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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 15, 2017 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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that killed me last night. >> a relative of two women killed by a suspected drunk driver in the south bay describes the terrible moment he had to break the news to his loved ones. good evening and thank you for joining us. >> it'll be an easter weekend of deep mourning, of course, for that south bay family. >> the women just left a our lady of peace. >> live outside that church with the story, katie? >> reporter: this is the main entrance to the church. the women were hit a few hundred feet up great america parkway toward the onramp there. there were four women in the car, all related. two survived but a mother and daughter were killed. >> i know it is like bad for her knees but she still kneels down. >> jeff bontilao said his grand mother was devoted to her religion. her daughter and niece were
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going out for an easter tradition. they were leaving our lady of peace around 11:30. a driver was drunk and speeding when he lost control of his car getting off northbound 101 getting on to great america parkway. he hit the women head on. >> the person was placed under arrest for felony dui and vehicular manslaughter. >> andrea and carina were killed. >> she is like the fun aunt, right? she likes to party, karaoke. >> joanne survived the c crash. joey's husband had to tell her that her mom and sister died. >> she add feeling that it happened. that they were already dead. she was calling their names and no movement. >> in an instant, a san jose family lost a beloved aunt and matriarch. >> she was the best. she took care of us since we were like this and running around. she loved to garden.
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she has a beautiful garden out back. >> suspected drunk driver suffered major injuries. his two passengers were also hurt. abc 7 news. >> in north korea, tensions are building as u.s. aircraft carrier steams towards that region tonight. the communist country issued an ultimatum. end the hysteria or it will annihilate u.s. military bases. it is saturday there and the founder is marked with a mighty show of military force. north korean leader kim jong-un absolutes a parade of giant missiles rolling down the streets of pyongyang. thousands of people are celebrating the most people day on the north korean calendar, the founder's birthday with the country's firepower on full display. this is the first public display of its submarine launched ballistic missiles which had a range of more than 6600 miles. so far, there has been no new missile test.
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this north korean nuclear test site site is ready to go, however. the press says the trump administration is more vicious and aggressive than its predecessor. it is the u.s. threatening us, he says. president trump often tweeted about the quote menace of north korea saying they have been playing the united states for years. he has promised to, quote, solve the problem. on thursday, the u.s. dropped this giant 22,000 pound bomb on an isis strong hold in afghanistan. some speculate it was also aimed at sending a message to the pyongyang government. >> i don't know if this sends a message. it doesn't make any difference if it does or not. north korea is a problem. the problem will be taken care of. >> north korea is month nie cal provocation and we will go to war if needed. >> the pro president trump rally
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in berkeley is set for tomorrow and it is angering businesses there. the farmer's market is closing down after violence from a similar rally in march. abc 77 news reporter is live in berkeley with more on the economic impact. katie? >> reporter: the easter market, preeaster market, rather, is one of the largest of the season and tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day. factor in the amount of farmers that are supposed to be at the market and we're talking tens of thousands of dollars. still, other businesses downtown have been boarded up in anticipation for this rally. the threat of violence and vandalism is taken seriously in berkeley. >> some of the more corporatized businesses have boarded up in precaution. >> reporter: president donald trump supporters plan to rally tomorrow in civic center park. as safety precaution organizers of the farmer's market that
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takes place in the park are canceling it for the day. >> i feel like it is an overreaction and i also feel it is giving in fear. fear. >> standing to miss out on $7,000 to $10,000 tomorrow. >> we have 60 people who work year around on the farm, depend on the farm for their income for their families. >> reporter: he and 50 other vendors are collateral damage to rally and protest that hasn't even happened yet. >> i'm not sure that's even their intent. >> basically anything that can be used as a weapon police arrested ten people at march 10 event and are still working to identify suspects. in berkeley, abc 7 news.
