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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 13, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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male or female, old or young, there's something about music that's restorative to the soul. if you ever need proof, it's in this video. ♪ ♪ this is sophia, she's receiving treatment at a pediatric oncology ward in sao paulo. she's getting her on performance, the kind that's got her hips moving. playing that ukulele is not a musician is dr. martin. what happened, he was in the ward to play songs for teenagers receiving treatment. he quickly realized he had a little sophia shadow wherever he went. she was just loving music. it got to the point where it was like, you know what, i'll just play "her" own song. can you see how sweet it is
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because she loves it. >> con. so sweet. for that moment, you better believe she's forgetting about the treatment. she may be feeling sick. but it's nice to see she's super happy. >> the doctor seems to see the power of music. at the end, music more than a therapeutic tool because as a compliment to the soul, in of the individual. ♪ ♪ a really beautiful day in portugal turned very quickly for this cyclist. he's on his way to meet his buddies who have organized a ride. watch what happens right about here when the cyclist approaches that bus. there is a man that runs out from in front of the bus as the bus is pulling away. >> what is this guy doing?
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>> no. what happened is this cyclist decided to ram straight pedestr >> that guy decided to run right in the way of the cyclist. >> do they know each other, do this on purpose? >> this was on purpose. this cyclist had encountered that guy attempting to steal that bike just a little bit ago. >> jumped on the bus, got ahead of him, got off the bus and tried to nick the bike again. >> according to reports that's what happened. this guy rammed into that would be thief. now, the would be thief starts to walk away straight to where all the other cyclists are waiting for this race to start. guess what comes and bites this guy in the butt. >> karma. >> cyclists. >> that's correct. >> seems you picked a fight with the wrong group. >> yeah, boom, the guy gets
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arrested. >> taking part in the tour dejail. >> he is, probably facing some pretty serious charges. sounds like according to things i've read, he's responsible for a number of other incidents. so in this video from indiana, this guy, thought it was a good idea to get on the beak, hit that slope, trying to launch him into a body of water on the other side. what could possibly go wrong, christian? >> he got hit several times. he hit the ground first, rolled over, hit the rock, the ramp. >> the bike goes slamming into the water but he ends up crashing against that rock with his back. >> he did jump up. >> he walked it off. he does get up and walked it off like a champ. so there, don't do any of this stuff, guys. don't do it. don't do it. >> hey, guys, how about a little more night vision from africa's
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hunters on smithsonian earth. a new video where they get night footage of animals in africa. something new, a lone female. she's out hunting for her pride, but she is not alone. here comes a male lion. it's a rare thing for a male to come out and help the women hunt. here comes an antelope. walking the other direction. not paying attention. >> i have a feeling they aren't trying to hunt right now. >> he's on the hunt. >> straight to the lower back. >> go, go, go, >> let's say, she wasn't ready. >> stream on smithsonian earth. at the park this leopard didn't have better luck and it was just
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looking for a meal. these porcupines could be a considerable problem. you see the leopard, then makes it's move. they tried to get that first one but the second one comes along. behind the bus, something is happening. the leopard, as you say here, got a tummy full of trouble. >> why do they always go after porcupines. it never ends well. >> just like an opportunity. maybe they caught one a long time ago when the quills were down. it's all in the poor thing's chest. >> they said didn't get all of them out. then, i got as many as i could and walked back into the bush. >> live and learn. >> exactly. >> this explosive scene in china had everybody running for cover. there you see that van on fire. >> there are several different
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angles. in all of them, you see the car is on fire. then it ignites that explosion at the supermarket where there are open gas valves. >> oh, my goodness. it's so busy. you can see shops super close. i'm glad people cleared out of there. >> basically inside the vehicle right next, compressed natural gas. that's what everybody uses. they have one burner, often transported but this is the danger. >> like c4 was inside. >> just look at that wreckwreck. unfortunately one person was injured. >> moving to this gas station. apparently the pump wasn't working and they were trying to get it to work, which is why it took both of them. >> you know exactly what that set off. this is a very common way for fires to start. they say this charge on anything metal because of vapors around when pumping, this happens constantly. >> either way there was an explosion.
