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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 5, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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charges against derrick almena and his associate, harris that killed 36 people. >> they are both charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. >> reporter: almena arrested in a lake county. his attorney saying we believe these charges represent no less than a miscarriage of justice and we are confident that this attempt to make a scapegoat out of our client will fail. the criminal complaint alleges they created a fire trap at the ghost ship packing it with flammable materials, we requiring the electrical system and deliberately blocking one of two exits during a concert the night of the fire. oakland mayor libby schaaf released this statement. i applaud the charges filed today by district attorney nancy o'malley because they make a message you won't make a profit by cramming people into
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dangerous spaces by failing to maintain safe living conditions. >> it's an important day for the families of those killed. >> reporter: attorney mary alexander represents 11 of those who lost loved ones in the ghost ships. >> the families are seeking justice and very pleased there have been criminal charges filed against two of of the people who contributed to the fire. >> reporter: if convicted they face up to 139 years in prison. in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> the fire, december 2nd, 2016, killed 36 people making it one of the deadliest fires in oakland history and state history. two days later the d.a. launched a criminal investigation into the fire. on january 23rd this year, lawyers for
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their client should not be held responsible. coming up at 5:00 we will have reaction of families and at 6:00, we take a closer look at the raid and arrest of deri derickalmena in lake county and exclusively his first court appearance. antolin garcia-torres spared death penalty in the murder of sierra lamar. >> live for today's sentencing and with details. >> reporter: a jury decided the fate of a child murderer and unanimously they decided to spare his life when they could hve imposed the death penalty. it will be life in prison for 26-year-old antolin garcia-torres convicted of kidnapping 15-year-old sierra
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lamar as she walked to her school bus in morgan hill. he's also convicted of killing her but her body never found but his dna was found on her jeans near her home and his dna was found in -- her dna was found in his car. the trial started in january of this year. after four months, he was found guilty by the same jury, now, it's life in prison. sierra's mother and father were both in the courtroom. >> i would be lying if i didn't say i was disappointed in this verdict. he'll be able to live, sierra won't. he'll be able to breathe, sierra doesn't. >> this jury did not give the death penalty however the fact is this defendant will spend the rest of his life in a small cell in prison and die there. >> reporter: the sheriff called on garcia-torres to tell us where sierra's body is now and let her come home to her family.
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no comment by his attorney. they are appealing the conviction. the case will be back in court in september. i can tell you the jury was deliberating on this death penalty versus life in prison since last wednesday. the announcement came at 1:30 today. sierra's mother said they're finally going to plan on a memorial service for family and friends and all the friends who helped search for her. abc7 news. >> leslie, thank you. drivers are still dealing with delays after a fire quickly climbed a hill in lorinda. flying above the flames east of the caldecott tunnel right after the fire started just after 1:00 this afternoon. eastbound lanest the right lanes are closed. they called in help to help fight the fire. we're looking at a burning car that sparked the fire and the flames charred about 25 acres.
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now we will turn to christian spencer. it looked like it was breezy in a few spots. i was right near the fire at caldecott tunnel. >> there have been occasional breezes, dash -- excuse me, i called you by the nickname we call you at the station. dan. these breezes are not likely to inhibit the conditions. 73 degrees and the wind is under 10 miles an hour. if it stays that way the firefighting effort should not be hampered by weather conditions. here is an overall look at our doppler image, mainly sunny skies and calm conditions. it's mild, a 24 hour temperature change indicates many inland locations are 7-9 degrees warmer than they were this time yesterday. here is blue sky from our mt. tam camera. 62 degrees in san francisco, low to mid 70s at oakland. 87 in gilroy.
