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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  June 3, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. new overnight, will he testify? the top administration's newest comments on whether they will try to block fired fbi director james comey's appearance on capitol hill as vladimir putin weighs in on the idea that russian hackers tried to interfere with the american election. plus, why he has this advice. >> don't worry. be happy. climate for change. the coalition including new york's former mayor bloomberg stepping up where the u.s. is stepping back following president trump's decision to exit from the paris climate deal. and the lingering question. >> yes or no, does the president believe that climate change is real and a threat to the united states? caught on camera, wild shoot-out. officers closing in on a suspect at this convenience store
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trading gunfire in broad daylight and ducking for cover. three officers wounded. how they finally got their man. and grande appearance. star ariana grande returning to manchester visiting wounded survivors of the terror attack ahead of her star-studded benefit concert. prince william thanking police. the ring of steel being set up to protect the fans. hey, good morning. take a look at this new image overnight. ariana grande posting a picture of herself in a hospital in manchester, england. a surprise visit with a clearly thrilled 10-year-old fan who was injured in the terror attack at grande's concert. >> such a great photo. that photo being liked by nearly 4 million people and counting this morning. on sunday tomorrow, she's going to play a new show in manchester with some high-profile supporting acts. adrienne is going to have more on that story coming up but we're hearing the likes of
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katy perry, justin bieber, pretty big names. >> it's going to be a huge night. we start here with the latest news on that brewing public showdown between the president of the united states and the man he fired as fbi director. >> this morning "the new york times" is quoting unnamed white house sources as saying president trump does not plan to invoke executive privilege to try and stop james comey from testifying before congress next week. >> executive privilege is the president's right to withhold information in the public interest. important to note, though, trump could still change his mind on whether to play that card in this case. >> he certainly could. all this comes as washington counts down to comey's potentially damaging testimony. now, five days away. it's happening on thursday. it also comes as russian president vladimir putin is weighing in, as well. abc's david wright is at the white house for us this morning. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula. good morning, dan. here at the white house, they're bracing for the next shoe to drop in the russia investigation. this is the story that continues to dominate the headlines despite the president and his team's best efforts to change
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the subject. with fired fbi director james comey expected to appear on capitol hill again next week, the trump administration is still planning its strategy. white house officials refuse to say definitively whether they'll try and block comey's testimony by asserting executive privilege leaving open the possibility of a late intervention. >> i have not spoken to counsel yet. i don't know what that -- how they're going to respond. >> reporter: meanwhile, trump's deputy attorney general tells the associated press he's prepared for the possibility that the fbi investigation into russian meddling and possible collusion by trump associates could well end up focusing on the president's decision to fire comey. and on his own role and the attorney general's in that decision. rod rosenstein told the a.p., if there is a need for me to recuse, i will. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: russian president
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vladimir putin dismisses the idea russian hackers tried to interfere with the u.s. election as a crackpot conspiracy theory. [ speaking a foreign language ] "a hacker could make it look like a 3-year-old did it," he said. "that's not proof." putin also seemed to throw president trump a lifeline amid the controversy over trump's decision to withdraw from the paris climate accord. putin reassured environmentalists there's still time. >> don't worry, be happy. >> reporter: vladimir putin, a bobby mcferrin fan. the man is full of surprises, isn't he? >> don't worry, be happy, david, but, david, while we've got you, as we know, the white house has asked the supreme court to review the controversial travel ban. this has suffered multiple defeats in the lower courts. do we expect the supreme court to take up this case and when will we hear? >> well, it won't be before june 12th. that's the deadline the court has set for challengers to the president's travel ban to file briefs.
