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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 3, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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literally turned back around and there were these three men standing there, one of which with a machete. >> terror in london tonight. three terrorists kill at least six people and injury dozens more as police there urge people to run and hide. >> move out of this year! >> get away! >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. it's now 7:00 a.m. in london. nine hours after britain's third terror attack since march. the map shows you how close saturday night's attacks were. police say three people in a van ran down pedestrians on london bridge. they then drove to nearby borough market and stabbed a number of people. the van you see here with the back doors open is the one police say was used in the attacks. six people died at the scene. the three attackers were also killed. at least 48 people were taken to hospital, including a british transport police officer.
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abc news reporter ecreshef has more. >> reporter: a white van rung down pedestrians out for a saturday night. >> those people lying on the ground. >> reporter: one person tweeth the photo of the immediate aftermath, people trying to help the injured on the bridge. witnesses describe a chaotic disaster scene. >> once they crashed that van, three men got out and they were armed with long knives. >> reporter: people ordered to evacuate. >> move out of this area! >> reporter: police asking radio stations to tell those in the area run and hide. >> keep moving! keep moving! >> reporter: word came from nearby borough market of the knife attacks. >> they run up and stabbed this girl, i don't know how many times. ten times, maybe 15 times. >> reporter: heavily armed police tracking down the three assailants.
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>> the suspects have been confronted and shot by police within eight minutes of the first call. the suspects were wearing what looked like explosive vests. but these were later established to be hoaxes. >> reporter: president trump tweeting, "whatever the united states can do to help out in london and the uk we will be there. we are with you. god bless." the uk threat level severe. the second highest after the suicide bombing at an ar yanda grande concert in manchester left 22 people dead and 116 wounded. sunday night the singer is scheduled to hold a memorial concert for the victims in manchester, visiting some of the youngest in the hospital. e richlt el reshef, abc news, london. >> as police are still trying find and kill the attackers people nearby were understandably on edge. take a look at this reaction. >> are you kidding me? >> right. >> if you get me home safe, i will follow you.
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>> right. >> we are chasing suspects around london who want to kill people. they are going -- hold on. they are going into buildings looking for people. okay? you all clung together in a place with no exit room. okay? you are victims waiting to happen. get your stuff and get out of the danger zone. >> all right. >> now. >> tonight the u.s. london is urging all u.s. citizens in the city to be on high alert and to listen to all directions from authorities. in a statement officials say "we stand ready to provide all possible consular assistance should we become aware of any affected u.s. citizens." travelers arriving from london at san francisco international airport and those headed to the united kingdom are sharing their thoughts about the terror attack. abc 7 news reporter lonnie rivera is live at sfo with our story. lonnie? >> reporter: yes, eric. this weekend marks the ending of school and the beginning of
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graduation trips. london is a popular destination. we talked to a number of travelers today who are still taking in this news about a terror attack at a london landmark. it's a busy saturday at sfo's snrgs terminal as travelers leave the country. julie schoenfeld learned about the terrorist attacks in london before arriving for her flight. a trip to london is her daughter's graduation gift. >> yeah. it's within five miles of where we're staying. but one of the -- i think we're doing slightly different things and we're going to be careful. >> staying informed is important. >> be aware of your surroundings. >> reporter: but she and others are trying not to stress. >> when you become too vigilant you start stereotyping almost when you other looking for aspects of people. i try to keep it in the back of my mind and enjoy the trip. >> reporter: gabriel hafner and his brother are heading to south africa. they have a six-hour layover in london heathrow. >> it's definitely like tragic.
