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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 5, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the span right now. avoid this if you can. what's happening? we have a sigalert issued, there was an accident on the high-rise left lane and it's still out there, and chp just issued an alert saying it's going to be 30 to 50 minutes before they get it cleared. avoid the san mateo bridge. it's gridlocked. take the dumbarton bridge, and we have the metering lights on with the solid backup here, and those were turned on at 5:21 this morning. the dumbarton bridge, great alternate. apple's big developer conference kicking off in a few hours. >> first time sl holding it in san jose instead of san francisco. matt keller is live there. >> reporter: what a day here in san jose. what a morning. a lot of people have already shown up for the big event. hundreds of people are in line right now, and we talked with the two guys who were second and third in line, and they got here
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around 7:00 last night. >> it was my dream, you know, from the -- so many years ago, to finally come to an apple keynote, and then finally came through, so yeah, i am super excited about it. >> this is the 28th annual worldwide developers conference, and this is the first time this event has been held here in san jose since 2002. and apple could discuss its latest in augmented reality and virtual reality, and update its mack and updated hardware as well as updated systems for all products. and security though is also a big deal. fences and police officers and security guards are everywhere. i talked with one officer and he told me they had been planning for months and are not doing anything differently because of the recent terrorists attacks in london and manchester but said that terrorism is something they take into consideration with their planning. the keynote starts this morning
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at 10:00. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc7 news. >> the jackets are really cool. can you grab one of those first? thanks. and then just two games away from bringing home another championship. both teams head out for games three and four. and welcoming steve kerr back to the courtside last night who has been out from ongoing complications from back surgery. >> the fans are amazing, and they know i have been through a tough time but it's great to be back out on the dofloor and fee the energy of the finals. >> the warriors have won 14 consecutive playoff games, the longest post season winning streak in nba history. >> did you catch this? right at the end a fight erupted in the stands as lebron was head into the tunnel.
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apparently two men were scuffling to try and get up close to the team and players had to wait until things calmed down before they headed back into the locker loom. espn and abc's coverage of game three starts wednesday at 5:30 here on abc7, and before that join us for the dubs on 7 pregame show brought to you by jeep. shu will be live for tphus cleveland and tip-off is at 6:00 p.m. jury khredeliberations are considered to continue in the lamar case. he was convicted of attempted kidnappings of three other people, too, and deliberations began last wednesday. the defense is asking for life in prison. and then a missing 2-year-old boy, sterling todd robles ii, police believe he may
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be with his father who does not have legal custody, and the follow is of the same name and is a known member of the hell's angels and a long haul truck driver, and may be calling his son greg to avoid detection. there's a new survey showing many residents don't have internet access. 1,100 seniors and students and affordable housing residents were surveyed and many say they don't have access to the internet. 60% said the cost was the main factor. and lack of internet has prevented some kids from completing a school assignment. this is the breaking news update. another country cutting ties with qatar this morning because of ties with terrorism. and libya poised to do the same thing with part of their
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government denouncing the c count country, and already many others have cut ties. overnight several other major airlines cut flights to the capital city of doha. and then taking place about a mile from london bridge where three attackers first ran down pedestrians and tabbed more. seven were killed, and 48 others were hurt, and an american college student was in a public during the attack and is talking about that experience. >> the attackers were right outside the glass windows and the front door, and they were banging and trying to get in apparently, and that's when -- when they were outside is when eventually the s.w.a.t. team was able on take him out. >> he helped an injured man who ran into the public by wrapping his belt around the man's head
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to slow the bleeding. >> it was less than two weeks after a suicide bomber killed people after a ariana grande manchester. and grande turned for a and grande turned for a star-studded benefit. >> tens of thousands of people danced and celebrated with her yesterday. many of those people were fans who had originally attended the concert. >> i love you guys so much, and i think that the kind of love and community we are displaying is the medicine the world really needs right now. >> the concert raised $2.6 million in a three-hour period, and that brings the total raised to $12.9 million so far. sources tell abc news trump has no plans to invoke executive privilege from blocking c