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57 at half moon bay. looking westward, temperatures are mid 80s in santa rosa and napa. quite warm in our inland areas and we have a chance of rain developing. i will give you a closer look at that in a few minutes. >> thank you, spencer. >> we now know the identity of a man charged with murdering a tourist visiting san francisco. >> 30-year-old matthew bay was killed at his hotel. and the defendant will soon answer formal charges. >> reporter: in san bernardino county, he has been arrested for the murder of an australian tourist for that beating on friday. the murder of 33-year-old australian tourist matthew bate
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shocked many. >> feel very very bad for the young man. >> reporter: the police charged 34-year-old david marr rio from california with murder. bate was visiting san francisco with three other friends from australia. they were returning to their rooms at the hotel after celebrating the warriors win around 2:00 a.m. friday morning. police say bate got into an argument. as he walked away, his family believes he was sucker punched. he hit the ground and died a short time later. police searched the hotel and detained several suspects. >> at least four hispanic men were thrown on the ground in front of our room. i watched out for about an hour asking them questions, ended up handcuffing them. >> reporter: just one of those men was arrested. matthew bate was an analytic chemist in san francisco a few days. he played cricket at his home of ocean grove where the local cricket club will hold a
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memorial. the facebook said matty bate who was taken too soon will be missed. police won't say how the fight which killed matthew bate began. abc7 news. did you get caught into this morning's commute into san francisco was a grueling ordeal for drivers on the bay bridge. and overturned vehicle blocked two westbound lanes. a viewer shared these photos, the crash involved three cars and this suv ended up on its side. the accident was cleared in about an hour, caused a lengthy backup for drivers, took many people an hour to get from the toll plaza into the city. a man has died after he was hit by caltrans, happening at the watkins avenue this morning. none of the people on the train was hurt and it's caltrans third
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fatality this year. this video was taken inside the immigration building by one of the demonstrators before they were arrested. they want the release of two construction workers detained two months ago. they protested their detention. today, their lawyer filed a motion to stay their deportation. >> i want to allow them to stay here despite them not having lawful status in the country. they would be freed from the detention facility but no path to citizenship. >> neither of the construction workers is eligible to plead their case before a judge that is because they were deported 15 years ago but came back to the u.s. half of people know someone who could be deported. the report also finds about half of state residents feel increased state resident enforcement will hurt the economy and the others say it will have a positive impact or
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none at all. a big week certainly for apple fans. >> it's great to be back in san jose. >> long lines and a lot of crowds as the apple developers conference gets under way today. plus a thorny problem in the south bay, a strange kind of vandalism targeting plants. >> warriors are off to cleveland for game three, how you can watch it and the unusual controversy out of last night's game. >> a live look at our traffic on 101 through san jose. the southbound has a bit of a backup but the right hand lanes are the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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apple's worldwide development conference is taking place this michelle obama is expected to speak. tim cook kicked it off this morning. more on what's happening. >> it greats to be back in san jose, the heart of silicon valley and right down the street from apple and our new campus. it's been 15 years since we held a developer conference in san jose and an awful lot has changed. >> reporter: san jose is hosting apple's worldwide developer's conference for the first time since 2002. these guys got in the front of the line around 7:00 last night. >> i tried three years to come and finally got accepted through the lottery. >> it was my dream so many years ago to finally come to an apple
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keynote. it finally came true. >> reporter: security is everywhere. san jose police blocked traffic in front of the convention center. an officer told me they started planning for this event three months ago and terrorism is part of the consideration. attendees have to go through metal detection and security dogs were all around. people from all around the world. >> germany. >> reporter: mobile app developers are looking for new ideas. >> everyone uses mobile banking and no one goes to a branch anymore. >> reporter: they are happy it moved from san francisco to the south bay, filling hotels and restaurants. some attendees are a little disappointed it's not being held in this city by the bay. >> it's okay. it's not san francisco but it's okay. it will still be good and we'll learn the same things. >> reporter: expect to see the crowds downtown all week.
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coming up at 5:00, the new upgraded feature apple announced today and the first new hardware since the apple watch. the superiority announced today it will hear a major cell phone privacy next term. they will determine if cell phone tower data can be used to locate suspected criminals without a warrant. they have long-held it doesn't apply because customers voluntarily provide information cell phone companies. it came after a robbery in detroit when they used cell phones for their investigation. proving to be a thorny issue for some residents. >> vandals have been cutting up valuable plants possibly for profit. kristen has the details. >> here's a look what's happening in san jose. this is a picture from the willow glen's facebook page. one woman had 18 branches hacked off and all the cuttings taken
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away. other neighbors had similar experiences. that's not all. a tarp covers another camellia just planted this weekend. she came home to find half of the bush's prize foilage gone. >> they were stolen from one person's yard, lemon tree foliage. camellias being hit and there's quite a fair market value for these things. >> neighbors believe money may be the motive. this is wedding and graduation season and floral arrangements are in high demand. some suspect there may be shady florists or desperate bride and grooms hoping to save a few bucks. flower wholesalers say if that's true, it's despicable. >> a lot of wholesalers available. morally it's not right for anybody to go into people yard and destroy their garden and stuff like that. >> in case you're wondering, one bundle of camellia branches goes for about $6 wholesale.
