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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 19, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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so we have that. notice how i said right now, right? >> why are you all staring at me? >> because. it's going to be nice all day until the sun sets and then it will rain. >> we will have a little tonight. rest assured the morning commute and evening commute and everything in between will be dry. a small issue this morning, fog. we have thick fog around the northern shoals airport. 101, east bay side, and fulton road, some of the areas, dangerous visibility so be careful. first signs of sunshine though in the southbound, 101 and 880. we will see more of this today than yesterday. we are starting off cooler, so dress warmer. we will stay in the 50s at the coast. mid to upper 60s around the bay, and then by 12:00 and 4:00, everybody back into the low 60s. 9:00, rain starts to roll in. how about that dry commute this morning? >> going well so far, mike.
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golden gate, three middle lanes not working through the toll booths for southbound 101 for golden gate bridge drivers. lanes three, four and five, the three middle lanes, the server is not talking to the fast track software, and the two outside lanes on either side, four lanes total are still open, and we are not seeing any backups yet. lane three is typically not open at this hour anyway. i will keep a close eye on that and let you know as soon as the engineers leave the scene. we have a crash involving a downed motorcycle in the south bay and we will talk about that more coming up next. to the breaking news we are tracking this morning, former new england patriots' star, aaron hernandez, has been found dead in his jail cell. it happened early this morning in massachusetts. here's a live look at the prison where he was serving a life sentence. he >> reporter: from a multimillion-dollar athlete to convicted murder. five days after aaron hernandez
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was found not guilty of a double murder, corrections officers in massachusetts found the 27-year-old dead in his jail cell. hernandez rose to fame as a tight end playing for the university of florida, even making it to the national championship. he went on to play for the new england patriots from 2010 to 2012 signing a five-year $40 million contract. he was cut from the team after the arrest for the murder of ow odin lloyd. he was accused of shooting two men after one spilled a drink on him at a bar, and he was sentenced to life for the 2013 murder and last friday, a jury found hernandez not guilty in the 2012 double murder. >> guilty of murder in the first degree or tkpweupguilty of murd the second degree. >> he was in a single cell in population when he hanged himself using a bed sheet he
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attached to his cell window. hernandez tried to block the door from the inside by jamming the door with various items. >> hernandez was pronounced dead just after 4:00 a.m., and it's the same day the patriots are going to visit the white house for their super bowl win. we are tracking developing news out of fresno. the gunman in a shooting rampage could be arraigned for a hate crime as early as today. >> and you see one of the victims here, 37-year-old mark gassett, and he was a father and will be missed by many. a memorial is growing at catholic charities where two of the victims were shot and killed. a 58-year-old man was gunned down in a nearby parking lot. a witness says his girlfriend came face-to-face with the gunman. >> i didn't think much of it, but he was running and when he passed the car next to us, and my father-in-law says, look, he
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has a gun. the person across the street from us, homeless with a backpack, just minding his own business, and he shoots them twice and passes over him and shoots him again and keeps running. >> police say the man you see there, shot and killed these people that he did not know at all and it appears to be random and he had a hatred for white people. a worker at pg&e was first to be a worker at pg&e was first to be shot, and "allahu akbar" as he was shooting. look for more reports today on abc7 news. we have details on the rules go into effect in san jose meant to protect renters' rights. it came down to a close vote after-hours of emotional testimony of residents. matt keller is live for us in san jose.
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matt. >> reporter: this was a very passionate debate. landlords and tenants were vocal for their sides and the city council finally making a decision late last night. >> reporter: it was a tight vote that passed 6-5. landlords are required to give tenants a reason or just cause before giving them an eviction notice. before this, landlords could do no cause evictions which they say could help them get rid of those in violation of the leases. >> if full just cause is implemented respectable tenants will not have to fear tal tory eviction the way i and other tenants in my buildings did.
