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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 4, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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it's april 4th. time for great viral videos "right this minute." rescuers follow the cries of kittens under a building. >> and they could be heard, but nobody could get to them. >> how some tiny orphans survived by sticking together. >> he's hugging the other one. some bold robbers steal a page from -- >> butch cassidy and the sundance kid. >> the heist that blows sky high. >> whoa. a marathoner's just covered 100 miles of the most grueling off-road terrain you can imagine. now hear the heart breaker that cost him the race. >> that is the biggest punch in the gut after that. we've got christian, oli,
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charity, nick, and gayle breaking down the best on the web including a bride and groom using the t-rex dream theme for -- >> the full ceremony. >> how it made for one jurassic walk down the aisle. animal rescue team l.a. if you want to join their smart team, you have to really look at the job description. the smart team goes into places like this. >> we enter the crawl space of a building. >> because some days ago, some kittens were orphaned and they could be heard but nobody could get to them. so the specialized mobile animal rescue team has to go under that building to go get them. as you could see, they go in. >> hi, kitty cat. >> yeah. that's just one. >> like a dungeon down there. cats aren't easy like dogs. you can't just bring a cheeseburger down there. >> i will do nothing to help you rescue mee.
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you have to come get me. >> good news is they were taken in and they're going to be fostered until it's time for them to be put up for adoption. the second rescue completed by my imaginary boyfriend in the uk, he's rescuing a hedgehog stuck in the net. >> in the netting, they get in it. you can see how twisted it's gotten. >> like designed to get caught in a net. >> he looks like he's designed to clean your boots. >> simon breaking out some clippers. it's easy to rescue this thing without really getting poked a lot. >> hello. how are you? >> ridiculous. once you put up a soccer net in your back yard, it stays there for eight years. >> simon says hedgehogs are more unusual to get caught in netting. this time it crawls away. the boy does put it on two chairs. >> keep all wildlife safe in the future.
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traffic seriously backed up on this highway in south africa. you can see here as cars are snarling left and right trying to find their way forward, not sure what's going on ahead. it looks to be a sort of accident. nothing accidental in this case. this is the execution of a plan. two cars film edfilled with arm robbers shot out the tires and proceeded to attempt to rob it. their approach to this robbery is going to be familiar to you if you happened to see butch cassidy and the sundance kid. >> oh, my goodness. >> keep watching. >> whoa! >> they blew that thing open. >> a huge explosion. you can see a massive part of that armored truck just go flying through the air. these guys had taken the guards on board away. they were not there when the truck exploded. but a huge impact nonetheless. >> they didn't blow up all the money? >> no. they apparently made their
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getaway with an undisclosed amount of cash in cash boxes and one of the weapons of one of the guards. only one person was treated for minor injuries when a part of that truck landed on their car. that's it. police still looking for these guys. a very different story coming to us from the uae. this is security footage. keep an eye on this white car. everything seems calm when suddenly you see that. the car just popped. you see all the windows explode. the doors suddenly deformed. watch this. you can see as someone is panicked to the back. three teens were in this car. they were hot boxing it with butane which they were inhaling to get a high. of course butane is highly flammable and somehow it ignited just exploding the car from the inside out. >> and they didn't get burned to a crisp? >> one of the teens was unhurt. two of them, a 17 and
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18-year-old were taken to the hospital. one was later transferred to a specialist burn unit. just not worth it. the barkley marathon is an ultra-marathon. 100 miles of the most grueling off-road terrain you could imagine. here comes one of the two finishers this year. gary robbins. has to touch that gate. he immediately collapses and he starts muttering things about pages. racers have to collect pages of a book to prove they completed those laps. this race is world renowned for being one of the toughest races since 1986 there's only been 15 finishers. many years no one even finishes the race but gary is absolutely heartbroken because here's the problem. he came from the opposite direction. he was supposed to come up to the gate from the right side.
