bell. he missed a couple of key rebounds during the final stretch against north carolina. >> second one, no. and meeks, carolina saves it. >> reporter: the tar heels pulled out a one-point win. after the game bell tweeted i am so sorry. >> i had two opportunities to do
7:18 am
it. i missed both of them. lost the game because of it. >> reporter: all right. guys, well, of course, jordan bell, their heart goes out to him but a lot is on the line for these guys. this is their whole lives. now, the game is coming up this evening. we have a preview. we'll let you know how this one works out. gonzaga can get their first ever championship and, again, stra, the heels, 20 final four appearances, they're used to being here. they do it all the time. >> we were sitting here thinking, they need to get a little more excited, t.j., when you were wondering if they were going to win. they were a little docile. >> they're getting excited now. >> give them a break. it's still early out here. >> it's a good point, t.j. we'll cut you some slack on that one. let's go back now to rob marciano. there is heavy rain coming to the northeast tonight. >> opening season for major league baseball. want to put a positive spin on the fact that some folks will get some snow across parts of new england. over a foot at jay peak. loving that fresh powder.
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a lot of rain, 2 inches, over the next two days. select cities brought to you by sprint now. hi, i there will be a stronr breeze meaning cooler temperatures at the coast, especially. san francisco only 68 degrees but still mild around the bay and inland. oakland, 72. san jose 77. we'll see some upper 70s in concord the accuweather seven-day forecast -- enjoy the
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sunshine. and above-average temperatures for the next few days before a storm moves in thursday night, moderate by friday. coming up, here is that new image overnight that may show the missing tennessee teen and the teacher accused of kidnapping her. there it is right there. the missing tennessee teen and the teacher accused of kidn kidnapping her. there it is right there. there's a world like no other world where your time together is special
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state farm is here to help life go right. 7:23. b.a.r.t. riders, some of them at least, already disappointed with the new warm springs station "the mercury news" reports riders have to transfer trains because there are not enough to run two had line service for at least one of the routes. b.a.r.t. hopes to start full service next year. let's go over to sue to see what it looks like on the roads. >> b.a.r.t.'s on time. that's good news. muni delays this morning at the san mateo we had an accident near the toll plaza. an didnaccident northbound just cleared near el cerro.
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traffic remains slow in the north and southbound directions. that ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer.
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a good morning. i'm frances dinglasan. not as warm as yesterday, so some temperatures only in the 40s right now. oakland 48, gilroy 48. other places near 50 degrees. temperatures will be a little bit cooler as well this afternoon. we'll see 68 in san francisco, low 70s around the bay and some upper 70s in some inland spots. enjoy the sunshine and the warmth because things really change by thursday night. reggie? >> thanks, frances. we'll have another abc 7 news update in 25 minutes. of course we are always updating you on twitter, online and on our news app. we'll be back in another half-hour. meantime, gma is next.
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no, i'm kidding. 100% u.s.-based customer service. here to help, not to sell. ♪ welcome back to "gma," everybody. and that's the moment that brought down the house at last night's academy of country music awards, the backstreet boys teaming up with florida georgia line to perform their classic "everybody" and the stars in the audience enjoyed every moment. we're enjoying every moment in the studio. >> they still got it. >> very cool. >> everybody loved it last night. also right now, 19 million people across the country on severe alert for severe weather after deadly tornadoes tore through the south with winds up to 100 miles an hour and now there is another tornado watch in effect this morning as the storm moves through the gulf coast and it is a critical week for president trump. he is meeting with egypt's president at the white house today and will meet with china's president later this week where they are expected to discuss trade.
7:31 am
trade and north korea. a lot coming up there. now the latest on that teacher who ran away with a former student. a photo was released overnight that may show the couple in nebraska. eva pilgrim has details. >> reporter: today marks three weeks since these two disappeared. for much of that time nothing. not a clue but now at least one confirmed sighting giving her family some hope. this morning, nebraska police posting this surveillance cam photo of what they say could be tad cummins with 15-year-old elizabeth thomas at the mcdonald's this past sunday. while they haven't been able to positively identify them yet, this new video of the pair in oklahoma gives fresh clues in the three-week search for the tennessee teen and her alleged kidnapper. >> it was good to be able to see her face again. >> reporter: tad cummins and elizabeth thomas captured on security cameras at a walmart in oklahoma city two days after her disappearance. nearly 700 miles away from her
7:32 am
home in columbia, tennessee. the new pictures showing small changes to their appearance. thomas' hair darkened red and cummins' gray facial hair now brown. they bought food paying with cash and this morning authorities are still trying to determine if they were still traveling in cummins' silver suv. >> he was certainly putting a lot of planning into disappearing. he searched what size mattress will fit in the back of a nissan rogue. can that particular model be traced via gps? >> reporter: the two disappearing after cummins was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with his teenage student allegedly writing intimate e-mails and even reportedly caught kissing thomas. >> he was trying to romantically persuade her to come to him. >> reporter: while authorities say they don't know where cummins was planning to go, they are now saying they do know that he packed warm weather clothes, shorts and t-shirts for this trip. >> please, if you have a
7:33 am
sighting call 911 as soon as possible. that's the only way we can move forward. >> reporter: this morning investigators say they have no idea where the two could be but these new images giving her family new hope. >> i feel at least hopeful that i've seen her, elizabeth, if you can hear me, please come back to us. >> reporter: now cummins' wife who had publicly pleaded for him to release elizabeth has now filed for divorce and the reward to find these two is now at $10,000. just a reminder how important these tips are this morning, george. >> thanks very much. more now from our special consultant and former fbi agent brad garrett. brad, thanks for joining us. let's start out with surveillance video that shows some interaction between them. what does it tell you? >> well, the one in the walmart store, watch. he's in front of her. it looks like it at times she's not looking very happy. he's not physically controlling her but it looks like to me he's continuing to psychologically control her. >> well, yeah, you would think
7:34 am