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call today. comcast business. built for business. >> announcer: now a traffic alert from "abc7 mornings." >> the place to avoid, the san mateo bridge this morning. it's gridlocked across the span and there has been an accident in the high-rise in the left lane for the last hour or so and we are tracking 1:10 to get from hayward over to foster city, so avoid the san mateo bridge. if you can take the dumbarton, it's looking a lot better. here's your drive times. san mateo is not the place to be. bay bridge is looking not too bad behind the metering lights, and those on golden gate bridge
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is a piece of cake, and then the san mateo backed up so use the dumbarton. the bay looks calm this morning, though. let's take a look at your activity planner today. if you are on the bay, it's going to be quiet and breezy, especially this afternoon. temperatures running from 41 in wood side, and we have tpraeupb in redwood city and daly city. otherwise 50 to 52 on the peninsula. and then upper 40s to mid-50s in the east bay and north bay valleys. temperatures today, 92 in sacramento. 75 in tahoe. 107 in palm springs. as we look at san rafael, temperatures are going to slowly cool in the next three days culminating with a chance of rain on thursday. back to you. a new report revealing a surprising cost of student housing and it's cheaper to live on campus at some of the most coveted universities. our news media partners, they
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found uc berkeley is expensive public university in the state, and the cost of room and board is about $17,500. and then number two is hardly a household name, csu, channel islands in ventura county, nearly $17,000. and uc davis is number three. happening today, president trump set to make an announcement about flying. >> violence in the streets of 80 percent of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented with the right steps. and take it from me, every step counts. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. non-alcoholic juice drinks inspired by your favorite cocktails. [ plays chord ] [ plays melody ] [ plays castanets ]
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police used pepper spray and tear-gas to separate two crowds of people at a massive speech rally in portland. you can see the scene yesterday. one rally was sponsored by a n conservative pro trump group and some protesters protected themselves by using garbage cans as shields and 14 people were arrested. and then a sexual battery onboard on b.a.r.t. a woman reported a man reached under her skirt before getting off the train at the lake merritt station, and officers
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looked for the suspect and could not find him. the description is not detaile but to say he's african-american and six feet tall and wearing a light blue t-shirt and jeans. and then president trump moving to privatize the traffic control system. later this week the president will travel to ohio and kentucky to talk about the need for improving bridges and levies, and speak at the transportation department about regulations involving roads and railways. and peyton manning hit the golf course with president trump. he rode in the president's motorcade. no official word on the purpose of this visit and he was in washington to receive the prestigious medal. and keep your eye on the truck right there and the man that is exiting and walking over
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to the car, and he jumps out and gets into the car while it was coasting slowly on a busy street. a police officers' dashcam caught this. the driver of the pickup jumped through the passenger's side of the car. why? the driver inside the car was apparently having a seizure, so the good samaritan was able to stop the car before it crashed. thankfully, nobody got hurt. now a traffic alert from "abc7 mornings." >> the place not to be this morning, the san mateo bridge. bumper to bumper, and been on the high-rise most of the morning and left lane remains blocked and chp said 30 minutes ago, 50 minutes, so a little time until it's cleared. avoid that if you can. the bay bridge metering lights are on and traffic is stack up
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behind that, and the east shore not too bad, but your best bet to avoid the san mateo bridge grid is to show the dumbarton, and that is starting to slow, too, towards the toll plaza. so use the dumbarton for now and we will keep following that because i am certain that will also become jammed. if you can get out early, please do. >> looks like the fog is snuggled right there in the east bay hills. how about that? wouldn't you like to still be there with him. let's take a look at what is going on as far as your accuweather highlights. warmer and breezy this afternoon, and cooler temperatures through friday and a chance for rain on thursday. let's talk about the winds. they are not very strong. 12-mile-per-hour, and you know over the water it's going to pick up so that means the closer you are to the water in the south bay, the cooler it is. and san jose, 81.
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about 75 today in santa cruz. 72 in millbrae. redwood city, 78. and low 60s along the coast today. we will get near 70 in downtown south san francisco ro rosa at 84. and union city and fremont 77 for the warm spot. 49 to 54 tonight. a little milder than this morning. 5:00 on thursday morning, rain, for the most part it stays there, maybe a drop or two tries to get down to santa rosa during noon and into the afternoon hours, so once the sun sets we will have a better chance of the weather reaching the ground, and going from 1 hup0.01 of an inch.