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>> san jose had 2,400 without cause evictions since 2010. renters will have the protections the first day they move in. >> matt, thank you. the search on for a small plane that disappeared on its way to the bay area. two people were onboard. the plane left the truckee tahoe airport leaded to the petaluma phamunicipal airport. there's a ground and air rescue operation on right now to find it. crews say they will search as long as needed. happening right now, i want to show you this brand-new video i got just into our live desk. a huge fire in florida, and evacuation orders were just lifted a few moments ago for hundreds of people that live nearby this massive fire at a company in florida. this is from haynes city, halfway between orland
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people that live nearby were forced to leave their homes overnight and they are being allowed back in as firefighters gain control of the fire. one firefighter had minor injuries. no word yet on a cause. reggie? >> thanks. new details this morning about several projects under way in san francisco. pg pg&e is turning on the electricity for a children's museum in corona heights, noe valley town square. they were deadlocked over where the power was coming from and who would pay for it. the town center will have power tomorrow, and the homeless shelter will get power by june, and the museum by august. new details this morning about san francisco's plan to provide free tuition to thousands of community college students. there could be strings attached.
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there could be strings attached. plus
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it's a cool one out there. hi, everybody.
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48 in san jose, and saratoga 43. on the cool end. everybody in the mid to upper 40s except for alameda and san francisco. and mid upper 60s around the bay, and mid-60s to near 70 inland. notice it's warmer tomorrow and even an 80 showing up at napa on friday. golden gate bridge, it's dry this morning. spotty fog up around santa rosa. easy waves of wind if you are on the water. mass transit, no weather worries. temperatures milder tonight in the 40s to 50s. alexis is here with the update. let's get you down to the south bay. we have a crash involving a motorcycle on northbound 101. they changed the location just a little bit. it was around alan rock and they updated that, so it's south of oakland road. the far left lane is blocked and we have injuries to the
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motorcycle rider, and emergency crews just arrived on the scene and you can see the line of red starting to form on northbound 101. another slow spot, bay bridge toll plaza. they flipped on a little later than normal. on top of that, we have an issue for golden gate bridge commuters and i'll talk about that at 6:20. new details on the plan to make college tuition in san francisco free. the schools chancellor wrote that the colleges understanding was the students need to complete classes and be in good standing. the college and the city still need to finalize the memorandum random of understanding before more than $5 million will be given to the school. growing concerns in silicon valley about trump's new work policies. why it could make things difficult for tech companies. hey allergy muddlers
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new this morning. san francisco's oldest muni buses, you know the ones with the electrical poles responsible for half of the dal haley dally
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breakdowns. they are expected to be in service by 2019. they are used on muni's routes. we heard the sanctuary cities, and oakland just pass add law to create sanctuary work places. immigrants rights supporters rallied in favor of the resolution. this is going to establish safe spaces for immigrants at work so employers don't use immigration status to threaten or discriminate against workers. organizers said thousands in the bay area are expected to walk off their jobs may 1st in support of immigrants rights. immigration attorneys in the south bay say their clients are using one word, fear, after trump signed an order cracking down on immigrants. the order changes the rules for the visas that bring in highly skilled workers. in silicon valley finding highly qualified people in computer science is already difficult. >> it requires us to have very
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specific skills and some experience. >> we don't move here to take anybody's jobs, and we move here to become better professionals in our communities. >> the president is ordering a full review of the visa program to make sure they go to only highly paid and especially skilled applicants. we start with a beautiful picture from san rafael showing how beautiful it is. santa rosa, partly cloudy, and comfortable highs, and showers return tonight and the warmest afternoons are friday, saturday and sunday. here's the first sign of to tonight's storm up to the north, and they are moving to the north so it will take time for that entire system to work its way down here. we will go to moderate and then light showers, because it will dissipate. and then it still going to be
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damp this time tomorrow for the morning commute. from 4:00 to 7:00, want to give you an idea of what will happen this evening. not much during the commute, but by 9:00, you can see the yellows and originals, and then by midnight as it steps into the heart of the bay, the yellows are gone. and then the solid shield breaks up into showers as it heads toward the south bay. and by 9:00, storms over. we will see increasing sunshine tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are warmer than today, but nothing like the warmth we will have friday, saturday and sunday. a weak cold front but looks dry right now. temperatures cooler monday and tuesday. how about we turn it over to alexis for an update? we have an issue with the three middle toll booth lanes here, and you can't tell from the traffic camera. the server is not talking to fast track here this morning, so we have engineers on the scene,
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and they are working on that. lane three usually not opened now anyway, and so four lanes total are still open. we will see how that looks as we get further into the commute, and for right now it's looking okay. 101 before oakland road is closed due to a crash involving a downed motorcycle. it's south of the 280 and 680 split. plan for delays or stick to an alternate route instead. drive times coming up next. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 right here on abc7. >> paula ferris is live from new york with what is ahead. good morning, >> hey, coming up we are talking about the close race in georgia that drew the attention of trump and the gop. a democratic nominee nearly clinching the house seat in a historically conservative region, and it's heading to a
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one-on-one runoff in june. new trouble for fox and o'reilly. another woman is accusing the fox host of sexual harassment and racial misconduct. and we will have all the latest on that. plus, you guys, take a look at this live stream that has all eyes on a car, and what are those people doing? they are kissing it. check out the competition. it's a radio station set up in texas, and the dedicated individual that out last the pack will go home with a brand-new car. it's all coming up this morning on "gma." i don't really know where to go with that one, guys? >> i have the same question. >> there's a bad joke about kissing the story good-bye. would you do that? >> no, and i feel sorry for the people who are, and i think it's exploitive to be honest, and i wish they were not doing it.
