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tv   ABC World News  ABC  May 7, 2017 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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them all over the bay area. >> and l.a. >> that too. >> that's it for abc 7 news at tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the landslide victory in that high-stakes presidential election in france. emmanuel macron defeating far-right candidate marine le pen. a huge blow to the wave of populism that helped sweep donald trump into office. tonight, his reaction. starting from scratch. prominent republicans rejecting the healthcare bill just passed by the house. vowing to draw up their own legislation. this, as a growing number of voters are expressing outrage to their representatives over the bill. raging wildfires, evacuations happening right now. more than 100 fires burning. penthouse murders. two doctors, engaged to be married, killed in their luxury apartment building. the suspect in a shootout with police. and, gator attack. the brave 10-year-old girl
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bitten in shallow water, fighting back to save her own life. good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with the breaking news out of france. the world watching, the high-stakes presidential election there. emmanuel macron, appearing with his wife, celebrating a decisive victory over marine le pen. winning by about 30 points. a huge celebration in front of the louvre. thousands of supporters, cheering, waving french flags. and tonight, president trump congratulating france's new leader. this election testing the strength of the populist wave that put donald trump into office and took britain out of the eu in the brexit vote. here's terry moran. >> reporter: at the louvre, this was the moment of victory.
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supporters of emmanuel macron overjoyed and filled with pride in their country. there's triumph and relief here. many of these voters thought the soul of france itself was at stake. so this victory is especially sweet. ♪ macron, at just 39, becomes france's youngest leader since napoleon. and tonight he walked into history. telling the crowd -- "everyone said it was impossible. they didn't know france." his victory is a resounding rejection of the far-right nationalism of his opponent, marine le pen. projections tonight showing him winning 65% to 35% over le pen. their bitter battle drew in two american presidents. barack obama endorsing macron. >> i am supporting emmanuel macron to lead you forward. >> reporter: and president trump all but officially endorsing le pen, recently calling her the
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"strongest on borders and the strongest on what's been going on in france." for french voters, it was about two diametrically opposed views of their future. le pen, anti-european union, anti-immigration, anti-islam. macron, pro-eu, pro-immigration, more comfortable with diversity. for many voters, it was more about defeating le pen than electing macron. so are you happy that he won or happy that she lost, or, both? >> both. >> reporter: both? >> to be honest, both. >> reporter: and many looked back to what happened in the u.s. election. >> i'm happy that le pen don't pass, she's the french trump. >> reporter: in fact, macron's victory marks a halt in the march of populist nationalism that helped put donald trump in the white house, but tonight the president tweeting, "congratulations to emmanuel macron on his big win today as the next president of france. i look very much forward to working with him." >> the president weighing in tonight. terry, the big story we were following this weekend was the
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hack of macron's campaign. it evidently had no impact on the results. but what does this mean for nationalism and populism in europe? >> reporter: this is a defeat for that camp. no question. but polls in many countries show that voters are still dissatisfied with the elites in politics and culture. looking for new approaches on trade, terrorism, and immigration. so, this is le pen's loss. but the new nationalism lives on. >> terry, thank you so much. back here at home, and the battle over the gop health care bill. moving to the senate, where some republicans say they'll be starting from scratch. angry voters filling town halls. millions of americans worried about losing their coverage. and republicans facing backlash after the bill barely passed the house. here's david wright.
