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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 14, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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it's sunday, may 14th. good morning and thanks so much for joining us. happy mother's day. let's start with a quick look at the weather. hi, lisa. >> good morning. yes, we do have a little bit of fog along the east bay and south bay this morning so low clouds could be making an impact and they could be pushing a little bit further to the north throughout the morning hours. 48 in san francisco. 54 in hayward with 46 in san ramon. low 40s in the north bay. here's the fog footprint from redwood city, san jose to livermore. by 10:00, we are sunny and will enjoy a good deal of sunshine today, mixed in with some cloud cover.
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in fact, some of the green on your screen representing the possibility of a light shower. notice again temperatures on the cool side. we'll talk about this incoming system, yet another one that could bring us some showers and a look at a warm-up in the seven-day outlook in a few minutes. both directions of fremont boulevard at paseo padre parkway in fremont are closed after a crash that left one person dead and injured three others. fire officials say a driver was making a u-turn when another car possibly ran a red light and hit that car head-on. officials say speeding was likely involved. two victims are at the hospital in critical condition. the third victim has been released. new details on the massive five-alarm fire in emeryville. fire crews safely removed an unstable crane that burned at a construction site. the fire started around 5:00 yesterday morning at the location that's now burned twice in one year. just after 2:00 this morning,
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the alameda county fire department tweeted the crews removed the compromised crane. more on the danger exposed to the area. >> reporter: it is a pains takitake i ing process. >> the crane suffered catastrophic failure with being exposed to the heat of the fire. so the instability of it means that it could actually fall at any time. >> reporter: police forced residents in more than one dozen apartments to evacuate. >> not much i can do except get my stuff and get out of here as soon as i can. >> reporter: this is the second time in ten months that a huge fire erupted at the construction site of this condo complex. both times fire engulfed everything in its path. embers traveled as far as two blocks away where a roof caught on fire knocking out power to
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400 homes and businesses. many elderly residents feel unsafe in the dark at this residential center. losing out on mother's day business is a huge hit. >> no internet service, no electricity, no power for our refrigeration. we lost all of our flowers that came in yesterday because they were in the refrigerator. >> reporter: but this man is the complex developer. july's fire already set the project back nine months, and now for another fire to happen again in the same place makes rick holliday sure of two things. these fires were intentionally set. he will finish this project. >> whoever is doing this is not going to stop us from building housing. we had two armed guards and 12 cameras. >> reporter: abc 7 news. a man who worked on the condo construction cried when he saw the flames. >> that's the second time they
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burn it down! last year around this time in july. 4th of july they burn it down. now they did it again. why? >> he told us he cried because he thought of all of his friends who are now out of work, as well as their families. the developer has pledged to rebuild. here is a look at what the building is supposed to look like in renderings on the developer's website. the project is called "intersection" and was designed to include 105 apartments and 25,000 square feet of commercial space. holliday development previously said the building would be a "dynamic space for creative entrepreneurs to work and network." it is on the site of the historic maz building. we first notified people about the fire yesterday morning with the push alert. for news updates any time, download the free abc 7 news app and enable push
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noifr notifications. in oakland hills, owners need to remove small brush and tree limbs that could pose a fire hazard. fines for failure start at a minimum of $300. new details this morning following a police chase that ended in a deadly crash in this clayton. police have identified the suspect suspect from antioch. >> she has extensionive criminal history and contacts with law enforcement and arrested for felony evading, the vehicle is stolen, and also vehicular manslaughter. the whole incident is horrible and the officers doing what they do, thank god that no one else was injured in this. >> the 24-year-old passenger in the suspect's car died in the crash. abc 7 news reporter lonnie rivera has the story. >> actually shook the whole