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now, beyond that, it's anybody's guess. and it's not clear that the court will even take up the case. they would have to grant cert. that means that four of the nine justices would have to agree to re-open the case, paula, dan. >> david, thank you. the other big story from the white house this morning, the fast and furious fallout from the president's decision to pull out of the paris climate accord. >> the president said he was elected to represent pittsburgh, not paris. but overnight in pittsburgh city hall there lit up in green to protest trump's move. there's plenty of praise for the president, as well, and abc's gloria riviera is covering it all for us from washington this morning. hi, gloria. >> reporter: hi there, paula, dan. good morning. within hours after the exit, the backlash has turned into action as many say they're just ignoring the president on this. on the other side, trump voters, those working in energy insist the paris agreement put too much burden on business, and while leaving is like ripping off a band-aid, it had to happen. [ chanting "this is what democracy looks like" ] >> reporter: in the science of president trump's exit from the paris agreement --
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[ chanting ] >> reporter: -- a growing coalition is gathering steam. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is donating $15 million of his own money now joined by more than 100 businesses and 30 mayors spearheading an effort to step up where the u.s. is stepping back. >> i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. >> reporter: pittsburgh's mayor responding. >> every major american city in the past 24 hours has decided if washington is not going to do it, we will. >> reporter: the administration is defending its decision. secretary of state rex tillerson emphasizing the u.s. has a good record on reducing greenhouse gases. >> i don't think we're going to change our ongoing efforts to reduce those emissions in the future. >> reporter: despite those efforts the administration still not able to answer a fundamental question. >> yes or no, does the president believe that climate change is
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real and a threat to the united states? >> you know what's interesting about all the discussions we had through the last several weeks have been focused on one singular issue, is paris good or not for this country? >> reporter: opponents of the accord call it a bad deal like the oil and drilling industry advocate we spoke to who said the billions of dollars the paris agreement called for would be better spent on noncarbon energy and research. >> people are getting very upset of an agreement that would basically do nothing to solve climate change. >> he's keeping his promise that he's going to help get the coal jobs back, help people get back to work. >> the coal industry, of course, watching this very closely. mining notably adding jobs recently. on the flip side the solar industry expressing increasing concern growing so fast, now will that sector slow down? no doubt this is a very emotional issue for people with high hopes and high stakes.
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dan, paula. >> gloria, thank you. so much to talk about this morning so let's bring in abc news political analysts kristen soltis anderson joining us from washington and matt dowd who is down in austin, texas. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> so, kristen, let me start with you, and then we'll go to matt on the same question. do you think the president's decision on the paris climate accord is smart politics given the reaction we're seeing coming in? >> well, there are two pieces to the paris deal's impact. first is practical and really despite a lot of the frustration that you're seeing from the president's opponents around this decision, the paris accords didn't have any real requirements in them that were legally enforceable, so in terms of actual changes that we're going to see to people's lives, things like hipeople'ss will ben the other policies that the president puts into place further down the road, whether that's good or bad. i think what happens on people's power bills, whether their electricity is more expensive will have a big political impact but there's also the symbolic
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side, the idea that america is not taking a leadership role and there are many in the republican party even that like the idea of america being a leader on the world stage. taking a step back from that by walking away from the paris accords, certainly does, i think, add more questions about whether under a president trump america will be a leader in the global community. >> matt, do you think it hurts him or helps him politically given, again, what the backlash we're seeing, obviously some support, as well. >> i think it hurts him for a number of reasons, first is the 70% of the country is for staying in the paris climate accord. that's one, and two is he is actually dissing an industry that is growing which is the clean energy industry, solar wind. it's growing, and he's trying to prop up an industry that's diminishing. it's as if a president in the early 20th century decided to prop up the horse and buggy industry and dis the automobile revolution in this, so i think, one, his pulling out is going to have no effect on the economy
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and probably will have a negative effect on the economy and, two, from a political standpoint it makes us retreat from the world stage, which most americans want us to be on the world stage, and in terms of the country where people feel about this issue, there's overwhelming support for this, so i think all in all it's a bad move. the other thing that i think, dan, it's important to point out is that donald trump is about to hold a rally at lafayette park to point out that people are for pittsburgh over paris. funny thing is is lafayette was somebody that decided to support from france the americans during the revolution in disregard of the king of france, so i find it quite ironic. >> okay, guys, i need a quick response from both of you on this. i want to talk about former fbi director james comey. he's set to testify on thursday. "the new york times" as we mentioned reporting the president is not going to invoke executive privilege. what's the right choice here? matt, let's begin with you. >> i don't think the president politically or substantively should try to prevent comey from testifying.