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>> you are victimizing even more those who are ill. >> reporter: tonight, republican lawmakers under fire for supporting a health care bill that rolls back some of the key protections of obamacare. >> you're a fraud, you're a phony, and your days are limited. >> reporter: moderate republicans are expressing concerns too. >> it's inadequate. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: among them, ohio governor john kasich. >> i'm worried about the future, and i'm worried about these people who are really vulnerable. >> the senate is starting from scratch. we're going to draft our own bill. >> reporter: the senate takes up the bill next. maine senator susan collins told george stephanopoulos she's concerned about people with pre-existing conditions. >> it's true that under the house bill, that a state that gets a waiver would still have to provide coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. but that coverage might well be unaffordable. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan was one of the architects of the bill. >> you cannot be denied coverage if you have a pre-existing condition. and under this bill, you cannot only not be denied coverage -- >> but you can charge people
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more. >> you can't be charged higher. let me finish my point. you can't charge people more if they keep continuous coverage. >> reporter: that's small comfort to edina renfro-michel, a stage four breast cancer survivor who has coverage now, thanks to her job. god forbid you should lose your job. >> if something happened where i lose my job or let's say some amazing job opportunity appeared, i can't take it. i am absolutely locked in. i like my job, but i'm locked in to my job. >> reporter: hanna stotland has a pre-existing condition and obamacare. >> this bill has placed me in fear. this bill is a threat to my livelihood, my family's plans for the future. >> and david joins us live from new jersey. turning back to our lead story, the french election, we heard from president trump. but tonight, also a tweet from hillary clinton who seems to be getting more and more active? >> reporter: she says, victory
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for macron, for france, the eu, and the world. defeat to those interfering with democracy. adding, but the media says i can't talk about that. we are hearing more from her. just this past week, she described herself as being back to an active citizen, and part of the resistance. >> david, thanks. next to the murder mystery in boston. police identifying two doctors killed, engaged to be married. and the suspect getting into a shootout with police. tonight, we're learning he may have known the victims. here's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, two boston doctors brutally murdered in their penthouse condo. investigators, now closely examining the couple's final moments. 30-year-old bampumin teixeria is in custody tonight after a shootout with police. >> we just ran in as shots were being fired. >> reporter: he's accused of killing 38-year-old lina bolanos and 49-year-old richard field. authorities saying the two died after a "violent struggle,"
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suffering a great deal of trauma. police rushing to the luxury condo after field sent a final urgent message to a friend. >> got a message from his friend saying that there's a gunman in the house. >> reporter: tonight investigators say the two doctors were targeted, although authorities won't say how the three knew each other. >> we got to believe that somehow there was some type of knowledge of each other here. >> reporter: bolanos and field, both respected anesthesiologists, were engaged to be married. a facebook page set up as a remembrance contains pictures of the two together. >> you guys ready? >> yeah! >> reporter: this video posted on bolanos' employers website shows her laughing, doing the ice bucket challenge with her colleagues. tonight employers for both doctors say they are devastated. authorities confirm teixeira recently got out of jail after serving time for two bank robberies. he is expected in court tomorrow. tom?
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>> eva, thank you. overseas now, and the growing tensions with north korea. reports of a fourth american being detained by the regime. state-run media reporting kim song is being held on suspicion of acts against the state. last week, you'll remember, north korea revealed american tony kim was being detained for so-called hostile acts. back here at home, and an abc news exclusive. the fraternity death at penn state. a student dying, after being left unconscious 12 hours after falling down the stairs. 18 students held on charges. a former member speaking out, claiming he wanted to call 911 and no one would let him. here's kenneth moton. >> reporter: tonight, the final hours of penn state university student timothy piazza's life, revealed by a frat brother who was there. >> i was screaming at the top of my lungs. >> reporter: in february, freshman kordel davis says he
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found piazza on a couch with bruises, eyes closed. >> i was like, "tim needs help right now. we need to call 911 right now." >> reporter: documents say piazza fell head first down a flight of stairs after prosecutors he was forced to binge drink. according to prosecutors, surveillance cameras show brothers carrying piazza to a couch and arguing over his condition. >> they said, "no, you're overreacting." and i said, "no, i really do know what i'm talking about, he could have a concussion." >> reporter: davis was repeatedly ignored, according to investigators. one brother even getting violent. >> he backed me up against the wall, grabbed me, threw me against the wall and held me there. >> reporter: another brother allegedly telling davis other frat members were kinesiology and biology majors, so davis' word meant nothing to him. >> it seemed like they just wanted to make sure that they, themselves, were safe, rather than tim truly being safe. >> reporter: prosecutors say a frat brother called 911 the next morning, 12 hours after the fall. 18 students charged, 8 with involuntary manslaughter, the university banning the fraternity. an attorney for one of the students says the incident is a
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tragedy, but that doesn't mean intent was involved. the young men due back in court later this month. >> thank you. now to the out of control wildfires in the south. mandatory evacuations at this hour. more than 100 fires burning across florida. families being told to leave their homes, some schools closed. here's rob marciano with the new images. >> reporter: tonight, flames shooting into the air, as wildfires rage across several states. >> it's real smoky, it's bad. >> reporter: 106 fires burning in florida right now. dry conditions fueling this blaze near tampa. firefighters dousing the flames from above. plumes of smoke dropping visibility to only a quart of a mile. shutting down a major highway for a time this weekend. >> i saw a bunch of ashes, a bunch of of smoke. it looked like a giant blob in the sky.