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he's essentially disqualified. not only that, there's also a time limit. you have to complete this grueling race in 60 hours or less. he went over the 60-hour time limit by six seconds. >> no! you just ran 100 miles. that is the biggest punch in the gut after that. >> he was gracious about the entire thing. even making jokes. >> that was easy. >> despite getting a little bit lost during the race, the race organizers here are still counting the pages of his book to make sure he hit all the check points. the fact he even made it to the finish line is kind of a win. when we're young we're told we can be anything we want to be, right? well, if you're into fairy tales
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you really can be whatever you want to be. because it's no longer a fantasy. it's reality. >> i could be a mermaid? >> you can be a mermaid, gayle. all you have to do is take classes at the academy. >> mermaid academy. what's that for in the future? do you then go forth as a mermaid and earn money? >> you can be a certified merman. >> i'm just so confused. >> this is out of control. let's be honest. but you can do it for about 21 u.s. dollars. >> do you pay in fish? >> no. you pay in rubles. 1200 rubles. again that equates to $21 u.s. >> what is the certification good for? could you work at an aquarium? what do you do with it? >> you do this. you put on pretty costumes, beautiful fins, and you -- >> swim in the swimming pools of
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five star hotels that are open. >> yes. that. that part. >> pretty much all i can see this working. >> they do get their photo taken wearing the mermaid tails. they can't jump into the water. they're not allowed. it might break their fin. the owners say they all started with one crazy idea and a great desire to unite people who believe in fairy tales. the racing is on. and this driver's picking up speed. >> in second place charging for first place. >> find out why keeping his eye on the prize is about to get a lot more difficult. >> oh, my gosh! and there's a manhole in the middle of a convenience store. >> hold on, hold on. come on up. >> see how a little magic makes
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closed captioning provided by -- new act kids toothpastestrengths developing teeth, and helps prevent cavities. new act kids toothpaste. this guy in a sports car race in virginia, he's in second place charging for first place. he started back in fourth. as he comes down the back street, he passes that red porsche there. 137 miles per hour. >> oh, my gosh! was that his own hood? >> that was his own hood. it flies up, smashes the windshield, smashes part of the roof of the car. he's essentially blinded now at high speed. he manages to pull off to the
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side of the road. sounds like he gets into the gravel trap there. gives the marshals a thumbs up to know he's not jird. but what the heck happened? >> dude, yes. you'd think they bolt these things down. >> they kind of do. he claims it was a failure of something called an aerocatch. it's a quick release hood system so they can get underneath the hood and work on the car in the pits quickly. >> he was okay though? that seemed like a big impact. >> not only was he okay but he went to work that night, fixed as much of the damage of that as he could and went on to win sunday's race. barely slowed him down one bit. >> well done. the next failure on a motorcycle, this is a break down in riding is all. >> oh, oh, oh, oh! >> there were bikes going by in the other lane and distracted for a minute. suddenly the bike in front backed up and it was a panic. right?
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>> yes. you'll see exactly what goes down a little bit better from this reverse angle. a couple of bikes cross their paths. the dude grabs a fist full of front brakes. >> is he okay and is the bike okay? >> he's okay relatively speaking, the bike not so much. >> literally ground a hole in there. >> now you know why you wear all that gear. amber shoal knows a few things about diy. >> diy designer sunglasses. here you can see the dolce and gabbana. >> you can afford it, then cool. if not, here you have it. >> to decorate them we'll use every day jewelry. glue, tweezers. >> going to break this necklace apart. she's also purchased earrings. >> take the glue all over the rim of the sunglasses and just
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go head, stick the earring on it however you want. just glue it on there. >> nice. well done, sister. >> i'm going to use these earrings onto the side right here like so. again just using the glue to glue it right on there. and bam. >> and then last put not least, you've got these gold leaves. >> i'll glue them in whatever arrangement i feel like. ta-da. >> this cost about $17 a pair instead of $17 hurk1$1700 or $7. >> she's the girl with the golden glue gun. if you put together a fake manhole cover, a boom bit, and some magic, you can some epic opportunities to fool people. that's what the magic people does. he's got the fake manhole cover in the middle of a convenience store. >> trying to see how deep this hole is.
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>> and people are trying to figure out is this really going on. again, he's got these construction sounds going on. so it really sounds like somebody's down under the store doing something in that manhole. >> hold on hold on. >> but this guy right here, hoost a little dubious. >> good job buddy. pull it up. >> this lady here says i really have to investigate this. >> just like that. and so what we're testing is the distance from the roof to the hole. best part is if i were to take this and move it, they can then move it to any area in here. watch. >> okay. >> so this goes like this. >> this is so bugs bunny.
