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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 12, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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. it's april 12th. time for new viral videos "right this minute." the moment this woman is airborne with a baby on board. >> oh! a lady declares her love. >> but she continues. >> will you marry me? >> the twist she never saw coming. team "rtm" sends in the tough mudders for one hard core obstacle race and something even more ominous. >> it's called electroshock therapy. >> see why teamwork is everything. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle looking at the best on the web. including a baby panda.
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see what happens when mom wants a bite of that food. >> don't play with your food! the woman driving this car right here passes this truck in england. she's going at a high rate of speed and she's about to navigate or attempt to navigate this roundabout. >> way too fast, what are you doing? >> oh! >> that's like some dukes of hazzard stuff. >> her car launched 15 feet into the air, hits a barrier and slides another 164 feet. look at that. it's on its hood. that woman was not in the car alone. her child, her toddler was in there with her. lucky for her passers by stopped and said they saw the baby dangling in the car seat when they got to the car. the baby was crying and shocked but didn't indicate any injuries. the woman when police arrived, refused to take a blood test. they eventually got a blood
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sample from her. 4 3/4 hours later her blood tested at 0.156. the legal limit is 0.08. at he time of this accident, they believe it was 0.246. she pleaded guilty of under the influence. now this video shows how one cyclist is lucky to be alive. this is in brazil. the bike lane comes to an end. watch the bus though. >> oh, no! >> that bus swerved wide right to make that left turn, but cut that woman off. the cyclist slid under the bus. she was dragged a few feet. this video was shot after the bus driver called fire officials for assistance. you could see right there there is the wheel of that bike. the most unbelievable thing is that woman only suffered a crushed arm. but other than that no other injuries.
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sometimes when it comes to love, it's just meant to be. perfect example right here. t.j. and jennifer. >> i can never, ever see myself without this guy. >> yes, yes, yes. i am awesome. but then she continues. >> and i just want to say -- >> suddenly slips something out. >> -- you mean everything to me. >> oh! >> dropped to one knee. >> would you marry me? >> the really i say meant to be is because he reaches into his pocket -- >> no! >> are you kidding me right now? >> he had a ring in his pocket as well because he had fully intended to propose to her. >> the same night? >> ladies and gentlemen, meant to be. >> well, i guess so.
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>> we all know the way to a woman's heart is through her rib cage but i guess it could also be through her stomach. brandon is taking allison to her favorite gelato shop. sometimes they have a thing you can open up and just maybe you get free gelato. >> that's right. i love that. >> they're chowing down on their gelato but eventually they finish. did they win? darn, you did not win another gelato. but allison, look at your boyfriend. that's when she makes this face. and it's time for him to ask. drops down to one knee. she does the obligatory -- this is where she reached into her pocket -- no. >> no. >> that would have been crazy though. we've seen it before and i'm sure we'll see it again. you know how it goes. parents just don't know how to
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act at their children's games. >> oh, for goodness -- >> this happened after the football match in spain. >> that explains a lot. spain latin america. >> they take it very seriously. >> very seriously. >> the game is over but the boxing match has just started. they're mixing it up right there on the field. >> look at the kid walking off the field. >> he doesn't want anything to do with it. the guy in the blue shirt is trying to tell them to knock it off. it's not that serious. well, it is for them. just as it looks like they're going to break it up, words are exchanged. >> that's a woman! >> and that man punches that woman in the face. she goes after him. >> what the heck. >> this is crazy. >> and no one's stepping in? that is awful. >> this guy here, the blue shirt, he's like the only grownup in the situation. >> you'll notice as she goes to punch the other guy, he steps in the middle again. he's like, hey, guys. knock it off.