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it's a horrible fact that we live in this world where we have to worry about that. >> reporter: and for europeans landing at sfo for vacation it's hard not to think about life back home. >> try to stay away from things like big gatherings and big parties or carnivals. >> when you see what happened in manchester just a few weeks ago with paris which is where eye come in from as well and two recent attacks in london. it's hard to feel safe. >> reporter: and for gary birch and so many that once assured sense of safety and security seems harder to preserve. at sfo lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. >> today's attack was less than two weeks after a suicide bomber killed 22 people at an ariana grande constant nrt manchester, 200 miles to the north. the pop star tweeted tonight "praying for london." tomorrow night dwrandee will lead a star-studded concert for
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victims of the manchester attack. you can see highlights of the concert tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. the last terror attack in london was also on a bridge. on march 2 27bd khalid massoud drove a car onto the sidewalk at west minister bridge. he stabbed and killed a police officer ner the house of parliament. massoud was killed by police. tonight the hashtag sofa for london is trending on twitter as hundreds of people offered sofas for anyone stranded in the city as rate of the attack. we first reported at tack in london with a push alert at 3:07 this afternoon through our abc 7 news app. download it to receive breaking developments on your phone or your tablet. other news tonight, relatives of an australian tourist are flying to the bay your no hopes of finding out what led to his violent death. the man was killed in an altercation at a san francisco hotel. abc 7 news reporter lisa amin
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gulezian is live outside the da vinci hotel with more on this. lisa? >> reporter: eric, it happened here in front of the steps of the hotel. investigators believe that the victim was trying to walk away from an argument when he was hit. you can see there on the ground the blood is left from where he fell. matthew bate was visiting san francisco with three other friends from australia. they were returning to their rooms at the da vinci villa after celebrating the warriors' win at around 2:00 a.m. friday morning. but bate got into an argument. as he walked away his family believes he was sucker punched. the 33-year-old hit the ground. he died a short time later. >> i feel very, very, very bad for the young man. >> reporter: police were quick to respond. they searched the hotel and found a lead on the third floor. >> at least four hispanic men were thrown on the ground in front of our room. i watched out the peephole for about an hour, asking them questions. ended up chnd cuffing them. >> interpreter: today police
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formally arrested one of those men. bate's family meantime released a statement saying, "we want to remember matt as someone who lived to the fullest. he had a lot of friends who will miss him dearly." bate was an analytic chemist and arrived in san francisco a few days ago. >> we just asked the taxi driver was this a safe area, and he says yeah. he said it's a very quiet, safe place. >> reporter: bate's family is still struggling with the details and with the possibility he may have died from something that has been plaguing australia for years. >> they used to call it a king punch and now they call it a coward punch and that's something they're really trying to stamp out. >> the one punch can kill campaign is educating australians about the danger of sucker or coward punches. laws have even gotten tighter as a result. san francisco police have still not released a suspect's name or charges. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. >> the reward to find out whoever killed 12 dogs in vallejo is up to $15,000.
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a memorial was held today near where the dogs were found back in february. jamison animal rescue ranch in the napa valley is hoping increasing the reward money will help motivate someone to come forward with information. vallejo police investigated but said it wasn't a homicide and there was nothing they could do. thousands of people in south san francisco can drink their tap water again tonight after tests showed it was not contaminated. california water service had been giving bottled water to residents of the sunshine gardens area since yesterday. that's after a water tank was vandalized. cal water saz a lock had been cut, so out of an abundance of caution they issued a do not drink notice. the utility says it's conducting a full investigation. much more ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00. bay area demonstrators join anti-trump protests across the country and they say they plan to keep the heat on the president for a long time. also, warriors forward andre iguodala weighs in on the racist gra feeti found in front of
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lebron james's home this week. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. it was a bright but breezy start to the weekend. those winds are going to warm us up. but we're also going to track a chance for some rain. the details ahead in the accuweather forecast.