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>> people in merced have arrested a person suspected of human trafficking. li jun waningg's body was found march 5th. police say she was brought here to work in the sex trade. police arrested 50-year-old william li at the auto shop where he worked. the two had been romantically involved. but li and wang lived in the area and had no ties to the merced area. >> unsolved power problem that led to months of commute delays last year appears to be back. tonight b.a.r.t. is trying to identify the source of the mysterious issue that damaged 2 it cars between north concord and pits burg >> report d >> reporter: dan, b.a.r.t. trains started passing through around 8 will will::30 this eve.
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but so far we haven't heard from b.a.r.t. if they fixed the problems and if it could happen again. people were greeted by yellow-vested bart workers. one stop short of their final destination. an electrical problem on the tracks between the two stations seems to affect longer trains. so b.a.r.t. used shorter trains to shuttle people between north concord and pittsburg. >> they just said they were having problems and we have to switch to a shuttle train. just confusing. >> reporter: elinna was trying to get to the last stop to pick up her son and go back to oakland. she today have her baby-sitter drive him here before going home. some said they could smell something burning on the ride here. >> we caught the b.a.r.t. in fremont and all the way up here it smelled like burning brake fluid. >> it smelled like something was burning like electrical or
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burning brakes. >> reporter: this problem started around 10:00 a.m. they spent the day tracking down electrical systems that caused them to go hay wire. last year it lasted weeks and damaged about 80 cars. the problem went away and even though an exact cause hasn't been found. in concord, abc 7 news. >> san francisco is testing out four types of durable bike lane posts to find the perfect one that could put up with the wear and tear of market street traffic. flexible posts can bend when vehicles drive over them. similar posts tested were damaged by cars and bikes that ran into them. city says it will compare four posts in a few weeks to see which one stands up the best. >> more more ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00. is the payoff worth the hassle? >> next, the airline tonight willing to dish out nearly $10,000 that has it boot you from your flight. >> and loss to the san francisco zoo. how can you pay tribute to what was the oldest polar bear anywhere in the united states.
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>> live doppler 7 tracking a storm for your holiday weekend. i'll let you know if this will impact your easter plans, coming up. >> and a new journey tonight to the galaxy far far way and some of the mov
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delta air lines is hoping to get some good pr out after competitor's mistake. today the carrier announced that anyone bumped from a flight can get nearly $10,000 in compensation. this after united airlines had police forcibly remove a passenger in chicago to allow employees on a full flight. we asked passengers arriving at sfo what they felt about delta's move. >> they are smart. when people don't respond to t.o. what you are offering them, offering them more money is the right thing to do. >> some people aren't necessarily in it for the money. that may not be enough for them. depend on what you are traveling for. >> limb sit is 10 grand. if i were given 10 grand, i would definitely take it and appreciate it. >> united first offered passengers $1,000 to take a later flight. >> unite said changing its policy for crewes who fly as
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passengers. it has updated its policy to require crews to be booked on a flight at least 60 minutes before take-off. airline hopes to prevent another incident like the one in chicago of course. where the crew showed up after passengers had poureded. boarded. the oldest polar bear in america and one who called the san francisco zoo her home for more than three decades died this morning. ulu the polar bear pass aid way from old age. the zoo says the 36-year-old bear had been suffering from con set offive heart failure. ? 1985, uulu was rescued by the zoo from a canadian city that planned to euthanize her for being a nuisance around town. zookeepers today were obviously in mourning but say uulu lived a good life. >> for the 36 years of her life, millions of people come by, see the polar bears, learn about them because we do a lot of education, and keeper talks about them. she has been a great ambassador for her species. >> this weekend, zoo visitors
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can stop by the polar bear skib it exhibit to share their favorite em memories. average age is 24, typically. so she lived a long time. >> a big day for fans of the galaxy far far away. disn disney previewed the last chapter, commemorating 40 years. our sister station in florida has our story tonight. >> yes. >> friday's wow moment at star wars celebration, definitely the release of a trailer for star wars the last jedi. so embraced by fans they showed is twice. >> i wish that i could have, you know, experienced their perspective a little bit more. because i am a star wars fan. sometimes you look at them and go, i wish i could be in the audience looking at it. >> what is the secret to keeping everything a secret? >> you know, i look at our fans as being a big part of that.
