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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  May 7, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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[ chanting "hey, ho, ho" ] good morning, america. new overnight, fired up. >> we have bodies, we have minds! >> some members of congress taking the heat for supporting the republicans' health care bill. >> the bill protects the pre-existing conditions. >> no, no. >> fighting off their constituents' concerns. why many feel betrayed by washington. >> you feel like your congressman sold you out? >> yes, absolutely. election day in france. voters casting their ballots in a presidential runoff between the centrist front-runner, emmanuel macron, and the far right candidate, marine le pen. the hacking just hours before voters hit the polls. e-mails and documents, some of them fake, leaked on social media. will it affect the outcome? abc news exclusive, a former
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penn state fraternity member speaking out about the night a pledge died at a frat party allegedly falling down a flight of stairs and saying his concerns fell on deaf ears. >> they said, no, you're overreacting. you don't know what you're talking about. and i said, no, i really do know what i'm talking about. he could have a concussion. >> more of what he saw that night as almost 20 students now face charges. and this morning, brush fires fueled by tinderbox conditions in the south. flames coming dangerously close to roads. helicopters called in to help. mandatory evacuations and dense smoke advisories. the fight to keep it all contained. hey, guys. lesson 101 in live tv, make sure your phones are turned off. >> i thought it was my phone as adrienne's siri is screaming at us right as we're going on the air.
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>> saying i didn't quite get that. >> good morning, america. >> good morning. >> that's how i feel. >> all right, everybody, rob is not in studio with us this morning because as we come on the air, the annual wings for life world run is starting simultaneously in 24 different countries. there are hundreds of thousands of people taking part. rob is right in that mix in florida all with the goal of raising money for spinal cord research. we're going to be checking in on his progress throughout the show. >> it's amazing to watch him do the forecast while panting. >> i know. >> stay tuned for that. >> it's a little uncomfortable. we do want to get straight to the news though first here. right now voters are hitting the polls in a high-stakes presidential race that is proving to be something of a proxy war between donald trump and barack obama. president trump has voiced support for the far right candidate, who is hoping to be the next president of france, marine le pen. she's anti-immigrant, critical of islam and wants to take france out of the european union. >> now, former president obama has given a rare formal endorsement for le pen's rival, emmanuel macron, a
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pro-immigration, pro-eu centrist. as voters hit the polls this morning, no one knows what the impact will be of a major hack of the macron campaign, which some are already pinning on the russians really in an eerie echo of the 2016 u.s. presidential race. meanwhile, back here at home, americans' divisions on stark display as republicaned voted on that bill to repeal and replace obamacare, they face anger at town halls this weekend. we'll have a full report on that, and george is standing by with analysis. we start with abc's terry moran, who is covering the voting in france. terry. >> reporter: good morning, dan. from this polling station in central paris, this is the most important election in france in decades deciding the future of this country and maybe even europe. it will test the populist national wave that took britain out of the european union in brexit and put donald trump in the white house, so there's a lot at stake here, and french
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voters know it. this morning across france massive voter turnout as the french head to the polls to choose between two political outsiders. emmanuel macron, a 39-year-old former investment banker, a moderate, he's leading in polls by 20 points and more. his rival, marine le pen, the far right leader, pushing a nationalist vision of protectionism, closed borders and suppressing some islamic practices. both candidates come from outside the major parties here, a sign of deep dissatisfaction with politics as usual. the election today shadowed by a series of terrorist attacks and a nearly 10% unemployment rate. bitter debates and protests have marked the race. and at the 11th hour, a dramatic disruption, macron's campaign, like hillary clinton's, was the target of a massive computer hack. macron's campaign confirming the hack saying it primarily consists of personal and professional e-mails but adding there are fakes and forgeries mixed in there, too. but voters we spoke with say the sabotage efforts won't impact their vote. >> for me, it doesn't change a
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single thing. it's the kind of choice we have to make today. >> if we lose the euro, why, we're back to where we were ever so many years ago. >> reporter: and american leaders are getting involved. macron, endorsed just days ago by former president barack obama. >> i am supporting emmanuel macron to lead you forward. >> reporter: and while president trump says he will not explicitly endorse either candidate, he did declare that le pen is strongest on borders and the strongest on what's been going on in france. so, the whole world is watching. the bookies in london have made emmanuel macron an odds-on favorite. le pen, a 15-1 underdog. turnout will be key. the higher the better for macron. and so far it looks like turnout is strong here. dan and paula. >> terry, you are right. the world is watching. thanks for your reporting from paris. and as we said, this is a weekend of frustration and uncertainty in american politics, as well, with republicans who voted to repeal and replace obamacare facing fiery town halls like this. >> president trump steadfastly
