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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 5, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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home and better to win on the road. >> steve kerr was back on the sideline as coach. it was really good to see. he missed game one due to lingering complications due to back surgery. we will see if the warriors can make the same magic happen on the roads. >> amy hollyfield is live downtown san francisco. amy. >> reporter: reggie, you can see where there are at the saint regients hotel. this is what it looked like as fans gathered here, and this is where the team is staying. we are hearing they will be leaving at 9:00 this morning, and the cavs are going to be looking for some of the same luck they had last year at home, and they won game three and then the warriors, of course, grabbed game four while in cleveland. the warriors are going to be
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sleeping in a bit. we will be keeping a watch at the saint re gents. espn and gave coverage of game three starts 5:30 here on abc 7, and the pregame well. >> if you want to watch game three and four, the warriors are hosting watch parties at oracle, and season ticket holder ticket 20 bucks each. and then "the chronicle" is reporting there was a deal in place to sell the box for $200,000 a year. the money would have been used for city services and programs,
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and council president said and council president said colleagues were not was brought aeta et y ethics commission report asked how the tickets were doled out. british prime minister theresa may announced they know the identity of the three attackers on saturday's attack in london, and the suspects drove a van into people and then went on a stabbing rampage killing seven, and the prime minister went on to say this was an attack on not only the london and the uk but also the free world. city leaders in london are planning a vigil to honor the
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victims this morning at 10:00 our time. >> flowers and police on the streets of london this morning, and the and its people kau and the and its people kau ridgious. >> the taxi driver came towards me, and he said, you have to run, they have a knife. run, they have a knife. >> so many >> we cannot and must not pretend that things can continue as they are. >> there is to be frank far too much tolerance of extremism in our country. >> here in the united states president trump expressed solidarity. >> i will do what is necessary to prevent this threat from spreading to our shores and work
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every single day to prosecrette security of our country. >> and his twitter called to renew calls for the controversial terror ban. this was the third attack uk since march. in manchester, brits remembered the victims of the last attack and they vowed to stay strong. >> investigators are currently saying they do not believe the manchester and london attacks were coordinated, but they do represent a cluster of independent attacks that have independent attacks that have been building for sometime. >> the one love manchester concert raised $2.6 million for the victims and their families in just a three-hour period. that brings the total raised to
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$12.9 million. if you want to help out we if you want to help out we posted more information on abc7 news app and happening today, google plans to reveal results from a test that measures how bad the pollution is in one bay area city. oakland is the first city in the country to be measured with the sensors, and google will reveal the test results today. and already signed a new agreement focused on clean air agreement, and brown signed the clean energy act. brown will co-host a forum in beijing to express reductions in
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greenhouse gas emissions. and then trying to determine what led to a shooting that involved two officers and it happened at 3:00 this morning on interstate 580. the officers stopped a man driving a van that was reported stolen in hayward and something led the officers to draw their weapons and fire. the suspect was treated at the scene and is in the hospital this morning and investigators are looking at video at surveillance cameras in the area. and then a devastating fire last fall destroyed much of one church, and the first congregation church had its first mass since a fire ripped through last september. the fire caused $9 million in damage, and churchgoers are happy to be >> so much joy to be home
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feel where we belong. >> it's better than it used to be. >> the fire also damaged nearby church officers, and the senior minister hopes to start rebuilding those in the fall. let's talk about what's going on outside by looking at our roof cameras. our roof cameras. and looking at the bar to the south. if you are taking the ferry enjoy the calmness of the morning because it won't be that way coming home. dry all day if you are going to the roads. take a look at the temperatures. upper 40s in livermore, pleasanton, doubleton, and low to mid-50s, and pittsburgh one of the warm spots. and 52 in san francisco. san carlos, 54.
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and check out tree pollen high and grass pollen moderate. and the uv index high today on the day. 70 around san francisco. and mid to upper 70s most of the bay. a slight drop tomorrow and it continues on wednesday and it will keep going until we have rain. that's coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. here's a look at emeryville, a solid stream of headlights past golden gate fields. pretty light at the toll plaza. green is good. slow traffic out of the central valley, and lafayette, the left lane is blocked at acalanes.