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house, rattled everything. i had no idea what it was. looked out the windows, just saw the smoke. >> reporter: neighbors along myrtle drive in concord heard a crash, then sirens. then they saw police and fire securing the scene around this unrecognizable white vehicle. >> we just heard a loud like bang, then came around the corner and happened to see the car all tore up. >> reporter: the wrecked white jeep still had branches on it from smashing into a tree before landing in front of this month sorry school. inside you could see it appeared to be stuffed with suitcases, clothes and other personal belongings. many personal residents waited to see if the driver and any passengers survived. >> i saw them carrying one of the bodies away on a stretcher. i think that she was alive at the time and then the other one i saw got pulled out. she had passed away. >> reporter: police spent several hours gathering evidence from the scene. witnesses say a clayton police car chasing the white vehicle which had no tags. they say the car was traveling
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well above the speed limit, struck a wall, went airborne, hit this tree, then landed in the driveway of the school. just to give you an idea about the impact of this crash, one of these cinder blocks went flying into the yard next door. >> i believe this to be a cinder block that flew from all the way about 50 yards away and flew and shook the house when i was inside. >> reporter: looking at the wreckage, he could only wonder what if. >> its a he a saturday, so no kids over there. thank the lord. we're learning more about the man arrested in excan with a string of car fires in the east bay. yesterday's arrest comes after two more cars were burned on friday morning. one fire destroyed an acura in w walnut creek. then an suv was torched in lafayette. police caught the suspect in the act. >> a man was located this morning and as officers arrived in the area, the suspects appeared to have possibly set a
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fire to a vehicle in a driveway. he was stopped a short distance away and was taken into custody without incident and taken to concord pd for interviews. >> the unsiidentified suspect wl be charged with 43 counts of arson. his bail is $3 million. the law enforcement community is mourning another northern california sheriff's deputy killed in a car crash. stanislaus county deputy jason garner and community service officer rachel johnson died while on their way to a burglary call. the crash happened yesterday morning in modesto. their patrol car went off the road, slammed into an auto wrecking business and burst into flames. both were killed instantly. this all comes just a day after alameda county deputy died in a crash on interstate 580 near tracee. he was off duty and on his way
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home when a charter bus slammed into his car. yesterday would have been kim's 51st birthday. 5:09. crews are making runway repairs at sfo with the runway legislated to re-open at noon today. this is a live look at the airport this morning. be sure to check your flight status if you're flying out of sfo today. airport officials say repairs to the runway should be completed by june 5th ahead of the busy summer travel season. if you're headed to lax any time soon, leave plenty of extra time. an already-packed airport is dramatically changing. 15 airlines will move to different terminals in the next five days. six more have already relocated. the switch should bring fewer delays for take-office and landings. one passenger said the heavily advertised move caught him by surprise. >> i don't know. i suppose if you have enough time. seems like people are nice enough and informative enough that can probably get along just
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fine. >> the airport provided plenty of helpful employees armed with maps to direct passengers and have plenty of shuttle buses as well. 5:10. a welcome sight for fans. coach steve kerr returned to practice yesterday ahead of game one against the spurs. it was the first time many players had seen the coach in nearly two weeks. he underwent a spinal procedure nine days ago at duke university. kerr was also present at a coaching meeting friday. he remains out indefinitely. mike brown is coaching in his place. don't forget, you can spend your mother's day afternoon with abc 7. coverage of the game begins at noon with tip-off at 12:30. lisa is track being the mother's day forecast for us.
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>> we have yet another weak weather system coming in just reinforcing the cool air, maybe give us a few sprinkles. it is 48 degrees in san francisco. 49 oakland. 54 in hayward due to some fog at the south end of the bay. we'll show you a big warm-up in the seven-day outlook in a few minutes. also coming up -- containing the comey fallout. president weighs if on the question of loyalty. and a special day planned at california's great america for hundreds of cour how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source.
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how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. developing news in that global cyber extortion attack. a 22-year-old british security researcher located the kill switch in the malware code and used it to stop the virus.
