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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 14, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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it's april 14th. time for great viral videos "right this minute." stuck in the mud. a young elephant is flailing as it tries -- >> getting back up. >> what happens when mom refuses to leave her baby behind. a teen recovering from a terrible accident gets a letter. >> do you want me to help you? >> she's like, no, no, no. i got this. >> what it says that's going to change ashley's future. >> yeah! a car barrels through a work zone over -- >> every bit of construction stuff there is. >> the big rig driver who captured the action live as it happened. >> look at him! we've got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle bringing the best from the web including a woman's journey you'll want to see. >> trust me. >> see the transformation when she's hooked on a look. >> whoa!
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some animals can't help being cute and adorable. like this baby elephant right there. you see that? there was a herd of elephants and they brought all the youngs to the pool. they want the pool time, play date. this one got stuck behind. mom walked away, but this one is not having fun. this one nearly drowning, but mom not far away -- >> it's not nearly drowning nap thing is having a good old time. >> that's what i thought. but they said this elephant was in danger because it needed help getting back up. >> there's mom saying come on, bak babe. >> they all work together. work together. wally, come on. wile elephants are cute, full grown hippos, not so much. >> they'll mess you up. >> that's true. i went to a list to see how deadly hippos are. mosquitoes are number one.
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hippos are number 11 on the list. the people who shot this video are lucky to be alive. this is in the krueger national park. >> that's going to hurt. >> that's how quick that moves? it pounced. a hippo weighs like a thousand pounds and it just jumped like a cat. >> fake a look at him. look at all those scars. that didn't come from being docile. let's go trucking! going to start off on highway 23 in ann arbor, michigan. this is from the big rig travel youtube. this is a live broadcast. he does this on his journey. as he is broadcasting, something crazy happens. on the right-hand side there's all these cones, things like
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that. they won't be there for long. >> hey! >> doink. doink doink doink doink. >> he just took down that sign! >> no one's quite sure why. drives up the shoulder just smashing every bit of construction stuff there is. i don't even see the brake lights coming on. eventually we catch up. see it there on the right-hand side with the hazards going. front end a messed up. no one is quite sure as to what happened. >> that could have really hurt the person in that car and other people. speaking of terrible driving, the truck driver in this video from australia forgot one important detail. spotted it yet? >> you can't drive with the thing up. >> too late now. >> oh! >> yes. as he comes to this roundabout, it clips a power line. these two power lines then break, collapse. there was a risk of fire and they do show just a few seconds before, there was somebody walking across that very place.
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the truck ends up on its side and it stays there for awhile. it took 12 hours for them to get it back up on the wheels. while he did pull down some power lines, it didn't cause any power outage. teenager ashley was riding her bike to the store when she was hit by a car and was paralyzed from the chest down. >> do you want me to help you? >> even here laying in a hospital bed, you hear they're trying to help her. she's like no, no, no. i got this. >> your struggle is real. i'm telling you, i'll help you. >> but i can do it. >> okay, okay, okay kwb okay. >> what does it say? >> and then she begins to read the letter. >> the administration committee
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at college academy is proud to invite you to be part of our student body. >> yea! >> it was an acceptance to mercedes early college. students who go to early college are going to high school while also starting the groundwork for your college courses. >> she's an overachieving. i have a feeling she's going to be set on getting better. >> she's not just an overachiever, she's an overco r overcomer. to come back from something like this and be able to move forward with her education is awesome. >> that's awesome, ashley! >> i got accepted. >> yeah zplchlt. >> this video was taken in 2016. here's a current picture of ashley. she is currently in school. she's still paralyzed from the chest down but she is undergoing physical therapy. and while she's studying the basics, she plans on being a veterinarian. >> i got accepted.