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[ intense music playing ] ] it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the e300 for $569 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. liftoff. the 100th lift-off from launch pad 39-a as falcon and dragon take flight to the international space station. >> spacex made history today when it sent the first ever recycled cargo ship to the international space station. on board was a science experiment with some middle school students from san jose. it will help nasa scientists measure how heat and humidity behave in a microgravity climate like space. across the country today we
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heard calls for the truth from frnt trump about russia's tied to the election. here in the bay area hundreds took to the streets. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has our story. >> all people need to stand together. we are no longer afford to allow ourselves to be divided among each other. >> reporter: a march for truth in the streets of san jose. >> hey hey, hoho -- >> reporter: hundreds of people calling for an independent investigation into alleged connections between president trump's campaign and russia. >> i think our democracy is in peril and not knowing whether or not another foreign power is meddling in our elections is important. >> reporter: similar protests happened today in more than 100 steed across the country including this one in new york city. >> sign up to volunteer. call in to red states. call in to red districts in california. >> reporter: in oakland activists kicked off a campaign by the democratic national
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committee called resistance summer. >> take away health care from 24 million americans. are we resisting that? >> reporter: east bay congresswoman barbara lee urging volunteers to help take back congress from republicans in 2018. >> we need this wall of resistance in the house of representatives to stop some of these horrific budget cuts and these tax breaks for millionaires. >> reporter: getting millennial voters involved is the challenge. cal grad student sam cohn is leading the charge. >> he's getting people from saying yes, i support the resistance to yes, i support the resistance and i'm going to go somewhere to do that or i'm going to call a bunch of people. >> reporter: these people say their resistance won't stop. in oakland cornell barnard, abc 7 news. tonight a golden state warrior star is speaking out about the racist graffiti that defaced lebron james's southern california home. andre iguodala agreed with james' statement from earlier in the week that no matter how much money or fame you have being black in america is difficult.
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james' home in brentwood was vandalized early wednesday morning. iguodala told espn in part nobody ever wrote anything on my property but i've had situations where that n word has been thrown out plenty of times. you know how people look at you. a look is the same thing as spray painting. you see it all the time. it is different being an african-american athlete. it's definitely different. the warriors will try to go up two games on the cavs tomorrow night at oracle. and if you're not going to oracle, you can only watch the game on abc 7, espn, and abc's coverage of game 2 of the nba finals starts tomorrow at 4:30. and right before the game join abc 7's larry beil and mike shumann for the dubs on 7 pregame show, brought to you by jeep. larry and mike will be live at oracle tomorrow at 4:00. june is pride month. and the san francisco gay men's chorus is getting the celebration under way. ♪ honestly ♪ i want to see you be brave > the chorus performed at a city event just off market
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street today. the event included 24 new honorees being aded to the rainbow honor walk. pride-related events will continue all month culminating with the annual pride parade on sunday june 25th. military members who were injured serving our country are putting on an amazing display of strength and ingenuity in alameda this weekend. the valor games are for any veteran or active duty service member with a disability living in the western part of the country. the goal is to introduce adapted sports to attendees. the events include archery, swimming, cycling and power lifting. [ cheers and applause ] the games began in 2011, expanding into three additional regions including the bay area. the valor games on coast guard island in alameda wind up on monday. >> announcer: now your acuwaerkt forecast with drew tuma. >> in accuweather this evening
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clear skies across the board will lead to a sunny finish this weekend. we just had a void of any sort of cloud cover and marine layer. just want to press in very closely down to street level. just a sliver of gray around half moon bay in pescadero. that's the only fog we have at this hour. it's all about the warriors tomorrow. game 2 will happen at oracle. if you're going to the game, the arena, no issues getting there or going home. take a look at the forecast. temperaturewise as you get into the arena into the 60s by 8:00, 9:00 is wrapping up. another win with the dubs going into the upper 50s. of course hashtag dubs on 7 with all of your photos and videos on social media. that way we can easily find them and perhaps share them right here on air. live look from our sutro tower camera. san francisco city hall lit up in green this evening. camera shaking just a bit but we have great visibility out there. and current numbers are coming back into the 50s and type the 60s. currently 53 in san francisco.