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an underground group known as the shadow brokers are believed to be responsible for the attack. 5:14 the time. president trump is trying to move beyond his decision to fire fbi director james comey. the justice department interviewed eight candidates for the job yesterday. the president meantime capped hs rough week with a speech to a frndly audience. abc news has the story. >> reporter: president trump escaped the heat of the controversy in the capitol with a commencement at liberty university. >> no one has ever achieved anything significant without a chorus of critics standing on the sidelines explaining why it can't be done. >> reporter: the president might have been speaking to the many critics still condemning his abupt dismissal of james comey as fbi director. mr. comey was spotted briefly at his virginia home. mr. trump seems to think it will be easy to pick a successor. >> i think the process is going to move quickly because all of
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all of them are very well known. they've been vetted over their lifetime. >> reporter: there was a steady stream of prospective recruits filing in for job introduce saturday at the justice department. >> were you asked if you could faithfully serve the president? no comment at all? >> reporter: did the president ask comey for a pledge of loyalty as "the new york times" reported? in an interview that aired saturday on fox news, he answered -- >> no. no, i didn't. but i don't think it would be a bad question to ask. i think loyalty to the country. loyalty to the united states is important. >> reporter: as for his cryptic tweet that he might have recorded his dinner conversation with comey. >> i won't talk about that. all i want is for comey to be honest. i hope he will be. i'm sure he will be. i hope. >> reporter: comey says he is willing to testify publicly to congress. abc news, new york. >> following that sudden dismissal of fbi director james comey, former director of national intelligence james clapper and u.s. ambassador to
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the united nations nikki haley comes to "this week." watch their full interviews on "this week wi"this week" with g stephanopoul stephanopoulos" at 8:00 this morning right here an abc 7. a flash mob of 200 demonstrators showed up to tramp national golf club in los angeles to share how they feel about the president and his policies. they spelled out the word "resist" with their bodies on the property. the protesters are part of the group indivisible san pedro who have also been urging president trump to release his tax returns. when the group formed the word, they reportedly sang "god bless america." a national movement to get president trump removed from office came to berkeley yesterday. abc 7 news was on the cal campus as the bay area chapter of refuse fascism held a mock trial against the president. protesters presented a list of alleged crimes against humanity and the planet. their goal is to mobilize millions of people.
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weeks of training paid off yesterday for some nft east bay. abc 67 news was in pleasanton for the special olympics. the athletes trained for eight to ten weeks for the chance to compete. there are medals but the goal for athletes is to do their best. >> it is not necessarily about winning with be though obviously they love it when they get the chance to win. our special olympics oath says it all. let me win but if i cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt. >> that volunteer's supported special olympics for 29 years because she says she loves it. top qualifiers advance to the summer games next month at uc davis. a bay area theme park will host hundreds of children battling cancer as well as their families for a day of fun. 600 children get to spend the day at california's great america and meet former 49er ronnie lott.
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it is all part of the annual american cancer society's courageous kids day. families can go on rides, build sand castles, watch a magic show and join in on the barbecue lunch. the event starts at 10:00 this morning. good morning to you. we should have pretty good weather for your sunday, your mother's day. we are starting out with a little bit cloud cover in the peninsula area and also in the south bay. this could expand but numbers are pretty cool in spots as well. 47 in santa clara. 45 in los altos. half moon bay is at 50 and low 40s in the north bay. a live look outside where we are looking at calm winds right now. partly cloudy, chance of showers today. breezy and cool throughout the middle of the week. then, wait until you see the outlook for the end of the week. we're not only get being warmer, we're going to see a lot of sunshine. it looks like it is going to last through the weekend.
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as we go through your mother's day, notice that we are starting out with some clouds. 40s to near 50 around the bay. then we'll be looking at mainly sunny conditions. a few puffy clouds around. some forecast models want to bring in a few light showers but notice the temperatures. they'll still be on the cool side. mid and upper 60s. the breeze kicks in. here is the way it plays out. 6:00 this morning, notice the clouds there. then by the afternoon, we've got some of this green here representing a chance of some isolated showers. we go into your monday, looks like rain chances are a little bit less than what we were thinking the past couple of days. notice just a couple friday afternoon, mid 70s in san
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francisco, low 80s in oakland. 90s in concord. so once again, it is really going to be a switched up dramatically from the first part of the week to the second half. sunnyvale will be cool. we'll look for the breeze again for you on the peninsula. low 60s in millbrae. san francisco, getting quite gusty throughout the afternoon. 60 for you. in the north bay is where you will see the best chance for possibly an isolated shower. heading inland, a few clouds around but a pretty nice afternoon. 69 in san ramon. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- numbers at the 50s at the coast, mid and upper 60s bay and inland with breezy conditions that continue tomorrow. chance of showers late. mainly just cooler on tuesday. we'll warm up wednesday. looks like a terrific day.
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coast forecast is stay mild thursday and into the weekend. by the weekends, those 90s arriving. >> little bit cooler today but at least we get to see the sun. >> we're getting used to it, aren't we? just ahead, don't try this with your drones. the company showing off its technology with a special jump. but first, the time right now, 5:21. in honor of asian pacific asian heritage month, we are using our abc 7 news bay area to show you events where you live. the buddhist art exhibit focuses on
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a gym membership can often motivate you to work out. but a hayward mom says she was suddenly shut out of her gym even though she paid in advance. so 7 on your side stepped in to help her out. >> jennifer alfred goes to the gym every day. even now with her baby due in less than a week. >> we wouldn't know what to do without exercising. even when pregnant. >> reporter: she believes workouts make labor and delivery easier. >> that's why i try to do the elliptical more than intense workouts. >> reporter: jennifer paid for a membership here so she was bewildered when she showed up one time and they wouldn't let her work out telling her she'd canceled her membership. >> it was already paid for. >> reporter: jennifer contacted the headquarters. >> they also said you called to cancel on april 6th.