that has to be the case given how long they've been together at this point. and now the net is so wide. >> well, the net is wide, george, but if, in fact, this new sighting and i question whether that's accurate or not in kearney, nebraska, as to what direction they're going. one thing fugitives do, george, is they go directions where they have been. for example, does he have any history in the west? did he work there? does he have an ex-wife? does he have children? all of those things because we tend to go to places we have a history. >> what is it about the photo that makes you question it? >> well, there's something different about the facial hair in the photograph in kearney, nebraska, so i would like to see a better photograph before i made a decision as to whether that's the two of them. >> okay, brad garrett, thanks very much. all right, coming up next here in just two minutes the new report that fox news anchor bill o'reilly secretly settled harassment claims with at least five women paying them millions to keep quiet. omen paying them
7:35 am
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now to that new report about alleged sexual harassment at fox news involving bill o'reilly. "the new york times" reporting several women received payouts totaling nearly $13 million and abc's mara schiavocampo is here with more on that. good morning, mara. >> reporter: amy, good morning. this is not the first time we've heard of o'reilly's involvement in sexual harassment cases. he publicly settled a 2004 lawsuit for $9 million. but now there are bombshell new revelations about other previously unreported payouts of millions of dollars in confidential settlements including one that even his bosses at fox reportedly didn't know about. this morning, new revelations about sexual harassment claims at fox news aimed at the network's biggest star. >> with our lead story -- >> reporter: "the new york times" finding fox news and bill o'reilly paid five women a total of almost $13 million in
7:38 am
settlements going back 15 years. >> not only were there accusations, but now we come to find out that there were actual payouts. >> reporter: in 2002 the report says fox first becoming aware of o'reilly's alleged inappropriate behavior reportedly settling with a producer claiming he berated her in the newsroom but not sexual assault her. then in 2004 without admitting any wrongdoing o'reilly reportedly paid producer andrea makris almost $9 million live the two publicly battled over her sexual harassment claims. >> welcome to happy hour. >> reporter: in 2011 fox business network host rebecca gomez diamond leaving the network after allegedly being paid by o'reilly in secret. the network reportedly not finding out until five years later and in 2016, fox's parent company allegedly settling with two correspondents claiming sexual harassment by o'reilly. >> laurie dhue.
7:39 am
>> laurie dhue reportedly receiving more than a million dollars and juliet huddy paid 1.6 million. >> welcome back to the bottom half of the hour. gretchen carlson first exposing fox news' alleged culture of harassment last summer. >> it's time for us to come out of the shadows and let our voices be heard. >> reporter: suing fox news chairman and chief executive roger ailes claiming her contract wasn't renewed after she rebuffed his advances. though he denied the allegations ailes resigned just weeks later, fox settling for $20 million. the scrutiny leading to an ongoing federal criminal investigation into whether the network used corporate funds to pay off ailes' accusers. at the time, o'reilly defended his friend and boss. >> in this country every famous, powerful or wealthy person is a target. >> reporter: now in a statement posted to his website, o'reilly saying that he too is a target.
7:40 am
writing, i'm vulnerable to lawsuits from individuals who want me to pay them to avoid negative publicity. in my more than 20 years at knox news channel no one has ever filed a complaint about me with the human resources department. even on the anonymous hot line. i have put to rest any controversies to spare my children. now, o'reilly and fox are both also now involved in a legal battle with former fox news host andrea tantaros accusing o'reilly of sexual harassment and in addition to the settlements one other woman, wendy walsh is said to speak out about her experience later today. >> all right, mara. joining us is dan abrams and lisa bloom, the attorney for wendy walsh, a former "o'reilly factor" guest saying that he failed to follow through on his offer to secure a position after she turned down his advances and according to the report, fox is saying that walsh was removed because of bad ratings. what does she say happen? >> well, that's ridiculous.
7:41 am
she was only a guest on a segment with other guests with mr. o'reilly with topic chosen by their producers. you mean to tell me that the few seconds that she was on, the ratings went down. everybody turned off their tvs? she's been on hundreds of cable news shows since. everybody asks her back. she's fabulous on tv but this is typical fox news behavior. going after anyone who dares to speak out about sexual harassment even wendy walsh who has not asked for a dime, who is not suing but simply speaking out about her story. >> fox says she never told anyone at the company about what happened. why didn't she? >> because she was scared. because she didn't want to be in the middle of the financial -- the difficult situation that she's in now with everybody attacking her online. but she was contacted by a reporter now four years later and decided to tell the truth and asked me if i would stand by her if she did. i said that i would and now she's telling her story. >> yeah, lisa, as you mentioned she's not filing a lawsuit. not asking for money so what is
7:42 am
today about? >> well, we are going to ask for an independent investigation of this toxic culture of sexual harassment at fox news. it is not simply the cost of doing business to pay millions of dollars year after year and to allow predators to stay in place at any corporation in america. you know, the problem is not just sexual harassment, it's that so many of these women have been driven out of their jobs, their careers in television over when they dare to speak out. every woman in america has the right to a workplace free of sexual harassment and to be protected from retaliation. it is not normal what is going on at fox news and it is also not legal. >> lisa, we should mention that fox said this, 21st century fox takes these matters seriously and have looked into these matters and discussed them with mr. o'reilly. while he denies the merits of these claims he resolved those he regarded his personal responsibility and he is fully committed to supporting our efforts to improve the environment for all employees at fox.
7:43 am
he says he's vulnerable to people looking for money and settling is not an admission of guilt, correct. >> both those things are true of the settling is not an admission of guilt and high-profile people are bigger targets. with that said, you have to look at the number of allegations here. there are a lot of other very high-profile people who have not had this sort of number and that's the real danger for fox here. is that more people are going to come forward now. i think that's also what makes someone like wendy walsh so dangerous to fox and o'reilly she's not suing. she's not asking for money and so as a result the usual response which is, ah, just trying to get a payout, et cetera, doesn't apply. i think it's really important to distinguish between the cases that o'reilly is settling himself and the cases that fox is settling and the reason that's so important is because bill o'reilly can say on cases that the corporate entity is paying out, look, i wouldn't have paid that out.
