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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 10, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, new fallout from the air strikes in syria. we have the latest on the ominous threat from russia and iran as secretary of state tillerson heads to moscow. plus, american warships now are heading toward the korean peninsula. a violent start to the holy week with isis bombing christian churches on palm sunday. we're live with the details. another round of severe storms where large hail and possible tornados are expected plus the summerlike temperatures heading east. talk about an unwanted houseguest. a california family got quite the surprise when they found a mountain lion in their home. hear how they finally got it out. and it's a long time coming. sergio garcia finally winning a major, and it's a big one after an epic final round at the masters.
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and we do say good monday morning, everyone. the president begins this workweek with a trio of major foreign policy challenges. first the syrian airfield bombed by the u.s. is back in operation. secretary of state rex tillerson heads to moscow tomorrow after calling russia complicit or incompetent for failing to eliminate syria's chemical weapons stash. >> and then second north korea, the u.s. has rerouted warships towards closer to the coast as tensions escalate there. and in egypt, isis attacks again sending suicide bombers into two churches on palm sunday killing dozens. meanwhile, the president is back at the white house after spending the weekend at mar-a-lago and we are covering it all for you this morning beginning with abc's maggie rulli in washington. maggie, good morning. >> reporter: diane and kendis, good morning. there certainly is so much to cover, and the white house has found themselves today now in the middle of this high stakes
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showdown with the secretary of state working to mend the relationship between those two superpowers. overnight, secretary of state rex tillerson is making his way to moscow as the u.s. and russia find themselves increasingly at odds. now an ominous threat. in a joint statement from russia, iran and hezbollah, the military commanders defending the assad regime in syria saying the united states crossed red lines by attacking syria. threatening to retaliate against any future military actions. adding russia and iran will not allow the united states to be the only superpower in the world. the united states is still investigating whether the russians were involved in the chemical attack last week that killed more than 80 syrian civilians. but ahead of his trip secretary tillerson said he's seen no hard evidence suggesting a russian connection and insists the plan in syria remains the same, defeat isis.
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>> in that regard we are hopeful that we can work with russia and use their influence to achieve areas of stabilization throughout syria. >> reporter: but united nations ambassador nikki haley suggested another priority while on cnn. >> we don't see a peaceful syria with assad in there. >> both secretary tillerson and ambassador haley are right about this. >> reporter: national security adviser general h.r. mcmaster on fox news defending both priorities. >> that should be a strong message to assad and to his sponsors who are enabling his campaign of mass murder against his own civilians. >> reporter: secretary tillerson is expected in russia tomorrow night where he plans to meet with the russian foreign minister, and, guys, this trip will be his most high-profile visit yet since becoming secretary of state. diane and kendis. >> all right, it'll be an all important meeting for him in moscow. thank you, maggie. tensions are also escalating with north korea as the u.s. accepts an aircraft carrier and several other warships closer to the korean peninsula.
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>> and national security earlier -- h.r. mcmaster called the decision prudent given the pattern of provocative behavior and said president trump asked him to be prepared to give him a full range of options to remove the threat in that region. now we move on to egypt and those two bomb blasts at churches just as holy week celebrations get under way. at least 44 were killed in those palm sunday attacks. funerals taking place as questions about church security are raised. >> security cameras captured the suicide bombing at a security checkpoint outside an alexandria church. the bomber told to go through a metal detector instead pauses next to police officers, then as you can see, he detonates his explosives. the coptic pope, the head of the church was inside that church at the time but he escaped unharmed. and earlier another bomb blast inside a coptic church in a different city. isis claiming responsibility and promised more attacks against christians. egypt has declared a three-month state of emergency as it begins
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dealing with the threat there. and in europe now and swedish authorities say the suspect in the truck attack there was avoiding deportation. he drove a stolen beer truck down a pedestrian street, you saw it there, and then into a department store killing four people. his application for residency permit was rejected months ago and he avoided deportation by giving police a wrong address. the man is originally from uzbekistan in central asia. a second person has now been arrested. judge neil gorsuch is poised to become the newest supreme court justice. gorsuch will be sworn in at the white house this morning after republicans change the senate rules to assure his confirmation with a simple majority vote. gorsuch replaces the late justice antonin scalia maintaining the court's conservative majority. he's expected to hear the final cases of the term. impeachment hearings get under way today for alabama's embattled governor. that was after the proceedings
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were blocked. governor robert bentley is fighting to keep his job. he is been under fire over allegations of using state resources to hide an affair with a former aide. bentley denies any wrongdoing. florida crews are fighting some fast-moving brush fires fueled by drought conditions all across the state. lightning ignited dry brush in hernando beach, just north of tampa. that is about 650 acres, but 50% contained so far. a 165-acre brush fire near orlando forced more than 100 campers to evacuate a girl scout camp and much of that campground was destroyed by the fire. 42% of the state is facing drought conditions at the moment. the ft. myers, naples, area is in severe drought averaging one-third of the rain it usually gets. people in the plains and midwest could see storms today as the threat level remains high. on the radar you can see them forming. damaging winds, large hail and tornadoes are possible from the great lakes to texas.
