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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 11, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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it's april 11th. time for new viral videos "right this minute." cops confront a man about a woman who hasn't been seen in awhile. >> they had no idea the condition she was in. >> the moment they find what her suspicious family knew all along. >> is that her? some baby dingos want the world to know they're here. the early arrival that created an internet stir. a ferrari drifts through a shopping mall. >> how's he going to get out? >> why that's not really part of the plan. we've got christian oli, charity, nick, and gayle breaking down the best on the web. including this little cutie. >> she's learned to count. >> nine. ten.
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>> see her creative way with the numbers. >> 12. >> she's got that trick about how women never age. how are you? nothing. this video is heart breaking in so many different ways. fortunately it has a happy ending. it starts off when police officers in colombia are showing up to this home. they have an arrest warrant. and they wait behind a gate until one of the men in the home shows up and starts communicating with the officers. and right about here you see that man react to seeing the sister of his girlfriend right outside with the cops. saying something along the lines of, oh, here we go again. and then he says, she just took her medication. she's about to go to sleep. that's his girlfriend that he's
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talking about whom is inside the home. and right about here, he starts saying things to the officers, she is a person that needs psychiatric help. she tried to kill herself. she banged her head against the wall. the officers finally convince the man to let them come inside the home where they find the man's girlfriend 22-year-old kelly joanna. >> what the -- is that her? >> that is kelly. the family kept reporting that this man had kidnapped their sister, but they had no idea the condition she was in. her face is swollen, black eyes, lips swollen. >> and he's making it out to seem like she has behavioral health issues. >> not only that. he's already groomed her. when police question her, she said i just took my medication to help me sleep. she's going along with the story. and according to reports, he's broken her nose and her eye
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socket. >> this poor, poor woman. >> but after a long conversation with her convincing her that the officers were going to take care of her, finally the sister leaves the room and you see here that kelly very quietly starts communicating with the officers. agreeing to go with them but still terrified. >> as all this is going on, where is the guy? >> he did end up being arrested. he willing facing four different charges including attempting homicide and kidnapping. >> well, the good thing is her family was able to get the attention of law enforcement and they acted. so hopefully they can get her some help. in new south wales, australia, spring has sprung early because some dingos got a little romantical. as you could see, there were five dingo pups recently born. typically they're expected in may and june, but fred and adena got an early start.
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they're so cute i just want to cuddle them. and listen to them. they're in an enclosure at the australian reptile park. now, they're not very active, but in about three weeks from now people will see them playing and fighting and jumping and all that good stuff. right now it's just nap time with mom and major cuteness and the wonderful sound. >> they don't need to be active right now. they just need to be cuddled. hear ye, hear ye, a message from the prince. >> been training for months and the start of the london marathon with finally within sight. >> it's almost here. april 23rd is the london marathon where people from all walks o life, all runs of life,
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all kinds of ages get together to run really long way sometimes for charity. if you happen to be taking part, there is something you can do. >> you can make it the mental health marathon. >> that's because the charity of the year for the marathon this year deals completely with mental health. why is this important? >> we all have mental health just as we have physical health. and you can all play your part in the biggest ever movement for mental health. >> this is great. >> for all 39,000 people taking part, in their race pact they'll be given a blue head band. if you see everybody at the london marathon wearing this, it's going to get the conversation going. it's going to bring it out into the open. it's going to fight against the stigma that is so attached to mental health. >> that's the big thing. back in the day people would whisper cancer. now people are comfortable
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talking about diagnoses like that. but mental health is still something that people don't understand and they don't want to tell about because of the stigma. >> if you see a lot of people wearing blue, this is it. you ever been in the mall 10, 15 minutes before closing? >> yeah. just one last thing real quick. >> this guy did just that. >> how's he going to get out? >> getting out is not part of the plan. he's in there in the ferrari and just starting doing doughnuts and burning out. >> is this a promotion? >> my real or fake radar is beeping like crazy. >> well, you guys aren't the only ones. this did go down in russia. apparently the person driving the car is a mayor. and folks have said that in russia, security guards are not going to respond like that to your foolishness. they don't try to barricade. they get you in and out.