7:44 am
i didn't do anything wrong. they made a decision, that's not my problem. when he is paying it out himself, that's a much tougher argument, in particular when you're talking about $9 million in one case according to "the new york times"? and we do have limited time here but o'reilly admitted to wrongdoing. would an average company let that many complaints against one person of the same nature pile up and let that person still go unpunished. >> no such thing as an average company. the bottom line is you look at a company will look at everything from the seriousness of the allegations to what is the corporate culture at the place. meaning how do they define themselves? there's no question that under roger ailes sexual harassment allegations were not taken as seriously as they should have been, no question and fox would say we're now taking them more seriously. we shall see but we'll also see what happens in terms of moving forward as i said before. >> dan, lisa bloom, thank you, both and, michael, we'll turn it over to you. coming up on our big board an abc news exclusive.
7:45 am
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include tiredness, headache and weakness. ready to let go of hep c? ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. we're back now with our big board and rebecca jarvis and larry hackett are here at the table and let's start with that abc news exclusive parents beware, an alarming new report out later today from the organization kids in danger has found that the number of child product recalls as well as injuries and deaths rose dramatically in 2016 and, rebecca, according to this safety group, last year we saw the highest number of recalls in over a decade. what's going on? >> this is very concerning for parents. recalls last year up 12%, 66.8 million products were recalled and we've seen the number of incidents involving product recalls go up dramatically. almost to 5,000 last year and if you'll recall, that ikea dresser, the viral video that we saw, we actually did testing on that very dresser that was recalled here at abc news,
7:48 am
everyone remembers the viral videos of that falling over. also the mcdonald's step-it device that was given out in happy meals that too was recalled. some big ones involved. >> but were there any good news that came out of this report. >> the best news that came out of this report, a group that has been recalled very frequently previously cribs were not recalled last year. so even though we've seen major recalls involving cribs in the past, five of them in 2007, 21 in 2010, 0 cribs were recalled last year. that's good news. for parents wondering what can we do, how can we help protect our kids go to that's where you can report any issues involving your products. >> great advice. thanks, rebecca. next up we have an explosive new lawsuit from johnny depp's ex amber heard countersuing him alleging he went behind her back and secretly filmed explicit nude scenes using her body double and this comes as the
7:49 am
producers filed a $10 million lawsuit against her. what is she alleging in her counter suit? >> she's alleging she said she won't do a nude scene and they agreed and after she finished filming used a body double and made it appear impossible to tell the difference between her body and their body. she's saying that was not allowed. a producer's cut that shows these sex scenes and she's saying you told me you were not going to do it and you're violating the terms of the contract. this is the movie that she starred with billy bob thornton and johnny depp alleged she had an affair with billy bob. lots of controversy involving this movie. >> she had a nudity rider. how common are these and what type of pressure is put on actresses to have these types of scenes? >> there's lots of pressure. sarah jessica parker has one and julia roberts has no nude scenes. it depends what kind of power you have in hollywood. the higher you rise up the more you can say i don't want to do
7:50 am
this. that said at the same time whether it's hbo seeing women nude is not that uncommon so the lines are not as clear as they used to be in the past. >> thank you. we appreciate it, larry, thank you. reynolds, thank you as well. coming up inside princess diana and prince charles' marriage, the bombshell new tell-all pulling back the curtain on their relationship. tell-all pulling back the curtain on their relationship. predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future. before fibromyalgia, i was a doer. i was active. then the chronic, widespread pain
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7:54 am
record and could be a problem as far as flooding goes. we'll take that after having widespread extreme drought. winter storm warnings for telluride and the rockies could see a foot in spots there and another storm coming into the west now until friday or saturday so enjoy the nice weather.
7:55 am
7:56 am
happy monday, good morning to you. meteorologist frances dinglasan has a still sunny forecast. just a little cooler. >> just a little bit cooler, especially right now where some numbers are only in the 40s. 44 in napa, 50 in san francisco, milder there. afternoon highs will be a little bit cooler compared to yesterday. 60s at the coast. low 70s around the bay. sue? we knew there was going to be delays at the carquinez bridge eastbound because of repair work there. we didn't know there was going ton an accident in lanes there as well. now we have a monumental back-up all the way in towards crockett and beyond right now so give yourself plenty of time. >> oh, boy, that's a terrible time for this to happen. thanks, sue. coming up, a new study out this morning to help your family from getting the late season flu. that's next on "gma."
7:57 am
we'll have another update in 30 minutes. tomorrow morning we start early in the a.m., 4:30, all the way up to 7:00 and updates every 25 minutes. "gma" is coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. deadly storms rip across the south. nine tornadoes reported. millions of people in the path of the severe storms. we're live from the danger zone. health alert this morning. just when you thought flu season was over, is there a second wave? dr. besser here live to break it down. ♪ one-on-one with alec baldwin talking to george in a very personal interview. his struggles with drugs, alcohol and anger, and what he's saying about playing donald trump. new this morning, the bombshell new book inside charles and diana's marriage. the real reason he reportedly proposed to her. did he feel trapped? and what was he really like in private as dad to william and harry? ♪ all that and sarah michelle gellar live in times square.
8:01 am
and she's here to say -- >> good morning, america. >> great enthusiasm from the crowd right here. nice bright greeting from sarah michelle gellar. >> very nice. so great to have everyone here on this monday. we're just hours away from the end of march madness. kind of okay that all of our brackets are pretty much busted at this point, but there is a 12-year-old girl who has a lot to celebrate. she got the final four right. [ cheers and applause ] >> perfect. and she's actually -- we're going to talk to her. she's going to tell us how we did it because we all need some tips. none of us were as good as she is. >> uniform color is not a good predictor? darn it. also coming up, what is the happiest age? what would -- well, save it. we'll guess. everybody has been talking about it.