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and some warm temperatures are heading -- are ahead of those storms. today's high in the heartland, 81. in nashville. 75 in cleveland. 10 to 20 degrees above normal by the way and that warmth then heads east, the highs for tomorrow on the east coast, 75 in new york city, mid-70s in new england, 82 even in the nation's capital. >> all right, we will take that. and two former presidents who went from foes to friends are hanging out again. >> president clinton tweeting this photo showing his visit with the first president bush. clinton gave his predecessor a fancy new pair of socks to add to his massive collection and he said they actually talked about their kids, their grandkids, old times and new times. >> nice to see them together. still ahead, the desperate search overnight to find a former major league baseball player who suddenly went missing. a standoff on social media. a suspect accused of opening fire on officers apparently broadcasted it all on facebook live.
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show me your hands. let me see your hands. a dramatic standoff in southern california playing out on social media. police say the suspect live streamed video while opening fire on officers there. now, that suspect allegedly went on facebook live just as the s.w.a.t. team surrounded him. officers say 20-year-old sean vasquez was randomly shooting at passing vehicles in covina. vasquez is also accused of shooting at several officers when they arrived on the scene.
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and he can be seen shooting at officers in that live video from facebook. he was eventually arrested after running into a nearby home. no one else was injured. we now have new details on the gunman in a deadly gym shooting near miami. police say the 33-year-old was a trainer at the gym who had just been fired following some sort of workplace altercation. a little while later, he returned to the gym and opened fire killing his two supervisors then he turned the gun on himself. a manhunt is intensifying for a wisconsin man accused of stealing high-powered weapons from a gun store and sending a manifesto to president trump. police say 32-year-old joseph jakubowski has expressed anti-religious views and may be planning to target churches. he was filmed mailing that manifesto which detailed hatred for police and politicians. the man who made the video is cooperating with police and has not been charged. a funeral service for music legend chuck berry carried out in true rock 'n' roll style.
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♪ go, go, johnny, go, go >> a rendition of "johnny b. goode" played there and berry had a guitar attached to the inside of his cast get. gene simmons of kiss fame spoke passionately about berry and how he worked to break down racial barriers through his music. berry died last month. he was 90 years old. when we come back, a police officer under investigation after a video of a violent arrest goes viral. was it excessive use of force? a man playing a slot machine thought he hit it big but hear the mistake he made that could cost him the $100,000 jackpot.
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in command of the station. in a few days, whitson will have spent more time in space than any other american. >> the good-bye hugs are please take me with you. it's lonely up here. >> bring back some ice cream. back here on terra firma, a wet commute in parts of the pacific northwest from chicago to grand rapids, michigan, and parts of texas. if you're flying expect airport delays in chicago, memphis, dallas and minneapolis. and police in ft. collins, colorado, are facing tough questions after video of a controversial arrest went viral. the officers say they used standard procedure during the takedown of a young woman. >> but some say it's a blatant case of police brutality. the video is a little bit hard to wash. abc's linsey davis with the details. >> reporter: colorado police are investigating this video and what critics are claiming is an excessive use of force. 22-year-old michaela surat slammed to the ground face first by a ft.
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police officer posted online and went viral viewed nearly half a million times. its captions, two words, seems excessive but the video doesn't tell the whole story, they say. they say they were called to the scene thursday night to break up a fight between surat's boyfriend and another man and that while they were talking to witnesses, surat who is 5'9" and weighs 115 pounds shoulder checked a bouncer and one of the officers while trying to get to her boyfriend. linsey davis, abc news, new york. and a family near sacramento has survived a wild home invasion. a mountain lion pushed its way into their house as they were in the middle of making dinner. the lion looked like this one here. it frightened their pet cats and the family as well. they were forced to lock themselves in the kitchen pantry and they say that's when the cat went ahead and growled at them. jumped onto the counter and started breaking dishes. >> nasty houseguest. >> i look and see the door ajar but then i look down right here
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at the steps and the mountain lion had his head and front paws about three steps down. >> maybe it was mad. didn't get the invite to dinner. the family called 911 from inside the pantry. by the time police arrived 30 minutes later the mountain lion was gone. fortunately no one was hurt. police in georgia are on the lookout for former major leaguer otis nixon. he played for nine teams during his 17-year career in the '80s and '90s. he battled a drug habit for most of that time. well, nixon was last seen leaving his home saturday morning. he was going on a golf outing but he never arrived at the course. >> golfer sergio garcia has a handsome new green jacket in his closet this morning. garcia battled his friend justin rose through 18 holes at the masters but when it was over, they were tied. >> yes, so that tie was broken on their first sudden death hole. garcia here hitting a birdie putt and clinching his first
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major championship. he put on that green jacket speaking emotionally about his victory. >> it's been a long wait but it's that much sweeter because of that weight. it was a hard week but it was one very, very enjoyable and, you know, i will never forget and i get to call myself masters champion. that is amazing. >> that's amazing and garcia broke a record long streak of playing 70 major tournaments before winning one for the first time. the 37-year-old is getting married in july. the young lady in the hat back there pretty much with the same reaction of when he sunk that winning putt. >> so cute, both of them crouching down at exactly the same time. same reaction. in other sports the nhl playoffs start on wednesday the same night that the nba's regular season ends. >> yeah, let's get some highlights right now from our guys at espn.