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stands by this new bill, but, meanwhile, there's another story looming having to do with the investigations into possible connections between team trump and russia. >> abc's david wright is with the president in bedminster, new jersey. hi, david. >> reporter: hi, paula. hi, dan. republican lawmakers are hearing now loud and clear from constituents who don't like some of the provisions of that new gop health care bill. at town hall meetings and at other forums, a lot of those constituents are saying they feel betrayed. >> these are human beings! we have bodies, we have minds! >> reporter: in upstate new york, ssman tom reed reassured his constituents that people with pre-existing conditions needn't worry about the republican bill. >> the bill protects the pre-existing conditions. >> no! >> no! >> reporter: in fact, the bill rolls back the affordable care act's protections for patients with pre-existing conditions. health insurers would still have to cover them, but the bill includes a mechanism allowing
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insurance companies to raise rates on those patients, possibly even making their insurance unaffordable. in idaho, congressman raul labrador pushed back. at a constituent who told him without access to health care, people will die. >> that lie is so indefensible. nobody dies because they don't have access to health care. [ crowd reacting ] [ chanting "hey, hey, ho, ho" ] >> reporter: here in new jersey, congressman rodney frelinghuysen switched his vote from no to yes just last week. >> i support looking after pre-existing conditions. >> he was holding my letter in his hand, yes, when he said that. >> reporter: adina renfrow michelle survived stage 4 breast cancer, now in remission, thanks to these pills. so it's called ibrance. >> ibrance. >> reporter: ibrance.
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they cost $11,000 a month. more than she earns. $500 a pill. >> yeah. but it's saving my life. >> reporter: do you feel like your congressman sold you out? >> yes, absolutely. i am -- i am furious. >> reporter: here in new jersey, the president continues to be a little bit defensive about his decision to come to bedminster saying the reason he's staying here and not in new york city is that it would be much more expensive and disruptive to go there, meetings. but check out this picture. he's also taking some time to lower his handicap. dan, paula? >> yeah, a lot of that still on the taxpayers' dime. okay, so a lot of angst and anxiety about health care, but let's talk about something else. congress has been exploring the impact of russia on the election. and this week sally yates is set to testify. david, what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: that's right. she's the former top justice department official who trump recently fired. she warned the white house that
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michael flynn, the national security adviser, was telling the truth about his contacts with russia. of course, it raises the question, how did she know and it's a sore subject with the president who tweets this morning that people should be looking into the democrats and their dealings with russia. dan and paula. >> david wright, thank you very much. let's bring in our chief anchor, george stephanopoulos, who is going to be hosting "this week" later this morning. let's start with sally yates. how consequential do you expect this testimony to be? >> well, it's likely to be quite dramatic. i think we can say for sure this is the first time most americans will hear the warning she gave directly to the white house about michael flynn. whether that will change his ultimate story, it's hard to know. but remember this, flynn actually and officially, even though he's left the administration, he's facing some legal jeopardy. he's trying to get immunity in order to testify. i think one of the issues there what would he say?s story? would that change if he got immunity? >> so let's go back to health care. democrats, of course, see this as a window of opportunity to take advantage or even to take back the house of
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representatives. you have exclusively paul ryan on the show this morning. do you think he should be worried about this? >> well, that's one of the questions i'm going to ask him. remember back in 2010, after the democrats voted for obamacare in 2009, they got wiped out in the 2010 midterm elections. they believe exactly the same thing is going to happen to republicans this time around because they're taking away a benefit that a lot of people feel they already have, at least that's the argument the democrats will make. you'll see a lot of energy on the democratic side. i think the big question out there, 20181 still a couple of years away. we don't know what will happen with the bill, whether it is going to get through the senate or not. how much change is going to happen inside the senate, whether it gets to the president's desk. there are a lot of unknowns out there, but democrats are energized right now. >> let's talk about the elections in france happening right now. what kind of impact do you think we'll see, if any, from the outcome there? >> one of the things we're already seeing is you saw that last-minute revelation on friday night just before the blackout in the french elections that the russians, it appears, also hacked the french elections.