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so think will probably have to have caltrans come out we will check backn all of this and more and drive times coming up. 11 years since california executed a death row inmate. the supreme court is about to hear a case that could make executions resume at san quentin. and then the biggest hurdle he faced in getting to the top without ropes. one-handed! one-handed! he aims and shoots
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reading let's see pictures, pictures,pictures there's a boy riding on his bicycle you can read too grandpa! ♪yea it's always better when we're together♪ >> announcer: "abc7 mornings." look at the monstrous tornado in canada. a government agency that sent out weather alerts shows the twister spotted near the town of three hills and moved at 30 miles per hour, and nobody was hurt. alberta normally sees about 15 tornadoes every year usually between april and september. the california supreme court scheduled to hea arguments tomorrow in a case that is challenging proposition 66, the death penalty ballot initiative was approved by voters last fall
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if the court upholds it's central provisions that would open the door of resuming executions. one of the most hotly contested requirements of prop 66 is requiring the court to decide all death penalty appeals within five years of sentencing, and that's more than twice the court's current pace. an elite rock climber accomplished what many of the fierce consider to be the greate greatest feat of his sport. national geographic showed this photo, and it took him four hours to presolo the summit on saturday, and abc smoke with another climber. >> it's just like beyond many things we have seen done before. it's a combination of very hard and technically difficult things and without a rope, you know, just the danger factor is crazy.
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>> he's a sacramento native. he says the biggest hurdle to the climb was mentally preparing for it and having no doubts as he went in. >> that is incredible. warning people in san carlos to keep a close eye on their kids and pets and people have seen mountain lions in the area. and the first was around 9:30 near crest view drive, and then the second one was on britain avenue. he was last seening off in the open space. if you see a mountain lion do not approach it, and try to make yourself look bigger and try to scare it off. there are no age restrictions to become a member of dub nation and we may have found the youngest member of the team ever. >> we are introduced to a little boy in san francisco that not only has the dub's jersey but the moves, too. >> there you go. >> there you go. >> that's 3-year-old
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his jump shot. when he was just 18 months, he showed talent wearing a diaper, scoring baskets over and over, and even rapid shampoo bottles into the trash. now then he misses and doesn't take it well. >> you didn't make one. >> the only thing he likes better than basketball is his favorite player. >> whoever dons the jersey is steph curry, so he thinks he's steph curry. >> he never takes number 30 off, and wears it to church and visiting santa at christmas, and yes, even to bed. >> he hunggged it, he said, oh, curie. >> i had to ask his doctor, when
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is healthy versus unhealthy? he's pretty obsessed. >> with this shot not even looking. >> how did you get so good? >> practice. not bad for a family that moved to the bay area two years ago. >> he's from texas and i am from indiana, and none of us are warriors fans, but we are now. >> is that the cutest story i have ever seen. >> okay, we're done, and it's 4:46, and we'll see you tomorrow. sure, make me follow that. thanks. i can see which producer is on my list right now. that was cute. reminds me of the older shots of tiger woods when he was younger. 280 and 17, mostly clear down in san jose. in fact it's going to be sunny, warmer and breezy this afternoon
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for most of us, and even the coast is going to see sunshine. cooling through friday with a chance of rain on thursday. let's take a look at the winds. nonexistent this morning. awful us less than 10 miles per hour. take a look down in the neighborhoods in san jose. looks like los gatos, 82. and the peninsula, a wide range, and redwood city at 80 degrees. low 60s along the coast today to near 70 downtown south san francisco and sausalito. about 79 in petaluma, and santa rosa and napa, 84 degrees. along the east bay we have 72 in richmond. and looks like fremont at 77. mid to upper 80s, getting close to possibly needing the air-conditioners in the east bay valleys. it looks like a little more cloud cover tomorrow morning. all right, so the chance of rain is going to be best on thursday,
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from about san francisco north where we're less than a tenth of an inch, and then ushered in a cooler friday and then rebou rebounding on friday and saturday. problems out of the for the san mateo bridge. flashing lights in the westbound direction, the three vehicles in the left lane on the high-rise and that will cause problems this morning as the tow truck is en route westbound on the san mateo bridge. you can see slow traffic out of tracy with the red sensors, and taking a look at roadwork that should be picked up in the next 15 minutes. and here's a look at some of your drive times if you are heading out right now. 35 minutes, tracy to dublin. and westbound four, antioch to can co concord, a great ride, 14 minutes or so, and then we will come back with the accident on the san mateo bridge in just a
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moment. a bicyclist gets in trouble. what it took to bring him to safety. and then wait until you see that. >> how big is that? a high school drama club has just seven days left to raise money for a trip to europe, and how the warriors stepped in to give them a boost. first, this morning's tech bytes. >> one of manchester dominates twitter. >> the charity concert generated more than 60,000 tweets at one point, and ariana grande and justin bieber were the most tweeted performers. >> many analyst expect apple to expand the functions of siri, its voice assistant and produce a siri speaker.