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if you notice any unusual plant or cutting activity in your neighborhood, call them. >> thanks a lot. after a $14 million face lift, san francisco's oldest recreation center opened to the public this morning. the news was there with mayor lee when they christened the park. everything was brand new including a new basketball court in a refurbished gym and the playground was redone and a new rock scaling wall the first one ever to be built at a city rec center. bidding is open for a private power watch, billionaire businessman warren buffet. the annual fund-raiser is in its 18th year and raised more than $24 million for the glide system. last year's auction tied the record with a winning bit of $3.4 million. the current bid stands at a
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million, bidding ends friday at 7:30 in the evening. >> you pay 3 million bucks, you ought to be able to call him william. >> i bet he would like to be a millionaire. >> a billion dollar day. sunny skies all across the bay area. here's a look at live doppler 7, a beautiful pre-summer early june, sunny skies, a patch of fog forming here to the coastline. this is a view from the sky over the bay looking not still a bright and mild afternoon. and a bright and mild afternoon tomorrow and chance of showers thursday, rather unusual occurrence in june and much cooler by the end of the week. we're looking at temperature readings of 62 degrees in san francisco. 72 across the bay in oakland and san jose, 83 in san ramon and 83 in napa and santa rosa.
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still pretty warm. it will cool down quite a bit across the bay and locally inland. mostly clear skies and dropping to the upper 40s in santa rosa and morgan hill. most locations will see overnight lows in the throw mid-50s. and tomorrow, highs around 60 at half moon bay with coastal fol lingering, 66 in san francisco. and it will be cooling from today's levels. 82 at concord, 79 south in san jose and 81 up north at santa rosa. i mentioned some rain, didn't i? let's dust off the old storm impact scale. we don't use it much in june. it's a 1 impact scale, of light intensity. it's mainly a north bay event. it ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. starting thursday morning about 11 a.m. or so, light rain across much of the north bay.
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later, 3:00 p.m., mainly a north bay event although some showers may reach south of the golden gate in san francisco and finally dissipates thursday evening. here's a look at the accuweather 7-day forecast. mainly sunny skies tomorrow and wednesday. getting gradually cooler dropping to the lower 80s by wednesday and cooler thursday under cloudy skies and showery conditions mainly in the north bay. cool for june just in the high 70 degrees and a warming trend next week. >> june showers. dr. suess, the museum that just opened is not without controversy. >> wonder woman at the box office and what it could mean for future blockbusters. this is your eastbound
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traffic op the
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two down, two more to go with another nba championship. with kevin durant leading the way, warriors are on their way to cleveland. they ordered their plane at 2:00 this afternoon. at the st. regis hotel in san francisco this morning as the cavs headed home. >> reporter: lebron james strolled out of san francisco's st. regis hotel this morning to head to cleveland with two losses following him home. those who gathered to see him though say he didn't look too worried. >> he looked like he was in tune, like he was focused, know what i'm saying not upset about stuff because he can control everything. do what he can do. >> reporter: this family came to give him a warm send off with 1-year-old wearing his jersey. they're big fans and didn't get
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to see him plan. >> we wanted to make to it the game but couldn't get tickets but this is the next best thing. >> reporter: a handful of fans stood outside barricades to watch them board the bus. autograph seekers didn't get what they were looking for as players walked by but happy to get a glimpse. >> it was worth it. was it worth it? >> yeah! >> reporter: cavs fans think they will turn it around but golden state fans think they are too tough. >> steph curry was teaching lebron how to play the ball. >> reporter: they will be playing in cleveland but fans will be here hosting a watching party here while the team is on the road. abc7
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ernspn's coverage will be o wednesday and tip off is at 6:00 p.m. san francisco will provide a broadcast of game three in the civic center plaza on a jumbotron. mayor lee says he wants to provide an opportunity to keep up momentum. alcohol will not be sold or permitted, so you can't get any. come early to secure a spot. they recommend taking muni or b.a.r.t. a quick moment caught on camera has the internet in a frenzy. steph curry was on the floor with a towel on his head and people accuse the warriors star of being disrespectful, tweets like this calling his conduct into question. the truth is shortly before that moment steph took a knee to the thigh and was limping afterwards and went to the sidelines to receive treatment and was not
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napping. >> we've never seen him do that. >> right. new details coming out of london. police have released the names of the ongoing terror attack and ongoing war of words between the london's mayor and president trump. and who signed up today.
