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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 5, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PDT

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innings. gave up two home runs. first one in the fourth. 3-1, giants. crawford got your home run right here. first jack of the season. cueto just one hit, but he got one lock in the fifth, this liner off the glove of chris owens. nunez will score. a's and angels getting offense. healey goes dead center, his first home run of the season and a's up 1-0. they led 6-4 in the ninth. this is not going to do it. danny espin knnosa. of course the masters begins on thursday. >> great time. >> abc7 news continues online now on your tablet and
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city . that is our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. on jimmy kimmel, pierce brosnan. >> have a good night. time for an all new show with viral videos, "right this
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minute." a wipeout in a tunnel sends sparks flying. how his life was saved by a bus driver. >> that's impressive. he was paying attention. my girlfriend has a problem. >> a boyfriend convinces his girlfriend's crush to do him a favor. >> so i guess this is me asking you to marry him. >> now meet the creative guy who thinks she said yes. >> no, no. riding the boo boo rapids is where this guy -- >> got his booty whooped. >> see what started a spiral down a dangerous slope. and as fans of the popular youtubers know -- >> in the ace family, not even the baby is safe. >> why it's triggering flashbacks. >> i've had this exact same reaction. >> to what? in brazil this guy is being called a hero. his quick thinking saved this man's life. >> whoa, whoa, whoa.
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hit the brakes. >> that was a motorcyclist skating down the road. sparks start to fly. it stops and we have an interior angle. bus driver is headed for the fire extinguisher -- >> motorcyclistic is like stop drop and roll. >> they're all fired. >> get on the ground. >> you're just so lucky you happen to have a bus behind you with a fire extinguisher. he was like a rescue worker instantaneously. >> he was paying attention during classes. >> i don't think this lasted more than 60 seconds. >> luckily he's okay. let's head over to russia. >> strap in. >> yeah. that's putting it lightly. >> where's he going to come from? >> holy cow! >> did you see that? >> did you see it? >> someone went flying.
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>> no, i was just looking at the person running trying to get out of the way. >> watch behind that. >> hops the curb. >> oh, my -- >> flips over twice. the driver goes flying out of the window and the car lands on its tires. people come running to the driver's rescue. they open the door and they're looking around the car, they can't find the dude. they didn't see him fly out of the window. >> no. because it happened so fast. we missed it and we were looking for stuff. >> finally someone notices that the driver is inside of that building and they run into the building to get him. >> was that driver okay though? >> shockingly the driver survived. doug cox has himself a problem. and it's a doozy. >> dear john stamos, let me just start by throwing a number at you. 34%, john. 34%. that is the percentage of space the entire full house series takes up on my dvr.
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my girlfriend has a john stamos problem. therefore, i have a john stamos problem. >> so doug has himself a problem. fortunately just had to ask one question. what would john stamos do? >> let me start by throwing a number at you. >> hey, john stamos! >> but you can see in the bottom corner withen that's katrina. she's the one with the john stamos problem. she is having a moment, you could say. >> i have a problem. my girlfriend katrina is the most amazing girl. i want to marry this woman, but there's a brick wall in the way. 6' tall with greek god with better hair than me. and i have fantastic hair. is this really a picture? or is that like photo shopped? >> that problem has made its way into the living room for many years. >> if i was a woman and i'm not saying i'm not, i would say yes to young doug. so i guess this is me asking you
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to marry him. >> and you could see as that proposal happens, suddenly the small screen gets big. there is the box in front of katrina. what does she say? >> yes yes yes yes yes! >> there are so many questions to do with this video. because it is "right this minute," we have dogg cox! >> it was a shot in a dark. i'm a commercial director so i knew a couple of people at facebook. they were helpful in giving me the right context. i was just asking for an autograph. his publicist gave me a call, was a very nice man. he said john made you a video. i'm texting it to you now. i'm like, what? >> has she agreed to remove some of the "full house" show from the dvr to give you a little more room? >> no. i was laughing about it last night. i'm like, so now we can delete it? nope.