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i think comey is a key part of the equation and i think he will reveal a bigger part of the picture so we can see it clearly. >> kristen. >> i think matt is right. i think that in many cases there has been more smoke created, folks say when there's smoke, there's fire. well, even if there is no fire the white house's handling has made people think there is some smoke, there's some kind of a problem. it may be a cover-up without a crime but i think by silencing any voices you further add to that impression you have something to hide. >> huge week to come. matt dowd and kristen soltis anderson, thank you both. >> thanks. now to a wild shoot-out in broad daylight. it was all caught on camera. police traded bullets with a suspect outside a texas convenience store. >> three officers wounded before that man was taken down. abc's eva pilgrim has more. >> reporter: this morning a manhunt for a suspect has left one person dead after this wild shoot-out erupted in broad daylight. a hail of gunfire erupted in laredo, texas, late friday afternoon.
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police officers seen here in this harrowing video approaching their target, 55-year-old antonio geraldo rodriguez. bystanders running for cover inside the convenience store seconds before gunshots rang out. the suspect opening fire on police, one officer taking cover firing back. three officers seriously wounded in the shoot-out, one of them critically. rodriguez killed in the exchange. a suspect in the killing of his girlfriend found dead at their apartment earlier that morning. police blocking off traffic with their vehicles. drivers finding themselves in the cross fire at the scene racing to get away from the gunshots. the three officers now recovering. >> we prepare for it. we train for it but we're not truly ready for it until you encounter this. our officers put their lives on the lines every day when they come out here and put on their uniform. >> somehow no one else was hurt in all that gunfire.
7:13 am
those three officers are in the hospital this morning. >> interesting what he said. they do train for this kind of thing but you don't expect it to happen. >> totally different when it's actually real. >> right. eva, thank you. >> thanks, eva. we turn now to the bombing at the ariana grande concert in manchester. there's a new report this morning saying the bomber had met in libya with members of isis. >> ariana grande is back in the uk, meantime, meeting with survivors in the hospital. and she's preparing for tomorrow's star-studded benefit concert where there will be a massive security presence. adrienne is on the story for us this morning. hi, adrienne. >> that's right, dan and paula. the event selling out in six minutes, the tribute to the victims and survivors of the manchester bombing will have unprecedented security. ariana grande touching down in manchester ahead of her star-studded charity concert taking place tomorrow. as crews prepare for one love manchester, the singer whose concert was hit by a suicide bombing 12 days ago -- >> oh, my god. >> reporter: -- paid a surprise visit to some of the youngest
7:14 am
survivors recovering at a local hospital. then sharing this heartwarming moment with her fans on social media. also showing support, prince william paying his respects to police as part of the visit. officers across manchester on high alert ahead of sunday's events setting up a ring of steel around the venue including heavily armed patrols who will arrive at the venue early in the morning, remaining hours after the show ends to protect the nearly 50,000 fans. >> i can understand some nervousness from members of the public perhaps, but i can reassure them that come sunday, they will see a heightened police presence. >> reporter: this morning, "the new york times" reports that the manchester bomber met in libya with members of an islamic state unit linked to the 2015 paris terrorist attack. following that manchester bombing that killed 22 and injured nearly 60 fans and their parents, tensions are high all over europe. more than 80,000 fans were evacuated from one of the largest music festivals in germany friday after what authorities call a terrorist
7:15 am
threat. for the music icons playing this weekend at one love manchester, the message of unity is stronger than fear. >> i try not to let fear govern where i go. i feel like i'm a brit. so, it struck me to the core but at the same time i want to come back and spread love and do my part. >> and that was from the black eyed peas commenting there. all proceeds from the concert expected to exceed $2.6 million. and that money will go to the red cross manchester emergency fund. >> that is going to be an emotional night. >> absolutely. >> some pretty big names. coldplay. >> yeah, coldplay, miley cyrus, pharrell is playing. it was just 12 days ago and so it's amazing how soon everybody has come together to coalesce and just support these survivors. >> good on them for doing that. >> and they were able to pull this off in such a short period of time. >> absolutely. >> adrienne, thank you. everybody, you can catch the one love manchester concert live sunday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. on the channel freeform and on abc