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so, a correspondence to america right here. i think it depends on what happens. if marine le pen defies the odds and actually win, that could be a major change for the united states. we know that france wants to pull out of the eu, wants to pull back from nato. that would be a major change. macron would be a little more status quo at least with the relationship with the united states. so, if he wins, i wouldn't expect a huge, huge impact. if marine le pen wins, earthquake. >> earthquake. george stephanopoulos, thank you very much. and a reminder, george has a big show this morning including that exclusive interview with house speaker paul ryan. his first since the gop health care bill passed. that's coming up later this morning on "this week" right here on abc. thanks, george. >> yeah, looking forward to that interview with paul ryan. thanks, george. and now to an abc news exclusive. a former fraternity brother in the penn state frat house where a pledge recently died is speaking out sharing horrifying details. >> abc's eva pilgrim is here with what he says happened on the night of that alleged hazing incident. eva, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the beta fraternity kicked off campus after a pledge died in
7:12 am
their house right on penn state's campus. this morning, we hear from the one brother who wanted to call for help and find out how his fellow brothers reacted when he spoke up. this morning, a penn state fraternity brother speaking out. almost 20 of his fellow brothers now facing charges three months after a pledge died at their frat party. >> i walked into the room, and i saw timothy lying on the couch. at first, i'm thinking, he's probably had way too much to drink. he could possibly have alcohol poisoning. >> reporter: 19-year-old beta theta pi pledge timothy piazza fell down a staircase inside the fyre's house on february 4th. one brother texting, he fell 15 feet down a flight of stairs, hair first, going to need help. kordel davis says despite his repeated pleas to call 911, no one did. fellow brothers pushing him against the wall when he spoke up. >> they said, no, you're overreacting.
7:13 am
you don't know what you're talking about. and i said, no, i really do know what i'm talking about. i said, he could have a concussion. >> this didn't have to happen. >> reporter: prosecutors say in the hours leading up to the fall, the brothers made the pledges participate in a hazing ritual called the gauntlet. >> they bring the pledges and make them go from station to station and drink copious amounts of alcohol really quickly. >> so, basically it seemed like they just wanted to make sure that they themselves were safe rather than tim truly being safe. >> reporter: authorities say about 12 hours after the fall, the next morning, the brothers finally called for help. 18 fraternity brothers now facing charges after investigators found surveillance video showing it all unfold. >> of course, it's a tragedy. but, you know, that doesn't mean there was any intent involved in any of this. >> this is the result of a feeling of entitlement, flagrant disobedience of the law and disregard for moral values. >> reporter: the university
7:14 am
already permanently banning the fraternity, saying hazing and dangerous drinking are not permitted. and that security video really the key here showing in detail exactly what happened that night. one of the defense attorneys calling it a blessing and a curse. >> the more we learn about what allegedly happened that night, the more disturbing this story becomes. eva, thank you. let's turn now to a murder mystery at a luxury apartment building in boston. >> two doctors engaged to be married, they were killed in their own home. a suspect was caught after a police shootout. and abc's erielle reshef has more. >> reporter: this $2 million penthouse in south boston, the scene of a gruesome double murder. >> got a message from his friend saying that there's a gunman in the house. >> reporter: boston pd storming the condo friday night. >> we just ran in as the shots were being fired. we're going to need at least two shields and a long gun for cover. >> reporter: police saying they found 30-year-old bampumim teixeira firing shots. officers returning fire then taking teixeira into custody on a stretcher. >> we have a guy here who just
7:15 am
killed two people. >> reporter: doctors lina bolanos and richard field later found dead inside the home. news of the murder sending shock waves of grief through the boston medical community. the hospital where bolanos worked saying, dr. bolanos was an outstanding pediatric anesthesiology gist and a wonderful colleague in the prime of both her career and life. field's colleagues calling his death a tragic loss. police say the suspect and the victims knew one another but aren't disclosing how. teixeira is expected to face several charges including murder. his arraignment is set for monday. >> a horrible story. erielle, thank you very much. >> horrific. >> appreciate it. >> thanks, erielle. and it is time now for the weather. as we said, rob marciano is in sunrise, florida. he's taking part in the wings for life world run, and he is in the midst of that run right now. rob, you're looking fine. you're looking great, in fine form this morning. >> thank you. well, we're just getting started. one thing about florida, it's nice and flat. and the humidity is low here.