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you see them take off. an attendant runs out with a fire extinguishers. either way they got lucky. >> that was a lucky escape. mom told this little cutie to cut it out. watch her slick move to escape mom's wrath. >> oh, no. yes. >> it's time to get cracking. the challenge is can you make it through this entire video without -- >> cringing, crying, running away, jumping out of windows. >> see how much you can take next. brought to you by olive garden's taste, indulge in lighter side. introducing gelactiv insoles with double the cushioning ultra-thin design... they even fit into slender shoes for heels... ...without compromises that's why 9 out of 10 women would recommend to a friend. amope. love every step. now 40,000 people have voted gelactiv™ product of the year
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find them in the footcare aisle today discover italy's lighter side, at olive garden with new tastes of the mediterranean recipes that put a fresh spin on traditional italian made with simple, wholesome ingredients inspired by italy's mediterranean coast. indulge in italy's lighter side at olive garden. ♪ you and me baby it takes two ♪ bringing new moves to the old school ♪ ♪ 1, 2, 3 get loose now ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it outta sight ♪
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. >> closed captioning provided by -- by -- wise all take new xyzal. this next video from
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buzzfeed. >> that's oli pettigrew every day when he sets on the set. >> i've been waiting, since i watched the video, i've been waiting to do this. oh, yeah. >> the guy is a freak i tell you, america. >> this video was just 90 straight seconds of glory. >> the challenge is can you make it through this entire video without cringing, crying, running away, jumping out of a wind window. >> nothing makes me cringe morning your toes popping. >> show people at home, freaking out, don't like the noise of cracking knuckles, arthritis, no, that is not true. after investigating it, that's
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just the sound of bubbles forming in the vacuum when you move your joints around. >> you were fib watching this whole thing. >> this video, is that all they can do? >> see if the mic can pick this up. >> oh. >> see if you even it out. >> producer takes note i crack my knuckles. same thing happened to me in my day. >> yes. >> sorry, america. to some of you, you're welcome. >> we all know that ice cream just makes everything better, the best. >> ready to try ice cream, buddy? >> that's joseph, not quite one yet. he's a little under the weather. mom and dad, joe and lindsey decided to give him a little treat. it is his first time. >> whoa. >> they still react that way
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when they eat ice cream. >> when was the last time you did something for the first time? when we get grown up, we don't get to do stuff. that's why a baby is really cool. he just had his mind blown because he tried ice cream for the first time. >> i want to be that happy. >> he was happy about ice cream. mom has had it up to hear. she told her, knock it off. leave your brother alone. did she listen? no. >> right now. >> check out this move right here. >> oh, no. no. yes, yes, yes, out of there. >> oh, my goodness. i love her hair, just bounces all over the place. >> she's looking at mom like what have you got now, lady? >> her evacuation procedure us down. >> this video, if you love
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internet, it's been seen over 2 million times. i bet there's some kids also going -- >> for that one to work. >> could they build a house of gelatin? >> no. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, their own spin on spring break. >> it's golf in new york city. >> why their game is a huge hit. >> plus actor comedian making his way from the stage to the big screen. >> because he has his first movie coming out that he wrote and directed. >> now the star himself joins us on set from "little funny business." >> does he gets the girl? >> hey. >> hey. court's in use bros, wait your turn. what are you guys up to? people love progressive's name your price tool so much it's hard to get their attention. >> what are you guys up to? [ grunts ] >>se people love progressive pre tool so much it's hard to get their attention. between the legs dribble do?