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later sunday night after game two of the nba finals, in some cases after your local news. make sure you check your local listings. let's get the forecast now and get it over to rob. hey, man, good morning. >> good morning, guys. going to go international if you don't mind with some very cool video. >> not at all. >> in canada. one of ron claiborne's favorite places. >> wow. >> check it out, right? how about that? now this, is time lapsed. this is time lapsed so it's sped up but still you get an idea of the circulation there, the high base thunderstorm. this is between calgary and edmonton just east of red deer. no damage done there in the prairie but you see obviously some of that prairie dust being picked up by that twister as it corkscrews its way across the province of alberta. this time of year everything kind of shifts -- begins to shift to the north as far as severe weather is concerned. so, it's not too surprising to see a tornado up there in canada. more so in july. today, though, threat for severe weather gets in through wisconsin and then tomorrow the front gets strong and gusty winds, maybe hail, detroit, cleveland, buffalo, maybe jack
7:17 am
nicklaus' tournament the memorial may be slowed down as well tomorrow. it slowed down yesterday. had adrienne bankert trying to get here from dallas. she was stuck at dfw with heavy rain. some tropical moisture from a tropical storm that hit mexico just a day and a half ago. a lot of gulf moisture and some tropical moisture from a storm that hit mexico a day and a half ago. could see locally five inches of rain across parts of southern louisiana and, yes, some much needed rain getting into the sunshine state of florida which is in a horrible drought so that's good news. >> good saturday morning, i'm lisa argen, on top of the clouds, it's a beautiful start above the overcast, about a thousand feet. we have sun on the way for everyone today. look for cooler weather this weekend. the warm-up to begin the workweek. so we'll see the hour by hour forecast, windy in the sun, more like 10:00/11:00, it will get gusty at the coast, cooler, 62,
7:18 am
half moon bay. mid-80s >> no, no, i gave adrienne bankert a shoutout there. >> you did? >> yes. >> she's texting. >> oh, my goodness. i'm hard at work on my e-mail. what did you say? was it nice? >> of course, it was nice. >> of course, it was nice. i almost got stuck in dallas but a lot of people did. yeah. well, i was on the tarmac. >> she was delayed. >> two hours. >> allegedly as you would say. >> two hours but thankfully i made it here for work this morning. >> you gave adrienne a nice shoutout. meantime, ron was saying that tornado was fake. he said that wasn't real. but it was real. >> it's all part of fake weather hashtag. >> looked like computer graphics. >> it did. >> i didn't think it was real either. >> it was sped up. it was sped up. >> it was legit. >> really cool. >> and fast forward. >> a lot of other news this morning. ron. >> there is actually. hey, dan, you and i, okay. >> yep, i got you. >> good morning. >> whoa. >> good morning, everyone. we're going to begin in singapore where the u.s. defense secretary james mattis is calling north korea a clear and present danger. mattis speaking at the
7:19 am
international security conference early saturday. he said that north korea is boosting its nuclear capabilities posing a threat to the u.s. and other nations and says the white house, though, encouraged by support by china, which has been north korea's closest ally. in the philippines new images from inside that manila resort where a gunman set a fire in a casino friday killing at least 36 people. that suspect later taking his life setting himself on fire. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack but investigators are looking into the possibility that it was a botched robbery. back here in the u.s., three former penn state administrators have been sentenced to jail time in the jerry sandusky child sex scandal. the university's former president, vice president and athletic director will serve at least two mont bars plus time under house arrest. they were convicted of child endangerment for hushing up an allegation that sandusky molested a boy in a locker room shower in 2001. and rock singer chris cornell's death has officially been ruled a suicide.