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>> kisses should be much more enjoyable than that. >> thank you, and they should be free. thank you. >> thank you. exactly. coming up next, michael coming up next, michael finney is explaining why uber hey, bud. you need some help? no, i'm good. come on, moe. i have to go. (vo) we always trusted our subaru impreza would be there for him someday. ok. that's it. (vo) we just didn't think someday would come so fast. see ya later, moe. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru impreza. the longest-lasting vehicle in its class. more than a car, it's a subaru.
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we're back at 6:24. this is a nice look at lake tahoe as the sun is coming up. we often see this in the dark, so happy to get to see it at this stage. mike is tracking one more storm coming our way before we get a nice warmup. >> we want to see what the weather looks like where you live, and snap a video and post it with #abc7now. and it's time to ask finney now. >> michael finney has an answer. >> i went for the ridesharing companies, and i have not been able to work for two weeks. is there anything i can do to get compensated for this? >> right now drivers who work for ridesharing companies like
6:25 am
uber and lyft are considered independent contractors in california. not employees. so companies are not obligated to compensate drivers for their off time. the difference between an employee and independent contractor is the company doesn't have to pay contractors for benefits, over time or lunch breaks. if you feel you need to file a complaint, i will post a link at the commissioner's office, and rosa, good luck and thank you for your question. >> if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your phone and use the #askfinney. the value of the wine grape crop was up more than 30% over a year. it totaled more than $729 million. that's a new record for that
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county. c the top three varieties are shar done yea and merlot. hillsburg wants to put the cork on tasting rooms. it's one of the most visited test nations. the council agreed tasting rooms should be restricted to one per downtown block. the restriction is not because the rooms have been a source of trouble or arrests, rather the council's concern is tasting rooms crowd out businesses that cader to locals and drive up rents downtown. that's a surprising development. and then just wait until you see what one apartment complex is up against. and then coming up, the way our year's long drought could still be doing us quite some
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harm. here's a look at what is going to happen today. an average day temperature wise an average day temperature wise as we hid the mid-60s
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now at 6:30, breaking news. former new england patriot, aaron hernandez, found dead in
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his jail cell overnight. details coming in right now. sinkholes in the east bay, scary scene for seniors watching this hole inch closer to their homes. it's dry as you head out the door, but we have one more storm before a big change arrives here in the bay area. here's mike nicco. >> morning, tasha and reggie. it's dry this morning but there's fog developing and spreading through the north bay from santa rosa, half mile to quarter mile petaluma. getting kind of dangerously low, the visibility there. dress warmer, 42 to 55. brighter at lunch, 58 to 64, our spread. and 4:00, 49 to 67. evening commute will be quiet but when we get to 9:00, that's when the next storm arrives. we will have an hour by hour look at that coming up. westbound 580, reports of a
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disabled vehicle and we have not confirmed which lane that is in, but a quick delay. no issues santa rosa to petaluma, or castro valley to the maze, we are improving. and then still in the red at 20 minutes for 280 to 680. aaron hernandez found dead in his prison cell. this is a live look now at the maximum security state prison in shirley, massachusetts, where security is tight this morning. >> officials say hernandez used his bed sheets to hang himself and blocked the doorway so nobody could get in to help him. he was found at midnight our time and pronounced dead at the hospital. >> he was just acquitted for a double murder last week, but was
6:32 am