7:16 am
wings for life world run, this is an amazing event. it's to benefit spinal cord research. about 2,000 people here but over 100,000 people across 6 continents right now running for those who can't. you can't beat that. weather here is dry. we mentioned that. unfortunately, as beautiful as it is, we've got an elevated fire risk today across florida and georgia where those fires are happening, and across the southwest, same deal for the storm coming in there. across the northeast, cool and showery will be the ongoing trend. sunny and beautiful here as we ru good sunday morning. i'm lisa argen. you're looking live from our east bay hills camera. nice and sunny. today will be warmer. warmer weather for tomorrow and tuesday. we cool it off on wednesday. a high surf advisory from sonoma to monterrey with dangerous rip currents here through about
7:17 am
2:00. high temperatures today in the upper 60s. a little breezy at the coast but low 70s arrive in oakland and fremont. upper 70s inland. the look ahead, warmer thr all right. check it. there's no finish line to this race. so, after 30 minutes, i won't make it that long, they release a catch vehicle. it chases you down. once it catches you, you're done. so we're trying to make it for the full hour and continue to raise money and awareness for a good cause. how is this world run treating you guys? right? >> no one's saying anything. >> you got a little bit of that, right? whoo! >> you're the only one who could talk while running, which is just incredibly impressive. >> he's laughing too. >> it's so hard to do. >> i know. rob, you're going to be doing this throughout the show. so, we'll be touching base with you in the next half hour.
7:18 am
bravo, we salute you. thank you. >> good exercise, right? i got peace signs. >> good enough. take it. >> we should say there is other news this morning. and for that ron is going to deliver the headlines from an elliptical machine. >> yes. >> good morning, to you, dan and paula. >> doesn't have quite the same effect. >> good morning. i'm exhausted. sympathetic exhaustion with rob. anyway, we're going to begin overseas in nigeria where the government there announcing 82 of the nearly 300 schoolgirls who were kidnapped and held captive for three years by the extremist group boko haram, they have been freed. this morning, the red cross tweeting this photo of some of the girls boarding a helicopter before making their way to the nigerian capital. officials saying the girls were released in exchange for some boko haram members currently being held by authorities or had been held by authorities. the 2014 kidnapping sparked international outrage with former first lady michelle obama joining the bring back our girls campaign. the nigerian government saying
7:19 am
it's in negotiations to get more of those girls released from captivity. the navy s.e.a.l. killed in somalia earlier this week has been identified. he is senior chief kyle of falmouth, maine. the 38-year-old was killed in a firefight with the terror group al shabab outside the somali capital of mogadishu. the 15-year navy veteran is the first american service member killed in somalia since 1993. and this morning, mandatory evacuations in parts of southeastern georgia where a wildfire that has been burning since early april spread to almost 20,000 acres on saturday. the fire along the georgia/florida state line also causing a dense smoke advisory with the visibility expected to be less than a quarter of a mile at times. a u.s. olympic bobsledder steven holcomb who took on the gold in the 2010 vancouver games has died at the age of 37. the body of the five-time world champion and three-time olympian was discovered in his room at the u.s. olympic training center in lake placid in upstate new
7:20 am
york. the cause of death not determined. dreaming in front. oh, always dreaming has won the kentucky derby! >> and derby day at the churchill downs in louisville, kentucky. always dreaming there opening up a lead down the stretch to capture the run for the roses. rain made it, as you see there, a sloppy course for the field of 20 3-year-olds. always dreaming was the 9-2 favorite. fifth consecutive favorite to win the derby. and, finally, if you live in florida, it's maybe not unusual to walk in your backyard and spot wildlife. but one homeowner didneck this . a zebra. >> what? >> a zebra. police say the animal ran away from its owner. i guess it's somebody's pet zebra. >> huh? >> and they finally caught up to it. the zebra was returned to the owner. >> wait. >> how is it legal to have a zebra? >> i know. i have no idea. but that one is going in our florida file of the very
7:21 am
strange, which is always getting -- well, the florida file is a very large one. >> i love florida. >> so somebody in florida had like a serengeti-themed backyard. >> who knows. >> that's amazing. >> isn't that weird? >> i would love to be the kid in the house that had a zebra as a pet. i mean, come on. you'd be the coolest kid on the block. >> they're super cuddly. >> not as cuddly as the guinea pig that we had on yesterday. >> almond. >> he was cute. >> he was super cute. thank you, ronnie. coming up, the fbi -- >> good job from the elliptical machine. >> you okay? >> yeah. well, the fbi is investigating the murder of an american and his girlfriend in belize. reports of a potential prime suspect in the case. and t-minus one day till -- one week, rather, until mother's day. i got nervous. sorry. one week until mother's day. if you still need a gift, we have some diy options for you from jewelry to beauty products that you can make yourself. >> you prefer gifts from the wallet, not from the heart, right? >> ah, well -- >> cash is king. plus, we're going to go back to rob. rob is running for a cause this morning. we're checking in on him as he tries to stay ahead of the catcher car.