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contrast that to brightwood right now, still rather comfortable at 68 degrees. 59 the number in san jose right now. 60 current temperature in napa. so here's the cal. overnight tonight really limited fog, plenty of stars out there for most of us. and temperatures falling about five or ten degrees from where we are right now, settling into the mid 50s for most of us on sunday morning. so here's your hourly planner on sunday. 12-hour forecast, 7:00 in the morning, just a little bit of coastal fog out there. otherwise the big story, tons of sunshine, and it will be another breezy day. winds gusting anywhere from 10 to 20 miles per hour. but really comfortable temperatures. mid 70s around the bay and even along the coast we will be in the lower 60s. highs on your sunday. microclimate starting in the south bay bright a little breezy but rather xhfrnl. 80 morgan hill. 76 for san jose. 75 cupertino the same in sun
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sunnyva sunnyvale. 70 redwood city about 73 for mountain view even half moon bay bright at 62 degrees downtown san francisco tomorrowe 65 even daly city we'll see a good amount of sunshine at 60 degrees. into the north bay comfortable 75 petaluma cooler in sausalito at 6676 sonoma, oakland bright and beautiful. 70 tomorrow for your afternoon high, 72 in fremont, 68 we outnumber and richmond and inland we're w5r78 but comfortable in the upper 70s to mid 80s, about 84 antioch 79 san ramon and 81 livermore. future weather just want to give you a heads-up. i know it's rain to see some rain in june but the achance is there late thursday night into early friday morning. here's a weak wave of energy friday morning moving through. could bring us a drop. it'sing? we're tracking and you can track it as well on the accuweather app. tomorrow enjoy the sunny afternoon. we have summer warmth through wednesday. increasing clouds on thursday. there's that chance of a shower
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early friday morning. otherwise, by saturday it's much cooler weather but we're bright with temperatures just slightly below normal. >> all right, sir. thank you very much for that. you want to see the last thing you want to see on dry land? there it is
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okay, mr. shumann, would you call this a hazard on the golf course? maybe the scariest hazard you'll ever see. earlier this week it this 12-foot-long gator showed up on a golf course at st. helena island in south carolina. apparently it did not notice anyone playing golf nearby and of course all the golfers left him alone. you go ahead and play through, mr. gator. clearly if you ever see a gator traveling out of the water stay back and let it continue its journey. in fact, the best way to see it is the way you're seeing it right now, on television. >> agreed.
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although that would make a good golf bag. >> wow. >> expensive one but a good one. >> what's going on in sports tonight? >> all right, buddy. the stanley cup finals skipped a beat in nashville tonight. details to come. and the warriors hope the beat goes on tom you know what i could go for right hmmm some sweet barbeque. ...or spicy! crave van! here, try my new barbeque bacon cheeseburger and chicken sandwich with your choice of sweet or spicy barbeque sauce. you crave it, we serve it. crave van!
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11:30 pm
>> we turned the ball over 20 times, and they had nine dunks and they shot 42% from the field. one of the best shooting teams in the history of the nba. how far off are we? not very far. >> every game's different. that's the beauty of the finals. it doesn't matter really what happened in game 1. it's a whole other experience we've got to be ready for. >> all right. shark fans know how the city of nashville's feeling right now. down 2-0 to the penguins but they have a chance to get back in this series with their first ever stanley cup final game in music city. a tradition in nashville. throwing catfish on the ice. second period predators trailing 1-0. roman josi beats matt murray. ties the game at 1. 42 seconds later frederick gaudreau. wristed high glove side. just his second goal of the playoffs, 2-1 preds. predators would get one more before the end of the period.
11:31 pm
james neal side of the net. that's his sixth. nashville wins 5-1 but still trail in the series two games to one. to the diamond. a's hosted the nats and finally took the slumber out of their lumber against former bishop o'dowd star joe ross, who was on the hill in washington ending a three-game slide. rough start for ross in front of the home crowd. bottom first, jed lowry and ryan healy both were two-run homers off ross. gives up seven runs. we move bottom seven. yonder alonso. and healy. back to back to make it 10-4 a's. healy goes 4 for 4. two doubles, two home runs. three rbi. first ever two-homer game after be gi b giving up five home runs yesterday the ace hit for themselves and win it 10-4 their final. giants hosted by the phillies. 1-0 giants in the sixth. tommy joseph goes just inside the foul pole off johnny quetdo and that ties the game at 1.