serving a life sentence for a murder in 2013. several players have said publicly they will not be going to the white house, and the players were informed this morning of what happened to hernandez and indicated they will not speak about this today at the white house event. we are tracking developing news in fresno. the gunman that killed innocent strangers was driven by a hatred of white house people. >> family members identified one victim as a father of two leaving catholic charities with groceries in hand when he got shot. police say the gunman, kori muhammad, started his shooting rampage after authorities announced he was wanted for a murder of a security guard of a motel 6 last thursday. muhammad kept walking after shooting the third victim and then was captured by an officer that captured him. >> as he was taken into custody he made spontaneous statements, those statements were, i did it,
6:33 am
i shot them, and he identified himself as kori muhammad and said you guys are looking for me. >> authorities say although muhammad shouted "allahu akbar" at least twice, authorities believe it was not terrorism and it was a hate crime since all victims were white men. muhammad has a criminal record. according to the sacramento bee, he served several sentences for drug conviction. he attended high school and college in sacramento. ♪ ♪ >> this was the scene hours after the shooting spree where a vigil was held and people walked down the street and said prayers for the victims. >> abc7 news talked with a witness that heard the gunshots
6:34 am
from his home. >> i looked out the window and saw the second and third shot, and the third shot, this guy was being shot and falling to the ground and then the guy ran off. >> he heard eight shots in all. and the spot shotter picked up 16 inless -- minute. senior citizens in the east bay community are facing a pretty scary view from their apartment this morning. just look at this. a huge sinkhole that keeps getting closer to their building. amy hollyfield is live for us in pinole this morning. amy. >> reporter: hi, reggie. they have it fenced off so residents can't get close to it, but they are watching carefully. now that the sun is up you can see some of them have a really good view of it right from their balcony. they look down and see where the ground is disappearing and they say they are nervous because it gets worse when it rains, and
6:35 am
more is on the way tonight p. residents say it has grown from a crack in the ground in february to a huge hole today that has swallowed trees, a transformer and a power pole. engineers have said mother nature just won't cooperate with their repair schedule. >> we are waiting for the ground to dry out. they really -- they can't do anything until it's much drier. it keeps raining. >> reporter: here's a picture of crews trying to fix the situation. they filled in the hole but the ground is so wet it keeps shifting. residents have told they are safe for now so no evacuations have been ordered. engineering say they have done measurements and the build something not changing shape and a lot of people watching this situation very closely. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. san francisco board of supervisors scheduled to discuss a budget modification requested
6:36 am
by the police department. officials say the extra funds are needed because of unbudgeted over time. that includes $2.6 million in academy training. a special revenue fund that previously paid for training expired recently. pg&e is disclosing this morning that it still handed out morning that it still handed out hefty raises to consumer utilities still went up. three month ago the utility announced it was eliminating 450 jobs, 265 of them right here in the bay area. and then a girl told police a man blew a kiss at her and showed her a picture of a naked woman as he drove by her. the girl ran and hid behind a
6:37 am
parked car and called her mom who alerted police. the suspect is described as a white male in his early 30s or 40s, and he was bald on top with dirty blond hair on the side. three former drifters expressed remorse and regret in court just before being sentenced for killing a canadian tourist and local hiker. the victims' families shared their own grief. the trio killed audrey carry in 2015 in golden gate park and steven carter near fairfax. before the sentence, a tearful apology. >> i am so sorry for what i did. the decisions i made, and the undescribable pain that i caused. >> she was sentenced to 25 years in prison. the shooter, years to life.
