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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 14, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PDT

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blazers in game one of nba playoff series on sunday here on abc 7. have to contain oakland damian. and adding spice to the series now took a jab at steph curry's new shoes. >> what's going on here. >> i have no idea. i have no idea. i don't know how to break down the design of his shoe and all that stuff. but i mean i'm certainly wouldn't push it through if if that's what he's happy it is whats it. >> blazers in six or seven. >> blazers in six. >> wishful thinking. abc 7 sports brought do you by river rock casino we'll have the game on abc seven wsh easter sunday post-game show rumor has it our own foil will dress up as a giant easter bunny.
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( cheering ) ( grunts )
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irrelevant. all right that is our report i'm dane. ama daetz. jimmy kimmel live. >> have a good time for an all new show with great viral videos "right this minute." if it looks like that big rig is running from that man.
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>> that's exactly what it's doing. >> the story behind the sprint in dangerous territory. >> oh, my god. >> a couple performs. >> see mesmerizing acrobatics on ice. >> i love watching this. >> you've got a big dog and a little cat door. a tight squeeze that's no match for this escape artist. and crying baby. >> now, see big brother's plan to fill a hungry tummy. >> somebody is in trouble, and it's not me. >> for once. >> i see the driver. he's the driver. >> i feel so bad for him. somebody help him. >> looks like rolling away.
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>> that's exactly what it's doing. >> oh, grandpa. >> never guess what happened. >> out of the truck, didn't put the brake on. >> we're not sure why he got out. but yes, forgot to put the hand brake on. >> oh, my gosh. >> the truck goes off of the on ramp, onto the mayin road. >> oh, no. >> now what? the video cuts off but looks like the cars behind were able to stop. >> i feel so bad for grandpa. >> if you feel bad for grandpa, you might feel bad for the next video. he was involved in a three-car accident. this guy walks in and he's not happy. >> hi, dad. he's doing the walk around, analyzing just how much he loves this child. >> is that what you guys do brf that was the analysis.
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>> the next part. >> shoot. >> he doesn't know if it was his son's fault. he might be innocent. >> it's the kind of behavior that wasn't for a car crash, maybe taken without his permission. >> took his friend to the hospital. dad, a bus driver, got word of the situation and rushed right over. apparently one of the people involved in the accident was injured, so they had to receive care as well. >> you've got to understand the dad, right? he's probably been working for many, many years trying to have a vehicle so he can move around and have a life. so many different elements. i feel for both the son and the dad. >> a good trick to help with your training is to get a good workout buddy. if you do, you can get into sort of a flow, and then you can chill. the thing is the couple in this
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video took it very literally, because this is where this couple has decided to do their stunning workout. it's on an ice floe and it's just cruising down this river in southwest russia just as the sun is setting behind them. obviously they are acrobats." that's marina and her boyfriend. they start pulling some truly, truly incredible shapes and feats of strength. >> this is sexy. i love watching this. >> it gets very, very inventive. i was just constantly being blown away by his strength but by her flexibility. >> i don't even know which muscles they are using. probably all of them. >> wow. >> i got your back baby. >> time and time again, the
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shapes and silhouettes are beautiful and stunning. this one take a page out of dirty dancing. >> no putting her in the corner, because there are no corners. >> don't put her in the river either because it's cold. >> they may have ended up in the river because of unseasonably warm weather. the ice floe started melting as they were shooting this. fortunately it lasted long enough to capture this stunning video. >> can you imagine their sex life? >> that's what i was thinking. >> large dog, little cat door. let's see what happens. >> this dog is like houdini. >> yeah it is. >> oh, my gosh, mom, what else have you got? >> that was in incredible.