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stop. >> what are they fighting over? what? their team lost? or just people jawing on the sidelines? >> we have footage of the play that set all this off. here we are about 75 minutes into the game. >> oh, the other guy kicked it from under the other guy's feet. >> made contact with the ball. it's not going to be a foul. >> the ball keeps moving. another teammate in blue comes up, gives a knee. >> so the guy didn't get his yellow card, didn't get a red card, now everyone's deciding -- >> pretty much. they decided they'd get even on their own. the president of the team planned on creating a joint statement or joint press release with the other team so they have a united front and take a stand on this type of behavior. there was a time when bathing suits were very conservative. there were one pieces for both men and women. in fact, they looked pretty much the same. this is the most epic of swim
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suit throwbacks. >> i'm the founder of beef cake swim wear with 1920s style. >> that's the keyword there. androgynous swim suits. if you don't want the bikini, the tankini, or the board shorts that guys generally wear, this could potentially be a solid alternative for you. >> jolly good day at the beach! >> that sure is swell. >> swell, it is. they started a kickstarter campaign for this. they were looking for $10,000 to get this product off the ground. >> i bet you they've exceeded that because there's so many people who do not like getting in bathing suits in public but they want to get out there with their kids and friends. >> for sure. when i last checked this, they were already at over $12,000. >> they didn't even put them in color. >> we got to work on colors now. >> yeah. you and i are a little
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flamboyant with our colors. there are a lot of people that don't feel like we do. a lot of people want to keep it simple. >> i don't even like wearing any clothes on the beach. >> she says that one of the things that makes her happy is sending the propo types out and getting people smiling once they've tried them out and get positive feedback from people that are actually really digging these. >> did they make a trip to the hab haberdash afterwards. >> if you want to pledge $95 or more, you'll get yourself a beef cake swim suit. it's an emotional surprise when this boy starts to sing. >> he usually keeps to himself and that's because little patrick is autistic. >> wait until you see when a beautiful tune has him belting it out. and it's an "rtm" team effort at the tough mudder run.
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♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ closed captioning provided by -- lue® targets the source- wiping out flakes and itch. selsun blue®. freedom from dandruff. tweet us at right this minute and follow the show all day long. the song "hallelujah" is a beautiful song. we hear so many renditions. i have a sense this will be your favorite. this is patrick. his dad played the sound track from "sing." so he kind of says the words at the begin ppg and later you hear him being encouraged by his dad
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to continue singing more. you can barely hear him, and that's because for the most part, he usually keeps to himself. that's because little patrick is autistic. when his parents saw there was something about that song that brought him out of his shell and he tried to actually sing it, they were so thrilled that you can even hear his mom scream with joy. >> trust me, mom and dad, this is going to be a moment that lives with them forever. >> and i have a feeling this song is going to be on replay for them over and over in their home. signed up for the tough mudder that took place this past weekend. well, it just so happened that the city of mesa's social media crew was there. >> pumped.
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>> hey, that's renee. >> yeah. one of her editors and carlos and i. we formed a team to take on this challenge. right before it standarted, i realized i bit more than i could chew. >> i think i'm going to be crying. could you edit that out? >> we got the most epic psych up. explained to us this isn't about a race. every person you see out there is a teammate. and it quickly became clear as to why. because these obstacles were a nightmare. ten miles of running through the desert. 20 obstacles. they hmbing over things, crawling under things, and yes it's the tough mudder. you are constantly wading through mud. one of the perfect examples of how you have to work together as a team is right here. this is called the pyramid scheme. people have to form human ladders. once you get over the top, you have to help other people up.
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that's the way it's done. >> that is wild. i had no idea. >> this is another example of team work. you can see renee and i in the water there. you've got these blocks which are constantly rotating because we are pushing them. you need the force to get other people up. so you can watch here as once we got the force going, i keep holding on, lifts me over the top. then i turn around so i can pull the block down so i can lift renee. the one part i'm glad isn't caught on video is the last thing you have to do. it's call eed electroshop thera. it's where you have to run through this mud. those are electrically charged mud. i thought it would be a bit of a zap. no. they are so painful, it made our legs buckle. we ended up stranded in there for about a minute trying to
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build up the courage finally doing as this young lady does in the video. we ran the whole thing. we trained with a potential challenge to us and it was awesome. once we crossed the line, we were buzzing. >> we agreed as soon as we cross the finish line, we're doing it again. leopard versus porcupine. >> behind the bush, it's a tussle. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, jessica is whipping up an easter treat with peeps. why this skillet is leaving you wanting more. >> such a weirdo. >> i like sweet stuff. and the pedestrian and car power struggle is real. >> this guy wants to confront it. >> see what happens when some new york drivers get a taste of their own medicine. on up, grana don't let joint discomfort keep you down. come play with us! i'm coming.