6:38 am
and then a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against the former dean of the law school will be paid $1.1 million over ten years. she said the dean persistently hugged and kissed and touched her for two years and officials did nothing about it. he resigned last spring after getting suspended. the family of a hayward woman is asking for help morning. darpeaux is 5'3", 120 pounds. she has la tattooed on her left hand. if you have seen her, contact the sheriff's office. and then doing a bad job and then doing a bad job disabling the disabled parking
6:39 am
placards. 70 phreubg ae dmv did not check signatures on the doctors that signed off on applications. 26,000 placards for people could be dead because they would be over 100. the walnut creek city council supported a proposal to create a new school district. the organizers says the district ignored the needs and concerns of north gate families. critics say creating a new district would promote an excollusi excollusionairy movement because it would consist of white affluent neighborhoods. the proposal still has to be approved. b.a.r.t. could be losing up to $25 million every year to
6:40 am
cheaters that jump the fare gates. watch closely as this b.a.r.t. rider approaches on the right and squeezes past the gates without paying and the next guy jumps it as well. b.a.r.t. says it is addressing by putting in new side gates from walking around the turnstiles so the riders will have to ask the station to get buzzed in and out. they change those out and maybe they can give them to the track team and use them for hurdling practice. cooler outside thanks to the cloud cover last night and the lack of rain. 42 in wood side. a lot of mid to upper 40s on the peninsula. san bruno and daly city warmer at 50. 55 in oakland. san francisco, 53. the rest of us in the mid to upper 40s. upper 40s. here's a look at 280 at
6:41 am
could sit here and watch this all day from the exploratorium camera at pier 15. look for that on social media later. light breezes on the water, and yard work going to be damp, highs today low to mid-60s and mid to upper 60s as you head inland. we will take a look at tonight's wet weather coming up next. and then an update on the crash involving a motorcycle on northbound 101 south of oakland road. i changed the icon there, and that did clear 15 minutes ago and we still have a backup around six miles of heavy traffic, so that's normally one of the busiest areas and that's going to take a little while to bounce back at this point. plan on extra time or stick to 87 or another route if that makes sense for you. the sky looking cool this morning as mike just the meter
6:42 am
and here are drive times. we do have an issue in the hayward area, and we will check on that coming up next. remember that video that sparked world-wide outrage. find out what unite ceo says will happen to the employees involved. involved. and
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♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
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before i get to storm watch, i want to check in at the live desk. there are major developments this morning in the mysterious death of the first african-american woman appointed to new york's highest court. police say her death is now considered suspicious. they are asking for the public's help. judge sheila salaam was washed up on the hudson river last week and she served on the state's court of apaelf aof appeals. the 64-year-old was found washed ashore, and police initially said there was no foul play involved, and they backtracked and her last contact was talking to an assistant on the phone and the rest remains a mystery. new details on the rules going into effect in san jose meant to protect renters' rights. >> it came down to a close vote after-hours of emotional
6:46 am
testimony by residents. and matt is live in san jose to break down what happened. >> reporter: listen to this number. 87,000. that's the estimated number of units here in san jose that will be impacted by these new policies that were passed by the city council late last night. it was a heated debate and it was a tight contest there. it passed 6-5. now landlords will be required to give tenants a reason or just cause before giving them an eviction notice. before this passed landlords could do no cause evictions, and that helped to get rid of drug dealers or those that broke their leases. our media partner, the "mercury news" reports 2,400 without cause evictions were filed since 2010. the new renters will have the protection the first day they move in. matt keller, abc7 news. not so good news.
6:47 am
the bay area rankings among the countries's ten worst regions for particle pollution. it says much of the problem could be traced to the five-year drought. particle p particle pollution is solid and liquid droplets in the air. the san joaquin valley surpassed the article pollution. adidas is apologize are for what was a poorly-worded marketing e-mail after the boston marathon. the subject line said contkpwrats, you survived the boston marathon. customers reminded adidas about the race where three people were
6:48 am
killed by bombs, and adidas apologized and called the e-mail insensitive. the united company ceo says nobody will be fired over the incident. oscar munoz apologized again yesterday to the passenger who was dragged off a plane. munoz says he takes full responsibility. he said it's too early to tell if the incident is hurting ticket sales. the airline will have more to say after they review the policies on overbooked flights. and then facing another challenge. >> the blood testing pioneer is going to pay more than $4.5 million to customers in arizona. that settlement comes after arizona's attorney general found it misrepresented the accuracy of the blood tests. it has been struggling lately and has closed all of its blood testing facilities and laid off almost half of the employees after repeated questions about the reliability of its tests.