7:20 am
this after a toxicology report found that prescription drugs found in his system did not cause his death. the soundgarden front man was found unresponsive in his detroit hotel room last month after a concert there. and an nba doctor has ruled that miami heat player chris bosh has a career-ending illness. the 11-time all-star suffers from blood clots and missed all of this current season after failing a physical. under his contract bosh is still owed more than 52 million bucks. but the medical determination allows the team to drop him from their roster. and finally, some people work out to look like a supermodel or an athlete, the rock, for example. soon you can work out to look like a supreme court justice. no, not slammin' sam alito. 84-year-old ruth bader ginsburg revealing her workout secrets in a new book by her longtime trainer. >> that's amazing. >> 112-page book due out in october will feature
7:21 am
illustrations of justice ginsburg in her black robe and purple leggings doing each exercise so you can follow along at home. >> do we know if she works out in her robe? is that -- >> i think they have to. >> that's part of -- >> they can never take it off. >> they can never take it off. they have to shower in it. yeah, it's a whole thing. >> it's really weird. >> notorious rbg. really interesting. >> so good. >> not sam alito. >> not slammin' sam alito. >> thank you, ron. >> you may get a letter in the mail about that. or a visit from the federal marshals. ron claiborne, thank you. coming up on "gma" this saturday morning, kathy griffin breaking down speaking out about her photo scandal. how she says president trump and i'm quoting here broke her. plus, steph curry and draymond green trying to break the cavs. they want revenge in the nba finals. how deep is the disdain and dislike between these two teams? also your morning cup of coffee, could it give your workout a boost? what you need to know about reaping the rewards without the potentially unhealthy side effects. we'll be back with more "gma" on a busy saturday morning. keep it here. "good morning america" is
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>> good morning, everyone, some residents in san francisco are under a water warning after a breach at a water tank. it happened in the city's sunshine gardens neighborhood. water officials say and havals broke a lock around the tank and sprayed graffiti. preliminary testing does not
7:28 am
show contam nangs. as a precaution, thousands of gallons of water have been flushed out from the tank. officials plan to give us an update once final test results are back this afternoon. turning to the bay area forecast with lisa ar depend. >> good morning, chris, delays due to construction up to two hours temperatures climb into mid-80s inland. 60s, quite breezy at the coast. >> thank you. thanks to you f
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welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now the russia probe. this morning, "the new york times" quoting unnamed white house sources as saying the president does not plan to invoke executive privilege to try to stop the former fbi director james comey from testifying before congress this coming week. but he could still change his mind. this as vladimir putin weighs in on the idea that russian hackers tried to interfere with the american election denying the kremlin was involved. also right now, under arrest. oklahoma city thunder center enes kanter saying that his father has been detained by the turkish government. kanter releasing a statement claiming his father has been targeted because of the nba player's outspoken criticism of the current ruling party in turkey. and now he fears that his father might be tortured. and final farewell. preparations are under way in georgia for services
7:31 am
honoring gregg allman. the southern rocker, he'll be laid to rest in macon next to his brother duane and fellow allman brothers band member barry oakley. among those expected to attend former president jimmy carter and you probably know why this connection because i know that you are a huge allman brothers fan, they played at his inauguration way back in the day. >> they raised a lot of money to support him too. politically active. ron claiborne, a huge fan. an amazing tribute last weekend. we will miss mr. allman. coming up on the show this morning, the warriors' draymond green and steph curry sitting down with our t.j. holmes as they gear up for game two of the nba finals. do they have a formula to win it all? that's coming up. but we're going to start here with the comedian kathy griffin speaking out over that donald trump photo controversy that caused such a massive uproar. >> the comedian called the president a bully and admitted that she's wondering about the future of her career as she continues to lose gigs and abc's marci gonzalez joins us from our l.a. bureau this morning. hi, marci. >> reporter: hi, paula and dan and she says she thinks her career could be over because of this blaming the first family,
7:32 am
sexism and claiming the message she meant to send of that disturbing image was horribly misunderstood. a tearful kathy griffin. >> he broke me. he broke me. >> reporter: again expressing remorse over this now infamous photo shoot. >> i made a horrible, horrible mistake. >> reporter: and defiance towards president trump as she calls his response bullying. >> this president of all people is going to come after he. he picked the wrong redhead. >> reporter: the president sent out this tweet saying the comedian should be ashamed of herself. >> a sitting president of the united states and his grown children and the first lady are personally, i feel, personally trying to ruin my life forever, forever. >> reporter: and overnight the backlash growing. a sixth venue where griffin planned to perform pulling the plug. now all of the remaining dates on her tour are canceled. but while some are coming out in support of griffin, her
7:33 am
emotional defense is also drawing criticism. >> kathy griffin deciding to play the victim at this point because of the backlash which was righteous backlash is a pathetic attempt at trying to displace blame. >> reporter: now griffin says despite the loss of her decade-long cnn contract, a secret service investigation and even death threats, she has no plans to let up on the oval office. >> i am going to make fun of the president and you know what, i'm going to make fun of him more now. >> reporter: some saying she did not do herself any favors with that news conference and the gop here in california is now using the controversy to raise money. dan and paula. >> pouncing on an opportunity, the gop is. all right, marci, thank you. let's take another look at the weather. rob is back. we did miss you last weekend. we know you had a great time in indianapolis, a wonderful town, by the way. >> well, you know it very well. i missed you guys too but the indy 500 something every american should do at some point. the pageantry and prerace stuff is just incredible. and the weather was good there.