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it does make for a dope video. one of the security officers suffered minority injuries in this. >> the thing i'm most worried about. the sort of big cleaners for the floor. look at all those. some dude is coming into work at 4:00 in the morning like, well, i'm cleaning this now. >> hopefully they gave that person a heads up. >> and a lot of overtime. her first flirtation attempt wasn't the smoothest. >> i smile at him. i even winked at him. >> find out what she got in return that got her upset. >> at least she's not being dramatic about it. >> not at all. and there's a fire -- >> on the third story of a 20-story high-rise. >> watch the fdny handle the situation flawlessly. people just can't get enough of me and my discounts. so this year, they're getting a whole lot more.
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brushing teeth - easy! closed captioning provided by -- strengthens and protects developing teeth, and helps prevent cavities. new act kids toothpaste. if you're dating two different people, you don't want to cross those lines. and if you're skydiving, you don't want to cross your lines. but that's what happened to this guy. he is a skydiver, but he is new to wing suiting. so he opens his canopy line and it opens instantly with a line twist. as you can see here, that force of that canopy is spinning him 360 degrees. it's a nauseating spin, but watch what happens here. >> oh, no. both his chutes are out. >>yes. he opened his reserve before the other was let go. >> i hear you're not suppose to necessarily cut away the main. it's still slowing your fall.
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am i right with that? >> yeah. and sometimes you pull it in closer to you so that for whatever reason they don't get tangled. but he still has both of them extended all the way. >> yeah. according to the expert who is were talking about this, they thought he sreleased it before he let the reserve go. but the good thing is is that he landed okay. but i want you to listen. he doesn't say a word. all you hear is the wind. all you hear is the gear in the air plummeting. however, when he was approached, he said yeah i seem calm but he says he was terrified and this was the first time he ever had to cut away. but he ended it the way he's supposed to. alive and well. christian, this little girl is learning what we've all found out in life. there she is riding along with what sounds like her mom talking
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about her day at school. trying to play with some of the little girls. but no. >> i was playing with johan. >> what did you have planned? >> tag. >> u hh-huhuh-huh. one of those kiss tags. >> does he like you? you got to work on the other 50%. >> or let him go. >> yeah. >> i dressed cute. i smile at him. i even winked at him. >> she's done everything, and he's still on the fence. >> and all i get back is one fake smile! >> how did you wink at him? >> like that. >> she's loving it. >> i was trying.
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>> at least she's not being dramatic about it. >> not at all. >> she's being funny. she's a comedian. if he's smart, she's actually going to hang out with her because she is funny. >> that young lady is learning about boys. this little one happens to be my niece nye ya. she's learning to count. >> 11, 12, 13, 13, 13. >> she's got that trick about how you say how old you are. >> she hasn't got past 13 and she's not going to. okay? the video comes to us from new york city where there is a fire on this third story of a 20-story high-rise. and you know just how serious a situation this is.
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>> they got the ladder up already. >> well, you want them to have the ladder up. if this fire starts to spread in a building of this size, there are countless lives in danger. >> and restaurants. >> think about about the restaurants, people. about here you can hear the noise of some glass smashing. >> knocking out the windows right now. >> that's when you realize there are actually people inside that apartment. they're smashing out the windows trying to ventilate it. this is one of those moments where you really start to see w. >> the flame next to him in that one doe down the way is just so bright and he's cool, calm, and collected the whole time. i guess he should be, nevertheless, it's still awesome to see them do their work. >> it starts flying out of the
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window sending some glass with it. >> fire's been knocked out. >> with that very quickly they made quick work of that. they knocked the fire down. great news, nobody was injured at all. this shows just how effective their training is because they've already got the fire under control. >> they make it look so easy. >> all credit goes to the fdny. awesome work. peeps, easter treats. >> peanut butter, chocolate, peeps. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, doug the pug got a chance to shoot his latest video. >> i've got a preview of the next "big bang theory" episode. >> a look at the big pug theory. plus rich ferguson has a good way of hustling people. >> what's the trick, rich? >> see the ten trick shots that
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air wick freshmatic. ♪ promotional considerations provided by -- if you can't shut down at you're not alone. get non-habit forming unisom to fall asleep fast. unisom a stressful day deserves a restful night. i've got a little preview of the next "big bang theory" episode. ♪ >> this is out of control. >> yes. as you can see, the cast has changed a little bit. >> i just figured they changed makeup artists. >> believe it or not, that is a
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new cast. in fact, they changed the name to "big pug theory." >> i'm surprised they got past the sensors and everything. >> full frontal. >> i love that they kept the outfits to fit in with the characters. >> it is pretty amazing. and the set is pretty on point, right? i mean, almost identical. >> that's what i was going to ask. are they actually on set. >> as a matter of fact, they are. because the team over at "big bang theory" reached out to dog the pug. they love him. he loves them. >> he doesn't look like he wants to be bothered right here. >> he's in character, charity. he's in character. >> so is he going to have a cameo on the show or something like that? is he going to be rich? >> well, he may not be getting a million dollars but he doesn't need the help. he has 5 million followers on facebook and 2.5 million on instagram alone.