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no, we can't. >> doug, she was excited to see the video. what was your reaction when you first saw what john was bringing to the table? >> it was really weird because i did have that moment, i wanted a photo and me not sinking how much better this was. he was very generous. i was spoke stoked. it was very nice. >> do you think your girlfriend said yes because she really wanted to say yes or simply because stamos asked her? >> no, no. simply for john stamos. >> have mercy. >> oh, my god. cheng gang is a dreaded word. that's a force of officers tha a hit the street in china to keep you from making a living. just like the people in this video, they were spotted by them
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trying to sell. because they don't have permits, they're not supposed to be there, the officers tried to confiscate their eggs. the woman unfortunately thinking that she and her husband are just being harassed by these officers decides to do this. she appears to throw her eggs at the officers and immediately you see a ton of them are breaking. then she throws the entire basket. they fall on the ground. i believe the man that gets involved is the husband who picks them up and starts throwing them at the officers. now the officers are covered in egg. the poor eggs are splattered all over the floor. >> see, these officers though, they come out to these markets. they have a job to do. they're not yolking. >> it's a little bit of ae past catching up with the future. there's been a lot of unregulated sale on the streets in china. now as the government is building, they're trying to bring in regulation. >> i feel like we're seeing
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these videos pop up quite a bit. maybe it's time for china and its government to find some sort of solution where these people can actually make a living without having to be confronted like this. bear wilson said he got his booty whopped on the boo boo rapids. this happened april of 2016. he's been rafting for over 20 years. i want you to see what happens right here. look where his feet are. his feet are on a locking bar. he says his foot slipped and that was the start of his problem. he hit some rough water and he's ejected. boom. >> yeah. >> bye. >> he fallsbackward into the water. he credits the reason why he gets out of the water is he remembered his training to stay calm. >> i don't see anybody else around. is he by himself? >> he is not by himself. his buddy is up there. then right there he realizes you know what?
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i'm not as close as i thought i was. so he starts looking around for an eddy where he could get up to the side and promote a self-rescue. he eventually is able to get to the side of the river. >> i presume it was his gear and training and the fact he actually remembered it that saved his life. >> had on a specialized life jacket and had layers underneath his wet suit. gets out of the water, checks himself. i'm okay. but two weeks later, he starts to feel numbness in his hand. he goes to the doctor, they do a ct scan, don't find anything. for three and a half months he keeps going back for c.a.t. scans. then they do an mri and find this. his spinal disks exploded and he had to have emergency surgery the next day. he had to have c-4 and c-3 fused together. and this is him today. back on the water less than a year later. he's going to go out on an
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adventure and do a week-long trip where he's kayaking and camping. that container ship -- >> rams right into the side of that passenger ship with many people on board. >> watch this incident escalate quickly. >> wow. and she's trying some beauty diys on her husband. >> i don't think that this is actually going to work. >> stop doing this one. they don't recommend it. >> see how this experiment goes. america's number one mascara. voluminous original iconic. bold. original. in classic black and now in blue. the original soft-bristle brush separates every lash. the creamy formula builds 5 times the volume. let people melt into your eyes. voluminous by l'oréal. let your lashes speak volumes. because you're worth it. from l'oréal paris you knmegared omega-3s...
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closed captioning provided by -- new act kids toothpaste strengthens and protects developing teeth, and helps prevent cavities. new act kids toothpaste. there are waterway rules that most every captain of a boat knows to follow. there are certain boats that have a right-of-way, certain boats that would yield. i would think the captains of of these two boats would know how to pass each other on a river in nicaragua. that container ship rams right into the side of that passenger ship with many people on board. these two for whatever reason did not use any kind of common sense. they crashed right into each other. take a look at some of the damage here. the bowe of that container ship
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is essentially speared right through the hull of this passenger boat. >> and everyone's chilling there looking at it like it's entertainment. >> it's plugging the hole. as soon as they pull that out -- >> you're done. >> the container ship backs out a bit. there's a massive hole in the hull of the ship now. you can see people eventually start to realize the danger that they're in. and a few minutes after this incident happens, you can see, okay, maybe we need some life jackets. you can start to feel the tension among the growing passengers for the women and the children. moments later, here's what the boat looks like. listed heavily to one side.