8:02 am
what is the happiest ages of our lives? turns out i bet you won't get at least one of them. we'll tell you all about that coming up in a "pop news" study. >> at least two. first the headlines from amy. breaking news in russia. new details about the deadly explosion on the st. petersburg subway. a second explosive device has been found and deactivated in the subway system. let's get to alex marquardt tracking the latest. >> reporter: good morning, amy. this has not been officially declared an act of terror but president putin says that is being considered. it was one explosion between two stations, the entire metro system has been shut down. the blast tore through a car filling the track and station with smoke. amid the chaos and confusion. emergency services responded quickly and have revised the death toll saying at least nine people were killed and around 50 wounded. anti-terror officials say a second explosive device found at
8:03 am
another station and defused. no claim of responsibility but suspicion turns to islamic extremists who have carried out attacks in russia before and thousands who have flocked to join isis in iraq and syria. amy. >> and back here at home. more extreme weather hitting the south. up to eight inches of rain in parts of mississippi. three deaths are blamed on the storms including a mother and daughter killed when a tornado hit their mobile home in louisiana. parts of alabama and florida under a tornado watch. also breaking at this hour. authorities say three people have been killed in a building explosion in st. lewis. a boiler exploded and the force sent part of the tank crashing through the roof of a nearby building. no word of whether anyone was working on the boiler at the time of the explosion. rescuers are desperately digging through debris in southwestern colombia where 254 people died
8:04 am
following saturday's mudslide. thousands of volunteers are joining police and military personnel racing to find survivors. it followed intense rain and more is expected in that area. some officials blaming dee forest station. some evidence of the expanding role president trump's son-in-law has in the white house. jared kushner is visiting iraq with the chairman of the joint chiefs to see the situation on the ground and support iraq's government. president trump has a message for china just days before he meets with the chinese president. he says if china doesn't take a tougher stand against north korea's nuclear program the u.s. will act alone. finally, what a costly error for a pro golfer. and she only got caught because of a sharp-eyed tv viewer. lexi thompson was in a tournament in california until a viewer noticed she moved her ball an inch too far and e-mailed a fan website. tournament officials jumped on it and penalized her four
8:05 am
strokes. she then went on to lose. thompson says the ball placement was not intentional. tiger woods tweeted his support for her, saying viewers at home shouldn't be officials wearing stripes. what do you think? you guys are golfers. >> tiger is right. >> i agree. it's enough trouble golfing with your friends and they're accusing you of cheating. >> the day after? >> i know. >> was it a day? ooh. >> it was inadvertent and had to go into a playoff and lost the playoffs. she handled it well though. >> i attempted yesterday. you should have seen me. look over there. >> they call that a hand wedge when you throw it. >> hand wedge. i nailed it. all right, "pop news" time? >> yes. >> good morning, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] good morning. good morning. good morning to you. time for "pop news" now and supermodel tyra banks is taking on ageism in the fashion world. announcing this weekend that after 23 seasons she's removing the age limit for contestants on the upcoming cycle of "america's
8:06 am
next top model." take a look. >> i stood for diverse beauty and erasing cookie cutters when it comes to what is deemed beautiful. >> all right. i love it. great job, tyra. used to be you had to be 27 or younger to be on the show. no more. banks said the only requirement that she's adamant about keep something that contestants must be able to smize which means smile with your eyes. >> it's getting very easy. >> it's getting very easy. we're all in for this next season. tyra, great job. more of us should be thinking along those lines. never too old. >> and smizing. >> you are smizing at me. >> hey, george, look, i'm smizing at you. >> you can tell. >> george is slightly concerned. also in "pop news" this morning, a new study out of london. we alluded to it in the hello, out of the london school of economics and political sciences
8:07 am
declared they know the happiest ages in our lifetimes. any guesses? >> 55. >> 12. >> 55? >> that's one of them. there's two. >> i said 12. >> what would you say, george? >> early 20s. >> well, you are correct. 23 is one of them. joy also peaks again at 69 and here's the logic behind that i know, i was so happy to read that. people embark on their adult lives at 23, they believe starting their careers as an adult, new freedoms and then again by 69 researchers say that many of us have settled into a new groove. they have those blissful post work years to look forward to. a new adventure with the advantage of wisdom and a life well lived on your side. [ applause ] >> i guess mid-50s because i had always heard once you raise your children and they've gone off in the world you can feel proud of it and then kind of relax, you know, then you -- >> my kids are still at home. >> most people go on -- my kids
8:08 am
come back home after i've sent them off. that's a good age, 69. gives me something to look forward to. >> the reason the large gap if you're wondering, 23 to 69. there's a lot of years in between, those are the big one, that's buying a house, raising a family. they can go well or not. >> when you said 23 the crowd went ah like our lives were over. they're not over. we got time, people. >> yep. >> you find different kinds of happiness. >> along the way. along the way. it's a journey, george. and then finally, everybody, look who is jumping in the ring. oh, my, new england patriots tight end, the gronk. he may have had to sit out on the sidelines for this year's super bowl due to injury but certainly didn't keep him out of the action at wrestlemania this weekend. out of control, gronk was in the front row, watching his pal, mojo rawley, compete in the andre the giant memorial battle when he took it upon himself. you know that stance. to help his pal, look at him.