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dry mouth can effect and how you feel.feels discover act® dry mouth. specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. act® dry mouth. before "playboy" missed spring break, so they decided to bring spring break to them. >> regret. >> in new york city. >> vacation boys live, new york city, we're going to play some . hit it hard. >> yay. >> going for the trash can. waiting for people to play through. >> it's just new york city. it's like the third weirdest thing i've seen today. >> they do look like they are on spring break. >> no shirt, flamboyant shorts, golf bag in tote. >> spring break, i didn't know that? >> just when
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>> why golfing is terrible. >> that's the reason. >> on the fairway. >> unlike the regular golf course, you get to cheer. >> the putt. i'm a little nervous on my feet. >> i think that man was out doing his job. he wasn't on spring break. >> in the hazard, trying to get out. >> always tricky. >> can he do it, folks? >> he's in a worst place. >> really have no idea what's going on but they seem to have a lot of fun doing it. >> not respects the rules of golf. that's going too far. >> that's too far. >> couple of guys on the next tee. >> seems as though the weather has shortened the game a little bit. >> head for the 19th hole. >> time to head back to work. >> dmitry martin's show on
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netflix called "live at the time" had a lot of people watching it. >> i have an l-shaped sofa, lower case. how bad does a guess have to be to be an uneducated guess. do you know the temperature outside? carrots. >> you know what, not only is he a humorist, he's a writer and director. he has his first movie coming out called "dean." >> i'm going to sell the house. >> i grew up there, i don't want you to sell the the house. >> do you want me to live there alone. >> you've just got to do something spontaneous. >> i'm going to take a nap. >> your name would be? >> i'm dean. >> he's here "right this minute" on the set. >> thank you.
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>> thanks, everybody. >>. >> you play dean, an illustrator, doesn't want dad to sell the house. is that something that happened to you? >> for me it was after i went to college, not that dramatic as the movie. i'm from jersey shore, not the best house but it was the home i grew up in so kind of emotional. >> why was this your first film. >> i mostly do standup. standup is great, because you have a lot of control and freedom. i wanted to do something narrative, make a movie. it's kind of autobiographical. >> does he get the girl?
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>> hey there. >> hi. >> you really ate it back there. i saw the whole thing. >> thank you. i appreciate you coming up to let me know. thank you for -- yeah, that was me. >> all i can say in real life i have not often gotten the girl. the movie is autobiographical. i've got the wife now. i got the girl, i'm good. i was on the math team, the physics team. it doesn't usually go well for those -- my type. >> if you're ever single again, i'll teach you. >> if it doesn't work out for you. >> what has their response been to it. >> if it connects with people it's nice, it connects in a different way. if it doesn't, it hurts more than my jokes. now a real rejection. now they are really saying they don't like me. >> tell us about your summer comedy tour. >> things go ahead awkward. >> have things ever gotten awkward? >> yeah. i was just in walla walla
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washington, my first joke i got heckled. that's a new record. i wasn't done with the first joke. >> whatever is going on with your dad. >> it's not a woman. it's you. >> when do we catch the movie? >> june 2nd. >> if you put your cheek against the window, you can see central park. >> nice. dude decides to put his girlfriend's sleeping ability to the test. >> sow starts like putting groceries on her head. >> see what it takes to finin
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>> see what this video looks like in 100 years. >> twerking will still be there. >> it will be. >> the first meal. ♪ ♪ we all know that one person, the alarm goes off for an hour. they just hit it and go to sleep or they don't hear it at all. lisa is one of those. her boyfriend is putting a phone charger in her mouth. let's see if that wakes her up. >> the emojis. i want to myself but that's down the road. >> he tries that, that's not working. so he puts something on her head. does she wake up? cheese on her head.
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>> so he starts like putting groceries on her head. >> i think that's two 16 ounces of yogurt, cheese. >> how long is this guy's arm. >> he decides, let's bring out the slide from the backyard. but wait. slide down it. >> there you go. look at that sweet little dog. the dog is like why am i involved. >> i want to know who is filming. is he carrying the dog. >> the dog goes down the slide. then she's awake. she thought it was funny. >> the worst moment in that dog's life. >> wow, that was without doubt the best episode ever, until the next one.
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tonight, breaking news. reaction, after the u.s. drops a massive bomb.
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the largest conventional bomb ever used by the u.s. in combat, dropped in afghanistan. tonight, the pentagon says it was targeting isis. what president trump said late today, it comes just one week after the missile strike in syria. also tonight, fighting back. the passenger dragged from the united flight. for the first time, we hear from his family. they say he suffered a concussion, lost teeth, and a broken nose. their next move. the officer fired tonight. authorities say he attacked a man lying on the ground, who was already handcuffed. the police chief says, "the video speaks for itself." the major american city, on the hunt for this wrong-way driver, asking for your help she escaped police.


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