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for this whole boat to just slip beneath the surface of the water. >> wow. there are so many diy ideas out there. especially the beauty diys. all those tricks, great hacks you can try on yourself. but just in case, aspen is going to try them on her husband. >> the first thing we're going to test out is the charcoal black head mask. elmer's glue and activated charcoal pills. >> i don't think dhis is going to work. >> i just saw on the news that experts are telling them to stop doing this one. they don't recommend it. >> it doesn't make sense. you're actually pulling and doing more damage than good to your skin. >> that hurts. >> i don't really think it works. >> this one, the rainbow that's when you take different food coloring and you put itn
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yo lips. >> it didn't work all the way. >> you end up looking like a kid at a party that ate all the cupcakes. >> this one has become popular. you use a sugar wax to wax yourself. and it really is caramel. it's just melted sugar with some drops of lemon. and you put it over your skin. >> so you're making your own at-home wax, okay. >> i would sit there with a spoon and eat it. that would never work. >> do it before you pull the hair off though. >> right. >> i have to say, i've tried this and it's an art. it's not easy. but when you get the hang of it, it's awesome. >> it worked! >> if you want to see the entire thing, go to, click on tv show. see it on the mobile app. it's the remake of "jurassic park" with a twist. >> tried their best to recreate as much as possible. >> a look at the goofy spoof.
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"got a minute? new aveeno®...r you." ...positively radiant® 60 second in shower facial. works with steam to reveal... ...glowing skin in just one minute. aveeno® "naturally beautiful results®" dry mouth can effect and how you feel.feels discover act® dry mouth. specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. act® dry mouth. the scenery is remarkably familiar. iconic. you're going to instantly know what we're talking about here. >> oh! i don't want to go in first. >> this is all "jurassic world" and "jurassic park" inspired but
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with a different twist this time. >> it looks like they're actually shooting on set. >> well, they are, oli. this is at a ranch in oahu where they shot many scenes for the film. but that small window isn't going to slow down this t-rex. because you may think you can outrun him, gayle, but that t-rex knows parkour. >> once it makes it through the windows, it's all bad. >> they're evolving. first it was doors with raptors. now it's parkour with the t-rex. >> everything's better with t-rex. >> yeah. now, you know devon not only does he make these cool films. but he takes the time of making behind the scenes as well. those are always super fun to watch. you get a look at what it takes to make these. it's not as easy as he makes it look.
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>> oh! >> and that's why he's extinct. >> that's the reason. >> now, the fun part about this film is the ending. check it out. >> we're doing something we've never done before. we're making a sequel base e to based on the comments you comment below. >> best comment wins the sequel. >> we always know it works out when you ask the internet for their opinion. >> i. nicki is making chocolate chip brownies. her brownies are going to have a peculiar ingredient. >> one can of black beans. >> she saw this recipe online and is putting it together. from that point on you go to
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something traditional. cocoa powder, oats, salt, maple syr syrup, sugar, baking powder. then you blend it together and fold in your chocolate chips. you've got yourself some brownies. so now it's time for the taste test. >> brownies with a bean base. a brownie with a protein. >> old fashioned brownies. >> go ahead and eat it. i'm recording it. >> the thing is he does taste it. and the thing is he's all in. >> dang, dude. >> yeah? >> oh, yeah. >> these are good. >> sugar, the syrup, all that other stuff is going to mask the beans. i'm going to try this. >> to she tried to deliver on her prank seeing as we have gone through the prankiest weekend of all. >> you got pranked. i made you eat beans. >> there's beans in it? what? >> ha, i got you.
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you ate something absolutely delicious he keeps eating. he is so confused that now he starts to doubt reality itself. >> there's no way. you're telling me that this has black beans in it. and we're all supposed to think the world is totally fine and normal. >> if you can make brownies with black beans, we're clearly living in the matrix. >> this is really freaking good. no one is safe in a family that pranks. >> in the ace family, not even the baby is safe. you've got kathryn and austin and this sweet cutie-pie. >> see if they have
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thing out, go to or on the mobile app. when it comes to pranksters, we all know nobody is safe. not momma, not daddy, not sisters, not brother. i thought there was a line somewhere. >> no. >> well, in the ace family, not even the baby is safe. because you got kathryn and
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you've got austin and there's sweet little cutie-pie elle. everything is mommy. so what happens when she wakes up in the morning and doesn't see mommy? dad's a great default? what happens when daddy's not there and this thing is there in daddy's place? >> oh. no. >> there you see mom on the side of the bed. she put the pillows up so baby elle can't fall. and dad dressed as -- >> jason/grandma/melty face. >> yes. little elle is 10 months old. >> wow. i cannot believe what i'm about to see. >> so once he's situated, he pokes and prods at little elle making sure she's going to wake up. she's enjoying this nap. >> look. somehow elle managed to look like the wig though. >> runs in the family. >> now she


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