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forallegra-d® helps youstion break through fast. with a non-drowsy antihistamine and a powerful decongestant. break through allergy congestion with allegra-d®. the "rtm" app. it's the best way to watch the best videos. download it now. here on "right this minute" we traffic in some shady shenanigans we see on the road. >> cars have ruled the streets of new york city for too long. so today that ends. instead of pedestrians being afraid of cars, cars are going to be afraid of pedestrians. come with me. >> he's talking about pedestrians having the right-of-way. and cars not exactly observing the rules. he did this video and he decides -- >> one quick question. >> confront the drivers who do
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this. >> i have a question, sir. what you're doing right now is illegal. did you know that, sir? it's illegal. what you're doing. can i interview you quickly? did you know what you're doing right now is illegal. >> what's illegal? >> you're supposed to yield to the pedestrian. but you went through anyway. >> you might get hit. you might get hit. >> did you know what you're doing right now is technically illegal. >> everything's illegal. >> did you know on average once every two hours a pedestrian is injured or killed by a driver in new york city? >> that's a held of a stat. >> he's making traffic worse. >> it's time to step it up a notch and use my homemade horn. it says walk. >> that's good. that's what you need. >> he's using it. >> there's a baby. it's a baby carriage. >> finally, he's like, let me help a cop out. >> choose a random guy playing a
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trumpet. >> finally he's like i really got to do something to get their attention and just starts bullfighting with cars. and it's at this point police do appear. >> what were you guys filming or doing? >> a video about traffic safety. >> and isn't this ironic? they don't give him a ticket, but they do say you made your point, maybe you should try something else next time. peeps only pop up at easter time. >> peeps like your friends, like they want to come to dinner peeps. >> those are the different ones. i'm talking about the marshmallow candy treat. our friend jessica has a recipe. >> today we're making easter skillet s'mores. >> start with a cast iron skill skillet. >> i just bought one of those yesterday. >> it's a really simple easy three-step recipe. chocolate chips, peanut butter, peeps. >> then once you have it all
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layers with peeps on the top, stick that on in e oven. watch it. let everything melt. >> once done, popped gram crackers. i believe she's here to share with us. >> yeah, baby. >> it's all nice and pretty. >> the peeps seem to suffer in this. >> they get a little stoesy but that doesn't stop you from wanting more. >> is that the goal to get the crust there? >> like you want your marshmallow to be crispy, you do the same thing with the peep. >> what's not to like? >> you know what? this is altogether, tasty. because i am not a peeps fan. but i think the fact that you warmed it up and then drowned it in chocolate and peanut butter -- >> they're really just marshmall marshmallow. it'll work. >> i'm going for number two. >> i'm going to say you could
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pus this over some ice cream. >> you could. >> it would be tasty. >> i'm not going to change the recipe but i will change the holiday. i believe they have orange peeps at halloween. so you could have a halloween party and serve that. >> you're a weirdo. >> i like sweet stuff. do you want from me? >> you just made somebody's fetish video doing that. >> peep this recipe out on click on tv show or go to our mobile app. a pregnant mare's feeling unsure about this stuffed pony. >> she's trying to smell it like did i miss the birth? >> see why there's no
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>> good to cheers with. >> got to have the beer. panda mom with baby. what could be cuter? >> three more pan das. >> i think what's cute is mom's done with her apple. baby still has one. >> mom going to take the baby's. >> you gaifr it away. that's what moms do. >> you're taking too long with your food. don't play with your food. >> they say that baby is still nursing, so this is one of the first times it's had fruit. so really baby's probably not going to finish it. >> pandas have the most inefficient digestion. that's why they have to eat all day. >> and that momma needed the apple for nutrition. >> an apple away keeps the panda doctor away.
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jenny was laughing this video she made. she posted this on our facebook page. she says her mare right there is very heavily pregnant. except look at this. they put a stuffed animal colt with the mare and the mare is like sniffing around saying you know what i don't know if i'm into this. >> or maybe she knows it's odd. you saw that shake. like, this ain't right. >> charity, you're on to what's about to happen. >> get this thing out of here! >> don't mess with a pregnant woman. >> it's like, that's not my baby. i don't know what you've done. bring my real baby back. >> i like how she's sniffing around checking out like it's not real. i can kick it. >> get stuffed. ll we've got for this episode. if you want more, just wait for the next one.
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tonight, breaking news, president trump on russia. the president late today saying relations may now be at their low gs point. . president asked, did russia know that syria was about to launch that chemical attack? how he answers. tonight, vladimir putin face to face with secretary of state rex tillerson. also inside the white house, sean spicer the press secretary, saying today i've let the president down. and the president's new words about his chief strategist, steve bannon. will there be any changes in the west wing sf. jaywalking takedown, captured on camera. the police officer now accused of beating the man. tonight a criminal investigation has now been launched. one-on-one we have the ceo of united. what he now says about that passenger pulled off the plane as two more


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