8:09 am
i'm sure this was not at all planned out. >> just like the video sped up. that's how quickly -- >> post-nfl career. right there. there you go. >> it may come sooner. >> he did eventually let his pal get back to work and he went on to win the battle over jinder mahal. so the gronk might have been helpful there. i'm sure none of that was planned. it was very spontaneous. >> i've done that before. yeah, i've done that. yeah, i did the wrestlemania. >> control room, can we get that video? >> can you find that video? >> it really was an amazing experience. the fans are incredible and i took my sons with me and you get -- you get caught up in it, and i can see that wasn't planned out obviously. >> did you take your shirt off like gronk? >> no, i didn't do that. i kept mine on. >> he did for "magic mike." >> don't do that. >> i'll save you, michael. >> that's a great "pop news," george. get us out of here. we are coming back with a new tell all that reveals details about prince charles and princess diana's marriage.
8:10 am
and a health concern about the second wave of the flu. dr. richard besser is here to talk about that live. we're going to be right back. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by chick-fil-a. brought to you by chick-fil-a. 'r when are we even going to sleep? you got a little all nighter refuel going on this is the best morning ever! look at that joy and excitement we're going to be right back.
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welcome to maxx you. you are whimsical, vibrant, statement making. we see what makes you unique. so we have something for everyone, at a price that's just right for you. maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx back now with brand-new back now with brand-new revelations. a new book making headlines on prince charles -- new revelations about his marriage to princess diana and what he was like behind closed doors as a husband and a dad. jesse palmer has details. good morning, jesse. >> "prince charles: the passions and paradoxes of an improbable life" and never before shared stories and what really went on in one of the most high-profile marriages of the 20th century. take a look. >> reporter: this morning, a bombshell new book making
8:15 am
headlines. the tell all that reveals details about the future king that have been kept very private. >> this book really explores the fact that they were deeply unhappy or at least, you know, diana was from literally day one of their marriage. >> reporter: a glimpse into charles and diana's marriage. from the very beginning. charles reportedly unsure about whether he wanted to propose to the 19-year-old diana. his father prince philip urging his son to make up his mind. in a letter to the then 32-year-old charles. >> prince philip wanted to be fair to diana because he didn't want her reputation as a sort of young 19-year-old, you know in british society ruined and he spelled this out to charles in a letter saying, look, the time has come. you need to either marry her or cut her loose. >> reporter: the book revealing the ill-fated marriage almost never happened. with prince charles experiencing cold feet just before their 1981 wedding. >> going into something like i think he felt that was it for life and as he wasn't sure if the relationship, i think he felt trapped.
8:16 am
on the eve of his wedding. >> reporter: but as their marriage progressed despite constant fights with diana, charles was by all accounts a loving and devoted father behind closed doors, much different from the sometimes removed and stern public image he projects. >> he was a very hands-on father, very early on and would always get back from royal engagements as much as he could to give william and harry baths and put them to bed. >> reporter: through it all one constant for charles in his life, camilla, his now wife. >> the key thing with this book, it just heightens the fact that for charles there was never anybody else. there was never anyone else who was going to fit all his needs. it was always camilla before she got married, before he got married and throughout. >> reporter: the biography is out tomorrow. for now, charles and his beloved wife camilla are touring italy and the man who will be king will meet with the pope. >> all right, jesse, thank you. big revelations in that book. all right, coming up some revelations about the flu. you thought it was over. flu season, we're in for possibly a second wave of
8:17 am
getting sick. dr. besser is here with the latest. not to worry. not to worry. we'll handle it. i'm bringing you an exclusive interview with alec baldwin and he talks about his struggles with drugs and alcohol and how his life is better than ever. life is better than ever.
8:18 am
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do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. oh, we got big sports fans, college basketball ends its season tonight and tonight is the opening day of major league baseball. the boys of summer are back. and so are the dogs. check it out. maui and moon. buy me some peanuts. these pup, they don't want to go back. boston, as much as it pains me to say will be strong. as are the mets taking on the braves taking on the mets. looks great, white sox, rain moving in for your home opener against the tigers, 48 degrees. time for your local weather
8:22 am
hi, i there will be a stronr breeze meaning cooler temperatures at the coast, especially. san francisco only 68 degrees but still mild around the bay and inland. oakland, 72. san jose 77. we'll see some upper 70s in concord the accuweather seven-day forecast -- enjoy the sunshine. and above-average temperatures for the next few days before a storm moves in thursday night, moderate by friday. we are now here to talk about the health alert about the flu. just because it's april it doesn't mean you're in the clear. new numbers from the cdc show people still getting sick and our chief health and medical editor dr. richard besser is here. dr. besser, welcome to the table. >> thank you very much. >> welcome to the table. [ applause ] so, it is april. >> yes. >> this is not the time of year we hear about the flu but is the flu still a big threat right now?
8:23 am
>> yeah, i mean the good news nationwide the total numbers are going down. but there are areas of the country that are seeing a lot of flu activity. take a look at this map. those areas in red, the southeast in particular, seeing lots of the flu. minnesota, oklahoma, you know, so if you're in those areas, flu is still around, cdc says it's still not too late to get a flu shot. >> i have to ask you a question. i got a flu shot, and i got the flu. could i get it again? >> unfortunately, you could. >> what? >> yeah, you could get in -- you could get maybe not the same strain. >> lucky me. >> but you can get it in january, and along comes april, and you could get influenza b. if you get it the recommendations, stay home. wash your hands, try not to spread it and hopefully in a few weeks it will be gone. >> there's a new study that shows how important it is to get your kids vaccinated. what's that about? >> the cdc did their biggest study looking at flu deaths in children, and thankfully, they are very rare.