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>> i wonder if she started as a puppy using that door and said i'm just going to stay. >> that's the theory. eventually she's going to get too big and get stuck. >> quite the sense of humor. instead of asking the dog, hey, do you want to go for a walk. he replaced the word walk with something else. oli, i think the dog might be british? >> do you want to go for a pint? >> yes, yes, yes. i want to go for a pint. yeah, yeah, yeah. go for a pint. >> yes, yes, yes. >> that's all it takes to get a british person excited, one word, pint. >> apparently for your dogs, too. >> let's go for a pint. >> i don't understand this because i'm not in this position, but apparently parents dealing with sick kids really struggle. >> it's the worst. >> over at the baby league put
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this hack video together for millennial moms. she apparently is going to have some hacks i never even thought about. >> first, why are they always sick? >> because school is a petri dish of disgusting grossness. >> and they are still developing their immune system, right? >> that, too, but mostly disgusting. >> they go to school and exchange dirt. that's all they do all day. >> number one. the sick bed. we've been using this for 10 years now and it works. >> we do exactly that. >> does it work? >> it used to work for me when i was sick. something about it. you build a tent and mom would bring you a drink or sandwich and suddenly you start feeling better. >> it's for the kids, oli, you're doing it wrong. >> that's the best way when you're sick. >> number two, medicine chart. how about wha when mom and dad give kiddo the medicine.
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draw a star on the outside of the bottle and check off every time you give a dose. >> apparently kids don't like to have their temperature taken. >> no. did you? >> i didn't care. >> that's because you were faking. >> i'm a bad faker. >> just got so much easier in high-tech. this is the secret weapon. >> put it in there and click, the temperature. >> parents do this. >> yeah, you think. >> i hope that all parents out there appreciate these hacks and will make their life easier. >> a at home going, millennials don't know nothing. >> i hope this makes the healing process easier on moms and kids. >> this driver has a love for speed. >> this is where authorities draw the line. >> now she went too far and they are getting serious.
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>> extremely serious. >> find out how fast she was going that caught major attention. >> what a crazy woman. >> and easter eggs are hard to find. >> the dad is evil, hids them so well. >> see why it's not an issue. >> jelly bean. >> how does he do that? more tim. ...on your feet... ...and less in your bag. from the amope foot experts: introducing gelactiv insoles with double the cushioning ultra-thin design... they even fit into slender shoes for heels... ...without compromises that's why 9 out of 10 women would recommend to a friend. amope. love every step. now 40,000 people have voted gelactiv™ product of the year find them in the footcare aisle today discover italy's lighter side, at olive garden with new tastes of the mediterranean recipes that put a fresh spin on traditional italian made with simple, wholesome ingredients inspired by italy's mediterranean coast.
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this is big by -- so for 24 hour symptom relief be wise all take new xyzal. this is a very short video, but the taattention it's gettin is huge. now after police saw it, they are after this driver. this 22-year-old is on a road in moscow where the speed limit is posted at about 62 miles an hour. she reached just under 200 miles an hour. >> well, that was smart to record your self breaking the law that quickly. >> it looks like someone is in the car with her recording it. >> she just posted it to her instagram. >> the video posted on the instagram channel. not sure she approved this or that it was posted on her own account at one point. now police are really interested
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in her. >> the vehicle, really fast car, but this could have ended in a really terrible situation. >> the thing is, there's a lot of mercedes amgs out there. there's a lot of people in russia. how do they know from this clip it's her. >> they have connected certain details of this video that match her and her vehicle and the things she has said on the intern internet, so they are onto her. they believe it's her. if they are able to -- >> catch her. >> catch her but identify her as the driver of the vehicle, she's going to be in a lot of trouble. >> coming up this weekend, children all over the world and country are going to try to find those eggs. they are hard to find because this dad is evil and hides them
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so well. it's an issue until uncle -- >> we don't have candy. >> there's candy everywhere. you just have to know where to look. this, not a carrot. >> the wrapping on that was so real. >> like juice. looks like juice, right? watch. >> whoa. >> actually jelly beans. >> once you get closer, you realize that's where we're hiding all the candy. gets himself an easter bunny-shaped thing. now, stand back. >> that's amazing. >> peeps. >> that's what i'm saying. >> how did he do that? >> this is what he does, why millions of people know his name and enjoy his videos because every time he pulls in this kind of magic special effects, illusions that are so on point and so funny. >> so convincing. >> stand back. >> that's amazing. >> awesome.