6:49 am
>> tesla is gearing up for the launch of its model 3 sedan. employees are threatening to walk off the job because of low wages. a strike at the plant could them from finishing this is a live look from round rock outside of austin. seven people still in the running for a new car. i guess i can see six in this view, and maybe a seventh at the lower bumper there. the contest set to end at 7:00 p.m. our time, and if somebody else has their lips locked to the car. >> you can fall asleep but your lips have to have contact with the car, and one person fell asleep and fell off of it. i don't know. i am just not into it. i don't think it's a good idea. >> she didn't have the optima
6:50 am
position. >> mike nicco, coming in with a surprise. >> yeah, i am a car guy. love cars. and a little sunshine mixed in, and it's dry and will be all during the daylight hours. a weak storm comes in tonight and looks like tomorrow morning a little damp on the roadways and then a warm weekend followed by cooler weather next week. that time of the year, we can't stay warm too long and can't stay cool too long either. best energy heads north from the storm. we get the weakest part and that's why it's going to fall apart as it moves from north to south across the neighborhoods and initially it's a one to begin with, with moderate to light showers, and so let's run through it. 4:00 to 7:00, the evening commute. can you see an increase in clouds. from 7:00 to 9:00, the yellows and oranges and greens, and then it starts to get out of the north bay by midnight, the
6:51 am
yellows are gone and there are more showers and steady rain by 4:00 in the morning as it heads through the south bay, and then 9:00 to noon, can you see the increasing sunshine. tomorrow is going to be just a touch warmer with that afternoon sunshine. our warmest day looks to be friday, cooler saturday and sunday. a weak storm that is not offering much in the way of rain but will cool us down monday and tuesday next week. i am going to take you to hayward right now. we had an earlier collision on southbound 880. a little tough to tell if we got the road clear or not. just before a street. it's heavy south of 92 as usual. and a problem in san francisco, northbound 101 around octavia street, three to four vehicles involved in a crash blocking two right lanes. a little heavy traffic on northbound 101, and normally that would be light this time of day. a quick check of the golden gate
6:52 am
bridge. we likely still have the issue where the server is not reading fast track accounts in the three middle lanes so those are not open -- i believe, we have not gotten an update and the two outside lanes on either side are open, and three lanes closed and four lanes open and that's building a little stop and go traffic. another update just before 7:00. we are back with seven things you need to know before we go. if you have not yet, follow us @abc7newsbayarea. us @abc7newsbayarea. share your photos by using the
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it's 6:54. if you are jus joining us or heading out the door, here are the seven things you need to know today. >> kori muhammad could be in court as early as today. police say it appears to be a hate crime. one of the victims has been identified as a 37-year-old mark gassett, a father of two. >> number two, former patriots player aaron hernandez was found hanged with a bed sheet from his cell overnight. he was serving a life sentence for 2013 murder. number three, a big victory for renters in san jose. the city council repealed the no cause eviction law and now
6:55 am
landlords are required to give tenants a reason before evicting them. the aging muni buses will be replaced for a big price tag. 185 new electric buses will be built and could be in service by 2019. it's dry this morning, but watch out for fog and a reduction of visibility. number six, the biggest issue this morning was a crash involving a motorcycle northbound 101 before you get to oakland road in san jose. that has been cleared for half an hour. check out the backup. you are jammed at 10 miles per hour, and that's heavy for seven or eight miles so that will take a while to unwind. alexis, come back over to the couch. we have a treat for you. starbucks unicorn frappuccino is officially on sale. people have been losing their minds about this and it was officially announced yesterday. it includes sweet pink powder,
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man go syrup, whipped cream and all other nonsense. we just got ours delivered. >> cheers. >> here's to not health. >> i can't decide? verdict? >> i have a sweet tooth. i like it.
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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air. former patriot aaron hernandez found dead in his jail cell this morning while serving a sentence for murder. the new details coming in right now. breaking overnight, president trump's close call. the democrat emerges on top of that special election in georgia after the president's big endorsement of his republican opponents. the crucial seat in congress heads for a runoff. overseas the trump administration talking tough to north korea but facing new questions about that aircraft carrier. they said it was heading to the region. it wasn't. calls growing louder for bill o'reilly to be fired. [ chanting ] >> as a new accuser comes forward saying she was a victim of sexual and racial harassment. new reports


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