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people want to go into these movies and not have it spoiled. they want to know a little bit. >> fans awed and gasped watching first footage from the film. panels like the last jedi are part of star wars celebration. there is also what happens here on the convention room floor. there is plenty of stuff to buy here. but there is also plenty to see. this took time and effort. >> yes, it did. little bit of pain, too. i today put everything on while wearing the glove. >> you did not. >> yes, i did. >> i love seeing the people. is coming up in the future. star wars is a nice tight-knit community. i love it. >> i've been pleased at seeing so many people of all walks of life coming together to enjoy this one unifying thing. i think that's cool. >> do have you a favorite character? >> luke skywalker. >> why do you like luke? >> he is -- because he is a jedi. >> are you a jedi also? >> yes, i am.
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>> no matter who you are here, you're welcome. ? orlando, abc 7 news. >> and star wars hits theaters december 15th. >> let's see if the force will be with us this easter weekend in terms of the weather. >> sandy is here with us about that. >> it'll be on saturday but not necessarily sunday. i want to show you a spectacular time lapse. giants won against rockies tonight. they had the fireworks going off. just a beautiful night for that clear skies across the bay area. and that is what we are seeing right now on live doppler 7. so check it out for yourself. we don't have if i rain to speak of but that will change as we head into sunday. we are tracking a system for your holiday weekend. don't worry about it. there will be light rain. but it shouldn't be enough to dampen your holiday plans hopefully. temperatures right now, 40s, 50s, live look, dubs on city hall at san francisco, all
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decked out in blue and gold. spring warmth tomorrow afternoon. a storm on easter and unsettled pattern on wednesday. hour by hour easter forecast will show what you to expect. sun is up at 6:42. expecting clouds on easter. noon time light rain spreading across the bay area. wet and breezy at 4:00 p.m. light stuff and isolated showers by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow morning for early planes with be cold spots. mid up toer 30s. most of you in the 40s under clear skies. for the afternoon, wispy clouds filtering the sun. temperatures up this afternoon. trending higher tomorrow afternoon. low 60s to low 70s. if you are going to the giants game against the rockies, 59 degrees. nice and mild coming up to about 64 and if you are going to a's game tomorrow also a 1:05 game against houston astros expecting mid to upper 60s at game time. certainly the kind of weather where you need the sunscreen.
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we have level 1 system for easter. light rain expected. less than a quarter of a an inch for most of you and gusts up to 30 along the coast. not terribly windy. not terribly heavy. here is your hour by hour forecast. sun rise at 6:32. if you're going to services, expect clouds. at 10:00 a.m. is when we see a few sprinkles. but by 11:00 to noon time the rain will spread. most is light in intensity through early to middle part of the afternoon. that's when the most widespread rain is falling. we head into about 5:00 p.m. and turns to more showers. seeing breaks in there and this becomes isolated by about 7. okay to 10:00 p.m. in terms of your rain fall totals, we're not expecting a lot. perhaps .2 inch at best. that's about it. then we head into your monday and another system coming through monday night. accuweather forecast, bright and warmer for your saturday. easter storm but not until the afternoon and not enough to dampen your plans.