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live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> the stories making headlines at 4:30, the founder of oakland's ghost ship warehouse have been arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with last year's deadly fire. we had the only camera where almeda made his first court appearance about two hours ago. a judge ruled he will be brought to alameda county to face charges. tweeting about another big legal decision, the jury recommended that convicted killer garcia-torres get life in prison. donald trump tweeting
4:30 pm
pathetic excuse by london mayor khan who had to think fast on his no reason to be alarmed statement. msm is working -- >> three attacks on mass terror event, it left seven people dead and 48 wounded. live from london. >> reporter: british prime minister theresa may says they need more robust policies to combat homegrown extremism as we learn more about the men responsible for saturday's deadly attack. british authorities have released the names of two of the three men shot dead by police following saturday's murderous rampage. they are both from east london. a somber back drop honoring the victims, london's mayor leading
4:31 pm
it. >> london will never be broke bine terrorism. we will step up the fight against extremism and we will defeat the terrorists. >> reporter: heartbroken families grieving the loss of their loved ones, melissa mcmullen calling her brother an inspiration. >> there will only ever be one james. >> reporter: stories of heroism from saturday, police and everyday citizens stepping up to fend off the attackers during the eight minutes of horror. an american college student from brooklyn said he came from under the table where he was hiding and rushed to help. >> i couldn't sit there as this man was bleeding to death and let it happen. >> reporter: police are still conducting raids in east london to root out any accomplices and urge people to come forward. >> we want to make sure people feel supported and encouraged and feel safe when they're talking to us.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: "abc news" learned the three men may have been planning this attack for months, one of them featured in a british documentary about jihad. abc7 news. >> we learned authorities have foiled several additional attacks recently, what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: we know british authorities have foiled or thwarted at least five plots in the last few months and we know the threat level here remains severe which means there could be attacks in the future. ama. >> live from london, thank you so much. egypt is now the fourth country to diplomatically cut ties with qatar over its alleged support with terrorism. egypt announced today it will stop all flights to and from qatar's capital of doha,
4:33 pm
starting tomorrow. others broke off relations with the gulf nation accusing qatar of supporting terrorism and destabilizing the region. qatar rejects the accusations calling them unjustified and baseless. we are learning more about the gunman who shot and killed five people in orlando today describing the shooter as a former disgruntled employee and calling it a case of workplace violence. >> reporter: a disgruntled employee armed with a handgun and hunting knife. there was an active shooter at an industrial business outside orlando. her sister was in the bathroom when she heard gunshots. >> she heard a bang is all she said and when she came out she saw one person on the floor. she said, my boss is dead. >> reporter: it appears the 45-year-old shooter reloaded at least once as he shot and killed the five victims whose ages range from mid-30s to 60s.
4:34 pm
>> at least one of them, he had a negative relationship with, but he was certainly singing out the individuals that he shot. >> reporter: "abc news" learned the gunman was an army veteran who had been fired from the business back in april. orange county sheriff confirmed eight witnesses made it out of the business alive including a temporary employee who narrowly escaped. >> he pointed a firearm at her and told her to get out of the business. >> deputies arrived within two minutes of the 911 call and he turned the gun on himself when they arrived and there was another incident at the same business two years ago. in oregon, family and friends held a funeral today for one of the good samaritans stabbed to death after defending two muslim women.
4:35 pm
they said he and two other men tried to protect the women against a tirade. one of them survived. the suspect is a -- >> cosby entered court in philadelphia with actress keisha night pulliam, who played his daughter on the cosby show. defense attorneys disputed the claims of the witness who claimed of this in the 1990s. a man with certainly palsy and a man mocking him, 35 miles west of philadelphia. sheriff's deputies and marshals took barry baker in custody charging him with simple assault, harassment and
4:36 pm