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we will keep an eye on that. look at the temperatures on friday, 50s and 60s. we will rebound, but nothing too hot. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 right here on abc7. >> ai amy robach with a look at what is coming up. >> new arrests for the suspects arrest in london, and then the american teen that cared for a severely injured man as we learn about the heroes and the victims of the deadly rampage. and then a big week for trump as former fbi comey set to testify. we are live from the white house. and then ariana grande's powerful one love manchester concert drawing support and tears from around the world. our backstage interviews with the superstar performers and then it's all coming up here on gma.
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>> it was such a nice thing to watch. we will see you at 7:00. and michael finney is next with a tip for home buyers. dub station, we want to see your warriors' pride. check out of the some photos posted, and use >> i think i saw guy >> i think i saw guy as you get into gear, keep on
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6:24 now. you know the annoying pop-up ads we all hate? they will be soon be blocked in google's browser. chrome can block ads unless there are specific rules. many of us are using third-party ad blockers, and this new built in blocker will be a big deal for advertisers because many rely on digital ads for revenue.
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and then a question about real estate. michael finney has the answer. >> what is the best place to find something around the bay area. >> that's a great question and i have bad news. cheap houses don't exist in the bay area. here's the tried and true way to get the house you want, buy outside the bay area. after a few years you sell that house and buy on the outskirts, and then you move closer to your city and then finally you get to the neighborhood that you want to live in. it's not fast and takes time but thetkde takes time. >> having gone through the process, all the closing costs i am adding up in my head. it's a question for michael finney, and record it on your smartphone or tablet and head to
6:26 am or post it on social media. >> i see rice and beans in your future. and then engineered noodles that start out flat and change into more 3-d shapes. it makes it possible to ship and store. the taste still needs a little work. and that's all that counts. >> that's all that matters. you have one job. >> right. >> and next at 6:30, measuring the solution in one city. >> the warriors heading to cleveland today, but oracle will still be rocking. how you can join thousands of fans and a big watch party. at the live desk watching live images coming in in orlando, florida. multiple people dead in a shooting there, and i am gathering details there. that is next. and then we have a sigalert
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and a grind on the san mateo bridge this morning. bridge this morning. it's just bumper handballer 1: you know what i could go for? scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van!
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handballer 1: you know what i scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash browu crave it.$2.99. we serve it. crave van! good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 "abc7 mornings." >> let's start by saying there's a lot going right for you on this monday, and first you are here and the warriors won, and
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let's get to this. >> there's an issue on the san mateo bridge, and what is going on, sue? >> we have a sigalert and a lane blocked on the high-rise and it's jammed. i just saw a tow truck going along on the left-hand shoulder and probably has gotten to the scene already and in the meantime avoid the san mateo bridge and we have the dumbarton that looks a lot better, although they are getting slow traffic approaching the toll plaza on the dumbarton. and the traffic on 880 as well, and it's not the place to be, the san mateo bridge today. we have an accident involving a motorcycle on highway 116, and slowing back towards penngrove as well. 1:20 to get across the san mateo bridge, so dumbarton your alternate. high, everybody. on this monday we are watching clouds trying to infiltrate the
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bay. here's how it looks in walnut creek. temperatures running in the low to mid-50s in most neighborhoods. our deeper valleys in the 40s so dress accordingly. in the upper 50s for the coast about all day. inland at noon, 75 to 82. and 69 to 74 at 7:00. we will take a look at your commute planner and a chance of rain coming up. now breaking news from the abc7 live desk. >> i am monitoring breaking news near orlando, florida. there has been a shooting in an industrial outside of the city, and there are multiple tp fatalities. there's a live look at the scene. this is an industrial complex where there are several businesses. moments ago the sheriff's department said the situation is contained but they have been looking at the entire area even with k-9 units and i have been watching things unfold for a