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>> announcer: abc7 mornings. >> good morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen. happening today the coast guard is working to salvage a b.a.r.t. maintenance barge that sank last month in the bay. the barge sank during a storm april 7 and is now on its side atop the transbay tube. divers will hook cables to a barge and the crane will lift it up right.
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b.a.r.t. set up vibration monitors but does not expect service to be affected. the barnl will be taken out of the bay at a later date. turning to the weather, meteorologist lisa argen. ael it's going to be a gorgeous day today. 51 in san jose. 48 in half moon bay. high surf advisory, 59 in 59 inn livermore. lower 730s in oakland, 735 in san jose, and warmer through tuesday. chris? >> thanks so much for joining us. news con
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and welcome back to "gma." happening right now, the polls are open in france. the french voters casting their ballots in the presidential runoff between centrist candidate emmanuel macron and far right candidate marine le pen. this just a day and a half after french officials say that hacked data and fake information about macron was leaked on social media. also happening right now, a massive evacuation in hanover, germany. some 50,000 people ordered to leave their homes this morning as experts defuse five suspected world war ii era bombs at a construction site. this is the second largest operation of its kind to take place in germany. and rob marciano out in the thick of it today. he's in sunrise, florida, staying ahead of the catcher car as he joins hundreds of thousands of runners in 24
7:31 am
different countries in the wings for life world run to raise money for life-changing spinal cord research. and that's the catcher car that they've just released. >> the catcher car doesn't look like it's trying to catch rob at this point. >> not yet. >> not yet. >> but it may. >> i love that all these races around the world are taking place simultaneously. >> yeah, and some places actually release a pack of bulls instead of a catcher car. >> oh, really? >> i made that up. >> adrienne says she's glad rob is not being chased by the bulls. all right, we want to move now to that murder mystery in paradise. a u.s. veteran who served in the marines and his girlfriend found dead in the country of belize. >> word now that authorities are eyeing a possible suspect as the fbi pitches in to try to help solve this case, and here's abc's kenneth moton. >> reporter: this morning, the fbi and belize authorities working together to catch the killer behind the brutal murders of drew devoursney and francesca matus. >> we have one person that we believe can assist us in our investigation. >> reporter: 54-year-old john deshaies, a canadian national, has been in police custody since tuesday on an unrelated casino theft investigation. but now authorities allegedly
7:32 am
questioning him about a double murder. >> at this point the investigation is still in its infancy stage, and we are looking on that angle also. >> reporter: after a week-long search, police in belize found the remains of 36-year-old devoursney, a marine veteran from atlanta, and 52-year-old matus in this sugar cane field near the mexico border. >> it's been horrible. it's just been horrible. >> reporter: the couple was discovered face down monday night, their wrists bound with duct tape. investigators say they were strangled. >> knowing he was with her, it just makes me feel better. it wasn't him by himself and they were together. >> reporter: both owned property in the town of corozal where they were well known by locals. the couple was last seen at this local bar. the next morning, a friend arrived to pick up matus at her home to take her to the airport but she was nowhere to be found. corozal is considered safer than other parts of this central american country. >> belize has the third largest homicide rate in the world.