5:25 am
now it is a little bit creepy. >> reporter: jennifer kept saying she never canceled and she'll have six months left on her plan. >> the staff said you can't work out until you come in and sign up for a new membership because once it is canceled it is canceled. >> i was really upset. >> reporter: we contacted 24-hour fitness and jennifer got a call. she says the company told her what happened. >> reporter: someone named jennifer alfred did call in this our nationwide system but it wasn't you. >> reporter: she says the manager told her a different jennifer alfred had canceled her membership. but the company canceled this jennifer's membership by mistake. 24-hour fitness kels us occasionally we experience human error in the member process. this was one of those occasions. we thank miss alfred for her patience as we identified and corrected the problem. >> i'm definitely relieved that i can just start working out again. >> reporter: and a few days later, little savannah arrived.
5:26 am
>> as this case points out, many of us share the same name. even without identity theft will can be identity mistakes. if you're blamed for something you didn't do, check out the possibility of an i.d. mix-up. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." animals that are permanently disabled, abandoned or displaced need a home, jest like everyone else. it was the pums rpose of a fund-raiser yesterday in san mateo county. 50 wild animals from elephants were alligators were a group that takes animals to schools and calls with what they call a nature deficit disorder. >> kids are not going out and catching worms and crawdads and things in the stream. we're often the only chance they get to connect to nature. it is amazing when they see animals up close and meet them. >> the group has two zoos.
5:27 am
forget sky diving out of a plane. a new extreme sport has just been born. how about -- drone diving? this is video provided by a company that builds drones that are able to lift up to 220 pounds. the drone litz a man up more than 1,000 feet in the air, then he sky dives safely down to the ground. the company says it could also be used for are firefighting and rescues. 5:27 the time. still to come on abc 7 mornings, france inaugurates its new president. what emanuel macron says he plans to do. and the other side of the wine making process. almost nothing goes to waste. see what happens to all the stuff that doesn't make it into the bottle.
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how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. thanks so much for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen.
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lisa's tracking the conditions where you live. >> another 30 minutes, the official sunrise. we do have a little fog if the area and the east bay. we are looking clear right now. it is cool. temperatures in the 30s on top of mount diablo. milder in the peninsula. 51 san jose. 41 in santa rosa. we are colder in the north bay, as much as five degrees colder due to the clear sky, light winds. we will look for low clouds and fog to not stick around too long. by 7:30, 8:00 it clears and we'll see a lot of sunshine. temperatures are going to be pretty similar to what we've been experiencing but we will see a few extra clouds and we do have a big warm-up to speak of for the week ahead. i'll have it for you in a few minutes. new this morning -- france officially has a new president.