7:34 am
but this is the time of year where you go south of indy really and south of the red river. the humidity kind of hangs around, that means that showers and thunderstorms when they do happen can be heavy at times and we've seen that in dallas. here's the future radar as we go from 7:00 a.m. across this afternoon. you'll see these kind of showers and storms pop up. we've got a stalled frontal boundary here. a lot of moisture and flow coming in off the gulf of mexico. some rain across parts of the northeast this morning. then a break and this frontal system kind of comes through and mentioned the severe weather threat today in sin and tomorrow more so across parts of northern ohio and eastern parts of michigan and upstate new york and western new york could see some rumbles of thunder and maybe some winds that possibly are damagi >> good saturday morning. i'm lisa argen the first weekend of june brings a slightly cooler air your way. it will be sunny, upper 50s to near 60 with mid-80s
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this weather report is this weather report is brought to you by serta. so if you have a rain shower overhead, maybe snuggle up in your serta and just ride it out this saturday. >> how was that? >> ride it out. take a little nappy-poo. that's what i meant. >> you spend the most amount of time of your life in your shoes and on your bed so get a good mattress and good shoes. >> you were born to sell. >> it's just important. how many more hours do you spend -- >> a good mattress. and if you're looking for good viewing meryl, everyone, we want to give you a heads-up on the season's premiere episode of "in an instant." it features firsthand accounts of harrowing tales of survival. tonight, a family stranded in the snow in nevada's remote back country. >> just give me three days. >> what do i do? >> wait, and then you take care of this little guy, okay. and you stay calm and you keep telling yourself three days. >> that's terrifying. that's "in an instant" tonight
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at 9:00 eastern here on abc. watch in your slippers and on your bed if you would like, right? your comfortable mattress. snuggle up. >> what rob said. coming up on "gma," going for golden state glory, steph curry and draymond green talking to abc's t.j. holmes about their famous rivalry with the cavs. how do they really feel about their opponents? and brad paisley's high school surprise. what happened when he showed up for graduation. that's straight ahead in pop news with adrienne. adrienne. pshare the same values in helping others.lo that's why we support service dogs for heroes. we provide well-trained service dogs
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there is a place where heroes hspider-man.... black widow... captain america... and eddie? so, what's the plan? breaking out the guardians, pal.
7:40 am
come celebrate the all-new guardians of the galaxy-mission: breakout! during the summer of heroes, only at disneyland resort. hero up! golden state warrior golden state warriors are having a 24-karat season, sorry for the pun, powering their way to a game one victory in the nba finals. >> before gearing up for game two tomorrow night, the team helped open a new nba cares, learn and play zone at the west lake middle school in oakland to help kids find a safe place to play and further their educations but back to business, they're not losing focus on the finals. steph curry and draymond green sitting down with our t.j. holmes. >> you wanted the cavs, did you not? >> it would be nice to beat them and get another ring so that's the mission, that's the challenge in front of us. we got to be ready. >> but specifically you're happy to have the cavs? >> playing the cavs definitely doesn't hurt. we want revenge and then they're going to want to say, all right, now we've taken complete control. >> okay, that was a little
7:41 am
better than his pc answer. so people are looking for some drama now and they want some drama, and part of that, they want to know that y'all got beat, that you don't like each other, that you hate each other. is any of that there? >> you know, it takes a lot of energy to hate someone. i'm not going to spend my time hating cleveland, you know. at the end of the day, you want to beat them. >> he said it takes a lot of energy to hate someone. it takes a lot of energy to dwell on the past too. >> now you guys to a certain degree, y'all were the young cats out here in the bay area, everybody could cheer for. then y'all added k.d., and now people are looking at you guys like these guys have built an evil empire to a certain degree out here. >> it's like the old saying, they want to see you do good but never better than them. you bring in kevin durant who was also a former mvp and now it's just more hate. it's times ten. but we're going to go out and play our game. it really don't matter whether you hate us or love us. we got to go out there and try
7:42 am
to win ball games because that's what we're here to do. >> how is this one about to be different, the rubber match. as they say, how is this series about to be different from the first two? >> we know what the formula is. we experienced both sides of the coin and the equation, just win. >> reporter: t.j. holmes, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to t.j. t.j. is going to be covering the nba finals. >> tough assignment. >> very tough assignment. but, of course, this is the first time in nba history you have seen the same teams go head-to-head three straight years in the finals. >> some people are not happy about it. >> no, they aren't. >> some people are so tired of the nba. >> celtics/lakers. >> yeah. >> didn't the celtics win like ten in a row. >> i thought they played -- we'll look it up. we'll google it. >> we could argue about this, everybody, later. >> we want the truth. >> the truth. >> google will give us an answer. >> you can't handle the truth, claiborne. you can catch game two of the nba finals, cavs versus the warriors tomorrow, 8:00 eastern right here on abc. coming up on "gma," how the secret to a better workout may be right there in your coffee cup.
