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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 19, 2017 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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♪ ♪ this is "nightline." this is night line. >> tonight the dramatic end to the nationwide manhunt for the alleged cleveland facebook killer. >> accused of murdering a complete stranger and posting the video on social media. the police pursuit and total's fatal finish. how workers at a mcdonald's drive through recognized and stalled the suspect. plus doctors without bodies. we are in madagascar taking health care to new heights. using drones to fly medicine into remote areas. >> the drone is making a house call so the patient doesn't have to leave the village. >> granning unprecedented access to modern treatments. >> lord and a lady.
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good evening and we begin with a bloody ending to a mystifying and horrifying story involving a murder that played out on a video posted on facebook. the suspect recording on his phone as he shot and killed an elderly man on the street. it is raising questions about crime in the air of social media. >> guy down in the white car. >> the two-day manhunt for the 37-year-old suspect steve stevens is over after he took his own life late this morning. >> this started with one tragedy and ended with a person taking their life. loss of life is loss of life. we would like to have brought him in peacefully and talked to him to find out why this happened. >> i'm at the point where i snapped. >> he was on the run after posting this video to his facebook page on sunday. >> i'm about to kill someone.
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this old dude. >> he recorded himself killing this old man in cold blood on a sidewalk in cleveland. >> how old are you in. >> the 911 calls describe the chaotic aftermath. >> where was he shot? >> he was shot in the head. >> is he awake at all? >> no, he's dead. >> they did make phone contact, but were not able to convince him to turn himself in. his trail went cold, leaving much of the country on edge. >> this individual is arm and dangerous and quite frankly at this point he could be a lot of places. >> cases like this with a national search and the leads dried up, the public is a part of solving the crime. >> the key to fining stevens today, a call to 911 from drive through employees at a mcdonald's in erie, pennsylvania where stevens's cell phone pinged a tower on sunday. >> i came through and places an
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order and got to the first window where you pay and the employee working at the time recognized him or thought and noticed that the car was ohio tags and a white fusion. he took his money and pulled to the next window. she stepped out and called the state police right away. >> they asked stevens to wait for the fries that they held back in order to give law enforcement time to arrive. >> he didn't want to wait for the fries which was fine. he took the-piece and didn't want money back. when he turned right on buffalo road, the police was right behind him. >> losing him was not an option. there was too much at stake. >> a sort short pursuit followed. >> at that time he used a hand gun to take his own life. >> the family of the victim, a grandfather of 14, steven's death offers little comfort. >> it don't make me feel no
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better. he was a coward. that doesn't bring closure. >> this killing raises questions about the and responsibility of social media and potentially glorifying acts of violence. >> this should not have been shared around the world. period. >> the graphic video remains on the facebook page for more than two hours viewed by more than 1,000 people before the account was disabled. mark zuckerburg acknowledged they need to do better. >> our hearts go out to the family and friends of robert godman senior. we will do all we can to prevent it from happening. >> it was part of a series of rants he posted. >> when it comes to me, nobody gives a bhe[ bleep ]. >> i killed 13 and i'm working on 14 as we speak. i just snapped.
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>> he is not the first person to post himself committing a violent crime on social media. a facebook live video captured the beating of an 18-year-old with special needs for 30 minutes. they removed the video and they were charged with a hate crime, kidnapping, unlawful e strant and battery. >> we got bulled over for a busted tail light. >> a video of philando castillo dying while disturbing cast a powerful spotlight on traffic stops and racial justice. >> he shot his arm off. >> his girlfriend diamond reynolds kept streaming providing possible evidence in a trial of geronimoian ez who pleaded not guilty. >> he is licensed to carry, he was trying to get out his id and wallet out of his pocket.
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>> i chose to allow the video to go live 10 seconds before my phone died because i wanted everybody in the world to see what the police do and how they roll. it's not right. >> in response to the steve stevens video, they are reviewing the reporting to be sure people can report videos and other material that violates the standards as easily and quickly as possible. they are constantly exploring ways that new technologies can make them sure facebook is a safe environment including artificial intelligence. >> a couple of empties on the internet of a video can go viral because it can be copied and shared widely in a number of different places. these companies have a real reason to want to make sure it's not there in the first place. >> ryan god win, the grandson of the victim pleaded with people on twitter to stop spreading the video, saying please, please, please stop retweeting that
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video and report anyone who posted it. that is my grandfather. show respect. a reminder that just as law enforcement relied on them to report information on the whereabouts, so too do they rely on users to spot trouble online. >> we rely on the public to report and participate in ensuring that our communities are safe and we want to encourage people who are interacting on facebook to report inappropriate conduct. >> they continue the investigation into steve stevens who worked at a facility that helps troubled youth. >> the person i knew 15 years ago, i could not imagine killing anyone for any reason other than in self defense. >> he documented happier times on his you tube account including bowling, fishing, and the championship victory of his hometown cleveland cavaliers. >> we did it, baby. number one.
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>> he was a normal average guy who graduated from school and stable employment. this is a surprise. >> so far the claims stevens made about killing several other people have not been verified. meanwhile robert god win's friends and family are paying tribute to him, telling my colleague -- >> that's my dad's voice. >> they are heartbroken over their loss. >> he would give you the shirt off his back. just to know i will never ever hear his voice again. you can't get any wronger than taking somebody's life. my dad is the kind of person who would say you have to forgive. you have to forgive. >> next here on a different note, they will fly in the ointment. the doctors using drones to deliver vital treatments to patients in developing countries. later we have to care for the
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tuesday blues. lady gaga video chatting with prince william. why?