6:32 am
while at this point, and we are expecting an update at any moment and will have an update for you as soon as that available. now to the warriors who are just two wins from another championship. >> yeah, they clobbered the cavaliers last night at oracle arena. >> golden state remains perfect, 14-0. they are up 2-0 in the nba finals. >> sounds good to me. golden state has won 14 consecutive playoff games and that's the longest post season winning streak in nba history. steph curry and durant had big games and they are talking about what it will take to bring the trophy home. >> this is far from over. we know how hard it is to be the best team in the league, so we just have to keep going, man, and keep our foot on the gas, and keep getting better every day. >> they are going to keep coming, man. there's a lot of work for us
6:33 am
left to do and you have to expect them to play obviously better at home, and we are going to play better to win on the road. >> you know what was really nice to see, steve kerr back on the sidelines as coach. he missed game one due to lingering complications from back surgery. and the cavs will be fired up once they get home, and amy hollyfield is live for us in downtown san francisco getting early fan reaction this morning. hi, amy. >> reporter: hi, reggie. the cavs will be leaving the st. regis hotel this morning with two losses under their belt. the hotel has barriers case warrior fans them. the trip has been rough on the cavs themselves, and they are hoping for home-court advantage like last year. and they did give game four to
6:34 am
the warriors in cleveland. warriors fans are feeling confident about their team. >> kd and steph curry together, unbeatable. and teaching lebron how to play ball, and he went around him and made it. warriors all the way. >> reporter: the warriors are sleeping in a bit this morning and are expected to leave for cleveland later this afternoon, and the cavs are set to leave around 9:00 this morning. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. espn and abc7 coverage starts at 5:30 on wednesday here on abc7, and then there will be a dubs on 7 pregame show, and tip-off is at 6:00 p.m. if you can watch games three and four at oracle, and tickets
6:35 am
go on sale at 10:00 this morning for the season ticket holders, and then to the general public at 1:00, and they are 20 bucks each. and the chronicle is reporting there was a deal in place to sell the box for $200,000 a year and that money would have been used for city services and programs, and the issue was brought up after an ethics report requested how the tickets are doled out. and this london preparing to hold a vigil for the victims, and this is what it looks like near the market this morning. three attackers went to a stabbing rampage thereafter running down pedestrians on london bridge on saturday night. seven people were killed. dozens of others hurt. the attackers were killed by police. it was the third deadly terror attack in the uk in less than three months.
6:36 am
the fight against terror must be stepped up. >> we have been in many respect extremely successful and we have built a very powerful machine, but we've now seen the ghastly attack insulin done and in manchester. >> police identified the suspects there and have not released their names. a dozen people have been arrested in connection with the attack. last night's one love manchester, really a point of light in all of this. it raised at least $2.6 million in just a three-hour period. that brings the total raised to the victims for milli million. we have more information on the news app and website. and then going black briefly last night, and other world landmarks did the same including the eiffel tower. happening today, google plans to reveal results that measured how bad the pollution
6:37 am
is in one bay city. they tested the air in oakland for a year and it was the first city to be measured with the sensors. governor brown is in china this week and already signed a new agreement focussed on clean energy development. brown and the governor signed the clean energy pact aimed at bolstering clean energy, and brown will co-host the forum in beijing to discuss greenhouse emissions and will take part in a conference. and then about 3:00 yesterday morning on st. mary's avenue near i-580, officers stopped a man driving a van that was reported stolen in hayward and something led the officers to draw their weapons and fire. the suspect was treated at the scene and is in the hospital
6:38 am
this morning, and investigators are looking at video of surveillance cameras in the area. and then a devastating fire last fall destroyed much of it. the first congregational church had its first mass since a fire ripped through in september. investigators have not found what sparked the flames. the fire caused $9 million in damage. churchgoers say they are happy to be back. to be back. >> both to be home. >> everything about it was just like it and better than it used to be. >> the fire also damaged nearby church offices. they are hoping to rebuild those in the fall. and then accomplishing what many feats in his sport.