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♪ rich ferguson always has some great ideas to keep things interest i interesting. >> what's the trick, rich? >> you're going to challenge your friends to get the 1 ball in the side pocket, the 2 ball in the other side pocket using just what's on the table. >> it's pretty simple. >> this is on the table and this is how you do it. >> yeah! >> this is a good way to start hustling people. >> exactly. >> bet your friends they cannot get this 9 ball into that far corner pocket. >> don't specify how, just tell them what you're going do. >> that's the hustle. >> all you're going to do is stick your stick across the lun right here. you're going to tell your friends can you roll this ball under the stick, they fail, they try to spin it and can go underneath there or whatever they try to do. it's simple. you said under the two stick.
3:22 pm
>> thinking outside the box. >> bet somebody they cannot get the 8 ball in the corner pocket without touching those balls. >> how do you do it? >> going to use the triangle. >> i know everything. >> you got to practice this stuff though. you can't just show up and pull this off. >> something tells me rich rarely plays for drinks. >> and challenge somebody they cannot hit both of those balls with the cue ball without h hitting a rail. put a billiard ball on the table and put tennis balls on. even if you try to ricochet it, it's not going to happen. >> if you want more of these trick shots and pranks and don't want to hear this guy ruin it for you, head over to or use the mobile app.
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we all have a story on how we met our significant other. >> you can tell us exactly when, where, and how you met your wife right? >> absolutely.
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- grocery outlet - grocery outlet is the home of 'wow' savings. wow means you save 50% or more. there are three stages of wow. denial... - is this price right? - acceptance... and boooyah!
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wait for it. boooyah has three o's. ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - save upto 50 - 80% during our wine sale. mesmerized by this thing especially by the colors they have. we talk about your love story. you can tell us when, where, and how you met your wife, right? >> absolutely. york hotel in singapore. >> that's a beautiful story.
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as a millennial, i'd like to say you're ruining everything. >> the first time i laid eyes on her was on a tinder app. she was gorgeous. long brown hair, long legs and a fat [ bleep ] -- >> that's true. a lot of people are meeting like this and they better believe they're judging you like this. >> it's taking away from the story, right? and how will we as millennials tell the story? >> i swipe right and we match instantly. it was amazing. so then i got the courage and i slid in her dm's. >> that's direct message, right? somebody's got to represent the baby boomers and grandparents and everybody else. >> i say what you doing. she said chilling. and that night we met up at a kick back. at first i'm going to say i was
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a bit disappointed. she did not look like she did with the dog filter. >> filters are ruining the game. >> hey, guys are doing it too. i just want to point that out. >> oh, yes. that's why filters are ruining the game. >> and then right after she said that her parents weren't home and we should netflix and chill. that went on for a week. >> it all seems a bit ridiculous, but even from my romantic story from 13 years ago, we were still communicating on msn mess enger. it's the same as our grandparents writing letters to each other. >> are you comparing writing letters to dm's and text messages in. >> times have evolved. now there's a computer and your phone. i can't pawait to see what happs in 20 years. >> when people met their sex robot. >> damn ma, you a bad [ bleep ].
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>> > tonigh stories as we come on -- the hitler gaffe. the white house press secretary under scrutiny tonight after his comparison to the holocaust, saying even hitler didn't do what bashar al assad did. with chemical weapons. the global fallout. millions around the world, watching this moment. and now the backlash against the united airlines. tonight, what the ceo is now saying. the state of emergency now declared in florida. with so many families on spring break, we're on the scene of the wildfires. two deadly shootings. authorities on the scene of a shooting at a workplace. one dead, two in critical condition. and the school shooting. a beloved teacher killed and a young student killed simply because he was nearby. and the navy s.e.a.l. who drowned during training.


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