5:31 am
39-year-old emmanuel macron was elected one week ago today and inaugurated this morning. before being sworn in, he met with his predecessor, francois hollan hollande. he said during his inauguration speech he will do everything necessary to fight terrorism. he is the youngest president in the country's history. cyber attacks have halted businesses for companies, schools and even hospitals around the world. security experts believe it may just be a lull before more attacks come. right now they are, woulding to put more protections in place. >> reporter: the world held hosta hostage. >> this is unprecedented scale. we've never seen something spread this quickly in a 24-hour period across this many countries and different continents. >> reporter: a massive coordinated cyber attack wreaking havoc in 99 countries. hackers now demanding ransom to get critical files back online. >> it is attacking a loophole seems to me in the microsoft
5:32 am
software and exploiting tools that were stolen from the national security agency. >> reporter: the malware virus is known as wannacry. it starts with a simple phishing e-mail. it is attacking tens of thousands of computers at companies, universities, even hospitals. >> we are aware of that a number of nhs organizations have reported they have suffered from a ran some wear attack. >> reporter: in the united kingdom the country's working non-stop to get the health care system up online. patients now left in limbo. >> i think it is a heinous crime this hacking because they're putting people's lives at risk. >> reporter: officials say it is time to upgrade those old i.t. systems. while this attack appears to be focused on bigger targets, the average computer owner could be impacted. >> whatever updates microsoft is sending out, upload them immediately. if you've already been infected, i would suggest that you reach
5:33 am
out to some legitimate cyber security firm and see what they suggest to you as far as getting your system back up. >> reporter: microsoft released a patch to fix the loophole earlier this year. but without it computers remain vulnerable. >> may take us weeks or months. we may never find out who is behind this. >> dave packer, abc 7 new york. u.s. officials have confirmed north korea launched a missile challenging the new leader in south korea. officials say it flew 435 miles before landing in the sea of japan. u.s. officials are still assessing whether the launch was successful. but they say the flight was not consistent with an intercontinental ballistic missile. the last north korean missile test on april 28th failed minutes after launch. a police dog in florida is now home from the hospital after he took a bullet that was meant for his human partner. casper is a canine officer with the palm beach county sheriff's office. on friday investigators say a
5:34 am
robbery and carjacking suspect fired at deputies when they tried to arrest him. one of those bullets hit casper in his left hip. he had to have emergency surgery to remove the slug but last night he was able to go home. >> he has done wonderful. he has recovered well from from anesthesia. he is on antibiotics and is walking fairly well, all things considered. we are just happy that this was not a significant trauma. >> that interview was tweeted out by the sheriff's office. deputies shot and killed the suspect after he fired at them. residents of a southern california town near the mexican border say they want their town back and the bad smell gone. the tijuana river is contaminated and stinks. beaches there have been closed for months after millions of gallons of sewage spilled in from mexico. a border agent recorded this video of purplish water flowing in from the border. one politician tried to explain why nothing's been done. >> a lot has been done over the
5:35 am
years but the truth is we're not keeping up with it on the mexican side and the american side. >> we haven't seen governor brown down here. we haven't seen president trump down here. that's who should come down here. >> city officials are working to build additional pipes on the u.s. side to divert sewage water. 5:35 is our time. from drone view 7 you can see some of the thousands of acres of wine grapes that are grown in california. after a harvest, tons of waste is left behind. now a growing number of wineries and companies are finding that there is more to these grapes than just a good glass of wine. abc 7 news anchor kristin zee tells us about the growing demand for wine waste. >> reporter: at the end of the wine growing season, vendors harvest grapes at the peak of perfection. but for years, wineries have struggled to figure out what to do with the waste left behind called pummice .
5:36 am
>> for a long time it was just a by product, and we'd take it and throw it away. >> reporter: not anymore. in 2014, wine growers committed to being the nation's first 100% sustainable wine region. they are recycling their pumice. white wine grapes get turned into compose. the red wine grapes turns out to be a great fertilizer and helps keep the weeds down. >> the vine is basically feeding itself with what's left over after you've made wine. >> reporter: but wineries can only use so much. each year california wineries produce more than 100,000 tons of pumice. now that waste is being turned into everything from cooking oil to flour to cosmetics. >> conventionally when you have something like fruit or vegetable processing waste you'd sell it off as animal feed. you can't really do that with the skins and seeds and stems from wine production. >> reporter: chris summons immo biological systems engineer.
5:37 am
his lab is studying how food processing waste products could be used to turn it into fuel and how it can improve your health. it is part of a growing trend that started about a decade ago. >> the skins of the grapes in particular, the pigment is very rich in antioxidant compounds that evidence has show play a role in preventing heart disease and cancer. >> reporter: there is a growing number of grape skin extracts on the market but it is the seed that peaked jeanette's interest. >> my theory was if i can get into that seed and make body and skin care products based on that, you would have the natural oil right inside the seed. i was like, this could be really cool. >> reporter: jeanette was one of the first to see value in wine waste. the seed for her idea was planted in 1997. today she has released grapeseed oil into a line of skin care products called envy organics.
5:38 am
>> doing the body scrubs with this, you get a gentle exfoliation, then the natural oil stays on our skin. >> reporter: at a skin spa in sonoma, relaxation comes from the nearby wineries. >> we use local grapeseeds that are crushed and mixed with some aroma therapy oils and other spa ingredients. >> reporter: the red red wine treatment is a favorite among guests. for 2 $3 >> this is the favorite of all of our scrubs. the others are so coarse. this is just so refined and nurturing and all of that. i love it. >> reporter: and you thought wine was just for drinking. abc 7 news. still ahead on abc 7 mornings -- lyme disease is hard to diagnose and treat. now there is an effort in the bay area to unmask the disease a lot of people don't even know
5:39 am
they have. as we head to break, the time right now approaching 5:39 on our sunday morning. we're taking a live look outside from our mt. tam camera. lisa says we're about how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. wecage-free and we care about amazing taste. because at best foods, we're on the side of food.