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as i mention, egg hunts will be fine. afternoon ones, you have to plan accordingly so eggs aren't so runny. monday morning is dry. monday night into tuesday. light system again. early showers tuesday morning leading to another chance of rain. another quick moving system wednesday. all these systems are weak in nature. thursday, friday we dry out loading abc 7 news app will help you track these storms. >> thanks, amy. going for a new record in the south bay after days of practice and hours of work all came down to five minutes of falling. >> and a live look at san francisco city hall from our camera. all lit up in warriors colors o tonight. >> remember, you can watch the ws take on
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abc 7 news was at the children's discovery museum as six high school student toppled
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their own state record for dominos falling. they used the force of gravity to trig ear chain reaction sequence that led to 250,000 dominos falling right in sequence. took three days to set up very carefully of course. their old record was 15,000 dominos. >> three days. but how much fun. >> absolutely. all right, rick's here. >> big weekend. >> fun to watch the giants tonight. especially johnny. pitcher johnny cuedo has 3 of the 5 wins this
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trying to go up two up in their series. recovering from a knee injury, he did not play. this guy wearing sharks colors,
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even the great one was impressed. late in the first, logan with a chance to score here but he is denied by talbot. he had 16 saves. stayed scoreless until early in the second. losing the puck on the power play and zach will score the short-handed goal. game got physical check out this hit by kassian, oh, that will leave a mark or two. in the third oilers score again while being short-handed. mcdavid makes a final 2-0 so edmonton tie he the series. game three is sunday in san jose. giant catcher buster posey is getting closer to returning. he did practice today and will likely be activated on tuesday. you will recall posey got beamed during monday's home opener. these kayakers were having themselves a barbecue. giant cooking in the second. chris has been struggling at the plate but takes anderson deep to left for two-run shot. his first career home run. then in the fourth, brandon
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crawford leads off with another blast about that same spot. it was 4-0, san francisco. colorado rallied in the fifth with a bases loaded. steven hits into potential inning-ending double play but tony knocks the ball loose from joe panik. johnny cueto did not allow a run, striking out six over seven innings. cueto improves to 3-0. josh reddick back at the coliseum tonight. gat warm welcome from the crowd. chris davis is off it a great start. in the second he takes takes tas deep. astros tied it up in the fifth. former giant connecting and also had an rbi single. and with two outs, brian mccann drills two-run double into the gap and astros beat a's
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coverage starts at noon with tip off at 12:30 and stick around for toyota's after the game. larry beil will be dawned by larry and carry while mike will be live at oracle. this sport report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> all right. i like it. >> thanks very much. >> abc 7 news continues on-line on twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices with our abc
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that is our report. >> for all of us, thanks for joining us.
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it's an all new show with great viral videos "right this minute." a guy at a cafe is caught on camera as he -- >> opens the door a crack. >> how an intruder turns the place into a three ring circus. it's the thrill of a lifetime for some kids. >> they're like, let's take a picture. >> see when a disney moment makes way for a dad homecoming. an armed robber corners a clerk who grabs -- >> whatever she can find. >> why he's about to learn her weapon of choice. and gamers marrying their virtual girlfriends. >> in a chapel for real. >> the trend that doesn't sit well with some real women. >> hold the phone. you mean to tell me we can barely get these brothers to commit as it is, the video games got a man into chapel?
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i've been a gamer for about 30 years. take it from me, at some point in your career you have been told to just go outside and experience things irl. i mean in real life. because there's stuff to do. go out andoyoyoy enjoy the fres and sunlight. it's not like it's dangerous outside. like for example in this case in an internet cafe in thailand. this dude is gaming having a bit of a laugh. opens the door a crack. panics. what's going on here! this guy right there kicks him to the floor before he runs out. you get a better understanding of what's going on when you see it from this angle. he comes kicking in right there with a bloody snake hanging off before he makes off like the road runner. >> i'd never go outside again after that. >> it was just an accident. that's creepy. it's like he reacted like he saw
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the devil. >> cat the very first moment, you could almost think it was fake. watch when it hits the floor and it slithers off into the corner. but to put all of the fakery aside, when you go outside and see how this snake basically had an ambush waiting for this guy. watch it move. >> oh, my god! >> yeah. >> that was an ambush. it really was. >> it was a rat snake. they're not venomous. >> i don't care! >> right. >> it was chilling there just waiting. the first person out that door was mine. >> but take it from me, there's about a hundred million gamers out there saving this video to show to their moms and dads to say, see, it's safe tor to stay inside and play games. we all know there is nothing like a family trip to disneyland. i want you to pay attention, though, to the family members in the red t-shirt. that woman holding the baby.


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