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it is so bugs bunny. when he was running away, he'd throw a black hole onto the ground and just jump into it. >> safety measures for the city. >> this is a good one. hey, paul, just move over by six feet! thank you, guys. how-to dads on the question. >> where do babies come from? >> well -- >> next "right this minute." and still to come, this 20-year-old is catching attention across the globe. because -- >> she manages to do some pretty impressive things behind that wheel. >> but see why her fame is about to pick up even more speed. >> okay. slow down, turbo. that's a little too much for my blood. plus find out what's got little rico screaming mad. ♪living well come on up, grandpa don't let joint discomfort keep you down.
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dry mouth can effect and how you feel.feels discover act® dry mouth. specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. act® dry mouth. . the young lady behind the wheel of the vehicle is 20-year-old stacy. now, she is getting so much attention because you see here on this track she is pulling some pretty impressive hands-free turns and doughnuts. she's getting attention from people all over the world. obviously this girl is very talented, good at what she does. but watch this. right about here she starts getting up as the car is still
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spinning and she stands on the door, waves hello to her crowd. no big deal. oh, yeah. she gets in the car as it's still spinning. then the suicide slide, her signature move. she closes the door and now she's got her neck and her head on the ground as the car is still spinning. >> this is super cool, but she could get -- >> her hair messed up. >> this girl is not going to stop. in fact, she says she caught the attention of nike to be a brand ambassador for the new vapor shoe. >> that's terrible for all the parents whose kids will say she's been sponsored by them. boom! >> maybe they just sent gear for her to wear. >> she's going to need those.
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>> the amazing thing, she's only 20 years old. can you imagine what she's going to be doing in the near future? i guess we'll just have to wait and see. that is madison. as you can see she's a puppy. in this video she was 11 1/2 weeks old and she's working on a dog puzzle. here she's looking for the treats. got to find it. >> it's under the gray one. >> she keeps looking. is the third time a charm? actually, the third time is a charm because it's in there, but she was so fascinated by the thing she took off that she had to be coaxed back. >> she's not in it for the treat, clearly. she's just in it for the fun. >> see, there's the treat. they're pointing. still not the right one. oh, there it is. well done. good girl. not so good, this dog. that is rico.
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sometimes rico has to be separated from the other dogs in the house. when they get a walk and he can't go, this bulldog skreems like a little girl. >> wouldn't you? >> it's really screaming. come on. why you got to be that way? >> well, when rico learns to behave like a good boy, maybe he'll go to walks. t-rex helped them legally say i do, but now -- >> t-rex is back times two. >> see how the
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you're bored and feel like doing something, here you go. >> it costs pennies. very recently we had zach and sara's wedding on the show officiated by a t-rex. >> right. >> remember that? they needed to get married quickly because they're actually moving to scotland. but they still wanted to have the ceremony, the full ceremony with their friends and family. if you thought t-rex was done, t-rex is back times two. >> and dogs. they have pets. >> oh, my gosh. >> zach and sara decided to walk down the aisle at their reception in these t-rex suits. >> at least she saved a lot of money on her wedding dress. >> not necessarily. because once they get to the
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front there, they take off the t-rex suits and they are now in their wedding attire. >> the only issue i could see if someone has a t-rex ex and they said does anybody object no one will see the little t-rex hand in the back. >> terrible. >> at this point, they're already married. >> i'm objecting! >> it's too bad. it's too late because these two are married. and we also have these pictures of what their wedding cake looked like. as you can see, instead of the bride and groom toppers they have puppies and kitties. >> no t-rex? >> you know, i love the eclec c eclecticness of this couple. and they do things their way. i'm not mad at that. i feel that. >> i'm with you. these guys look like a really fun super cool couple. congratulations and good luck in scotland. thanks, everybody. that's our show. every day brand new episodes of "right this minute" or check out for more.
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tonight, the horror seen around the world. the images are disturbing. the deadly chemical attack unleashed in syria. we are staying away from the most gruesome moments. families, children, among the victims. gasping for air to survive. and the moment another explosion hits. our team making contact with a doctor on the ground. also breaking, president trump and his claim that president obama wiretapped trump tower before the election. now, the new question tonight involving president obama's national security adviser, susan rice. did she ask for names? did she unmask them? members of the trump team caught up in surveillance by the u.s. what she is saying tonight. the abc news investigation. former trump campaign adviser carter page.


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