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how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. what an incredible winter for skiing and it is lasting through much of the spring. in fact, there's so much snow that olympic valley resort in squaw valley will keep its kt-22 chair lift open until next saturday. the sf gate reports that will be the latest closing date for the lift in the resort's history. olympic valley will continue to
5:42 am
operate every day of the week through june 4th. then they'll switch to just weekends through july 4th and possibly longer. happening today -- a bay area mother's day tradition as downtown alameda gets ready to host its annual spring festival. the free street fair has 150 arts and crafts booths, live entertainment, and of course food and drinks. the city's business association is offering free raffles, give-aways and weekend specials. there will also be a kid's area with bounce houses, face painting and a climbing wall. festival starts at 10:00 this morning on poornarch street at lincoln avenue. so much is going on this weekend. a lot of things for the family to take part in. >> not going to be too hot. there isn't much heat but it will be nice. we are already looking at sunshine out there right now from our roof camera. you'll notice that we do have a few clouds around. more of the low clouds southern peninsula, south bay. 48 in san francisco. a west wind at about 14 right now. once again, the breeze will come
5:43 am
into play today, tomorrow. but we do have changes in our extended outlook. i'll have it for you next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead -- the giants pulled off something they've only done once
5:44 am
the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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in sports this afternoon, the warriors resume their playoff run with game one of the western conference finals. golden state takes on san antonio at oracle arena. if you're not going to the game, coverage begins at noon on abc 7. giants are also be in action at at&t park looking for their first win this season.
5:46 am
>> reporter: good morning. giants and reds faced off yesterday. posie caught all 17 innings, well earned day off yesterday. in mother's day pink uniforms. a pure splash hit by brandon bell. 1-0 giants. then this shot to dead center, into the veg zgie garden. giants go up 2-0. top seven, this one storacorche back to the middle. top nine, law on the close. no problem for gold glover giants win 3-1.d. just the second time this year they've won two games from a row. dog days in texas for the a's and rangers.
5:47 am
the bullpen gave up four in the seventh. this two-run double made it 6-4 rangers. top eight, alonso goes yonder again. his eighth home run of the month, a solo shot. that's as close as the a's could goat. losing 6-5 dropping 3 of their last 4. hard to believe the warriors and spurs have not faced each other in the postseason since 2013. a four-year drought. this is a match-up everybody wants to see in the western conference. tips off 12:30 today right here on abc 7. steve kerr was at practice yesterday. but he will not coach in the series as of now. it is the first time kerr's been around the players in over a week, though he has been a big part of the pre-game preparations. players happy to see him but they know they have a game to win today.
5:48 am
>> as players we've got respect for him but we know we have to come out there and be who we are, try to dictate the tempo. i know they're going to try to dictate it. >> they just play so hard and they're so locked in for as close to 48 minutes. they're more than a capable team. >> they're going to make runs. that's who they are. things we just got to be steady for 48 minutes. >> when you're done with your mother's day brunch, turn on the dubs at 12:30. stick around, if mama lets you, for after the game. hope to see you again. i am on my way to oracle as we speak. have a great day. good morning to you. happy mother's day. hoe you are going to enjoy a pretty day out there today, though breezy at times. may see some extra cloud cover if you're in the north bay. as we start this morning with mt. tam, it looks pretty nice
5:49 am
out there. just a little bit of cloud cover. clouds will build throughout the afternoon as we look at a weak weather system that pushes through the bay area. 48 in san francisco. 49 in oakland. 50 in mountain view. 51 in san jose. gilroy, 46. half moon bay is at 50 degrees. looking at low clouds from san francisco to points south across the bay, into the south bay. numbers are cold in the north bay. just 41 santa rosa. napa. livermore this morning at 49 degrees. the golden gate bridge, a lot like yesterday starting out with not much of a breeze. then it builds throughout the afternoon. we'll look for gusty winds once along the shoreline. we'll call it partly cloudy, slight chance of a shower. we're breezy and cool throughout the middle of the week. that's monday, tuesday. wednesday though is our day of transition. then sunny and warmer for the end of the week into the week d weekend. today, mother's day, we'll call
5:50 am