6:39 am
national geographic showed this photo of alex honnold, a sacramento native. it took him less than four hours to free solo the summit of el capitan with no ropes. and abc talked to another climber that did that with the 30-year-old. >> it's a combination of very hard technically difficult things, and without a rope, just, you know, the danger factor is crazy. >> he says the biggest hurdle to the climb was mentally preparing for it and having no doubts. the climb will be featured in an the climb will be featured in an upcoming documentary on nat geographic. we still have the sigalert in effect with the left lane blocked and we are looking at an
6:40 am
hour and a half drive times even if you are going to attempt it, and for those of you stuck in it, sorry about that, wish you would have been listening earlier, because weed the dumbarton bridge, and so hopefully that will be cleared out within the next few minutes. there's a look at the red sensors all way across the span. if you can get to the dumbarton bridge, i am seeing slow traffic approaching the toll plaza, and once you get across the span it's looking good towards the palo alto, and dumbarton bridge, a great alternate. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge and that's causing a slowdown there, and then a motorcycle down near 116 and petaluma, and we are seeing slow traffic through petaluma southbound at this hour. in the meantime, rain in the forecast, mike? >> yes, come thursday there's the possibility of some wet weather, especially thursday
6:41 am
night into friday morning. the bay bridge, full of sunshine. breezy if you are on the bay this afternoon. warmer if you are going to take mass transit this afternoon. 46 right now in santa clara, and saratoga, the cool spots in the sp san jose. livermore, 49. novato, 48. bodega bay, 47. everybody else in the low to mid-50s. here's a look at san rafael, looks nice. tree and grass pollen, moderate. and going to the game over at the coliseum, 64 at 7:05, dropping down to 58 degrees. and then half moon bay, 88. i will show you the cooling trend and the rain coming up next. is anybody home? google's high-tech assistant took time off over the weekend. why researchers saying keeping track of your
6:42 am
cou could help extend your life. if you are on the san mateo bridge this morning, it's going
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and live sports on the go. included with xfinity tv. xfinity the future of awesome. we're back with abc7 news, and the traffic center just getting word on chp that all lanes are now open westbound on the san mateo bridge.
6:45 am
we had a sigalert most of the morning with the left lane blocked. right now traffic is hardly recovering. it's still jammed with drive times up to an hour and a half. it's not even really a drive time, and specially more just a wait time between hayward and foster city on the san mateo side of things. the good news, all lanes now open. >> op apple's big conference kicking off in a couple hours. >> it'si being held in san jose instead of san francisco. matt keller is live with more on what enthusiasts can expect. >> reporter: since the last time we saw you we moved to south market street and you can see the line behind me is really long, and this is the end of the line. when we turn our camera this way and ian points this direction, you can see a sea of people, and they are expecting 5,000 people
6:46 am
at this event and it seems like they are all here right now. security will be a major priority and issue here as well, and i spoke with one officer and they told me they are not doing anything differently because of anything differently because of the attacks in the of the people we spoke with said they were disappointed but are going to make a trip to san francisco while here, and they are excited about the economic impact with visitors filling up hotels and restaurants, and tim cook will speak and the conference goes through friday. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc7 news. >> thank you so much for the preview, matt. san mateo county de deputies warning people that there's a mountain lion that was
6:47 am
sighted. the mountain lion was seen running off into the ridge open space. if you see a mountain lion, do not try to approach it. make noise and try to make yourself look bigger. >> now to a live desk update with jessica castro. bill cosby just arrived for day one of his sex assault trial. both accusers and supporters are at the pennsylvania courtroom. cosby is charged with indecent assault and a woman claims the median drugged and assaulted her at his home in 1994. cosby says their encounter was consensual. and this particular case is the only one where he faces criminal charges. >> a lot 6 pof people watching today. thank you. and then cancer patients
6:48 am
and then cancer patients that reported fatigue or helped with reporting symptoms. doctors say patients should speak up about side effects and not assume they are unavoidable. a cyclist that was in trouble this weekend is doing fine this morning. a helicopter was called in to help him after he broke a leg riding on a trail. a diplomacy secured the cyclist to a cable and both of them flew out of there to the bottom of the north peak trail. and then experiencing problems, and users reported when they say the command, okay, google, the virtual assistant responds by saying something went wrong. google says it's aware of the problem and is working on fixing
6:49 am
it. there are no age limits to being a member of the dub nation. >> we want to introduce you to a little boy from san francisco. he's not only got the dubs' jersey but he's got the moves to match. a 3-year-old sinking a three-pointer across the living room and he does it again. he showed talent while wea diaper, scoring baskets over and over. the only thing he likes better than basketball is his favorite player. >> whoever wears the jersey is steph curry, so he thinks steph curry. >> how did you get so good? >> practice! >> how cute is he. he never takes his number 30 off. he wears it to church, visiting santa at christmas and even to bed. >> i love him. >> yes. >> that's what it really has come down to. i want that little boy in my
6:50 am
life. >> let's get over to >> look at the motorcycle rider going down -- that's very illegal going down the shoulder there. we have traffic just stopped, although westbound on the san mateo bridge, chp cleared the accident and have even take it it off their logs, and so recovery is going to be slow to get back to normal. reports i am hearing almost two hours from 880 over towards 101. let's look at your rig route, the dumbarton bridge. it's slow approaching there as well. 2:31 to get across on the san mateo bridge. don't even go there or get close if you don't have to. the bay bridge is not bad but the metering lights were on this morning at 5:21, so you will have to sit through that.