7:43 am
the "weekend download" with dr. jen ashton right after this break. jen ashton right after this break.
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♪ welcome back, everyone. in today's "weekend download," the benefits of coffee and joining us is abc news chief women's health correspondent dr. jen ashton. jen. >> do i have to stop drinking my coffee? >> i love that you're actually drinking coffee during the coffee segment. >> for real. >> this is the segment we should just call justifying our morning habit, okay, everybody? >> that's correct. >> so, aside from our morning cup of coffee, there are some benefits to drinking coffee, the caveat, you have to exercise. >> right, and we've heard a lot about the health benefits to coffee. they far outweigh any of the
7:47 am
medical downsides, if you will, but there was a recent study out of brazil looking at cyclists and compared a group given 400 milligrams of caffeine in pill form before a 30-minute ride compared to a group that got nothing and there was a significant difference. the riders who had caffeine performed about 1 1/2 minutes faster, so when you talk about athletic performance, it's conclusively known that caffeine helps that. it seems to be more an endurance exercise however. >> so if you drink your coffee, maybe a little exercise to go with it. you're drinking your coffee black? >> i am. you know, listen, i want to tell you how i normally drink it. a lot of half and half with a little coffee but here's the downside. people love their coffee. i drink about four cups a day. >> whoa. >> it's what we put in the coffee that really packs a punch caloriewise. that sugar, that half and half, that creamer can add potentially up to a pound a week. >> whoa. >> so you just have to be cautious. i'm going to try to go black. we'll see how that works -- you want to try it? >> no, i don't. i have to have milk and sugar in mine. but four cups. is that not overdoing it? we have to be careful.
7:48 am
>> remember, we get up early. so, i space it out and stop around 2:00. if you have problems with sleep you do want to shut it down. you don't want to have your cup of coffee at 9:00 at night. >> jen, actually i changed my mind. i will have a little coffee. cheers to you. cheers, everybody. coming up, the celebrity who puts on her makeup on the subway straight ahead in "pop news." here's the cream and a little bit of sugar. thank you so much, jen. and it's also stain resistant. up to 65% more stain resistant than competing one-coat paints it has complete one-coat coverage. and it's also scrubbable. how scrubbable? this scrubbable. it has complete one-coat coverage. and it's oh-so durable. how durable? this durable. infinity paint from hgtv home by sherwin-williams. available at lowe's.
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by pfizer. okay, time for "pop news." but before we get to that we just have to vindicate paula faris. we questioned her stats about the first time three -- >> the same two teams played three years in a row. >> we talked about the celtics and the lakers, they actually played three times in the '80s but they were not all consecutive so there you did. >> close. >> still historic. >> she's really enjoying this. >> i'm not saying anything. i love you all. >> paula. >> it takes a big man to admit he's wrong. >> thank you, guys.