it partly cloudy to start out. throughout the afternoon. temperatures will climb through the 60s. we'll have that breeze again so we're not going to get probably not even to 70 degrees. we'll have 50s on the coast. like the routine you are used to day after day. we'll keep it that way. notice in our hour by hour forecast that some of this green begins to pop up in the north bay, along the santa cruz mountains. this could be a slight shower. nothing to change or cancel your plans. but we are also looking for the same weather pattern as we get those winds. this is today. notice we'll look 40s winds upwards of 20 to 25 miles an hour from point reyes to half moon bay. a 15 to 20-mile-an-hour breeze around the bay at times. tuesday, this is the coolest day of the week where numbers will bomb out into the 50s for highs. we're only in the low to mid 60s around the bay. another cool pocket of air. this one could bring just a few
5:51 am
sprinkles. but then by wednesday, that's pretty nice. we're in the 70s. that's somewhat near average. but notice that onshore flow, those winds out of the west, off the cooler ocean water. not going anywhere. it is going to stay nice and mild along the shoreline when we get the heat building by the end of the week. 60 today half moon bay. 65 palo alto. 67 in san jose. if you're headed to the giants game, very similar afternoon. maybe a few more clouds. upper 50s to near 60. another cool night with mid 40s to near 50 degrees. tonight the accuweather seven-day forecast that we are looking at sort of a carbon copy into your monday. tuesday the coolest day, a slight chance of a shower. wednesday we are near average. thursday we're warming up. by friday and saturday, very comfortable at the coast but we've got some heat building into our inland valleys. something for everyone on that seven-day. >> already looking forward to next weekend. may is national lyme disease awareness month. in california, that means a push
5:52 am
to make not only victims but doctors more aware. in many cases, the symptoms are confusing. but now there is an effort to change that. here's abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman. >> reporter: at the age of 18, lewis sheridan is so familiar with these modern medications that you might think he has a degree in pharmacology. but he knows them for all the wrong reasons. >> i got mono, walking pneumonia, bronchitis twice. >> reporter: few of he symptoms of lyme disease. his mother, kathleen, has it too after going undiagnosed for years. >> you either sound like a hypochondri hypochondriac. >> reporter: most of us in california recognize the tell tail bites with a target around them. but not the more subversive symptoms. >> we want to make lyme disease easy to diagnose and simple to
5:53 am
cure. >> reporter: air bay area foundation is partnering to create a bio bank of different strains from california. >> only 20% of researchers have patient samples it do research. we're getting the same amount of funding as leprosy. >> reporter: kathleen picked up lyme while gardening. five years later she still suffers chronic symptoms. >> i never saw a tick on myself. i never did. >> reporter: lewis has it twice. the disease has slowed him down so much that high school has taken five years instead of four. in california, there are thou thousands of stories just like his. abc 7 news. 5:33 is our time. coming up, a special mother's day at t
5:54 am
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♪ ♪ the best way to get together is with a treat you make together. ♪ how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. welcome back, everyone.
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here are the winning numbers from last night's $184 million powerball drawing. 17, 20, 32, 63, 68, powerball number 19. nobody picked all six so wednesday night's jackpot goes up to $204 million. happening today -- you can celebrate mother's day at the san francisco zoo. moms who go to the zoo with their kids will get free admission all day today. several animals are new mothers this year, including flamingos, giraffes and ant eaters. the zoo says the moms have been taking great care of their offspring. anim the zoo opens at 10:00 this morning. next on abc 7 mornings at 6:00 -- a deadly crash on a busy street in fremont kills one person and leaves three others injured. what police say appears to have happened. plus, east bay fire crews remain on guard this morning to keep a fire that damaged an emeryville construction site from flaring up again.
5:57 am
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it's sunday, may 14th. good morning and thanks so much for joining us. happy mother's day. let's start with a quick look at the weather. hi, lisa. >> good morning. we have low clouds from the peninsula to the south bay where it is a little bit warmer and cooler in the south bay. how about a 12-degree temperature spread from north to south. it is 48 in the city. 50 in oakland. from our exploratorium camera, looks a little sleepy but a lot of sunshine on the way with low 40s in santa rosa. throughout the day today, very little change in terms of your temperatures. we'll be in the 50s and 60s by noon


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