disorderly conduct for the may 10th incident. washington, d.c.'s mayor is reaffirming their commitment to the paris climate agreement. mayor muriel bowser says it is in the country's best interest to take climate change seriously and says the nation's capitol has a special reason to protect the environment. bowser is one of 200 mayors who committed to upholding the climate deal after the president of the united states said the u.s. would withdraw from it. cheaper, faster and safer air travel? >> a future where 20% of the ticket price doesn't go to the government. >> the president's proposal to change air traffic control, what it means for you. >> i'm michael finney. i'm still taking your questions on facebook, post them with the #askfinney and i'll answer them in a few minutes. i'm spencer christian. sky blue over the bay and we may
4:37 pm
see showers later. the forecast coming up. outside now, you're looking at the golden
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wonder woman was even mightier than expected. >> the new super power movie
4:40 pm
powered its way to a $100 million debut at the box office, the biggest directed by a woman. >> reporter: wonder woman displaying some extreme girl power. it went into the top box office spot bringing in more than $100 million opening weekend. >> the fact this movie surpassed warner brothers expectations is huge. >> reporter: it is not just knocking down gender barriers, it's smashing records. it's the biggest opening for a female directed feature. patty jenkins, surpassing previous record holer johnson, who directed "50 shades of grey." >> hollywood is very much a male dominated industry but with the success of "wonder woman" it shows women cannot only do everything men can do, they can make a lot of money doing it. >> reporter: the largest opening for a female adaptation beating
4:41 pm
the movie with scarlet johansen. critics are giving it a certified fresh rating. >> it ranks up there for the best comic book movies we saw in the last few years, the batman movie. >> it brought in an additional $122 million including internationally and patty directed other "twilight," "frozen." rob gronkowski gronk is known for violently spiking a football after a touchdown pass. he surpassed all of his end zone celebrations at a wedding over the weekend after the bride and groom made a grand entrance and she went long for a bouquet toss and that's when gronk went flying for the interception and blasted the bouquet into
4:42 pm
submitter renes. gronk. >> i hope she didn't want that bouquet as a keepsake. pick up pieces here and there. time to turn to our weather. >> spencer is back up. >> i can't believe that. that cracks me up, no pun intended. sunny skies all across the bay area right now. overnight we will see the pattern, pushing fog across the bay inland and low 50s at a few locations may see lows in the upper 40s, santa rosa and down south at morgan hill and santa cruz, mostly sunny today and lingering fog at the coast. mild to warm but not quite so warm as today. mainly 80s in our inland areas. look for low to mid-70s on the coast, up to about 60 degrees. graduation continues to happen tomorrow. it will happen at lincoln high school at san jose. graduation time is 1:30 in the afternoon. it will be sunny throughout the
4:43 pm
day tomorrow. san jose, temperatures in the upper 70s. it will be a bright, sunny and warm day to greet the graduates and congratulations to you. a look at the accuweather 7-day forecast, mostly sunny skies the next two days, tomorrow and wednesday although we will see coastal skies and gradual cooling going into next week and inland highs in the low friends and around the bay and a chance of showers mainly in the north bay. the system ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. highs reaching only 70 to 72 friday in the bay and inland and next monday we'll be back in the average high temperature range. >> this is nice. it will be 100 before we know it. >> we will be asking for 70 degrees. some big changes could be coming to airports across the nation. could they help save you money? >> i'm 7 on your side, michael
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deductible spacex dragon made a repeat delivery today. the same capsule dropped off a shipment in 2014, the first time a private company made a repeat visit to the space station. it carried nearly two tons of cargo including scientific equipment. president trump is promising cheaper faster safer air travel planned to do it by privatizing the air traffic control system. >> many feel the plan would do the exact opposite. kate larson joins us live from sfo. kate. >> reporter: proponents of the plan says this country's air traffic control system desperately needs an upgrade the government is unwilling to pay for and other people believe private sizing it will cost medium money but potentially their safety. today, president trump promising to take the job of air traffic
4:48 pm
control away from the faa and over to private business. >> americans can look forward to cheaper, safer, faster travel. >> reporter: the president argues transferring it to a nonprofit corporation will quickly modernize the system. >> at a time every passenger has gps technology in their pockets our air travel control system still runs on radar and ground-based radio systems. >> you cannot assign safety to a private organization. >> reporter: pilots and "abc news" consultant says it is not the silver bullet solution to tracking airplanes the president suggests. >> because of the vulnerability of our gps satellite array. it can be knocked out with one hostile act, one nuclear explosion. >> the faa is no longer funding the system as it should be. >> reporter: pilot member of the union alpa says it will create more efficiencies in the system.