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tgf bro has come up with a pretty broish idea for gelatin. >> this is a bin we're going to be filling with gelatin in the water. >> they're going to fill that trash can with gelatin. because they need a place to mix, to make gelatin bricks which they will then use to make a gelatin home. >> to make the neighbors jelly. >> this is so odd. >> aren't you wondering if this could work? >> they could be solving the housing crisis? >> could they? >> no. >> all right. but here's what they're going to need. >> approximately 360 liters of water. but we need to set the ratio of gelatin to water to make sure the perfect jelly house brick is in place. >> it would be great in an earthquake zone. the house with jiggle. >> now it's a shame they don't
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have some of those lego molds. right? >> oh, yes! >> then they could have just clipped it all together. >> look at all the bricks they've laid out. it kind of worked. >> i can't wait to see how they stick these together. >> they have somewhat of an imagination when they find a mosquito in their gelatin. brick by brick creating what they hope will actually become a home. >> it's pretty sweet. needless to say, they don't have a solid foundation. >> oh, no! >> it's kind of wobbly, but they do come up with a retrofit idea. they got some stakes and stake them into the ground. >> clearly they won't be building any homes any time soon. >> yes. >> they're just going to have to go back to the drawing board. >> i don't know if this is going
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to work out. >> the cool thing is is that once they have enough of a wall up -- >> you need to hit the [ bleep ]. >> super cool that it glows, dude. >> put a lamp in there. >> this is my gel rly crib, man. a year and a half ago he made his lady a lovely necklace. but on this day -- >> breaks it. >> no! >> why busting it open reveals a bigger romantic plan. >> smooth move. and a firefighter has a fail early in the race, but -- >> even when you fall, even when you're 32 feet behind, you don't give up. >> see the incredible comeback on his way to the finish line. >> whoa! >> he's coming up from behind. i sneeze... there goes my sensitive bladder. sound familiar? then you'll love this. always discreet. incredible protection... in a pad this thin. i didn't think it would work.
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to fall asleep fast. unisom a stressful day deserves a restful night. this video is a project in the making. it starts off with this guy making a really cool wooden necklace for his lady. and you can see for an entire year she wore it everywhere they went. >> really cool. >> it's a statement piece. i mean, it's really unusual. >> it really is pretty. they have been all over the place. and with her has been this necklace. you can imagine how special it is. after we see all of the amazing experiences they've gone on, they're now in northern scotland. they're in a cave and they posted a picture. he sets up the camera far away so we can see the beautiful scenery. then he takes her necklace because he wants to take a picture but then he breaks it. >> no! >> he had to break this necklace because inside the necklace was
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her engagement ring. this whole time she's been running around traveling with this necklace and her engagement ring inside it. >> the real one? not a substitute? >> the real one. >> it's a good thing she likes it. if she had actually lost it but thinking it's just a piece of wood opposed to whatever is inside, that's crazy risky. all that being said, smooth move. >> yeah. that's swaggy for sure. >> i love that he already knew he wanted to do this so long ago, but he was just waiting for the right moment. and she was carrying the ring the whole time. all he had to do was just decide, do i want to do it now or later? >> she's being mean to me today, not today. >> definitely a keeper and it was incredibly thoughtful. congratulations, dude. welcome, everybody, to the
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shanghai firefighting bureau's brigade spring sports game. boom. the gun goes off, but right away yan right there is out of the race. they are carrying 26 pounds of fire hoses in their arms while they have to race about 656 feet. one of them is catching up around the bend. this is a pretty good time even when you fall, even when you're 32 feet behind you don't give up. look, right here. there's yan. he's coming up from behind. there he is in lane number four. >> oh, my! >> he's about to pass the guy on the left. >> he is about to pass the guy on the left. but will he pass the guys on the right? boom! >> the only thing he has to do is just now usain bolt it right there. that was epic. >> he fell and even paused when he fell. there's no way that he should have won. >> yeah. >> this video is taking china by
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storm. people are loving what yan did here. >> it's crazy. like these guys were doing the 200 meters and they're doing it quicker than i could not carrying equipment. >> what did he win? >> bragging rights across the internet. he should start a lot of t-shirts called yan can. >> that's a good idea. a husband's grocery's shopping. >> hi, honey. the eggs? >> the calls just don't stop. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, adventurer coyote peter comes to our show. >> he is not alone. >> yea! >> coyote, where are you? >> find out what kind of special guest he's got in stall for us. >> we got to hope i keep my fingers for this episode. it's not a tarantula this time. plus -- >> i'm about to show everybody a
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promotional considerations provided by -- brushing teeth - easy! new act kids toothpaste strengthens and protects developing teeth, and helps prevent cavities. new act kids toothpaste. coyote peterson has a way to shock the heck out of us. >> got it! >> from letting all kinds of things, animals bite him just to see what it feels like, to catching this cayman. >> i'm nervous enough catching a cold. >> touche. but try not to get too nervous with this one because coyote is