8:24 am
they found 358 children who died from the flu in a four-year period. when they looked a lot hasn't been vaccinated. if they were it was 65% effective in preventing death from the flu. make sure your kids get vaccinated especially if they have asthma. or other problems that can set them up for a bad flu. >> you've been giving us a lot of medical advice over the last years, and today is sad to report this is your last day at abc. >> it is. >> but the thing is you have helped so many and we know you're not done helping. what is your next step? >> you know, first it's been an incredible experience being here for eight years. eight years. >> woo! [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. >> my first segment eight years ago was flu. i came here because i was running the cdc during swine flu, and having a conversation with all of america about health has been incredible, and now i'm taking what i have learned here, joining the robert wood johnson foundation in princeton, new jersey, the nation's largest philanthropy focus on health and
8:25 am
what i want to do is help america have a conversation around health and see, make sure we're spending our resources to improve health and well being in america. the goal is everyone in america should have an opportunity to be healthy regardless of income, regardless of where you live, what you look like. everyone should have a chance to be healthy and that's what i'm going to be working on. [ applause ] >> we owe you a real debt because for so many years you have been so trusted, so clear, so compelling for all our viewers and you're going to be able to help so many people in this new job. congratulations. >> congratulations. >> we love you, dr. besser. [ cheers and applause ] >> congratulations. >> we love you, dr. besser. [ cheers and applause ]
8:26 am
8:27 am
castro from abc 7 mornings. b.a.r.t. riders already disappointed with the new warm springs station. "the mercury news" reports riders have to transfer trains because there are not enough to run two-line service. b.a.r.t. hopes to start full service next year. speaking of the commute, let's check in with sue hall. >> good morning, jess. not bad out there at all, a couple hotspots. one is the eastbound carquinez bridge at toll plaza. we had an accident and that's cleared. yellow sensors across the span. otherwise, not too bad. san jose northbound 85 near union and camden, a couple of cars mixed up there. meteorologist frances
8:28 am
dinglasan h
8:29 am
i'm frances dinglasan. we have cooler, drier air moving in, so less cloud cover with live doppler 7, temperatures right now on the cool side in some north bay areas, only some 30s for you. this afternoon it will be pleasant and mild but slightly cooler compared to yesterday. jessica? >> beautiful out there. frances, thank you. we'll have another abc 7 news update in 30 minutes and always on our news app at
8:30 am join us good morning, welcome back to "gma" here in times square. i'm back here down at the news desk because we have breaking news. some serious news out of russia. an explosion in the st. petersburg metro killed at least ten people. that's what we know right now. the first images we're seeing from that explosion in st. petersburg, russia, today. as i said at least ten people are dead. i want to go to alex marquardt. he is in london with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the death toll stands at ten people with almost 40 in hospital. that happening at the square station in central st. petersburg and also reports from other russian official news services of a second explosion at the technological station as well. we have seen video of a destroyed subway car, smoke filling the station. in addition to those killed many
8:31 am
have been wounded. st. petersburg is the hometown of vladimir putin who is in the city today. there's been no claimed responsibility but the immediate assumption will fall on islamic extremists from southern russia, from the caucuses, hundreds of russians have gone to fight with isis in syria where russia is fighting on the side of the assad regime. no sense of who or what may be responsible for this. >> we know president putin has been briefed and he was not affected by this in any way? >> reporter: yes. no indication right now he was affected in any way or he was a target. this appears to have been carried out at these two main stations but he was not involved as far as we know. >> thanks very much. explosion in the subway in st. petersburg russia. at least ten dead. right now let's go upstairs to michael. we'll switch gears and we'll say we're glad you could join us.
8:32 am
we have a great audience up here this morning. [ cheers and applause ] waking up early, a lot of kids on spring break. i love it when the kids are here for spring break and look at their parents like really, you made us wake up early on spring break. march madness. the men's final is tonight. gonzaga versus north carolina. no one picked this match-up in our brackets but sasha anderson did. she's one out of 657 people out of 18 million who correctly predicted the final four and she -- the kicker, sasha is only 12 years old and her seventh grade math teacher is joining us with her. denzelle lawson and sasha, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> sasha, you filled out this bracket in class. it's the first time you have ever done it. you had eight minutes to do it. you picked the final four, not
8:33 am
only the final two. are you surprised? >> yes, i'm very surprised for it to be my first bracket. >> mr. lawson, you're sasha's seventh grade math teacher. what were you hoping the kids were going to learn by filling out all these brackets. >> what i wanted to do is just get the kids engaged in colleges. just get them exposed to different colleges and just get their mind off of the testing because this is testing season right now. i just wanted to do something fun for the kids. [ applause ] >> i want to ask you this, how did you pick the final four? how did you decide what teams you were putting in your bracket? >> well, i looked at how they were ranked in their conferences and then i just saw how many they won and lost and determined from there who i thought would make it to the final four. >> you did research. and it actually worked. a lot of really brilliant minds who know sports didn't even come close. >> imagine that, you actually look at the records of the team and rankings, genius.