11:32 pm
phillies rookie ben lively made his major league debut and the giants could not figure him out. he gave up four hits, one run in seven innings. one of two double plays. and then bottom seven bases full for herrera. he bat flips off strickland, thought he had a grand slam but it stays in the park. still a three-run double to ice the game. the phillies win 5-3 and the giants fall to last place in the national league west. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. coming up mlb's first no-hitter of the season. another player reaches 600 home runs and we'll tee it up. stick around. we'll see you then. go dubs. there is an a's game tomorrow at 1:00. b.a.r.t. is a suggestion. it's going to be tight. >> you can flip like that you get a little chin music. >> ye
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crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. good evening. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines, at least six people are dead in london after a van drove onto london bridge hitting several pedestrians. three men then exited the van and stabbed a number of people before being killed by police. london ambulance service says at least 48 people were taken to the hospital. emotions are running high at sfo tonight as passengers travel to and from england. some are changing their travel plans or avoiding large crowds. others are trying their best not to think about it. the u.s. embassy in london is urging all u.s. citizens in the city to be an high alert and to listen to all instructions from authorities. in a statement officials say "we stand ready to provide all possible consular assistance should we become aware of any
11:37 pm
affected u.s. citizens." here turning trangd into strength and hope, singer ariana grande getting ready for her big benefit show tomorrow in manchester. surprising her fans, children recovering from the deadly bombing outside her concert two weeks ago. abc news reporter lama hasan is there with the latest. >> reporter: tonight security ramping up in manchester as ariana grande prepares to take the stage for a benefit concert, just 13 days after that devastating suicide attack. >> we were shocked, and we just want to show our support. >> reporter: authorities are launching a massive security operation around the city of manchester, creating a ring of steel to protect the 130,000 people not only going to the concert here but also to the soccer game nearby. barriers already in place and the police presence expected to double. officers pouring in from across the uk. >> i can understand some nervousness from members of the public perhaps but i can reassure them that come sunday they will see a heightened police presence. >> reporter: sisters yasmin and
11:38 pm
nadia were at the concert the night of the attack. fighting fear with strength and defiance. >> going to this tomorrow with all the celebrities, having new memories with ariana, we'll definitely have a closure on the whole thing. >> reporter: grande paying an emotional visit to many of those injured in the attack, including one of the youngest, 8-year-old lily harrison. >> i think the last sort of checkpoint for being discharged from hospital was a psychological sort of angle on things. i think after last night i think ariana grande, as surreal has that sounds, has got her over the edge. >> reporter: lama hasan, abc news. there are calls tonight for comedian bill maher to be fired for using a racial slur on his talk show last night. he told his guest nebraska stoefrn ben sasse he should visit neb more. the senator made a joke about having maher come work in the fields with us. to which maher made a joke saying he was a house n word. hbo called the comments inexcusable and tasteless and has removed that segment from any repeat airings of the show. after returning home senator
11:39 pm
sasse tweeted, "here's what i wish i'd been quick enough to say in the moment. hold up. why would you think it's okay to use that word?" the president of the naacp tweeted this photo of maher and comedian kathy griffin who's under fire for a parody of president trump. cornell william brooks said great comedians make us think and laugh. when our humanity is the punchline it hurts too much to think or laugh." late this afternoon maher apologized for the comments saying, "last night was a particularly long night as i regrelt the word i used in the banter of a live moment. the word was offensive, and i regret saying it and i am very sorry." for one central california leader pride month began with not a lot to be proud of. these charred remains are all that's left of the pride flag san luis obispo mayor heidi harmon had hung outside of her home for years. someone also put up signs promoting unity and inclusion -- rather cut them up. those signs were on display in front of her house. for her part harmon has stood
11:40 pm