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tonight we travel to the island of madagascar, a tropical paradise with flourishing wildlife. sometimes struggling humans. the population has been ravaged by easily curable diseases due to the cost of medical transport. now they found a work around by using drones. here's alex. >> box after box of medical
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supplies packed up. generators and camping gear and food and water. strapped to the roof of a bus. >> this is the support mission for the medicines in those two boxes to the people who need it. >> we are on our way to a poor remote village to see why this man who is a tuberculosis specialist. diseases easily treated and cured by modern medicine are still spreading unchecked through isolated communities here. >> the village typifies the challenge based in delivering health care in remote areas and using innovative technology to see if we can leap over the roadblocks between here and the villages. >> dr. small wants to soar over the roadblocks using technology developed for war and seen everywhere. drones. the drone was designed by a michigan-based company that worked with usaid, the brain
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child of daniel pepper who came up with it in rural india. >> a drone can do the job and the need for sense of travel at considerable risk and cost. sacrificing daily wages and if they are farmers having to give up a day in the fields. >> the drone takes off like a quad kopter and can fly 40 miles and land vertically. samples, tests and medication eliminating visits to a clinic all in mere minutes. >> you see it as a scaleable technology and that can be used for a variety of conditions. >> the highest yield specifically where you have hilly terrains and poor roads, we can fly there and pick up lab samples and fly back in the same
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afternoon and diagnose the disease and have medicines by that evening. that's unthinkable. >> they see this as revolutionary technology and another american group called zip line is already using a different drone in rwanda. it doesn't land, but parachutes supplies into distant areas like the one we are on our way to visit. the night before we watched how they plan for the missions. >> they are using google earth to zoom in on the villages where the drones are going to land. that's a no-fly zone. >> it is ravaged by tuberculosis. more than 13,000 people died in 2015 and around the world 1.8 million with millions more undiagnosed. the disease that primarily affects the lungs is very treatable if people have access to care. >> the first question everyone asks is what is it going to cost? if you are flying a bomb into a
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village or delivering life-saving medicines. >> $25,000 to be exact. we cross a river and wind through fields. that means nice tree. around 300 residents. >> it looks incredibly remove and from that standpoint, they are battling diseases like clay. >> a warm and wary welcome like children. these are geese? >> people have died of thank you buryou -- tuberculosis before. they can explain they will be carrying out tests and training. they collect saliva samples in the tents. 16-year-old maurice is one of the suspected cases. >> he has chest pain and after
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that, there is a blood that comes out. >> the teen has not tried to get treatment and he drinks sugar water for the pain. >> he is missing school and missing work because of the symptoms? >> yeah. >> we go home with him to see his living conditions. it is immediately clear what the problem could be. >> eight people live in this house and his mother is suspect tuberculosis case. every house is like this with an open fire. they are cooking dinner and none have chimneys. this entire room and house is full of smoke. >> as dawn breaks in the village, we go back to take more samples. >> see if you can bring something up deep into your lungs and spit it into the tube. i don't see blood, but this is not a normal thing for someone to cough up. >> they are hoping they can take it themselves, stick it on the
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drone and send it back. >> it will be somebody in that village call in a drone and collect it and send it back. >> the team reports a training video and shows the villagers how they would use the equipment. >> if we can make it work, there is no reason they can't make it work for other things. they are making it work for delivering vaccines and medications for women who are hemorrhaging after childbirth. >> dr. small studies the samples. >> there is no clinician who could sit in that village and tell you if those people had tuberculosis or not. it requires a laboratory test. >> after more tests, thankfully they don't have tb. beyond the hurdles of poverty and education and technology, we saw for ourselves how simple the
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obstacles can be. as if it's not complex, it is drone can't fly in this pouring rain which is so common. you can have all the modern technology, but it's no match for mother nature. that has not dampened the ambitions of the leeders. >> we speak to officials and recognize the proposition. there is a lot of excitement and eagerness to start using the technology here. >> the excitement for all involved is so obvious. so contagious. this potential revolution is far more than a flight of fancy. for night line, madagascar. >> next here off the debut of her new song, why lady gaga is getting face time with prince william. ♪ i choose my love and i say
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finally finally tonight, pop royalty meets actual royalty. it may be the name of her new song, but it's a way of life. lady gaga and prince william
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teaming up to promote discussion as a cure for the stigma around mental health. >> everyone has mental health and we shouldn't be ashamed of it. >> chatting over face time about an issue near and dear to their hearts. drawing from the lessons learned from charitable work. >> whether it was the veterans or homelessness or addiction and most stemmed back to mental health. >> the ptsd she experienced as a young woman. >> for reminded how much my mental health changed my life. >> it is one of their most prominent causes. william's brother harry sharing his struggles with the telegraph newspaper about the devastating loss of his mother. >> losing my mum at the age of 12 and therefore shutting down all of my emotions for the last 20 years has had a quite serious
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effect on not only my personal life, but my work as well. >> even for a prince or a la, there are a million reasons no the to suffer in silence. >> a great and important cause. thank you for watching abc news. as always, weer line these are 100% beef burgers that are 100% from denny's. they are 100% made-to-order, which is 100% awesome. 100% beef burgers with fries from denny's. 100% seriously.
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