8:34 am
>> no, but it's not easy to do. >> it's not easy to do and my bracket was busted after the first weekend so i'm not very good at it but i have a question, sasha, who are you rooting for tonight? who did you pick to win it all? >> n.c.! >> unbelievable. i want to ask mr. lawson, obviously we know sasha is a great student averaging an "a" in your honors math class. when you saw her picks how impressed were you? >> i was wowed. i was shocked and wowed by the south carolina because she picked south carolina over duke so that's when it really turned. i said, man, she has a special bracket here. >> i tell you what, thank you both for joining us. sasha, you should be happy. you look so happy. look at that smile. so beautiful. >> i'm very happy. >> good luck on your pick tonight. denzelle, thanks for joining us and have a great day. all right. hopefully there's class for you
8:35 am
today, sasha. >> bye, guys. >> see you all. thank you. and, you know, that was special. that really was special. we have someone else very special coming to our table. you know her from "grey's anatomy" and "private practice" now starring in a new netflix series, "13 reasons why." please welcome kate walsh. [ cheers and applause ] >> hi. hi. >> how are you? >> good to see you. >> good to see you, as well. hi, hi, how are you? nice to see you. hi, handsome. how are you? >> good. >> good. [ applause ] welcome. >> thank you. hi. >> you are one busy person. >> i'm very busy right now. >> you are starring -- >> i have to leave -- no. i'm kidding. >> right now. but, you know, off broadway play. your netflix show just premiered. >> yes. >> of course, we know your other day job. >> yeah. >> but you just posted something
8:36 am
on instagram and you were like relaxing and chilling. what do you like to do when you're not working? >> is that -- oh -- that's probably -- >> your favorite pastime. >> oh, gosh, that is me and the cat. yeah, that's what i enjoy doing on my day off is laying around. i only get one day off a week so when you're doing a show here so -- >> you got so much different stuff going on and starring in this play, "if i forget." i understand that is pretty wild. it takes place in your father's house but the home rotates. >> it does. derrick mcclain designed the set and did amazing and does the oscars so it does rotate. when we got in the theater it was interesting to get used to spinning. it's slow. it's not like it's going really fast. but still it's a little disorienting and sometimes when the upper level, there's like a little drop-off. you get a little vertigo. yeah, because there's no -- it's like they cut the house open and you can see the family is a diorama. it's cool but it did take every
8:37 am
night one of us is a little like what if we just went over. >> has anybody fallen? >> no. no. drop something. can we just knock my head. >> got the play going on and "13 reasons why" which is big on the netflix series coming out now. it's gotten rave reviews by the way. we've got a clip. take a look. >> let's do it. >> we do not have a problem with bullying. >> then why did that girl do it? >> that girl's name is hannah. >> mrs. baker, it's so good to see you. we didn't know you'd be joining us. >> well, i'm still a member of the school community, right? and if you want to know why, i suggest you ask your own children. >> wow! mystery surround your character's daughter's death. it propels the show forward. >> yeah. >> so give viewers a reason why it's must see.
8:38 am
>> not only is it bingeable like all netflix show, it just is. it's instrinsicily bingeable and a mystery, it's a love story, it follows a girl who dies by suicide, my daughter. i play the mom and brian d'arcy james is amazing as my husband and we -- it's incredibly well written. brian yorkie wrote it and so it's an incredible cast but also issues that are amazing for not just kids but for parents too. it is a holistic piece and why we all got involved with it and deals with bullying and lgbtq issues and race, gender but hugely like bullying, sexual assault, all these issues in the zeitgeist that are happening and really helps i think informs parents on how to deal with it at a time and teenagers' lives when they're supposed to be separating from tear parents and rebelling and being secretive but how to have conversations around these difficult issues a
8:39 am
complete mystery and completely bingeable so ding dong, if that doesn't make you want to tune in. shame on you. >> i love that term bingeable. >> speaking of bingeable, "grey's anatomy." >> yes. >> you were one of the original. [ cheers and applause ] plot twists. addison was such a great character. >> thank you. >> did you ever worry way back when about being sort of cast as the villain on that show, on that beloved show. >> no, i loved it. i loved -- i mean i got to come in literally all in black, like a lot of awesome designers and stiletto heels and be the wicked witch from the east. it was awesome. yeah, yeah, i loved it. >> would you ever go back? >> oh, of course, i always -- anything for shonda. >> you heard it here first. >> you got to find time, though? that's the thing. >> exactly. >> so busy. we can't wait to see you in "13 reasons why." it's on netflix and in her play "if i forget," it's off broadway now. make sure you go see kate walsh, everybody. coming up, george's one-on-one with alec baldwin.
8:40 am
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do.
8:42 am
save up to 20% at the ikea kitchen event. i mean they came out. going to be a beautiful day in new york city. we love new york. we love grand rapids, michigan. a new tornado watch out for the panhandle of florida as that line pushes off to the east. atlanta, watch out later today and a couple of systems coming towards the northeast. one-two punch tuesday, thursday. rain, some of it heavy at times. that's a quick check on the local weather.
8:43 am
good morning. you'll need an extra layer this morning. temperatures will be in the 50s by 9:00. plenty of sunshine but slightly cooler numbers this afternoon. so mid to upper 70s inland, low 70s around the bay. >> sponsored by newt sponsored by nutro. we love ginger zee. queen b's in n york city. george, back inside to you. thank you. bawl baldwin wrote a new memoir called "nevertheless" and opens up about donald trump, his struggles with drug and alcohol and anger and also says he's now the happiest he's ever been and sat down with this exclusive interview. >> in his brand-new book alec baldwin digs deep. you go back to your childhood. >> yeah. >> some vivid memories but also the pain you saw in your father's life. >> i just was obsessed with work and making money because of my
8:44 am
dad. they wanted to be happy. and they were just crushed by debt and money. i remember like i would go my whole life, i got to make money. i got to make money. i don't want to be like my dad. >> any money choices you regret? >> oh, sure. >> you think i need help, do you? >> reporter: one of his first big roles in "knots landing" when he abused drugs and alcohol and writes about hitting bottom and overdosed on location. baldwin writes i have no idea what's happening. there's a pop inside my chest. then i black out. what if you hadn't stopped drinking on february 23rd, 1985. >> that's a good question. i think that i was one of the people who was lucky that it stuck and therefore if i didn't get it then i would have gotten eventually but i know that at that time when i describe overdosing on drugs which i've kept private for years and years i think i would have gotten it eventually but i'm glad i got it when i did because not many get sober when they are young, i got sober when i turned 27 and those
8:45 am