7:53 am
i appreciate it. you are a big man. my kind of man. >> i thought i was the one. anyway, what's popping? >> okay, on to some music. how about that. brad paisley giving some high school grads the surprise of their lives with a personal welcome to the future. the students at barrington high school near chicago entered a video contest asking seniors what they'll miss most about high school and paisley's performance was the prize. the students didn't know they won until he stepped on to stage and gave them quite a performance. ♪ spring break on a foldout couch last time everything ♪ ♪ little jimmy on the opry stage ♪ >> i have to say, that would make my high school graduation. paisley gave them words of wisdom to make memories and change the world then asked if he could have a tassel for his cowboy hat. >> you're a paisley fan. >> i just like good music and the fact that he would take the time the megastar that he is to come and inspire high school students, rock on, buddy. well, the who's who of
7:54 am
hollywood known for their glam squads, right, but drew barrymore is proving like busy moms everywhere, all she needs is some mascara and her reflection no matter where it is. the actress sharing this photo of herself on instagram on a york city commute, beauty for all of us girls on the go founder of her flower beauty brand and previously told "vogue" she doesn't have a lot of spare time to get ready, so whatever you got to do, you know, use your cell phone as your reflection. turn that camera on. >> they actually discourage that on the subway. but it's cool. >> i know they do. they discourage combing your hair or putting on makeup. but i've broken that rule a few times. >> it's actually forbidden? >> no, no, no it's discouraged. >> it's discouraged. >> like eating too. >> you got to make it happen. >> that's right. the foo fighters are back with a brand-new song called "run" and they're up to their old tricks in the music video set in a nursing home. take a look. yeah. ♪ we run ♪ we run >> i'm looking at the faces of everybody on the desk. dave grohl and his bandmates
7:55 am
turning that assisted living facility into a rock 'n' roll rager, stage diving, mosh pit, yeah. >> you know what, they're known for kind of goofy, elaborate -- >> i didn't like the video. it's number one right now but i just can't feel it. it's disturbing to see the elderly attack their nurses. >> breaking all sorts of records with this. >> yeah, seriously. "run." well, shazam is predicting the songs of summer using early signs of growth potential and the music charts to spot trending artists. topping the list is "despacito." ♪ despacito ♪ despacito >> work it, adrienne. ♪ >> i love this song. i'm getting it, girl. luis fonsi and justin bieber, it's hot. close behind, d.j. khaled's "i'm the one" which also features bieber. ♪ >> bieber is on fire. ♪ i'm the one yeah >> he's going to be a star someday. >> third, third is former one direction member harry styles with his debut single "sign of
7:56 am
the times." ♪ sign of the times >> that's a great song, by the way. i was surprised when i learned it was him. >> adrienne, great "pop news" as always. >> thank you very much. >> we'll be back tomorrow morning with more "gma" and more sports statistics from paula faris. >> good morning, everyone, i'm chris nguyen. happening today, people plan to march across the golden gate bridge for stricter gun laws. par tis pants will wear the color orange the same color hunters wear to protect themselves and others while hunting. the march starts at 10:00 this morning. bart has shut down its
7:57 am
newest station this weekend so it can warning on adding new stations. warm springs in south fremont is closed today and tomorrow. bart will provide free buses for passengers the agency has a ten-mile extension plan with two new nation i stations, one in milpetass. bart is installing new soft worried and running test trains to make sure it all works. this is the first of two weekend closures. the date for the second one has not been announced afternoon. a north bay tunnel has reopened this morning after some much needed repairs t. makeer barry tunnel, also known a it is five-minute tunnel, crews closed it back in january to make improvements to lighting and to fix cracking and leaks. water and sewer line versus also been replaced. let's get a check of the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. hi, lisa. >> chris, good morning to you. can't find any sun out there. layered clouds. here's a live look from mount tam. we have plenty of low clouds,
7:58 am
breezy, 53 in the city. it is vathd in san jose. 57 in oakland. gilroy at 59 degrees, from our east bay hills camera, you can see the sun, 54 santa rosa, 61 in concord. so check it out, we will see a lot of sun by noon time, upper 50s and breezy coast side. >> coming up next, a mysterious breach at this peninsula water tank. why neighbors are being told not to drink was comes out of the tap. plus a bay area cold case is getting new attention t. search to find this woman who was last seen in the east
7:59 am
8:00 am
we have no sun at all. it is flat out on the bay. there will clang by the afternoon. 59 in napa as well as fairfield, a delta breeze that will cool you off from


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