7:33 am
but the conviction rate is someplace between 3% and 10%. so that doesn't make one very optimistic about where this case may go. >> reporter: but the victims' families are hoping that with the help of the fbi and even the state department, authorities can find justice in this case. the man being questioned, reportedly a tenant of matus, who told a news agency in belize he had nothing to do with the killings. dan and paula? >> that conviction rate is extraordinary. kenneth moton in washington, kenneth, thank you. and it is time again for the weather. our favorite part of the show. we're checking back in with rob in sunrise, florida. he is running at the wings for life world run. rob has been running for over 30 minutes. the catcher car is nowhere to be found. how are you feeling? >> not yet. that catcher car, though, makes me pretty anxious. you mentioned 24 countries around the world. we're in south florida. we got people from venezuela running down here. got to love it. red bull puts this on, but they don't market it at all. they pray for all the expenses
7:34 am
so every dollar raised goes to spinal cord injury research. all right, blocking pattern, you know what that means. look what you have now is pretty much what you'll have for the next few days. all right. that's all i'm going to say because i'm running out of breath. cool and showery across the northeast. a beautiful day here in sunrise, florida. >> this weather report brought to you by blue buffalo. coming up in the next segment, it's all right. you can pass me, everybody else is. you're going to meet an inspiring -- i have met so many people that are struggling, fighting with spinal cord injuries. privileged to meet them. you're going to meet one inspirational young lady in the next segment. we'll see you guys then. if i make it. >> you're going to make it.
7:35 am
we're pulling for you. let's give rob some credit where credit's due. it's incredible what he's doing. >> really cool, really cool. >> rob, keep it up. we're going to keep "survivor" and "eye of the tiger" going to give you a little bit of inspiration. okay? thanks, rob. coming up, your behind-the-scenes look at disney's fairy tale wedding. how brides-to-be have their wishes come true. how brides-to-be have their wishes come true. shing come true.
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you're looking at the wings for life world run taking place all around the planet right now. it's really an amazing event. >> that's a live look down under in australia. >> oh, boy. >> runners are raising money. >> that was the best australian accent ever. >> yeah, anyways they're raising money for spinal cord research. and rob is right in the thick of it in sunrise, florida, not in australia. hi, rob. >> it is happening there, though. one of six continents where this is going down. this is the fourth year. last year they raised $7 million. red bull puts it on, but you won't see one red bull sign anyplace on this race course because they pay for all the expenses. every dollar raised goes to spinal cord research.
7:40 am
i have had the privilege to meet a number of people struggling with spinal cord injuries in the last couple of years. right now i want to introduce you to a young lady who is actually an inspiration to us all. take a look. >> here you go. one, two. >> reporter: brooke thabit is standing up. >> you're so far away. >> reporter: and with the help of her physical therapist, taking small steps walking, something doctors told her she would never do again. >> it's a good program. >> reporter: you're walking around. a senior in high school, brooke was an active athlete. a sponsored surfer. an excellent student already taking college level courses. >> 4 1/2 years ago, when i was 17, i dove off a dock into water that was too shallow. the second it happened, um, i was face down in the water and i couldn't flip myself over. and i couldn't feel my whole body. >> reporter: she was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. >> before the surgery, they told us she was probably going to be a quadriplegic. they sat us down and showed us her mri and gave us, actually,
7:41 am
zero hope. >> reporter: but what the doctors didn't account for is that brooke thabit is a fighter. who never lost hope. >> towards the window? >> reporter: after the accident she began working with physical therapist guy romaine. >> from the day i saw him, he was like, all right. if you want to walk again, let's walk today. let's do it right now. >> reporter: but her arms needed to work first. so, brooke traveled to shriner's children hospital in philadelphia where dr. scott kozin performed cutting-edge surgery. >> in brooke's case, we took nerves that were okay, above the spinal cord injury, and plugged them into nerves that were damaged below the spinal cord injury. >> reporter: how proud are you of your daughter right now? >> i'm just going to break down. there's just not even words. i mean, she never cries. she's never said to me one time, mom, why did this happen to me? i've said it 100 times myself. you know, why did this happen to my daughter? why did this happen to brooke? >> reporter: a wings for life