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>> siri is first but lagging far behind alexa. >> alexa is cuter. and then engineering noodles that start out flat and makes it that start out flat and makes it into d
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toxic chemicals and carcinogens are leaching into the environment. it's happening right where we live, work and play. everywhere. cigarette butts are toxic waste. let's stop the toxic litter. learn more at ♪ when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. a southwest workers is said to be in good conditions after
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an american airlines plane got stuck in the mud in that same airport, none of the 44 people onboard were hurt. a cyclist who got in trouble is doing fine thanks to rescuers. they called in a helicopter to pull him to safety yesterday. he apparently broke a leg during a trail ride. you are looking at video provided by the sheriff's department. talk about a hazard on the lin links. here's option a. this enormous alligator spotted on a course in south carolina this weekend. it took its time meandering away. here's option b. a bear cited in
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alaska. the pair made noises to scare the bear away and the bear did not care and followed them to the next hole, even grabbing a snack from their bag. these guys are way too close to the bear. eventually it wondered back in the woods. with those two options, i will go with the gator. i can outrun a gator, that's how i feel, and i don't know if that's true, but in my mind -- >> i have seen you run. >> no, you go ahead. happening right now, bid something opening to have lunch with warren buffett. >> this is the 18th year is at a power
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bidding ends friday at 7:30. east bay high school drama school got a dubs boost in their efforts to finance a trip. the skyline high school drama class performed to rave reviews throughout the area, and they have been invited to the high school festival theater in scotland. the trip cost $28,000, and the students have one more week to raise it. and the warriors held a raffle at the game. let's talk about what is going on over the water today. we will start with the bay and the delta. small craft advisory. 24 to 38 miles per hour, and over the ocean, it's going to continue to blow until at least 9:00 tomorrow, and in fact some of our beauies are strong winds.
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across the street from oracle, we came up about a run short. 64 to 68, blue jays in town to take on the athletics. and then the highs and lows, 109 and 33 are our extremes. one of the driest months, 0.1 of an inch. a four-vehicle accident blocking the left lane almost to the san mateo side of the bridge, half mile before the bridge ends. right here past the toll plaza. you can seat headlights before the high-rise -- pardon me, the taillights before the high-rise. you are slowing on the peninsula side. we'll take a look at this and mass transit options in a few. and then improving survival by almost half a year according to a new study. they regularly reported their symptoms instead of waiting
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until their next opponent, and those that did lived five months average on longer than who didn't, and patients should speak up about side effects. and then next at 5:00, video of a postgame incident that temporarily prevented the cavs star from getting off the court. and then watching a situation overseas. situation overseas. major airlines halting
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>> announcer: good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> announcer: this is "abc7 mornings." >> so many good things that
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happened over the weekend. warriors won, so i know you are happy about that. "wonder woman" was great. >> somebody had a birthday, too. >> yeah, happy birthday. >> tried to blow up twitter. we didn't break it. sorry. let's look at live doppler 7, tracking clouds coast. the kra ceiling is about 1,200 feet. the golden gate bridge could take over that, and it seems quiet down on 880. how about 70 to 77 in the bay and inland neighborhoods at noon, and 69 to 74 at 7:00. going to be warm but comfortable by the time you get back home. look at the temperatures down and around the ocean. how about


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