strong saying "love will always triumph over fear." >> acts like this will not work in terms of keeping allies or people in the lgbt community from standing up for themselves. >> police are investigating this incident as a hate crime. motorcycle officers pr all over northern california showed off their skills today. the fairfield police department showed off this video of today's motorcycle training competition. it's the first year of the event which is open and free to the public. some lucky kids got to take their bicycles through the course as well. well, next we're about to show you a school project like you've never seen before. fifth-graders using the latest technology right there in their classroom to change a fellow classmate's life. abc news reporter marci gonzalez has our story. >> reporter: it started with a 3-d printer and a fifth-grade assignment. >> i wanted the kids to invent something that would solve a real world problem. >> reporter: a challenge for their young minds that ended up
11:41 pm
teaching more about their giant hearts. >> i was really overwhelmed. i was about to tears. >> reporter: 11-year-old makai blue. >> technology is like a blessing. >> reporter: taking that blessing and deciding to share it with a first-grader he's seen in the halls at lakeshore elementary near houston. >> he was missing a hand. so when i found this project, i knew this was the one for him. >> reporter: the class worked for weeks with a company called e-nable creating this prosthetic, printing the plastic parts, custom fit and designed with a spider-man theme. >> he's my favorite character. >> reporter: just for joshua shanks. >> you could be in the nfl at this rate. >> reporter: a life changer for the 6-year-old. and a life lesson for everyone involved. >> i was so amazed that we actually did it. >> reporter: on just how much is gained by giving. >> i kind of feel like he's getting somethig that i think he always thought he was missing. >> reporter: marci gonzalez, abc
11:42 pm
news, los angeles. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, start-ups show off at the largest augmented and virtual reality event in the world. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. started off the weekend with a bit of a breeze. tons
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first it was virtual reality. now the technology has evolved into augmented reality. it's a marriage of graphics and computers that promises to change the way doctors train for surgery and how people like us do our shopping. abc 7 news reporter david lui immerses us in the promise of this new technology at a showcase in santa clara. >> reporter: no matter where you look there are goggles and headsets to immerse you in a different dimension. they call it augmented reality. >> it's new hardware. it's new software. it's new platform. it's a cloud-based, you know,
11:46 pm
algorithm and it's going to create a whole industry. it's going to be tremendous for everybody. >> reporter: it has been developing over time but keeps promising to immerse people in a new dimension. one in which you can feel and touch virtual objects. even sensing whether they're hot or cold through your fingers. it could revolutionize online shopping. >> i'm buying a dress. i can actually feel it's a leather feeling or silk feeling or cotton feeling. that will be very interesting. >> reporter: this showcase called a.w.e. does feature some big name tech companies but at its heart are start-ups. viewverge works out of a kansas basement. >> it is the first conversion process, 2-d to 3-d conversion process of its kind that's capable of doing all the conversion on the sole power of a cell phone. >> reporter: a game maker making its debut. the game gets players moving instead of sitting and swiping on a screen. it's a startup financed by the family's cookie jar. >> it's quite a bit of money for a family. for a family to spenld the kind
11:47 pm
of money i've spent it's painful, yes. >> reporter: very typical says the show's co-founder. >> they have a dream, they believe in this vision and they're trying to find their way. >> reporter: the evolution of augmented reality opens up all kinds of possibility for the future including the ability for you to reach out to me when i report. in santa clara david lui, abc 7 news. >> yes, it is june and yes, there's the chance of rain later in the week. let's find ow more from drew. >> that chance coming thursday and friday morning. in the meantime the winds tomorrow and the warmer temperatures on the day. live doppler 7 along with sally got a very clear picture out there. as you take a look at the current winds. fairfield gusting over 30 miles per hour. the winds generally around 10 miles per hour. tomorrow, though, thelt incrass over 20 miles per hour and that will bring about not only sunnier skies but warmer temperatures. overnight tonight mid 50s the name of the game. tomorrow we'll get you into that sunny day, breezy, 65 in san
11:48 pm
francisco, 70 oakland. 76 the number in san jose and about 84 in antioch. accuweather seven-day forecast shows you we're warm and we're sunny through wednesday. we'll have increasing clouds on thursday. that's ahead of a chance of those showers early friday morning. otherwise, it's cooler as we head into next weekend. >> drew, thank you very much. cavs would love nothing better than to steal a game here before they head back home. >> that's what they're here for. the hype continues. warriors and cavs, one final preview. and not one but
11:49 pm
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where a walk down main street... there's a place like no other... where a walk down main street... blah blah blah .. hey!