7:42 am
run ambassador, she also took to the skies with the red bull air force team. it's that indomitable spirit that makes her certain she'll walk again. but today brooke thabit flies. how about that? how about that? with people like that, there's nobody here that's quitting until we get caught. want to say something about her mom. see her smiles. met her grandma again in the lobby this morning. the families are impacted by this too, mothers, daughters, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, cousins, everybody, hat's off to you for your love and support. and hats off to everybody around the world that is running. hats off to everybody here in sunrise, florida, because today we run for those who can't. all right! >> rob has got such a big heart. and that was such a phenomenal story. we're pulling for brooke. that is such an inspiration, the fact that she never questioned why it happened, never said why me? >> that story brings it home. in terms of illustrating why rob
7:43 am
is doing this today. good on you, rob. >> yeah, rob. like we said, he's got a big heart. coming up on "gma," do it yourself mother's day gifts. it's a week away. but diy gifts that you can whip up in a flash and that's straight ahead in our "weekend download." we're right back, everyone. and that's straight ahead in our "weekend download." we're right back, everyone. are . i need an insulin that fits my schedule. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ (announcer) tresiba® is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. check your blood sugar. low blood sugar can be serious and may be life-threatening. injection site reactions may occur. tell your prescriber about all medicines you take and all your medical conditions. taking tzds with insulins like tresiba® may cause serious side effects like heart failure. your insulin dose shouldn't be changed without asking your prescriber. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing,
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♪ welcome back, everyone. in today's "weekend download," mother's day a week away. and we're talking about gifts you can make yourself, even if you're creatively challenged, dan and ron. joining us at the studio, you are the creative one, dayna isom johnson. dayna, thank you so much for being here. there's nothing like a gift from the heart and a homemade gift. we're talking jewelry. this is actually pretty easy. and i love the look of these. >> they look great.
7:47 am
they look great. so, this is just 3 out of the nearly 70 diy projects that we have. so to start with these earrings, they're super simple. all you're going to do is either add a bead on the end or a tassel or even a hand-dyed pom-pom. you box it up for mom, especially for the fashionable mom. you look great in yours. >> do you like this? dan, you want to give some of these to bianca? >> sure. >> where do you get the hooks from? >> you can go to michael's. you can go to any sort of craft store, right? >> or etsy studio. >> go to etsy studio. >> etsy studio. >> so, we want to thank bloom mat for the beautiful flowers. you go to their website to order. how do you personalize and put your personal stamp on something as simple as flowers? >> well, let me show you, paula. >> that's right. >> funny you mentioned that. >> so, there's two different ways -- whether you want to -- oh, that's beautiful. just keep making your polka dots. here you go. it's a great project for the whole family to be involved in. so you can decorate by polka dots like dan is doing here, or
7:48 am
you can use stamps to customize it, or if you have a vase already at home. >> uh-oh, here's where ron is going to come in handy. >> exactly. you can just use washi tape cut small diamonds out of it, update your items at home. >> i always keep washi tape around the house. >> what do we do for the beauty products? essential oils and clay. >> right, so if you would like to dump everything -- >> put everything -- >> we've got grape seed oil. we've got sea salt. we've got some clay. >> all of this? >> put all of it in there. and the way to personalize it is to choose your mom's favorite essential oil scent. >> i love that. >> do you know your mom's scent? >> rose. >> patchouli for my mom. >> perfect, perfect, so you can pick that. you'll put 10 to 20 drops in. >> how much? >> 10 to 20 drops. >> okay. >> and then you're just going to mix it altogether. and, again, this is great to do with mom. >> keep going, ron. keep going. >> this is great. >> thank you so much for the ideas. i'm telling you, as a mom, we love ideas from the heart. dayna, thank you. and etsy studios, you have all kinds of ideas. thank you so much, dayna. "pop news" with the creative one next. adrienne.