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>> reporter: wildfires in georgia forcing evacuations. residents there grabbing the bare necessities as the inferno advances. >> important papers, food, everything we could. everything else, we had to leave. >> reporter: schools in charlton county now closed monday. the fire moving quickly. burning an estimated one mile each hour. charring an area bigger than the entire city of atlanta. that fire tonight still not under control. >> i'm scared for my nana and all my friends here. it's pretty bad. >> rob, what do you have with the forecast? >> reporter: well, the winds died down a little bit today, but it's still very dry across the entire state. look at the map, the drought continues to spread. and the rainfall deficits, no rain until thursday or friday of this week.
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and out west, critical fire danger there. in new mexico, a storm drifting across the rockies for a severe weather threat tomorrow, east of denver. into the plains, it goes slowly. by midweek, more severe weather and rain across the already flooded zone of missouri. tom? >> rob, thanks. next tonight, the 10-year-old girl surviving an alligator attack in florida. the little girl, attacked in just two feet of water. the gator, nearly nine feet long. biting her on the leg as she fought back. here's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: tonight, a young girl caught in the grip of a nearly nine-foot alligator. >> female conscious and breathing, attacked by an alligator, the animal is still nearby. there is some bleeding. >> reporter: the 10-year-old trying desperately to free herself. >> the caller advising that the child's leg was bitten. it's still attached. rangers are with her. >> reporter: florida fish and wildlife saying the alligator attacked the child saturday in a designated swimming area at a lake in orlando, florida. she was in just two feet of water. the girl's family saying she escaped using survival techniques she learned at
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gatorland adventure park. >> if you're ever in that position where an alligator grabs ahold of you, the nose, not the eyes, is the spot you want to go for. >> reporter: the girl tries punching the gator in the nose. then in the nostrils, pulling down on his bottom jaw. finally freeing her leg. >> get your head up, buddy. >> to get an animal like this to let go of you is a miracle. >> reporter: the gator is caught and put down. the state closing the waterfront as a precaution. the girl rushed to the home with puncture wounds to her knee and thigh. amazingly, the 10-year-old is already out of the hospital. her family tells us she's recovering at home. >> adrienne, thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday. the devastating images coming in from a deadly collision with a city bus. plus, the consumer alert for online shoppers looking for the
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and losing. the microsoft cloud helps the pga tour turn countless points of data into insights that transform their business and will enhance the game for players and fans. the microsoft cloud turns information into insight. ba back now with a consumer warning for people shopping for the perfect gift for mom. bogus websites that are one big scam. here's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: they looked like the perfect gifts, rings, and earrings. amanda valin and brian preston thought they were buying online directly from jewelry company pandora. >> there's, like, no way that we even would have known that it was not the real pandora website. >> reporter: it was a counterfeit site, and like dozens of similar pages, was almost indiscernible from the real website.