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with us on set but he is not alone. hey! >> don't clap yet. we got to hope i keep my fingers for this episode. we have a beaded lizard and a gila monster. just keep your fingers back. these are the two venomous lizard species that live in the united states. >> do they spit? >> they do not spit but they bite. both of these were raised in captivity and we have permits to have both of these animals as you would never want to collect something like this from the wild. i have been bitten before by a gila monster. it was the worst pain i have ever experienced. they will lock onto your hand. if you were unfortunate enough to get bit, take two credit cards and slide them in the mouth. then you can get whatever app d appendage was taken. >> do you have to swipe or do they have the chip? >> you want to insert them. that's his tongue. he's sensing the environment,
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checking you guys out. >> can i touch this? >> just his back tail there. those beads under the skin are actually piece of bone. gives them the idea of having armor plated skin. the skin is durable. >> my little friend. >> you just posted another video where you are in a zoo. >> that's actually just some animals were behind the scenes at a wildlife sanctuary in florida. they were just so cute. everybody seems to love big pig. >> warm and fuzzy. there you go. >> didn't you kiss a horse or something? >> a moose. and i liked it. the moose kiss was very squishy. very interesting putting a carrot in your mouth and feeding it to a moose. >> what do you have up next? >> we have a video this week that's all about little creatures that live in the sea grass off the eastern coast. there are sea horses, spiney
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lobsters, crawfish. >> all right. chill out, dude. >> all these lights and cameras, get me out of here. thank you for having me back. we made it through without anybody being bitten by a venomous lizard. >> i'm coyote peterson. be brave. stay wild. we'll see you on the next adventure. i'm about to show everybody a hack. this is in china. look. there's the claw machine. it's been engaged. >> okay. >> where was this when i needed it as a kid? >> that is, like, industrial powered magnet. >> that's what it appears to be. >> oh, and it is so annoying when you try to catch a little stuffed animal and you don't get it. >> or when you have it and the claw comes back up and drops it. >> so it looks like what has to happen first is you have to put money in the machine because the
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claw starts moving. then once it starts moving, this guy sticks a magnet up against the glass or plastic, then he moves the claw. >> wow. >> this is cheating, but at the same time i've lost so much money at these machines that it just seems fair. >> evening it out. this is the universe being straightened out. >> and also i am ordering my magnet now. >> online some people are saying this is genius. other people are saying no way, that wouldn't work. >> yeah, i was so amazed that it did. it has to be some incredibly strong magnets to be able to do that. >> seems to be effective whatever he did because he got both toys. this glamour model's on a jaw dropping mission. >> exactly. >> the story behind the extreme lengths to
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basically that explosion. >> thank you for watching and i'll see you next time. try not to let your jaw drop too much when you see this video. hold that up, because you're going to need it. >> i describe my look as extreme exotic realized barbie. >> i'm sorry. >> exactly. >> i saw two things going on. i saw somebody i thought was black but i think may not have been born that way. and then those things look like beech balls. >> this is 28-year-old martina. a so-called glamour model.
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she started off as a -- >> caucasian. >> caucasian. but she has gone on this journey to tan as much as she can. >> i ask my doctor. i want to be brown. do you know a way. >> she went to a doctor who apparently injected her with something that now allows her to keep this color. >> i am getting darker, darker, and darker. >> that's what she looked like before. >> wow. >> she was pretty fair. >> i actually think she was pretty too. but she got it in her head she wants to look like pamela anderson and started getting implants slowly but surely getting bigger. she holds a title for biggest breasts. she's going for the next big title of biggest breasts on the planet. >> my next procedure is enhancing my lips again. pumping up my boobs and end of
3:27 pm
summer my butt implabts. >> who are the doctors doing this? you know? there's a point you've got to understand there may be some sort of issue under the skin, mentally i'm talking about here. like, she's taking it like it's an addiction and they're enabling that addiction. >> maybe i'm a little bit addicted to this. >> and it's not just the doctors. her boyfriend is very supportive of her. in fact, he, too, got those injections to tan darker. >> from change to change, martina becomes more beautiful and beautiful. >> she's committed to this. she does not want to become fair skinned again. >> i'm going to get to the darker side. another great episode in the can. join us next time for more.
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tonight, escalating tension. will north korea test another nuclear weapon? president trump's warning. u.s. forces on high alert. our martha raddatz on the korean peninsula. plus, the powerful explosion unleashed by the mother of all bombs. new video of the blast site, dozens of isis fighters believed killed in afghanistan. fugitive captured. heavily armed, threatening elected officials and churches on easter. mailing his manifesto to the president. tonight, we talk to the farmer who confronted him on his property. school scandal. one of america's most famous academies, attended by jfk and ivanka trump, admitting dozens of students were sexually abused by trusted teachers for decades. sky-high offer. how much would it take to give


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