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>> never guess where she was left? >> the dentist office? >> yes. >> having a real life kind of moment. >> kind of. she's riding along and you hear her say, please don't -- she's at the window trying to talk to people. >> excuse me. >> you're not supposed to be talking. shhh. but no. >> don't want her to open the door. >> stop. i want to talk to the unicorn. >> not quite the unicorn, the polar bear. >> have you seen the polar bear? >> she just got her wisdom teeth out. >> you know what it is, it was a white car. she thought it was a polar bear. >> the polar bear over here. >> over there. does the polar bear have his teeth pulled, too. >> no, i think the polar bear has all of his teeth. >> random questions then -- >> are you crying?
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are you crying? >> so sad. >> she just wants to see the polar bear. >> do you want -- >> we're close to antartica. >> come on, let's go. >> girl. somebody, she wants to see the polar bear, wants to know where they are at and she's going to ask anybody and everybody. >> give her five minutes and she will get distracted by her hand. >> there's a reason, they were on the wall at the dentist house. so when she woke up -- >> i'm so upset. >> sonya's special day. therefore -- >> she's getting made up because this is her wedding day. >> see who storms in to give her a look into the future. >> oh, my god. i made it. it worked. >> that is something i wouldn't have expected. plus --
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and 20% better comfort from one tiny, mighty pill... get move free ultra, and enjoy living well. >>my promotional considerations provided by -- dry mouth can effect and how you feel.feels discover act® dry mouth. specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. act® dry mouth. africa is on my bucket list, and now i want to go ten times faster because of this video. >> does that remind you of the lion king? >> it does? >> that's what people on reddit were saying.
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they took the cameras to south africa and they got some stunning images. people who go to africa say the light there is wonderful. they show you the light and the landscape and it is lovely. once they pan down this river, and they get into the grass land. they got some captivating images of elephants doing what they do. there they are going through a mud hole. there as baby. we've seen many rescues of them helping the baby along. >> the imabge quality of this drone camera is stunning. >> the fact they have a drone shows the show they will put on. they didn't put any details, they said they just took out the camera and africa showed off. zebras, giraffes, some in the same image together. makes you want to pack your bag, put on safari gear and just go.
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>> sonya here is at a berkeley, california, salon. she's getting made up, because this is her wedding day. the magic of her wedding day is coming sooner than she thinks. as she's there going about her business, someone storms through the door. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. i made it. >> an older man runs in. he's so excited he can't believe that he's there. it works. he's dmitry, the groom from the future. >> steven hawking was right. >> it's my, dmitry from the future. i came back. i want to see you on our wedding d day. >> going through, a little surprised what's going on. >> i'm going back. time travel is wearing off. i just wanted to come back and tell you you are making the best decision of your life. we are going to be so happy
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together. >> he gets down on one knee. he looks right into her eyes, reassures her and then gives her a letter. >> i wrote it all down in a letter. read it. the most important thing is i can never know that this happened. if i find out this happened, the whole space-time continue um is destroyed. >> this is a thoughtful gesture set up by her husband dmitry but that's still another man giving her a kiss. >> getting kissed by an old man. >> i bet she was able to sit there, crack up. she can't even get to the letter. >> i like this one, because that is something i wouldn't have expected. >> i think this gesture definitely solidifies she's marrying the right guy if he's that the thoughtful and had a sense of humor.
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>> this little cutie has been born well prepared for life ags a millennial because she's all about technology. >> watch bell as she discovers
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surprise. sometimes you've got to let them win. some kids they learn by observation. monkey see, monkey do. otherids are just kind of born. like bell here born well prepared for life as a
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millennial because she's all about technology. she's discovered computer with webcam. now she's discovered herself. now discovered the internet, now discovered screens. now they go life is complete. >> she's cute. >> she is cute. >> is she looking at images of herself. >> of course, she's a millennial. let's see if she sticks with the theme of millennials of not liking it when technology is taken away. >> give me back. >> i understand you, girlfriend. >> in a manner of seconds she's set up and understood the entire future of her youtube channel. >> what's a dog say? >> the youtube channel doing animal impressions. millions of subscribers, it's going to be all over. >> she gets started with this. i'd watch this. this is cute. >> this next 2-year-old obviously learned this by


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