two years that i lived in that white hot period as a daily drug abuser, as a daily drinker to my misery, boy, that was a tough time. there was really, really a lot of pain in there. >> reporter: baldwin got sober and just a few years later his biggest movie yet. anybody who is self-aware had success in life knows that luck has a lot to do with it. what was your break? >> when i did "hunt for red october" that changed everything for me. >> that was a big one. >> ramius intends to defect. >> when you didn't get the sequel -- >> i had been kind of dogged by people to explain what happened, why it looks like i jumped off a cliff. >> here comes harrison ford. >> that it was my own doing which i wanted to explain it was nothing, it was my own doing. they engineered something. >> reporter: baldwin writes the producers have been negotiating with harrison ford behind his back. and his words betray a bit of a grudge. ford is one of the most
8:46 am
successful stars in movie history. one thing he does not have is an oscar which must frustrate if not burden him after his long career and, ford in person is a little man, short, scrawny and wiry. hard to be friends with harrison ford after that, huh. >> yeah, i mean in terms of i explain very vividly in the book how he's someone who was a completely different kind of career than i do. a mega movie star career. i'm not diminishing that but i think he makes his choices based on an entirely different set of values than me. >> reporter: he confronts his bouts of anger, run-ins with paparazzi and infamous voice mail for daughter ireland in 2007. you've written about it before and said it caused a permanent break in that relationship. >> permanent because it's thrown in your face every day. i mean as i mentioned in the book there are people who admonish me or attack me and use that as a constant spearhead to do that. it's a scab that never heals because it's being picked at all the time by other people and my
8:47 am
daughter, that's hurt her in a permanent way. >> that relationship is mending. and baldwin is happy at home and at work. even though he doesn't always love playing donald trump. >> you say it's stressful to play him. >> it's stressful to play him because it's not somebody i'm in love with. one time i was with "snl" people and we watched tv. they're sitting around and tony bennett is on. he comes on and he says, this is just a great, great, great song i'm going to sing for you all. a christmas song everybody is going to love and whatever his thing what and you see him and it's -- there's a positive, a joy, a wide stripe of admiration in that which does not exist for trump. >> final question, it seems as you wrap up the book and talk about hilaria, you talk about how happy you are. >> i've been lucky to some degree but i'm luckier in my personal life and i'm glad that i'm luckier in my personal life
8:48 am
and if i had to choose i'd pick that. >> 59 years old, three kids. i think they're all under 6. keeping him busy. very open there. >> yeah. >> about his relationships, yeah. >> he doesn't hold back at all. >> he does not hold back. we'll hear from harrison ford later, i think. you can see the rest of my interview tonight on "nightline" at 12:35 eastern and coming up, sarah michelle gellar is here with a new cookbook. [ applause ]
8:49 am
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8:50 am
so happy to be here with one of our vampire slaying actresses sarah michelle gellar sharing her favorite dishes from her new cookbook "stirring up fun with food" and we have some little helpers here. thank you, guys, for being with us. [ applause ] >> to help with these great recipes. welcome, by the way. >> thank you. >> now 20 years since buffy?
8:51 am
>> yes. here to make everyone feel old. >> 20 years. >> i know, right. >> i can't get over that. >> i was 4 when it started so you can all do the math. >> yes. >> and so let's just ask the question. reboot ever? >> oh, gosh. [ applause ] >> right? >> i don't know. you know, i always say this. i don't want to "godfather3." like we left it in a good place and the expectations are really high and it would worry me we would ultimately let people down so i don't know. >> okay. i think that's a pretty clear answer. without answering, perfect. and we do love buffy and love your cooking. i didn't realize you are really into it. >> and it's new for me so my husband went to culinary school and like this great chef so i'm from new york and made -- >> wait. your husband -- >> our freddie. >> your freddie. >> freddie prinze. >> i didn't realize he's a chef too. >> he went to culinary school and i made reservations and i'm also an expert eater but i realize as i had my kids and getting in the kitchen i was
8:52 am
missing out on amazing opportunities, fine gross motor skills and making those moments that are memories they remember forever. [ applause ] and also -- >> you started out with your first book foodstirs. >> that's our company, all organic, most premium baking line on the market you can get and it really helped my kids understand what goes into the food and i think a lot of times with kids they think it comes out of a machine or it comes out of that refrigerator and doesn't think about where it grows so getting them involved is a great way to do it. >> we want to make s'mores. you can eat the s'mores while we make them. this does require a blowtorch. so you don't hold this -- talk to us about how you do it. >> the idea is that so much of what we look at is how we look at it and affects how we taste it. these are in a jar. great way to serve it. >> look how gorgeous. >> we'll quickly -- for me.
8:53 am
now i'm like a newscaster. look how professional i am. >> we only have 30 seconds. >> we'll make it fast. put the mousse in. okay. then we'll crump -- want to help me. crumble some graham crackers. right? want to help me?ng a mess. the best part is the mess, right? >> 15 seconds? i'm doing it. >> it's like -- >> layer it in a jar. it's delicious and then you get to use a blowtorch, moms. on top. >> dads too. >> mom, dad, no kids. >> i swear to god i know how to use these. >> so many fun recipes. you'll spend the rest of the morning eating them. we'll tell you about the book. fun with food. it's out tomorrow. we'll keep cooking. you come right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by brighthouse financial established by metlife. >> a big thank you to sarah michelle gellar, these are good. >> so good. thank you for watching. thank you, sarah. have a great day. [ cheers and applause ] have a great day.
8:57 am
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good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. meteorologist frances dinglasan has a quick look at the forecast. >> with plenty of sunshine, we are quickly warming up. antioch, currently 62 degrees. lots of 50s. 52 san francisco, san mateo, mountain view at 57 degrees. this afternoon we'll see numbers pretty mild but they were cooler compared to yesterday. three left lanes at the carquinez bridge are down due to emergency road work. traffic is slow getting there. we had a couple of earlier accidents and back-up but now it is looking pretty clear. just a little bit of yellow which means it is slowing toward the eastbound side of the car queens bridge. an accident in freemont near auto mall parkway partially blocking a lane northbound 880. time now for "live with kelly." we're back at 11:00 for the abc 7 midday news.
9:00 am
reporting continues on our news app and >> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" today, from the new series "13 reasons why," kate walsh. and "one with food" " with sarah michelle gellar. plus scott wolf is at the cohost desk. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheering and applauding] and now, here are kelly ripa and scott wolf! [cheering and applauding] ♪ >> kelly: hi! hi! [cheers and applause] hi! hi!


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