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same glossy photos, same company logo, even a fake certification. >> having been a first time customer, i didn't know any better. >> reporter: pandora says it works to shut down fake sites, but they spring up fast and circulate quickly on social media, especially now, just before mother's day. >> we are seeing much more activity and these fraudulent sites continue to pop up. >> reporter: and scammers are doing the same with other brands. experts say always look at the web address. if it seems suspicious, call the customer service number listed or do an online search to check its legitimacy. and at checkout, be sure the web address starts with "https." that "s" means its secure. experts add that if you think you've used a counterfeit shopping site, tell your bank or credit company, and cancel the card. >> marci, thank you. coming up next, our first look at the rare world war ii bombs that forced the evacuation
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or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis. time for our "index." some striking images coming in, a deadly bus crash on the west side of chicago. four people killed, another four injured. the bus driver and three passengers among those injured. police are investigating how this happened. the 20th anniversary of princess diana's death is fast approaching. and we're learning much more about her life. and a butler confiding what diana's boyfriend told her just before the tragic crash. >> he told me, have some champagne ready. when we come back tonight from our dinner. because i'm going to propose to the princess. >> that couple, of course, never making it back. abc's two-hour primetime
5:53 pm
documentary special, on the last 100 days of diana, right here tonight, at 9:00 p.m. eastern. in northern germany, we're getting our first close look at the world war ii bombs discovered in hanover. 50,000 residents forced to evacuate. experts defusing the bombs that rained down over the city, but never exploded. tonight, the residents getting the all-clear to come home. and in albuquerque, a man peeking inside before wriggling through this doggie door. the break-in observed by the family pet. not the greatest watch dog. the suspect was arrested by police. up next here, meet the sanders, an ohio family making a big promise, and delivering. the lesson they're teaching everyone tonight. is teeth. (woman vo) in march, my husband didn't recognize our grandson. (woman 2 vo) that's when moderate alzheimer's made me a caregiver. (avo) if their alzheimer's is getting worse,
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finally tonight, family. new evidence that the word is as big as your imagination and your heart. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: christopher and christina sanders came to court in their sunday best. tissues in hand, overjoyed to be there in front of friends and family. the sanders family, with five biological children and now a total of 11 altogether. >> it's the first time i've had six children being adopted by one family. >> reporter: six newly adopted kids. all siblings, all fostered by the sanders. >> we just made the agreement, whoever we get, we'd keep them. >> reporter: they kept their word. >> i officially have signed the entry, so it's official. >> reporter: and officially giving the newest sanders kids their forever family. >> we was having a rough life, and --
5:58 pm
>> you feel like you're in a safe place now? >> reporter: new sisters, chloe and caitlin, dressed as twins. >> the best thing about being caitlin's sister is that i have two sisters now. >> she's the sweetest sister ever and i love her so, so much. >> reporter: for the sanders, now 13 strong, family is more than blood. >> we're all the same in god's eyes, so, the color of anyone's skin has never had a bearing on any of this. >> say sanders! >> sanders! >> reporter: a picture-perfect family, whose lucky number is now 13. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> thank you for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. "gma" first thing in the morning. david muir right back here tomorrow night. have a great evening. good night. david muir right back e tomorrow night. have a great evening. good night.
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>> kidnapped at gunpoint, an uber driver opens up about a hair owing escape, a story you'll see only on abc7. >> a roll back as lawmakers face constituents. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> announcer: live where you live this is abc7 news. >> a police shoot out leads to an arrest in san jose making this the third time in less than a week san jose officers have opened fire on someone. good evening, i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kate larson. thank you for joining us. it all started at 8:00 this morn, police shot said the man shot toward the offer certificates. >> it was in east san jose. the officers fired back which led to a chase.
6:00 pm
abc7 news reporter is live at police headquarters where the chief is getting ready to speak. katey? >> reporter: eric, we're going to hear from him in a moment. neighbors who live in the area tell us that the man in custody appears to be a transient. they recognized him. neither he nor the officers involved were injured in today's incident. we're hoping the chief can fill in a few more details for us, but here's what we know so far. san jose police say someone called to report a man with a gun near the big 5 store on tully road. around 8:00 in the morning officers responded. >> when officers arrived on scene, the suspect immediately opened fire on the officers. the officers returned fire. >> reporter: the man ran, jumping a fence into a nearby mobile home park. he tossed the gun into some bushes. officers then surrounded the area. eventually arresting him. residents were on edge during the search. >> it sucks, you know, because you want


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