6:51 am
and it's not a good thing to see that for the east bay commuters, but the golden gate bridge is looking great. the recovery in process for the san mateo bridge, but it's going to take a while. >> i love the struggle is real on the san mateo bridge. ceilings about 1,200 feet. sfo, no flight arrival delays. highs slowly slide through friday when 60s is all we can manage for highs, and we will have a chance of rain on thursday. let's talk about what is going on right now. the closer you are to the bay, the closer you will be. and 80 in santa clara, and one in san jose. about 75 in santa cruz. we will have low 60s along the pennsylvania coast. near 70 in downtown, and we'll have 79 in petaluma to about 84 in santa rosa and napa.
6:52 am
72 in richmond to about 77 in union city, and fremont. and temperatures in the east bay valley, 84 in san ramon to 89 in brentwood. lows from 49 to 66 degrees. can you see more cloud cover. look at what does to accuweather 7-day forecast. we will rebound but not get warm on saturday and sunday. that chance of rain on thursday will be best at night through friday morning. we are back in 90 seconds with seven things you need to know before you go. >> here's a live look outside this morning, and those people there just waiting for traffic there just waiting for traffic to clear on the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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whether you are just joining us or heading out the door, here are seven things you need to know before you go. number one, traffic is awful at the san mateo bridge. please don't even go there this morning. there was an earlier accident. it has been cleare off the high-rise but recovery is very, very slow. we are looking at upwards of two hours if you even attempt it, so use the dumbarton bridge. number two, a breaking news update. we learned that five people are dead after a shooting near orlando, florida. it happened just a short time ago. guys, i just saw the update and they are not calling it terrorism but this is workplace violence and we are told the shooter is dead. >> thank you. number three, a vigils going to be held in london this morning for the victims of
6:55 am
saturday's terror attack as police continue the investigation. the victims were honored by katy perry and several acts at a huge benefit concert in manchester. apple's big event going on in the south bay right now. look at the hundreds of people already in line for the worldwide developers conference. it's at the san jose convention center. it's the first time the event is being held in the south bay in more than a decade. the warriors and cavs fly to cleveland today for the next two games in the final. the warriors won by 19 points last night and are up two games to none. game three is wednesday night at 6:00, and on your home for the finals, abc7 news. and then working to resolve a issue with the water pressure in the new restaurant. as a result it will not open as planned. number six today, our warmest day.
6:56 am
check out your day planner. we are starting off in the mid-40s to mid-50s and staying at 60s at the coast and hitting the mid-70s around the bay. and then 74 to 82 by 4:00. we will take a golden sunrise for the golden win last night. thank you. >> it's cool for june later this week. which is not always cool for june in the bay area. >> when it's 60s inland and supposed to be in the 80s -- >> yeah, that's a big difference. >> a live look at apple's conference in san jose. >> it's time for breakfast there. >> reggie aqui, he got married in hawaii and has that aloha spirit. >> reggie loves his dog. >> woodstock. >> great name. >> he once sang a duet with dolly pardon. >> great debater. >> reggie always listens to your side and that's what makes him a great journalist for almost 20 years. hard to believe,
6:57 am
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morning america." good morning, america. breaking news, new arrests in the london terror attack and the new video overnight showing police hunting down the terrorists. isis now claiming responsibility for that brutal assault on london bridge where three men ran over tourists with a van then jumped out stabbing and slashing victims killing at least seven, wounding dozens more. police quickly swarm the scene. taking out the killers. the investigation this morning. what we're now learning about the terrorists' past and the heros who jumped in to stop them as the uk's prime minister theresa may says it's time for things to change. >> enough is enough. >> overnight, president trump speaking out about the attack. >> this bloodshed must end. >> vowing to help the uk bring the terrorists to justice but coming under fire for his tweets


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