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the name's rocket and i need your help! the collector has trapped my friends, the guardians of the galaxy in this weird...freakshow... check it out...this is the joint we're in... and we need you to help us break out! got it? move it!...i gotta go! there is magic for days! kevin durant had 38 points, eight assists, zero turnovers in game 1 of the nba finals. the last man to have at least 30 points, five assists and no turnovers in an nba finals game before that? some guy named michael jordan.
11:52 pm
but durant and the warriors expect a much different game 2 tomorrow at oracle, which you can see right here on abc 7. lebron james has won at least one road game in 30 straight playoff series. and to keep that going the cavs will no doubt do all they can trying to prevent those easy transition baskets and get under golden state's skin at the same time. dubs are well aware of what's likely to happen and are getting themselves mentally prepared for what's coming. >> we've got to come out and be even more physical than we were in game 1. we've got to be better at finishing around the rim, start the game we can't give away -- we can't leave points on the table. defensively we've just got to talk a little bit more. we definitely have to be better. >> i'm not in the locker room obviously but you expect them to play physical, have a lot of energy, feed off lebron and kyrie. every game's different. that's the beauty of the finals. it doesn't matter really what
11:53 pm
happened in game 1. it's a whole other experience we've got to be ready for. >> able to pick them off. those are like pick sixes. throwing the ball to deion sanders. for the most part it's going to be a touchdown going all the way. it's a fine line. if you have turnover guys getting into the lane trying to make a play that's okay. but once you get caught up in the air or you're swinging the ball carelessly and they're picking those off. >> game 2 set for sunday at oracle on abc 7. tune in for the jeep 4:00 p.m. pregame show with larry beil and myself. 5:00 p.m. tipoff. stay tuned for after the game with our usual nba posse of larry, adonal, coach kerry, and yours truly as we break down game 237. we'll start in miami with the first no-hitter of the season. edinson volquez on the mound. chops it down the line. volquez covers first. fen tez runs into him.
11:54 pm
volquez checks out. and he will stay in the game. boy, that was lucky. volquez throws just 98 pitches and got sen including the side in the ninth. he diekted the performance to one-time royals teammate yordano vents rah who died in the off-season and would have turned 26 today. >> when i got to the seventh i told myself you've got to go for it. so a lot of different things can happen in those innings. when i passed the seventh i was like now you've got to do, it you've got to go for it. it's a speal day you. and ventura family. it was good. no hitter. >> how are you doing? he was like, i'm good. once you get past that sixth, he didn't want to go out game. then obviously the seventh was no stopping. at that point his pitch count's still good, the whole thing. our second milestone, pujols
11:55 pm
entering the night with 599 career home runs. and he gets number 600 in style. the ninth man. the average player with -- the most by any active player. sammy sosa on the all-time list. stanford eliminated byu earlier today. need a win against cal state fullerton. scott hurst. speed this up, bottom two duke kinnaman staeld second, that throw gets away two errors and kinnaman puts the cardinal on the board. then bottom line for the last left the foolds fielder's choice to end it. 4-2 the final. stanford's season ends and so does the great career of head coach mark marquez as stanford after third round of four years. third round the memorial. dubner had a five-shot lead
11:56 pm
heading into the day. 5 over 77 including double bogey on 11. feels the creek. he's 9 under par. bub wa watson. 6 under on the back nine and finished with this birdie on the 18. only four back of leader daniel summer haze, who also lost a 4 under 68. that's what we call a kickin' birdie. 13 under. three shots ahead of matt kuchar heading into sunday's final round. real madrid taking on juventus in the champions league final. mandzukic. look at this. amazi amazing. bangs it into the corner. but cristiano ronaldo had two goals for real madrid. juventus fans not pleased as real madrid rolls 4-1 and now have won consecutive champion league toilets. this abc 7 news sports report
11:57 pm
brought to you by river rock casino. a's and nats tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. in the coliseum. it's going a nightmare with the baebls coming out and the warriors trying to get in. that would be my recommendation, but we'll see a completely different game. >> making adjustments. >> i think they're going to play a lot march physical especially with kevin durant and steph curry. that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 with drew and
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