4:49 pm
>> for the airlines it will save them money. for the passengers, it's better, they'll get point to point faster and the system would be saver. >> this is hugely controversial. >> reporter: congressman jerry says there are democrats and republicans on the house transportation committee opposed to the plan. >> the idea we would take the safest system in the world and most complicated and privatize it is crazy. >> reporter: saying the plan will be tough to pass. "abc news." questions sent to you by facebook and twitter, alex from oakland asks where is the best place to buy an engagement ring? >> there's not one single place, need to compare apples to apples. you need to get a diamond certified by the gma, or any
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other grading organization. that will tell you the weight and quality of the diamond. now that you have that information, you check it out with the rappaport diamond report. rappaport tracks the prices of diamonds. ask any jeweler, they should be happy to show you the report. if not, that may be an issue itself. go to another jeweler. if you pay anywhere near the rappaport price you should be in good shape. >> it doesn't matter where you buy but what you pay. >> we're rooting for jennifer. >> how do i get out of paying a $500 deductible to repair my car damaged by an uninsured driver. >> there's probably no way. first, do you have uninsured motorist protection and if so, do you have deductible? it's probably not worth the hassle but you could take the other driver to claims court and it takes a long time and if they
4:51 pm
don't have insurance probably don't have money to pay you either. summer travel season gets under way from cheryl in alameda, which phone plan is betts for traveling through europe. >> great questions. pick up a sim card overseas, put it in your phone answered pay the local going rate or set up a temporarily plan with your carrier here for overseas calls. it is very simple toll do but can cost you 10 bucks a day or even higher and can be high permanent rates. your third option is to use skype or a similar service at wifi hotspots or pay nothing at all. whatever you do, turn off your data or you could be in for big financial trouble. my deal is use the wifi. >> if you have a question for me, send a 10 to 15 second long video and use the #askfinney or reach me on facebook and >> great questions. good stuff. fremont has joined other bay
4:52 pm
area cities offering an exchange zone to conduct om exchanges. it will be conducted in the fremont police department public parking lot to allow people to trade from sites safely like craig's list. >> dr. suess is now open in springfield, massachusetts. curators say the amazing world of dr. suess is like walking through one of his beloved belod chirpchir children's books, displaying the photos. >> this means we can create the world of ted as closely as we can in his hometown and he can be seen by people who want to know more about him. >> absent from the museum are examples of the early advertising work and world war ii era propaganda and political illustrations critics consider
4:53 pm
racist. curators say that's because the museum is aimed primarily at children. there is no age limit to be a warriors' fan. next, a warriors super fan with amazing skills of his own. and kristen with what's coming up at 5:00. >> uber and lyft are in the crosshairs of the city of san francisco, boiling down to drivers, demographics and the district attorney. and voting machines in california. the report. and the man that didn't let a little or lot of weather stop him from mowing the lawn, abc7 news at 5:00.
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there are no age restrictions to be a member of dubs nation. in fact we may have found the youngest member of the team ever who one day could be an nba
4:57 pm
star. cornell bernard introduces us to a kid from san francisco who doesn't just have the dubs jersey, has the moves, too. >> that's 3-year-old miles sinking a three-pointer from across the living room. watch him do it again. here's his jump shot. >> yeah! >> reporter: when he was just 18 months, miles showed talent while wearing a diaper, scoring baskets over and over. even rapid fire tiny shampoo bottles into the trash. >> you got all six? >> reporter: now and then he misses and doesn't take it well. >> you didn't make one? >> reporter: the only thing miles likes better than basketball is his favorite player. >> who ever dons the jersey is steph curry. he thinks he's steph curry. >> reporter: about that jersey, miles never takes number 30 off. he wears it to church, visiting santa at christmas and even to
4:58 pm
bed. >> we're walking past a speed limit sign and it said 30 mph and he said, oh, curry. >> i had to ask the doctor at the last appointment. so when is an obsession healthy versus unhealthy. he's pretty obsessed. >> reporter: are you kidding me? with this shot, not even looking. how did you get so good? >> practice! >> reporter: practice? not bad for family who moved to the bay area to years ago. >> we're not particularly warrior fans but we are now. >> reporter: miles could be headed for the nba. cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> he is a cutie. we see his warriors pride. we want to see your warriors pride ahead of game three. we'd like to see your warriors photos all through the finals post them on social media
4:59 pm
the hashtag address. abc7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> defendants almena and harris knowingly created a fire trap. >> the district attorney says that fire trap was just waiting to be ignited six months after the deadly fire. a jury makes a decision on the penalty of the defendant. and the two ride share giants. we may be trading the sun for showers soon. hour-by-hour forecast coming up. from abc7 live breaking news. >> alameda prosecutors file manslaughter charges 185 days after the warehouse fire in oakland. the operator of the warehouse
5:00 pm
and its creative director are both arrested. family and friends of those who died are still very emotional. >> it still hurts. it still hurts a lot. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen thanks for joining us. the people who died from the fire all died of smoke inhalation. >> laura is covering it. laura. >> reporter: dan, after conducting six months o investigation and 75 interviews, coming through thousands of documents and 300 pieces of physical evidence, recovered from this warehouse the d.a. came up with two people she says were responsible. >> they allowed large amount of


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