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>> good morning, america. steve levy with john anderson on the set of "sportscenter." there's no way monday is going to be as good as sunday was in the sports world. >> russell gets it to the corner. anhe's got it. with his 42nd triple-double history rewritten adams gives it back. he did it. what a perfect ending to a historic day. >> millsap picks it up, fires a he ted game. the cavaliers blew a 26-point fourth quarter lead. out toward right field. having trouble with it. home safely. a miraculous comeback. seven runs here in the bottom of the ninth inning. >> the big event in sports will be on monday night and we'll
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have it for you exclusively on espn. if you want to see the championship flag raised at wrigley field in chicago, the only place to see it is on espn. the home opener and the defending world series champions chicago cubs. >> see ya. all right, up next in "the pulse" how an airline crew helped a midflight delivery. and what happened to a tv anchor that caused her to make this face. >> check out our facebook page. janet jackson is separating from her husband. we have all the details at
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ka seen any in the ft. lauderdale, area. he had his friend marina who doesn't want her identity revealed and she hit the machine button just for luck. >> well, that luck paid off. marina was lucky winning $100,000 from that spin. now, jan thought he was the big winner but when they claimed the cash, that was not the case. >> the eye in the sky says she touched the button so technically we have to pay her. >> jan all of a sudden went ballistic. he started screaming in front of everybody. >> i said, are you kidding me? >> no one was kidding. marina left with all the money. then she says jan started sending her some threatening texts. >> she also says she offered to give jan some of that money, but now that he sent all those nasty texts that offer off the table. >> you can forget about those two bucks i was going to giving. a turkish airlines flight landed in west africa with one extra passenger on board. >> a woman 7 months pregnant went into labor midnight. 42,000 feet in the air. and she gave birth to a baby girl with the help of the flight crew and several other passengers.
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>> mom and baby taken to the hospital once they landed and both doing great. the flight crew looking happy and proud. >> well done. a tv anchor video of her going viral because of her priceless reaction. >> caught by surprise on australian's abc news, watch it. >> abc news. >> now to sport with meredith. >> what would you do? i guess. >> we have all been in that position but it's her reaction that was priceless. >> classic nailed it. more news after this. . knowing your future is about more than just you. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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that breaking news a. traffic stop was due to a shooting. >> tiffany wilson is live near the scene. >> this all began at the 7-eleven across the street. there was an officer that pulled over a car with multiple people and a gun and he requested backup from fremont police and wen the fremont police responded, they say somebody in that car took off running across the street, if the camera can pan over into this shopping center, behind the shopping center, and that's where the confrontation with officers took place. two officers fired at the man. a helicopter responded and the s.w.a.t. team because initially they were not sure if the
4:28 am
suspect had been shot and hit. this is what police said followed. >> at that point there were shots fired but two of our officers, the suspect is deceased. >> reporter: the question does remain, did that suspect fire at the officers. fremont police can tell me this morning the other individuals in the car were detained and have been taken back to the station for questioning. investigators remain here on the scene. they expect the shopping center will be closed for another several hours. live in fremont, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. thank you, tiffany. >> let's get over to meteorologist, mike nicco for a check of the weather. >> hi, everybody. let me take you up to the north and bay look at what is going on there, light rain is falling. also st. helena where
4:29 am
doppler 7 is. sprinkles for you while the rest of us are fairly dry. high clouds and sunshine is going to be the rule today with temperatures below average. 30s and 40s this morning and 50s and 60s for the rest of the day until you get to about 7:00 and then in the mid to upper 50s. let's take a look at what is going on with the morning commute. here is sue hall. >> back again for another monday. we go to the golden gate bridge where traffic is light and we had reports of an accident on the south end of the bridge and the vehicle that was hit continued to move on so it's not impacting your traffic here now but they may have to get a tow truck out there. and it will be a two in the northbound and four in the southbound directions. green is good. we have reports of an accident involving a deer in green bray, and we'll check that out in just a second. president trump starting out with syria still front and center.
4:30 am
the secretary of state is traveling to moscow. we are joined live now from washington. good morning, maggie. >> the white house has found itself right in the middle of this high stakes showdown. now the secretary of state is trying to mend the tense relationship between the two superpowe superpowers. >> overnight, rex tillerson is making his way to moscow as the u.s. and russia find themselves add odds. the military commander is defending the assad regime in syria saying the united states crossed red lines by attacking syria, and threatening to retaliate against any future military actions, adding russia and iran will not allow the united states to be the only superpower in the world. the united states is still investigating whether the russians were involved in the chemical attack last week that killed more than


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