7:49 am
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by panera bread. food as it should be. i'm surprised we got ron to step away from the bath salts. but he did. and it's time for "pop news" with adrienne. >> my goodness. >> well, this is another story that ron is going to find interesting. we know you're a romantic. "the bachelor's" ben higgins and lauren bushnell getting ready to host a brand-new 90-minute special called disney's fairy tale weddings for practicing the vows to their own upcoming wedding. take a look. >> i promise to always give you the least burnt piece of bacon. >> well, i promise not to ask you any questions before your morning cup of coffee. >> that's a good one. the show giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the imagine wamagical weddings d
7:54 am
one-of-a-kind engagements at the disney destinations all around the globe. one couple getting married on a cruise ship. to an animal kingdom surprise engagement. and a surprise by pentatonix. tune in tonight, 8:00 eastern. you'll also get details on how to win an ultimate fairy tale honeymoon. >> you're disqualified because you're an employee. >> i know you like those soft, warm, sweet stories. >> he does. he's a big softy. he's a cuddle -- >> i want to know about harry styles. >> okay. we'll talk about him next week. also tonight, the riveting documentary of princess diana's last 100 days. we're coming up on the 20th anniversary of her death this summer. learning more about diana's attempts to start over after her painful divorce from prince charles. the photo spread she did for "vanity fair" showing her strength. >> and a completely different direction. everything was stripped away to change her image, to change her style, and she looked like she was loving every minute of it. >> you can tune in to "the last 100 days of diana" hosted by martin bashir tonight at 9:00
7:55 am
eastern on abc. >> it will be great. >> i know we were already talking about it yesterday a little bit. >> so good. >> well this is a nice, geeky story. i say that with all due respect because i'm into it, too. crayola's newest color turns out to be a brilliant accident, a new shade of blue, a shade of blue that never existed before created by oregon state university chemists who mixed up the chemicals yttrium, indium, and manganese. >> my favorite chemicals. >> i know. they wound up with this vivid color of blue. it doesn't even have a name, so crayola fans are being asked for suggestions. the winner will be announced in september. the new crayon replaces the recently retired dandelion color, which i know a lot of people were fans of dandelion. but this is a new color, people. it's never existed before. >> got a name for it? >> brilliant blue. let's do alliteration. >> how about, ooh. >> berry blue? >> berry blue? >> berry blue? >> berry blue? >> berry blue? >> the catcher car still has not caught up to rob.
7:56 am
>> it's never going to catch rob marciano. >> he's still running in florida, running the wings for life world run. rob, you are a hero and a champion. >> amazing work. amazing work. thanks for joining us on a sunday morning. -- >> announcer: abc7 mornings. >> good morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen. the warriors will try to sweep the jazz tomorrow after a big win last night in utah. warriors head coach remains out indefinitely after a spinal cord leak procedure on his back. kerr had his spine drained in hopes of alleviating some of the pain he's been feeling. kerr has not coached the warriors in their last five
7:57 am
playoff games. quote, we just have to be in his court here and support whatever it takes for him to get back. hopefully we'll have him coaching on the court sooner rather than later. happening today, friends and family of a man who died during a performance with the san francisco gay men's chorus will hold a memorial service. 39-year-old ryan nunez collapsed in late march. doctors were unable to revive him. the chorus's artistic director says he was their voice in the world and took care of everyone. the chorus is asking anyone who knew nunez to attend today's service. it starts at 1:00 this afternoon at the national aids memorial grove in san francisco. let's get a check of the bay area forecast now with our meteorologist lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> hey, chris, good morning to you. look another all the sunshine here from the golden gate bridge. it's 50 in the city, 54 in san jose, 57 in oakland with half moon bay coming up to 50. mount tam, a breeze at upper
7:58 am
elevations. 55 in novato, 54 in liver mere. high surf advisory until 2:00 with waves all the way down the coast. 60s and 70s today. 72 in oakland, 357 in san jose. some of these numbers a bit above the average. enjoy it. we'll be looking at 70 today in oakland for the game. 73, 4:00 in the seven-day forecast. warming up through tuesday, ♪ ♪
7:59 am
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and do your thing. starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. >> we don't have to talk about this unbelievable victory. wasn't it unbelievable? >> high stakes over health care. donald trump declaring victory. >> how am i doing? am i doing okay? i'm president. hey, i'm president. can you believe it? >> as the gop's bill passes with one vote to spare. >> the bill is passed. the motion is laid upon the table. >> now, republicans under fire. for backing the bill. >> these are human beings! >> does every aspect of this bill apply to members of congress? >> no. >> what does it mean for your health care? will this bill cost the gop in the next election? we ask house speaker paul ryan in our exclusive, live interview, his first since the big vote. and, as t


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